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Archived Sex Stories

WHO1 video his good buddy Gary



@(C) 1999 Frederick T. Commercial use in any form requires the written
permission of the author and will ensure a portion of the proceeds goes
to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL)
and/or the American Cancer Society.


The following synopsis outlines works of sexual fiction. So it
follows that youngsters should not be reading it. If you happen to fall into
that category and still reading, there's not much I can do to prevent you from
continuing. That's part of the problem...The just tremendous explosion of
information today compared to say...Just ten years ago. Shit ! How about
thirty years ago ? Today's youngsters and young adults have so many more
issues than we had...Things we never thought about. The war was the defining
issue of our time. Today there is no unifying idea to guide youth and yet
maybe, they don't need that much ? Guidance, that is.

Having said that. I strongly believe censoring the material a young mind
absorbs is the responsibility of the adult who has custodial responsibility
for the young mind...It's not the government's responsibility or mine because
I happen to contribute to this news group...You can't shut down the
information...A tremendous example would be the demise of soviet union. In
retrospect, it's easy to see how western information just bombarded their
government into submission. A great time to be a member of the armed forces
but then why are so many getting out ? Another part of the problem ? And who
says it's a problem ?

I'm going to diverge a bit from the usual and say that although the plot
and subplots of the following sagas stem from the author's fertile
imagination, the characters...Well, the characters are made up of bits and
pieces of the tumble dried assortment of friends and acquaintances I've made
over a rich and long life. I find it hard to believe that anyone my age, who
writes, doesn't do the same.

A very loyal fan requested a synopsis of the entire thread of Willy
Tamarack stories laid out on a time line of some sort. This is my attempt to
full fill that request...Short and Sweet ! Just major characters and the
direction the plot's moving. There is no sex here. You'll have to find the
particular stories to really get into that.

All my stories are archived at the Alt Sex stories Text Repository. Just
go to Authors then scroll down to Frederick_T. There's even an index and most
are available with just one disclaimer, in both text and zip format.

I'd like to dedicate the synopsis to all those who follow Willy on his
seemingly endless trek through middle-age. I'm sure many of us wished we
lived Willy's life of never having to worry about every day problems like
money, unprotected sex...Shit ! pussy for that matter ! It's always falling
into his lap, so to speak. I know and so do you; that this life doesn't exist
but it sure is a kick in the ass to read and write about it. I think I'm as
stoked now as I was when I began this odyssey with Willy years ago. I think my
writing's improved too; but that's debatable ! Ha ! Ha ! Anyway, hope you
all keep reading ! Remember, now...Sex should be fun ! As always e-mail your
comments to <>.

Who is Willy Tamarack ?
Hopefully there's only one part ?!
(No Sex)

Frederick T.

With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

*** Prelude ***

William Buffalo Tamarack, aka, Willy Tamarack was in his mid-forties when
the "Adventures of Willy Tamarack" began. A few years before the series
began, Willy had retired from the air force and gone to work as a pilot for a
small commuter airline in Southern California. Willy flew fighter type
aircraft in the air force. He'd been married for close to twenty years.

Willy and his wife lived quite a few miles from the beach but that didn't
deter Willy from surfing on just about every day off he had...And if it was a
weekend, it was a family affair as both of the boys had been board surfing for
many years. Willy's parents were also living in California...Newport Beach.
They're alluded to in the adventures and will play more active parts in the
story line in the not too distant future.

One evening, Willy's family didn't come home...A tragic traffic accident
on one of Southern California's many freeways. Over a period of time ??
Willy decides to move to Las Vegas on the advice of one of his old air force
buddies. He buys a modest condo in an upper middle class neighborhood and
that's where the "Adventures of Willy Tamarack" begin. There are thirteen of
them. Most stand alone. Some have nothing to do with the plot and to be
honest, the plot(s) just kind of evolve as I keep writing. I hope the minor
inconsistencies that this synopsis will probably reveal won't detract from the
overall story line, which is still evolving.

During this synopsis I'm going to refer to "The Adventures of Willy
Tamarack" and "The Travels of Willy Tamarack" by their individual titles. The
index at names all the stories
and correlates the story name with the file to down load. For example, "The
Afternoon Feast" is willy01.txt. "Evening Delight" is willy02.txt and so on.
I will also upload this text to the same directory...It will be who01.txt

*** The Adventures of Willy Tamarack ***

So here we go. The first two Adventures introduce you to Willy and a
young girl he befriends, Karen Wilson. Karen is a high school senior. They
get stoned and naked and have sex in "The Afternoon Feast" and "Evening
Delight." And although Karen appears in several other Adventures and Travels,
she is not a major player in the story line and hasn't appeared for quite a

The next Adventure, "A Surfin' Safari," parts one and two, deal with a
trip Willy takes to Southern California. He manages to "bump" into his old
high school girl friend who is married with grown children. He balls both
mom, Connie Clark and daughter, Darlene. Now the mom, Willy's long ago high
school girl friend, Connie, appears in a number of Adventures; disappears for
a while and then reappears towards the end of the Travels and is a major
player in "The Stories" ("The Stories" are a continuation of "The Travels of
Willy Tamarack" and take off right where the Travels end.). Rich Clark,
Connie's husband, plays prominent roles whenever he appears. Rich is the
first real bad guy Willy encounters. Kyle, Rich and Connie's son, plays a bad
guy right along with dad. The daughter disappears after the Adventures.

"It's a Hopping at red Rock" introduces you to a lot of new characters.
Paul is introduced while he's fucking Karen. Willy catches them in the condo
when he gets back from the beach. Paul appears off and on but is not a major

Next, you're introduced to a whole group, Willy's social circle. All
middle aged. They appear in no particular order. The most important is
Debby, who Willy eventually ends up bedding. She appears in several
Adventures. The rest are scattered about and Willy balls them all, well not
the guys but there's lots of group activities in the Adventures for Willy's
social circle. Their names are Joyce and Jeff, Jenny and Tom and Terry and
Jack. Gill, Debby's ex, appears in some Adventures also. They all reappear
in a group scene at Willy's wedding which happens in "Wedding Bells." But
that's way after the Travels.

The most important introduction in "It's a Hopping at red Rock" is Carol
Whitouski. Carol is a prior enlisted lady who Willy worked with when he was
in the air force. Willy runs into her at a night club and she appears in
several Adventures, eventually becoming Willy's side kick at the conclusion of
the Travels. Willy ends up marrying her and they're almost inseparable in all
"The Stories." Carol also appears in "Shack, Lead !" but it's just a couple
of cameo appearances.

"The Visit," "The Party" and "The Police Officer, the Hot tub and the
Real Estate Agent" in that order, contain most of the characters already
mentioned. They spend most of their time fucking and sucking and there is
very little story line development but a lot of character development with
regards to Willy. Connie appears again in "The Visit" and develops her
character more fully. The rest is sexual high jinks !

"Mexico, Si" is a two part Adventure and Carol Whitouski plays a prominent
role in both parts. She travels to Mexico with Willy and they party hardy.
Most of the other characters encountered in this adventure just play cameo
roles and don't appear in any of my other stories but the Germans may play a
part in a future "Tale" about Willy and Carol in Europe ? ("The Tales" are
short anecdotes that flesh out some of the time that "The Stories" don't cover
- - confused yet ?)

Next comes "The Hero and the peeping Neighbor," "A visit to the Dentist
and Prom Night," "A Busy Weekend" and "The Cabin." These Adventures continue
to build Willy's character and contain most of the characters mentioned above.
New characters include Mrs. Abernathy and Monica. Mrs. Abernathy is Willy's
neighbor and a widow, many years older than Willy. Monica is a friend of
Karen's and becomes Willy's lover for a short period of time at the end of the
Adventures. She appears again at the tail end of the Travels.

The above four Adventures lead up to the climatic end of the "The
Adventures of Willy Tamarack" - "The End, My Friend." In this final episode
of the Adventures, Willy falls prey to some bad karma and has to make a hasty
retreat from Southern California and Las Vegas. If I do say so myself, the
flying sequence at the end of "The End, My Friend" and the beginning of
"Betrayed," the first trip in "The Travels of Willy Tamarack" is pretty
exciting, if you've ever done any light airplane driving.

*** Shack, Lead ! ***

"Shack, Lead !" was my first attempt at writing one continuous story,
something like a novel. I started it about the same time I started "The
Travels of Willy Tamarack."

By the way "Shack, Lead !" is an expression fighter pilots use when the
bomb directly hits the target...Like those sequences they flooded the tv with
during the Gulf War. Let me tell you that didn't happen very often in Vietnam
and before and never with the consistency that computed bombing systems give
you...And the laser shit and tv guidance ?! Just fucking magic !

But back to "Shack, Lead !" - the novel. I thought the novel started out
pretty shit hot but I soon found that I couldn't end it. So I made it connect
to the Adventures and transport you to the Travels. While Willy was off
gallivanting all over the U.S., the Caribbean and the Far East, finding
himself in the Travels; you were flashing back with Gary Cahill, watching him
establish his reputation as a number one cock's man. The novel attempts to
paint a picture of Vietnam combat and service life in the Pacific theater of
operations from the late 60's to probably the late 70's. Well, some of it
does. The rest is the usual perversions.

Gary and Wanda Cahill are divorced and Gary's career is quickly being
flushed down the commode. Oh ! It's all Gary's fault and I think he knows it
but it's way too late to change it. Life moves on. His final assignment is
serving out his last years before retirement at Nellis A.F.B. in Las Vegas.

Gary runs into Willy at the Commissary. Willy is just about ready to
leave town unexpectedly ("The End, My Friend") but neither of them know that
at the time. They served together once at Hill A.F.B. in Utah both flying the
F-16, Fighting Falcon during the early years.

I think there are some fair flying scenes in "Shack, Lead !" Although off
hand I can only think of one and it was more about a guy getting shot down.
But then I wrote it so I'd probably think that regardless of how it turned
out. Some flash backs to the war, the P.I., Korea, a TDY (temporary duty) to
Europe and the continual pussy chasing that sometimes accompanied such tours.

Carol Whitouski and a Maggie Lee, two enlisted women, make cameo
appearances in "Shack, Lead !" Carol even calls Gary to check on Willy when
she can't get a hold of him after he splits town.

Gary and Wanda Cahill end up reconciling. They remain in Las Vegas with
their son, Al, who's quite a cock's man in his own right ! The three of them
appear in a lot of "The stories of Willy Tamarack."

"Shack, Lead !" ends when Willy arrives back in town with Carol in tow.
Then Willy and Carol, Gary and Wanda and Al and his girl friend, Diane, all
party right into "The Stories."

"The Travels of Willy Tamarack" are up next and take up right where the
Adventures left off. Again there are thirteen Trips (Must be Willy's lucky
number ?) although many of these have two, three or four parts. A reminder:
The index at names all the
stories and correlates the story name with the file to down load. For
example, "Betrayed" is trip01.txt. "On the Run Again" is trip02.txt and so

*** The Travels of Willy Tamarack ***

At the end of the Adventures, Willy was about to bust his ass in a light
airplane, trying to fly to safety through a thunderstorm. The first trip,
"Betrayed," starts right there with the lightning, the thunder and all that
other shit. Willy finally makes it back to Las Vegas, cleans out the condo,
leaves a note, asking Mrs. Abernathy to watch his place. He then starts a
series of bus trips around the country, finally lighting, for a few days, with
an old air force comrade in Cincinnati. The guy's a pilot and away on a trip.

Yea ! Willy ends up balling the mother and daughter, together even, and
they wipe him out so much that he splits in the middle of the night and is "On
the Run Again" which is trip number two. He ends up in the panhandle of
Florida staying in a boarding house. He gets mixed up with some people who
are in the flesh business and even turns a trick for them. After escaping
from town, on the bus again, he finds out he has prostate cancer.

"The Big 'C'" is the next trip and takes place just about entirely in
Atlanta. Willy rents a room, goes to a doctor - to see if he really has
prostate cancer and starts balling his next door neighbor, a twenty something
flight attendant. Most of the story deals with prostate cancer and describes
a biopsy to a "T" ! The young thing asks him to go to the Caribbean with her
and her friends.

Willy goes right after having his biopsy done and in "The Big 'J'" - Willy
finds himself ostracized because of his medical condition. He hooks up with
the wife of a former service member and attempts to bed her. He's rebuffed but
does end up fucking her twenty something daughter. Willy finds out he's good
to go again as the mother walks in on them and tries to beat the shit out of

He skedaddles right into "Let's Do a Dope Deal." Willy's still in Jamaica.
It's a two part trip that finds Willy eavesdropping on three very young
teenagers at the beach. He gets them high, wrestles with them and yea, you
guessed it ?! This goes on for just one afternoon and evening but it's almost
non-stop sex. The youngest spills the beans to daddy and Willy is packing for
a quick exit. Enters Tom, who was the roommate of the flight attendant in
"The Big 'J'." He's knocking on the door as Willy is ready to split and makes
him an offer he can't refuse.

Willy pilots a light twin prop all the way to the states. While the dope
(Well, the title was "Let's Do a Dope Deal.") is being unloaded, Willy spies
the mounties in the bushes. He's airborne again with Tom but runs out of gas
a couple of miles away. Well, that's enough of that...

This is where you meet Wayne Montana for the first time. Wayne is another
bad guy...A Drug Enforcement Agent...The dreaded DEA. He's pissed that he
didn't catch the fucking pilot and starts the hunt. But Willy escapes the
trap and absconds with the money...Some large amount. I can't remember ?

The next trip is three parts long and really builds on story line but
there's a lot of sex in it, too ! "Layin' Low and Gettin' High" opens with
Willy trying to throw the DEA off the scent and lands him in Salt Lake City.
He does odd jobs in a boarding house full of young women. Three or four, as I
remember. A good looking mom, too ! And guess what ? No surprise here, they
all fuck !

The other boarder is a throw back to the sixties, although he was a little
young for it. He's cultivating marijuana up in the attic and introduces Willy
to large scale farming. Made Willy's first set up look like a grammar school
plot. Willy's stoked and stays through a full harvest.

It's during this time, while he's researching his prostate cancer, that he
meets Lucy. In the future, Lucy will play a very important part in Willy's
life. Willy fell in love with her immediately and well, what do you think ?

"Ol' Willy Had a Farm" is set in or near Boise, Idaho. Willy rents a
house and sets up the whole farm in the cellar. He eventually fucks his next
door neighbor and then shits in his own back yard by getting caught by the kid
next door.

Which leads right into "Neighbors." Same setting...Growing weed but throw
in a teenage boy passing around some of his dope and then Willy is fixing the
kid's grades by hacking into the school computer system. Willy wants to know
if he has any girl friends who would like the same service ? Pose naked and
Willy makes them smart. Well, the young guy isn't posing naked for Willy !

"Back to School" opens with Willy entertaining quite a few young ladies.
It's three parts and crammed full of depravity. Willy gets an education in
black mail and discovers a video of his good buddy, Gary Cahill, just fucking
the shit out of a fourteen or fifteen year old. Guess what ?? He also learns
some priceless lessons in video technology.

"Over Here, Over There" is another three parts. Willy ends up surfing his
way down the coast from Oregon after departing Boise in the dead of night with
Gary's tapes...Some of Al, too ! The usual sexual high jinks occur as he
moseys on down the coast. He calls his parents...They've discovered he has
prostate cancer and both of them ream his ass good. But he still ends up
gallivanting off to Korea for the change of command ceremony of one of his old

He meets up with a one star's wife and the usual occurs. He follows her
to the P.I. and instigates an orgy with her and her best friend. Some very
real, natural sex.

About half way through the Travels...About the time Willy finds he has
prostate cancer, I started writing "Every Man's Fantasy." Just as "Shack,
Lead !" filled the void between the Adventures and the Travels, "Every Man's
Fantasy" was going to fill the void between the Travels and whatever was going
to come next. At the time, I had no idea. I was also dabbling in "The
Backyard Adventures." I've posted a few but then lost the string I was trying
to follow, so have discontinued them.

Up next is "Viva ! Las Vegas," a two part trip. Willy's back from the
P.I. and working his way down the coast from San Francisco. He stumbles upon
a damsel in distress and rescues her from certain doom...The usual, too ! She
has a friend and the three of them spend a night in Willy's van. Through them
Willy meets J.J. and Gee Gee. He, late teens, early twenties...She, a little
younger and the sister of one of the girls.

Willy gives them lift to Las Vegas, figuring he could check on his place.
Meanwhile, J.J. is gathering a flock of them...Young girls, that is and
Willy's in love with life. J.J. and Gee Gee appear in a lot of "The Stories"
and introduce Willy to the underworld...Well, Carol, too ! But that's still a
long way off.

Mrs. Abernathy is overjoyed to see him and warns him about Mr. Montana,
from the DEA. Willy splits for his parents in Southern California. This
leads right into another two part trip, "The Operation." Willy runs into a
very old friend, Erin O'Connel. Erin and Willy went to grammar school
together. She offers Willy a little needed assistance and is his guide,
lover, friend, companion...Just about everything...During Willy's prostate
cancer operation.

This trip includes a great big wave surfing sequence at Launada Bay, Palos
Verdes, California, if I do say so myself. Some pretty hot sex at the end
with Erin and her two sisters, Katie and Kathy. Erin O'Connel will play a
very prominent roll in the saga of Willy Tamarack for as far as the eye can

"To Live is Good" is the last of "The Travels of Willy Tamarack." Erin
nurses Willy back to a some what active sex life and then Willy's off seeking
out Carol for a some what more robust recovery. They ask Erin to join them
for some fun and sun in Mexico but she declines. Lots of sexual hi-jinks that
lead to an all out orgy at Gary Cahill's in 'Vegas.

At that point I was hunting for another thread to follow. I'd already
begun "Every Man's Fantasy." It was from way out there, with a character that
could just never come in contact with Willy Tamarack ?? Not !

The principal theme of "Every Man's Fantasy" is the discovery and testing
of an aphrodisiac that makes ladies go crazy for cock. It also makes men hard
for hours ??!! Sandman's review called it good stroke fiction and suggested
the reader code be spanish fly. Couldn't agree with him more and wish I'd
thought of it.

About the same time I introduced Rob in "Every Man's Fantasy," I posted
"The Super Bowl." Two parts, a weekend away for a couple. I can't even
remember their names and they have nothing to do with Willy Tamarack.

I'd set most of Fantasy in Southern California. So after Rob has damn
near fucked everything that walks...Young and old, rich and poor, single and
married...Perfecting his discovery...He runs into Carol and Willy just before
they go to or just after they get back from Mexico ?? They party and Carol
convinces Willy to buy a hundred or so of the magic, pink pills. Little does
Willy know but his erection problems are just about to become a thing of the
past. But then that comes a little bit later.

"Four Seasons" comes around here somewhere, as a buffer between the end of
Fantasy and the beginning of "The Stories." Another couple, Frank and Vicky
Malibu...They seduce a young girl. I thought weaving the title and chapter
names together was cool but I'm sure somebody thought of it before I did.
You'll see Frank and Vicky Malibu a lot in the future. He becomes Carol's
boss in one of the early Stories.

*** The stories of Willy Tamarack ***

(The Tales of Willy Tamarack are mixed in with the Stories)

An explanation is due here. "The Stories" are a continuation of the
hopefully never ending saga of Willy Tamarack. They take up right where the
Travels ended. Now, "The Tales" are just small little stories...Kind of like
vignettes, that flesh out some of the things going on in Willy's life while the
main theme or plot continues in "The Stories." Clear as mud ?! Hope not !

So up next is the very first of "Willy Tamarack - One More Time Again, for
a While - The Stories." Wow ! That was a mouthful ! I must have been really
out there ! Ha ! Ha ! It was titled "Settling Down." Four parts, all about
ten pages. A complete story line that continues with every "Story." Once
again, the index will match the title to the file you have to down load.

So what about "Settling Down ?" It's pretty much like the title
describes. Willy and Carol are living in Henderson...In the condo. Willy
settles a score, buys a cabin up near Mt. Charleston, gets his farm going and
a lot of other shit. Carol gets a job with Frank Malibu from "Four Seasons"
and arranges for Willy to hook up with J.J. and Gee Gee from the "The Travels
of Willy Tamarack."

Lots of sex but very little story line. Oh ! Yea...Willy discovers the
pink pills and better yet, figures out what to do with them ?? But over all
"Settling Down" is just a set up for what's to follow.

About this time I also started another novel. I'm recounting this by
using the dates I first posted to a.s.s.m. So after Elija closed up shop,
I'll have to use my memory...Not a pleasant thought but it shouldn't hurt the
story line as I've numbered them all.

I was looking for a new character. I found him in Dale Haggerty. He's
the central character in "If Candy is Dandy and Liquor is Quicker...Who's
Maryjane ?" The story opens with his nephew, Timmy, finding the notes, videos
and pills from ?? You guessed it ! "Every Man's Fantasy."

Some descent flash backs, just like "Shack, Lead !" plus a simple story
line that finds Dale having a battle between his conscious...Use the pills ?
Don't use the pills ? Such a quandary ?! The battle of his conscious leads
him to Willy and they become friends.

I don't believe that anyone has reviewed this work but I would pretty much
put it in the same category as "Every Man's Fantasy." Lots of sex, a little
light bondage with willing partners, a love story. I try to incorporate a
lot of themes in my stories so maybe I'll be better read ?? Not sure I'm
very successful ??

As I'm parceling out the parts to "If Candy is Dandy...", I'm also posting
another of "The Stories." Number two is "The House Warming(s)" - just more
warm up for the story line. Erin O'Connel comes to Las Vegas to visit and
it's just about non-stop orgies until everyone is limp. Erin reveals some
interesting things about her life and sets the stage for the next story,

A couple of orgy scenes dominate "The House Warming(s)." Quite a lot of
sex but the beginnings of a plot are forming as Erin flashes back to the guy
she's fucking at home. Really, it's just about non-stop sex. Good flying
scene at the opening. I started that with all "The Stories." A little
prologue that sometimes relates to the story. Sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes it relates to a future event or story. They're all pretty unique
and honestly have something to do with what's going on.

At the same time I posted "The House Warming(s)," I also posted "The Poll"
and "Long, Long Ago..." "The Poll" has nothing to do with Willy Tamarack. At
the time, several readers said I'd really threw them a curve on this one. A
much different track that my normal. It's about a jr. high school teacher who
ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Drugged and molested by a group
of boys. Kooky plot and of course, she ends up loving it.

"Long, Long Ago..." is the first of the "Tales of Willy Tamarack." There
is really no order to the Tales and they jump around quite a bit. This one is
set in Southern California and portends to be just before Willy leaves for
'Vegas at the start of the Adventures. Lots and lots of sex with a mom,
daughter and granddaughter. No...Not Willy's mom...But a friend of the family.

A little light bondage or sm ?? Like I said earlier, the Tales flesh out some
of Willy's character but hardly ever extend the story line.

Next up is "Revenge." It's one of "The Stories." A real good rat fuck !
So I won't go into a lot of detail. Willy gets a little pay back at Rich
Clark's expense. It opens with Carol getting her labia pierced and Willy
receiving some very nasty pictures of Erin wearing a lot of cum.

The action's almost non-stop from there. Willy impersonating a two star
general, Gary Cahill and Frank Malibu impersonating political fucks and their
wives acting like floozies. It's a riot and I think one of the best mixes of
action and sex I've done. Maybe, it's the payback thing ?? Anyway, one of
the best in my book.

The next four are all posted at the same time. One story and three Tales.
The Tales are, in no particular order: "Death Valley," "Balboa" and "High
School...Long Ago."

"Death Valley" is about one of Willy and Carol's trips to California. A
young girl is traveling with her sister and parents. I don't think you'll
find many surprises. Ha ! Ha !

"Balboa" is a story about seduction. Willy attempts it without his magic
weed. Set in the Summer with a young girl staying with her grandmother for a
couple of weeks. Another virgin story.

"High School...Long Ago" is set at Willy's thirtieth high school reunion.
And while the story is about Willy. It's told by one of his acquaintances
from high school. Lots of sex and a pretty good turn on the high school
reunion theme.

"Wedding Bells" is next to bat. It's one of "The Stories" and is set in
Las Vegas. Willy finally ties the knot again...A little unconventional though
as he weds two instead of one. No secret here, Carol Whitouski and Erin
O'Connel become Willy's blushing brides. Mostly sexual hi-jinks through
out...A pre-wedding bash, the wedding and finally a reception to end all
receptions. Lots of group sex and a lot of people attend who haven't been
around in a while.

Other than the sexual hi-jinks, only one significant event occurs in
"Wedding Bells." A few days or weeks after the wedding, I can't remember;
Willy runs into a small hispanic child in one of the casinos who looks exactly
like him ?? I'll leave you with that and press on with the rest of "The
Stories." Hang in there...Almost to the end.

Next up is "Makin' Movies." Set entirely in Las Vegas and the surrounding
communities, this story revolves around making dirty movies. Carol entertains
a high school basketball team. Erin parties with a group of junior high
school boys with one of Willy's friends, Terry.

Connie visits without Willy's knowledge ? Meets up with Carol and the two
of them pull a train and Willy starts sliding down the steep slope of carnal
pleasures. Mostly sex but as the story unfolds, you begin to get the distinct
impression that something is going on...You just can't quite get a handle on

"You a Wise Guy ?" follows and again is set in Las Vegas. Willy ends up
working with some "connected" guys, takin' pictures of their girls. Willy
finds himself in a hotel room filming some politician while he bones some
young thing. Well...You get the picture.

Now most of this is pure fantasy but living in Las Vegas you sometimes
feel there is some guiding force behind everyday events. Organized crime
played a significant role in the history of Las Vegas and a year doesn't go by
when one of the tv stations doesn't present a view of the alleged "mob's"
influence...Strip bars, slot machines, escort services. How much of this is
fantasy versus fact is a mystery to me but makes for some interesting

Anyway, Willy and his friends find themselves headed in that direction. A
lot of Willy's nemeses unite and Willy looks to be in for a rough time. He's
on the lamb from DEA surveillance and has a new competitor in Elija, a
mysterious individual with ties to the KGB. Rich Clark makes an appearance
towards the end and you get the feeling that the shit is going to his the fan.

Well it does ! "The Shit Hits the Fan" takes up right there. I sincerely
hope I don't offend too many with the snuf scene in the opening but I really
felt it fit...Made "The Story" complete...Makes the follow on so much more
real, believable. Willy soon finds himself on another forced march like back
in the Travels. Just a smattering of sex sandwiched between large slices of
story line. Willy finally ends up in Southern California.

Another area which may find some readers queasy ? Willy beds his nieces
before heading off to Japan. Now you're all up to speed. The next big story
will be ready a little after Christmas and if I bust my ass I just might post
again in the early new year. I'll finish up with several Tales and the new
postings I made when I posted "The Shit Hits the Fan."

During the past year I've posted another five Tales. Instead of listing
them, I'll just mention them as I finish up. There is no order to them.

"The Pageant" is set in Las Vegas and finds Willy staying at one of the
local establishments, scoping out a twirler's pageant. He's trying to score
some young lady's treasures. Instead he ends up with two mothers and doesn't
score his yearning until the very end.

"The Softball Tournament" is a branch off the same tree "The Pageant" grew
out of. Set in Las Vegas, it follows Willy's antics at a girl's round robin
softball tournament. Willy ends up with a little "robin" at the end. The
usual perversities follow.

Next up is a two part tale entitled "Summer Time, Summer Time." It's set
in Southern California and finds Willy living at the beach in a group of
weekly rentals. He plans and then seduces almost an entire family. Just
about all fuck and suck.

"Poetic Justice" is also set in Southern California. This time it's a
mother and daughter. Some pretty good sequences of riding big swells along
side the Carona del Mar jetty. The rest is all fuck and suck. I wish I had
Willy's energy. Ha ! Ha !

Finishing up the tales for now is "A Peak into the Future." One reader
wrote that I fucked up the title. He's right it should have been "A Peek into
the Future" ! Too late now ! Pretty good story, though. Takes place mostly
in Mexico. Willy's retired...From what ? I'm not sure. Anyway, the
seduction of a young lady leads to some of her friends...Debaucheries are
never far behind.

And that's it except for the other stories I posted with "The Shit Hits
the Fan." - "The Way it Should Have Been" and "The Goose and the Gander." I
really don't know what to call these. I've got several on the drawing board.
They're kind of like mini-novels ?!

Anyway, in the past, I've had several requests for stories about Willy's
youth. "The Way it Should Have Been" is an attempt to honor those requests.
The setting is Southern California and Baja California circa the early
sixties. A love story that revolves around surfing, dope smoking and the war.
I think it's quite good...Maybe up to "Shack, Lead !" standards but then I may
be kidding myself, too !

Not sure where "The Goose and the Gander" came from ? Sometimes they just
appear out of nowhere. Set mostly in Nevada, "The Goose and the Gander"
portrays a woman who allows herself to be seduced by visions of power and
fame. The price becomes a little steep but she keeps on anteing up. Kind of
a moral here but I just can't quite put my finger on it right now.

Well, that's it. Every story I've ever posted. Early in the new year, I
hope to finish up Willy's present predicament...Probably be at least two more
Stories and then who knows ? I'm sure something will appear. Hope this
accomplishes what was intended. Any questions or bitches ? Drop me a line at

Surf's Up ! Frederick T.
12 December 1999
The Planet Earth (most of the time)
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