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WANASMAK stretch Ruthies anus shiny

Keywords: M/F full service
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Camp Wana-Smaka-Kid

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

P.S. If anyone recognizes themselves in this story- it isn't you.
There are no memories involved, I swear. Somehow, whoever I am, I just
happened to coincidentally write something that sounds like something
you did a long time ago. I don't remember any of it. Really. That goes
double for you, Dave.

Camp Wana-Smaka-Kid- (wanasmak.txt)- Despite the name, it's not
about child abuse. It's about what was going on when the kids were left
alone to get into mischief. And kids who have crushes on anything that
moves. Some younger initiations, but mostly seamy, steamy affairs among
the staff and directors. M/F full service
Camp Wana-Smaka-Kid
There were only two good jobs in the whole darn camp and fat Randy
was already cook's helper/life guard/truck driver. That left the assistant
Randy job, which included bell-ringer and craft director.
That way you still got to make the occasional trip into town to
fetch the camper's mail or get light bulbs and didn't have to spend every
waking and sleeping minute surrounded by campers.
In fact, assistant Randy may have been the best job if you weren't
a go-getter. Randy was slow and usually in trouble and even less was
expected of his assistant. They paid squat and expected what they paid
for. That left plenty of time to wander around and watch the things
going on at old Wana-Smaka-Kid.
When I say there were only two good jobs, I mean jobs I had a chance
of getting. The administrative secretary probably made real money and
got to hide in the office. She was also a 40-year-old year-round employee
and lived in town.
The absolute best job, in my humble opinion, was Senior Camp
Director, but they always got a married guy for that so he wouldn't go
nuts on all the high-school girls. I bet his wife had the best summer
of their marriage up in their rooms in the loft of the Senior barn. I know
I would be banging her twice a day, every day and twice at night with all
those juicy young ladies around.
Cook was usually some guy named Olaf or Sven, but this year it was
Ruthie. I remembered Ruthie from my own days as an inmate at Wana-Smaka-
Kid. She had been a cute kid and I guess was still cute in a short, plump
way. I was afraid she was going to muck up my summer. The Scandinavian
brothers liked to drink and usually were good for one drunken party a
week. Ruthie was like a poster child for Wana-Smaka-Kid, all high ideals
and spiritual goodness, through and through.
If you were training to be Hitler, you would probably want to be
Camp Director. That would mean a coup-d-etat on Char. Bring me the head
of Dave Char! Maybe he was a great guy. All I know is he was a guided
missile of trouble aimed at me. I guess he was trying to reform me.
The last time I had been allowed at camp as a camper, Char had
noticed me coming out of the infirmary early in the morning. The problem
was he noticed the girl that came out with me. There were four of us, two
boys and two girls having an experiment in sexless (I swear) sleeping
together, very spiritual, we thought.
Char gave me a big 'troubled Father' talk and I was banned from
coming back. None of the other three were banned and that made me feel
like I had a target on my back. The discrimination may have worked in my
favor when I came back as a college student for the summers.
Mel Cross was the administrator and hired me as a counselor for the
two years before. Char must have been fuming when he had to deal with me
all summer. But now I was staff and it was an every day confrontation with
I might not sound like I took the job seriously, but I didn't. It
was a camp that ran itself or a bunch of college kids could never have
been the bulk of the staff. The timing and schedule were age-old and
it was the system that made it all work. It was even fun for most of the
All I really had to do was ring the damn bell on time. There was the
slave labor bell fifteen minutes before meals and then the bell to eat.
We made kids set and clear the tables. That was what I called slave labor.
There was a nap bell and a get up bell in the afternoon so the counselors
could slip out to the bathrooms and gossip and have a cigarette.
The rest of the day I got mail or fetched things except when it was
craft hour for one of the groups. It left me plenty of time to explore.
I could have looked for things to do (fat chance) or stayed in the
walled off cell they called my room in the Junior barn, but I was a
curious sort with an evil mind. I knew how I felt as a counselor and I
wanted to see who was just as slimy as me.
Randy was always, in his own slow way, doing one of his jobs. I
really didn't think Ruthie would be doing anything interesting. I would
have loved to wander around Senior camp but I needed an excuse to go over
there. It seemed the system also accounted for perverts like me.
I did a lot of spraying for poison ivy on my own. It let me wander
around the cabins on the hill where I could occasionally meet one of the
counselors and have an adult conversation. I thought that was where the
action would be.
I was wrong. The whole set-up was against me again. Senior counselors
were a mish-mosh of religious guys and church pillar women. They were
paired with a college kid of the opposite sex, except during the night.
There were a couple of old biddy school teachers that were regulars, but I
had found out as a counselor that they were as sexual as a burlap bag.
The only real chance for some fun was when we all got together on
Saturday night after shipping the kids out. Most of the Senior counselors
shipped out too and we were left with the college kids ready to party.
Of course, we couldn't party loud enough to alert the dreaded Char.
That worked out into clandestine romances that formed one Saturday and
then blossomed later. We'd look around to see who was missing and assume
they were somewhere in the woods romancing the shit out of each other.
Personally, I was having squat for luck interesting any of the cute
co-eds in me. They'd joke with me and all, but I think my chances were
crippled because I didn't run into them every day like some of the other
counselors did.
I had wonderful luck with 10 and 12-year-old campers, but that was
more like a plague than a bonus. Okay, it wasn't the worst thing to have
little girls starry-eyed at my tanned physique, but it was also like a
sick parody of what I wanted that they were clearly throwing themselves
at me without knowing what they were doing.
I mean, if it had been senior campers... But the whole idea of
children makes me queasy. I was just hoping some of the hero worship would
rub off on their counselors and I would finally get laid.
It was the same as stuff as it had been as a counselor. I was going
to get laid once, maybe twice, probably mercy humps, all summer long and
faithfully beat off twice a day the rest of the time.
Such was the depression from which sprang my greatest triumph. I was
aberrantly loitering in my room when I heard noises from beneath me. It
sounded like someone was moving furniture in the office, which was
directly below my room.
Immediately curious, I snuck down the stairs and looked around.
There was no one in the barn to see me. I looked through the old fashioned
key hole in the office just in time to see Char adjusting his pants and
Mrs. Schreck pulling her underwear up under her skirt.
Frijoles, Gee whillikers! Char and Mrs. Schreck! This was revelation
beyond price. Screw what Mrs. Char thought. Mel would be absolutely
Biblical in his retribution if he found out Char was schtupping the
secretary. I smelled special privileges.
I spent my time in my room the next day. When I heard the first
disturbance, I crept down the stair. I peeked in and saw Mrs. Schrek on
her knees, obviously sucking Char's cock and Char with one of her tits lifted out of her bra, squeezing it.
I waited for him to put her over the desk and slip it in from behind
before I pushed the door open and burst in.
"I heard a noise," I tried to say in a concerned way, but I couldn't
help busting out laughing at the sheer magnificence of the power I had
just achieved.
Char mistook my laughter for sheer spite at embarrassing an
adversary. He looked at me like he was going to hand me his sword in
"I suppose this makes you feel very superior," he said.
He wasn't guessing. He wanted me to tell him what I had in mind.
For a man of the cloth, he seemed pretty sharp at the ways of blackmail.
I had to make my story plausible, not that it applied to the implied
agreement we were reaching. We just had to have a story and stick to it.
"No, sorry, it was just funny," I tried to stop my mirth, "I guess
you don't think about old people doing it much. And you got to admit it's
kind of ironic to have office hijinx at a church camp."
There. Implied threat, jovial tone, saying, I know what I've got
and I know you'll be reasonable. Adultery was not a word used. I was
even worldly about their affair.
"I think you guys should keep right on," I said generously, "I won't
bust in any more and I won't wonder what those noises down below are.
I think it's kinda cool, actually."
And for anyone but Char I would have really felt that way. If I had
caught Mel humping Mrs. Schrek, I would have given him that respect and
one extra for being a randy old geezer. Not that I had ruled out that
Mel might be porking her too, maybe when I was leading crafts.
With Char, it was particularly satisfying to seek a favor or a plum
assignment and know he'd have to grant it. I tested him on a minor perk
or two and then thought hard about what I really wanted him to do for me.
Being relieved of all my duties and allowed to wander at will would
have been pricky to Randy, who would have inherited my work as well as
his own. Most of my ideas had the flaw of putting an extra burden on my
It came to me when I wasn't puzzling about it. In fact, it was a
couple of fidgety girls asking inane questions that started me in the
right direction. I got those thoughts about the senior campers again and
it all fell into place like computer graphics.
Char would know exactly what I wanted. He'd hate the idea with a
passion. It would be the best thing to aggravate him and do myself a
favor. There were going to be new duties for the assistant Randy over at
the senior camp. I was going to have a chance at some high-school girls.
It went like I thought it would both before and after my trips to
the senior camp. Char hated the idea and the babes were ripe. Seniors
stayed two weeks, so I didn't have to rush to attract them. I figured at
least one would want to say goodbye in an emotional, sexual way every two
weeks or so.
My first crop was a little ungainly and timid, but bursting with
emerging femininity. They were as silly as the 10-year-olds, but I didn't
mind it so much. There was a cherry or two that was ripe enough to pick
and that lust helped me endure the silliness.
I was forming quite a bond with a camper named Alex in my first week
of parading around shirtless and keeping my muscles taut. She was a short
little thing with a happy smile and a body that looked like it was twisted
out of barb wire. It was twisted into an attractive shape, mind you, but
she looked as tough as a girl can be.
I thought she needed to find out what it was like to be with a man that was stronger than her. I thought she'd like to discover the glorious
exercise of riding a hard one. She was doing nothing to dispel my thought
as the time passed.
But another surprise awaited me closer to home. Ruthie was being
scatter-brained, even for her. I meant it as a buddy question when I asked
her what was wrong. She surprised me by getting more personal than I was
looking for. I was a bit uneasy when she told me her intimate secrets.
"I just don't know if I should, you know, or not," she started
gently enough, then she opened up and suddenly I knew more than I was
ready for. "I mean Randy is like a stud and all, but I would feel so
creepy with him. He's a nice guy, but kind of... vacant, you know."
That was no secret. You pointed Randy in a direction and he went.
You told him what to do and he did it. He was personable but blank. I
still didn't understand the problem.
"I want to look into the guy's eyes and see someone looking back,"
she said, "I want to feel like he likes it too. I need someone with more
life- like you."
KaBoooM! I was standing in the kitchen with cute little plump
Ruthie and she as much as asked me to fuck her. I felt like my body
was pulled a hundred feet in the air and I was looking down on the scene
below. It couldn't be happening to me. I had not seen it coming.
I fumbled around for some kind of excuse why it would be a bad idea
without letting on the real reason was that it would shatter a memory of
the cute kid she was at camp. I told her I was going to be fucking a
camper- I hoped.
That wasn't enough. She was happy for me. Then it dawned on me that
I had assumed she wanted to attach herself to me. Far from my supposed
profile of her character, she was looking at me as easy nookie. If I
got lucky, good, but when I didn't have anyone better to do...
It still shocked the sensibilities of my memory of Ruthie. I tried
to look at her as a sex partner, but couldn't. But the very real fact was
she was going to fuck Randy if she couldn't get me to fuck her instead.
I guessed I didn't have to believe if I didn't want to. I'd see if I was
still denying it when I woke up next to her in the morning.
It did take a naked Ruthie kneeling by her bed to break the spell.
"What's the matter? Don't you like a little suck before you get
down to it?" she asked when I flinched.
Her shining, bright eyes and chubby pixie cheeks going down on my
cock shattered the old picture. This was the way I'd remember Ruthie now.
Seeing her naked had been an aberration I could explain away by saying it
was an extension of my own suppositions about what she looked like nude.
Her waist was thick, but not as big as I had imagined. The rest of her had
the chubby girl high breasts and the lush curve of thigh fairly forcing
your eyes into the dark, curly hair of her crotch.
But it was those sparkling eyes snapping at me as she swallowed my
cock that brought me into the present. I looked for a minute and pulled
her up.
"Actually, I like my suck a little farther into getting down to it,"
I told her as she stood there.
I put both hands on her butt and plastered my lips to her torso as
I pulled her crotch against my chest. She giggled as I started. I was just
setting the tone.
I rolled her down onto her very nice DOUBLE bed, trying not to be
jealous that I slept on a cot, and climbed over her. Her room was bigger
than mine, too and didn't look like it was a corner of a barn someone had
boarded off for privacy.
It was quite the cozy love nest for us to consummate our union. I
lay over her and kissed her with my cock pressing lengthwise along her
crack. Sometimes a kiss is hot enough to make a woman ready and me eager
to get right to it. That was not the plan tonight.
She was wet enough that I could fuck her and I think she was
surprised when my cock moved away as I slipped down to kiss her breasts.
She was going to get the full treatment the first time. In case it was the
only time, I wanted to give her the tour.
She was rubbing her mound on my belly as I sucked her nipples. I
made quick work of kissing down her belly to dive into that fur pie.
She was in the back of the barn, halfway sunk beneath the level of the
ground and with thick walls or her moan might have carried over to the
Senior camp. She sounded like no one had ever kissed her there before.
Intrigued, I pushed a finger into her slit to see if she was a
virgin to everything. One finger nor two found any obstruction inside
her cunt. They did make her heave mightily and dedicated me to the task
of licking her while my fingers fucked her to a climax.
I traveled on down when she had stopped thrashing and was licking
the little slices of buttock that bulged out under her cunt as she lay
back gasping. She sounded pretty happy when she could talk.
"I bet this is the time you like to have your cock sucked," Ruthie
panted, "And then you try to make me cum again when you fuck me."
"Well, I don't always go that far down there," I admitted, "But you
seemed particularly fond of what I was doing."
"I thought you were just going to kiss me and stick it in," she
said, "And that would have been all right. I was ready for you."
She pushed me over and got up to crouch with her face over my dick.
"You took me by surprise," she said, "It was good too, but I was
mostly surprised. It's been a while since anyone kissed me there. Any way,
whatever happens now, I've already had a good time."
I tried to take it as chatty Ruth spilling her guts. I wanted to
believe she didn't intend to make it sound like I was going to cum too
quick to satisfy her again. I considered cumming in her mouth for spite.
That was another big, as if. This evil, grown-up Ruthie had
obviously had a lot of cocks in her cherubic mouth. Her sucking was a
complete tease and I couldn't begin to cum without her sensing it and
pulling back. She wanted me to fuck her.
I was all too ready to drag her up by the hair and put it to her
when she daintily asked if she could get on top. Oh yeah, make me feel
like a stud, I thought. She could fuck me like she sucked me for hours
if she wanted. I could take about anything with my cock buried in pussy.
She was better and worse than that. She wasn't fooling around when
she slid down to take my cock. She fucked me hard and quick. The worse
was that she brought me so close and couldn't get me off.
It seemed like she had to go just a little faster or be just a
little tighter for me to shoot. Then she started jerking around in another
orgasm and I freaked. She was up on me two to none and I was so close.
I grabbed her dishrag body and rolled her under me. I was going to
finish the goddamn job and finish it quick. She was all for it.
"Yes," she hissed, "Get one from me. Fuck me. Fuck yourself to a
good one. cum for me. Fill me up with a good one."
I could tell her body's urgency had passed, but she grinned her
sparkling grin to tell me she still enjoyed me jabbing my cock into her
in pursuit of my own joy. There was a touch of amusement at this man pumping furiously between her legs looking for the pleasure she could
give him.
None of that shit counted when I did cum. Ruthie even dug her
fingers into my back like she was as desperate as I was while I shot my
load inside her. It was totally satisfying at the time and Ruthie made it
better by not shying away from my dripping cock as I lay beside her.
She played with my cock like it was a wonderful toy as it crept
back into limp smallness after the exertion. I found out I liked that very
much as afterplay. I even kissed her back a few times eagerly as we
basked in afterglows.
In one week out of the ten I was consigned to Wana-Smaka-Kid, I had
turned around my attitude to the place. Ruthie was willing every night if
I wanted her and she hadn't gotten any action of her own, so I had gone
from getting laid once, maybe twice to not getting laid a like number of times.
It would be Ruthie or somebody else every night and with luck that
might work out to every remaining night of the summer. I found out later
that luck got a friendly push from Ruthie.
Girls talk. Don't think they don't for a second. I guess Ruthie was
happy with me and the word went down the pink grapevine. More counselors
were interested in me now, by reputation alone. It was a situation that
made me question the need for hassling with high schoolers.
By that time the flirtation with Alex had gone beyond the point of
no return. She had kissed me passionately and pledged to meet me when she
could find a way to get away. I was closely familiar with her firm
breasts and she knew the extent of my rigid penis. It was no time to tell
her no.
"We have solitary night tonight," she whispered as she walked near
me, "Meet me in the tipi."
They were supposed to find a place apart to meditate and pray by
themselves. The counselors, all Senior counselors by the way, had a
'meeting' where they got to indulge their privations while serving as
examples to the kids. They would be eating steak and ice cream and telling
off-color jokes for at least three hours as their charges were supposed to behave themselves.
Campers had been known to do a little one on one meditation during
these hours in the past, particularly regulars who knew the schedule. It
was almost a tradition for the brave to do a least a little necking and
heavy petting during the time.
I tried to feel traditional about it as I waited in the dark tent.
For sure I didn't want Alex mad at me. I was kind of trapped into going
through with it.
Okay, I was prepared too. I probably could have feigned
disappointment and regret at not having a condom and perhaps talked her
into doing each other orally or something, but the danger that she would
ignore the consequences and want me bare-back had the square of foil in
my pocket. Alex giggled when she felt it- the condom- in my pants.
"Good, I like a man that is mature enough to be prepared," she said
and kissed me.
Dark was nice. It let me experience Alex's tight, hard body without
nagging distractions about her age. I vowed to only hit on girls with
tattoos after this. They should be legal and ease my worries.
Again, all my sense deserted me when it was skin on skin in the
dark. Her breasts felt bigger than they looked. Her flesh was not as hard.
She was as good as I hoped and more agile than I could believe. Her tiny
body squirmed all over me, spending almost every second with some part of
her body caressing my dick.
She stroked my cock between her thighs as she lay on me and kissed
me. She sat up and rubbed it with her butt. She threw her legs wide and
rubbed her wet slit up and down the top of my cock as she licked my
nipples. She was on a voyage of discovery and it was easy to lie back
and let her sold body flow all over mine.
For tiny little hills that didn't come within three inches of
meeting, her breasts felt very good rubbing over my cock. Her hands
fondled me knowingly, but she didn't slide down.
"I can put it in my mouth if you want," she said.
"You don't have to put it in your mouth. Suck it if you want to.
Don't suck it if you don't," I answered, sensing that she was hesitant
about it.
"Will you still do it to me?" she asked.
"Do you want me to?" he asked.
"Oh yes," she said enthusiastically, "I know I can do that all
Her all right was a bit farther into intolerable than it was for me.
As wet as I could make her, it was a whiny struggle to get my condom-
wrapped cock inside her. Tight doesn't begin to describe the banded clamp
of her muscles as I tried to penetrate her.
She begged me not to stop, but all indications were her cunt was
doing it's best to prevent me from getting inside. I didn't stop. When
I finally got in, I reached under her ass and lifted so I could slide my
knees under her.
It didn't seem like it was possible she could fall off my cock if
I lifted her up by it, but I held her butt tight as I lifted her up so I
was sitting on my heels and she was perched on my cock with her legs
around me. That pushed her up enough that I could kiss her as I fondled
her body.
That was what it took. Her pussy gave up its struggle and I was in
a very tight, but no longer angry cunt. She was tighter than the rubber
on my cock. I could feel my cock move within the latex sheath as she
gripped it tighter than it gripped me. It was a pretty nice feeling.
"Are you going to make me cum?" she asked, sounding like a little
girl asking for a treat.
"I am sure going to try," I assured her and then made a suggestion
to help us along, "Wrap your legs around me and it will make it easier."
It made it more than easier. I moved her up and down my cock and
she began to like it. She used her strong little legs to help me lift
her and soon we were grinding at each other just like fucking. I didn't
have to put my thumb on her clitoris to get her excited.
There was enough of me rubbing against enough of her to make
anything else unnecessary. Whether she was trying to escape my cock, or
overcome by the joy of having it all inside her, she was clinging to me
tightly as our hips worked toward each other.
"You're going to make me cum," she was quieter, but with much more
I kept doing what I was doing and let her take the lead. She had
plenty of cock to work with, but she seemed unwilling to give up an
inch to get a little in-out. She was ecstatically happy with the back
and forth and kept rubbing her clit on me until she managed to get herself
off. That was a feeling everyone should have at least once in their life.
Her little twat did flutters on my cock that I still don't remember well
enough to describe. All I know is that it was like another dimension of
of sex when her pussy went feral on my cock.
But it didn't make me cum. It was the best feeling I've had in my
life and I was still ready to ram this baby for an orgasm. I guess it
was too far outside my experience to trigger the primal instincts.
Or maybe it was just too damn tight in there to go off. It was
great, whatever it was. I was going to put the little shivering baby down
and fuck the hell out of her when she spoke up.
"I think I'd like to suck your thing now," she said in a tiny voice.
"You sure?" I asked, kinda hoping she'd let me fuck her now.
"Yes, I'm sure. I think I can do it good enough you won't hate it,"
she answered.
She got off my lap and took the rubber with her. I was shifting out
of my bent-leg position to sit on the floor when I kicked her trying to
bend over me. I didn't kick her hard and she used the touch as a guide
to zero her mouth down over my prick in the dark.
She could do it good enough I didn't hate it. She was somewhat
lacking in mystery and technique, but she made up for that with
enthusiasm. Given the fact that I was aching to ram my cock into her and
cum when she got off me, her ambitious sucking was what I needed.
The enthusiasm came to her aid as she burst through the barrier when
most women stop to rest their jaw and kept bobbing up and down on my cock
until I was ready to burst.
"I'm going to shoot off now," I warned her, "It's going to squirt
out into your mouth."
I don't know if she didn't understand or didn't care. She kept
bobbing frantically on my cock as I let loose and shot my load into her
bobbing face. She didn't slow down then, either. It took an involuntary
jerk of my hips that jabbed my cock to deep to get her to pause her moving.
That was a pretty marvelous thing too. Alex was real proud of it
working out like that, getting fucked and giving a blow-job in one night.
I was just wasted and nervous about getting away without getting caught.
I guess we both got our wish and Alex went back to the woods and I
went back to Ruthie's room. Yes, I went to Ruthie's room. I had confided
my plans to her and she wanted to hear every detail when I got back.
Ruthie wondered if the girl still had the rubber up her wazoo when
she got dressed. I had to tell her I didn't know. It was dark.
I saw Ruthie was touching herself as I told her what happened and I
tried to draw it out and make it as descriptive as I could without
straying from the truth. I tried to make her cum by talking dirty to her.
I couldn't tell if it worked or not for sure, but Ruthie did seem
to be pretty happy. She wanted me to stay, and sleep naked, and get up
with her in the morning. She gave me a no seduction pledge if I would
cuddle with her.
The pledge wore off sometime in the night. I'm not accusing her
of anything. I fully acknowledge the possibility that I woke her up with
a prodding hard-on poking between her legs. I can see how she would take
that as a willingness to participate.
I woke after she had eased herself back on my cock and I was
pressing up against her ass with my prick buried in her cunt. It was a
nice transition from a dream. She grew impatient with the gentleness of
our spoons position quickly.
She dragged me on top of her and I had my second woman in the last
few hours. She wanted physical and brief and then was ready to turn back
over and sleep the rest of the night.
I was hoping for a morning blow-job, but Ruthie was dressed before I
heard her moving around. The cook had to get up at five to make
breakfast. The first bell I had to ring was at seven.
Neither of us had to do that today. The kids were camped out in the
woods. They were burning their own breakfasts. Ruthie was still up on
schedule but the only sexuality in her was to stare at me as I lay
naked on her bed. That was like being the target of a 10-year-old's crush.
It was like a compliment, but it made me feel creepy.
The whole 'legend in my own mind' thing kicked in on Saturday. Kim
even had a sleeping bag hidden by her group's campsite. As close as I can
figure it, she had won the 'who gets to fuck me' lottery.
Ruthie moved away and Kim moved in as if on cue. Between outrageous
double entendres and licking my ear, she subtly suggested that we take
a walk- a long, long, walk together. Now tell me there's no God.
It wasn't cold enough to need the sleeping bag, but it made a nice
spread on the ground when we opened it up on Devotion Point. I had half a
notion to fuck her on the big hunk of wood they use as an altar, but
that was too gothic.
It was a very romantic summer night and it was nice to lay together
naked in the light of the moon and stars- and of course the shadow of the
huge wooden cross falling across us.
I don't know what the thrill is in profanation or sacrilege, or
whatever it's called, but, boy, is it powerful. I was so hot to fuck this
girl on that hill that I was almost ready to cum before I noticed that
she had turned into a demon from hell sent for my soul- kidding- I was
almost ready to cum before her name came back to me.
I must have said, Oh Kim, Oh god Kim, you are so good Kim, a
dozen times at the end to make up for it. She didn't seem to have any
regrets, either.
Then I showed her that all the stories she had heard were true.
What the hell, we had all night. I had gotten off a good, quick one and
it looked like we had two more hours to moonset. Since I wasn't tempted
to cut the proceedings short and pork her, I made wise use of my recovery
time by kissing every inch of her body. Yes, EVERY inch.
At first she didn't like me kissing that one inch. I think she was
afraid I was telling her I wanted to fuck her in the ass. Then I think
she lost her resistance even to that. Nobody's really immune to having a
tongue shoved up their ass as far as it will go.
Kim had a tight, boyish ass of two firm buttocks that barely came
together at all. With her chest on the sleeping bag, she had it pushed
up in the air in the most anxious pose as I did what I doubted anyone had
ever done to her before. She was just swimming in a warm pool of shame and
I think she would have just as soon I'd fist-fucked her as stop
fucking her asshole with my tongue.
It became obvious that I wasn't going to get her off by licking her
asshole and I lost interest. Perhaps it's better said that my interest
"Come on, baby, you got to suck me. I want to fuck you so bad," I
told her as I plopped my ass down close enough she could reach my cock.
I kept one wet finger circling her sphincter and played with her
clit as she went down on me. If she wasn't going to cum, she was going to
at least stay excited until I had a second helping of her pussy.
I'd tell you more details, but she was just your run-of-the-mill
dynamite in bed fuck and it all kind of runs together.
We ended up smashed together with the sleeping bag zipped when it
turned colder. I suppose we could have dressed, but we were young and
wanted to keep our options open. What was supposed to be a little nap
after I had fucked her the second time turned into a little more.
I don't know what time it was, but it was after two because the
moon was gone. Kim wanted me to fuck her again, but I was anxious to
get back and get into a real bed on the one night I could really sleep
in. I did end up doing her on the altar, which is a nice memory even
if the fuck itself wasn't much to remember.
We were dressed when I gave in. I pulled down her pants and
sat her on the altar. I dropped my pants and tipped her onto her back so
I could slip my meat in her. She liked it. I came. The best part remained
fucking her on the altar and doing it just like Char did Mrs. Schreck.
It was the first time I had seen a sock on Ruthie's doorknob. You
can guess the code there. I considered hanging around to see who came
out, but I decided that Ruthie would probably tell me if I asked and
that I didn't care any way. I was tired and going to sleep in my own
bunk for once.
You could sleep in to 9:00, maybe 9:30 on Sunday. Church was at
10:00. It wasn't mandatory, but you better go. After all, my bosses were
both preachers. The rest of the day was making sure we were ready for
next week. New counselors came in the evening and slept over to be ready
for the next batch of campers.
At 2:00 I was humping someone named Marylyn in her cabin before
her Senior counselor arrived. They all stayed in their group's cabins
so Sunday night was not a night to get lucky. Even Ruthie was content to
let me sleep in her big, comfortable bed with her and leave me alone.
It was getting to be the best summer I had ever spent. I was going
to have to fuck Ruthie a lot more before I wore out the thrill and it
seemed like all the female junior counselors were in some kind of line to
get me in their pants before the summer was over.
Even Randy noticed the change in the women's attitude and mine.
"You must have slipped somebody the big log just right, huh?" he
asked in his own unassuming way.
Big log was the way Randy generously thought of everybody's dick.
He didn't have much imagination and he only had his own to go on. I
didn't need to hear the gossip to know he was hung. I'm not queer or
anything, buy Randy is the lifeguard and you'd have to be blind not to
see what's stuffed in his Speedos.
I didn't think it was a big secret, so I told him Ruthie had put the
word out after I fucked her.
"Ruthie. Yeah...," he said like he was about to tell me what she
said or how she moved when he fucked her.
He left it there. A new expression came over his face and he
blurted it out like an idiot savant, unaware of what his words meant.
"Some women just want it because it's big and some women just want
it," he decreed on no particular subject.
It was a strange conversation even for Randy, but I had no clue
what I would find out it meant. I wasn't alone. I don't think half a
dozen people knew what was going on.
The whole incident slipped from my mind as the campers came in and
we had to drive their bags up to their cabins in the wagon on the tractor.
It was really peaceful to watch all the fuss and flurry from the outside.
Cars got in the way, but I was in no hurry.
Then routine set in and we were off on another week.
I couldn't very well tell Char I was getting it right and left and
didn't need teen-agers anymore. I was stuck making my 'repair and restore'
rounds of the Senior camp now. I was determined to actually do some work
and ignore the girls like they were poison.
I stuck to my plan, but a tall blonde named Denise had other ideas.
She was beautiful and spoiled and challenged that I didn't jump when
she told me to. She set out to get me.
I meant to stick to my plan to spite her, but for four things. First
was two words- I'm eighteen, dammit. The dammit didn't count as far as
being important. The other two things she flashed at me when we were
downstairs in the part of the barn that still was arranged as a stable.
"And you're going to turn these down because you're stubborn?" she
asked as she held her blouse open to reveal the beauties.
I didn't cave in right away, but it set me to thinking why I was
making foolish rules for myself in the first place. I tried to tell her
she'd get me fired, but she was only offended that I didn't think she
could out-wit her counselors.
It turned out her counselors were easy. I suspect that they didn't
care why she was really missing some activities. I suspect they were
glad to be rid of the distraction.
I guess I was glad to have the diversion too. She was too bossy to
get my best efforts, but she was nice to fuck and she was really pretty-
especially when her eyes rolled up and her eyelids fluttered when she
came. It was worth the hassle of her personality to see someone that
looked that good up as close as you get when you're fucking.
Still, I was looking forward to the four day camp-out that the
seniors took to a farm on the far side of the camp. Ruthie had been
getting screwed- or rather had not been getting screwed like she deserved
while I was dallying with Denise.
Ruthie was meat and potato fucking and Denise was chiffon pie. You
can't live on chiffon pie. I pigged out on meat and potatoes while Denise
was gone.
For some reason, my conversation with Randy came into my head
as I was laying in bed with Ruthie. Probably because I was curious if
Randy had ever fucked her and how it was if he had. I was pretty sure
she had from the remarks that brought me to her bed in the first place.
We'd talked about everything else, now I wanted to know.
Sure, she'd fucked Randy. Who wouldn't? She demonstrated with her
fists atop each other his size when erect. While she was being very open
about her times with Randy, I got the feeling she was keeping something
back. It was something about Randy saying: some want it because it's
big and some just want it.
Ruthie never cracked. I couldn't beg it out of her. I couldn't tickle
it out of her. I couldn't get serious and pry it out of her.
I found out following the weakest link. Next week would be solitary
night for the senior campers, but the juniors camped out on the same
night every week. Denise was still sleeping in a Conestoga wagon with the
boys camped underneath between the wheels as I followed Randy.
He walked up to the back door of the Cross house and someone let
him in. I wasn't sure what to think. There was only one use for Randy
after dark, but I couldn't see anyone in that house needing a personality
free nice young man with a big dick.
I tried to peep in the windows, but Randy was nowhere in sight. I
still wasn't sure what to think, but something was fishy.
I used the patented, 'I know everything' ploy to interrogate Ruthie.
She didn't exactly crack, but I guess I knew enough she decided to tell
me the rest. It was just like I had thought at first. Randy's part in
the mystery was the big part between his legs.
"Once a week, when the kids are camping, the Crosses invite Randy
for a home-cooked meal," Ruthie explained. "Then, sweet boy that he is,
Randy thanks his hostess for the invitation by letting her use his dick."
"What about Mel?" I asked.
"All I can figure is that it's his idea," she said, "Randy never
said anything about Mel."
From pillow talk to pillow talk, the truth was coming out. But
somehow this wasn't as shocking Char and Mrs. Schreck. Then again, I kinda
like Mel. It still wasn't the whole scoop, however.
You didn't get anywhere being clever with Randy. It only confused
him. I asked him if it was a big secret about going to the Crosses. He
said they told him it was better if he didn't bring it up. Someone might
get jealous.
I asked him if he liked fucking Mrs. Cross. He answered like I had
asked him if they served fried chicken.
"It's like I told you before," Randy said, "She's one of them that
just wants it."
We had a long talk. I found out I had been mis-handling Ruthie. She
liked it from behind. Worse, from what he said about putting a finger in
her ass, I realized I had missed the opportunity to match my specialty
to one of Ruthie's deeper lusts.
Mrs. Cross was a lady, according to Randy. She even played with his
cock with her little finger in the air. That she played with it while he,
Mel and her were sitting at the table didn't affect his opinion.
Sometimes she excused herself and slipped under the table to suck
him while he and Mel talked. They didn't do it in front of Mel, he said,
they always went into the bedroom alone so he could thank her for dinner.
I wondered if Randy didn't know what was going on, or if he just
processed the world different than the rest of us.
"I guess I see more of that kind of stuff than most people," Randy
said, "It's like God has given me a gift and I have to use it for His
glory. It's like a responsibility and I have to get into some strange
situations because you know how uptight people are about sex."
That sounded like a strange mish-mosh of Randy and Mel coming out.
It wasn't garbled enough that I missed the next bit.
"Not that Ellen (Mrs. Cross) is uptight, but Mrs. Char sure is,"
Randy said, "But I think she's lying about Dave saying it's okay."
"I'd bet the farm that he doesn't think it's okay," I said, "Char
doesn't like any one enjoying themselves."
Randy stopped and I thought I saw a glimmer of light in his eyes.
"You still aren't going to tell me, are you," he said. "I tell you
what Ruthie likes, about Mrs. Cross and even Mrs. Char and you aren't
going to tell me."
"Mrs. Char jumped on the bandwagon about a week ago, didn't she?"
I was guessing to rescue myself.
I knew what Randy meant. He was just a bit too lucid in critical
details to be his normal rambling self. The glint I saw in his eyes was
the real man. He had always known a lot more than he was telling.
He nodded to my question.
"And I bet she was playful as a kitten the first time and kept
being real impressed with how big your dick is," I went on. "Then I
guess a lot of us know what goes on in the office."
I told him without really saying anything. He had to know. That was
the only secret I was holding. He wasn't satisfied yet.
"Look. You didn't tell her and I didn't tell her. I don't think
Char told her, so there's at least one other person who knows," I
explained to him.
He might have been brighter than we suspected, but I knew he wasn't
hiding genius under his slow exterior. I had just given him the test.
"But Char did tell her. He confessed," Randy said.
Okay, I guess it was someone else that flunked the genius test. But
if I had been running down a blind alley, Char was banging his head
against the wall. Even I knew better than to admit ANYTHING unless I was
walking out for good.
For once I had a tiny bit of pity for Char. The poor bastard was
stuck with himself. We summarized quickly now that all the cards were on
the table. Mrs. Char probably at least suspected that Mrs. Cross was
'having an affair' with Randy. When Char confessed, she decided that she
was going to have a hunk of big dick since Dave couldn't really protest.
The question was whether it was a secret arrangement or a demand
Beth (Mrs. Char) made when Dave begged forgiveness. And my personal
question whether Beth might like to have two guys putting it to her on
the sly.
"For a guy of your obvious experience, you don't know half as much
as you think you do," Ruthie laughed when we rehashed the conversation.
So? I was learning. I avenged my pride on Ruthie by rolling her
over and giving her a rim job that made her squeal like a pig. I had
learned that.
I didn't have to wait until solitary night to get my next piece-
besides Ruthie, I mean. I didn't have to wait until Saturday. Denise was
back and demanding to see me. We had an argument about her being a camper
and not being there to get laid.
I had to trudge over to Senior camp that night anyway. Denise had
been fingering herself for four nights thinking about this night, so she
told me.
We met in the tipi. It was convenient. Too convenient as we found
Denise was just as much of a bitch in the dark, but her body felt
fantastic. She was very much a woman- a soft, slender woman with plenty
of room to get between her legs. And her tits felt huge. I knew each one
was more than a handful with nipples that looked like maps of Australia,
but in the dark they felt like mountains, capped with volcanic tips.
I think teen-agers are made to be fucked in the dark. Then you're
not distracted by the look on their faces and you have to concentrate
on the feel of a young, fresh body while you fuck it.
The sex wasn't any better than usual, which is okay, but I liked
the experience better. As for the aftermath, that's a different chapter.
"Indians didn't fuck in the ceremonial tipi," came a voice out of
the night.
I immediately tried to think of something to say in my defense. All
I could think of in response to the icy spear of fear stuck in my spine
was that the girl wasn't underage. I turned to face my accuser.
"The Indians would have fucked by the lake, but they didn't have
anything to hide. You have a different problem, don't you?" Mrs. Hall
said evilly.
"You're scaring me, Mrs. Hall," I said to the Senior camp director's
"You sure it's not guilt?" she continued to toy with me.
"Guilt's one thing," I told her, "But you're not making me feel
guilty. You're making me feel queasy like something is creeping up on me
and you want to watch it get me."
"I've already crept up on you. There was another camper last week
but I didn't get outside in time," she said, "You're just worried about
what I'm going to do."
That was obvious. You couldn't get caught fucking the campers. It
was the unpardonable sin. You weren't just instantly fired. They all took
up sticks and beat you as you left carrying your bags.
Well, not really, but they would have liked to, I'm sure.
Mrs. Hall liked watching me twist slowly in the wind. I think she
relished the opportunity to play me like a puppet. And I was stuck letting
her do it.
"I could tell Denise was trouble from the first day," she changed
the subject. "I imagine she was quite persuasive in getting her way."
"She showed me her tits the second day," I played along, hoping it
would get her to the point.
"But you held out. How admirable," she said slyly.
I didn't know if she thought this was the first time I had fucked
Denise or not. I tried to think of a way to keep that out of the
conversation or answer it if it came up. I didn't need to make the effort.
Mrs. Hall was ready to pounce.
"I guess you'll have to admit that I'm even more persuasive, even
without undoing my blouse," she said.
That wasn't it, but it was coming. I nodded dumbly and waited for
her to drop it on me.
"Matt's going away Saturday and won't be back until late Sunday,"
she said. "Unless you're there to take his place, I'm afraid you won't
be working here ever again."
As blackmail goes, it was a weak threat. Whoopee! I lose a lousy
summer job and I have to work construction and make big money between
my junior and senior year. But then, as a ransom goes, fucking some guy's
wife wasn't really a price to pay.
"If I hesitate, then will you open your blouse?" I asked.
She had fired her big salvo. I didn't want to prove I was in charge,
but I did want to negotiate an even partnership. Right now it came down
to he said, she said and I had both the big cheeses in my pocket.
"I don't think I have to," she said.
"Then I guess asking for a quick one in the tipi is out of the
question?" I said.
She might as well know who she was dealing with. She was a kind of
a big woman and maybe she was a fat kid. Maybe she didn't think I'd go
for her if she just asked.
She was wrong about that. I knew from Ruthie that plump wasn't bad
and Judy (Mrs. Hall) seemed to have more shape than Ruthie. It might be
more generously applied, but there was a big top, a smaller waist and
broad hips. She was also a fiery redhead and I wanted to see if her
freckles went all over.
"Just come Saturday and we'll see if you're worth it or not," she
said, trying to maintain her advantage.
Ruthie thought it was the funniest thing she had ever heard. And it
wasn't the way I told it. Luckily we were making lunch at the time and
she could laugh as hard as she wanted without attracting attention.
"So now they're blackmailing you to get you to fuck them," she
chortled, "I guess it beats waiting your turn."
It was the perfect time to broach that subject with her. I knew they
were lined up, but I didn't know how that had happened. She explained the
pink grapevine.
Everybody rated everybody whether it was just an impression or a
personal experience. Randy always had his summer pre-booked for his well-
known talent. My stock had risen with Ruthie's input, particularly- listen
up boys- for diving right in with my mouth first and being pretty good
at it.
Kim had added a thumbs up of her own and so did Marylyn. Ruthie was
keeping the pipeline full with ever more detailed accounts of our sex. I
didn't quite understand it all.
"You're still holding tight to some fantasy of chivalric virgins,"
Ruthie laughed at me. "We're here for a good time. All the girls are
looking for a good man. We just won't lower our standard. That's why you
never got laid much before."
"I needed a PR agent?" I asked.
"You needed to stop being Mr. Milquetoast, is that good for you,"
Ruthie was still laughing at me.
I could admit she had a point. Hell, it was easy to admit anything
when I was up to my neck in pussy. I was beginning to understand why Randy
stood around with a dumb grin on his face so much of the time.
I had a harder time understanding what was in it for Ruthie. If I
was desirable, from the clamor I saw, second only to Randy, why did she
want to share?
"I fuck you all the time," Ruthie said, "A girl likes a change every
once in a while too. It doesn't have to be better to be different."
"And that's why you like me to tell you all about fucking the other
women? Because it's different?" I tried to corner her.
"If you hadn't noticed, I like you to tell me because it gets me
hot," Ruthie said. "I guess I'm a dirty little bitch, huh?"
I remembered that I hadn't told her about Kim yet when we were in
bed that night. I told her about Marylyn, but she was busy when I came
in from the hill after Kim. I decided we would both participate this time
and Ruthie could use my cock to rub herself off on as I told her of sex
in the shadow of the cross.
She didn't seem as impressed as I was at the desecration, but she
rolled over and got on her knees when I described reaming out Kim's
asshole. I couldn't do her and talk, so she settled for my thumb in her
butt as she rocked back and forth on my cock and I told my tale.
She really liked the part about fucking Kim with two fingers still
in her stretched-out asshole. She was trying to get off on my cock like
mad when I told her that part. She had a different reaction to my fucking
Kim on the altar.
"You son-of-a-bitch!" she snapped at me and pulled away from my
thumb and my cock. "You've never fucked me three times in the same
"Then bump somebody for- well, next Saturday and I'll fuck you
four times," I grinned at her.
"Or maybe we could spend a Sunday- just as long as you fuck me at
least four times," Ruthie said.
It was nice to spark this flare of jealousy. I was beginning to
think she didn't care. I rewarded her by tongue-fucking her ass like I
had described while she rubbed her cunt to the orgasm she had missed
while I told her the story of Kim.
Saturday I painted the dock at the Senior camp. Denise was sure it
was so I could get a last, longing look at her. She paraded where I could
watch her until she had to leave. You and I both know why I was really
hanging around.
I had time to paint the whole damn dock before Judy came out to
even talk to me. Matt had left an hour ago, she said, but some of the other
counselors were lounging around in the barn.
She suggested that I work on something- or look like I was-
downstairs until she could sneak me up the ladder to the Senior camp
director's roost apartment.
I got hungry and went up to find something to eat after a long time
waiting. I saw the problem at once. There were three old goats and they
weren't going to break it up until it was dark and they could go into
town and hit the bars.
I pulled Judy aside and explained that. She said it was worse than
it looked. There were two others that had gone off promising to return.
I figured it for a liquor run and then another possibility hit me.
"Did Matt tell everyone he was going away?" I asked her.
She nodded. That put a different spin on the boy's club. They were
hoping, wishing they could get Judy alone and maybe sneak into bed with
her. They all had the same idea and they were watching each other to keep
one of them from having the chance.
Or maybe they were waiting for the liquor to arrive so they could
try to get her drunk and see if she was more reasonable that way.
Judy hesitated to believe my theory. I still don't think she
believed men would be interested in her. She did like the idea of going
out in the woods.
I took my sandwiches back downstairs and waited at the corner of the
barn for Judy to make an excuse and come out. She knew where these guys were from- which campsites. I cut across the field to circle through the
woods to find her.
The guys were having a loud party when we came back at dusk. This
time a couple of the women counselors had joined them. To all appearances
it was a bit raucous, but innocent party. I was learning to look below
the appearance, however. They were all playing 'will I or won't I' big
I told Judy to go in and go to bed and make no secret about it. I
would come up when the party dispersed. I didn't think it would take long.
She smiled at me, no longer afraid I was going to try and get out of
fucking her.

We had gone to the eastern-most campsite. Senior campers spend their
two weeks camping every night. Only four days in the Conestoga, but every
other night they have cots on the raised wooden floor of a 12'X 24'tent.
It's quite cozy and even nicer with the walls rolled up to give you a
view of the surrounding field.
Judy was all aflutter as I made her undress in the relative
openness. It didn't matter that no one WOULD see her. She was nervous
because someone COULD see her. Aflutter was almost excited, I found out
when I got the trembling woman in my arms.
She had seemed more agitated when she looked at my erect cock after
I had pulled down my pants. I'm betting that's when her desire to move
from fantasy into reality gave her a twinge of guilt. She was calm by
comparison as she pulled down her panties and was naked in front of me.
Her freckling was an interesting pattern that faded to a light
speckling on her breasts. It took up in a pattern low on her back that
spread around her above her hips. The parts the freckles outlined were
nothing like the youthful tits and ass I had been fucking, but I found
them even more inviting because of that.
Her breasts looked like apples set high and wide on her chest and
her hips were a generous curve from a relatively slim waist back to
solid but not large thighs. She was a big woman, but she was big all over.
What appeared to be apple-tits on her were in fact much larger
that Ruthie's. And they were much more cone shaped than you could tell
from looking at Judy face on. I felt that mass up close and personal as
we hugged naked in the tent.
"Are we going to do it right out here in the open too?" she asked.
Truthfully, I didn't care what she thought, but I like to take
credit for sensing the frightened excitement in her question.
I made her lie down on a cot and spread her legs wide open. She was
squirming around from me just staring between her legs. I decided,
selfishly, that she wanted my cock in her right away. I told myself that
eating her out might scare her off.
I knelt between her legs and rolled on a rubber so she'd know what
was coming. I was pretty turned on myself, having a woman laying spread
open in front of me just because I told her to.
I told myself that it might be time to move up to grown-up women
when I put my cock in her and reached down to hold her. So much more of
her seemed like so much more to fuck.
My dick was in her cunt. I wasn't in such a hurry anymore. I could
feel how hot and wet her cunt was even through the rubber. She had
certainly been ready to get right down to business.
I let her feel my cock inside her for a while before I started to
move in and out slowly. I knew something that turned her on and it was
easy to use it on her.
"Is this what you wanted? A dick that isn't your husband's fucking
you?" I asked her. "Look around. Is this where you wanted to get fucked?
Right out where everyone can watch you take a dick that's not your
I don't know if it was the adultery or the exhibition part that got
to her, but she started moaning pretty good. I hadn't even started
giving her the wood. I pulled up a tit and tried to suck on it and she
made a noise like she was cumming. Was she ever in for a surprise.
I had to cover her mouth with mine the whole time I plunged into
her when I really started to fuck her. I had a nice big cheek in one hand
and another nice, big cheek in the other and I was holding her ass so
I could stick the last hair of my cock into her snatch. My mouth was
pressing down hard on hers to muffle her screams before they brought the
police from the neighboring town.
She was a screamer big time. It popped into my head that those other
horny bastards were going to know someone had bagged her. The only problem
was that she was so easy. I had to leave her hanging between big "O" one
and big "O" two and deposit my load inside her.
Then she swore that she had never screamed like that before. Yes,
Matt made her cum, but it had never been anything like that. I figured
she was lying.
She mixed up the message after I had my fun making her run around
in the open naked. This time her chubby little red pussy was going to
get licked. The wood floor was high enough off the ground that it made a
fine place to sit her butt while I peeled back her legs and let her cunt hang out.
She was again more upset by the full view than where my mouth was
going. She liked it fine. I made her cum and everything. She screamed
inward in squeaky gasps when she came that time.
There was only one way to break the screamer or not screamer
deadlock- more testing!
The sun wasn't near the horizon yet. We had plenty of time to
fuck again before it got dark. I had an ulterior motive. I was hoping to
see if I could fuck four times in a day just to make sure for Ruthie.
And I wasn't stupid enough that I was going to tell Ruthie.

The party broke up in five minutes after Judy had gone in. The
boozy whispers went away perhaps ten minutes later and the coast was
clear. I wished I knew if any of the men had bagged a broad and who, but
I hadn't been close enough to hear words.
The jury in the crow's nest apartment was decidedly out. She had
made "ooo-ack" chimp noises into my mouth when I had fucked her the
second time on the cot in the woods.
It might be not-so-loud's turn or the screamer next. I didn't care.
I was going to bend her over something and fuck her from behind. I had
fallen in lust with the solid, but bouncy cheeks of her ass. I was going
to cum slamming into them and I didn't care who heard about it.
Judy was a naughty little bitch when she was inside walls. She
pranced around proudly wearing nothing but high-heel mules that did
tighten up everything below her waist at least a little bit. She was
happy to sprawl on the bed and open up her legs for me.
She was ready again and it was obvious this was more what she had
planned. She was comfortable enough to come on to me. She began to help
me with my clothes when I was too slow to undress.
"I should throw these out the window and not go and get them for
you until Sunday," she threatened, holding my clothes.
"If you want me out of 'em, just say so," I told her. "I don't
mind hanging out with you."
Ha. Ha. It didn't have to be funny. It just had to move us on to
bending her over and getting to that nice, big ass. Then I looked again
and knew she was going to have to be balancing on those heels when I
fucked her.
The heels turned her already hot ass into a sexy ass. It was a
slight bit higher. It was a slight bit smoother, and it parted a
slight bit more where her cheeks met at the bottom. And I bet it was just
the right height for me to stand behind her and fuck her until she
screamed. Assuming she would scream this time.
Such lewd imaginings were having a visible effect on my cock.
"You must be thinking something naughty for this to look up," she
said as she stroked my growing cock, "What are you thinking?"
I told her.
"You mean like an animal, bent over the table?" she shrank in mock
"That'll do," I told her and guided her over to it.
I didn't need to be ready to stick it in for this part. I was still
finding a good and comfortable position that would stand up to the kind
of fucking I was planning to give her rear. I let my cock rest in the
crack of her ass and moved her ass around.
I wanted her ass tight, but not completely tight. I didn't want to
see flapping, but I wanted her ass to move when I slammed into it. And I
wanted her at a level where I could easily fuck up, down and straight
into her cunt with a minimum of fuss.
I'm demanding, but it wasn't torture for either of us for me to
slide her ass around on my cock. When I found the range, I leaned over
her back and gave us both a little warm-up. Her breasts were real nice
hanging down. They hung down in longer thin cylinders weighed down by a
pretty pink nipple pointing to the table.
I took my cue from being in a barn and milked her. She liked that,
but I know it was my hard cock rubbing her twat from behind that was
making her juice run all over my balls. She was ready. I was ready. I
put my cock in her and pushed tight against her rear.
As she squirmed around with my cock to the hilt in her pussy, I
thought about the condom I hadn't put on.
"I'm not wearing anything," I told her.
"I'm naked too," she giggled.
"No, I don't have a rubber on," I said, "Should I pull out and get
"Oh no, just go ahead and fuck me," she said.
"Then you're on the pill or something?" I wanted to check because I
wasn't sure she knew what I was saying.
"Oh no, but I don't care," she giggled, "Try and get me pregnant. I
dare you."
Pregnant wasn't what I was going for, but bare-back sounded pretty
good. Anyway, I was all the way to her fallopian tubes and it seemed
like it was pretty late to be going back now. I left my cock in and
fucked her.
It was every bit of what I had imagined and more. Her butt felt
just as nice and looked just as nice as I had dreamed. There was a nice
cushion just before you slapped up firm against her and every time
you did, her ass rolled in waves up and back.
The more came from ignoring that Judy would be swinging her ass like
a stripper as I stuck my dick in her. That made my cock swim in a
whirlpool of hot cunt while I was slamming into her rear.
I didn't stop just because I came. It was too good to let a little
thing like an orgasm end it. I kept on fucking, kept on squirting and
then fucked her some more when the squirting was over.
It still wasn't enough to make her cum. She wasn't upset, but I
felt a little let-down. She said she didn't cum in that position and
asked what I expected when she only had my balls slapping her clit for
I didn't let it worry me. I felt confident I could get off again
in the next three hours and that answered the Ruthie four time question.
I was ready to eat her to an orgasm, but she didn't want that either.
I guess it had slipped my mind about the screaming part. She
had delighted in self and mutual discovery for an hour or so intertwined
with getting us something to eat. She even seemed overly aroused when
I played this-little-piggy with her toes.
I wasn't sure what was going on, but I had nothing to complain
about. I had fucked her real good three times already and she was building
up to another. The only thing she hadn't done was put her mouth on my
She got her face right down by it and looked me over carefully,
lifting my balls and everything. She touched me and even jacked my shaft
a few times when my cock rose again. My cock just never went in her mouth.
I didn't want to tell her to suck it and sound like a jerk, not yet
anyway. Then she was laying on her back, pulling her legs up to her
chest for me. Her little pink pussy with the flaming red hair wanted me so
bad. I could see that.
I recognized her subservience, even if I couldn't put a name to it
at that time. I liked it because it meant she wanted me pretty bad. It
didn't hurt that it made me feel like I was in charge, either.
I didn't have any conception (excuse the pun) of the things you'd do
to help yourself get pregnant. I thought her position was to give maximum
sensation to both of us. I thought she was trying to be adventurous,
not maternal.
Part A went real good. I sat up behind her and fed my cock to her
hungry red slit. I liked watching my cock disappear between the fat
pink lips and she liked watching me watch. Every time I glanced up she
was staring at me with simmering eyes and a broad smile.
I found my way between her legs after a bit of that so I could lay
over her and take advantage of the penetration her position afforded.
There was nothing in the way of her pussy and I imagined that I could feel
her clit squish when I pushed in and smashed her pussy flat.
Judy seemed to like it. She squeaked happily every time I reached
bottom in her cunt. I covered her mouth just to kiss her this time and
she kissed back fiercely. It was the first aggressive thing she had done.
I took that as a signal she was ready for the big ride. The nice
part of her holding herself out of the way with her cunt sticking up
is that I only had to worry about me. I went up on my toes and began
dropping my body on her.
Slapping into her with all my weight set up a chorus of sounds. She
made a background rhythm of unh's that set off each squish sound as I
plunged into her sopping pussy. The percussion section was the slap that
came just after the squish and the 'unh'. Then she made the 'Oooooh' as
I pulled back to drop down on her again.
It was the perfect accompaniment to enhance my feeling that I was
drilling her like an oil well, deep and near the center of her Earth. I
picked up speed and dropped on her as fast as I could lift my butt to
drop it again.
Then we found the forgotten scream. At least she screamed Jesus'
name as I made her cum. It was a bit of shock to have her go off like a
siren in my face, but once I adjusted to the ear-splitting volume, I got
a thrill of pride knowing she was broadcasting my conquest to all the
wanna-bes sleeping out in the woods. It made me cum pretty good, too.
Part B I didn't know about. I noticed that she didn't relax after
I had shot my load in her. If anything, she rolled farther up on her
shoulders and held her pussy in the air over her face. I kind of wanted
to hug her after, but I turned over and went to sleep with her still
rolled up beside me.

Some time in the night I roused enough to realize she had cuddled
up behind me in a reverse of the spoons Ruthie and I usually slept in.
She was holding my cock like a security blanket.
We had gone to sleep a little early and we woke, at least I came to,
before the sun had cracked the horizon. For once I didn't awake with an
erection, but Judy's hand still held my cock and I quickly snapped to
attention as she stroked it.
I had the impression that she had been awake for some time, lying
quietly behind me, waiting for me to wake up. Her hand started to move
as soon as I showed signs of life.
It wasn't exactly aggressive on her part, but she found a way to
guide my attempt to hug her into rolling me between her legs. I was still
waking up and I was on top of her and inside her.
I wasn't ready to hump her furiously and cum right then, so I took
the opportunity to play with her tits as they pooled in round flat-topped
globes on her chest. Her nipples shaded from pink to passion pink as they
crinkled and pushed out nubs with my handling.
She was good at subtle fucking. My hips were moving distractedly
as I toyed with her breasts and leaned down to suck her nipples. Judy
tipped her hips in a little up and down that made me want to get down
to business. I suffered through the great feeling a while longer as I
satisfied myself with her tits.
By the time I started to fuck her, I was raring and ready and
sunlight was beginning to creep into the room. She turned as red-faced
and flushed as she ever had, but her screams seemed to trap each other
in her throat and not make it out into the morning air.
This time she taunted my limp cock by rolling out from under me
when I had cum and getting on her knees with her butt high in the air.
Her face was in the covers and her ass mocked me, sticking up open and
ready for a man that had a hard-on.
She denied that was her purpose, but she wouldn't say what her
purpose was. I did wring a promise from her that she would let me take
her in that position if my cock was ever up to it again. I even boasted
that I could make her cum while I fucked her that way.
Fortunately, that screaming fit was muffled by the bedclothes. It
wasn't smart to be doing her impression of Jane calling Tarzan on Sunday
afternoon. I had already had to grant her the permission to slip an apron
over her naked body so she could go to the door and talk to counselors
that had stopped by.
It was a lazy kind of activity, but there was activity from time
to time in the barn below us. Safe in her walls, Judy was turned on by
the thought of them close. I guess she wasn't scared if they couldn't
see her. She sat on my lap after breakfast and wiggled her ass and
hugged me.
It wasn't an impatient attempt to raise the dead. I'm sure that
was her goal, but she wasn't in any hurry. She seemed to be appreciating
the naked closeness just fine.
I know it sounds fucked, but I got to say I think she was real
impressed with me. And it's not like I'm bragging or anything. I'm a
sturdy young guy with okay looks, and I don't think it took much to
impress her. Matt was an athletic guy- impressive, for his size. I think
all it took was less fat and some strokable muscles.
I think she really enjoyed just looking over the guy that had been
putting it to her pretty non-stop for almost 24 hours. She showed how
happy just sitting on my lap made her when she felt my cock twitch under
I hadn't been trying to get it up. Quite the reverse, I was enjoying
her appreciation and didn't mind resting a while longer. But at the first
twitch, she was buns up on the bed, keeping her promise to let me have
her that way.
I told her I had a ways to go before I could do anything about her,
but she answered that I would think of something. I couldn't tell if that
was a subtle hint to lick her crack or some innocent repartee.
I took it as subtle repartee and innocently licked her crack. She
didn't respond much, but she didn't shy away. When I found the head of her
clit slithering out of its hood, her butt did wiggle a bit. Several
things came to light when I licked up and my tongue first touched her
"No, please, I can't take that," Judy was disgusted as she crawled
away from my tongue.
"You don't really like my tongue in your pussy either, do you?" I
asked her.
She trembled more than when I licked her clit as she took several
breaths before answering.
"Yes," she admitted painfully, on the edge of tears, "I like it. I
can't help it. It feels so good."
"You're supposed to, that's why I lick you there," I tried to soothe
"But it's..." She tried to think of a better word and then ended
lamely, saying, "...wrong."
I was more interested in this as a revelation than as an opportunity
to convert her. I imagined the turmoil going on in her mind as she dealt
with her sin of cumming when I licked her in that forbidden place.
But I wasn't going to let her get away with it, either. I had no
real aim beyond negotiating some deal for me. It took her rugged
opposition to even considering letting me tongue her ass to make me
suspect that there was something she would agree to in its place. Maybe it
was something she wanted me to force on her.
It took forever for me to understand what she wouldn't say. Finally,
she compared the fear something awful would happen while I licked her
cunt to the fear she had last night before I fucked her the last time.
She was trying to shove me to the obvious conclusion now, still without
uttering the awful truth.
I had to think hard to remember back that far. There had been a lot
of tits and pussy and naked Judy since then. I had to think back farther
than the feel of dropping dick-first into her cunt.
Then it was funny. She wanted me to talk her into sucking my cock
like she was a 14-year-old. I remembered that I had kept thinking she was
going to kiss my dick while she played with it. She must have been
fighting with the decision. Or maybe she was making herself ready for me
to push her face down on my cock.
I tested the idea gently to see if I had unraveled the mystery.
"Then it sounds like you're going to be real scared before I fuck
you any more," I told her. "It's going to take some kind of kissing for
me to get hard again."
"No, please, It's not just dirty. It makes me crazy when you do
stuff back there," she said, sounding really distressed.
I should have taken pity and just fucked her. That was like me. For
some reason, her vulnerability made me aggressive. I think she was glad
I had that reaction.
"Then you have to put your mouth on my cock to get me hard," I told
"Oh no, I couldn't," she protested, not convincingly.
"You have to," I said. "You've been fucking another man all week-end
and he's going to make you suck his cock."
"But I don't know how," she said.
"I don't care. You're putting your tongue on my dick and you're
going to let it go inside your mouth," I said. "I might get ready just
watching you with a cock in your face."
I added the last graphic description because her tail started to
wag when I started talking about mouths and cocks. I don't think she had
as much of a reservation about kissing my dick as she had about my licking
her cunt the first time.
She was curious, but she didn't think she should want to put her
mouth on a man's sex. I wondered how close she had come to doing it on her
own the night before. If I was right, then I was doing her a favor.
In high school, I had gotten my girlfriend comfortable laying on her
side with her head on my thigh. I told her how to touch me and then
brought her closer and closer. Reach out your tongue and touch it. Touch
it with your lips. Lick it, just one time. Kiss it.
The familiarization worked and she sucked my cock pretty good,
especially for a first time. I didn't go into that kind of detail with
Judy. First off, needing to get ready was a myth. I had been throbbing
hard since I had leapt on her vulnerability and watched it make her
butt wag. She got the short course to juice her up more than excite me.
"Open your mouth," I ordered with my cock swinging next to her face.
I let her pose with my cock pointed at, but not penetrating her
"Stick out your tongue."
Touching my cock to her tongue was the apex of everything we shared
all week-end. There was a connection established from her eyes to mine
that was far more intense than any fucking we had done. I touched a
secret I was sure no one else ever had.
I had her suck my cock only long enough so she would know what it
felt like to have a throbbing organ in her mouth and see the effect
flash through my eyes. I wanted to fuck her.
It wasn't like my cock was begging to burst and I wanted to get off.
There was a much more psychological energy driving my need to get my
cock inside her. I needed to work off this highly charged sexual exchange
by fucking her long, deep and hard. It was like she had set my libido on
I was long lost in thinking how marvelously juicy her twat was
before I recalled my promise to make her cum. I immediately dropped
down over her back to gather up her tits and mold them as I moved
my hips from side to side. I needed to simmer while raising her sexual
fever a few degrees.
I got her to move her hips in counter-point to mine. We fondled,
ground against each other and groaned for a while and I slid my hands
down her belly as I straightened up. One hand stopped on her hip bone
and the other slid on down to curl around her pubic bone.
I fucked between my fingers as I squeezed her snatch with one hand
and pulled her back against me harder with the other. I was in a strange
limbo as I fucked her. It was as if my drive had been suspended until I
heard her cum.
The bedclothes muffled the sound, but didn't disguise the volume
of her cries. I could tell her screams were as frantic as any I had
brought from her so far. Then I rocked up into her for my own good.

Ruthie said she thought Matt wasn't getting the job done and Judy
was trying to have me get her pregnant. I was careful not to admit to
fucking her more than twice on any one day.
I didn't go into the whole oral sex thing, except to say that Judy
didn't like me to eat her pussy. I had hopes. I had left Judy with the
invitation to use my cock if she wanted to find out more about sucking one.
Ruthie was hot and wanted me right away. I think that was to check
if I was lying about how much I had fucked Mrs. Hall. I got through her
to her satisfaction, but that meant Kristin got pushed back to Monday.
I guess I was pretty safe, knowing what I knew, but I still didn't
like trouble. Monday is a toss-up. Kids are still restless on their first
day, but nothing much is happening.
The Senior counselors don't know the junior counselors well enough
to think something is strange, but there's always the chance a kid will
get lost on the way to the bathroom.
Kristin was okay, but I didn't like fucking in the weeds behind her
cabin. She had to clamp a lip-lock on my cock and virtually hold me
there to make me stay and fuck her a second time. I guess she was happy
because no one dropped off my list, but it was more worry than pleasure
for me.
I spent a whole hour, maybe two wondering if I had become an object
to these women. Then my head cleared and I came to my senses. Who cares?
Just because I had overdone some in the last few days shouldn't mean I
wanted my pussy to go away.
I was as ready for Ruthie as ever by nighttime.
My chores at Senior camp took on a different flavor as I carried
them out under Judy's watchful eye. I certainly had my doubts about
having anything to do with any of the new batch of campers.
Ruthie's loving care made this difficult period easier. She was
looking forward to the week-end. She talked about little else.
Fortunately, her banter included mock concern for my stamina. She was
careful not to tax me in the days leading up to the promised feat.
She made that even more enjoyable by catering to me with massages
and warm cuddles to get me in the best shape possible for what I think
she thought was an impossible feat. Such treatment was making me feel
very sentimental about Ruthie.
It was another day before I found out about my new duties. Senior
campers had their convenient solitude night in the second week. The Senior
camp director's wife had a convenient three, sometimes four-hour hour
window in the first week as Matt was the leader of a whole camp gathering
around the campfire.
This time it was Judy that met me in the tipi. She admitted to a
certain excitement when she thought of what I had been doing to the two
campers there in the dark. She also admitted that she felt a little more
secure not being exposed to anyone's eyes.
She wanted the extra feeling of security because she had decided to
take me up on my offer to let her practice cocksucking with my dick. I had
given up trying to understand her story. I was happy to let her take my
cock out and plop her mouth over it.
"Is that good?" she asked after a couple minutes of diligent
"You have to try to be bad," I told her, "You do fine. Eagerness is
the best thing you can have to be good at it. There's no other rules to
This was one time the dark was not my friend. She sucked my cock
okay, but it would have been better if I could watch my cock disappear
into her face. She was an eager amateur, but she was an amateur.
"Do you want to be a really bad girl?" I asked her after a little
more of her steady bobbing on my cock.
"What do I have to do?" she sounded eager.
I reached down and felt she still had her shirt on.
"Take off this shirt- and the bra," I told her.
I lay back as she mastered the buttons and the clasp.
"Put my cock between your breasts and rub them on me," I told her.
I had to picture those pale pillows pinched around my dick in my
mind, but somehow that was an easy image to summon. It didn't hurt that
they felt real good either.
"Can you reach it now?" I asked as I fucked between her soft tits.
"What?" she asked.
"Can you lick my cock when I push it up there?" I said.
She tried with unsatisfactory results. She might have gotten it
with practice, but I was getting a bit impatient.
"I can't stand it," I exaggerated, "You better get it in your mouth
if you want to make me cum that way."
"Oh- I had something different in mind," she said.
"Not to waste young, viable sperm?" I asked.
"Well, since you're here," she confirmed Ruthie's guess easily.
"Then I guess you want me to roll you over so it all drips downhill,"
I went on, proud of my mature understanding.
I guess it isn't that hard to climb on top of a woman in the dark,
but it does break up a romantic flow. There's just a little too much,
oops, excuse me, it's lower down, to make it a dream sequence.
I don't think the dark helped us this time. I missed the ways her
eyes closed- a dreamy slow blink sometimes, snapping shut in almost a wince
at others and all the attendant shapes her mouth took as she reacted to my
cock. I did appreciate the lushness of her sex more. I was afraid she would
be revealed as soft and heavy when I relied on touch alone, but she felt
comfortable and deep as I fucked her in the dark.
"Honey, I'm... I'm going to scream," she hyperventilated in the
effort to hold back her shriek.
That was enough of an emergency to make me pause even on the
edge of cumming. I groped frantically until I found clothes and grabbed
them to stuff over her face. Then I took the interruption out on her
and her scream tried to rip through the clothes and my hand as I made
her come.
"Now be quiet and I'll do a job for you," I told her as I leaned
I hooked my elbows through her knees and pulled them up under me. I
lay on her thighs and dipped deep into her cunt. I fucked her fast and
hard because a quick finish was what we both wanted.
I tried to squirm as much as I could with my cock deep in her to
make my cock give her all the cum it could pump out. I normally freak at
the thought of being a father, but I guess I'm not immune to the manly
pride in being able to impregnate women.
Ruthie was mostly concerned that I didn't overtax myself. I don't
think she liked to hear about my adventures with Judy so much. She was so
weird about it that I had to do an about face before we got into an
argument over the whole thing.
Whatever was bugging Ruthie had a funny effect on her. She became
very belligerent when I was teasing her, but when I switched gears and got
bossy, she got real shy and almost weepy. It was interesting, but it
didnít stop me from having some fun with her.
ďYouíre not going to play games with me,Ē I told her. ďIím not going
to fuck all night and then let you rest. Pull up that nightgown and pull
it up now.Ē
I donít think I was as impressive as she made me look and I donít
think she was as submissive as she was playing. She hiked up her nightgown
over her hips. Climb on and do me, thatís all you want, her actions were
She had pretty much hit the nail on the head- attitude wise. Except
that I wasnít climbing on anybody. I reached down between her legs and
started to pet the pussy.
ďI order you to have an orgasm on my fingers,Ē I told her in mock
seriousness. ďAnd it better be a good one.Ē
We came to it in a strange way, but it seemed there was still other
sides to Ruthie that I hadnít discovered. She didnít seem weepy anymore as
I told her what to do. She liked it.
I touched her as I ranted on about her having to do her part and
then struck on an idea as she began to respond to my fingers. I ordered
her to get off and then held my fingers in place for her to work her hips
As she responded, I rewarded her by curling two fingers and letting
her fuck herself on them. She did the rest, including kneading her breasts as she got ready to cum. I guess I did move my hand a little when she was
thrashing beside me, but she had made herself cum. I was just making the
climax a little higher.
"And if I hear any more lip, I'll make you do it again," I said,
still in the dominating role.
"If it was earlier, I'd call you names to see if you would," Ruthie
said, "But it's late and we still have campers to ship off tomorrow."
It was hard- no pun intended- to get to sleep with the erection our
play had given me, but I rolled up to Ruthie and tried to play long
married couple. I guess it was difficult only for a short time because I
don't remember much after cuddling next to her heat.
She had a secret when I saw her after breakfast. I could tell by
her sly smile. But Ruthie wasn't giving it away yet. I had to wait until
the campers were trickling out of camp before she told me.
"I've got to get the room for tonight and tomorrow to have all day
in it," she said first off. "How many times do you think you can go from
now to Sunday night?"
That was a leading question. I knew from experience that I should
be able to fuck her four times before the night was over. Three, maybe
another four times should be possible in another whole day, but I wasn't
going to set the bar that high. In fact, I didn't see why I should answer
the first time she asked.
"You mean like a marathon? Just keep at it and go for a record or
something?" I asked her back.
"I mean, are you going to be so drained after the first four times
that you won't be interested the rest of the weekend?" she asked.
"Have I seemed like a guy that ever gets enough so far?" I asked.
"Okay, so I'll ask you if you like Janey instead. Do you?" she
shifted gears.
Janey was okay. She was destined to become a wonderful woman because
she was blessed with a long Bassett hound face that had already started to
widen into the model's features she would have when she matured. She had
been shunned enough to keep her humble when she finally found out that she
was a beauty.
But it wasn't the promise of later beauty or a nice personality that
was her best feature as far as I was concerned. She had a body that made
me hot. It wasn't the kind of body that you describe as sexy, but it was
to me. There was something in the guiless way she moved and the slender
perfection of her body that got to me. It wasn't the equipment. It was
the feeling I got that Janey would know how to use it.
"Yeah, she's okay," I said, "What's that got to do with marathon
"Okay, then I'll give it to you this way," Ruthie said, pissed I
was ruining her fun. "If you can fuck me four times before church, I can
get Janey to come over and we'll have a party. Any objections?"
It hadn't loomed as even a possibility in my mind. There was a rush
at the idea and then a chill as the thought of being out-numbered in bed
occurred to me. There was a terrific upside if they wanted to work together
for my benefit and as much downside if they decided to gang up against me.
I don't have a fragile ego, but I knew two women could make it
impossible to have a great time if they felt like stopping it. And it was
different from anything I'd ever come close to doing. I guess I was a
little bit daunted by the unknowns.
Of course I wouldn't admit that to Ruthie. I agreed with the added
call for us to hurry if I was going to have time to hold up my end of the
We didn't have to pack many clothes. We didn't plan on wearing much
for the next couple of days. Church was casual and then we'd pick up
Janey and we wouldn't need clothes until we came back- whenever.
Ruthie had restocked for the next week right after breakfast and
got us a room on the same trip. It wasn't in the same place most visitors
stayed. It was a smaller motel down the road about 10 miles. We should
have some privacy there and little risk of meeting any prospective campers
a day early.
I just hoped the managers weren't the nosy kind because I was
planning on making Ruthie scream like Judy Hall all weekend long. I was
pretty pumped for the weekend even if I didn't have any idea what we
would do first and what would come next. I figured that was the easy part.
All I knew was we should get to it. There was plenty of time, but
it didn't hurt to get the first fuck out of the way. It was almost noon
and I figured we could get some lunch after we got done.
We ended up going for lunch before we fucked. We got in the room
and started kissing and it felt funny. I got Ruthie's clothes off and
we were laying on the bed when it all stalled.
"Does this feel as strange to you as it does to me?" I asked.
"Like we're just doing it to get it out of the way?" Ruthie asked.
"Yeah. I mean, I'm sure we'll get into it at some point, but... I
don't know. It's just weird," I said.
"Maybe we just need to work up to it," Ruthie suggested.
There's a nice Bavarian restaurant and we went there to eat first.
It was like a strange date. I mean, Ruthie and I knew all the things that
people usually don't know when they first go out and none of the things
those same people know. I didn't even know her major.
We spent about ten minutes bringing each other up to date about what
had been happening in our lives. That was enough to get us relaxed again.
Then Ruthie started telling me things about Janey.
Janey was in no way bisexual, Ruthie said. So I could forget about
any girl-girl shows. But Ruthie said Janey was really turned on by the
idea of both girls in bed with me at the same time. We decided there were
some things about Janey we might be able to uncover.
We were in the mood when we got back to the motel. We had finished
our meal teasing and tickling each other and we were ready to get naked
and get down to it. This time we weren't like two scared kids on prom
night. We stripped down and met on the bed ready for action.
It wasn't about doing it four times anymore. Ruthie had set my mind
whirling as we talked over things we could do as a threesome. Something
she had said had my dick tingling.
"You sounded disappointed when you said Janey didn't like girl action," I teased her, "Is that the kind of thing you really like?"
I had two fingers inside her as I questioned her. I'm not sure it
was the best way to get a straight answer. I think she was agreeing with
anything I said just to keep my fingers moving inside her.
Watching her groan and twist with arousal made my game less
interesting and I soon took my fingers out of Ruthie and climbed between
her legs to replace them with my cock. Then there were breasts- nice humps
of breasts to play with as I humped my cock in and out of her.
"It's not... ahhh.. fair..." Ruthie gasped as I fucked her, "You...
got me all hot... I'm... I'm... going to cum..."
I made sure she did. I rubbed her breasts roughly with circles of
my palms as I fucked her harder. Ruthie clamped me between her thighs and
squirmed. I humped her fast and deep and kissed her until she pushed me
away to gasp.
"Don't stop," she begged, "Do it now! Keep fucking me! I'm cumming!"
And she was too. I could feel her toes curl where they pressed into
my calves and her cunt convulse as she jumped up to happy land. I kept at
her until she hugged me to her to make me stop.
"Let me catch my breath," she gasped, "That was too good. I was
trying to fight it and it was too good."
I could sympathize with post-orgasm sensitivity. My cock gets real
jumpy right after it's shot off. But sometimes that's the best time. It's
almost like torture, it feels so good, but if you get a woman that likes to
watch you thrash about it can be like a climax squared.
That was what I was thinking when Ruthie began to prattle about me
getting her off without getting off myself.
"I don't know if we can count that," she was saying, "I think you've
got to cum four times to satisfy our deal."
"But you stopped me," I argued. "I was going to cum and you stopped
me. What about that?"
"But you've still got to cum or you could make me cum four times
before supper," Ruthie said, "You're the one that can't go one after the
One after the other was a good way to describe it. I had made Ruthie
cum back to back, but it didn't seem like she did multiple orgasms, at
least not like I'd read about. Ruthie seemed to need a pause before going
for another one. I had given her the pause and was thinking about fucking
her again when another idea popped into my head.
"But I think you owe me the orgasm since you stopped me," I said,
"I worked real hard to get you off and I got nothing. I think you should
make it up to me."
"What do you mean?" Ruthie asked.
"I think you should suck me off for stopping me," I claimed.
We had always fucked. She'd sucked my cock, but we finished with me
fucking her. Since I had already shattered my picture of the ideal Ruthie,
I figured I might as well replace it with the picture of Ruthie swallowing
my cum.
"You mean all the way? You want to do it in my mouth?" Ruthie asked
with what sounded like hesitation in her voice.
"You owe me," I said.
"I don't do that very much," she said, as it became obvious her
breathy voice was roguish glee and not fear, "You'll have to hold my head
down on your dick when you start to shoot."
"You'll have to make it shoot first," I told her and rolled on my
back to give her access to my hard cock.
She made me open my legs so she could squat between them and then
looked up at me as she gripped my cock and started to move her hand.
"You like the idea of me being your slave, don't you," she said as
she hovered over my cock.
I liked having my cock sucked. I think it was Ruthie that liked the
idea of being the slave. But if that did it for her, I was willing to be
the guy that helped her out.
"Slaves don't talk when they're supposed to be giving head," I
reminded her.
I think that was enough for her. It sent her dipping down to lick my
balls as she stroked my cock. Any fading my erection had suffered was
licked away by her tongue on my sac. When she licked up the underside of my
cock to take the head in her mouth, my sex thermometer was again right up
to the top.
I was going to be doing nothing but moaning and groaning as Ruthie
bobbed up and down on the straining stalk. Her hands slid down to squeeze
my butt cheeks as she sucked my prong.
My feet were sweeping back and forth on the covers as she pulled on
my cock with her lips. It felt great, but Ruthie wasn't really sucking.
The tight oval of her lips was jacking me off without the press of her
tongue to help me cum.
Again I had the feeling that hundreds of cocks had been in that mouth
to teach her all the tricks she knew. Her next move was to circle the base
of my cock with her finger and thumb and jack me fast and hard while her
mouth retreated to hold the head of my cock and bathe it with her tongue.
One finger became two and then three as she jacked me while her
mouth moved on the head of my cock. She stuffed the head in her cheek and
gimbaled her head over it as she moved her hand rapidly. Then she began to
suck the head of my cock.
She had brought me to the very edge before she started the short,
quick plunges of her sucking mouth. I let out something close to s shriek
and Ruthie took a little more of my cock on her dives down to her flying
I remembered what I had to do like a flash of inspiration in the
commotion of sensations. I grabbed her head in both hands and held on.
Ruthie responded by letting her mouth follow her fingers and moving them
as one unit up and down my cock.
It gets a little blurry when I came. I know I was arching up off the
bed. I know I was pulling on Ruthie's head for support. I can't deny that
I might have thrust my cock into her face. I know I felt her mouth keep
moving on my cock. And I know I came real good.
Ruthie said I started fucking her throat like a madman and that it
was all she could do to stop from choking as I came in her mouth. I think
the fact my hands fell away somewhere near the end and that she kept
sucking, albeit slower, even when I was done shooting my jizm in her mouth
says she wasn't very distressed even if I did do what she said.
Then she wanted me to fuck her again right then. I know she was
teasing me, but she was also storing up ammunition for something. I could
tell. I couldn't imagine what she wanted that she thought she had to trick
me into doing. I'm a pretty open-minded guy.
I was willing to hug and kiss her, but she got bored after a while
since it was clear I wasn't going to pop back up after the way she had
drained my snake. She told me to spend my energy rubbing her back.
That broke up when I got down to her butt and concentrated on her ass
too much. She was doing some un-ladylike grunting even before I wiped my
finger across her asshole. That seemed to be the switch and Ruthie rolled
over to get her ass out of reach.
"Why don't we take a shower?" she suggested.
It was just an excuse. She wanted to re-live my massaging touch under
the warm stream of water and with the added sensuality of slippery soap.
And she wanted to return the favor. She soaped my back with her front and I
soaped her back with my front. We soaped each other's fronts and she even
managed to make my poor dick hard by massaging it with a soapy hand.
It was a short-lived rise, but she took it as an indicator I would be
ready again soon. We finished our shower and took to the bed again.
Ruthie wanted me to be her play toy.
"You just lie there and I'll take care of everything," she promised.
I have to admit it was a better massage than I gave her. Ruthie used
her tits and crotch to good advantage as she dragged her body over mine.
Then I was on my side and she was nestled up giving my back the treatment.
I thought she wanted me on my belly when she pushed, but she wrestled
with my hips until I was up on my knees on the bed. It's a ridiculous pose
for a man. Even though Ruthie was a woman, I was a little nervous bent
over that way.
Then she pulled my cock back and licked the underside- which was the
top side where she was holding my cock. That made me forget the silly stuff
and concentrate on the good feeling between my legs. She held onto my cock
as her tongue came up to lick my balls.
I think the grip on my dick was a good idea when her tongue touched
my anus. I must have reacted rather than felt it and her grip kept me from
jumping away. She forced me to give it a second chance and I'm glad she
did. No one had ever returned this favor before.
I'd licked a lot of assholes after my first one. It seemed like girls liked everything about it- being dirty and forbidden along with the
sensations it gave them. It hadn't killed me and I didn't hear a lot of
negative talk from women I had licked, so I made it my special treat.
I hadn't know how special it was until Ruthie let her tongue play
over the crinkled muscle. It felt real good. Along with the gentle
stroking of her hand, Ruthie was making me hornier than a three-peckered
billy goat.
She didn't get her tongue up my ass, but she pushed on my back door
to just before that point. Then she licked up and down my crack as her
hand became more insistent. I was good to go when she rolled me over and
crawled up to plop her cunt on my face.
"My turn," she announced.
She held herself off me enough that I had free travel between her
cunt and asshole. I shoved my tongue in her cunt and tongue-fucked her
a while and then licked up to run my tongue around her anus. Then I'd look
for her clit with my tongue.
She tried to touch my cock as I ate her, but she couldn't balance.
She settled for a straight-armed pose over me until she couldn't take it
any more. My cock was still hard enough for her to stuff inside herself
as she sat on my crotch.
We had a little problem when Ruthie was on top. It was very nice,
but I had never been able to get off. That wasn't a factor at the present
time. She was able to get me very hard and interested in fucking her
I guess it sounds like making me want to fuck is a big job. But the
whole 'four times' thing was hanging over us again. I was feeling the
pressure to perform and was trying to get it out of my head so I could
respond normally to the hot twat choking my cock.
This was a personal struggle because Ruthie seemed happy as can be
with things as they were. She had been nicely interactive with me up to
the point my cock got hard inside her and now she was off pursuing her
own joy on the hunk of cock standing stiff from my belly.
She could fuck herself hard enough, fast enough, good enough to
make herself cum. I was the one dragged along the razor edge of almost
there. She was trying both things as she rose and fell on my cock.
I let her get into it. Now I was irritated at myself for having her
suck me off before. This was the perfect time for her to get off on my
cock and then hop off and go down on me. I wasn't going to tell her to do
it again. I had to come up with a better idea.
I decided to share my frustration with her. She was really getting
into it when I pushed myself up to my elbows and then sat up. It changed
all the angles and Ruthie was constrained to hump ineffectively on my cock.
"What are you doing?" she squeaked, "I can't fuck you like this."
I was going to give her some line about Tantric sex magic, but her
talk of being a slave popped into my head. I was going to find out how
bent she was.
"Then you'll just have to work harder," I told her firmly. "Now
shake those hips and let's have some action."
"You're getting the hang of it. Come on now, faster," I told her as
she discovered she could rock up and back and rub her cunt where we joined.
It was like having my cock in a cunt machine- like a washing machine
of flesh. She couldn't move off me very well and her motions only served
to rock me to the front, to the back of her sheath as she struggled on my
rod. It wasn't much different from having her ride me as far as getting
off goes, but I was enjoying the fire in her eyes as she worked to please
"Work at it!" I admonished her and she moved harder as if I had
smacked her ass rather than just made a demand.
She liked being ordered around. I vowed not to overwork her little
kink until I had figured out something that would really make her flip.
"Lean back," I suggested and helped her fall back onto her hands.
That made my cock explore the top of her cunt as she moved on and
off my cock. I fell back to my hands as well and suddenly we were really
fucking again. She had the room to move and I could pump up at her as
her cunt worked up and back on my prong.
It was a disembodied feeling to have our crotches be the only point
of contact. It was like we were both jacking off with the other's
genitalia. That didn't make it a bad thing. I liked the new angle my cock
was taking. Somehow it felt like I was penetrating her more or something.
Whatever the mechanics, it was real, real good. I don't know which
of us was working harder to get off. Despite the perks, it still seemed
like she was going to take me to the edge and leave me there for a long
time. I was ready to cum, but I wasn't getting over the hump.
Then Ruthie came and it was just that 'little bit tighter' I needed
when her twat clamped down on my cock. Her cunt was wiggling around too
and I finished myself off slapping against the lips of her cunt.
Even Ruthie was ready for a break after that. It was still early
and she was confident I could meet or exceed our four fuck goal. We went
back to see how things were going at Wana-Smaka-Kid. Ruthie checked a few
things in the kitchen and got the inevitable things she remembered when we
were at the motel.
Another meal, this time at the diner, and we were ready to get back
to our fun. Except Ruthie, who was driving, got the urge for a romantic
tour of the local lake.
To call it a lake, like the locals do, is stretching a point. It's a
pond and not even a particularly big pond. It's got stuff set up for the
kids to swim, but that's about it. The good thing for our purposes is
everyone goes away at dusk. It was becoming dusk when we arrived.
It seemed to me that Ruthie was the mirror image of myself. I had
got laid twice in the afternoon and my passion took some urging to
respond. She had been fucked twice in the afternoon and it seemed she was
hotter than ever because of it.
She said she wanted to go for a walk, but she wanted to find a place
where she could attack me. It seemed strange that she had never had that
urge back at camp where there were hundreds of private places out in
nature to fuck. I can only assume that was part of her increased libido.
At least she didn't want to fuck in the water. We would have been
dead meat when the cop hit us with his light then. As it was, Ruthie
happened to be sitting on my lap, covering my exposed cock when he came
up to chase us away. All he got was a glimpse of tit before Ruthie pulled
her blouse closed.
We tried not to laugh when he told us to get a room. It was a good
time to look repentant, although I'm not sure what laws we were breaking
and what he could do. Best not to fuck with cops, especially with a hard-
on, I figured.
The incident was hilarious to Ruthie and I must admit it did
something for me too. I guess a little bit of adrenaline perks up the
sexual urges. We were ready to pick up where we left off by the lake when
we got to our room.
There must be something to going for it in stages. I was just
playing around when I pulled Ruthie on my lap as I sat on the bed, but
it turned out to be a good idea. My interest didn't drop off once as we
played the same game Ruthie was playing by the lake.
There must be something about the hunt that makes it hotter. I knew
what was in her blouse real well by now, but it was still a thrill undoing
the buttons as we kissed. Ruthie was squirming her butt on my dick with
expert precision and I was really motivated when I slipped my hand in her
opened blouse and felt her tit.
There was a great deal of 'want to' building up in me as I made her
nipples hard and then leaned back to suck them. Now Ruthie wanted to play
and was pulling at my shirt to get it off. Her breasts skin on skin
against my chest made my hand wander down to tug at the button of her
jeans. I wanted to squeeze that pussy while we were pressing together.
She lifted up to tug the restricting jeans down over her butt, but
I kept her panties in place. I liked feeling I was convincing a reluctant
girl and having my hand stuffed in her panties did that for me. It was
like going for it in stages, which was the cool thing anyway.
Ruthie was at the stage of squirming off my lap and sitting next to
me as I kissed and fingered her. She wanted to get her hand on my cock.
She was content to rub it through my pants for a while as I turned toward her a bit on the edge of the bed and kept getting her hotter and hotter.
"If you take it out, I'll kiss it," she offered finally as I was
making another trip down to kiss her tits.
"You get it out," I countered and lay back on the bed.
I guess I wasn't compromising the 'necking in the car' feel too
much by that. She peeled back the sides of my pants and rubbed my cock
in my underwear. She was going all out to prime me right back. She pulled
down the elastic so the head was showing and bent down to give it a kiss.
If she was trying to get me to help her, that was the trick. I
reached down and pulled my pants to my knees and stayed with my butt off
the bed for her to pull down my underwear. I plopped back down on the bed
and waited as she lifted my cock straight up and lightly licked me.
I sat up to do something back to her and she went down on me. Maybe
she was enforcing the 'fucking in the car game'. All I know for sure is
her face was cramming itself between my thighs and she had a lot of my
dick in her face. I hoped she wasn't trying to draw it out anymore. Her
sucking was getting me to the next level in a rush.
I lifted her up and pushed her back. She looked as ready as I was.
I didn't play with fingering her. I jerked down her panties and then
worked her jeans off one leg, leaving jeans and panties hanging off her
foot as I pulled her legs apart and slid up through the gap.
She lay at a sharp angle in the bed with one cheek just on the edge
and her legs mostly hanging off the side. I figured that would be close
to the way it felt in a car. It certainly was a strange position for me,
half standing, half crouched as I moved my cock in range of her cunt.
She was ready and juicy and I had no trouble pushing my cock inside
her and in to the very depths. She seemed glad we'd finally gotten to it.
"Think if the cop had found us like this," she said when I was all
the way inside her.
"If he was a gentleman, he'd have waited until we were done. If he
was a man, he'd have watched," I smarted off, but her reminder had given
me a spark remembering our close call.
It was awkward fucking her in this position, but at first it didn't
matter. My cock wanted to fuck something so bad after the build-up, it
wasn't letting me listen to my legs complain. And that was a stage too.
When my cock got past the 'wanna fuck' stage to the 'wanna cum', I
took advantage of the slice of bed available at her angle by sliding one
knee on the bed and snuggling my thigh up until it was pressing on her
butt. I don't know how much easier it was on me, but I was able to fuck
into her like I meant it and I would get off.
I guess Ruthie gave up then. Or maybe it was just as much of a
strain trying not to fall off the bed for her. She decided we'd done the
car thing enough, maybe.
"Come up and do that side-saddle thing," she asked.
I rolled her over one and a half turns to get the clothed leg down and
scrambled up behind her. I picked up her top leg, straddled the bottom and
put my cock back in her. I'm not sure what Ruthie likes about that. I get
pretty outrageous sometimes when I'm near cumming. It could be that or the
angle, or maybe that I can play with her cunt while I'm fucking her.
I like it because it's got the same 'I'm fucking you now, bitch'
feel of doggy style with more of a slamming deep into her feel at the end.
And this time Ruthie didn't need me to play with her cunt. She reached
down to finger herself as I fucked her.
"You... can do the back.." she grunted out as I plunged into her.
That was the hand that was free. I licked my finger and reached down
to play with her asshole.
"Fuck me with it... Fuck me with two," Ruthie asked.
I licked my two middle fingers and pushed one into her ass. She gave
me an added motion as I drove into her with that finger in her ass. When
I slipped the other in, her ass hammered at me as I spanked into her.
"Oh Jesus! Better!!" she groaned, "Fuck me all over! Fuck me hard!"
She beat it out of me. Her ass moved in just the grinding, rubbing
way I needed and I couldn't hold back. I tried to finger-fuck her ass
faster to bring her along, but I beat her to the shot.
"Oh don't stop! Please! Keep fucking me! Please keep fucking me!"
she begged as she felt my cock go off inside her.
I did it. I kept fucking her until I felt her wriggle with the
big delight and then pumped her a few more times just in case. It was the
sweetest torture as I went through the orgasmic agony of stimulating
my too-sensitive cock inside Ruthie.
"Now I want to give you a hundred sloppy kisses," Ruthie gasped as
we unwound from our position and laid beside each other on the bed.
"What about tomorrow morning?" I asked as she proceeded to try and
accomplish her aim.
"I'll give you another hundred sloppy kisses," Ruthie said.
"But this was three, if you make me do four right now, what about
an early morning fuck?" I asked.
I was being an asshole, I know it. I meant it to be more funny than
it came out. Ruthie was hurt. She wanted to thank me for being good for
her and I scolded her. Worse, I made it sound like she was the only one
getting anything from our time together.
I tried to apologize when I saw how she took it, but I'd ruined the
mood at least. She didn't yell at me, but it worse the way she sulked.
She certainly made me feel like the asshole I admitted I was.
I guess I suffered correctly because she was more receptive when I
woke up in the night and tried to make it up to her again.
We started the night back to back, rolled up and angry. I must have
turned because I woke up facing her in the dim light from the neon sign
out front. She was twisted around toward her back with her hips still
turned away. It was a sexy pose.
Her bottom leg had stayed mostly bent and her top leg stretched out,
giving me two finger's width of access to her pussy. I moved closer
without touching her and lightly ran my fingers through her pubic hair.
I wanted to make up with her, but I was also motivated by my own
desires. She looked fuckable and, damn it, that was what we were here for.
I thought waking her up a little horny was the best approach given
the recent past. My finger slid into the crack between her thighs and she
shifted. Her legs came together and trapped my finger against her cunt.
I checked and she wasn't awake. I rubbed her with my finger a little and
then more and firmer.
My finger was inside her and my hand was riding against her as hard
as she was riding against me when she came awake with a start.
"Will you please forgive me?" I asked her with my finger still
rattling back and forth between her thighs.
"Jesus, wait a minute," she said, grabbing my wrist and stopping my
hand. "Let me wake up so I know who's getting me all hot."
I think she was selecting and then discarding caustic comments for
a minute. When she responded, it was with the hint of forgiveness.
"You sure you really want to do it? You're not feeling any pressure
about performing?" she asked.
I told her I wanted to and she scooted back until her butt confirmed
my interest by gripping my hard cock between its cheeks.
"I guess you really do like to fuck me," she confirmed, "Well, make
it nice and don't mind me if I fall asleep while you're doing it."
I know her witticisms made her feel better and they didn't bother
me. I wished she had gotten this over earlier so we could have gone to
sleep without it hanging over us. However, it did serve the useful purpose
of reminding me I would have to get into a more active position.
Sticking it in her from behind in the spoon position was dangerous
in the middle of the night. It often led to those fucks you don't remember
in the morning. Maybe you fell asleep and rolled apart, or maybe you
went on fucking and came, but you don't remember. I thought that would get
me in ever deeper shit.
Waking up had released her thigh grip and I took advantage of her
relaxing her hand to subtlety start stroking her again. I nestled my
hard-on in the crease of her ass and pushed my free arm under her to
wrap over her breasts and hug her to me.
All of her senses were waking up to me now. She moved her hips to
rub my cock against her ass and got very wet in anticipation. It was a
good time to start, because I had decided that I should be in no hurry
to get her off this time.
This would be our romantic, slow fuck, cradled on both sides with
sleep and hopefully real meaningful for Ruthie. Don't get me wrong, I
like to fuck like that too, but you've got to be pretty comfortable to
escape the feeling you better get off before the girl changes her mind.
I rolled her over and got over her in the old reliable missionary
position. I started showing her how it was going to be from the start. I
didn't ram my cock in her. I let it slide up and down the lips of her
pussy like it was looking for a home. I trapped my cock between our bodies
and let it rub over her clit. I teased her some more and then I let the
head go inside her heat.
I entered her very, very slowly with more pause than move. We both
experienced my slow entrance in a silence broken only by sharp little
breaks in out heavy breathing as some part or another felt too good not
to react. She let out a long sigh when I finally settled on her.
"You're going to fuck me just like that too, aren't you?" she asked.
"Yup," I said and started the slow process.
I don't think I took a dozen strokes in the next two minutes, but
we were both reaching our limit. We wanted more. I tried to find some
small increment that would help us hold off. but Ruthie wrapped me in
her arms and legs and pulled me down tight on her body.
When my mouth came in range, she assaulted it, driving her tongue
between my lips and attacking my mouth. Her hips squirmed along and it
sank in that she wanted me to use my cock like she was using her tongue.
Her legs had our crotches glued together and there wasn't much
more I could do than try to squirm my hard-on in her cunt like she was
invading my mouth with her tongue. I followed her lead and we slithered
like snakes around each other as my cock worked inside her snatch and her
tongue gave me direction.
It felt good to touch all the warm surfaces inside Ruthie. It got to
feeling so good that I wanted to fuck while she still wanted to rub and
grind. She won out, finally launching her hips into a rapid jerking that
made me think I was going to cum from her frenzy alone.
Then she was cumming and I had the chance to pull back an inch and
really give it to her as she climaxed. I think that really lasted half
a dozen thrusts before I started going off myself.
This time I stayed and kissed her until my cock shrank and fell
out of her cunt. Then I held her front to back as we went back to sleep.
I had things to say, but I figured she'd believe my actions more.
She woke me up at 7:00 and I didn't even have a hard-on. I guess my
cock was too overworked to be having sex dreams. She rousted me out of
bed, dragged me through a shower and took me to the coffee shop. I guess
it was a treat to not have to cook for herself.
It still wasn't 8:00 when we came back to the room.
"I want you to know that I'm not trying to cheat you out of your
morning fuck," she said, "You've done the four and you don't have to, but
you seemed worried about it last night."
Translation: I'm not holding it against you, but I haven't forgot.
We had almost two hours and the idea of going to church with cunt juice on my cock appealed to me. The idea that Ruthie would be sitting
beside me with semen seeping out of her cunt was even more of a turn on.
"I was worried because I don't get a good chance to look you over
at night," I said. "I wanted to fuck you in daylight for a change. So
get out of those clothes and let me look at you."
I don't know if she bought it, but she had to give me credit for
thinking it up. I had already decided to make it up to her in bed. That
served a whole bunch of purposes. Most obviously, we could look out on
the day knowing we'd gotten laid. Coincidentally, Ruthie should be better
disposed to give Janey a good report and help out with her in bed. And
there was knowing my cum was leaking into Ruthie's underwear as we sat in
In regards leaking cum, I wanted to finish off in Ruthie just before
we had to hop up and hurry back to camp. That gave me a lot of time to
lick, fondle and play before I put my cock in her.
I backed up my claim of wanting to look her over by asking her to
pose for me. I had her sit in the chair, roll on the bed and show me
back, bottom, top and front in their open and covered positions. When I
took off my clothes to join her, I had a hard-on she could be proud for
I started a little early because it developed into a constant
temptation to use that hard-on on her way too soon. Ruthie was worse than
me in wanting my cock inside her.
"Jesus! I can't take any more," she did her appropriate Sunday
praying as I licked her cunt.
I wiped my mouth in her pubic hair and smiled at her as I slipped
two fingers into her. She was going to take a lot more.
"You're supposed to cum and cum and cum again," I told her. "I owe
you. I still feel bad."
She didn't have much choice. I was going to keep at her until she
couldn't hold back. I licked her clit while I finger-fucked her and she
went off the first time.
I let her feel my cock resting on her crack as I slid up to kiss her
a while. That was a big temptation to just dip it in for a stroke or two,
but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stop. Ruthie wanted my cock more
than I wanted to put it in her and she was a begging mass when I pulled
away and made her roll over.
She knew what I was going to do. Her butt arched up for me and
wiggled. Now that I had her tied in knots of passion, I teased her with
flicks of my tongue over her sphincter. I was starting slow because I had
a lot of time to work her up to a real high pitch.
I slid my thumb up to rub over her cunt when I started to lick
around her asshole. Her ass came even higher in the air. She liked being
rimmed all right. I thought I'd try to make her cum before I pushed my
tongue into her asshole. I'd shove my tongue in her ass as she was
flopping around cumming. I'd see if I could make her have a multiple orgasm this time.
I don't know that trying to fight me is the way I'd describe
Ruthie's resistance. I think it only seemed that way because she was so
much anticipating my tongue-fucking her ass. She seemed determined to hold
out until my tongue was snaking inside her rectum.
I was holding her pubis, fingers on the outside, thumb on the inside
and fucking her cunt as I tried to get her off. Finally I relented and
pushed my tongue inside her sphincter. It was like creating the hole in the dike. Ruthie's butt bumped into my face as she let loose.
I kept at it, turning her anus into a wet gaping hole as I tongued
her ass, but she didn't respond the way I hoped. She liked it, kept
purring as I ate her ass, but she wasn't even breathing hard.
"You getting me ready for something?" she asked.
"I'm trying to get you off again," I said, "Maybe I should put two
fingers in your ass and suck your cunt."
"Maybe you should put something else in my ass," she said.
I wasn't being stupid on purpose. It came naturally.
"What?" I asked.
"You know girls liked their asses sucked. You know they like fingers
up their butt when you're fucking them. You've been doing that for me for
weeks now, but you never want to fuck me in the ass," Ruthie spouted,
"Is there something wrong with me or is it you?"
It was me. I was stupid. Honestly, I thought girls got a thrill from
me licking their ass like I get from fucking on an altar. It's so nasty
that it's exciting. I thought they were responding to how dirty it was.
I thought guys only fucked girls in the ass because they wanted to
hurt them. I thought it was some domination thing. I never considered that
a girl might like it. I thought it was some weird girl psycho thing that
made them do it even though they hated it.
"You want me to put it in your asshole?" I asked.
My amazement must have come through my voice because Ruthie laughed
at me.
"I've been waiting for you to stick it in my ass every time you
started playing back there," Ruthie said, "Yes, I want you to fuck my
ass. I want you to finally finish what you've started."
She was certainly in the position for it. When I got up on my knees,
my cock rested right on the top of her ass. I could start there and lean
into her until I was all the way in.
At least it looked like it was going to be pretty easy. Her asshole
was open like the end of a sewer main and sopping with my spit.
It turns out my cock is a lot bigger around than I give it credit
for. Her asshole was a big hole, but not big enough for my cock to slide
right in. I didn't get half the head of my cock in her ass before I felt
resistance in another inch it got tight.
"Easy," she snapped, "You don't just go ramming it in if you ever
want to fuck a girl twice. It takes a minute for the muscles to figure
out what's happening and loosen up."
"Tell me when," I said.
"Just push a little and you'll feel when the time is right," she
She didn't sound like she wanted to discuss the finer points of
buggery at that moment. I think there was a lot of straining involved in
telling her asshole what was happening. I had got her breathing heavy,
She was right. I started to slide deeper and had to lean over her
and catch myself on my hands so I could keep pushing my cock deeper into
her ass. For as tight as she was, it was a smooth slide into the depths
of her bowels.
Maybe claustrophobic is a better word. It was a hug, not a squeeze
as my cock burrowed deeper. And then her asshole was a tight band around
the root of my cock and my groin was resting on the half moons of her
butt. I felt like I had discovered a new land. There was something so new,
different about this feeling.
There is something earthy, completing, right about being buried to
the hairs in a cunt. This was more as if I had discovered a secret only
revealed to the select few. It was the different road- the one less
traveled by- and Frost is right that it makes a difference.
Before I could muse about how an asshole's tightness at the entrance
is like a mirror image of a cunt, Ruthie jerked her hips to start me
"Don't just stick it in me. Fuck me!" Ruthie demanded.
Those of you that know the contrasts between ass and cunt know what
I was feeling as I moved in and out of the grip of her sphincter. You
that don't should find out at the first opportunity. It's really an
interesting difference.
For Ruthie, it meant the difference between squeaky gasps when I
was fucking her cunt and hog-like grunts as I jammed my cock into her ass.
It sounded like she was having a real earthy experience. Any doubts I had
about her genuine appreciation were laid to rest when she urged me back
into action with surges of her hips whenever my pace slowed.
All the wonder and implications of sticking my cock in Ruthie's
asshole were waiting for me. I was lost in the sensations of her rectum.
That's the only explanation I can come up with for how I was able to bang
into the warm snugness of her ass so long without cumming. I think Ruthie
not letting me linger too long when I bottomed out helped too.
Then she seemed to cum under me. Seemed became for sure when her
anus grabbed my cock and dared it to keep slamming into her. I took the
dare and got back to that deep, pressing her butt penetration that sent a
special thrill through my spine.
I pretended to hump her without moving my cock in the clench of her
ass and it took all of ten seconds for the cum to start pouring out of
my balls and into her ass.
I looked at the clock. Now you know how important this leaking cum
thing was to me. It was my first impulse after discovering a whole new
territory of sex. It was barely 9:00.
"Lay down," I told Ruthie, "I want to stay here as long as I can."
"Go ahead," she said dreamily, "It feels so empty if you pull out."
We maneuvered onto our sides with Ruthie pressing back and me pushing
forward to keep my fading erection in her anus. I tried to keep the magic
alive by stroking her body, but my cock was on a schedule of its own.
So was her asshole. We both tried, but my cock slipped out despite
our best efforts. I pushed at her to roll her on her belly and knew I had
to confess my perverted little fantasy to get her to help.
"Squeeze your ass shut, please?" I started hesitantly. "I want you
to keep my cum in there for a while."
I explained the whole thing and Ruthie was understanding. At least
she was willing to do what she could to fulfill my fantasy. I think she
did understand the thrill of guilty knowledge even if she'd didn't have
my direct association between the sacred and the profane. For her, I
think it was the thrill of sitting in the midst of the other girls with
the residue of our coupling still in or around her body.
I know it all leaked out into her underwear on the drive back to
camp. I still kept the picture of my cum congregating at her asshole
to slowly leak out as Mel and Char droned on through the service. It was
really hot for me. It kept me so busy that I didn't think of Janey until
Ruthie reminded me that picking her up was the main reason we had come
back for the service.
"You two look like you've been at it already this morning," Janey
observed as we were leaving the camp.
Everyone probably assumed the same thing from the way we were
grinning at each other through church. I bet even Char had an idea
something was going on between us. Janey's concern was that Ruthie had
left something for her.
In their own womanly way, they discussed me as if I wasn't there and
came to a decision without my input. Ruthie agreed to drop us off and
'run some errands'. She'd come back about noon with some carry-out for us
all and we'd see where we went from there.
Janey seemed determined to delay me so we'd still be fucking when
Ruthie got back. At least that was my take on her shyness when we were
by ourselves in the room.
"So, you actually did it four times before church?" she asked to
break the uneasy quiet.
"Five, if you count this morning," I said proudly.
She didn't seemed as impressed by my stamina as I hoped. My answer
made her seem more withdrawn. I asked her what the matter was.
"Then you're not very excited about doing it again," she said sadly.
"I don't want to make you perform just because you're supposed to."
Women like to feel special. Even fat, old, ugly men lusting after
them is pleasing even if the thought of the guy himself disgusts them. I
knew what Janey wanted and I didn't even have to lie to give it to her.
"Ruthie is Ruthie and you are you," I said. "Good old Ruthie is a
great fuck, don't get me wrong, but we're pretty familiar with each other
by now. You're new and exciting. It's always special with a new lover and
I'm anxious to get together with you."
She looked at my crotch. There was no bulge there to prove my words.
"You don't seem very eager," I told her, "I'm not going to throw
you down and jump on you if you don't want it."
"This is just so strange," she said. "It feels so tacky to go to a
motel to have sex."
What she meant was she felt cheap and unwanted. I had anticipated
that the rebuffs of her youth would make her shy. I figured this was just
one manifestation of that. I also had a line for her to help.
"Let's not think about where we are. Let's just think about you and
me," I said and patted the bed beside me. "I've been looking forward to
this since Ruthie brought it up. She and I even had an argument last night
because I accused her of trying to screw up my chances."
It was pretty close to the truth and I thought she'd be impressed
that Ruthie and I argued over her. I didn't think Janey would be immune
to the pleasure of another woman's jealousy.
What really brought her out, however, was when I told her of my
honest lust for her. I didn't have to make it up. Fantasies of fucking her
had given me many a hard-on.
Closing the distance between us had calmed her. It was me and her
and not a tawdry motel room that filled her vision. Sincerity goes a long
way toward being convincing. We were kissing right after my profession of
"Can I see your body?" I asked quietly. "I've had so many fantasies.
I really want to see what you really look like naked."
I hope she had no trepidation about my genuine desire for her. I
want to think her hesitation was modesty. She was nervous as she stood and
took off her clothes.
She was almost exactly what I had pictured. Her nipples were larger
and much redder circles than I had imagined, but the tent-shaped, nipple-
topped breasts were just the size I figured. Their shape was still their
support and she didn't need a bra. When they grew heavier and began to
hang, she would have a nice pair of tits for her willowy frame.
She would be model slender and just right for hanging clothes. Her
waist was a smooth taper and her hips were wider than a boy's but just as
square. Her butt was somewhat prominent in a teardrop shape that left a
nice shelf where they swooped back to her thighs.
She was toned and muscular without the bulges of definition and I
had the hard-on she was looking for before. I wanted to show her.
"Do you want to see me naked too?" I asked.
We changed places and I took off my clothes for her observation like
she had for me. I'm sure the only thrill for her was when I pulled down
my pants and my erection came bobbing out into the air. I don't know what
she thought of its form or size, but I have to believe she was happy it
was straining and excited for her.
"Do we do it now?" she asked.
"I'm ready. Are you?" I replied.
"You want me to lie down so you can do it?" she asked.
She lay stiffly on her back with her legs spread open. There was
something wrong here. She was inviting me to hop right on and stick it in
her. She didn't look like she was trying to demean me. She looked nervous.
"I've dreamed about that nubile body squirming over me too long to
pass that up first," I told her. "We're going to have to make out for a
while before I go for it."
She seemed a little tentative about even doing that naked. She
kissed nice enough, but I could feel her tense when my chest would brush
her naked nipples or my cock bumped her naked thighs.
I pulled her against me to get it all over with at once and she
relaxed after a moment or two. Tracing the curve of her back down to the
swell of her butt was the most exciting back stroking I'd ever done. There
was something about her form that did it for me.
After a while, Janey began to respond to my fascination with the
lure of her body. I had pulled her on top of me and trapped her thighs
between my own as I pawed her ass. Now I was laying over her, our thighs
interlaced, playing with a nipple as I kissed her.
My cock was leaking against her thigh and she noticed.
"I feel something wet. You didn't cum did you?" she asked.
"No, that's like a preview," I told her, a bit surprised I'd have to
explain it to a 19-year-old. "It gets the tubes all lubed and ready to
"Then are you ready?" she asked me.
"Guys get ready in a flash. Nice guys wait until you're ready," I
told her. "I've just started on you."
"I've got to tell you something," Janey said.
Maybe I am psychic. For some reason it just came out before I
thought what I was saying.
"You're a virgin and I have to be gentle," I said.
"Ruthie told!" she pouted, "I was supposed to tell you myself."
"Ruthie didn't tell me. I don't know why I said that," I said
hurriedly. "It was a smart remark. Are you really a virgin?"
I didn't doubt her. It explained her naivety and confirmed my
guesses about her youth. But it did seem to matter to her to tell me, so
I had her tell me.
"Yes," she confirmed. "But I don't want to be anymore. But I would
appreciate it if you took it easy on me the first time."
"I'm glad you told me," I said, "I'll be extra careful so it doesn't
hurt too much. What about protection?"
It wasn't the right synonym. Janey was confused.
"Getting pregnant," I revised, "You're not on the pill or anything,
are you?"
"Some people say you can't get pregnant your first time," she said.
"Some people say anything to get in your pants," I said. "I think
you'll be more relaxed if we make sure."
I didn't think any such thing. I knew I'd be more relaxed if I knew
I wasn't knocking her up. Being married to her when she became rich and
famous might be a good thing, but getting her pregnant was not the way to
go about it.
I was prepared. I was glad Ruthie spilled the beans early about
Janey joining us because it let me pack the half a dozen rubbers I had
expected to use on Mrs. Hall. I had figured I'd need them for Janey.
I threw the strip of condoms on the night table and ripped off one
for Janey to play with. I figured anything to familiarize her was going to
help her relax.
Her relaxation came when I stuck my face between her legs and
started licking her. I wanted her as excited as I could get her and she
wasn't fighting me on that. Somebody must have prepared her for the idea
I would kiss her between the legs because she seemed eager when I went
down on her. I hoped that was because I had gotten a good review.
She pulled her knees up so her feet could rest flat on the bed
without any urging. I imagine it was the position she used to masturbate.
That would be a good thing because it would feel natural to her. And I
wouldn't be looming over her, so she could appreciate my tongue with
less apprehension about what was coming next.
She seemed to appreciate my tongue. I don't think I ate her any
different. Maybe I was little gentler and licked her more. I did slide
my fingers up to massage her labia as I licked her slit. I wanted her
as swollen and blossomed as I could get her before I put my cock in her.
The perfect thing would be to get her to the crest and then
sacrifice her hymen as she was trying to cum. I imagined that would dull
the pain as much as possible. If she was like me, it might even add a bit
of a thrill to her orgasm. But I wasn't sure that was what I wanted.
If she had kept her virginity for 19 years, she might want to have
more of a production about losing it. In a strange way, she might be
looking forward to it hurting. I'd try to take a middle road, but I
thought she wanted something to remember.
She was flushed and breathing heavily when I came up from between
her legs. She was wet enough and looked ready.
"Are you ready?" I asked.
She paused over her answer like she was weighing the gravity of the
"Yes," she said, "I want you to do it now."
First I made her put the rubber on me. There was a load of
psychological stuff in that about preparing the thing that was going to
sacrifice you. It also snapped me back to full attention as her hands
rolled the condom over my cock.
Then I let my cock rub over her clit a while before I brought it
to the mouth of her cunt. I found it easily, but I put down a hand to
guide my cock for effect. I pushed in as far as a gentle push would take
me. Then I set my hand back down and looked in her eyes.
"Ready?" I asked one more time.
Her lips were folded in between her teeth and she had to unwrap them
to reply.
"Do it!" she said.
I rocked a little so she wasn't sure when the thrust would come.
When she opened her eyes to see if I was going to thrust or not, I lunged.
Her eyes flew wide and she cry was a gasp of indrawn breath. There was
another inch and I pushed in until our groins pressed together.
"Did it hurt a lot?" I asked her.
"Not as much as I was afraid it would," she said quietly.
She was thinking. I guess there were a lot of things centered on
my cock being all the way inside her. I imagine she was comparing the
reality with the way she imagined it would be.
I let her feel the reality for a moment and then pulled back slowly.
I watched her face as I pushed back in. She was blank. She had to be
sensing every movement carefully so she'd always remember. I fucked her
slow so she could have good memories.
I think we both got bored. It was a joint decision to step it up.
Her butt was coming off the bed and I was long overdue to fuck her with
some fire. I didn't hammer at her, but there was some conviction behind my
thrusts as I pushed into her recently virgin cunt.
"It feels better now," she said between breaths as we got past the
preliminaries and fucked.
I was waiting for her- short, fast strokes forever and then pushing
in and grinding my belly on her to rub her clit. I was going to make her
cum before I straightened up and fucked her for myself.
She wasn't (she told me later) thinking about cumming at all. She
wanted to be an observer the first time and was trying to keep whatever
technique I used from getting to her.
We were at a fucking impasse. I wasn't committing myself to the
energy and she was able to resist my slick attempts to get her off. We
kept at it for a long time. We kept at it so long we were still fucking
when Ruthie came back with lunch.
"Hey! Are you at it again? I thought Janey would be sore after the
first one," Ruthie said.
"It is the first one," Janey said, "Are you early?"
I looked at the clock on the nightstand.
"We've been fucking for forty minutes," I told her, "I guess we've
been dawdling."
"You mean it isn't always like this?" she asked.
"He's trying to show off," Ruthie put in. "I bet he's been real
slow and deliberate."
"Oh no, he's gone fast and then been in real deep and kept changing
up the way he puts it in me," Janey said.
"Why don't I just show her, so you two don't have to talk like I'm
not here," I said a little petulantly.
It was a bit disconcerting to have Ruthie there to critique, but I
did have my dick in Janey and a whole load of unfulfilled desires building
up in me. It was easy to get back into it when I looked only at Janey and
tried to get myself off this time.
I was chagrined when I was pumping Janey harder and I realized that
I had abandoned her breasts in my quest to be Mr. Fucker. I hadn't kissed
her either. I wasn't fucking her, I was trying to masturbate her with my
dick. I gave up the macho pose and tried to relate to the woman I had
just deflowered. She deserved that much.
I guess I took her mind off recording every sensation of her first
fuck at the same time. We were definitely getting better results for it.
Ruthie watching us probably didn't hurt either. I know I was a bit
more careful to be showy knowing she was sitting by watching us perform.
And I certainly wanted to get a big reaction from Janey for Ruthie to see.
Janey was quiet about her feelings being observed. I sensed she had
a lot of guilty pleasure performing for the audience, but the guilt kept
her from sharing it with us.
Our performance wasn't subdued. Janey seemed able to forget Ruthie
when I was fucking her for real. It's obvious that there's more to enjoy
when you're making love to the whole woman, but I guess I had to learn
that. I guess I had to learn that it's for real reasons and even applies
to virgins. Janey wasn't the only virgin that night. I was a virgin
being with a virgin.
Janey seemed overwhelmed by all the attention. Her butt's motion
told me her nipples were sensitive when I played with them. She turned
into a live thing in my arms when I kissed her. Nuzzling her neck made
her throw her arms around me and hold me tight.
Ruthie's intrusive fingers on my balls made me fuck harder into
Janey once I had reared up in surprise and looked back to see what was
happening. Ruthie had left her observation post in the chair and was
standing by the bed with her hand between my legs.
I guess that made it better for everybody. I know I appreciated
the flicker of Ruthie's fingers once I knew what was happening. I think
Janey reaped a benefit from my more sincere need to ram my cock into her.
For whatever reason or reasons, Janey was gasping happily by the
time I finally needed to drive deep inside her and deliver. There
was almost a pause as I hit bottom and kept pushing. The first spasm
rocked me and after the pause, my cum poured out into the confines of the
sheath around my cock.
"Now wait a minute," Ruthie said as I started to pull back.
Her fingers went between Janey and my belly. She squeezed the
rubber on my cock and then urged me back. Her fingers scraped off my cock
as it pulled back from Janey and the condom. She was busy as I pulled out
of the way and then moved back to show me her handiwork.
Janey had a funny tail hanging from her bleeding cunt. Ruthie had
tied off the rubber and left as much as she could inside Janey.
"I've been thinking about that since you told me about your tight
little teeny girl," Ruthie said with pride, "I wanted to see what it
would look like to leave one in when you pulled out."
It looked silly, but it amused Ruthie. Janey was looking down with
a puzzled look on her face and Ruthie held the tail up for her to see.
"We've left you a present in a safe container," Ruthie said and
motioned for Janey to sit up for a better look.
It must be some girl pride in their pussy thing because Ruthie
had Janey giggling at the sight too. It was a warmer response from them
as Ruthie finally pulled the rubber out of Janey, slowly, making the sound: 'woooop'.
Maybe it felt sexier than I can imagine for Janey, but I wasn't
getting this. I wasn't worried by that. I didn't have to get it for this
to be a great day. I had two willing women and hours to play games with
Anyway, next up was lunch and I was sure something would come up
in conversation that would spark some fun I could understand.
There was a moment of indecision as I slid off the bed to look at
the food Ruthie had brought. I was naked. Ruthie was dressed and Janey
was naked. Should I put on my pants or should Ruthie take hers off? I
decided they could look at my dick. If it made them lose their appetites,
there would be more for me.
Ruthie stayed dressed and Janey went half-way. She pulled the sheet
over her lap and waited for us to spread out the lunch. As we were
eating, I decided Ruthie looked uncomfortable all dressed up like she
was. It would feel more like a party if she was at least partly
"So, which one of us are you shy in front of?" I asked Ruthie.
"Okay, I hear the line coming, what are you talking about?" she
asked back.
"We're sitting here naked and unashamed and you're covered up," I
observed, "Which one of us are you hiding what from?"
"I was the one that went to get you food and when I get back, I am
shocked to witness two naked people having sex on the bed," Ruthie
argued, "I think you're both exhibitionists and I'm the only normal one."
I waited until we were cleaning up before I made my next stab at
getting Ruthie out of her clothes. I'd just make it a do or die thing.
"I think Janey and I need to clean up. Want to come and help us?"
I asked.
She knew what would happen if Janey and I were unsupervised in the
shower. I'm sure she also knew that my stamina could give out at any time.
I had been going at it steady going on my second day. I was hoping she
wanted another ride on my pubic pony and was anxious enough to book that
ride early, before I started failing to make deliveries.
As usual, Ruthie was thinking the same thing from a totally different
direction. Her problem was her segue. How did she get out of her clothes
without doing some dramatic strip tease? A big shower party gave her the
excuse to shoo us in to get the temperature right while she hurried out of
her clothes.
They were quite the sight as we crushed into the shower. There wasn't
much of Janey and there was a lot of Ruthie as we rubbed together under
the spray. Then, despite her warning that Janey wasn't a girl-girl girl,
Ruthie turned her attention to our guest.
"You better let me help you because he won't understand how the soap
can make you sting," She told Janey.
Ruthie had her hand covered in a soapy washcloth and was carressing
Janey's thighs. Janey seemed to be waiting for the forbidden carress, but
Ruthie only approached her genitals and never touched them.
Then the soap was rinsed away and Ruthie reached down with a sudden
familiarity and pulled open Janey's twat so the stream could pour down
on the mouth of her cunt. Janey's reaction was surprise, but she didn't
make a protest. It was as if she was willing to skirt the edge of
lesbianism like Ruthie had skirted her pussy with the soap.
"Good warm water will make you feel better right now," Ruthie said
as the stream played over Janey's cunt. "I've got some stuff in my purse
that will make it stop hurting if you want to fuck him again tonight."
Since Ruthie had gotten to play around with Janey, I felt I should
get to play with Ruthie. Ruthie was using the pretext of washing Janey up
after sex, so I used the same one with Ruthie.
"What are you doing back there now?" Ruthie snapped as I ran my
finger down the crack of her ass.
"Don't you think we should all wash out our cum-filled parts?" I
asked as I held her cheeks open under the spray.
"I think I wiped it all off when I took off my underwear," Ruthie
"Oh, let's make sure," I pursued and tried to work my finger into
her asshole.
"Did he get cum in there?" Janey spoke up with wonder in her voice.
Ruthie blushed. I saw it. She says it was the heat of the shower, but
it was a blush. There wasn't any way for her to lie.
"Yes. Before church," Ruthie said. "It's a long story and I'll
tell it to you when some guy isn't trying to ram his finger up my ass."
I was having fun. Even if I didn't get the attention in the shower,
I was going to have both of these women in bed very shortly. Shortly
after that, I was hoping to be able to do something about it.
The food, the shower, the exertion of the past two days, about all I
was able to do was get very sleepy. It turned out to be a dangerous mistake
when in bed with two young women.
I think they tortured me for more than an hour of fitful sleep. Okay,
it wasn't much of a torture if they weren't waking me up, but I know their
intent. Their intent was to stimulate me to the edge of waking, but never
let me be awake to know what was happening. Instead, I was trapped in
bizarre, but not totally displeasing dreams and they toyed with my
unconscious body.
When I did break into consciousness, Janey was blowing me. She was
doing a nice job of it, too. Her timid explorations were arousing without
turning the heat of my lust up to a boil. I guess I ruined their fun.
"He's awake," Janey removed her mouth to tell Ruthie.
"I saw that," Ruthie said, "Now I guess Sleeping Beauty gets to
thank us for saving him."
Ruthie is a fine partner in crime. I like to think of myself as a
sensitive guy, but Ruthie had some nice diversions planned. It made
divinest sense from a rejuvenation standpoint.
I was still trying to take in the surroundings when Ruthie was
leaning over me from one side and Janey was coming up on my right. Ruthie
held me down with one hand and guided Janey to a seat on my face. Since
I had been laying in bed like a normal human, that put Janey's knees
against the head board and let her hold onto it for support.
I was allowed to keep my head between her thighs and lick her slit.
Ruthie made me all the more eager as she rewarded evidence that I was
exciting Janey by lightly stroking my hard cock.
Ruthie was being a tease. Even when I had Janey thrusting her hips
like the most lust-crazed slut for more of my tongue, Ruthie's touch was
still feather-light and intermittent. She didn't want me satisfied until
I had finished my chores.
Janey came in sighs and whimpers and I saw I was in for a longer
service. Ruthie gently but firmly moved the quivering Janey from where
she was still trying to fuck my tongue. Then Ruthie mounted my face and
pushed her pussy onto my mouth.
It was a collaboration between my knowing her preferences and
Ruthie's determination to make me provide them. She was making it clear
she did not want the light touch of my tongue on her sex. She wanted flat
of the tongue licking and penetration.
She wanted me to bully her cunt into cumming. I pushed back against
her with my tongue and she ground on it. I stuck my tongue up and let her
fuck herself on it. We were working very well together.
My nose became part of her play. She found it to rub her clit on as
my tongue wormed inside her. Then I thought her passion had made her wild
as she lurched forward and pushed my nose into her cunt. She made it clear
what he wanted as she tipped her rear down on my mouth.
I wondered if Janey could see under Ruthie to what we were up to.
I thought it would put a fire in her belly to see my tongue squirm about
Ruthie's anus.
It did make Ruthie try to suffocate me with her cunt. Fortunately
I can breathe through my mouth as well as my nose.
I don't think Ruthie came from my two-hole explorations. I think she
just got primed for me to fuck her again. Unfortunately for her, Janey
hadn't been paying the same attention to my cock. Ruthie scrambled off
my face to see the flagpole at half mast from the inattention.
"Okay then," Ruthie gasped in Janey's direction, "You get to have a
real thrill. Suck his cock while I go get my stuff."
I was sure I was going to have a thrilling time no matter what was
in Ruthie's mind. I was bound to get fucked and what more could I ask for?
Janey covered my cock with her mouth and pushed it around in the warmth
with her tongue.
My cock was rising like a sleepyhead that doesn't want to leave the
comfort of its bed at Janey's gentle touch. Ruthie came back and squatted
beside us. I couldn't tell what was in her hand.
"Come on, suck him," Ruthie urged. "I want his cock up my butt right
That had the opposite effect she had planned. Janey's mouth came off
my cock to start to ask questions.
"You want him to do it to you in the other hole? Again?" Janey
"No, it's a favor to you. Will you please get him hard?" Ruthie
came back.
"For me?" Janey asked.
"No, not really," Ruthie said, "But it will give you an education,
won't it?"
"Well, I guess it would be something to see happen," Janey admitted.
"It's going to be tough for me to get up her ass unless my cock is
good and hard," I spoke up to remind them I was there.
"Go on, suck him, you need the practice," Ruthie told Janey one
more time.
This time Janey dropped her head down to take my cock in her mouth
and Ruthie revealed the tube that was in her hand. Janey moved her head all
around on my cock and Ruthie unscrewed the cap of the tube.
It was something-caine in the tube and Ruthie squeezed some on her
finger and then slid her knees wider and bent forward over me. She was
going to make this second anal encounter as comfortable for herself as
she could. I couldn't see, but I knew what her finger was doing behind her.
I became more interested in Janey as her unconventional techniques
made my cock rigid. I tried to ease her into the conventional by pushing
up slightly into her mouth. She stopped lolling her head around on my
cock and looked up at me. I took advantage of her stillness to fuck my
cock an inch or so in and out of her mouth.
She didn't get the idea that she could provide the motion, but it
was good enough with her remaining the stationary target for me to fuck
her face. Ruthie wasn't going to wait for Janey to learn either. I think
she wanted to get to it before the medicine wore off.
She reached under Janey's chin to tickle my balls for a moment and
then pulled Janey off my cock.
"You can help him put it in for me," Ruthie told her as she got
Janey up to her knees.
I didn't think I needed the help. I had got my cock up Ruthie's ass
before without Janey's help. Ruthie got on her hands and knees and I got
behind her all on my own.
It wasn't like Janey was that much help. She tentatively held my
cock for me as I pushed it toward Ruthie's anus. She was too curious about
this strange sex act to do much more than watch.
Then I pushed against Ruthie's rectum and wished Janey was doing
more. The greasy cream let my cock force Ruthie's asshole open, but it was
nothing like the first time. Her asshole didn't just clamp around me as
I slipped into the void. This time I had to push the muscle to make it
expand and admit my cock.
Saliva made a different friction than the cream. The saliva was an
agent that aided me when Ruthie's asshole relaxed. The cream was a bully
that defeated Ruthie's ability to resist. I had the slickness I needed
to bore into her ass against any protest of her sphincters.
I didn't want to hurt Ruthie. There was something good about the
feel of being the unwelcome guest, but I didn't know how she was taking it.
"Am I hurting you?" I asked Ruthie.
"Shut up and let me get used to you," Ruthie gasped.
It might as well have been a miracle from the look on Janey's face
as she watched the head of my cock sink into Ruthie's asshole. I knew she
wouldn't be doing much but watching as I fucked Ruthie's ass. Then I knew
something that would serve both of us.
"Janey, reach down there and pull her cheeks apart," I said, "Hold
her ass open for me."
It put her down close to the action as she gripped Ruthie's butt and
peeled it open for me. Ruthie opened a bit as her cheeks were pulled
apart. I felt her asshole crawl on my cock as Janey pulled her open.
"Am I hurting you now?" I asked Ruthie as I pushed a little farther
into her rectum.
"Wait! Damn it, I've got to adjust!" Ruthie yelped at the additional
inch of cock in her butt.
I had the idea that she would adjust out of necessity if I pushed
on. I knew there wasn't much she could do if I wanted to try. But I
thought it would be a bad example to set in front of the innocent Janey.
I also planned to fuck Ruthie in the future and I restrained my
urge to see what it felt like to push all the way into her, ready or not.
"Don't you want to feel all of it, all at once?" I teased Ruthie and
kept up a steady pressure.
"Yessss," Ruthie hissed. "Put it all the way in me now."
She didn't feel any more ready than she had a moment earlier, but I
wasn't going to argue. I pressed forward and my cock squirmed as it
slipped into her asshole with a series of wiggles. Janey gasped in
sympathy as she saw my cock disappear between Ruthie's cheeks.
"You ready?" I asked Ruthie when my cock was secure in the hot grip
of her bowels.
"No." Ruthie snapped, "Fuck me anyway."
It wasn't exactly rough to pull back and then jam my cock back into
Ruthie's ass. It had the scent of force, but we both were eagerly seeking
that feel from our respective ends of the buttfuck. Ruthie was lifting
her ass up for me to make her grunt with my thrust and I was enjoying my
sense of conquering her resistance.
"It feels so good!" I told Janey, "Her ass is so tight around my
Janey soaked up the miracle happening under her nose without
comment. She looked up at me as I spoke and then her eyes immediately fell
back to watching my cock stretch Ruthie's anus to a shiny band.
She was having her show and I having a tight squeeze. I'm not sure
what Ruthie was having, but it sounded like she liked it and I was ready
to give her more of the same to make sure.
"Come on, give it to me!" Ruthie said with an authoritarian air.
"Cum for me. You like to shoot your cum in my ass, don't you? Get in
there and fill me up!"
She wanted me to bury my cock in her ass and pump her without
moving my cock much. That's how I came in her ass the first time. She
was begging for that again with her sassy commands.
I thought it was a great idea without thinking any more about it. I
certainly didn't consider she might be sore and want me to get off
without hurting her any more than I had to. Of course, that would be a
dumb thought, because Ruthie swore I wasn't hurting her at all.
Personally, I hope that's the truth because I loved feeling my cock
stir around in her guts as I pressed up against Janey's hands. If the
feeling of being jammed full was getting Ruthie off, so much the better.
The deep penetration certainly worked its magic on me in short
order. Fucking right into Janey's face didn't slow me down either. I came
into Ruthie with grunts and moans that were louder and went on for longer
than my cock was actually shooting off inside her her. I was showing off
for Janey.
I wasn't alone. It turns out Ruthie went through the whole take it
in the ass thing back to back just to show off for Janey. I know Janey
was impressed, but I'm not sure if it was with this new way of fucking
or with the idea that Ruthie and I were both nuts.
I think she was leaning toward at least Ruthie being nuts when I
pulled my cock out and she saw the gaping hole I left in Ruthie's
backside. Ruthie's asshole looked a little raw.
"You want more of that stuff back there to make it feel better?"
I asked Ruthie.
"Just a warm washcloth," Ruthie said, "Kind of roll it up and put
it up and down my whole crack."
I dispatched Janey to get the washcloth and then followed her to the
bathroom to wash off myself. It was fun to watch Janey jump around like
our little maid as we exposed her to things she'd never dreamed of before.
We let her live her tame little dream of having the three of us in
bed together while I recuperated. Ruthie kept her butt up and laid her
head on my shoulder on the left and Janey cuddled up to me on her side
on the right.
Janey was laying on my arm and using the clear field that made of
my body to amuse herself with me. She seemed pleased with her chance for
a long, careful look at a naked man. She was amused that my nipples were
sensitive too.
She was more than amused to explore my dick and balls. It was more
than wonder, more like a burning desire to learn that Janey showed as she
lifted, moved and stroked my genitals.
I was in a perfect mood for her explorations. It felt nice to have
her gentle touch on my cock. Another time I might have cursed her for
teasing me, but in my present state I was glad that she was not trying to
hurry me into readiness. My cock was beginning to sting from overuse.
That didn't mean I didn't try to screw up my own comfort by letting
my hand fondle Janey's rear. It seemed normal to have something to stroke
as she played with my dick.
Janey wasn't as over-used as me. My probing hand was making her
carnal thoughts bubble up to the surface. Soon they bubbled her into
crawling more over my body so she could reach my mouth with her own.
I kissed her once and pulled away.
"Give me your tongue," I told her, "I want to show you something."
I opened her mouth with mine and waited for her tongue to come out.
Then I sucked it. I showed her teasing pressure, firm pressure and strong
pressure. I held her tongue in the circle of my lips and tickled it with
the tip of my tongue. Then I trapped her tongue and forced it to the roof
of my mouth.
I pulled back and let her tongue slid out of that trap before I
explained myself.
"That's the way you treat a cock," I told her, "I'm sure there's
other tricks I don't know, but if you do what I did to your tongue, it
will be very, very good."
I didn't see understanding in her look.
"You remember what I did to your tongue?" I asked
She nodded with the same expression. Then I realized she didn't
know why I was telling her that. She had no idea what I expected.
"I thought you might want to practice,"I said, making a point of
looking down toward my cock, "You do want to make love again, don't you?"
"Do you think you can?" Janey asked.
"Sooner or later for sure," I laughed, "But sooner if you practice
your new tricks on my cock."
Our exchange had Ruthie interested. She didn't move her body, but
she lifted her head to see what was going on.
"Now don't strain anything," she warned.
Ruthie was being a bitch. She was playing with Janey's innocence
for the fun of it. If her ass wasn't already aching, I would have
spanked it.
I considered it anyway as I tried to undo the damage of her teasing.
"You'll be practicing," I told Janey, "My cock won't do anything
until it's ready for it. Just try the things I showed you and don't
be disappointed if it doesn't pop right up."
"You sure I won't hurt anything?" Janey asked.
"Ruthie is just afraid I'll get worn out before I can put it in her
butt again," I said.
Janey went down and I grinned at Ruthie. She got the point of my
veiled warning. I didn't see the problem. Ruthie had seemed as excited
as I to have both women in the same bed. I was arranging it.
"Do you have to scare the poor girl?" I asked Ruthie.
"I just think you're awful anxious to be ready again," she said, and
I could hear the jealousy coming through.
"But, darling, with your sexy face beside me, I can think of nothing
but being rampant and ready to bring you pleasure," I teased her.
"Bullshit," Ruthie snorted, but I could see liked the attempt.
That it was practice, as I had said, became evident in time. I wasn't
about to spring from the dead like a flower kissed by spring rain. Janey
was down at my crotch to practice her technique.
After a while my lack of response began to bother her.
"Aren't I doing it right?" she asked after perhaps fifteen minutes
of trying the things I had showed her.
"You're doing fine," I told her, "Any man that hadn't been through
what I have would have cum twice by now. But keep working, you can never
have enough practice."
Ruthie had evidently gotten bored with the wait as well. She slipped
down to join Janey and began to give her the advanced course in male
"Friction is the thing," Ruthie told her, "They say they like the
wet and the heat and the tickle, but friction is what really makes them
Ruthie was demonstrating by gripping the base of my cock with one
finger and her thumb and jerking it up and down while Janey sucked the
head. I was loving this. My cock wanted to respond, but it was too soon.
I didn't mind waiting. It was too much fun to see these two down by
my crotch studying the best way to please me. It was pretty much my
menage-a-trois dreams coming true.
As nice as it was, I didn't feel I was missing anything when Janey
began to have some affect on my dick. I was going to have all night to
sleep. I wanted to get as much of these two as was physically possible.
I can't swear to the way it went right then. Each of us seemed to
develop their own agenda. I'm not sure who influenced who or why.
I can say Janey was ousted or abandoned my crotch. I know she took
a seat on my face. Ruthie took over for Janey sucking my dick and we were
in some inverted version of a three-way.
Ruthie, who we all know knows what she is doing, was taking it easy
sucking my cock. I'm guessing she wanted me to make Janey cum before I
fucked her again. It was smart not to distract me while my tongue worked
Janey over. At least I'm sure Janey appreciated it.
"Make it feel like a lizard," Janey said in a breathy voice, "That
makes me shiver all over."
I darted my tongue at her cunt with rapid touches. I knew that was
the lizard thing she liked. She had squirmed when I had done it before,
but I hadn't been sure if that was a good squirm or an uncomfortable
squirm. She jerked around as my tongue slithered over her slit, but this
time I knew that she was enjoying it.
She was enjoying it enough to need the headboard for support. Janey
grabbed on and her ass trembled over my face. I made my tongue twitch back
at her as I flattened it against her clit and made her sigh.
Janey liked all this external playing. She liked it enough to cum
as I licked her. That was the signal Ruthie had been waiting for.
I looked up (as best I could) from under Janey's cunt to see what looked
like that lesbian stuff Ruthie said Janey wouldn't do.
But Ruthie was just keeping Janey ready like she had been keeping
me hard before. And she was moving Janey into position to sit on my stiff
standing prick. I didn't mind someone else doing the work for a change.
"This time you can be the one trying to tease him," Ruthie told
Janey's tight little twat gingerly slid down over my cock. The only
way her tight hole could tease me was if Janey kept taking it off my cock.
It was teasing enough to endure her naive attempts to move her butt on my
cock. I wasn't the most confident in this hard-on. Overuse could make it
fragile and I needed Janey to be at least good enough to keep me hard.
She got distracted when her bouncing on my cock began to get her hot.
She didn't know how to deal with pleasure yet.
"Ruthie! It's making my insides all gooey!" Janey reported.
"Keep going until it makes them blow up," Ruthie urged.
It certainly wasn't going to be Janey that made it happen. Her
movement dwindled to a little shake of her ass as she sat on my cock. I
had to take over from below. I grabbed her at the joining of her thighs
and torso and bucked up into her cunt.
"Oh Jesus!" Janey prayed, "It feels like there's a big snake crawling
up into my belly."
"Let it bite you happy," Ruthie told her. "Make it bite you happy."
Ruthie took the opportunity to reach out and rub her fingers over
Janey's nipples. It made Janey's butt jerk back and forth, but it didn't
give me any help with the in-out. I had to work to fuck Janey.
Of course, it was great work. I can complain about almost-virgin
cunt, but I can't sound too serious. Janey was tight and quivering as I
arched up off the bed to stick it to her. I guess I didn't mind doing all
the work that much.
It filled in that elusive part of having the woman on top. I didn't
have to surrender to her desires. It may have been only because she ceded
control, but I was calling the shots as I pushed my cock into Janey. It
felt good and I wasn't guilty at all. I could buck up off the bed for all
I was worth and it didn't seem to bother Janey one bit.
Of course, Janey may have been a bit distracted by Ruthie playing
with her tits. When she found no resistance to her playing with Janey's
nipples, Ruthie had put her hands on Janey's tits and begun to knead and
fondle them. Janey looked far from distressed. She closed her eyes and
let me fuck her and Ruthie play with her tits.
I guess Janey had conquered lots of her fears of the unknown that
day because Ruthie didn't stop with fondling Janey's tits. The next thing
I see is Ruthie's head in my line of sight to Janey's face and she's
kissing Janey.
I wish I could have watched Janey's long face and Ruthie's round one
together. I can imagine Ruthie's full lips locked in a seal over Janey's
mouth and their faces working. It would have been great to see, but I
wasn't going to give up fucking Janey's tight snatch for the view.
Then Ruthie did the wild thing. I was getting along pretty good, but
the strain of lunging off the bed wasn't helping me get off. At first I
thought Ruthie was going to ruin all chances when she threw her leg over
me and sat on my stomach facing Janey. I was pretty much buried under them.
But after Ruthie got situated I was happy. I didn't open my mouth.
She had Janey lean back to put her leg over Ruthie's thighs and then Ruthie
sat down on me with her legs straight out beside mine. The change in angle
into Janey's cunt was interesting, but I still wasn't sure about it. I was
still trapped beneath their combined weight and couldn't do anything.
Then Ruthie attacked Janey and I saw the method in her plan. She had
Janey in a bear hug and as they kissed, Ruthie moved Janey for me. I guess
their pussies were rubbing together too, but I only felt Janey's squirming
on my cock. That and Ruthie's ass crawling around on my belly added up to
a pretty good feeling.
I grabbed Ruthie's hips to help her do whatever she was doing and
pretty soon we were all sweating and moaning pretty good. I tried to touch
them both as they squirmed on me and as far as I could tell, Janey was in
a state where she didn't care who was doing what to her.
I know she came hard from the way her cunt wouldn't stop squeezing
my cock until I started squirting cum inside her.
That's when I realized we'd forgotten the rubber.
It took a long time before they would listen to me. I thought the
sooner we did something, the better off we were, but the girls were too
involved in their little lezzie hug to care.
Ruthie made a big deal of douching Janey, I suspect from other
motives, and then squirted her full of some spermicidal foam. Janey said
it felt better the second time, but I don't know if my naked cock was the
whole reason for that.
Anyway, it was about time to break up our little party and we took
that scare as a sign we should pack and get back to camp. It was barely
dusk when we got back and no one seemed to have missed us at all.
Ruthie kept saying that we still had the motel room and coming up
with ideas of how to use it. Orgies, her and another counselor, a large
circle of friends, a lezzie Mazola party, it all came to nothing. We even
slept in our own beds in preparation for the next day.
Nothing really topped that weekend of debauch the rest of the summer.
The next best thing was when Janey announced she had her period in the
middle of the week after the motel room. I continued down the list of
women waiting for me and fucked Ruthie most of the time.
Janey became like an incestuous little sister, always hanging around
ready to fuck me when we got the chance. That led to a few innocent
diversions with Janey and Ruthie and some that weren't so innocent. I
guess Janey was just shy because she'd never tried it with another women.
Ruthie got that virginity like I got her other one.
That led to the Saturday night that Ruthie kicked me out in favor of
Janey and I fucked Kelly on my own cot. It was pretty interesting to be
wondering just what those two were doing while I was putting it to Kelly.
Not that Kelly seemed to notice. I know how pricky it sounds, but I
think she was cumming just from the chance to finally have me fuck her.
I'm not saying it was that good, but Kelly was getting off on it like I
had a magic dick inside her.
It's amazing what a little PR can do. I don't think I was that much
more interesting than I was the year before. But this year was like night
and day to jerking off every night. Kelly was so excited that she even
said I could wait until later to eat her.
She just wanted me to rub my cock on her pussy while we kissed and
felt each other up. Then she wanted it. She wanted me to give it to her.
She enforced that by wrapping her legs around me and leaving me no choice.
I gave it to her and she went off like a string of chinese firecrackers. It wasn't like the usual, 'Oh god, oh god,' flounder, flop,
tremble kind of orgasm. It was more like a surprised gasp and a strong
spasm in her cunt, maybe with an aftershock. Then nothing for a half dozen
thrusts and then another one.
I don't pretend to know what was going on, but Kelly seemed pretty
pleased with it. I was there with a job to do so I let her have all the
fun she could as I fucked her. Who doesn't love a woman going nuts while
you're slipping her the meat?
Even then I was having a stray thought about who was doing what to
whom down in Ruthie's room. After Kelly and I had worked up to a wall-
banging climax, the thoughts came thicker. Was Janey being overwhelmed
and ravished by Ruthie? Was Janey squirming like a monkey through the
jungle that was Ruthie?
I wished they had let me watch, but they had said it was a night for
just girls. Some might argue that I was better off since Kelly was so
eager and responsive and with them I would have only been watching, but
I wanted both.
I wish I had paid more attention to Kelly. She wouldn't let me eat
her without sucking my dick at the same time. From what I remember in
between my fantasies that I was Ruthie eating Janey or Janey eating
Ruthie, she was pretty good at it. She had me hard long before I made her
cum and was in a maintenance mode while she waited for me to get her off.
Then she wanted it again right away, just like the first time. I
probably could have talked her into doing it doggy if I wasn't distracted,
but plain old missionary was pretty good as I remember. Kelly obviously
went for the stuff you can't fake, like quantity rather than fancy. I
don't think she had any reason to complain.
My other little arrangement with Judy Hall faded off in the next
couple of weeks. She didn't have any real interest in giving me head. She
had been motivated by a sense of adventure to try it. She had conquered her
fear or distaste, but she hadn't loved it.
The other little part wasn't worth the trouble any more. She was
gloriously, happily pregnant and didn't have the drive to get laid anymore.
I guess she didn't want to get caught fucking around either and cast any
doubt on who the father of her baby really was.
In that, I bow to the party line. It could be Matt's just as easy as
it could be mine. I could have revved up Judy's hormones just right for
Matt's little swimmers to be right on target. Anyway, who'll know? I don't
want to find out. I know that.
I never got to fuck Beth Char either. I certainly wasn't a trophy fuck
for her, even if I think I could have made a good case if she'd let me talk
to her. I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone below me on the list of people
Dave would want fucking his wife. I think it makes for a nice revenge, but
I guess I would.
But I did get one last chance to rub Char's nose in it. After the last
week, most of the counselors take off on Saturday right after we send the
kids home. A few stay one more night because their dorms don't open until
later or something. The staff, being Ruthie, me and Randy, have stuff to do
to tuck the camp away for another year and it usually takes until Sunday to
get it done.
That year almost no one left on Saturday. The few that did made it
public what they thought of me when we said goodbye. I could almost smell
Dave burning when I was wrapped in a steamy kiss and some girl was grabbing
my ass in front of everybody. And he didn't know the half of it.
At least he wasn't allowed to know. He wouldn't want to deal with a
drunken orgy at a church camp. It wasn't the plan or anything. We set out to
pay homage to all the Olafs and Svens that had thrown drunken parties
I'm sure each girl had in her own mind what she hoped to do as the
party went on. I'm just as sure the guys that stayed smelled the girl's
plans and wanted to be there to pick up the strays. And no one accounted for
the effect alcohol would have on everyone.
As it became apparent that no mere mortal, or even Randy and a mere
mortal, could satisfy them all in one night, the girls began to consider
their options. They became a lot more open with the other guys. For sure,
Randy was their bulls-eye and (smiling modestly) I was the next ring, but
they got less and less concerned for accuracy as more and more drinks were
They also got less and less concerned for modesty as they got drunk.
Even if I had seen most of them naked, it was still quite the thrill to
see them sitting around in various stages of undress, trying to tempt a
guy to take them off for a 'walk'.
A little after midnight they even dispensed with the walk. There were
naked people fucking where kids had been playing foursquare that morning.
Mistily it dawns on me that I might have been one of them. I guess it wasn't
an orgy in the strict sense, but no one freaked if someone fucking beside
them bumped them in their eagerness.
I don't remember who they were. I can't even keep blonde, brunette and
redhead straight when I try to remember. There were several of them and I
enjoyed myself greatly. That's all I can say.
And through it all Ruthie was giggling with eyes as shiny as a frog's
eyes sticking just out of the water. I don't think she even undid a button
as everyone else was fucking in a pile on the floor. That I remember.
We must have fallen in her bed out of habit because that's where I
woke up Sunday morning. For all I knew I had fucked the shit out of Ruthie,
but she said no. She said we'd been lucky to get as far as the bed after
all we drank.
She also admitted that she had good reason to sit on the sidelines
while everyone else acted like animals on the floor. She didn't admit it
easily, but I was relentless. I made her tell me that she arranged a
'meeting' with Randy before the party started. She wasn't going to let her
last chance slip away, no matter how good I had been to her that summer.
And she was really sore because she had finally let Randy fuck her in
the ass. She said I had made her brave. Talk about your confusion.
I had nothing against Randy. In fact, I liked him more that year than
ever before. I had no hold on Ruthie. I didn't feel anything those nights
she was fucking somebody else. Still, there was something about Randy
getting to fuck her ass that was never going to balance out. I mean, there
was nothing Ruthie could do for me to match it.
But it all washed away in the hangover and the need to finally pack
and put the best summer of my life behind me. They all said they'd write
and a few even did. They said we'd get together and except for one visit
by Janey, they never did.
I passed on Wana-Smaka-Kid the next summer. I did work construction-
turning one of those Stop/Slow signs on the highway- and I did make good
money. I guess I was afraid that year could never live up to the last one.
God Damn Ruthie kept me up on her life, but never came within two
states of me. I have no idea what happened to Dave or Mel or their wives.
And you know? I don't really give a shit. I've got the memories. That's the
best part of the whole deal.

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