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What's New on

10-17-01 Two stories added. “Restraint”, in the
MindControl directory, under filename restraint.txt,
and in the same directory, “Character Flaw” filed
as charflaw.txt

07-15-01 A little more catching up with my filing.
Three new stories added. "Supply and Demand" under
the filename supply.txt, "Block Run" under the filename
blockrun.txt and "About Mary-Jane" as maryjane.txt

04-07-01 I guess you could call me semi-retired. I only
have a little time for writing these days. Catching up
on this site, I'm adding new stories: "Tea Service" under
the filename service.txt, in the MindControl directory,
I'm adding "The Server" (server.txt) and "Observation"

11-04-00 A new story "The panty Collection" added
under the filename panty.txt

10-06-00 Two new stories dropped into the MindControl
directory. "Born Again" under the filename born.txt and
"Playing with Dolls" under the filename dolls.txt
Minor adjustments and format changes to earlier stories.

09-04-00 A new story in the MindControl directory. It's
under the filename trash2.txt, and is a story by Kate
Burns, written as a companion to my story "Trash"

08-17-00 I've been occupied with other things recently,
so you can expect fewer stories these days. Added
new story "A Kind Offer" under filename offer.txt

07-22-00 Final part of "Playing Dress-Up" (part 3) is
added under the filename dress3.txt. New story "Sex
Shop Girl" is added under the filename shopgirl.txt

07-18-00 story "Grown Up" moved to cowgirl directory

07-18-00 New story "Playing Dress-Up" parts 1 & 2
added under the filenames dress1.txt & dress2.txt.
Also, new story "Story of Orestes" added under
filename orestes.txt

06-16-00 New story "Shaken part 3" added to the
MindControl directory under the file name shaken3.txt

06-13-00 New story "Shaken part 2" added to the
MindControl directory under the file name shaken2.txt

06-09-00 New story "Shaken part 1" added to the
MindControl directory under the file name shaken1.txt

06-09-00 New story "Loyal daughter part 4" added to
the cowgirl directory, under the file name loyal4.txt

06-02-00 New story "Loyal daughter part 3" added to
the cowgirl directory, under the file name loyal3.txt

05-31-00 New story "Taste of the Orient" added under
the filename orient.txt.

05-29-00 New story "Loyal daughter part 2" added to
the cowgirl directory, under the file name loyal2.txt

05-27-00 I'm adding some new stories to go with
the new directories. In the MindControl directory,
new story "Trash" under the filename trash.txt.
In the cowgirl directory, new story "Loyal
Daughter part 1" under the filename loyal1.txt.

05-27-00 Due to the increasing number of stories on
this site, I will be adding two sub-directories. The first,
called "MindControl" will host all of my stories coded
MC, which contain themes of mind control. A new index
file for this directory will be under the filename

The second sub-directory will be called "cowgirl", and
will contain the collaborative efforts of myself and
jennifer AKA cowgirl. A file named COWinfo.txt will
be added to this sub-directory to explain a little more
about the stories found here

05-27-00 Minor revisions to story "Grown Up" still
available under the filename Grownup.txt

05-21-00 Minor revisions to story "Pain for Power"
still under the filename power.txt

05-18-00 Previously added story "New Partners" has been
renamed to "Equal Partners", and remains available
under the filename partners.txt

05-18-00 New story "Artistic Merit" added under the
filename artmerit.txt

05-18-00 This file created. I will write entries here
when I add stories or make any changes to the ftp site.


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