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WHERNOTE girls skirt why should

Where's your note? (Exhb,Voy, No sex)

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Where's your note?
A story by

Doesnít it always happen? You plan ahead when you want to do
something special. You work things out to the finest detail, from
ensuring you won't be called in for overtime on the weekend, to
getting all the materials you require on hand, then at the last
minute you get affected by mans biggest problem, WOMEN!

Thatís why I wasnít too happy to be in my workshop right now, I
wasnít alone like I wanted to be. I hated to work with an audience,
thatís why I built this place for myself over a hundred feet from the
main house. It had everything I could need, even a fridge for a
couple of cases of beer. I even put in a phone in case of
emergencies, all in the hope I could get some time to myself. No such
luck today, so I resigned myself to just pre cutting blanks for the
parts I was going to need to work, hoping she would go away. She? She
was my sister in law, my wife's youngest sister at eighteen, soon to
be starting college, and suddenly being left on her own while my in-
laws go on a six week cruise. As they wouldnít be back before the
start of Jenny's first semester, Sue, my wife offered to have her
stay with us while her folks were away. I wouldnít have minded so
much if Sue hadn't then gone and offered to spend this weekend with
her other sister when she came out of hospital after the birth of her
first baby. So, here I am, being shadowed all day long by a teenager
that seemed to have few clothes to wear, and was always asking
asinine questions like, "Why is that wood white?" or "Isn't that saw
big, what's it for?" in the end I stacked up my cut parts, cleaned my
tools and locked my workshop up then returned to the house to watch

Thatís when my troubles really started, Jenny sat watching tv with
me, and seemed to be having trouble getting comfortable. She was
constantly shifting about in the big old easy chair she sat in, even
kicking off her shoes and placing her feet together on the seat. This
had the effect of showing the backs of her thighs as her short
pleated skirt fell away from her knees. It also gave me a quick flash
of white as her panty covered crotch came into view. I ignored this
display, and concentrated on watching the football game, until a
commercial break sent me to the kitchen to fix a snack. I asked Jenny
if she wanted anything and soon returned with my food and her
requested soda, then returned to the game. I also returned to another
episode of flashing from Jenny. This time her thighs opened as her
knees casually fell apart. This time I was offered a view of tufts of
golden pussy fur peeping from the edges of the crotch of her panties.
I sat where I was, mainly because if I'd moved from my current
position I'd have burst the zipper of my pants as I stood up, so hard
was my erection. Yeah! I'm a normal healthy guy that gets a hard on
when I look up a girls skirt, so why should I bother to deny it.
Anyway, when Jenny dropped her feet to the floor and stood up I
thought my problems were over.

Not on your life! She came over to stand in front of me, bent down to
pick up my empty plate and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee or
anything. I looked up, and found I was looking down. Down the front
of her blouse that was dropping away from her body and giving me a
prefect aerial view of her firm, hard nipple topped, breasts. I could
also see that her whole chest area was becoming flushed as it
suffused with blood. I looked into her eyes and smiled, "No thanks
Jenny darling, I'm fine just now" I replied, and she stood up, smiled
back at me and took my plate to the kitchen, leaving me to shimmy
about on the sofa as I tried to settle my cock in a more comfortable
position. The rest of the day was more of the same. If I didnít know
better I'd have said Jenny was trying to get me to take advantage of
her while Sue was absent. This wasnít like Jenny at all as she'd
always been shy around me and her other brother-in-law. I shrugged it
off, forgetting about it all through dinner which I cooked for the
two of us while Jenny did the dishes as I dirtied them. After dinner
we did the dishes between us, and I tried my best to ignore the odd
touch of the hands and bump of the hips I received. Back in the
family room Jenny said she was going to change and I relaxed reading
my paper, until she came back and offered to switch on the TV. I just
happened to be dropping the paper ready to turn the page when I
looked over the top as Jenny was bending over to switch the set on.

This time I got a perfect view of her naked butt and her swollen
moist pussy lips. When, after at least a minute, Jenny stood up, she
turned, looked at me with a sexy smile then went to sit on the chair
opposite me and sat with her legs bent, once more displaying her
naked pussy. Folding my paper I placed it beside me, stood up and
went to our bedroom where I pulled out one of Sue's long bathrobes. I
took it down to the family room and laid it across Jenny's knees,
"Would you wear this please my dear" I said gently, "I think it would
be best for both of us, donít you?" For an instant I thought she
pouted, but she stood up and wrapped herself tightly into the
overlarge robe, curled herself up in the chair and watched the game
show that was just starting. After a while Jenny got up and went into
the hall where I heard her making a phone call. She returned a couple
of minutes later, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek saying she
was going to bed and would see me in the morning. I wished her
goodnight and returned to watching the tube for another hour or so
before doing the same thing myself. I had little trouble dropping off
to sleep, but had a very rude awakening next morning, by Sue.

"Hello darling" I said surprised to see her, "I thought you were
staying until this evening. How's the mother and baby doing?" Sue sat
on the edge of the bed, leaned over and kissed me lovingly, "Oh,
they're just perfect darling, the baby is simply gorgeous, and Julia
looks radiant, even with a Hoover attached to her breast. God, I've
never seen anything suck like that tiny thing does, you can almost
see her breast deflate as he feeds" she replied with a grin. I sat up
took her in my arms and kissed her again then said "Well darling,
what brought you home this early, not feeling unwell are you?" She
shook her head, "No darling, I'm not, but I was wondering about you.
You are feeling all right are you my love?" I nodded "Of course I am
darling, what makes you think I'm not well?" Sue shook her head, then
said "Has anything unusual happened while I've been away darling?"
"Not really, not that I can think of, why, what's going on Sue, I get
the impression you were expecting something to have happened, or to
happen, before you returned home this evening. What is it?" Sue
suddenly stood up and said "Just you wait there Jack darling, I'll be
back in a moment." With that she almost ran out of the bedroom,
calling for Jenny. She returned a few minutes later and sat on the
bed beside me, handing me a sealed envelope. "I asked Jenny to give
you this at lunch time yesterday my love. If she had it would have
saved her a lot of embarrassment, and you a good deal of discomfort I
suspect. Why donít you read it now darling."

I ripped open the envelope and extracted the single sheet it
contained, then scanned over it before reading it aloud.
'Darling Jack' I read, 'Jenny desperately need to lose her
virginity, and I offered her your services. She will spend most of
today trying to get you and herself aroused, so please play the game
and donít reject her if she seems to be acting out of character. I
know I can trust you to be kind and considerate, and make it an
experience she will never forget. Your ever loving wife Susan'.
As I let my hands fall to the bed Sue climbed up and straddled my
thighs, put her arms round my neck and pulled herself into a long hot
passionate kiss. "Jack darling" she whispered "You have to be the
most wonderful husband any woman could ever wish for. Most men would
have been all over Jenny under the circumstances, it's just a pity
for her that you couldnít be tempted, no matter what she did." She
leaned back, looked at me, smiled and said "Why didnít you at least
stare at her when she was exposing herself to you my love, I'd have
thought you would have enjoyed doing that." I shook my head "Couldnít
darling, it would have been almost as bad a cheating on you. It was
hard to ignore it, and I did get the odd glimpse here and there, but
I didnít want to take any chances of upsetting Jenny and having her
tell you I was a dirty old man." Sue grinned "But what if you'd have
had that note, what would you have done then?" I shrugged my
shoulders, then said nonchalantly, "I guess I'd have called you to
see if it was real, then I suppose I'd have sat Jenny on the sofa and
fucked her brains out."

Just then Jenny came into the bedroom and stood by the door, "Well
Sis" said Sue with a grin, "Did you hear what he said?" Jenny nodded,
then came and sat on the bed beside Sue, leaned over and took the
note from my hand, picked the torn envelope and slipped the one
inside the other. Giving Sue a shy smile Jenny then handed the whole
lot back to me saying "I suppose I should have remembered to give you
this yesterday I hope it's not too late giving it to you now?" I
threw back the corner of the comforter and said "Take off that silly
bathrobe and get in here, it's closer than the sofa and a lot more
comfortable." Sue grinned at the pair of us as we lay together, stood
up and said, "I'll go and make a start on preparing lunch, I can see
you two are going to be busy for a while."

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