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WANTON cum still attaching him


Wanton by Alden Bradley Copyright January 2002

My wife looked into my eyes.

"This is exploitation," she groaned.

"Some would say so," I agreed. I cradled her shoulders and head in my

"You're using me for your pleasure," she whispered.

"And yours," I reminded her. "Isn't it pleasurable?"

"I never knew it could be like this," she admitted. "I thought you'd be
insanely jealous."

I looked lovingly into her face, saw the strain, and held her more

"Is he making you come?" I asked.

"Oh," she gasped. "Oh, my! Yes! Yes, I'm cumming!"

Pauline's face grimaced. Her muscles tightened and her gorgeous, full
lips made a thin, tight line. She opened her mouth and gasped.

"Oh, baby!" she wailed. "Hold me, please. Hold me!"

I held her tightly until the spasm passed.

Richard knelt next to the bed where I held Pauline, my wife of twelve
years. His head was buried between Paulie's thighs as he licked and sucked on her soaking love nest.

"He's going to want to fuck me, isn't he?" she asked, a touch of concern
in her voice.

"I wouldn't doubt it," I confirmed.

"Would you hate me?" she asked. "If I let him, I mean?"

"I think it would be terribly rude to refuse him, don't you?" I replied.
"I mean, he's done so much to get you ready. Do you really want to refuse

"Oh, no. Oh, Baby! I want him to. But, I want you to love me. Oh,
Baby!" she wailed.

"What does it feel like, hon?" I asked.

"Oh, baby, it feels so good. It's like this wet, warm, worm-like thing
just wiggling around down there, making me all jittery and, unh! Oh, babe,
I'm going to cum again. Hold me!"

I held her. Once again, she tightened up, then gasped, taking three or
four deep breaths, tightening, then gasping again.

"Oh, baby! That feels so good!" Paulie stammered out, breathlessly.

"I love watching your face when you come," I told her.

"I feel like such a whore," she said. "I can't, unh! Oh, man! I can't
believe all I want to do is fuck right now. I mean, I don't give a shit
about anything else. I just want to fuck! Unh!"

"What's happening?" I asked her.

"Everytime his tongue, Oh! Damn! Every time he tongues my clit, ow!
It sends like a shock through me. Oh! Then he sticks it inside, and, oh,
Baby! Oh! Like that! And, I just want more!"

"I love you, baby," I said.

Paulie looked at me, her eyes fixing for a second, then closing. "I
can't believe you're letting him eat my pussy like this," she said, her
voice coming in a hoarse, staccato whisper. "I can't believe you're
actually letting him make me cum like this!"

"It's good, though, isn't it?" I asked.

"Oh! Yeah, baby. It's good!" she replied. "I would have kept myself
for you, if you wanted."

"It's okay," I reassured her. "This is wonderful for me. I love seeing
you like this."

"Richard!" my wife hollered. "Enough!"

Richard lifted his head. His lips and chin were shiny with the juices
he'd created.

"Inside me," she whispered, hoarsely. "Get him inside me."

Richard looked at me. My friend since college, Richard was a well-built
guy, just under six feet, dark hair, dark eyes and a gentle manner.

"It's okay," I told him. "Give her what she wants."

Richard stood. His eight-inch dong was pointing directly at my wife's
sopping love hole. He stepped closer to the bed, took his meat in his hand
and slid the knob up and down her slit.

"Quit fucking around," she whispered. "Inside."

Richard edged closer and his cock slid easily inside my steaming wife.

"Oh, yeah!" she whimpered. "Hard, and hot. Push it in."

Richard complied. Paulie bucked her hips upward and grabbed my arm in a
death grip.

"Kneel above my head, David," she ordered, "and hold my wrists down. I
want to feel totally helpless." I shifted around and knelt above her. I
pulled her arms over her head and pinned her wrists to the bed.

"Good," Paulie said. "Now. Fuck me, Richard. Fuck me while my husband
holds me down for you."

Richard hitched Paulie's legs over his shoulders. He began a slow
rhythm of in and out. Paulie groaned and whimpered. She tossed her head
from side to side, blew out great gasps of air, and moaned for him to fuck

Richard's rod glistened with her juices every time he withdrew. Paulie
humped her hips trying to get him back inside her. Richard teased her,
withdrawing, then waiting until she humped. Then he drove back inside her
with smooth power.

"Oh, Davey!" Paulie screamed. "I can't help it! I'm cumming!"

"Cum for me, baby," I whispered into her ear, then pulled back to watch
her face.

Richard had settled now into an even stroke, no longer teasing her, but
driving into her, then withdrawing, driving in and withdrawing.

Paulie clamped her ankles behind his neck. I saw her thigh muscles
tighten her grip. Again, her face went tight, her lips a thin line. This
time she cried out when she gasped.

"Oh, Fuck!" she cried. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!"

Richard grunted. "You are so tight!" he exclaimed. I knew from
experience he was feeling Paulie's cunt squeeze on him in her orgasm. He
forced himself against the pressure and slid fully inside her.

"Oh, damn!" she screamed. "Keep fucking me!"

He pulled out and forced his way back in.

"Davey, I can feel him," Paulie wailed. "He's so big inside me!"

"You love it, don't you?" I told her.

"Oh, yes, baby! Oh, yes! I love it! I love it when he fucks me!" she

"Me, too, Paulie," I told her. "I love the way you look when he fucks

Richard's rhythm increased in tempo. "I'm close," he warned.

"Where, baby?" I asked Paulie. "You want him to come on your belly? On
your tits? Where?"

"Oh, fuck, no!" she screamed. "Inside me. I want to feel his hot cum inside me!"

"You sure?" Richard asked, his voice strained.

"Go ahead," I told him. "Whatever she wants."

He pumped her about three more times. Then his jaw got tight. He
grabbed her thighs, drove into her depths and grunted heavily.

"Oh, Baby!" Paulie bellowed. "I feel it. I feel that hot juice up in
me! Oh, shit!"

Paulie strained against Richard's pressure. Her voice made a stifled
grunting sound that went on for seconds. She came again as Richard pumped
her cunt full of his steaming, creamy love juice.

Pauline went limp and started panting and gasping. Richard released her
thighs and eased himself out of her. He backed away from the bed, a string
of his cum still attaching him to my wife's swollen, soaked quim.

"Oh, baby," Paulie panted. "I never knew. Damn!"

Richard found a towel on the side table. He dabbed at himself
carelessly, then tucked it under Paulie's thighs and ass.

"You're leaking," he told her.

"You can let go, now," Paulie told me. I released her wrists.

She grabbed the end of the towel and formed a rudimentary diaper.

"That, gentlemen," Paulie said, her breath still coming in somewhat
ragged gasps, "was one hell of a fuck."

"So, you liked it," I stated, rather than asked.

"Oh, yeah!" she affirmed.

"And, you won't be afraid to do it again?" This time I asked.

"I guess that's up to you," she said.

"Richard?" I asked.

"Fine with me," he said.

"Excellent," I told them.

"Just tell me something, though," Paulie said. "What do you get out of

"Me?" I asked. She nodded. "I get to watch. I get to see you,
uninhibited, screwing for the sake of screwing. You are totally free. You
have no investment in Richard, so you don't have to hold back. You don't
have to worry that he won't respect you, because I do and I'm the one you
go home with. I get to see all your passion unleashed. And, quite
frankly, I love that."

"And you don't think I'm that way with you?" she asked.

"Two things. There is the possibility that you're not. That's because
you want me to have feelings for you beyond lust. You might be afraid I
won't love you if you show me the wanton, unrestrained side of you; that I
won't respect you anymore. The second reason is that when I'm involved in
the process, I don't get to enjoy it as much. My own participation dulls
my perception. When I watch, I get to fully absorb all the elements in
your arousal."

"You know, I love you," Paulie told me, "and I've tried to be a good

"You are a superb wife," I confirmed for her. "Still the fact remains,
you have never said you wanted me to fuck you. I heard you say that and
more this afternoon, and that proves you've got a wanton bitch inside you
that you've been afraid to let out."

"So, if I do that with you does that mean I can't have Richard anymore?"
she asked.

I laughed. "No. As far as I'm concerned, you can have Richard whenever
you want. The only condition is that I get to watch."

"And, I can do anything with him I want?" Paulie pressed.

"Anything and everything," I consented, "as long as he's willing?"

"Are you up for it?" Pauline asked Richard. "You want to be my sex

"Whenever and wherever," Richard smiled at her.

"Later," Paulie told him. "Right now I've got something else to attend
to. Would you excuse us?"

"Sure," Richard said. "I'll go make myself a drink. We'll see you two
later." He gathered his clothing and walked out the door to our bedroom,
closing the door quietly behind him.

Paulie turned to me. "Thank you for this," she said. "But, I'm afraid
you've unleashed a tiger."

"That's okay, Paulie," I said. "I think I can handle it."

"Good," she said, rolling over on her elbows and knees, "because right
now, I'd want you to fuck my cum-filled cunt. You think you can handle

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