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WANTJEN thick cotton fabric her panties


This story is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form for
profit, but may otherwise be distributed freely. If you do, please
leave it intact. Thanks!

This is an erotic story. It includes explicit descriptions of sexual
acts. None of the things described in this story actually happened
(big surprise). If it's illegal for you to read stuff like this, then
you shouldn't.

(Could be coded mf, voy, petting, panties, uniform, smoking, feet,
cum, mild nc and maybe fdom as well, but let's not get carried away.)

Written by Ossified
Editing support provided by Daibhidh
Comments welcome to

Chapter 1
I never thought I'd get into Jenny's knickers. I never thought it
would actually happen, although I had fantasized about it constantly
after seeing her jack off her boyfriend in the park a year ago.

Back then I was walking through the park after visiting my ex-wife
Janine and her family. The night was warm and slightly humid after a
few days of rain. The ground soft and wet outside the park's
trodden paths. The sound of insects buzzing and leaves rustling felt
soothing, and the fresh summer air cleared my head. I always walked
through the park after visiting my ex-wife. It helped calm my nerves.
Janine was happy, married to a successful lawyer and had custody of
our two children. Visiting was always depressing since it only served
to reminded me I was 42 with a so-so career, living alone in a small
house in the suburbs and feeling rather lonely. I had moved there to
be near my children after Janine decided this was a good place to live
with the new love of her life. I was more of a city person myself, but
she wanted the children to grow up in a safer environment so she
moved, leaving me little option but to follow her or gradually loose
contact with my two daughters Katherine (14) and Rachel (11). I still
worked in the city, hating every minute of the commuter traffic I had
to endure due to Janine's whim.

After the divorce I had lost contact with most of our friends, and the
ones I had left were all attached so I didn't see them all that often.
Some of them had tried to fix me up, but it had never worked out. I
was never one for hobbies or sports either. The only real interest and
pleasure in my life was looking at pretty young girls, which, of
course, made me even more depressed since the ones I preferred were way
too young for me. I knew this obsession with teenage girls was part of
what kept me single and lonely, I just couldn't do anything about it.
Why would these pretty young girls want a 42 year old man, when they
had all those young athletic guys to choose from? I hated young athletic guys. I hated them with a passion.

What I saw in the park that night a year ago was Jenny, my next-door
neighbour, and one of those hateful athletic guys. The two youngsters
were sitting close together on a secluded bench near the duck pond. I
was quite fond of Jenny, who had been one of the friendliest
neighbours I'd had had since moving here, so I wanted to say hi and
maybe meet her first boyfriend. Stepping closer I thought about making
a sound so as to warn them someone was coming. I didn't want to
embarrass them, breaking up an intimate moment; the beginnings of a
kiss even. I just wanted to say hello, and maybe enjoy some of
Jenny's good spirits and the happy bubbling laughter she always seemed
to have to spare.

Coming at them from the side I soon stopped dead in my tracks. I
realized they had come here to be alone, and I could plainly see why.
Jenny's hand was in her boyfriend's lap, her head snuggled on his
shoulder while she stared down at his exposed dick and her own moving
fist. Jesus! She was giving him a hand job! She was only thirteen -
she was in my own daughter's class for God's sake. How could this
little girl be wanking off boys in the park? How early do girls start
having sex these days anyway? I was shocked, stunned and also aroused,
although I didn't really want to be.

Hiding in the bushes I saw Jenny's slim hand move rhythmically in the
boy's lap, picking up speed as his breathing grew increasingly ragged
and gasping. He had his hand was under her dress, rubbing her thighs
and feeling her crotch. I could hear Jenny's voice:

"Is this good? Am I doing it right? Are you going to cum soon?" Her
little-girl voice sounded shrill and anxious in the quiet night.

"Sure. That's great Jen. Just keep going."

"Eeeew! It's getting all gooey. Did you cum already?"

"No... No, not yet. That's just pre-cum, Jen. Didn't you know that?"

Jenny's hand glistened in the moonlight, his cock drooling over it.
Her hand made a wet, squishy sound, moving steadily up and down. The
sound of a duck quacking startled me, and made Jenny giggle.

"Will it be messy? When you cum, I mean?"

"It'll be okay Jenny. Trust me. Just don't stop all the time."

She picked up her pace again, wanking his swollen member with little
jabbing motions. When he started to thrash around she said nervously
in a hushed voice:

"We should have brought a hanky or something. Tell me when you're
cumming - I don't want it on my dress."

She wasn't that lucky. Her good-for-nothing boyfriend gave her no
warning before grunting and shooting his load all over her. The guy
just grabbed her small, delicate hand tight in his own fist, jerking
his cum all over her dress. He must have been pretty hot for her,
because he shot several large splashes onto her tummy and in her lap
while jerking his body up against hers. She weakly tried to push him
away, but with one hand clamped tightly round his cock she didn't have
much success. Soon he slumped down on the bench again, releasing
Jenny's hand which she hurriedly snatched back. Eyeing the semen
covering her fingers with distaste, she wrinkled her cute nose and
wiped the sticky hand on a dry patch on her splattered dress.

"Shit, Richard! What do you think you're doing? You got it all over
me. Look at me! My dress is ruined. What's mum going to say when she
sees this?"

"I'm sorry Jen. I just lost it. Sorry. You gave me such a great hand

"Yes, well, that's the last time I'm letting you talk me into doing

"Sorry Jen. Look, I've got to go. Dad said I had to be home by ten."
The boy got up to leave, not daring to look his girlfriend in the eye.

"What! You're leaving me like this? What am I going to do now? My
dress is all yucky. Christ, you're such an fucking idiot!"

The boy just mumbled something, leaving quickly into the darkness.
Jenny cried a bit when he left, giving a heartbroken sniffle and drying
her eyes with the back of her hand. I wanted to comfort her; to make
her see that not all guys were that insensitive. I quickly thought
better of it though. A grownup neighbour with a hard-on was probably
not the kind of comfort Jenny needed just then. I suppose I couldn't
honestly say I wouldn't have done the same as Richard at his age

Looking herself over, Jenny tentatively traced a finger through the
semen on her dress. Then she did something I'll never forget. She
stood up and reached underneath her thin, blue summer dress and pulled
down her panties. The fabric of her dress clung wetly to her flat
tummy where her boyfriend had just shot his load. That, and the sight
of her white panties, made me dizzy with desire. She then
proceeded to wipe off the worst of his sticky wad with her panties,
rubbing her dress with them, making them all slick and sticky as well.

What really amazed me was that she actually put those wet knickers back
on before walking home. I guess it was the most obvious thing for her
to do in that situation, with no hanky or tissue at hand, but I have
never stopped fantasizing about it. I even snatched the same pair of
panties from the clothes line a week later, jacking off into them time
and time again. I usually imagined her wearing them to school, spunked-
up knickers sticking wetly to her crotch and thighs under the blue and
gray schoolgirl uniform she wore.

Well, I did get to have sex with Jenny. I wouldn't say she was
willing, although it was mostly with her consent. It all started when
she showed up on my doorstep one cold October night a year later.
Chapter 2
When the doorbell rang in the middle of the night I was sure something
awful had happened. I didn't have that many visitors, and certainly
not at this time of night. Jumping groggily out of bed, I rushed to
the door. I half expected to find a fireman, ready to escort me away
from what would soon be the smoldering remains of my house. Or maybe
a distraught neighbour, whose husband had just had a heart attack. I
did find a distraught neighbour, just not the kind I had expected.
Outside, shivering in the cold and leaning drunkenly against my
doorframe, was Jenny, the now fourteen-year-old girl from next door.
For all her sweet, natural beauty she still looked pretty out of it
tonight. Her face was pale in the glare of my unforgiving outdoor
light, and her blonde hair was in wild disarray. She had obviously been
crying, and by the looks of the knees of her low cut, red trousers she
had stumbled drunkenly to my door and probably crawled parts of the

"Can.. Can I come in, Mr. Andrews... please?" she pleaded in a slurred
whimper. "Oh God, I'm just so... I don't feel so good."

Jenny brushed past me, the smell of alcohol and girlish perfume hanging
in the air behind her as she stumbled in without waiting for my answer.
As she slumped down on the only chair in the corridor I was
afraid she was going to pass out. Looking closer, now that she was
inside, I could see crusty remains of what looked like dried semen
splattered over her gray top and some on her neck as well. She looked
really sick, and I got scared for a moment. Then she opened her eyes
and whispered drunkenly:

"Sorry 'bout this Mr. Andrews."

I shut the door and turned towards her.

"My God Jenny, what's happened to you? Are you all right? Have you
been raped? What is it?"

I could hear the melodramatic sound my own words, but just couldn't
help myself. Here I was with a girl whom I had seen as way too young
to be out at this hour, a girl who was plainly drunk out of her mind
and incapable of taking care of herself. She looked as if someone had
indeed raped her, and I could certainly see how that might happen.
Even in her present state she was prettier than most, and her bare
tummy and luscious round ass were more than enough reason for any
hormone-ridden boy to attempt to have his way with her. In fact, the
mere sight of Jenny and her stained top was enough to give me a hard-
on, the memory of what I had seen her do in the park last summer
adding to my excitement.

Hearing the word "rape" Jenny looked up at me, embarrassment in her
eyes. Distractedly she felt the splatters of dried semen on her top
and neck while blushing. Fidgeting with the straps of her top she told
me what had happened, her eyes downcast.

"No.. no, I don't think so. I wasn't raped or anything. It's just...
There was this party at Katherine's, and I fell asleep. When I woke up
there was shouting and screaming. Katherine's parents came home early
and got really angry. They threw us all out. Threatened to call the
police, even."

So, my daughter had had a party without Janine knowing! I wasn't at all
pleased to hear that. Nor was I pleased with the way Janine and her new
husband had handled the situation when they found out. But most of all
I was sad. Sad that this new guy - this lawyer whose name I didn't
even want to say out loud - was already thought of as one of
Katherine's parents. She was MY daughter, not his! I wondered if she
called him dad. I didn't think so. I never heard any of the girls call
him that, but what was it like when I wasn't around?

Thinking about it, I suppose I had reason to be pleased that Janine
and the lawyer had reacted so harshly to Katherine's illicit party. I
would never have done that. I could do a lot of stupid things, but I
still have a memory of my teen years. I know how important a party is,
and how easily they get out of hand. I might break up a party, but I
would never overreact in this way. Such stupidity could only make me
look better in the eyes of my girls. I wanted to ask Jenny more about
this party. How was Katherine? Was she drinking? Where was eleven-
year-old Rachel during all this? However, looking at Jenny I soon
stopped thinking about that.

Jenny's pale face had a sheen of cold sweat and she was still
shivering slightly, though she seemed a bit more focused now. Getting
some heat into that scantily clad body had obviously done her some
good. I couldn't help but notice her small, firm breasts and her almost
total lack of any cleavage to speak of. I sucked in the details of her
appearance - her cute little nose, the soft, pouty, almost childlike
mouth. The titillating sight of her white bra straps peeking out from
under the straps of her top. Her bare, flat tummy and the elastic of
her white panties, just showing above the top of her low-cut jeans.
All these things made me feel faint and dizzy. Her presence had made
me so self-conscious, I was sure she could see right through me; see
my helpless lust for her teenage body radiating its presence in my
corridor. The room seemed to shrink and everything was focused on that
drunken, sick, but absolutely beautiful teenager slumped on my chair.
She was in my daughter's class! She was the same age as Katherine! She
had been to her party - that's why she was even here. I had no
business feeling like this, but that realization did not help at all.

"They just threw me out, without my jumper and everything. Once I was
outside in the cold, I noticed the wet stains on my top and remembered
this guy... Ray. He helped me up to Katherine's room. Then I just
passed out on her bed. He must have done something... Jacked off on me
or something... I don't know. Even my cheek was wet."

Jenny blushed deeply, but held my gaze, defying the embarrassing
nature of the words she had just spoken. It was as if she wouldn't
allow herself to be embarrassed by the pettiness of Ray's acts. She was
probably familiar with male lust, and seemed unsurprised that boys
would do such things. I guess that was only natural, considering her
looks, not to mention her experience in the park a year ago. I suppose
that wasn't the only time she had been groped or taken advantage of.

"What about your parents? Aren't they home? I can follow you over
there if you want. I really think you need to lie down. You don't look
at all well."

"I can't... I can't go home like this. I told my mum I was going to
spend the night at Katherine's. They don't know about the party. My
dad would have a fit. He'll even spank me if he finds out, and I hate
that. Can I stay here tonight? Please Mr. Andrews... I won't be any
trouble. I promise. Just let me stay. I'll sleep on the sofa."

There was no way I could say no to that. I find myself completely
unable to say no to any pretty teenage girl under any circumstance,
and right now I was acutely aware of my obvious arousal and the
potentially devastating possibility that she might see it too. After
all, she could hardly miss the raging hard-on straining against my

Before I was able to answer, her gaze drifted down to my crotch and
she got a resigned, worldly look on her face.

"Jesus!" she muttered under her breath. Then, with a still drunken,
but louder voice:

"You seem to be a bit excited there, Mr. Andrews. Did I do that, or
was it the thought of what happened to me at Katherine's? You should
be ashamed of yourself, getting all worked up over someone taking
advantage of me. Just because this Ray bloke whacked off on me doesn't
mean it's okay for you to drool, you know."

Gone was the blushing and insecurity from seconds ago. I was no longer
a kind, friendly neighbour she had come to for help in an embarrassing
situation. I was just another guy lusting for her, and she seemed to
know how to handle that. I guess she felt in control, but at the same
time she didn't really seem to care. I suppose it wasn't a control she
wanted, she just seemed disinterested, even bored with the turn of

"No, no. Its not that at all," I stuttered helplessly, trying to push
my erection back down into my shorts with little luck. "I just had a
dream. You woke me up, remember?"

"Yeah, right! Well, I really didn't want to see that, okay?" Jenny

"It's not that... Really. I'm sorry. It's not that I wanted you to see
it. I mean, I'm not a flasher or anything. I'm more than twenty years
older than you for God's sake." I was stammering and not really making
much sense.

Sitting up a bit, Jenny shrugged and nodded to my crotch. "Look, I'll
wank you off if you let me stay without telling mum and dad. How about
that? Or you can do it to yourself while you look at me, if that's
what you want. You probably do it better than me anyway. I'm not
taking anything off, though. And don't shoot off all over me when you
cum, I've got enough laundry to do already."

Jenny was hit by a dizzy-spell and closed her eyes tight to regain
focus, her head reeling from the alcohol. Holding tightly on to the
seat of the chair, she tried to steady herself until the dizziness
passed. I remember thinking briefly that I hoped she didn't throw up
on my new carpet, then realizing I would rather she did that than

"No, come on Jenny. Don't be silly. Here, I'll help you to bed. I'll
take the sofa, you need the bed more than I do."

Looking back, I can't really believe I said that. Here I was with the
girl of my dreams offering me a hand-job, and I turned her down! I
guess I was just too embarrassed by my own lust, and being in
love/lust with her, I really wanted her to like me. So instead of
taking out my dick and letting Jenny go to it, I gave her my hand to
steady her and lead her to my bedroom. I was so much in awe of her
beauty that just having her in my home and sleeping in my bed felt
like enough just then. She got up, took my hand and walked the few
steps to my bedroom.

"I think I'm going to be sick," she gasped, reaching out to steady
herself against the wall.

"Come on, just lie down here and it'll pass. You'll sleep it off,
you'll see."

Jenny crashed on the bed face down, lying still, waiting for the
nausea to pass. Sitting on the side of the bed I glanced down, taking
in her girlish beauty - the fullness of her beautiful round butt and
swelling hips, the perfect sway of her back, accentuating her pert
butt covered in those tight red trousers, the top of her white cotton
panties peeking over the top made me stifle a groan, and it took all
my self-control not to reach out and touch her. I quickly looked up at
her face again so as not to get caught staring, but I knew I had gotten
carried away and it was too late. Just one look at her face revealed
that she knew what I had been staring at.

"I'll just leave you here then, Jenny. Call me if you need anything,"
I said hastily, jumping off the bed and heading for the door. Walking
was not comfortable or dignified in my present state of arousal, but I
just had to get away from that knowing look in her face.

"Ok, thanks. I feel a bit better now, I think."

In the corridor I pressed my cheek against the seat of the chair where
she had been sitting. The warmth from her butt still lingered, my mind
full of images of her perfect teenage body. That unblemished, soft
skin and her clear blue eyes...

A sudden noise from the bedroom made me jump, but I gathered it was
just Jenny shifting positions. Grabbing some spare sheets I made my
bed on the sofa in the living room.
Chapter 3
There was no way I was going to sleep without relieving myself. I
didn't even consider not jerking off. The moment I was under the
sheets I snuck my hand into my shorts and started to masturbate. Being
this excited I knew I would cum almost instantly, but even before I
got that far the door opened and Jenny came in. Still fully dressed
and quite obviously still drunk, she looked at me and said:

"Having a good wank there, Mr. Andrews? I told you I could do that for
you if you like."

"No! No, I don't want that at all Jenny. Of course not! Go back to bed
and you'll feel better in the morning"

"If you don't want me to wank you off then what's this, then?" She
looked a bit annoyed, holding out a pair of white cotton panties
bunched up in her hand.

My God! It was her panties! The ones I had stolen from her back garden
a year ago. It took me just a split second to remember that I hadn't
washed them for at least two weeks, and they had been completely
drenched in my cum several times since then. They were probably stiff
as cardboard by now. They must have been lying in my bed, and there
can't have been much doubt in her mind what I had been using them for.
Jenny scowled at me.

"I believe these are mine. Did you sneak in and steal them from the
hamper or something? What use could you possibly have of my knickers?"

I just bowed my head in shame, unable to look this pretty little
fourteen-year-old in the eye, now that she held the proof of my lust in
her hand.

"Tell me. What have you been doing with them?" she said, her girlish
voice louder and impatient, but at the same time strangely bored. She
obviously knew the answer already.

"I use them to masturbate," I whispered.

"What did you say? You use my panties to whack off with, is that it?
What do you do, wrap them around your dick and jack off with them? You
probably cum in them too, don't you? That's why they're so stiff!
Christ, you're such a perv." She didn't seem at all surprised, even
though I'm sure she didn't know about this before coming here tonight.
I guess now she just took it as given that I wanted her that bad.

"Yes, yes. It's just... I saw you and that boyfriend of yours in the
park last summer. You know, when that bastard couldn't control himself
and ruined your dress. And you used your panties to clean up after
him... And then you put them back on. I mean... They were full of
his... his.... And you put them back on! So afterwards I picked your
panties from the clothesline. I just couldn't help myself"

Jenny came over and sat down beside me on the sofa. She still smelled
of drink, but even more powerful was the clean, sweet smell of young
girl, with a hint of a watermelon fragrance I guessed came from some
kind of teen-girl perfume. She sat so close, I could feel her warmth
and tried not to stare at her or the panties in her hand. Jenny
leaned closer and said in a soft voice:

"It's ok. I understand Mr. Andrews. You got all worked up when Richard
came all over my dress and I used my panties to wipe it off. That's
understandable, I suppose. What do you say I give you that wank I
promised you now? I know you want to cum, you've been staring at me
ever since I came here. If you don't tell my parents about me being
drunk and all, I'll even let you cum on my knickers. You really want
that, don't you? I'll make it really good for you. You'll cum ever so
fast, I promise."

Without waiting for my reply Jenny reached out and pushed away the
sheets I used to cover myself, exposing my hard cock, all purple and
straining with excitement. Then she unbuttoned her tight red trousers
and tugged down the zipper. She didn't pull them off or anything, she
just let me see her white cotton panties by opening her fly and
pushing her trousers down as far as they would go in her sitting
position, which wasn't much really. She teasingly stroked my balls
before lightly grasping my cock with her hand, barely able to get her
little fist all the way around it.

"Oooh! It's all warm and icky! I think you're just about ready to cum,
aren't you? Does it excite you seeing me like this, my knickers and
all? They're the same kind you've been shooting your spunk into for a
year now, except now they're on me. Now they're covering my warm,
tight little pussy," she cooed, carefully stroking me ever so slowly.
Teasing me, expertly making it last.

Overwhelmed and shaking I reached out to touch her little breasts
through her bra and top. Immediately she let go of my prick and pushed
my hand away.

"Whoa! Stop that! No touching, OK?"

Jenny resumed her teasing wank, her slim fingers working up and down
my cock in a slow but steady motion.

"This isn't going to last long at all, is it?" she said with a slight
smirk. "You're going to shoot all over my panties, even though you know
I'm way too young for you. I bet you'd like to fuck me too. I bet you
want to pull my panties down and push your dick into me. That's not
even legal, you know. I'm only fourteen."

I just grunted, pressing myself up against her hand, knowing I was
just seconds from blowing my load.

"Tell me when you're about to cum."

The feeling was incredible. Her slow, steady hand motion, the sweet,
intoxicating smell of her youth and the sight of those white cotton
panties soon to be drenched in my cum was just too much. All I managed
was a croaking sound, letting her know I was cumming as I half stood
up from the sofa.

"You're cumming? Okay, just shoot your wad on my knickers." Jenny
swiftly pointed my erupting cock towards the white panties peeking
through the fly of her trousers. I felt myself loose it, and sprayed
my hot wet load over her crotch. Shot after shot of hot sticky cum
splashed over her panties and trousers, drenching her in my sperm.
Although she tried to direct it at her panties, there was just too
much of it. My frantic humping of her hand didn't help either. My
load went all over her belly, crotch and thighs as I released myself
over her sweet teen body.

I slumped against the sofa, regaining my breath as the last of my cum
dribbled over the back of her hand and down onto the carpet.

"God, what a mess. How come you guys have so much of that icky stuff?
You don't need that much sperm to get a girl pregnant, you know." She
let go of my dick and felt the cum on her panties with her fingertips,
even sliding her hand down over her panty-covered crotch, smearing my
goo down between her legs. While she did this she studied my reaction
with a sly smile. I was probably gaping. I can't really remember.

"Bet that felt good, eh? Wanted that for a long time, didn't you," she
smirked before pulling her trousers back on and buttoning up.

"How about we fix something to eat? Maybe that will stop me having to
puke. God, I have to stop drinking this much."

I looked up at her tight little ass and thin thighs. Suddenly she
seemed very young again - a child even. Bragging about her drinking
with such bravado just seemed childish to me. A pang of guilt shot
through me as I remembered she was only fourteen. This was a classmate
of my own daughter! Christ, if Katherine ever found out she would never
look at me again. Her father helplessly shooting his sperm over her
classmate's knickers like that! Not exactly the dad of your dreams, is

Jenny got up and walked unsteadily towards the door, heading for the
kitchen. I pulled my shorts back up and followed her sheepishly,
amazed that she would walk around with the wet stains of my recent
ejaculation all over herself. She didn't really seem to notice or
care. Although I was still rattled by the experienced she almost
seemed to have put it behind her already, idly chatting like nothing
had happened.

Chapter 4
I had just redecorated my apartment and was actually rather proud of
how it had turned out. I had tried to create what I thought was a
stylish minimalist look, but under the gaze of this cute teen girl I
just felt it looked as if I had tried too hard. Strangely, I was
anxious what Jenny would think of my new kitchen although in hindsight
it seems weird I thought she would care. I just wanted her to think
well of me, but at the same time it was pretty clear to me she didn't
really care or like me all that much any more. My wanting her had
definitely changed her views of me for the worse, her treatment of me
more callous than it used to be when we were just neighbours. I,
however, was in an even more lust-crazed state than before. I
certainly felt I was loosing control of the situation, acting more
like an infatuated schoolboy than a man three times Jenny's age.

In the kitchen Jenny started making a sandwich, but had to give up
half way complaining about feeling sick again. She sat down heavily
(on one of my new designer chairs I might add), closing her eyes and
resting her head in her hands on the cool kitchen table. She had gone
quite pale again, and the sheen of cold sweat was back. She sat
like that for a long time, while I silently gawked at her. I just
couldn't get enough of her looks. This was my revenge for all those
pretty young girls on the street you can only glance at for a split
second before attracting attention to yourself. Here I had a live one
in my kitchen, and I could stare all I wanted. And I wanted to stare.
This cute young girl just excited me more than I can say. Guessing she
had fallen asleep, I started to wank under the table, drinking in her
beautiful blonde hair and the soft curves of her body, excited by the
mere fact that she was here.

"Please stop jerking off all the time, it's not nice. I just got you
off half an hour ago," Jenny muttered without looking up.

After a short while she started moaning softly, fidgeting with the
straps of her top again - seemingly a habit of hers when she got

"God, I have to pee so bad, but I just can't get up right now or I'll
be sick," she whimpered, pressing her thighs together. She wiggled
around on the chair a bit, but every move seemed to make her feel even
sicker. Not wanting to get up, she pressed her left hand against her
crotch and tried to relax. Every now and then she would grunt and
press her hand harder between her legs, holding back from wetting
herself. She seemed more and more uncomfortable, and I got more and
more aroused. I didn't dare touch myself again after she told me off
last time, but her predicament seemed strangely sexy to me.

Jenny's wiggling increased again and suddenly she froze, then blurted
out an 'Oh no' and jumped up, staggering drunkenly towards the door.
As she left I saw a dark wet patch had spread slightly up her ass and
down her legs. She obviously hadn't been able to hold it any more and
wet herself. Not much, but still enough to make the crotch and seat of
her trousers damp. I followed her lithe figure as she ran towards the
loo, thighs pressed together. It should have looked ridiculous, and
her desperation should have made me pleased after the recent events
where she had been so clearly in control of the situation. Instead I
felt incredibly aroused at the sight of her gangly, desperate, drunken
walk, and the thought of Jenny wetting herself.

Flinging the door open, Jenny crashed into the bathroom. Struggling
with her zipper proved to take too long in her drunken state, and she
never made it in time. Overcome by nausea, and with her trousers only
half-way down, she fell to her knees retching helplessly into the
toilet bowl. I suppose I should have helped her in some way, at least
by wiped her forehead with a cool cloth or something, but the sight of
Jenny on her hands and knees with her trousers down nailed me in
place. I stared at her perfect bubblebutt sticking up in the air,
filling out those beautiful white cotton panties I had lusted after
for so long. Oblivious to anything else I stared at her ass - the dent
in her panties hiding the cleft of her butt - the cotton fabric not
quite snug enough to slip into the crack. The crotch of her panties
and the outline of her tight pussy seemed to draw me in - teasing me
to reach out and feel the warm, wet cotton against my hand. Although
her knickers had been a pristine white, parts of them had now taken on
a light yellow colour from her accident in the kitchen. The damp patch
stretching from between her legs and halfway up her ass was not enough
to make the rather thick cotton fabric of her panties transparent, but
I didn't have to see her pussy to get excited. This vision before me
was more than enough.

Grunting, Jenny reached blindly up and pulled the chain, flushing the
toilet before slumping back down and resting her head on the seat.

"Oh God, I'm so sick," she moaned into the bowl. Even now, with Jenny
helpless and on all fours and her ass in the air, I caught myself
being happy I had just cleaned the loo so she wouldn't think I was a

"I have to... I can't hold it... Oh God, I'm peeing myself!" Jenny
squirmed and started to cry before shuddering and throwing up a second
time. Meanwhile I stared at her upturned ass. Suddenly her knickers
became even wetter and pee started spurting through her panties,
pressing the fabric away from her crotch with its force, giving me a
quick peek of her pussy through the leg band. The light-yellow jet of
her pee shot backwards through her panties, splashing noisily across
the bathroom tiles. Grunting and crying Jenny emptied herself in her
panties, pissing them without control.

Hands shaking, I was hardly of aware pushing down my own underwear and
grabbing my throbbing hard-on. The excitement of watching Jenny
wetting herself was just too much for me, and I started cumming almost
immediately, shooting off over her ass and soaked panties. Wanking
furiously I shot my spunk up her back, my load splattering heavily
onto her gray top. She twitched a bit when my sperm hit the naked skin
at the small of her back, but she must have been too sick to look up.
Some cum even went into that silky blonde hair, while she lay there on
all fours crying and pissing her panties. The last of my load dribbled
down into her half-way-down jeans, mixing with her final trickle of

Mesmerized, I fell to my knees behind her, eyes focused on her
perfect butt and dripping knickers. Quickly I pressed my face
against the warm, wet, pissed-out seat of her panties, opening my
mouth and sucking the soaked gusset. The sweet, salty taste and faint
watered-out smell of her pee closed out the rest of the world to me.
My nose pressed against the wrinkled opening of her anus, feeling the
unevenness through the soaked cotton as I gleefully rubbed my face on
her wet ass. It was as if I was trying to disappear into the cleft of
this amazing young girls butt, sucking on the pee-soaked gusset of her

The intensity of the moment was abruptly shattered by Jenny sitting
up, drying her tears with the back of her hand, before casually
pushing me away from her ass. The sweet, salty crotch of her knickers
left my mouth as I reluctantly sat up. I swallowed what I had sucked
from her gusset, savoring her sweet girl taste, and then the moment
was definitely over.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing? No touching, remember!"

That was all she said to me then, although I saw her idly register the
dripping, spent penis hanging over the top of my shorts. Feeling her
back, she looked at her hand now covered in my semen before wiping it
off on her tummy. Glancing at me knowingly, she gave me a
condescending smile.

"That really got you going, didn't it? Me wetting myself like that?
You must have shot even more gunk than last time. Bet you would have
enjoyed it even more if I sat on you face before peeing through my
knickers? Christ, Mr. Andrews, you really are a perv! Want me in the
worst possible way, don't you?" she sniggered.

Even with her head just out of the toilet bowl, pissed out panties and
my cum all over her back, Jenny still talked down to me with a
confidence that betrayed knowledge of the spell she held over me. And
of course she was right. She had lost control and accidentally wet
herself, but I had revealed even more by my reaction to it all. This
was more than a quick wank to me, there was no doubt about that. There
was no going back in our relationship now. I wanted her more than
anything I could ever imagine, and she knew it. And the worst thing
was that she couldn't care less. She even seemed vaguely amused at my
lust and lack of control. She knew she could get me to do anything,
and she knew I knew she knew. But there just wasn't anything she could
be bothered to do with that power.

"Damn, you're just too much," she sighed in a resigned voice.

I tried to play it cool and act like nothing had happened, but I guess
it was pretty unconvincing. The taste of her was still in my mouth as I
hurriedly covered myself up.

"Are you OK? Feel any better now, Jenny?."

"I feel much better, no thanks to you," she said; annoyed maybe, but
not angry.

"God, what a mess. Sorry about your bathroom Mr. Andrews. I think I
got some pee on your towel there too. I hope you're not mad at me, but
then I suppose you enjoyed this more than I did. Help me clean up,
would you?"

Jenny got off the floor, pulling her wet trousers back on. The wetness
made it hard to get those tight red trousers back up, and she had to
jump up and down a bit, pulling to get them on. I wanted this moment,
this amazing turn of events in my bathroom, to last forever, but it
was most definitely over.
Chapter 5
"No peeking now, Mr. Andrews," Jenny giggled.

In a surprising show of modesty she had insisted on undressing behind
the shower curtain where I couldn't see her naked body.

"Could you wash these for me? I don't know how to operate your
machine. Or any machine for that matter!" Jenny giggled again,
throwing her dirty clothes out to me. She seemed happy now her
sickness had passed, and I was happy she was happy.

"It would be really great if you could get them dry by tomorrow so my
dad doesn't have to know about what happened tonight."

I don't know if it was meant as some sort of threat or if it was
simply a statement of fact, but the mention of her dad sure made me
get a move on with those clothes.

Jenny showered and dried herself behind the shower curtain while I
cleaned up the rest of the mess on my bathroom floor. Wrapped in a
towel and with her hair still wet, Jenny left for my bedroom with a
casual glance over her shoulder.

"Wake me up at eleven, will you. I need to get home before my parents
think of calling Katherine."

I sat drinking tea in the kitchen, waiting for the washing machine to
finish, moving her now clean clothes to the drier. After that I
decided to go to bed myself. I was intent on sleeping on the sofa, not
daring to slip into bed with Jenny, but I just had to take a peek at
her first. Since her clothes were in the drier she would be naked
under the sheets, and I gathered this was my chance to look at that
delicate, lithe little body of hers in all its naked teenage glory.

Slipping into the bedroom I noticed Jenny was sound asleep, lying on
her side facing the wall, her breathing even and heavy. Gently I
lifted the sheets expecting to take in the sight of her tight naked
ass. Initially I was disappointed to see she had grabbed one of my T-
shirts from the cupboard. She was also wearing a pair of white cotton
panties like the ones I had just put in the drier. I realized she must
be wearing the pair of knickers I had swiped a year earlier, all
crusty and stiff from two weeks of me blowing my wad in them. Damn,
that was sexy!

Pushing down my shorts, I quietly slipped into bed behind her, wanking
slowly at the sight of her panty-covered butt once again. The white
cotton fabric outlined the bulge of her sweet teen pussy before
disappearing between her thighs. Her body radiated heat, probably more
so from burning off the alcohol she had drunk earlier, but she still
had that fresh young girl smell on her. Her thighs were so slim they
never touched from her knees up. I didn't dare touch her, jacking off
with as little motion as my self-control would allow. If she woke up
now she would surely throw me out of bed with an acid comment or two,
and I wasn't going to take that chance.

Having cum twice already it took a while, even with the undisturbed
image of this teen goddess before me, but soon I was ready to cum
again. While trying to control my shaking, I slipped my dick into the
open crack between her thighs, pressing lightly against the gusset of
her panties. Urgently I rubbed myself up against Jenny's panty-covered
crotch, taking care not to press the rest of my body against hers in
case it would wake her up. Whatever cum I had left sprayed out between
her thighs and onto the sheets in front of her, the rest soaking her
knickers and the top of her thighs. Jenny grunted in her sleep,
rolling away from me onto her tummy on the stained sheets. My cock
slipped from between her legs leaving a wet, sticky trail down the
back of her left thigh. Silently I slid out of her bed and pulled the
sheets back up, before tiptoeing to the sofa to finally get some
sleep. The last thought in my mind as I drifted off to sleep was Jenny
lying face down in my wet, cum-stained sheets, sperm soaking into the
cotton fabric of her panties.


The next morning Jenny stayed for breakfast. She was pleased I had
managed to get her clothes dry, but hardly spared me a word, acting as
if I wasn't even there. She didn't really do this in an angry or
deliberate manner, she just casually overlooked me while eating her
toast and drinking orange juice straight from the carton. I still have
that carton. Her incessant fidgeting with the straps of her top should
have annoyed me, but I just found it charming.

Afterwards she politely thanked me for letting her stay the night. I
thought I had got away with my last escapade in her bed, until she

"Oh, and by the way. I really didn't appreciate what you did while I
was asleep. When I woke up, I felt like I was glued to the sheets. I'm
taking those knickers back, just for you being so nasty. So there!"

I mumbled an apology, but Jenny just shrugged.

Before she left, I asked:

"Jenny. Do you think... Could I have your panties? Just as a

"Well, I wouldn't want you to go without your daily wank now, would I?
If you give me a tenner I'll let you have the knickers I'm wearing
right now. You know, the ones covering my pussy right this moment.
Then you can whack off with them as much as you like. And you really
like that, don't you? Covering my panties in spunk."

I knew she was teasing me, but I just wasn't prepared to see her go
without leaving me something to remember her by.

"Ok, Jenny. That would be great. Thanks."

"Hang on, I'll go change. I'll just have to wear the stiff old ones
you stole last time." She winked at me before closing the bedroom

Coming back out, Jenny pressed her bunched up white cotton panties
into my hand, snatching the tenner I held out to her. The soft cotton
was warm, and I savored the remains of her body heat in my palm.

"Why don't you stay a bit. I'll make you a nice lunch and you can
watch cartoons on the tv all you like."

Jenny just looked at me, surprised and amused by my suggestion. She
shook her head.

"Don't strain yourself jacking off over me now, Mr. Andrews," she
smirked, wiggling her bum at me. Her bubblebutt looked amazing in
those tight red jeans. She also let her hand casually stroke her
tiny breasts, but I think that was more coincidental than designed to
tease me.

"I really have to leave now, or I'll pee myself again. All that orange
juice really made me have to go. Shame you can't come and watch." With
a condescending smile she was off, making sure none of the neighbours
saw her leave my house.

I quickly shut the door and returned to my living room, Jenny's
knickers in my clenched fist. I pressed them to my face, smelling her
scent and feeling the remains of her body heat from the seat where her
butt had just been. There were no pubic hairs her panties, but then I
guessed she wasn't very well endowed in that area. From what I
remembered from the quick peek when she had peed herself in the
bathroom, her blonde pubic hair was sparse and looked almost molded
to her. If it wasn't just my imagination her pussy had been closed
tight, almost like a clam bulging out between those thin thighs of
hers. Not a hint of looseness, just tight teenage pussy-crack. Of
course, with only a quarter of a second's peek through the leg band of
her panties it could well be my imagination. All I knew was I needed
more of her. Much more.

Chapter 6
After walking around in a haze for almost a week, I decided it was
time to pull myself together. The events involving Jenny had taken
over my life in the days following that special night, even to the
degree that I called in sick at work so I would be home in case she
decided to drop by after school. I soon realized that just wasn't
going to happen. One of the main reasons I realized this was that when
I met Jenny hanging out with her friends, she would tease me

The first time I saw her again was when I was walking home from the
shops, weighed down by the coming week's groceries. I spotted Jenny
hanging out with four of her girlfriends, all still dressed in their
schoolgirl uniforms. My heart jumped just from seeing her, and I
actually felt a shiver from the bottom of my spine. I was also very
relieved that Katherine wasn't there. Seeing the two of them together
would definitely make me feel very uncomfortable.

I loved the way these young girls looked in their schoolgirl uniforms.
Long slim legs disappearing under gray pleated skirts, jumpers and
crisp, white blouses almost hiding the fact their chests were still
developing. Delicate little feet and calves in knee socks and sensible
shoes. Their school ties were always crooked and loosened, now that
they were out of sight of their teachers. Three of the girls, including
Jenny, wore their hair in a ponytail which I think makes young girls
look absolutely stunning. I had always been fascinated by what was
under those short pleated skirts, only occasionally catching a glimpse
of their schoolgirl panties when riding an escalator or when the girls
were sitting down, legs uncrossed.

Nearing the group of young girls I saw Jenny spot me and give me a sly
smile. She called my name, urging me to come over. I noticed some of
the other girls suppress a giggle, glancing from Jenny to me and back
again, as I stopped by the small group setting down my groceries on
the pavement.

"Hello, Mr. Andrews. How are you?"

"Fine thank you, Jenny - Girls." I gave each of Jenny's friends a nod,
giving them a once-over at the same time, and was rewarded with a shy
giggle or a blush.

"So, you've been shopping Mr. Andrews. Did you see anything you liked?
In the shop I mean?"

Jenny stooped over my groceries with deliberate slowness, flashing me
a long, good look up her skirt, the lower part of her panties in my
plain view. She gave her bum a slight wriggle, while I just stared
dumbly at her taut little ass. I'm pretty sure my mouth fell open.
There was an audible gasp of shock from the rest of the girls, before
the outbreak of muffled giggles, the young girls nudging each other
while nodding in my direction. Looking up from the wonderful sight of
Jenny's delicious panties, I was mortified by the way she had caught
me out.

"It's so hard to shop" Jenny sighed theatrically. "There's always so
much I want that I can't have." She flashed me the cutest, innocent
little smile, her piercing eyes adding to my embarrassment. "Don't you
think so too, Mr. Andrews?"

"I don't know, Jenny. Maybe... I suppose..."

With a little wink she turned away from me, facing the rest of the
group. The girls were falling over themselves giggling.

"Bye then, Mr. Andrews," Jenny said over her shoulder. "I expect
you'll be seeing me around."

The group of schoolgirls resumed their talking, one of them pulling
out a packet of cigarettes before they walked off looking for a place
to sneak a smoke. Turning the corner, one or two of them gave me an
amused glance before disappearing, but not Jenny. I picked up my
groceries and walked home feeling queasy, but also faintly aroused by
what had happened. Damn, that girl knew how to turn a bloke on. One
wiggle of that cute schoolgirl butt of hers and she would have any man
groveling at her feet. This had to end, or I'd be the laughing stock
of the neighbourhood, not to mention that Katherine would not be
pleased: 'Yes. That's my dad. The one with his eyes glued to my friends
ass'. No, not pleased at all.

The following days I avoided Jenny, taking a detour every time I
spotted her. I felt better, finally pulling myself together. I spent
some time with my daughters, uneasily at first, but more confident
when I surmised Jenny had said nothing.


The whole idea of getting my life back together came to an abrupt halt
when Jenny came to see me again. I was determined not to let her past
the door this time, but I must admit that all it took was a smile from
her and I was gone. I let her pass me, once again catching a whiff of
watermelon fragrance from her skin as she disappeared inside. She threw
her jacket on the chair and slipped her shoes off in the corridor, her
dainty feet and knee socks softly padding across the floor into my
living room. I noticed her characteristic walk; gangly, knock-kneed,
her toes pointing slightly inwards. I sighed and followed, surprised
that she had come here.

"I think you have been avoiding me Mr. Andrews. Makes me feel a bit
unwanted, you know."

"Yes. Well, Jenny. It just that you seem to be intent on teasing me
all the time, and I can't really cope with that you see. And, by the
way, I think it's okay for you to call me John now, everything

I was proud of myself. My voice didn't falter and I wasn't staring.
She was a little girl and I was a grown man. I was determined not to
let her get to me this time, and I told myself I was at least partly
succeeding. But of course I wasn't really succeeding all that well. I
may have been calm on the outside, but deep down I knew there was
nothing I could really deny this girl if she could just be bothered
to ask.

"Yeah. Sorry about that. It's just... You can't really help yourself,
can you? One flash of my knickers and you're a zombie." She smiled,
not unkindly this time.

"Look, Jenny. This has to stop. You're much too young to treat me this
way, and anyway, if Katherine ever found out I'd never be able to look
at her again. You have to stop teasing me in front of your friends,
it's not fair to Katherine."

"I suppose you're right. I like Katherine anyway. I wouldn't want that
lawyer friend of her mum's to make mincemeat out of you in court
either. I hate that guy, he's a real wanker. Ooops! Sorry Mr.
Andrews!" Jenny flashed me a dirty smile. "Well, that's not really why
I came to see you anyway."

"You mustn't let Katherine know. Promise me that, Jenny."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Let me finish, will you. I have a proposition
for you."

What could she mean? A proposition? In a flash my mind was filled with
images of Jenny. Jenny's panties. Her wiggling butt. Her ass in the
air in my bathroom. My imagination ran wild, picturing her naked body
and her inviting cunt. Her tight teen pussy wrapped around my cock.
Jenny from behind. Jenny on her back. Jenny on her side...

"Hey! Mr. Andrews! John! Stay with me now! It's not like I'm going to
blackmail you or anything. I just want to make you an offer. We both
know you want what's under my skirt, and something just happened which
gave me an idea."

"What's that then, Jenny?"

"Well, me and my friend Hannah were taking the bus earlier. We'd been
out shopping, spending way too much as usual, when this older guy got
on the bus with us. Hannah - she's pretty wild - she had an idea. We
decided to flash him our knickers and get him to pay us a bit of
money. Well, he turned out to be more than willing. Even paid us
twenty quid each to get him off."

"Christ, Jenny! What were you thinking? That guy could have been

"Yes, well. He certainly was a pervert. Felt me up - even stuck his
head up my skirt and sniffed my knickers. Hannah ended up whacking him
off, and he came all over me. Look!"

Jenny lifted her gray pleated skirt revealing a pair of blue gingham
panties, the crotch stained with the strangers recent ejaculation.

"Luckily Hannah licked most of it off again, or it'd be a right mess.
The point is, Mr. Andrews, it gave me an idea. I know you fancy me,
and you probably want to do those things to me as well. You know, feel
me up and stuff. And maybe you would be prepared to compensate me for
it, so to speak? What do you think? Would you want to see a bit more
of me? Touch my knickers and things like that. I could even wet myself
for you, if you want. You seem to like that a lot."

I didn't really stop to think at all, I just blurted out:

"How much do you want?"

"Look, it's not really money I want. Not just money anyway. You see, I
really hate school. It's just so difficult all the time. The teachers
are all so stuffy and they won't even let you smoke in the playground.
It's so boring and I'd rather just stay in and watch telly, but of
course mum won't let me. So I thought maybe you could get me a doctors
note or something, and then I could come here instead of school
without mum and dad knowing." Jenny was talking fast, clearly pleased
with the plan she had thought up. "You'll have to pay me a bit as well
of course. Just for sweets and cigarettes and things. I'll slip over
to your place for the day, you'll give me some money - let's say
twenty pounds - and none will be the wiser. You get to stay with me
and gawk at me all day, feeling me up and stuff, and I get to skip
school. You'll let me smoke too, right? What do you say? Half a day
with me for twenty quid?"

"How far will you let me go?"

"You can't, like, do me or anything. I haven't really done it yet, and
I'm not giving you my cherry for twenty pounds. So no, you know...
shagging or anything, but I'll let you do pretty much anything else.
I'll even let you wee on me if you like, and I'm sure you would." she
giggled at the thought, blushing slightly from what she had just said.
"I'll wear my school uniform. I bet that turns you on. You'll need to
get me a spare though, or we'll definitely get caught."

"Will you, um..., give me a blowjob?"

"Yuck! I'm not putting your thing in my mouth, that's for sure. I've
never done that for anyone, and I'm never going to either." Jenny
wrinkled her pretty little nose at the thought.

"Okay, Jenny. Just wanted to clear that up. Twenty pounds is a lot of
money though. And how am I going to swing a doctors note?"

"You'll think of something. I'm sure you'll try your hardest." She
smiled the cutest of smiles. "You'll get to see me naked and

"That's nice Jenny, but still... Okay, It's a deal I guess. I'll pay
you twenty, get you a doctors note for school, and you'll sneak over
here for the day. You'll need to tell me in advance though, so I can
get off work."

"OK. Tomorrow is Saturday, and you'll need a day or two to speak to a
doctor, but Thursday should be fine. I have a test then, and I really
don't want to take it. What do you say?"

"Great. Thursday it is. That's a long time, though. Not sure I can
wait that long." I shifted uncomfortably, my hard-on trapped painfully
in my trousers. I didn't mind her seeing my excitement now that I had
all but admitted my crush on her. I was so pleased with this new
arrangement we had made, I couldn't really believe my luck. All my
thoughts about getting over Jenny, how messing around with her would
only lead to tears, were gone. Way back in my mind however I was
disappointed at how fast I had caved in, since I didn't really put up a
fight at all. I just couldn't think straight when she was in the room
with me. All my senses were in overload, and all I could think of was
how badly I wanted her.

"Why, Mr. Andrews! You're asking for a freebie, aren't you? Well, I
suppose you're entitled considering the way I was teasing you

Jenny kept fiddling with the V-neck of her jumper, seemingly pleased
with the prospects of all that money and free time in the near future.
I don't know why she kept calling me Mr. Andrews and not John. Maybe
she preferred the distance.

Moving closer, I slowly reached out and held her head in my hands,
carefully, as if it could break. I moved in to kiss her, her blonde
hair feeling impossibly soft under my fingers. She hesitated at first,
maybe considering if kissing was part of the arrangement, but she
didn't pull away. Her mouth was half open, her full lips soft and
loose, the way they often are with young girls. I pressed my mouth
carefully against hers, tasting bubblegum on her breath. She giggled
and pulled away.

"Come on, let's go to the bathroom. I have to go and you can watch if
you like." Jenny scampered off, her butt wiggling as she went. "I
told that guy we met on the bus I had to wee, but I don't think he was
all that interested."

"How do you want me to do it?" Jenny asked, lifting her pleated skirt
and jumping urgently from foot to foot as she awaited my answer, her
dainty feet making soft noises on the tiled floor. "Hurry up and
decide. I - really - need to go."

"Do it like you normally do, just don't take your panties off first."

Jenny held up her skirt as she sat down, displaying her gingham
panties to me.

"Oooh. This feels a bit weird, Mr. Andrews. Me doing it right in my
knickers with you looking. I'm just bursting, though. Couldn't hold it
any longer if I had to."

I stared at the swelling of her mound outlined against the fabric of
her panties. She pulled the crotch of her panties aside, giving me a
quick peek of her naked blonde cunt, but there wasn't really any time
for that. She let her panties slip back into place and sighed,
relaxing. A small, wet patch appeared on her panties, then spread down
between her legs before a jet of yellow fluid spurted out, splashing
noisily into the toilet. Jenny grunted, pissing her panties with

"It's okay if you want to take it out and wank, Mr. Andrews. I won't
mind. After all, I'll be seeing a lot of that now, won't I?"

While releasing my hard cock from the confinement of my trousers, I
carefully touched her yellow stream with my other hand. The warm pee
filled my cupped hand, overflowing into the bowl. Slowly I pressed my
hand to her panties, feeling the force of her spurts against the palm
of my hand, her pee spraying up her panties onto her tummy.

"Careful! We don't want to get my clothes all wet."

Her peeing gradually lost its force, reduced to a dribble through the
gusset and leg bands of her panties. Rubbing her, I felt her cunt
through the warm, wet fabric, lightly pressing her panties into her
pussy. Quickly I snuck a finger through the leg band of her panties and
traced the outline of her pussy slit from the top and downwards with
my finger, releasing her soaked panties from her still dripping twat
as I went. Following the backward motion through, I stopped when my
finger rested on the wrinkled, wet opening of her ass. Giving a gentle
push, my finger sunk into her bum just a little bit, before her
asshole gripped my finger tightly as Jenny wriggled on the seat with
surprise. That brought me over the edge, and I came with several hard
spurts, spilling my seed onto the bathroom floor.

"Christ! You really are a perv, Mr. Andrews. I mean, really! Sticking
your finger up my arse like that! You could at least warned me first."
Jenny snorted, regaining her composure as I rapidly withdrew my hand
from under her.

She got up and pulled off her soaked panties, wringing them out over
the sink before drying herself with my towel and then slipping her
panties back on under her skirt. I rose and zipped up, ashamed, but
not as much as I had been earlier. After all, the cat was out of the
bag now. She knew well enough how badly I wanted her and the extent of
my obsession. I would do anything she asked, and I suppose I should
count myself lucky she couldn't really be bothered to test this out.
If she had wanted, she could have humiliated me far worse than just
giving me a cold shoulder.

"Eeeeew. What's that?" Jenny looked down at her dainty feet, toes
wiggling in her socks. She had stepped in my cum on the floor, the
semen soaking into the soles of her knee socks.

"Yuck! I got your stuff on my socks! You really need to get me that
spare school uniform before Thursday. I can't let my mum see me with
your icky goo all over me like this, or we'll get caught for sure."

"Sorry about that, Jenny. I just really like it when you wet yourself
like that. Don't be upset."

"I'd better get going anyway, before mum and dad come home. My skirt
might get wet too, what with my damp undies and all."

Jenny left in a huff. She was annoyed with the sticky knee socks, not
really wanting to have to slip her feet into her shoes in such a
state, but still promised to be back on Thursday. I couldn't wait.

Chapter 7
I managed to arrange a doctor's note for Jenny, paying an old friend
of mine two hundred pounds for a document stating a rare illness which
meant Jenny could come and go to school as she liked. The price was
steep, but I was confident it would be worth it. I had thought the
waiting would be hard, but it was okay. I was nervous and distracted
at work, which turned out to be a good thing when I called in sick on
Thursday morning, since they had noticed I hadn't been myself

Just after half past eight Jenny rang my door and I let her in. She
was nervous too, telling me her dad had offered her a lift to school,
which she just managed to avoid by stalling until he had to leave
without her. She looked gorgeous, her eyes sparkling with excitement
over the naughty thing she was doing - skipping school to stay at my
place watching tv all day, smoking and doing those things she wasn't
normally allowed to do. I don't think she had really thought too much
about her end of the bargain, probably seeing it more as a necessary,
but bothersome task - something she had to do, or let me do, once in a
while to keep the deal going.

"So, you managed to find a doctor then?"

"Yes. Yes I did. It didn't come cheap, though."

"Good. I wouldn't want to seem cheap now, would I?" Jenny gave me a
crooked smile. She seemed happy. "What about the clothes? Did you get

"Sure, they're in the bedroom. They're just like the ones you're
wearing now. You can change into them when you go home, and I'll wash
these for next time."

"I'm sure that's all you'll do with them, right?" She laughed, her
voice happy and amused. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as earlier?
Maybe she would be less indifferent? She was certainly enthusiastic
enough now, all rosy cheeked and energetic.

Jenny wore her hair in a long ponytail as usual. I watched her slender
figure, dressed enticingly in that sexy schoolgirl uniform, as she
walked slowly around the room, picking up things here and there,
studying them before putting them back. Her legs seemed impossibly
long and thin before disappearing under the gray pleated skirt. She
wore navy blue knee socks, and I noticed she would sometimes wiggle her
toes in them when looking at something she had picked up. A white
blouse and navy V-neck jumper covered her small breasts, the V-neck
loose and worn on one side, probably from her habit of fidgeting with
her clothing. She wore a simple gold chain with a heart on it around
her neck, the gold heart resting between the open buttons of her
blouse. Jenny saw me looking, raised her eyebrows and then lifted her
skirt, giving me a brief look at her panties.

"I wore these today. You seem to like the white cotton ones."

"They're just perfect Jenny."

"You're funny" she said smiling.

I had waited so long, my restraint was failing. Pushing her gently up
against the wall, I traced my hand up her thigh, under her skirt and
stroked her soft panties. I pressed myself against her, letting her
feel my erection against her tummy.

"Hey! Not so fast Mr. Andrews. I just got here, for Christ's sake.
You'll get in my knickers soon enough. Why don't you show me around
first. And then there's that little business of the twenty quid you
owe me. Haven't seen them yet, have I?"

I moved away from her, reluctantly pulling my hand out from the warmth
between her legs. Fishing out my wallet I gave her the money, and then
I gave her a tour of the house. She was especially interested in my
refrigerator and the cupboard where I kept some sweets and crisps. She
wanted to know all about the tv remote and made me put out ashtrays
around the house, obviously setting herself up for a day of lounging
about doing nothing. The stuff I wanted her to see, the personal
touches in my home which would tell her something about who I am, she
showed no interest in at all. While showing her around I had plenty of
time to gawk at her, but the thing I found most attractive was
actually the soft sound of her feet on the floor. I don't know why,
there was just something about it - you had to be there I suppose.
Jenny removed the ribbon from her hair, letting it flow freely down
over her shoulders. She still smelled of watermelon.

"Hey, that's Katherine!"

Jenny was looking at a framed photo of Katherine and Rachel on the
mantelpiece. "Her sister's cute too - Rachel, isn't it?"

Jenny looked at me, head cocked sideways. The look on her face was
more accusing than questioning. She knew this wasn't a subject I was
comfortable with, what with Katherine’s own classmate here for my
sexual pleasure.

"I really don't want to talk about them right now."

"I see you're point. Not really a good subject when you've just had
your hand up my skirt."

She was putting me firmly in place, and there was little I could do
about it. I suppose it was her way of trying to postpone the
inevitable, but I wanted her. I needed her now.

Tracing my hand up the smooth, soft skin of her thigh I returned to
the warmth between her legs. Gently I explored her panties, feeling
the slight unevenness of her pubic hairs under the cotton. I stroked
her firm, round rear, tracing the crack of her butt through her
panties with my finger. Burying my face in her blonde hair, I breathed
in the sweet, youthful smell of her. I could barely feel the swelling
of her breasts against me, they were so small. She wore a bra; I could
see the white straps on her shoulders under the school blouse. Her
neck and ears were slightly flushed, and I wanted to lick it - to suck
her earlobe into my mouth and taste it. I didn't dare do it though,
scared she wouldn't approve. Even though I had paid for her time, I
still wanted Jenny to like me.

Without saying a word, Jenny pulled her jumper over her head,
revealing her white blouse, smoothing it back down while tossing her
jumper on the floor. I could see her cheeks were flushed as well as
her neck and ears, my fondling making her self-conscious for the first
time since she discovered my obsession with her. The blouse seemed too
small, stopping almost an inch above the waist of her skirt, showing a
little of her hard, flat tummy. Looking into my eyes she slowly undid
three more buttons of her blouse, revealing her beautiful little
breasts encased in a simple white bra.

"They're not big, I know," Jenny whispered in a surprisingly soft,
apologetic voice. She must be embarrassed by the size of her breasts.
I couldn't even imagine being embarrassed by something so lovely.

"But they're beautiful Jenny. They're just perfect."

I traced her neck with my finger before sliding my hand down and
slipping it under the right cup of her bra. Gently fondling her small
breast I was in awe of how perfect this young girl was. Feeling her
nipple harden under my hand made me dizzy. She was reacting to my

"You like my tits, then? No one ever said anything nice about my tits
before. Everyone just teases me and says they're too small." Her voice
revealed a vulnerability I hadn't sensed since she discovered my crush
on her.

"They may grow as you get older Jenny, but they'll never be more
perfect that this." She actually smiled at me then, and as I kissed
her she responded by opening her mouth to me. Her mouth was so soft,
it seemed as if there was almost no resistance in her lips - not
enough muscle to press them against mine. I loved the taste of
toothpaste in her mouth, and I think she actually didn't mind me
kissing her this time.

Fumbling with the zipper, Jenny opened my fly, and I was amazed at her
initiative when her hand snuck into my shorts fishing out my hard,
throbbing cock. Holding it lightly in her hand she rubbed it over her
skirt, the pre-cum leaving a shiny trail on the pleats. With one
finger she stroked the head of my cock, smearing my pre-cum over it. I
felt like I was going to burst.

"That's pre-cum, isn't it? Richard told me."

"I know he did."

"That's right, you were there, weren't you? That was my first hand-
job, you know, John. The first time I made a guy cum. The pre-cum
means you're excited, doesn't it? It means you really, really like

I just couldn't wait any more. I knew I couldn't fuck her, she had
made that pretty clear, but I was still going to get off on her tight
teen pussy. Spinning her around I placed Jenny's hands on the wall in
front of her, bending her over so that firm round ass was presented to
me in all its tight fullness. Falling to my knees I stuck my head up
under her skirt. The fresh, young-girl-smell of her cunt made my head
swim with desire, as I licked her pussy through her panties. I could
feel her wetness through the cotton, her pussy soft and warm - giving
way as I pushed her panties into her with my tongue. I slid my hand up
her thigh and into her knickers, gliding a finger between her soft wet
lips and into her tight teen twat, before pulling out and sucking on
it to savor her sweet taste. Jenny moaned. She actually moaned! I was
so turned on and happy I didn't know what to say, so I kept quiet.
Slipping my hand back into her panties I stroked her cunt, playing
with her clit, careful not to be too rough despite my arousal.
Standing up I offered my slick finger to Jenny's mouth, and she sucked
on it, tasting her own wetness. The feeling of her warm mouth sucking
on my finger made me shiver.

I flipped her pleated skirt up, and hesitated a moment at the sight of
the firm round cheeks of her upturned ass, her white cotton panties
stretched tightly, perfectly outlining the mound between her legs. The
crotch of her panties was clearly wet with her excitement. On my
knees, I pressed my face to her ass, breathing in the heavy scent of
her. I felt the crack of her bum with my finger, hesitating only for a
split second on the puckered opening of her anus before moving lower,
down between her legs. Feeling ready to blow my wad any second, I
stood up and pulled the back of her panties down, just enough to be
able to slide my cock down the groove of her ass and in between her
thighs. I didn't try to enter her, the tip of my cock just sliding
back and forth in the warm wetness between the outer lips of her hot
little pussy.

Looking down between her legs, Jenny could see my cock bulging inside
the cotton fabric of her panties, gliding back and forth, stimulating
us both. She reached down between her thighs and grabbed my dick,
holding it firmly through her panties. She caressed my member while
pressing it hard against her slit. I moved against her, feeling her
hand jack me off against her cunt inside her panties. Then she let go
again, this time eagerly moving her ass against me in time with my
motion. The warm, slick wetness and scent of her cunt had my head in a
spin. I stared at her beautiful upturned ass and my own cock
disappearing between her thin girlish thighs as I felt myself loose

"Oh Christ, Jenny! I can't hold it! I'm cumming! I'm going to spunk
all over your little schoolgirl twat."

Jenny was panting and gasping, chanting a seemingly endless series of
'Oh God, Oh God, Oh God' in her soft, girlish voice. I knew Jenny was
aroused too, but I was still surprised when she came. Pressing her
hand to her mouth, biting herself hard, Jenny moaned deeply,
shuddering as she climaxed, her pussy even wetter against my gliding
cock, her slender body trembling. Jenny's legs clamped hard together,
adding to the friction, but not trapping me as I moved in the space
still present between her thin thighs. Pressing urgently against her,
I came too, my cum spraying over her spasming cunt. Gasping and
grunting I shot my load into her panties, my cock sliding in the slick
wetness of her little teen pussy, covered in my sperm. I emptied
myself in several long, hard spurts, spattering her cunt and knickers,
the fabric now sloppy and drenched. Jenny's shuddering subsided, small
shivers rippling through her.

Abruptly standing upright, Jenny pushed me away, as she gave me an
angry stare, tears welling in her eyes. She quickly pulled up her
soiled panties and started buttoning up her blouse.

"That's not what I wanted to happen. You just made me feel special,
saying you like my tits and all, and you're not supposed to do that.
Don't do that!"

I just stood there, not quite taking this in after my intense, brain-
numbing orgasm. Jenny started to cry, her face and chest flushed from
her orgasm. I tried to hold her, to embrace her and comfort her, but
she just pushed me away again.

"Well I hope you're happy! It's not like I really enjoyed it or
anything. It's just not fair, you doing stuff like that. Next time
just get yourself off on me and then leave me alone, okay? And what
was all that about 'little schoolgirl twat' anyway? Jesus!"

Without waiting for my answer she flopped on my sofa and turned on the
TV, fumbling with the remote.

"Which is MTV?"

"16 I think"

It wasn't, and she had to flip through a couple of channels before
finding it.

"No it's not, it's 19. You don't watch much MTV, do you? More into
Dire Straits like my dad? Or maybe you get off on britney Spears? Bet
you do."

Jenny was back to taunting me, her momentary laps of control had
passed. Again I was amazed at her ability to put things behind her.
She seemed back to normal again, ready to tease me whenever she saw an
opportunity. Still, I smiled at the thought of her sitting down in my
sofa with her panties full of my cum. As if she read my mind, Jenny

"Bit squishy in my undies. Came a bunch in them, didn't you? You're so
weird, Mr. Andrews. What is it about my knickers that turns you on so
much anyway? Bit pathetic, isn't it?"

"No need to be cruel, Jenny. We all have our little hang-ups."

"Yeah, well. Your 'little hang-up' doesn't seem so little to me. Seems
my knickers are all you think about."

Her change in attitude was sudden, and it made me sad. I had thought
she was actually going to be nicer to me. Her body had even responded
to my touch, so I thought she liked me a bit after all, but that
seemed unlikely now. Maybe she thought me insensitive. Nope, couldn't
be that! I wouldn't even consider it. I adored her. I worshipped the
ground she walked on, yet she was acting all casual and aloof, even
cruel. I left her in the sofa, watching tv and having a smoke. I
remember her posture well, and I always think of Jenny whenever I see
girls sit that way: thighs parallel and knees together, calves out and
toes pointing inwards. I'm surprised how many young girls seem to sit
this way naturally, since I find it virtually impossible to contort
myself into that position. She looked so sweet; ruffled clothes,
flushed, rosy cheeks, trying to smoke like she knew how. She looked
young, even for a fourteen-year-old. It struck me how Jenny could
change from woman to child and back just by the little things she did
or said. She coughed from the cigarette, but kept on smoking
resolutely. She was wonderful.

Chapter 8
I enjoyed spending the morning with Jenny, although she hardly spoke.
All she did was watch television, switching between cartoons and MTV
at whim. I got to gaze at her beauty, peek under her skirt and feel
her up every once in a while. She never seemed to register much of
this, seemingly transfixed by what was happening on the screen. When I
got in from fetching the post, Jenny was on her tummy on the floor,
her head in her hands, lazily watching some inane cartoon. The arch of
her back made her butt look delicious, the gray skirt draped between
her legs, obscuring the view of her panties. Her feet were in the air,
slim calves swaying lazily in little circles while she distractedly
wiggled her toes. I sat down in the sofa behind her and watched her
devour the pointless drivel on tv while I intensely studied the
details of her body. She had pushed up the sleeves of her V-neck and
blouse, the white cuffs of her blouse sticking out. I noticed she had
small, downy, blonde hairs on her arms and legs, almost too fine to
spot. Her gray pleated skirt had a small dark patch between her legs,
where my recent ejaculation in her panties had seeped through and
caused a stain.

"Ooops. Sorry. You'll want to look at my knickers."

Jenny reached behind and flipped up her skirt, revealing her lovely
little pantyclad behind. The gusset of her panties was soaked, and
little rivers of half dried cum had made glistening trails down her
thighs. She scratched her butt distractedly, accidentally getting
smeared with spunk. Feeling the stickiness, she looked at her fingers,
sniffed them and shrugged before wiping them off on her jumper. The
noise from the tv annoyed me.

"How can you watch that stuff?"


"I said: How can you watch that stuff? It's just so stupid."

"No it's not. It's brilliant. Look." She giggled as the idiotic
cartoon character got smashed in the head with an anvil.

I gave up and resigned myself to the fact that this was what she
wanted to do. This was why she was here. To watch inane cartoons and
lounge about all day. God, that was depressing. Here was this stunning
teenager, this walking wet dream, and all she really wanted to do was
lie here and watch telly. She should be out riding a bike or flirting
with boys. She should be climbing mountains, swimming in lakes,
swooning and reading poetry. She shouldn't really be wasting a minute
more of her youth staring at some stupid tv program. On second
thought, if she did those things I would be Jennyless, and I really
didn't want to be Jennyless. Best leave things as the were.

"Want a Coke?" I asked.

"Yeah, great. Thanks"

I went into the kitchen and got us each a Coke. When I came back Jenny
was chewing bubblegum and blowing huge pink bubbles - the sweet,
synthetic smell of strawberry gum mixing with the musky smell of my
cum on her. I hadn't noticed the smell of sex in the room earlier. You
had to leave and come back to notice, I suppose. My living room reeked
of it.

I sat down the can of Coke beside her and Jenny took a swig without
getting up, coughing a bit as she swallowed, drying a dribble from her
chin. I reached down between her legs, cupping her mound, gently
rubbing it through her cummy, white panties. I traced the outside of
the legbands before moving my hand and feeling the crack of her ass
with my fingertips, pressing the white cotton into it. Lowering my
face to her crotch, I breathed deeply, smelling her ass and cum covered
cunt. I burrowed my face in her ass crack, rubbing my nose on her back
hole, smelling her powerful little-girl-scent. Jenny lay still during
it all, giggling from time to time at the cartoons she was watching.

I peeled her white cotton panties down, and she helped me distractedly
by lifting her pelvis from the floor. My cum had made her panties
stick to her, and they gave away with a wet, sloppy sound as I
revealed the firm globes of her teen butt. The crotch of her panties
stuck to her cunt, and they turned inside-out before letting go of her
pussy as I pulled them down to her knees. Carefully pulling the cheeks
of her ass apart, I revealed her wrinkled asshole, breathing in
sharply at the beauty of it. I played with her cunt, fingering her
gently. She took little interest in all this, but she was wet enough,
her ass-crack sweaty and cunt still sticky with my cum. Moving closer,
I licked the crack of her fourteen-year-old bum, relishing the salty
taste of her sweaty ass and my own sperm. Greedily I licked her
asshole, lapping it before sticking my tongue inside. My licking had
loosened her up, and my tongue slipped easily up into her pert little

"Eeeeew! You've got your tongue up my bum. That's yucky."

Jenny never even turned from the TV, just noted my behavior.

"No it's not. It's lovely. You're lovely. Everything about you is
sweet enough to lick. Even your bum."

I pressed a finger into her wet, loose anus, and Jenny grunted, but
didn't protest. The feeling of her clamping down on my finger inside
her warm ass was terrific. I wriggled it around a bit, feeling the
soft insides of her butt. Pulling it out I moved my finger to my mouth
and sucked it, the taste and smell of Jenny's ass filling my senses.
Opening my trousers I pulled out my aching cock, fisting it carefully
so as not to cum too soon. Pulling herself away from the TV, Jenny
looked at me.

"You're not going to put that thing up my bum, you know. That wasn't
part of the deal. I'm not about to get assfucked for twenty pounds and
a doctors note."

"I know Jenny. I know."

Spitting out her gum, she stuck it to the top of the Coke can.

"Come here. I'll give you a wank."

Jenny slipped her panties off and sat up on the floor, cross legged in
her schoolgirl uniform, wrapping her little fist around my cock.
Sitting opposite her on my heels, I lifted her skirt, feeling her
tight little pussy as she jacked me off slowly and deliberately. With
her other hand she gently smeared my pre-cum over the head of my cock,
lubricating it so that it made a wet, slapping sound in her fist as
she jerked me off. I was in heaven, my balls aching.

"I think you're close already, aren't you? Licking my bum really made
you hot. Love having your tongue up my ass, do you?"

"Yes Jenny. I loved tasting your ass. I adore your cute little
schoolgirl butt."

"You probably want to shoot your wad on me. So tell me, where do you
want it to go? Want to cum in my knickers?" she asked, holding her
panties up to my aching cock.

I looked down at her crossed legs, the navy blue knee socks and her
dainty little feet.

"Want to spunk off on my knee socks? Do you want to cover my toes in
your sticky goo, is that it?"

"Yes, Jenny! I want to cum on your socks. I want to spray my sperm on
your cute little feet and wiggling toes. I want to soak those pretty
schoolgirl knee socks."


Jenny pointed my hard, pulsating cock downwards, wanking me in short,
hard bursts while rubbing the tip of my cock against the soles of her
feet. It must have tickled her, or maybe she just found it funny,
because she giggled a bit. She tickled me too, by wiggling her cute
little toes against my balls.

"Come on, then. Shoot your cum on me. Soak my socks in your jizz."

My whole body tensed as my dick throbbed in her fist, spitting my cum
over the soles of her pretty little schoolgirl feet. Rubbing my cock
against her soles, she kept curling her toes against my balls as I
shot my wad on her feet, the blue knee socks glistening with my cum. I
shot the final spurts of my hot, sticky spunk while she rubbed my
cockhead all over her now slimy calves and feet.

"Christ, that's a lot of goo!"

In a show of flexibility Jenny rubbed the soles of her feet together,
my wet, sticky cum getting all smeared around.

"Hey, I bet I can skate around in these!"

Jenny jumped up and skidded around my living room, her cum-drenched
socks leaving a wet, glistening trail behind her. In the end she fell
down, laughing hysterically. Can't say I blame her. It was rather

Chapter 9
"I need to go for a pee, Mr. Andrews. You'll want to come and watch
again, I'm sure."

Jenny seemed fed-up with the tv for the time being, and the magazines
I had didn't catch her interest. She had been restless and squirming,
making me scared she was bored and would want to leave, but now it
seemed it was because of the all Coke and water she had been drinking.
I think she was actually content with having nothing to do, not really
noticing my presence much.

"Do you know what I'd like, Jenny? If you could just try to hold it
for as long as you can. You know, see how long you can wait before you
absolutely have to go."

"Like a contest to see how long I can hold it, you mean? Okay, I can
do that for you, I guess. There's just one thing: I'm not really very
good at it. I have these... accidental little spurts when I'm really
desperate. Happened on a field trip with my class once." Jenny looked
at my face and giggled. "I can see you really want to hear about that
trip, don't you?"

"Yes, Jenny. I'd love to hear about that field trip."

"Well, we were on a tour of this factory - they made chocolates and
stuff - and I really had to go. Teacher said I had to wait 'till the
tour was over, so in the end I was just jumping around with my legs
crossed. Must have wet myself five times. Just a little piddle in my
knickers each time, you see, but I was really uncomfortable. Thank God
I was wearing a skirt, or the others would have found out and I'd
never heard the end of it. Teacher was nice, though. Helped me to the
loo and took my wet undies in his bag so the others wouldn't notice.
Hey! Come to think of it, I never got those knickers back! Opened the
door 'by mistake' he did too, the old perv. Never thought of that
before now. What's with you guys? You're all perverts, you know."

"Yes, well. I don't really mind if you have a couple of little
accidents, Jenny. In fact, I think I'd really quite like it."

"Yes, I suppose you would. Anyway, I did promise you I'd wet myself
for you, and I'll stick to that. Might even be fun. I wet mum and
dad's bed once, but that wasn't really my fault since my brother was
tickling me and I did tell him to stop. Even got spanked for that one.
Not fair, really." Jenny looked amused. "You have all these weird
hang-ups Mr. Andrews."

"I suppose I do, Jenny."

I was pleased Jenny was willing to do this. I just thought it was
incredibly sexy, remembering how turned on I got watching her
desperation last time. I couldn't wait to see her wet herself again,
and it didn't take long before she was having trouble holding it.
Jenny was on her belly on the floor, watching tv again having found a
channel I didn't even know I had. I noticed the fidgeting with her
jumper increased a lot, and she would rock gently back an forth while
pressing her slim thighs together.

"Probably not the smartest way to watch tv in this state. On my tummy,
I mean. Makes me want to go all the time. But then I suppose that's
just what you want?"

"Well, you certainly look adorable, Jenny."

"Aaawww. You're in love with me! That's so cute."

She really did look adorable. Her schoolgirl uniform was pretty
rumpled by now, and her navy blue knee socks were all crusty and
stained, but she still seemed almost regal to me. Her long, thin body
had the beautiful, yet disproportional look of a girl still growing
into a woman. The glimpse of bare back where her jumper had crept up
gave me the shivers. She was back to tracing little circles with her
feet in the air above her, while wiggling those cute little toes, the
sweet smell of feet, leather and cum drifting towards me as they
circled the air.

"God, I can't keep this up much longer. You'll want to see it, I

Jenny flipped up her skirt revealing her white cotton panties. She
managed another five minutes or so, while I enjoyed the sight of her
squirming little butt. Then she had her first little accident.

"Whoops! See what I mean? I really suck at this 'holding back' stuff."

A small, light yellow stain appeared on the gusset of her white
panties as if someone had shot them with a water pistol. A few drops
made dark little spatters on the gray pleated skirt between her legs.
Jenny giggled, reaching back and feeling the damp patch with her

"I better get up, or it'll all be over soon."

Jenny jumped up from the floor to relieve the pressure on her bladder.
That seemed to help a bit, and she sat down in my sofa, restlessly
flipping channels on the TV. She lit a cigarette, sucking on it
lightly, not really inhaling much of the smoke. Her hold on it was
awkward, but she persisted until she was half way through, putting it
out in the half full ashtray on the table in front of her. She was
fidgety and squirmed around a lot, wiggling that pert bum of hers
around in my sofa.

Jenny crossed her legs and doubled up, closing her eyes and moaning.

"Woops! Uh-oh! There I go again. Sorry about your sofa, Mr. Andrews."

Jenny got up, revealing a rather large wet stain in my sofa, her gray
pleated skirt clinging wetly to her taut little teenage bum. She
started to pace up and down my living room, pressing her knees
together as she walked. Reaching down, she cupped her mound under her
skirt. I watched her desperate movements becoming more and more

"You got all excited when I peed in your sofa, didn't you? You're so
funny Mr. Andrews."

Jenny bent over and gave me a perfect view of her panty-clad ass.

"Want to feel me up in my wet knickers?"

I walked over and felt the wet crotch of her panties, rubbing her
tight little cunt through the soaked cotton of her undies. With a
giggle she pushed me away again, needing to shift positions or loose
control. Jenny started pulling at the hem of her skirt, sometimes
bending over double or jumping around with her legs crossed, as the
need became too much for her to stand .

"Nope. Can't wait any longer. Come on. I've got to go. Now!"

Jenny ran towards the bathroom in the same gangly, arousing walk she
had displayed earlier, though she had a little more control now that
she wasn't drunk. She stopped short in the corridor, a little spurt of
pee escaping her, running down her thighs and wetting the top of her
knee socks. Stumbling into the bathroom she turned to face me.

"Want me to loose the skirt so you can see better?"

"No Jenny, keep it on. It makes you look so sweet, wearing your
schoolgirl uniform."

"There really is no end to your weird little turn-ons, are there? Bit
of a cliché this whole schoolgirl fetish thing, don't you think?"

"I don't really care, Jenny. It just makes you look sweet. It makes me
want you even more."

"Sweet, huh? Not so sure about that. Don't really feel all that
'sweet' right now." Jenny frowned. "Anyway, if you get down on the
floor I'll wee on you through my knickers. That's what you want, isn't
it? Sweet or not."

I nodded and got down on my back on the bathroom tiles. Lifting her
skirt and straddling me, Jenny lowered her pee-soaked panties to my
face, stopping just an inch above me as another little spurt of pale
yellow pee escaped through her panties. She moaned and relaxed her
body, grunting as she started to piss her knickers. A shower of pee
shot through the soaked cotton fabric, splashing against my face. I
opened my mouth and let her fill it with her golden liquid, feeling
the force of her stream against my tongue.

"Oh God, this is great. What a relief," Jenny moaned as she relaxed
completely, her piss splashing over my face.

I savored the salty taste of her little-girl pee, before swallowing a
mouthful of warm yellow liquid. Jenny rubbed her panty-clad bum,
feeling her own tight asshole with her fingers while she continued to
drench me. As she sat there pissing in my face, I fumbled with my fly,
pulling out my throbbing member from it's confinement. Jenny deftly
grabbed it, and holding it with both her soft, warm hands she jerked
me off while relieving herself on me. I desperately wanted her to suck
it, to open those soft, warm lips of hers and let me fuck her mouth,
but I knew she would never let me do that. Her flow subsided to a wet
trickle through the cotton of her panties. As if she read my thoughts,
Jenny lowered herself to my mouth, letting me suck the gusset of her
pee-soaked undies.

Jenny's hand-job was as teasing and slow as the one she had given me
before, and despite my earlier ejaculations I could feel myself slowly
getting close to cumming. Watching Jenny wet herself and getting to
taste her pee really turned me on. Rubbing my face on her panty-
covered ass and tight little pussy, I smelled the heady scent of her
cunt and pee.

"Want to cum on my face, Mr. Andrews?"

I gasped at the thought, picturing her pretty little face eagerly
receiving the full force of my ejaculation. I had to see this. I
struggled to get up, gently pushing her tight little ass away from me.
Jenny sat on her haunches in the puddle of pee, gray skirt around her
waist revealing her soaked knickers, looking up at my face with an
anticipation that surprised me. I kneeled down, fisting my cock before
letting her slim little hand take over.

"Will you open your blouse for me? I want to see those lovely little
tits of yours again."

Although I had in effect asked her to do it, I was still a bit
disappointed when she let go of my dick. Her eyes didn't leave my
obscenely strutting member as she tugged the hem of her jumper,
pulling it over her head. She threw it on the floor where it landed in
the puddle of her own pee. Her neck and cheeks were flushed pink, and
I breathed raggedly as she unbuttoned her blouse. As she reached
behind her to unsnap her bra I stopped her.

"No. Leave it on. It's cuter that way."

She looked up at me, a timid look on her face I recognized from
earlier, and nodded. Quickly she grabbed my swaying cock in her fist
and started her slow, teasing wank again.

"Do you think I give good hand-jobs? I've only done it to you before.
And Richard of course, but he doesn't really count since he's such a

"Yes I do, Jenny. I think you give the best hand-jobs in the whole
world." I was glad she didn't think I was a bastard too, although now
I can't really see why she didn't.

"Oh, goody. I bet you're going to cum soon. Are you going to shoot
your spunk all over your 'pretty little virgin schoolgirl'? You can,
you know. I'll let you cum all over my face and tits. Just let go, and
spray me with your jizz. I'll take it in the face, like you want me
to, and then you can piss all over me afterwards. You want that,
don't you?"

My knees shook as I felt myself go over the edge. My cock fucking her
tight little fist as I almost passed out - she was just so incredibly
good at this. Staring wide-eyed at my cock, her little hand a blur,
Jenny took the first blast of my cum square in her upturned face. My
ejaculation splattered her, filling her left nostril and leaving thick
ropy trails over her forehead into her hair. I came again, splashing
her cheeks and eyes with my spunk, causing her to blink trying to get
it out of her eyes; a sticky rope of cum hanging from one eyelid. She
never stopped her jerking action, my third blast shooting on her white
bra and tiny little tits, running slowly down over her tummy and onto
her skirt. Leaning in, she rubbed my cock on her gooey face, letting
the last of my cum dribble over her cute little nose. Wrapping her
long blonde hair around my trembling cock she wiped me off with it,
the warm feeling tingling my spine.

"Wow, Mr. Andrews. Almost had a heart attack there, didn't you?"

Exhausted I sank to my knees, trying to shake some sense back into my
head. This little fourteen-year-old was amazing. You wouldn't believe
something like this was possible, yet here she was in my bathroom,
sitting in a puddle of her own pee, drenched in my cum! Wiping my load
from her eyes Jenny dried her fingers on her skirt.

"Not bad for a 'little schoolgirl twat', hmm?" Jenny was obviously
pleased with herself. She blew her cum-clotted nose on the sleeve of
her school blouse.

"My God, Jenny. You're amazing. You're fantastic. I think I love you!"

"Yeah, right! This is love!" Jenny motioned towards her cum-splattered
face and schoolgirl uniform. "Real fairy-tale stuff this, Mr.

"I... I'm sorry Jenny. I didn't mean to... I'm sorry if I went too
far. It's just..."

"I know. It's just that you can't help yourself. That's become pretty
clear Mr. Andrews. Anyway, that's quite alright. I don't mind. Really.
It's okay as long as I say it's okay, and I did, didn't I? What you
did to me when I was asleep in your bed the other night - now that's
another matter all together. I never said you could wank off on me
then, did I?"

This conversation seemed a bit surreal to me, discussing the finer
points of when and how I was allowed to cum on her, with my wilting
dick hanging out of my zipper.

"Sorry about that Jenny. I shouldn't have done that."

"...but you couldn't help yourself? You're pretty weak willed when it
comes to me. Think I'm ever so cute, don't you? Cripes, I never had
such a bad crush on anyone. How does it feel? Being in love with me, I

"What can I say Jenny? I guess it feels like, in my eyes, you can do
nothing wrong. And that nothing will ever be good enough to be worthy
of you. And that I'd never deny you anything. And that..."

"Hey, that makes you my slave or something, doesn't it Mr. Andrews?"
Jenny giggled.

"No! Well, I suppose... Not exactly."

"Oh, well. Who cares. You wouldn't be much use to me anyway." Jenny
shrugged, giving me a smile and a knowing look that made her eyes

"You can wee on me now, if you want. I need to get this goo off me

"Are you sure, Jenny? You'll let me do that?"

"I said I would, didn't I? Just go ahead and pee on me. I won't mind,
honest. I'm not swallowing any, though, even if you did. But then you
fancy me, so I suppose it was like drinking my 'essence' or something.
Mum always talks about her 'essence'. Some New Age crap I think. Don't
think she means her pee, though."

Jenny chuckled distractedly, caught up in her own thoughts. She looked
absolutely, stunningly beautiful to me just then, her thoughts and
words wandering off on their own. She was easily distracted, that was

Rising to my feet, I grabbed my dick and aimed it at Jenny. I couldn't
quite manage to go, having a hard time peeing so soon after my orgasm,
but Jenny jumped in to help me.

"It's alright, Mr. Andrews. You can pee on me. Do it on my face and in
my hair. Wet my uniform. piss all over my panties."

Watching Jenny lewdly displaying her little bra-covered tits and
spreading her slim thighs to show me her wet cotton panties, I sighed
with a deep satisfaction and let go. My piss splashed against her
tummy, changing the colour of her blouse from white to yellow. Guiding
myself upwards I let my pee splash over her dainty little white bra
cups, watching her nipples harden under the wet fabric. Moving to her
upturned face I sprayed my hot, yellow pee on her little nose and
cheeks, further up into her hair, washing away my sperm and soaking it
until it hung flat. I tried to get her to open her mouth with the
force of my jetting pee, but she kept it resolutely closed while it
splashed against her soft lips. Moving closer to accommodate the
lessening force, I squirted my pee on her already soaked little
panties, mixing my piss with hers. The last of it soaked her little
knee socks, washing away the crusty remains of my earlier ejaculation.
Jenny looked as if she had just stepped out of the shower with all her
clothes still on. She spluttered and opened her eyes.

"Wow, Mr. Andrews. That was quite a display. You totally drenched my
uniform, you know. And my hair." Jenny twirled strands of her soaked
hair around her index finger. "Christ, I really, really need a shower.
Good thing we've got that clean uniform."

Jenny was on her feet in a second, undressing while jabbering on about
clothes and shopping, and how she hated the restrictions on school
clothing. She was in a whole other place than I was right now, still in
a haze after what had happened. Amazingly, Jenny was happy and
seemingly carefree. Her duty was done, and now the rest of the day
could be spent in the sofa munching crisps and watching TV. I remember
thinking she must have a lousy short-term memory, half suspecting she
must really be insane, letting me do this stuff to her.

I was amazed to realize that for all the sex I had had with Jenny,
this was actually the first time I got to see her completely naked.
She unclasped her skirt and revealed her sopping panties, the cotton
loose and wet after our frantic wetting session. She pulled them down,
and they landed on the tiles with a wet slap. Her pussy was beautiful.
Soft little pubic hairs barely covering her mound. She hadn't shaved,
there just wasn't much there yet, although her hips and butt were full
and round. Shrugging off her wet blouse, Jenny unclasped her bra. I
stared at her lovely little breasts, realizing I was embarrassing
Jenny when she turned her back to me. Although she was knock-kneed,
her slim little thighs still didn't touch each other. Bending over to
pull off her knee socks she unwittingly gave me a perfect view of her
taut bottom. Her tight little teen pussy peeked seductively out from
under the firm globes of her ass. The wet socks were difficult to pull
off, and she had a hard time keeping her balance.

I joined her in the shower, washing her back as she scrubbed clean.
She never touched me or paid any attention to my body, concentrating
on washing her hair, displaying those perfect little tits of hers to
me as she did. I wondered if they would ever grow bigger. I didn't
think so. I guessed they were more or less fully developed, just
small. I wished she understood how beautiful they were. If I hadn't
cum so many times already I would have stayed with her, feeling her up
and enjoying her incredible tight teenage body, but she took so long
washing that I left her in the shower to finish.

I cleaned the floor, tidying her clothes into a heap. I left to dress
and came back to help Jenny find her clean new school uniform. As she
stepped out from behind the shower curtain I saw her face and body
were flushed, and I was pretty sure she had got herself off in the
shower. I felt a bit guilty for having not given her pleasure, but
realized she probably didn't want me to either. The 'no touching' rule
may no longer have applied, but it was still plain she preferred me
not to mess with her. She didn't speak to me, and I left her alone to
dress. In the kitchen I made us lunch, serving Jenny a mushroom
omelet in front of the TV. Jenny seemed calm and happy, almost dozy
as she curled up in my sofa like a kitten, her face smooth and clean,
still rosy-cheeked from the shower. We talked a bit about things I
thought might interest her, but we kept mostly quiet, Jenny more
interested in the tv than conversation. She laughed from time to time
at the cartoons she was watching, and I just basked in the warm glow
of her company.

In the afternoon Jenny decided it was time to leave, surprising me
with a heart-warming hug on the way out.

"I realize you want to do other things, Mr. Andrews. I know I think
about that a lot when I fancy someone. You know, fucking and stuff.
I'm sorry I can't let you do that, but I'll try to think of something
for next time, okay? Maybe I could bring a friend or something? I'll
make sure Katherine doesn't know."

"It's you I really want, you know, Jenny."

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll think of something. I have some friends who
would probably jump at the opportunity to come here. A couple of the
girls you met the other day thought you were really handsome and all.
Don't tell anyone, but Sarah even does it with her teacher. He's
really kinky; Wants her on his desk all the time. Some of the other
girls aren't virgins either. One's a gymnast, you know. All flexible
and everything. She's not me, but it's better that getting no 'little
schoolgirl twat' at all, isn't it?" Jenny smiled.



"You teenage girls - you could take over the world, you know. If you
could be bothered."

"I suppose." Jenny shrugged, her eyes staring vacantly at the door.



Written by Ossified
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