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WANDA cum face but


The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment
for adults in locations in which it is legal. If it is illegal in
your location, DO NOT read. This is a copyrighted work.
Reposting or any other use strictly prohibited without the
express, written permission of the copyright holder, except
may by posted as part of a review or posted to free-access,
non-commercial archive sights.

Copyright 1998, 1999 by E. Z. Riter.

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This is a repost of an early story. It is intended to be
humorous and fun.


Wanda was only five two but she had DDD tits, a 23" waist
and an ass to die for. Her flaming red hair came down to
her shoulders. She had huge green eyes, freckles
everywhere and a grin which was the thing I liked best
about her. She was not smart, but she was sweet and very
crazy about me. She could cook better than my mother and
fish better than my father. She could suck the chrome off a
bumper hitch and fuck two platoons of Army Rangers into
surrendering to a girl Scout troop.

She was perfect.

As we were dating, I carefully explained to her exactly what
I expected from my wife. She had willingly and happily
agreed. She even turned down an internship at the White
House to marry me. But, our marriage was predicated on
that agreement.

"Slut! Get your fat ass in here!"

"Bobby, I..." my brother, Bill, started to say. I gave him a
dirty look, telling him to keep quiet. In a minute, Wanda
strolled in from the bedroom, winked and went into the
kitchen. She returned with three open beers, which she

As she stood by my chair, I slipped my hand up her leg,
letting it slide higher until my finger hit hot, naked pussy.
Good. No panties. That was one of my rules. She moaned
as I slipped a finger into her and flicked her clit with my
thumb. She started to quiver all over as I pulled my hand

"No, baby. Make me cum!"

"Not until I get to the bottom of something. My brother told me a disturbing tale about our wedding day that really
pisses me off."


She had that slutty look on her face that I loved.

"He says you fucked all my groomsman but him."

She turned pale and collapsed at my feet, a beseeching
expression clouding her face.

"Honey, don't be mad! It's true... but I'm sorry. Please!
Don't be mad! Let me tell you what happened. Oh, baby,
please let me explain!"

"Go ahead, slut."

"I had talked to Davy Peterson and told him to bring the
guys over about noon, you know, while you and Billy were
at the cock fights. It seemed that would give us plenty of
time. Willie showed up first, which is just as well I guess.
You know, he has the smallest cock of any of your friends.
You would think with him being black and all....

... Anyways... I said, 'Willie, get your pecker out. I am
horny as hell.'

Willie dropped his jeans and I shoved him on his back,
pinned his arms down and slid him in me. Willie's pecker is
always real hard even if it is only eight inches long. I was
just smiling and enjoying it, feeling my juices ooze down
around us, soaking our pubic hair. Willie has a ton of pubic
hair, and its just like Brillo.

Oh, I can see you boys are enjoying my story. If you take
your pecker out, Bobby, I will suck it."

"Back to your story, slut!"

"Anyways... my momma yelled out, 'Wanda, Warren is

'Send him back, momma.'

I told Willie I was going to fuck Warren now.

'Shit, Wanda, I ain't cum yet.'

'Willie,' I said, 'I am having Warren in the one hole. You
can have the two hole or the three hole.' Well, it just wasn't
Warren. It was him and goofy Willard."

"Wait, goddamnnit! Willard was there!"

"Bobby, listen, honey, please. Just keep stroking that big
pecker of yours through your pants. Let your little wife finish.

Anyways... I said 'Willard, you may not put that ugly,
crooked dick of yours in me, but, you want to beat off you
can cum on my tits.'

'How about on your face, Wanda?" he asked.

Bobby, he was so pathetic looking, I felt sorry for him.
'Okay. You can cum on my face but if you try to stick that
thing in my mouth, I will bite it off.' Bobby, telling this
story is making me hot. Can I play with myself? You and
Billy are."

"Alright but keep talking, slut!."

"Anyways... Willie flipped on his back, jammed me down
so his cock was buried deep in my two hole and laid me
back on top of him. He had those big black hands of his on
my tits, just squeezing and massaging. I was starting to
warm up some. Warren jumped on top, grabbed his flag
pole and moved in to plant it in my pussy.

'Warren, I hate it when you are on top! Don't slobber on

'Me either, you moronic honky,' Willie chimed in.

Uhhhh. Bobby, I...oh, I'm cummmingggg!"

"Talk, slut!"

"Whew! That felt good! Anyways... Warren just jammed in
hard as he could. Thank the lord I had been fucking Willie
and was a little loose. I just lay there with my eyes closed
enjoying Willie in back and Warren in front. It was real
fun. Then, I felt something hot and wet on my lips. I
thought that damn Warren was drooling again so I opened
my eyes. It was Willard, trying to aim that crooked dick so
the cum oozing out would land in my mouth. What the
hell. I just yanked Willard down and sucked him dry.
Honey, telling this story is making me thirsty. Can I get us
some beers?"


She was back in a flash. I opened the beer she gave me and
took a slug.

"Dammit, Wanda. Did you frig yourself on my beer bottle

"Well, it is Pearl beer and tastes like pussy juice anyway. I
didn't think you would notice."

"It weren't the taste. The damn bottle almost slud out of my

"Be ungrateful. Do you want to hear the rest of the story?"

"Go on."

"Go on who?"

"Go on, slut!"

"That's better. Anyways... I felt Warren starting to go off.
You know how he is, sounds like a donkey and fucks like
one, too. He came flooding me with his hot, sweet juice.
That sent Willie off and my ass hole was loaded up at the
same time. Willie squirmed out from under me because
Warren was slobbering again. Want me to suck your cock,

"I want you to get on with the fucking story."

"Anyways... Wong and Wuan came in about then.

'Hot shit! Sis is in a fuckin' mood,' Wuan said. I..."

"Stop for a minute, Wanda. Now, tell me again how you,
Willard, Willie, Warren, Wong and Wuan are related."

"They are my brothers, Bobby. You know that!"

"Wanda, you are obviously red Irish as Warren is. Wong is
Oriental. Wuan is a Hispanic. And, Willie is black. Hell, I
don't know what Willard is. I think he is part German
Shepard and part Berkshire hog. His dick looks Berkshire,
anyways. Your daddy is a tiny little Italian looking guy, six
inches shorter than his shortest child. How...."

"Don't you go bringing that up, Bobby. My mama is no
slut. And, she is real touchy about it... particularly after all
them media folk talking to her about the years she worked
for Clinton before he went to Washington and all."

"Doesn't your Daddy ever wonder?"

"Daddy is just happy to have us fine, healthy children and
to have such a good wife who worked in the government up
in Little Rock and all. You know she knows a lot of
important people. Why, when Bill and Hil...."

"Wanda, I have fucked your mother. So has Billy and my

"That don't mean she is a slut!"

"She has fucked more men than you have and you are a

"Of course, she has fucked more men, you brainless
hillbilly! She started earlier. Anyways, I like being a slut.
I love being your slut, Bobby."

"I love you, too, Wanda, I just don't..."

"You want another beer?"

"Yeah and bring me a wet towel to wipe the bottle down so
I can hold on to it. ... Thanks for the beer. Now, get on
with your story."

"Anyways... Wong and Wuan whipped out their cocks and
grabbed a hold of me, one of each leg, pulling me apart like
I was the breast bone of a chicken or something.

'Make a wish!' Wuan said.

'I wish you would stop talking and start fuckin.' Well, they
did. And Willie and Warren got back in the action. I sort of
lost track of things. I don't even remember when David,
Donald and Dewey came in. The first I knew they were
there is when I was sucking Donald's cock and he farted.
Bobby, he is your damn cousin. You need to get him to a
doctor. It ain't right for a man to fart that much!"

"He is your cousin, too. You take the dumb sonofabitch to
the doctor."

"Anyways... I sort of lost track of time. I was floating there
for all the fucking and sucking. The next thing I remember
is Warren complaining I was so slick from all the cum all
over me, he kept sliding off and could not keep his pecker
in me. I was pretty covered. So, they sort of carried me
out to the horse trough and flung me in it."

"I thought you had a bath on our wedding night. It made
me feel so special, you doing that for me, what with us
getting married on Friday and Saturday being bath day and

"I wanted to be special for you, Bobby. I love you."

"Maybe, but, you still have not explained why you fucked
all the groomsmen except Billy. When I told you to fuck
them all, Wanda, I meant all! Not all but Billy!"

"Please, honey, I was saving Billy for last... you know, right
before the ceremony but daddy can't see well. His glasses
were broke and...."

"Wanda, your mother keeps breaking his glasses so he won't
see all the different men around your house. They are
more strangers over there than at the county fair. I've seen
your mother. If your daddy sees a black man, she says 'oh,
that is Willie.' Or, if he sees a Hispanic, see says, 'oh, that is
Wuan.' If your daddy had good eyesight, your home life
would be a lot different."

"Don't go knocking my mother, Bobby. Be respectful.
Who gave you your first blow job, I mean, except for your
sister? Who let you sneak in and fuck me whenever you
wanted? And, when I was having my time, who let you
fuck her until you could not crawl away? Huh? Now, you
want to hear the rest of the story?"

"Go ahead."

"Go ahead WHO?"

"Go ahead, slut!"

"That's better. Anyways... daddy could not see, so as I was
walking in the house after my bath, he grabbed me.

'Wanda, is that you?'

'How many of your kids got big tits, daddy?' I asked, prying
his hand off my boob. He slammed me up against the door
and stuck his cock right in me.

'Oh, daddy, stop!' I cried.

'Honey, what's wrong? You never complained before.'

'There is a nail sticking out of this door and it is tattooing
my ass with every stroke.'

Well, daddy put me on the kitchen table. He was happily
plowing away when my brothers and cousins showed up.
Honey, I barely made it to the wedding. I just did not have
time for Billy."

"Wanda, I don't like excuses. I told you to do something
and you did not do it."

"I will make it up to him. Honest I will. I would have fucked
him on the alter but you know the preacher. He was horny
himself and he wants to be the only one to fuck on the alter.
Honey, I am getting real horny again and I only cum three
times from playing with myself since we started this talk.
Will you..."

"Wanda, I am going to punish you. Go get that belt."

"No, Bobby... please, oh, god, no!.... not the belt!! I love
you!! Don't be cruel to me... I can't stand it!! Billy, talk
sense to him!"

"Get it Wanda or I will punish you for two days straight
instead of just one."

"Please....PLEASE NOOOO!!"

"Grab her Billy! She is trying to get away. Damn! She can
kick like a mule! Grab her leg! Shit! .... Thanks, Billy.
Well, Wanda you put up a hell of a fight but now I am
going to put this belt on you."

"Please don't. I love you so much."

"Dammit, Wanda. You only have to wear this chastity belt
for twenty-four hours. You ought to be able to go that long
without getting a prick in you."

"Bobby... you better call all your friends."


"Cause ain't nobody around here ever seen me really horny,
and when this belt comes off...."

The End?

Please! Give me your comments

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