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WAMK TPM thick shaft Then thinking about how


Keywords: tg/f, oral, anal, ir, toys, light bondageAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: The Phantom Menace

Hello, fair fans, and welcome to another one of my
literary orgies of wild, unbridled sex. If you want
to read more of my stuff after reading this, please
visit my website at
I reserve all commercial and all non-electronic rights
to this work. If you are not permitted to read this
work in your legal jurisdiction, please don't read it.
So, without further ado, let's get on with the show.

By Brett Lynn

Miss K drove down I-55 with Tracy, the wind whipping
through her bleached-blonde locks as she sped down the
highway. The clothing she wore left little to the
imagination, with a white baby tee cut to stop right
at the bottom of her breasts, her nipples popping up
the shirt in response to the breeze, and a pair of
daisy dukes that rode low on her hips, leaving her
thong showing and stopping just short of revealing her
big secret. Tracy wasn't dressed in much more,
wearing a tiny white bikini top that succeeded only in
covering her nipples and a wrap-around skirt just long
enough to keep her pussy from showing when she was
standing up. They were driving through the
countryside, waiting for their next adventure when
they both heard Miss K's cell phone ring.

Scrambling to pick up the phone, Miss K answered the
phone, then said "who is it?"

"Well, who IS that calling your phone, Miss K?" Tracy
asked out of curiosity. "I thought no one ever called
that thing."

"It's Kayla, from PA," Miss K said, putting her friend
on hold. "So how are you doing, Kayla? Cool. So
what's up? Oh, really? Good for you! Is the lucky
boy as hung as you? Well, you want, I could make a
return trip," she continued, punctuating with a laugh.
"But that's nice. I hope you're feeling better about
yourself babe. Talk to you soon. Bye!"

"What was that about?" Tracy said, looking a bit
annoyed at the phone conversation.

"Well, that girl Kayla we met in Pennsylvania told me
that she finally got herself a boyfriend. That's
really nice, you know?"

"I met about the return trip you little slut," Tracy
said with a playful slap at Miss K's breasts. "You
just gotta fuck everything that moves, huh?" she
continued before reaching under her shirt and giving
her hard nipple a tug.

"Look who's talking here!" Miss K said as she slapped
Tracy's pussy, then tugged on her clit and rubbed it
between her fingers. "There's more thread in dental
floss than in your clothing today."

"True," Tracy said as she pulled aside her bikini top,
then lifted up her tits and licking each of her
nipples. "I just felt like being open today, you

Tapping her fingers on the door, Miss K said, "shit, I
oughta let you finger fuck me more often if that's
what you're gonna do the day after."

After sitting there silently as Miss K tapped her
fingers on the door, Tracy said, "Could you stop

"What? Just tapping my fingers. No biggie."

Miss K and Tracy kept driving down the interstate,
with Miss K still tapping her fingers as they passed
through the Missouri countryside. "Could you fucking
stop that shit!" Tracy screamed at the top of her
lungs. "That shit's annoying."

"Sorry, Trace. I'm just a bit restless, you know?"

Tracy bent over Miss K's lap, letting her hair brush
across her friend's legs before giving Miss K's denim-
covered crotch a lick. "You know, I'll even give you
a blowjob if it will calm you down," she said with a

"Nah. Been there, done that with the whole driving-
blowjob thing. Plus, I don't like sex out of
obligation. I want you to be into it you know. Makes
it more fun for both of us," Miss K said, giving Tracy
an appreciative stroke of her hair. "Tell ya what.
Take my cell phone, pay attention to the road signs
and see if you can find a toy store."

Picking up Miss K's phone from between the seat, Tracy
said, "are you for real?"

"Yes!" Miss K said. "I had this habit of carrying
around a slinky or yo-yo or some other toy from
college. In fact, that's what I used to do back home
in NYC before I decided to make this trip. Too bad I
forgot them at home."

"OK," Tracy said as she opened up the cell phone and
dialed directory assistance. "If only to get some
peace and quiet."


Miss K and Tracy quickly found a mall with a toy store
not far from the interstate. After walking through
the mall to find the place, with more then a few
stares at their barely covered bodies, they managed to
get into the toy store without too much of a
commotion. They walked to the back, where Miss K
found an array of cheap toys from yo-yos to slinkys
and click-clacks.

"Hmm, which should I get Trace? The slinky or this
click-clack thing," Miss K asked, swinging the latter
toy back and forth to click it.

"Tell ya what, my fair friend. Buy that, and I'll
attach razors to it and remove the manhood you got
left. Kapesh?" Tracy said half-jokingly.

"OK, Miss Gotti You've made me an offer I can't
refuse. Slinky it is then," Miss K giggled as she let
the toy slide back and forth between her fingers.
"Look at the cool colors."

"Happy with your toy?" Tracy said with a smile. "Are
you sure that you're actually older than me?"

"Yeah, I'm happy," Miss K said before bending over and
whispering in Tracy's ear, "almost as happy as I am
when I fuck your brains out." She gave Tracy a lick
in her ear, then perked up her ears. "I see someone's
unhappy down the aisle there."

Miss K turned down the aisle to see what the commotion
was all about. In front of the Star Wars toy display,
a young White kid was pestering his mother for some
expensive toy, with his mother saying, "you know we
can't afford it. Maybe next time, dear." As she kept
dealing with her child's begging, Miss K noticed that
the woman was a bit of a looker, despite the
conservative, slight ruffled business suit. She
noticed the woman's round ass sticking out when she
bent down to tell her son to calm down, thinking about
what her big dick could do to her. Then, when the
woman stood back up, she noticed the smooth, gentle
swell in her jacket, how curvy she was and, most
important to her, how tall and thickly stacked she
was. She felt her tip creep up her thong perilously
close to her waistband thinking about how she wanted
to fuck the soccer mom in front of her when she
beckoned Tracy over.

"What do you want?" Tracy asked.

"I'm going to get that boy the toy he wants, then get
his mother drunk and fuck her silly while you watch
her kids."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, she's tall and has a nice ass. I think she's
definitely a nice addition to the adventure list."

"I meant the part about watching her bad ass kid, but
you think some Middle American mom is going to
willingly have sex with a shemale? I think those
silicone implants are leaking and causing you brain

"Just rock with me, Trace. I'll definitely make it
worth your while."

Tracy tugged down on Miss K's arm, then stood up on
her toes to whisper, "How?"

"Remember what we did the first night we met?"

"Yeah," Tracy whispered back, shuddering at the

"I think I can do you one better in some motel. Wanna
give it a shot?"

"OK," Tracy said as she got back down on her feet,
smiling as she thought of what could happen. "I'm

Miss K straightened herself out a bit, making a futile
effort to cover up more of her clothes before she
walked over to the mother and her young son, ready to
make her move.

"How do you do, ma'am? I see your kid is acting a bit
rambunctious," Miss K said to the woman.

"See what you did, boy? Now you have everyone in the
store looking at us!" the mother said in an
exasperated tone. "This kid can't seem to say no to
all those Star Wars toys. I mean, I keep getting him
little things, but it never seems enough. Now he
wants these big action figures, but he can't seem to
say no. I don't know how to deal with this boy. He
seems to think I'm made of money."

"Tell ya what," Miss K said as she kneeled, then
rooted through her purse for some money. "Here's
$500. Get the kid whatever he wants," she said as she
held out the money.

"OK," the woman said as she nervously took the money.
"Why are you giving me this money?"

"Because I remember how much I liked Star Wars as a
kid, plus I have been blessed with a lot of money,"
Miss K said.

"OK," the woman said, looking a bit funny at Miss K.
"Thanks to this nice woman here, you can pick out
whatever you want. Say thank you to Miss…"

"Stanford," Miss K chimed in. "It's Miss Stanford."

"Thank you Miss Stanford!" muttered the boy as he went
crazy looking for toys.

The woman's mother looked at Miss K again, trying to
see what a woman dressed like her was doing buying a
boy some toys. "You aren't trying to…"

"Hell no!" Miss K said emphatically. "I just remember
growing up and playing with those toys. Heck, I still
have the Darth Vader action figure carrying case back
home. I understand your concern, but relax, um…"

"Becky," the woman said as she extended her hand.
"And your name is?"

"Kayla," Miss K said as she shook Becky's hand. "You
look like you need to relax. Wanna have some
champagne and stop being a mother for a bit?"

"Tempting as it sounds to rejoin humanity, who's gonna
watch him?" she said, gesturing to his son. "My
husband is out of town on business, and I can't have
him running around."

"I'll help," Tracy said as she walked into the
conversation. "Besides, looking from here, you do
need a break."

"Thanks," Becky said as she looked at Tracy, then over
at Miss K. "Are you two twins?"

"Nah, just good friends. So what do you say about the

"Well, considering that you just threw away $500 on
some toys, I bet it would be worth my while," Becky
said as she ran her hand over her pulled-back dirty
blonde hair. "I'll do it. Now let's ring this stuff

The three women and the little boy went up to the
register and rang up all the toys. After all those
bags were handed over to Becky, Miss K went up to the
register and paid for her slinky.

"What the deal with that Slinky?" Becky asked. "I
thought you were older than that."

"Long story, Becky. Basically, it's something to
worry my hands," Miss K said with a smile. "Now let's
get over to your house, if only to get all those bags
put away!" she continued as she took a couple bags
from Becky's hands.


A short drive later, Becky, Tracy and Miss K were all
over at Becky's house, struggling to put all those
bags away while Becky's son buzzed about them. After
they got the last of the bags in the house, Miss K and
Becky turned to Tracy in the hallway.

"So are you gonna be OK with the little tyke while me
and Becky here hang out?" Miss K asked.

"Oh, he isn't gonna be a bother," Becky replied.
"Between those toys you got him, Kayla, and that
Playstation thing in his room, he'll be occupied for
hours. We aren't gonna be long, right Kayla?"

"Right," Miss K shot back. "Could you show Tracy
where everything is, Becky?"


Becky disappeared with Tracy to give her a quick tour
of the house. In a few short moments, the pair
reappeared in the hallway.

"Shall we go, my new friend?" Becky said as she
offered her hand to Miss K.

"Sure, madam," Miss K said as she took Becky's hand
and gave it a kiss. "Wait for me out by my SUV. I
wanna speak to Tracy for a minute."

As Becky went out front, Tracy walked over to Miss K
and said, "you better pay me back good," before
squeezing one of her friend's boobs.

"Trust me, you will be paid, my fair friend, but not
until I open up this quiet mother's life, OK?" Miss K
replied, reaching down to cup Tracy's pussy under her
skirt, tweaking her thumb along her clit.

Tracy purred for a second, responding to the
stimulation, then said "Thanks for the tip!"

"Bye, Trace!" Miss K said as she walked out of the
house, then over to her SUV. She let Becky in, then
started it up as they made their way back to the

As they made their way back out to the main drag, Miss
K asked Becky, "could you tell me where I can find a
liquor store around here?"

"Sure, there Kayla. It just past the second light in
that strip mall over there."

"Thanks," Miss K said as she let the silence drift
into the SUV.

"Can I ask you something?" Becky blurted out.

"Sure, what's up?" Miss K said as she was turning off
the highway into the strip mall parking lot.

"Are you and Tracy, well…you know?"

"Lovers? Sure. We aren't a couple or anything, but
we've been having our fun on this road trip."

"Road trip?"

"Don't worry about it Becky. You need to relax
anyway. Just let me get the champagne, and I'll
explain it when we crack it open, ok?"

Miss K reached over and gave Becky a firm hug and a
peck on the cheek. When she finished, she opened the
door, beaming a smile over at Becky. "Relax," Miss K
said with a giggle. "I'm not gonna bite. I'll be
back with the booze in a bit."

Miss K walked in the store, then quickly returned with
a plastic bag with expensive champagne. Then she
climbed back in the car, giving Becky another hug and
kiss, letting her lips linger a bit longer this time.
She then gave her a smile and a wink, then pulled out
and got back onto the highway. Within a minute, she
spotted a motel where she pulled into the parking lot.

"What are you doing?" Becky asked. "Are you trying to
kill me?"

"No, not at all. Besides, if the goal was to kill
you, I would have done that by now, right?" Miss K

"I guess," Becky nervously replied.

"Look. Me and Tracy are gonna need a place to crash
for the night anyway, so I mind as well get one now,
you know?" Miss K said as she was getting the
champagne and getting out of the SUV and walking over
to Becky's side. "Just come with me, and we can relax
some. After all, you can't be too mellow around your
son, if you know what I mean."

"You're right. I just need a bit of R&R," Becky said
as she stepped out the car. She trailed Miss K over
to the motel office, then followed Miss K over to the
room she got. She watched as Miss K opened up the
room and turned on the lights. "Sit down on the bed
and kick off your shoes. I'll take care of

"Thanks," Becky said as she plopped down on the bed
and took off her shoes. Miss K was watching her as
she opened up the champagne, then poured it into the
free glasses laying around the room. She then took
the glasses and sat down on the bed next to Becky,
struggling to keep her top over her breasts as she
flopped down.

"Here's your glass," Miss K said as she handed Becky
her glass. "Here's a toast…to relaxation!"

"To relaxation and no damn kids!" Becky said with a
laugh before downing the first glass in a hurry.
"Woo, that feels nice."

Miss K took a sip of her champagne, then said, "it had
better feel good, as much as I paid for it. Want some

"Sure!" Becky said as she held up her glass. Miss K
poured the glass full, only for Becky to allow it to
disappear into her belly. "So, can I ask you

"Go ahead Becky," Miss K said as she shifted to face
her. "What's up?"

"Well, for one, how did you get a body that nice to
show off? Your breasts seem to defy gravity?"

"Aww, thanks," Miss K said with a coquettish smile,
squeezing her breasts between her arms and giving them
a bounce.

Becky took another sip of her champagne, then said
"and the second thing is how did you end up on a road
trip with your lesbian lover?"

"Well, the answers are kind of related. I was at one
point a high-flying dot-commer. I manage to bail out
before the market collapsed, and I spent some of the
proceeds on my body. Anyway, I was hanging out in a
strip club…"

"Strip club? I'm surprised you didn't get harassed
too much?" Becky chimed in.

"Not really. Anyway, I was at this strip club where I
met Tracy. She gave me a lap dance, which leads to a
session at my place. On the spur of the moment, I
decide to go off on a cross-country road trip, and I
invited her along for the ride."

"Wow! That sounds pretty wild."

"Yeah. It been one long sex romp for us ever since."

"Wow! Sounds like my college days. Too bad I can't
do that kind of thing anymore."

"Oh really?" Miss K said as she filled up her glass
with champagne again. "Tell me more."

"Well, I was a bit of a wild one in college. Having
all kinds of sex with men, drinking too much, even
experimenting with women a bit. It was a blast!"
Becky said with a far off look in her eyes. "But I
can't do that kind of thing now."

"Why not?" Miss K said as she stroked Becky's hair.
"You enjoyed it right?"

"But I'm a wife and a mother now. I can't do that
kind of thing," Becky said, feeling Miss K's stare
bore into her eyes.

"Well, you can right now. Ain't no husband or son
around," Miss K said as she looked into Becky's eyes
as she put down her glass. She stroked her hair, then
pulled her into a deep tongue kiss, letting her tongue
roam all over her mouth and their tits press against
each other. As they kept kissing, Miss K reached into
Becky's suit and unbuttoned her blouse, allowing her
to squeeze Becky's soft breasts through her bra. She
pinched on her hardening nipples, then broke their
kiss. Leaving Becky breathless.

"Did you enjoy that blast from the past?" Miss K said
with a smile and a tug on Becky's nipples.

"Oh yeah. That feels nice," Becky said as her hands
went to Miss K's, looking at her own breasts. "C-can

Before she could finish her question, Miss K pulled
her shirt over her head and tossed it off, baring her
huge breasts.

"Man, I wish I had breasts like these," Becky said as
she reached out and let Miss K's breasts overflow her
hands. She rubbed her palms around the nipples, then
flicked at them as they got hard under her touch.
Soon, she felt Miss K's hand pull her to a breast,
latching on and sucking on a nipple as she nearly
suffocated in the flesh.

Miss K gently stroked Becky's back as she let her
nurse on her tits, her pale pink lips looking luscious
on her chocolate nipple. She switched Becky over the
other nipple as she reached back into her suit jacket,
pulling a cup of a bra over a breast and pulling at a
nipple. She purred contently as she felt the woman
suck her tits, pressing her ass into the bed to rub
her hardening dick against her jeans. She pressed
Becky's head hard to her tits, letting her tongue
squirm over her nipple and drive her crazy, then
finally let go, letting Becky sit up.

She pulled Becky's suit jacket and bra off of her
shoulders, baring the woman's bra and her exposed
brown nipple. Miss K tongued that nipple while baring
the other one with her free had, making Becky moan and
stroke her long blonde hair. She took the nipple into
her mouth, sucking on it softly and letting her tongue
swirl around it as her spit dribbled onto the areola
and her free hand was rubbing and pulling on the other
breast. She then licked her way around Becky's areola
then up her breast before tracing a line from her
collar bone to her neck, ten sucking the breath out of
her with a long, slow, deep French kiss. She rubbed
their now-bare nipples against each other, making
Becky squirm against her kiss before finally breaking
off their embrace.

"Did you like that, Becky?" Miss K panted out.

"Yes, definitely. Took me back to the old dorm where
I used to fool around with my roommate," Becky beamed.

"How kinky! Did any of your boyfriends find out?"
Miss K asked curiously, waiting for the right
opportunity to strike.

"Yeah. They used to watch. It was kinda wild back

"Sounds like some Jerry Springer action, huh?"

"Nah, we weren't that wild. I wasn't messing around
with transsexuals or anything. Not that I'd mind
trying anything once," Becky said with a drunk giggle.
"Why do you ask?"

"Well, I got something wild to tell you," Miss K said.
"I'm a guy."

"What?" Becky said, giving Miss K the once-over with
her eyes, then giving her breasts a squeeze. "No
way?! Not with those breasts, and especially with
those hips. Stand up for me and show off your body to
me," she continued with the laugh.

"OK," Miss K said as she stood up and did a slow,
complete turn of her body on unsteady legs, letting
Becky get a look at the whole package. "What do you

"I think the alcohol has gotten to you. Ain't no way
you're a guy, not with that ass of yours hanging out
those short shorts," Becky said before falling out in
laughter on the bed.

"In fact, not only do I have a dick, but it probably
compares favorably to those hung guys you fucked in
college," Miss K said with a cocky leer.

"OK, let's see if you got something to choke me with,

Miss K unbuttoned her daisy dukes, then pulled them
down with her thong over her hips to midway down her
thighs. She then spread her legs slightly, letting
her ebony semi-hard shaft flop down between her legs
and stick up a bit. She felt Becky's eyes stare at
her huge shaft, following it as she walked closer to
her and rubbed her tip across her lips, stroking it
slowly in her hand.

"Now do you believe me?" Miss K said as she looked
over her breasts into Becky's eyes.

Becky hummed and nodded in the affirmative, her soft
lips affixed to Miss K's tip.

Miss K stroked Becky's hair, then pressed firmly on
the back of her head. "Now you're gonna suck my dick
like you did those guys in college, right?"

Becky's eyes narrowed in lust, staring at Miss K's
cock, then nodded her head in agreement as Miss K
pushed her tip through Becky's lips. Slowly but
surely, she fed her dick through Becky's soft lips,
enjoying the color contrast as she let them caress her
tip. She pressed her tip firmly into the back of her
throat, letting her tongue wiggle against the bottom
of her tip and she toyed with a nipple with her free
hand. She thrust her dick in and out of Becky's
mouth, forcing her to swirl her tongue around her tip
by turning her head and making herself moan. She
simply closed her eyes and grabbed both of her tits
with both hands, thrusting her dick in and out with
her hips as Becky sucked hard on her dick. Miss K
screamed a bit when she felt Becky's teeth graze on
her tip, then tried to rub her tip against her teeth
some more.

Miss K grabbed the back of Becky's head with both of
her hands, then thrust forward, shoving her dick into
Becky's mouth until she felt her gas. She slowly
started to pump her hips, getting her dick sucked on
as she thrust her huge shaft through her throat. She
built up speed, pumping that big Black dick over
Becky's tongue and into her throat, purring as the
suction and gagging Becky put on her dick got her
hotter and hotter. She closed her eyes and froze a
bit as she felt Becky's spit drip onto her balls and
cool off. Becky's lips tightened around her shaft as
she kept thrusting into her mouth, caressing her shaft
as her tip tickled Becky's throat. She thrust herself
harder and harder between Becky's lips, that sweet
mouth and throat driving her crazy. She pulled and
rubbed on her nipples, making her moan and pant out of
control as Becky gagged and sucked around her long,
hard, thick shaft. Then, thinking about how much she
wanted to fuck Becky's ass, Miss K reluctantly slowed
down, letting go off Becky's hair as she slowly eased
her shaft out her mouth.

"Give me your fucking cum! That felt so good!" Becky
panted, rubbing her nipple with one hand as the other
rubbed her pussy through her skirt.

"Maybe slut. Now get on your knees now!" Miss K
commanded in a rush of adrenaline. "I wanna see that
ass stuck up in the air!"

Becky quickly shuffled to her hands and knees,
struggling to get her balance a bit because of the
alcohol in her system. Miss K kicked off her shorts,
then got on the bed, pulling up Becky's skirt to
reveal pantyhose cover her plain white cotton panties.

"Hmm, such horrible access. I think I'm gonna have to
punish you for that," Miss K said with a lecherous
smile before giving Becky's ass a few good hard spanks
right on her pussy. She rubbed the area she spanked,
making Becky squirm against her hand. Miss K yanked
down Becky's panty and pantyhose in one strong tug,
then bent down, took Becky's clit between her teeth
and flicked her tongue against it, making Becky tense
up from the stimulation. She gave Becky's pussy a few
wet licks from her clit to her asshole, then jammed a
couple fingers into her wet pussy, twitching them
against each other as she dug her lips out and sucked
on each of them. Miss K licked all the way up to
Becky's asshole, then flicked at the clit as she
licked her asshole, making Becky collapse on her arms
and press her ass into Miss K's face. She licked her
asshole hard as she kept playing with Becky's pussy,
pressing her tongue further into her back package,
twisting it around to match every wiggle over her soft
ass. She sped up her fingers and her tongue, bring
Becky closer and closer to her climax, her pussy
soaking Miss K's fingers, until she felt Becky stiffen
and tighten on her fingers, when she quickly pulled

"Wha…what are you doing?" Becky panted out, her eyes
glazed over looking back at Miss K and the rest of her
words disappearing in her lust as she wiggled her ass
against her missing lover.

"Getting ready to fuck you like the slut you are,"
Miss K said as she finished rolling on the condom with
one hand and palming a tit with the other, seductively
licking her lips to a shiny gloss. "Are you ready to
get fucked in the ass?"

"Make me cum, oh GOD make me cum…" Becky said as she
grinded her ass in the air.

Becky suddenly felt a huge object pressed flush
against her asshole, then screamed at it impaled her,
the pain from the stretching assuaged by the fingers
on her clit. She felt a strong arm pull her up, and
some fingers start pulling on her nipples as the dick
in her ass started to thrust hard and fast, the
friction going quickly from a burning pain to a hot
pleasure. She felt a tongue lick the back of her ear
as she felt her nipples being tugged on as her ass
being pounded, her clit beaming pleasure through her
body. She felt a set of hard nipples rub against her
sensitive back, her clit pulling her closer to an
orgasm with each flick. She pushed her ass out as
much as she could into each and every thrust of that
dick, feeling her asshole stretch impossibly when she
felt a tongue licking her ear, pushing her body over
the edge. She lost her voice, quaking uncontrollably
as every nerve in her body seemed to be amplified as
even the air running over her nipples drove her wild.
She began to lose herself in a world, falling onto
something soft as her body shook from the stimulation,
her clit pushing her into another orgasm just as she
felt that huge dick in her ass swell bigger than she
ever thought before hearing a groan in the distance,
that dick feeling softer in her ass. She felt a pair
of firm, yet soft breasts press into her back as a
pair of strong arms wrapped around her, a pair of lips
sucking on her ear lobe.

"Did you like your R&R?" Miss K said in a soft, hoarse

"So you weren't serious when…"

"Nah, Becky," Miss K said. "I was just trying to get
you into the spirit of things, and based on how you
were shaking like an epileptic, I think I did."

"You sure did!" Becky said with a giggle. "I haven't
been fucked like that since before I had my son." She
then looked off into the distance and said, "you can't
be a hot little slut and a momma at the same time, you

"Key words not at the same time," Miss K said with a
lick of Becky's ear. "Why don't you get another
babysitter and try this with your loving husband
instead of committing a sin with me, even though I am
worth eternal damnation."

"Hush!" Becky said with a playful slap. "You aren't
that good. Now could you get out of me?"

"Sure," Miss K said as she rose up on her knees and
slowly eased herself out of Becky. She disposed of
the condom in the toilet, then threw on her minimal
clothing, stopping only to make sure her secret was
safe in those short shorts. Meanwhile, Becky was busy
straightening herself out.

"C'mon girl! Don't tell me I wore you out too much,"
Miss K said with a smile and a flip of her blonde

"Not all of us are sluts with big dicks. Some of us
are just nice, ordinary women," Becky said as she
straightened out her blouse. "Without the dicks of

Becky slipped on her suit jacket, then her shoes and
began to walk to the door. "I'm ready to face the
world. How about you, Kayla?"

"I'm ready to face your big ass again, but the world
will do," Miss K said with a smile as she opened the
motel room door.

"But my ass ain't…"

"It's a compliment Becky! Relax! Now let's go."


In a few short minutes, Miss K brought a glowing Becky
back to her place, then helped her to her front door.
After fishing out the keys to her house out of her
purse, Becky walked into the house, then looked around
for her son.

"Hey Trace! Where are ya?"

"Right here!" Tracy said as she bound down the stairs
to meet up with Miss K and Becky. Taking one look at
Becky and her glowing face, she flashed a smile and a
wink to Miss K.

"What was that about? And how is my son?" Becky
asked, kind of worried as to what was going on.

"Oh, he's OK. You're right. That kid is a Star Trek
junkie," Tracy said with a smile and a wiggle.

"That's Star Wars, and yeah, he's an addict."

"I take it you enjoyed your champagne a LOT, huh
Becky," Tracy said with a knowing wink.

"Definitely. Now let me get back to being a mother
OK?" Becky said, trying to get back to normal. She
then turned to Miss K and gave her a hug. "Thanks for
the rest, Kayla. I needed that."

"You're welcome," Miss K said as she hugged back.
After breaking off the hug, Miss K motioned for Tracy
to come follow her. "Time to get the show on the
road, Tracy!"

Tracy ran upstairs to get her purse, then came back
down and followed Miss K out to the SUV. She stopped
and looked at Miss K, then asked, "so what's my
payment for babysitting some stranger's rugrat?"

Miss K put a finger to her lips to quiet her, then
walked over to the SUV and opened up the back. She
pulled out a black t-shirt, rolled it up, and then
tied it over Tracy's eyes as a blindfold.

"Hey!" Tracy said as she flinched from the blindfold.
"What's the deal?"

"You'll see soon enough…and I mean that literally,"
Miss K said with a mischievous laugh. She paused to
think about her next move, then pulled the car out of
Becky's driveway, on their way back to the motel.
After driving back and forth down the highway, if only
to see her squirm in her seat, she pulled into a strip
mall and got a cheap feather duster, then pulled out a
couple pairs of stockings from her suitcase and
Tracy's dildo from her purse upon her return to the
SUV. Finally, she drove over to the SUV, helping Tracy
out of the car.

"So what's this surprise you're talking about?" Tracy
said, a bit annoyed at what was going on.

"Come on. You'll see," Miss K calmly said as she
hooked her arm under Tracy's and led her to the motel

Miss K opened the door and pulled Tracy into the room
behind her. She then picked up Tracy and laid her on
the bed, running her hand over her breasts and belly
as she pulled away. She pulled the stockings out of
her bag, tied one end of each to her arms and legs,
then the other end to the legs of the bed, letting her
tits brush over each of her limbs. She stripped
naked, then pulled the feather duster out of her bag
and climbed onto the bed. She let the feather duster
brush lightly from one wrist to another, making a
detour to Tracy's nipples, then let the tip of her
dick and her nipples brush up and down one side of her
body while the feather duster ran up the other side of
her body. She slid the tip of her dick over Tracy's
pussy, then brushed the feather duster over Tracy's
bare, wet, twitching pussy as she batted the tip of
her dick on the sloes of Tracy's feet. Sliding up
Tracy's body, Miss K licked Tracy's ear as her fingers
traced her lips.

"So, do you like your surprise so far?" Miss K asked
before blowing in Tracy's ear.

"Mmmhmm," Tracy moaned in response, stiffing up as she
felt the feather duster brush her armpits.

Leaving the feather duster just so it barely touched
Tracy's armpit, Miss K got Tracy's dildo, then turned
the vibrator on low as she let it run on the inside of
Tracy's knees. Meanwhile, she straddled Tracy's face,
letting her limp dick run across her lips, twitching
from the feel of the soft skin.

"So which dick do you want Tracy?"

Tracy reached up with her mouth and blindly sucked
Miss K's tip into her mouth, making her friend's cock
swell up with blood. Miss K pulled her dick out of
Tracy's mouth with a loud pop, then drag her tip over
Tracy's chin and onto her tits. As she pulled the
vibrating dildo up Tracy's inner thigh, around her
belly and down the other belly, Miss K dragged her
spit-soaked tip over one nipple, then the other. She
dragged her cock back and forth between Tracy's tits,
pushing the head onto her neck as she held Tracy's
dildo on her inner thigh just short of her pussy,
making Tracy hump her hips toward it. She squeezed
Tracy's breasts around her dick and humped it, her
swollen head on her now-hard cock rubbing deliciously
on Tracy's sensitive skin, before taking the dildo and
rolling it over her friend's nipples. She kept
rolling it back and forth over her breasts as she
fucked her tits, Tracy humping her hips hard into the
air as her pussy was dripping with wetness. She
traced out each nipple with Tracy's dildo, then ran
her body over Tracy's again, trailing her hard dick,
her nipples and her long hair down her friend's body
and over her pussy. As she slid to the side of
Tracy's body, Miss K trailed her hair back over
Tracy's twitching body, then straddled Tracy's head
with her legs.

She lowered her hard dick to Tracy's lips, then
pressed them open as Tracy's mouth accepted her thick
shaft as it passed into her throat. As she let her
friend swallow her cock in her soft flesh, her big ass
just brushing Tracy's nose, she picked up the feather
duster again and quickly brushed back and forth over
Tracy's nipples, making her scream around the thick
dick in her throat. As Miss k pumped her hips,
pulling that dick across Tracy's lips and tongue, she
slowly licked down Tracy's belly, quickly moving the
feather duster across Tracy's wet pussy lips. Miss K
finally dragged her tongue down to Tracy's pussy,
taking care to avoid her clit before sucking one of
her inner lips into her mouth. She froze when she let
Tracy run her tongue around just under the tip of her
cock, then did some licking of her own, licking the
inside of one inner lip. She closed her eyes,
enjoying the blowjob she was getting as she blew onto
Tracy's sweet folds before reaching for Tracy's dildo
and turning the vibration up to maximum.

As she tongued the edges of Tracy's lips, Miss K
managed to hold the dildo right on the tip of her clit
as she humped her dick harder into Tracy's throat.
Suddenly, Tracy stiffed up and held that way for a few
moments before screaming so hard around Miss K's dick
that Miss K stiffened up from the vibration. Miss K
continued to hump her hard dick into Tracy's throat as
she kept sucking on Tracy's pussy lips, holding the
dildo to Tracy's clit as she quickly slid two fingers
into Tracy's overflowing pussy and twitched her
fingers back and forth on her g-spot. As Miss K
switched from one inner lip to the other, Tracy rolled
from one orgasm to another, her sweaty, heaving body
being overwhelmed by the senses as she came over and
over. Finally, Miss K pulled the dildo away from her
clit and raised her head up from her friend's pussy.
After pulling her dick out of Tracy's mouth, she
walked around the bed, then climbed back on between
Tracy's limp legs. She leaned over Tracy and united
her blindfold, one of her nipples dangling between
Tracy's lips.

After getting a quick lick of her nipple, she stood up
on her knees, the tip of her dick pressed flush to
Tracy's pussy as her curvy, strong heaving body stood
over her friend.

"So, do you want me to fuck your pussy?" Miss K
breathed out, ready to dump her load deep inside of
her friend.

"Yeah," Tracy said as she looked at Miss K through
hazy eyes. "Gimme your cum. I wanna feel it deep
inside me," she continued has her chest was heaving.

"OK, fair friend, you asked for it."

Miss K grabbed onto Tracy's hips, then drove her cock
balls deep into Tracy's wet pussy. She ground her
hips into Tracy's, rolling into them as her thumb and
forefinger rolled her clit. She looked into Tracy's
eyes, desperate to unload her cum into Tracy's
squeezing cunt. As she felt Tracy respond to each
movement of her hips, she saw Tracy manage to lick her
lips and barely whispered "gimme your cum" as she
squeezed her pussy as tight as she could around her
friend's dick

Miss k couldn't take anymore, feeling pushed over the
edge as her nipples tightened up and she felt her
balls begin to unload deep inside Tracy, their juices
mixing as she slowly pumped her hips in and out. She
let load after hot load coat Tracy's pussy before
pulling out, wiping off the last bit of cum on her
sensitive tip on Tracy's clit before slumping off to
Tracy's side and untying her binds.

"So what did you think of that, missy?" Miss K said as
she reached over to turn on the nightstand lamp.

"Hey, I thought you were the 'Miss' around here, Miss
K?" Tracy said with a weak giggle, playfully slapping
at Miss K's nipple. "But that was good, man. I think
I'm going to sleep. What are you gonna do, Miss K?"

"Watch Spectravision porn and jerk off," Miss K said
as she idly stroked her dick, flipping through the

"Do you ever get enough sex?" Tracy said with an
exhausted groan.

Miss K chuckled with a maniacal laugh, then smiled at
Tracy and said "No."

She then flipped to a channel where the porno "Ladies
in Garters" was playing and ordered it. Miss K
settled in for the show, her fingers idly stroking her
dick, as Tracy settled in to sleep, her head on Miss
K's heaving breast.


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