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WHAT lesbian sir definitely not Uh sir



Title: What! Author: XS Gravity (


"What?" Kally said, her ears still burning from the words Dr. Grimsly
had spoken to her only moments before.

Dr. Grimsly, her mentor, repeated them in an even and amiable tone with
his trademark crisp British accent. "Kally, you have disappointed me, and
almost killed that poor patient by not paying attention to proper
technique. You will lower your scrub pants now and bend over my knee so I
can administer a thorough spanking on your bum!"

Kally stood there frozen. "This was certainly sexual harassment," she
thought, "and I could get him in a lot of trouble." She felt bad enough
about misreading that cardiogram, but now the Chief of Medicine wanted to
spank her like some bad child. This was just too much too take. She
wanted to walk out right there and then, but she knew it would mean the end
of her brief post-graduate medical career at the University she had tried
so hard to get into and had sacrificed so much along the way, including any
semblance of a social life. She didn't want to just get along, she wanted
to excel, and a small voice in the back of her head told her that wouldn't
happen unless she assented. Besides she was feeling so guilty about not
recognizing the heart attack in that patient that she believed she deserved
it. She stood shocked and transfixed and all these thoughts were running
through her head, but there was a strange tingling in the pit of her
stomach, one that never happened in all her 25 years, and in the end it was
the tingling that won out, as she slowly untied her scrub bottoms and let
them drop in a heap on the floor. She was glad he didn't mention anything
about taking her panties down. It would at least afford her some
protection from embarrassment, but probably little from the pain.

"I've seen your problem many times Doctor," Grimsly said with a sneer.
"All work and no play, all books and no real life, all theory and no
practice. And believe me, I have just the cure," he finished as he toppled
the now shocked girl over his knee, and locked her outside arm behind her

"Now, as to comportment during punishment. You will keep your legs
slightly apart. I do not want you to clench your ass cheeks together. You
will be as accepting of this punishment as you will be the knowledge of my
lectures." He brought his hand down hard on her once virgin posterior,
which made her yelp. She had never experienced a spanking before, but she
knew she was about to get a very thorough working over. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP,
SLAP. Kally felt a stinging slowly building up in her bum from the steady
but not too vicious slaps. "Oh, he's just trying to teach me a little
symbolic lesson," she thought to herself. "I'll let him get his jollies,
the dirty old man, then take a picture of my bum, and blackmail him for the
rest of the year." The slaps suddenly stopped. Kally, just froze,
expecting the next slap at any time. She relaxed on his knee.

"You handled yourself quite well, young doctor, but this is just the
beginning." With that he jerked down her panties with one fluid motion with
his free hand.

"No way!" She yelled.

"Yes, way," he answered sarcastically, and began raining down even
harder slaps. Kally was mortified from the exposure and embarrassment, and
started to cry from the increasing pain. "You are tensing dear." She heard
through the slaps. "Relax your bum, and when I am satisfied of your
compliance, I will stop." She was quite helpless and it took all the
willpower she possessed to relax her cheeks, but she did, and she only
heard the slapping and to her surprise a low moan emanating from her lips,
as she accepted her fate and felt that nervous jumble in the pit of her
stomach start descending to her groin. He stopped suddenly, and made her
stand in front of him.

Kally looked quite the site in her scrub tops, and panties and scrub
bottoms bunched around her ankles. So many conflicting thoughts were
racing through her head at once. She wanted to run away, wanted to
blackmail him, wanted to report him, but she stood frozen with her hands
folded in front of her in an effort to hide her triangle of black pubic

"Kally, I'll just ask you once and only once," he looked up at her. "Do
you assent to my tutelage?" She knew he meant everything he had in store
for her, not just medical tutelage. And in the end amidst the jumble of
all her emotions, it was the butterfly feeling deep in her stomach that now
resided solidly in her loins, a feeling she had never experienced before, a
feeling that she had denied was ever there, a feeling that she now
surrendered to. She stood transfixed as he told her to remove her scrub
top and bra, and her hands slowly moved to obey, not even caring about her
neatly trimmed triangle of fur hiding her most secret place. She now
exposed her small and firm breasts to his gaze as her top and bra dropped
to the floor. He nipples stood straight out at attention. "Now put your
hands behind your head," he continued and she obeyed once more. He ran his
right hand gently and slowly over her chest and breasts, gently down her
belly, and over her mound, then down her thighs. He didn't invade
anywhere, he didn't tweak her nipples, he just ever so lightly maintained a
surface touch. He bade her turn around, and he repeated the same with her
back, bum, and thighs. She then turned again to face him. "Kally, after a
period of standing in the corner, I will bring you over to my examination
table and shave you bare which is the way you will keep yourself as a sign
of obeying my will. Do you agree to this as well as whatever else I
believe is necessary to complete your education, tonight and as long as you
remain under my guidance?"

Her heart now jumped a few more notches. Shaved? She hadn't bargained
for that. What else did he mean by "whatever else he believed was
necessary. " Though her rational brain rebelled and questioned, something
much deeper inside answered with a simple "Yes."

"Good then." He got up and guided her into the corner of the office
where he instructed her to remain, again with her hands clasped in back of
her head. He smoothed a salve into her very sore bum which brought her
some relief, and he began a series of questions. "Tell me young lady, do
you have very strong and prolonged orgasms?"

She didn't know how she should answer that, and only "Uhhhhh." escaped
her lips. SMACK. He brought a stinging slap upon her bum which made her
jump, but she had nowhere to go farther than the corner. "Is that a proper
reply to a question, Doctor? I am constantly amazed by the level of
language my American charges have sunken to."

"Uh, I just meant I don't know if I actually had one, err, an orgasm,
sir. I mean sex, at least the last time I had it feels good and all, and I
like the closeness, but nothing like I read about in the physiology
textbook, uh, sir."

"And when was that last time."

"Before I started this year, and my boyfriend moved away." And the
questions and answers continued, punctuated by hard slaps on her bare bum
when she was too slow and hesitant with her answers. Before Kally knew it
she had recounted her entire sexual life including the horrible experience
of losing her virginity in her first year of college, the handful of take
it or leave it experiences since that time and dead-end relationships, her
inability to orgasm even from masturbating, and even her one schoolgirl
experience in 7th grade with a female classmate taking a bath and touching
each other, and feeling so warm afterward. "But it only happened once, and
I am definitely not a lesbian sir, definitely not. Uh sir, sir..." She
looked around and was immediately answered with another hard slap as her
eyes met his. "I did not say you could turn around Kally. Are you
uncomfortable with silence? You may maintain your position until I fetch
you." He left the room to go into the inner office.

She had been standing there for what seemed like hours. Her arms were
getting tired, and her posterior was feeling sore again from the additional
slaps delivered after the salve. She heard footsteps approaching, and Dr.
Grimsly took hold of her arms still held behind her head. He led her into
the inner office, and she realized then she was in her bare feet, having
lost her clogs when she was toppled over his lap. The inner office was
lined with shelves of books and she spied a bathroom through a door in the
opposite corner. In the middle of the room was a leather examination
table, the old kind she remembered from visits to her pediatrician when she
was little. He had set up the table with stirrups and the bottom portion
hinged downward in the gynecological examination position.

He guided her down so that her back was flat against the leather and her
bum was hanging off the table. He then produced leather straps and secured
her calves to the stirrups. Something in her had given up protesting, and
the butterfly feeling had taken up permanent residency now between her
legs. He then took one arm at a time and secured them also with leather
straps to each of the table corners by the side of her head. Her breasts were flattened against her chest but her nipples were standing up straight
and so hard she could feel the tension in them. He left for a moment to
the bathroom and returned with an old fashioned shaving cup, brush and
razor, as well as an electric clipper.

Her mentor placed a small pillow under her head, propping it up for her
to view his little project, which she looked at with almost clinical
detachment. He started with the clippers which made a low buzzing sound as
her black pubic triangle was reduced to mere stubble. He then took the
brush in the cup, whisking up the warm lather and applying it liberally to
her mons and down to each side of her outer lips, perineum, and around her
now exposed anus. With an old fashioned razor he proceeded to very
carefully shave her bare. She dared not fidget though she definitely had a
very squirmy feeling, and she felt her vagina moisten. After he was
finished, he lathered her up again and repeated the shaving, which from her
angle made her look like a little girl. He wiped off the remaining cream
and shaved stubble with a warm towel and admired his handiwork. "How do
you feel Kally?" he inquired. Her breath was now rapid and she looked down
as best she could. "I feel very hot down there Professor Grimsly. I feel
very strange down there!"

"Well let's see what we can do for you doctor." With that he took away
her pillow and she was now staring straight up at the ceiling, but not for
long, as he secured a soft velvet blindfold, cutting off all vision and
light. She strained against her bonds, but Grimsly told her to just relax
and give herself over. She normally was so assertive. She thought it
turned a lot of her friends off, both male and female. But now she could
only obey, and the funny thing was, it seemed so natural to obey this man with the strange British accent.

She then felt oil of some sort being rubbed into her pubic mound,
unmistakably wet pussy lips, and down her perineum to her anus. She jumped
when that happened, or at least tried to. "Yes, I am sure that part is
still virgin. But you are anally erotic. Don't worry you wont be tested
there today, but all in good time." She heard him as if in a dream, and the
massage of her private parts continued for many minutes.

She lost track of time, but the pressure was building up further and
further. He was examining her now shamefully exposed clitoris, stroking it
up and down and flicking it back and forth. She was moaning louder and
louder but couldn't find relief, and started crying. "Oh please, oh
please, I can't come. I just can't. I don't know what is wrong with me!"

She then felt a hard slap on her bum, or at least the part that was
hanging over the table. "Oh hush child, and don't be too hard on yourself.
You just need a little something to take you over the edge." And with those
words he left the room to the outer office, closing the door behind him,
leaving Kally in a state she had never before experienced, with a fire lit
in her womb, and no hand, no voice to comfort her. She continued crying

Kally didn't know how many minutes had passed by, and her tears had long
stopped though the velvet blindfold was still moist. She heard mumbling in
the other room. She thought she could make out Grimsly's voice, and the
other sounded like a woman, a woman's voice she recognized somewhere in the
back of her mind. She didn't have too much time to dwell on this as the
door to the inner office opened and Kally called out in shock and
embarrassment when she realized what Grimsly meant by some help getting
over the edge. She strained at her bonds but she was held tight. "NO NO
NO NO NO. I told you I wasn't gay. NOOOOOO. Don't do this to me

At first here were no words from Grimsly and the female voice. She was
now their prisoner and couldn't do a damn thing to help herself. She heard
Grimsly's voice first as he began massaging her nipples. "My good doctor.
You begged me for relief and now you will get it."

Kally then heard a female "MMMMMMMM" from the direction of her groin and
hot breath getting closer. She began crying out again and straining, but
then she felt a warm tongue make contact with her clitoris, and to her
amazed wonder, all thoughts of protest were drowned out by a strong
throbbing that began in her groin, and it seemed like slow motion and the
world stopped as the throbbing spread to her entire body and outward and
outward and suddenly Kally exploded in a hundred directions. She kept on
exploding and exploding like a wave on the ocean going back and forth,
receding then hitting the rocks, strong and weak and strong and weak until
all was strong, and through it all, through all the playing and pinching of
her nipples by Grimsly, through all the incessant tonguing of all her once
private parts from her navel to her inner lips and out to her clitoris, oh
God her clitoris, and even lower and lower, she could only hear her own
screams, and she couldn't believe the words coming from her lips "GRRRRRRRR
AHHHHHHHHHHH GRRRRRRRRRR DON'T STOP." From somewhere in a distant cloud,
she heard Grimsly's patient voice describing the physiology of an orgasm,
and the unknown tongue at her groin saying "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" the whole time.
And it didn't stop, and it didn't stop, and it didn't stop....

She must have passed out because the next she knew, all was quiet and
she heard a running water sound from the bathroom. Grimsly emerged, untied
her and helped her sit then stand up, and dressed her in her scrubs. He
led her over to an overstuffed leather chair in the outer office where she
saw her clipboard with her panties folded neatly on top, and her white
jacket which she had been asked to take off when she got to his office.
She was numb all over but a warm, a very warm numb. Doctor Grimsly
patiently told her the rules of his mentorship: how she would keep herself
bare by whatever means she chose, that she would promptly report to his
office when he felt she needed correction and accept her spanking, and how
she was not to wear panties for the remainder of the day after punishment.
He encouraged her to wear a dress because it made punishment easier, but
understood scrubs were allowed by the Chief of Staff since the surgeons got
to wear them. And as she left his office and emerged into a now darkened
hospital, she quickly stuffed her panties in her white coat pocket. It was
9pm. She now knew why he told her to sign out before reporting to him.
She walked to her car in the lot, and his last words rang in her ears. "If
you submit to my tutelage properly for the next month, and keep on the
straight and narrow, and I sense real improvement, I will take you home to
meet my wife and your real post-graduate training will begin." She wondered
what that meant. The tingling began again in the deepest part of her


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