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WATCHER stretch the unbelieveable size that


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Unwilling Voyeur

They didn't look impressive laying on the macadam in the
burger joint's parking lot. And my only regret is not waiting a little
longer to pump the fatal shots into them. The smaller one, Brian they
said, was just beginning to beg and whine when I put the last slug into
his brain.
I know I will have a long time to ponder the pros and cons of
my vengance, but I didn't come here to seek absolution. I don't defend
what I did. I understand that there must be a legal system to keep
society from slipping into anarchy, but it felt so much like justice and
not mere law as my finger pulled the trigger.
But I am not here to condone my acts. I came to tell my story so you might at least understand why I acted.
I thought they were Brie's friends at first. Neither was wearing a
sign saying: 'I'm a violent and dangerous sociopath'. I called to her to
tell her that her friends were there as I opened the door to let them in.
Then the little bastards jumped me. It was a highly polished
manuver, knocking me off-balance, pinning my arms and clicking the
handcuffs on my wrists. They were just looking up from their capture
when Brie came down the stairs. She took one look, screamed and ran
back up the stairs. The big one, Jason, took off after her.
There was no place to run upstairs and she didn't have time to
hide. It was a short pursuit before Jason came down with her. Her
hands were bound behind her back and he was dragging her along by
the back of her neck.
Whatever we were screaming, begging, asking went unnoticed
as they ignored us totally and talked between themselves. I was to
have the place of honor, according to them. They ripped open my
blouse and pushed my bra out of the way. They took off my skirt,
pantyhose and panties and stuffed the panties in my mouth and secured
them with duct tape. Then they taped my neck to the back of the
recliner and had me hostage.
I don't recall much of the conversation, but one thing Jason said
stuck in my mind like a knife.
"Be careful," he told Brian as they were tying a naked Brie over
the couch, "She's decided to act like she doesn't like it today."
Then they taunted me. They thrust their erect penises in my face
and told me how my daughter was going to get them, how she liked
them and how much she wanted them to fuck her until they couldn't
fuck her anymore. They laughed when even their unwanted attention
made my nipples come erect while they explored my helpless body.
I was not aroused, trust me on that. On the other hand, I would
have been Mata Hari herself if I thought I could persuade them to use
me instead of my child. But an 'old' woman wasn't on their menu. They
just wanted me as a witness to their atrocities.
Jason at least spit on his fingers and rubbed them on her labia
before he pushed his penis into her. Brie didn't sound like she was only
pretending not to like it. For a rapist, Jason seemed to have a lot of
self-control. Or maybe it was that he derived as much pleasure from my
anguished protests as he did from raping Brie.
He finally finished in a flourish of rape-style thrusts, fucking her
with no restraint. He plowed into her with a butt-bruising force that he
could only achieve because he was wielding an unrestrained member
and ramming it into a restrained victim.
Jason was looking longingly at me as Brian stepped up and
fucked Brie rapidly and efficiently. I think he wanted to shove his slimy
penis in my mouth, but he didn't want to take off the tape. Or maybe he
was getting off on the despair in my eyes as I watched Brie being raped
He decided he was brave enough to put his spent member in
Brie's mouth when his accomplice was done raping her. But first he
slapped her across the face hard enough to leave the red imprint of his
hand across her cheek. He told her she had no concept of how badly
they could hurt her if she tried to hurt them. Then he joked that she was
better off doing a good job because they would be sooner exhausted
and leave her alone as he pushed his penis into Brie's mouth.
I don't know if she was co-operating or not. He was cruel
enough to threaten her with scraping out her womb with a hot spoon
even if she was giving him the best blow job ever. Perhaps her
trembling as he threatened to shove hot forks into her breasts made her
mouth feel better on his organ.
But it was Brie and Brie alone that they wished to hurt. They
threatened her with horrible torture and they threatened me with being
forced to watch her horrible torture. As Jason was restoring his
erection in Brie's mouth, Brian toyed with my body, but it was clear he
had no designs on my less than firm flesh. I think he delighted in my
own discomfort as he rudely probed and groped my helpless nudity.
"Now look what we overlooked the first time," Jason snapped
me out of my self-pity with his gloating, "I'm gonna pop that little pink
asshole. Mmmmm, it looks so tight and virgin."
Brie was begging him most piteously not to as he knelt behind
her helpless bottom with his hard cock in his hand. I didn't for a second
believe they would grant her any grace. Nevertheless, I was
disbelieving at the furor and shocked at the success Jason had forcing
her sphincter to stretch to the unbelieveable size that let him enter.
Brie believed. She begged just for mercy. She had nothing to
offer that they could not take and wasn't bargaining- only begging.
Jason liked that. It made him toy with her. He rocked against her in
little surges meant to drive home her helplessness rather than his cock.
He tired of the game quickly, however, and really rocked into
her with the intent of burying his cock in her rectum. Brie was reduced
to No! and Please! as he hammered his cock home like an oversized
nail piercing her ass. I could not beleive he could make it fit. I begged
him to stop for my daughter's sake. Then Brian decided to help me
As Jason buggered my daughter before my eyes, Brian rammed
two fingers up my own butthole. That was a bad choice. I was only
confined, not helpless. I kicked at him with my feet and landed a good
one over his eye. He rolled away from me cursing and promised me I'd
be sorry I did that.
I braced for his retribution, but he only waited while I watched
Jason finally force all his cock into Brie's asshole and start to brutally
ass-fuck her. She screamed until she was hoarse as that log ripped at
the tender flesh. I could see the blood mixing with other things as her
anus was torn by his unyielding plunging in and out of its
over-expanded grip.
She was not handling it. At no point did the sphincter adjust to
his girth. It pulled out obscenely, cone-shaped, as he pulled back and
dimpled in deeply as he thrust his cock back into her bowels. And it
brought her screaming pain each time it raked through the abused
sphincter. Then he was fucking her too fast for her to scream with each
new agony. I watched as he buried himself in her ass until his balls
bounced and then pulled out to thrust into her asshole again and again.
It felt like my heart was being twisted as I witnessed this brutal assault
and guessed at the overwhelming pain that Brie was suffering.
It looked like that made Jason enjoy it all the more. He was
theatrical about slamming into her with throbbing stabs as he came in
her ass. He trembled and shook even as he was delivering the last brutal
thrusts and I knew he was pouring out the load of his life up my poor
daughter's butt. He paused for a moment and Brian tried to hurry him.
"Come on- if you're done, I've got a little present from
mommy," Brian snarled, looking directly at me.
He was holding a leather belt doubled and he waited for Jason
to clear, but just before he slapped it down on Brie's tortured butt. He
left a bright red weal the width of the belt and raised his arm to strike
Brie could only manage a hoarse bark at the pain and Brian
took great pleasure in telling her why he was whipping her with a belt.
"Say thanks to mommy for this," he said as he hit her again,
"She must like to see you hurt for her to be so self-protective."
"It's her fault you have to suffer," he said as another blow
landed with a particularly nasty crack, "Id' really be mad if I were you."
He made his point with a criss-cross of welts on my daughter's
backside and then he dropped the belt in glee. The exercise had given
him a steely hard-on and he wasted no more time getting behind Brie
and taking her with one thrust.
It was no less upsetting to watch him flex and withdraw as he
pumped his cock into Brie's torn ass. It was just less of a shock to see
that people could sink to that level of animal behavior with another
human being. I still felt for her as he ravaged her already ravaged
asshole. There was the humiliation and shock that would be setting in
with the pain. She was a helpless toy learning in a most painful way
what helpless really meant.
I guess I had given up on her immediate rescue, I was already in
the soothing mother role, waiting my opportunity to erase the shame
and pain the best I could. I had already come to terms with what
helpless meant.
Brie was a lot stronger than I thought. The physical trauma of
er torn and bleeding, red, whipped ass far outweighed any
psychological damage. She wasn't shamed, she was just as angry as I
was. But she needed some attention and the ususal tests. That gave me
the chance to go looking for them.
I wasn't hysterical. I remember feeling strangely calm. I didn't
have anything to think about. It was very simple. I would drive around
until I found them and then I would shoot both of them dead. I
remember feeling relieved when I finally found them at the burger joint.
I guess rape is hungry work. It meant my mission was almost over.
They were coming out when I walked up. I would have gone
inside if I had needed to. And then I shot them. Dead. They didn't look
impressive laying on the macadam in the burger joint's parking lot.


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