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WEEKEND thick veins down the side Just



The tale I'm about to recount is a mixture of fantasy and reality. But
first a little background. Debbie and I have been married for 15 years but
we are still only in our 30s. during our lovemaking we often fantasise and
turn ourselves on by telling each other about them. The fantasies become
more and more explicit and adventurous the more aroused we become. The
most frequent fantasy is having rampant sex with a group. This is
something we would never do but the action in the story that follows
includes lots of things we have done together and lots we have fantasised
about. You'll have to imagine which is which. I will refer to "the old man" throughout. It's the name Debbie uses to describe my cock - prone to
getting stiff, a bit crooked and dribbles a lot!

Debbie is a voluptuous and sensual woman who adores oral sex, she likes
little better than my tongue on her clit, lapping away at her musky juices.
She particularly loves straddling my face so my tongue penetrates deeply
within her juicy pussy, suckling her delicious nectar.

About a month or so ago we were invited by Michael and Susan to a very
special weekend party with a group of their friends who we hadn't met
before. Michael is ridiculously wealthy and has by far the biggest house
in town. Their parties are famous, they are carefully planned orgies. As
soon as the invitation arrives we could hardly wait. Michael is a big man,
about 6 and a half feet tall, and shows the effects of years of
body-building. Susan, is stunning, blonde, about 5'6" tall and has a
figure that women would die for and that men drool over - all curves in the
right places and a mouth surrounded by the most luscious lips that any hot
blooded male would relish around their cocks.

It was Saturday morning and I awoke with the old man particularly jumpy.
He always is when he knows he is going to get laid and he certainly would
at the party starting that evening. I inhaled deeply and Debbie's musky
aroma filled my nostrils, we had made love for hours last night in
anticipation of the party. Debbie had made me promise one thing before we
went to sleep, and that was if she kept my hot spunk inside her pussy all
night then would I wake her in her favourite way - with my hard cock
sliding into he slushy pussy from behind. She smelt wonderfully juicy and

That scent always got me going and the old man was bone hard and
dribbling as usual. I turned onto my side and slipped my steaming cock
straight into my lovers dripping pussy with a delightful squelch - I had
come like a geyser the night before. Debbie let out a soft groan of
pleasure as pussy grasped the old man tightly, pulling me in. Soon Debbie
was fully awake and telling me of her hopes for the night ahead. Her pussy was so wet that in only a short while the whole of her ass was awash with a
heady mixture of spunk and juice. She told me that she wanted to try six
cocks at once for the first time at the party. She had often fantasised
about this but she was finally to get her wish.

I was sorely tempted to fuck her slick ass that morning, it was so
slippery but she made me promise not to. By this stage the old man was
uncontrollably excited and as I felt Debbie's juicy cunt spasm in orgasm
around me I exploded, filling that gorgeous, already overflowing pussy with
jet after jet of hot spunk. This weekend was going to be something

We went shopping to buy some sexy clothes to wear at the party, it
turned out a bit of a waste of money as they didn't stay on very long, but
it always turns us on the buy erotic clothes for each other. Debbie wanted
me to shave pussy before we left. I always do it, she reckons that I can
better see what I am doing. Today she wanted every trace of hair removing
so that she would feel every thrust, and every vein of any cock which found
its way in there. I also shaved my balls, there is nothing more sensual
than the feel of silky smooth pussy lips and balls sliding against each
other when coated in love juices!

We both showered to ensure that we were fresh for the evening ahead.
The party was due to start at 7.00. Michael's parties always started early
we had learnt - nothing was to be rushed. Debbie looked incredibly sexy
once she was dressed. She had bought a long dress in dark red velvet with
a neckline that plunged right down to where the top of her pubes would have
been. The result was that the twin globes of her breasts were clearly
visible and they moved deliciously together as she moved. She also had
silk French knickers on as she loved the feel of the sheer material against
her smooth pussy lips. The outfit was completed by silk stockings and 4"
stilettos. She looked really classy. I simply dressed in a black dinner
suit although I also wore silk boxers.

When we arrived at Michael's house we were greeted at the door by his
butler, George, and shown into the dining room where the other guests were
already enjoying pre-dinner cocktails. All were classily dressed and the
women all wore sexy outfits although they were clearly expensive. The air
was warm and it appeared to all the world as if this was a conventional
dinner party. The only thing that appeared different was that there was a
stage to the side of the dining room hidden behind a curtain. This was for
the post dinner entertainment which Michael assured us would set the scene
for the festivities ahead.

There were 12 couples in total invited for the party and there were
gasps when the servants brought in the first course. The girls were
dressed in black silk French maid's dresses and the waiters wore only black
silk boxers and bow ties. They were all young and clearly part of the
evening's entertainment!

As they moved amongst the guests Michael set the ball in motion by
sliding his hand up one of the girl's dresses and smiled in satisfaction.
He raised the hem to show his guests that she wore nothing underneath and
her pussy was smoothly shaven. He slipped his right index finger between
her pussy lips and the girl squirmed in delight. When his finger emerged
it glistened with juice! As the dinner progressed I had a good feel of the
girls and found them all aroused and wet with anticipation. Debbie was not
left out either, she had her hand round the stiff cocks of all the waiters
who served her and soon her hand was slippery with pre-come.

At the end of dinner Michael clapped his hand and the stage was
revealed. Suspended from the ceiling was a system of pulleys which
supported a padded platform beneath. We were intrigued at not a little
excited by what may follow. The lights were dimmed and spot lights shone
on the stage. Gasps from the assembled guests greeted the start of the
show. Two men and a woman, all naked, appeared from the back of the stage.
One guy had a huge cock, far bigger than mine. A good 9 inches long and 2
inches thick, thickly veined and with a threatening, dark purple crown and
it swayed heavily as he walked to one end of the suspended platform. The
other guy was quite different and in stark contrast his cock was small,
probably no more than 4 and a half inches long. The girl was amazing. She
had waist length red hair, shaven pussy, and tits as big as melons.

She laid herself on the platform and drew her legs up so far that she
was bent double with her feet either side of her head. She was now between
the two guys and we realised that she now precisely fitted the platform
except that her head hung down over the end. Big dick stood with his cock
pointing at her slick lips whilst his partner in crime stood with his cock
poised above her mouth. Big dick reached up and pulled on a pulley above
his head. The platform immediately started towards him, the bulbous crown
of his cock nudged the girl's puffy cunt. The other guy now reached up and
pulled a pulley. The platform swayed the other way so that his cock slid
an inch or so between the red head's open lips. At once she closed her
lips around his cock.

Big dick now pulled his pulley again. This time more firmly and his
cock now prised its way inside the gaping slit in front of him. The guys alternated in this way until the girl was swinging freely back and forth,
alternately impaled on one huge meaty cock at one end and her mouth filled
at the other. I could see why the guy in her mouth had been chosen, his
cock went all the way into her throat without making her gag.

As this was going on I noticed that Debbie, whilst watching the show,
had her hand in the guest's trousers to her right, moving rhythmically up
and down. I reached my hand across and slid it up her leg. She moaned
softly at my familiar touch. I reached the top of her legs and felt the
heat of her pussy against my hand. I slipped a finger inside the leg of
her silk knickers, feeling for the source of the heat. She was oozing
juice, clearly aroused by the show. At that point I felt a movement under
the table by my feet and a hand drawing down my flies. Almost immediately
I felt cool air around the old man and then a warm mouth around his crown.
The invisible mouth was soon lapping up the old man's dribble, making my
balls ache to come.

The show was reaching its climax. The girl was moving rapidly between
her two impalers, moaning in pleasure. Suddenly the guys shouted and let
go the pulleys so that the girl swung free. Both guys shot their cum simultaneously. Without touching their cocks, using only their pelvic
muscles they shot jet after jet of creamy cum over the girl. So strong
were the jets that big dick's cum missed the redhead's body and jetted into
her mouth whilst the other guy's cum went the other way, splashing all over
her pussy. There was applause from the guests at this amazing sight! The
girl now brought her legs down and stood up, cum dripping from her chin
onto her huge tits and from her pussy it slid down her legs. She moved
over to one of the girls seated to my left and offered her cum spattered
tits to her. She immediately licked them clean for her. This was to much
for the old man who promptly exploded into the warm mouth around his crown.
The made emerged from under the table with a smirk on her face , and the
first of my cum dripping from her chin.

The room smelt of raw musk, apart from Debbie's distinctive love juice
the air was filled with the smell of dozens of aroused cunts and cocks,
aching for some action of their own. Michael stood up, his own arousal
obvious as his pole distended the front of his trousers. He invited his
guests to accompany him to the "games" room, accompanied by the servants
who were to provide anything that his guests requested. We all hurriedly
got up and followed him, the men feeling distinctly uncomfortable with
raging hard-ons being confined by their clothes - this was about to change!

The games room was Michael and Susan's ballroom which was huge. Dotted
around the room were numerous beds and to one side was a bar area with
comfy chairs. There was a table bedecked with every sex toy you could
imagine from dildos of all sizes, to butt plugs and other kit I had never
seen before. There was a sudden gasp from Debbie when she spotted one
particular piece of apparatus. It was a large leather saddle, complete
with stirrups. Built into the seat was an enormous two-piece dildo. The
phallus was good for 10 inches long and over 2 inches across, with a larger
than life crown and thick veins down the side. Just to its rear was a
smaller version, at just the perfect angle for its user's double

Debbie loved horseriding so the thought of combining the two really got
her juices going but she said that she would need a thorough fucking before
attempting that monster. Looking around us clothes were rapidly
disappearing, including ours - I love the feeling of love juices on the
skin but not all over my clothes!

By now the cum was beginning to flow. Since I had only just shot my
load I thought I would take a seat in the bar for a while and enjoy the
sight of Debbie being thoroughly fucked. Debbie likes to build her orgasms
progressively so I wasn't surprised to see that she had her eye on just one
man to start with. She looked at me as if asking for approval and I just
smiled as she reached out with her hand and took one of the servant's meaty
cocks in her hand and lead him straight to one of the waiting beds. She
just bent over the side and showed him her dripping slit. He didn't need
much more of an invitation and plunged his not inconsiderable length deep
inside her slippery cunt. Debbie lay her head on its side and looked at me
with lust written all over her face. Soon she was writhing her hips back
against the hard rod inside her, maximising the penetration. The
excitement so far had been such that her cock couldn't have lasted and it
didn't. With a grunt her man let go, flooding her demanding pussy with a
nourishing portion of cum.

Debbie came over to join me, grinning like a Cheshire cat. She had
creamy cum oozing from her engorged gash and that got the old man interested in some more action. While Debbie ambled up to the choice of
dildo, shoving one deep inside her now well-lubricated cunt, I found Susan
who I had always fancied. She was already busying herself with a meaty
cock in her mouth, her gorgeous ass pointing straight at me. I couldn't
resist this. I moved quietly behind her as I wanted her to feel the tip of
the old man between her cunty flaps before she was aware of my presence.

I felt her jump with surprise, and then groan in pleasure as my cock
nudged at her lips. Now I was the one surprised. She had the smallest
cunt opening I have every had the pleasure of. I was pleased that the old man dribbled so much as the lubrication was useful. As I pushed firmed
forward I could feel every slippery surface of the inside of Susan's juicy
cunt until I was completely enveloped in her warm flesh. The feeling was
incredible. We started a steady rhythm with each of my thrusts being met
with an equal response. The guy she was sucking must have had the benefit
of this as Susan was now deep throating him with every stroke. I could
feel my ball tighten as the inevitable approached.

Susan pushed me back asking me to let her feel my hot come over her ass
and back, and so that the other guy could cover her face and tits with his.
My timing wasn't perfect and my first hot jet hit her cervix before I was
able to pull out of her pussy's vice like grip. After that she was
showered by jet after jet, covering her back and trickling down over her
ass hole and pussy below. She looked incredible. Michael caught my eye,
and smiled - obviously very proud of his horny wife.

I fancied some ass after that and went to find Debbie. I wanted to
watch her being double fucked whilst I did the same next to her. It didn't
take us long to find the right people and soon enough I had my cock being
devoured by a hot ass whilst feeling another guy's cock only a membrane
away. Debbie looked ecstatic. She loved being stretched but this was
perfect and she was groaning steadily encouraging the two men inside her to
fuck her hard and deep. She was coming almost continuously now and this
caused her two fuckers to cum. She now had an ass full of hot cum as well
as a pussy now brim-full of creamy spunk.. I shot my latest load into the
ass in front of me and we returned to the bar to rest.

Whilst we enjoyed a drink a pretty barmaid next between us alternately
licking the old man clean, and lapping the copious amounts of cum from
Debbie gaping hole. I suggested that it was time for Debbie to live out
the fantasy she had conjured up in her mind as we made love the night
before - six.

This would take some doing! Michael's pulley system might prove useful
I thought so I wandered back into the dining room passing numerous fucking
couples and groups along the way. The stage was still there so I found
Debbie and we went in search of her six. We found a group of servants
relaxing in the bar and made the suggestion. They agreed excitedly and
they followed us to the dining room, Debbie leading two of them by their,
by now, throbbing cocks. We suspended Debbie from the pulleys under he
knees so that her feet were held apart revealing her well lubricated, cum dripping pussy lips. We also ensured that both her hands were free. One
servant stood in front of her and one behind and two stood on the stage in
front of her so that their cocks swayed in front of her face whilst the
remaining two stood by her sides.

Debbie looked as if in a trance at what would follow. I pulled some of
the pulleys and soon discovered that I would raise Debbie up and down. I
slowly lowered her down until the two cocks below her started to nudge into
her. She gasped as she felt her ass being stretched and she wriggled
forwards so that her other cock slid into her aching cunt. I then started
to raise and lower the pulleys so that her twinly impaled body started to
fuck in earnest. I instructed the two men at her face to offer Debbie
their meat. Debbie gagged slightly but was soon able to accommodate the
two cocks in her mouth at the same time. She started moaning with intense
pleasure as another powerful orgasm gripped her horny body. Finally she
grasped the two remaining cocks in her hand and started to jack them off.
Susan appeared in the dining room, curious about the noises coming from it.
She stood transfixed for a moment before coming over to us and kneeling
before me, taking the old man into her waiting mouth.

As I increased the speed of the pulleys the guys fucking Debbie's mouth
increased the speed of their alternating thrusts and Debbie's hands almost
disappeared into a blur. The cock in her left hand erupted stream after
stream of hot cum all over arm and tits. This triggered the rest. Soon
Debbie had hot cum streaming from her lips as she struggled to swallow and
had cum all over her body. I raised her up, releasing the spent servants'
cocks from her well fucked ass and pussy. She struggled to stand as her
legs were weak but the look of satisfaction on her face said it all! At
this sight the old man exploded, filling Susan's hungry throat with a load
of the old man's finest.

We returned to the bar to freshen up. Debbie looked incredible as her
whole body appeared to be cum spattered, it was oozing from every hole.
Debbie said that at last, she felt open and relaxed enough to take on the
monster phallus we had spotted earlier. She said that all the cum she had
held inside her would assist entry.

We found one of the waitresses to help us raise Debbie onto the saddle.
She groaned in lust when she saw it. It had obviously been well used
during the evening as it was dripping with juice. We helped Debbie to
climb onto the saddle using the stirrups until she stood over the huge
phallus and its smaller neighbour. Slowly she lowered herself down and
gasped as she felt the huge crown distend her cunt lips to their very
limits. I had never seen her stretched like this before and I'm sure she
would never have managed it if she hadn't been so soundly fucked already.
Once the crown was in place she continued downwards, allowing the smaller
phallus to slip easily into her slippery ass.

The waitress smiled, knowingly, at me and lent over the front of the
saddle to stroke Debbie's engorged nipples. A she did so the old man found
his way into the pretty girl's naked pussy. The girl leant forward again
and flicked a switch. Debbie gasped with surprise as the saddle moved
beneath her. Michael had installed an electric motor. Immediately the
saddle jolted upwards, completely impaling Debbie on the twin phalluses.
She was beside herself with lust. Never before had she had anything so
large stretching her horny body and she was soon in a state of almost
continuous orgasm, her eyes tightly closed as she struggled to retain her

The old man spent another load deep into the maid's hot pussy. We then
helped Debbie of her steed and she threw her arms around me, spreading the
cum which coated her skin all over me as well. We thanked the maid for her
help as she padded off, my own cum dripping from her sticky pussy, and
dribbling down the inside of her legs as she walked.

We decided to call it a night at that point, deciding to save our
remaining energies for whatever Michael had planned for the following day.
We found our room and collapsed, exhausted onto the bed.

I'll tell you what happened in the morning, the next time I write.



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