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Archived Sex Stories

WHOOSH spurt its seed down throat


Whooosh- The Zoomer
I was crazy. Okay? There is no other explanation. I've thought
about it a lot in the last weeks and I can't figure out any better reason.
At the same time, I'm not sure I regret being crazy. Oh sure, there were
some painful consequences, but also a sly sense of pride for being able
to do it.
What am I talking about? Well, let me tell you the story the way
it happened.
My husband John has a poker game at our house about once a
month. Sometimes four, sometimes five, a couple of times six guys
having a boy's night in. The usual- beer, pretzels and few sandwiches
and a lot of smoke while the guys trot out the stag-party humor and
generally unwind.
I make it a point to miss these things, not because I don't like
them, but because I'm afraid being there would dampen the party
atmosphere. But last month I didn't have anywhere to go. John said it
was silly to sit somewhere without anything to do just to get out of the
house, so we decided that I would stay home- quiet as a mouse- and
John wouldn't tell anyone I was there.
Biff, Fred, Guy and Steve showed up for a five-man game that
night and things started off pretty normal, I guess. I had promised to
stay upstairs and read, but curiosity got the better of me after about an
hour and I snuck down to eavesdrop a little.
They guys were in the middle of a loud discussion of their
bachelor sex lives, trying to one-up each other with their exploits. Of
course that meant Biff and Steve had the better hands, since they were
still living the wild bachelor life. Then I heard John chime in and was
instantly interested in what confession he was about to make.
"You guys are missing the whole point," John said, "Us other
guys got married so we could have the REAL sex lives. I haven't heard
anything here that's much wilder than my own honeymoon and it's been
only a little calmer the last three years."
I was truly touched by that. John had no way of knowing I
could hear him and it made me blush to think that he was that pleased
with our sex life.
"And I suspect a whole lot more regular," Fred chimed in,
"Hell, I bet Marge and me screw more often than you guys get action."
"Yeah, but how wild do you get with Marge?" Biff asked and
the conversation went back to wild boasts and good-natured arguing.
It seemed that group sex impressed these guys the most and,
looking back, I think that's when the seed was planted in my brain. It
certainly wasn't conscious at that point. I was still all gooey inside from
the things John had to say. When I heard one of them come to the door
to go to the bathroom, I scampered out of view and peeked back.
It was John and I risked discovery to slink out of my hiding
place and join him in the bathroom.
"What the fuck..." he started when I snuck in, but then relaxed
when he saw that one of his friends hadn't gone funny on him. "What is
it dear?"
I didn't say anything at first. I just went over and gave him a big
kiss. Then I took his cock away from him and aimed it in the bowl
while he peed. I knew he liked that.
"I have a confession," I said when I had him happy and relaxed,
"I was listening a little bit ago. I really loved what you said about our
sex life. You think up a reward for yourself so I can thank you in a
proper manner."
"Come on, honey, it would mean more if you thought it up,"
John said, "You know how I like surprises."
I guess I was a little miffed at what I took as a rejection and it
just popped out, "How about a surprise table dancer for your boys'
poker game."
John didn't catch my anger. I was a little shocked as I saw the
way his eyes lit up. It was his turn to kiss me.
"Honey, that would be okay with me if you want to," he said, "I
think it would be a real turn-on to watch those guys looking at you
strutting your stuff. I'm real proud of you and I can't help being excited
by the thought of those guys seeing what I get to sleep with."
Then he caught himself in his enthusiasm and added, "But only
if you want to. I've had a fantasy like that for a while, but I didn't bring
it up because I didn't know how you'd feel about it."
Well, I guess it was harmless enough. And he did sound so
proud of me. We had been to nude beaches and I guessed this wasn't so
different. It might even be fun to be wanted so badly by so many. I told
him I would change and then just burst in.
When I saw myself in the mirror in the bedroom I had to laugh.
I was wearing sweats and pink, fuzzy slippers, looking every inch a
dowdy housewife. All I needed was my tattered housecoat to complete
the set. Then the idea dawned on me.
I would be strip-a-frump. I found my gold sequined bra from a
genie costume I had worn once upon a time and shook my 38C breasts
into it. The black G-string panties didn't go with the bra, but I bet men
wouldn't notice. Then I put the sweats back on, tied my hair up in the
50's housewife scarf with the devil horns in front and slipped on the
pink mules.
I didn't forget the housecoat and went to get a coffee-spattered
cup from the kitchen to complete my illusion. I had worked up an act in
my head and I was more than a little excited to perform it as I walked
toward the door.
I walked in as if the astonished men were not sitting around the
table. I plopped the cup down, stretched and yawned. Then my eyes lit
on the People magazine by the door. Tom Cruise! I picked it up and
kissed the picture, ignoring the dull roar that going on my the table as
the men attacked John for me being home to watch him. Then I began
to sway and rub my hands over my chest as I stared at the picture.
The robe was in the way. I threw the magazine on the table and
swirled off the housecoat. It landed on Biff, but I pretended not to
notice. Now I was leaning over Tom shaking my shoulder at him as if
he were there. I rubbed my breasts on his picture and frowned. Then I
smiled with an apparent idea and pulled the sweat shirt over my head.
As I snaked the garment over the magazine, the room got quiet.
They were all interested now. I threw the sweatshirt in a corner and
pulled Tom to the table's edge. Turning around, I inched the sweat
pants over my hips in the picture's face and then sat on it to kick off the
pink mules and pull the sweat pants off my feet.
I rubbed my butt in Tom's face with a few seductive wiggles
and then hopped up with a giggle. I pushed the magazine back to the
middle of the table and stepped up on it. I pulled off the headrag and
shook my long amber hair free while I straddled Tom and then I got to
I squatted over Tom, giving the picture a close-up of my G-
stringed pussy and then I stood up and rubbed myself. I pressed my
breasts together and bent over Tom, making sure my nipples had
stiffened into hard nubs before I slipped the bra off for the picture. I
was swingin the bra and shaking my tits for the magazine when I
looked up.
As if for the first time, I noticed the guys staring at me. I
immediately covered up and looked around, waiting. They finally got
the hint and started clapping and encouraging me with calls of: take it
off! I came out of the shell slowly, but then picked up speed.
I grabbed both ends of the gold bra and stretched it over my
head, swaying back and forth to make my tits swing. Once around and
I threw it at Steve and slid my hands into my G-string. There wasn't
much to leave to the imagination in that brief pouch, so I had to really
finger my self as I did bumps, grinds and squats around the table for
each guy. That made it more exciting that being nearly naked in this
room full of guys had me already.
The mixture of amazement and lust on their faces was fueling
my fire and I even crooked a finger to Fred to move him forward so I
could turn and press my naked but for a string butt in his face. John was
beaming. I winked at him and a message passed.
I turned my butt to him and he caught my last garment in his
teeth. I stood up and the G-string didn't. Suddenly I was buck naked on
a table in front of five men. There was nothing left to do but show them
the farm. I was surprised how easily it came to me. On my back, legs
in the air, spread the legs, close the legs, swing the calves around sit up
and rotate to the next guy.
I finished with John and then slid off the table onto his lap
facing him.
"I'm sot hot," I whispered in his ear as I hugged him, "I can't
believe how turned on I am. I almost came just from the guys looking
up my pussy!"
"Well, I couldn't fuck you without offering you to everyone,"
John said slyly.
"All of them?" I asked with a mixture of excitement and horror.
I was as turned on as I had told John, maybe more. It didn't
seem any more real that I would fuck the whole room than that I would
be dancing nude on our kitchen table for them. And it didn't seem like
much bigger of a deal to me in my lust-driven condition.
"Would you?" I asked.
"Would I what?" John countered.
"Would you offer me to them, I'll do it if you offer me," I said,
as if hearing the words for the first time after they came out of my
"What's all the whispering?" Steve asked and broke up our
"Shelly wants relief real bad. She's one horny little girl, but I
told her it would be rude to screw her and not offer you some," John
That was it. I had crossed the line. I was in for it now. I felt
relief, but at the same time I was afraid of what was about to happen. I
knew I wanted sex and lots of it, but what were these guys going to be
like? And what were they going to say when they were through?
If I had second thoughts, I was still ahead of the men who
seemed to mull the situation for hours before Fred piped up.
"Hell, if these guys don't want any, fine, but I'll take up that
offer," Fred said, ripping at his shirt buttons.
That was all it took to set the room in motion and quicker than
they made the decision I was sitting in a roomful of naked men with
penises at the ready. I thought John would go first, but he gave his
place to Fred because he spoke up first. John sat me on the edge of the
table and stepped aside for Fred to get to work.
Fred stepped close to me and took my breasts in his hands. His
dick wasn't touching me, but I could feel it lurking just outside my
"Mmm-mmm, I've always wondered how it would feel to grab
a couple of handsfull of these," Fred said as he manipulated my breasts.
I don't know how it felt to Fred, but it felt pretty good to me.
He was making this pretty easy for me and I let my head drop back and
I sighed. He had me follow my head back until I was lying on the table
and then he stepped forward. I didn't need any foreplay at that point.
The dancing had made my pussy dripping wet and Fred slid easily
inside me.
His cock was about the same size as John's and gave me a
familiar comfortable feeling as he fucked me. I had to open my eyes
again to see that it was Fred sliding his dick in and out of me. I raised
myself on my elbows so I could see his dick disappear between my
love lips. Then I tried to put my heels on his shoulders so he could
drive into me deeper. I needed help and Fred took a hold of my ankles
and held my legs up and open wide so everyone could watch as he
fucked me.
I had been too busy thinking about Fred and Fred's dick to think
much about the others, but when Fred spread me open for display that
way I remembered that there were four other sets of eyes, including my
husband's, on us. I couldn't hold the pose on my elbows for long once
Fred had put my legs in the air, so I fell back to the table and started to
look around. Fred could get me hot without my watching, so I took the
opportunity to scan the other treats in store for me.
And that meant Biff. I saw the other penises, but in a blur as my
gaze was instantly attracted to Biff's crotch. It was huge! It looked like
a foot and a half, but in retrospect, I imagine it was probably more like
10 inches long. Thankfully, my terror was interrupted by Fred picking
up his rhythm as he began to drive harder and deeper into me.
The shock of seeing the huge schlong I was going to have to
master took me off my peak, but Fred pumped on, faster and faster as
he hurried to his orgasm. I was just getting hot again when he stuck his
dick deep inside me and pumped out his seed in my womb.
"Oh yeah!" Fred exulted as he stepped back, "That is some
fine pussy the Mrs. has there."
"Who wants to go next?" John asked and there was a pause.
"You were talking kinky before," Steve said after a moment,
"Why don't we put her where it doesn't have to be one at a time?"
I could see why he was single. He was talking like I wasn't in
the room- or just a piece of meat too stupid to know what he was
saying. But he did have a good point. I could take them all on at once. I
didn't think that it had occurred to them yet and since it would mean
taking one in the pussy and one in the ass while I sucked and jacked off
the others, I wasn't bringing it up.
But I could easily go from one to the other with my mouth and
hands while one of them took his turn if I was in a position where they
could get near my head. And that meant the living room and the couch.
Trying to amaze Steve with my ability to understand human speech, I
got up on my own and led the way into the other room.
"So, who's next?" John asked again as I sat on the couch with
my legs wide to expose my cum-dripping snatch.
"I had the idea-" Steve said, raising his hand.
No one said anything so Steve finally walked over to me. I saw
why his inability to relate to women as people hadn't dampened his sex
life. His cock wasn't much bigger than Fred's or John's, but it was thick.
I wanted to see how think, so I wrapped my hand around it and my
fingers just missed meeting my thumb on the other side.
"How do you want me?" I asked as I jacked him gently, trying
to force him to actually talk to me.
"Hot and ready!" Steve said.
"I mean in what position," I said, forming the opinion that
Steven wasn't a chauvinist, just not very bright.
I began to think I hit on something when the question stumped
him. I just smiled at the perplexed look on his face and bent over the
arm of the couch on my knees and elbows.
"Here, try it this way," I said.
He climbed up behind me and the others saw their opportunity.
Fred stepped back to give the others room and Guy, John and Biff
stepped to the end of the couch. I reached my tongue toward their dicks
as if beckoning and John pushed Guy forward. I was pleased that Biff
hung back, because I still hadn't come to terms with taking on a cock
that size. But Guy fit nicely in my mouth. In contrast to Steve, he was
long and thin and I had plenty of room in my mouth to swirl my tongue
around his dick as I sucked him.
Now I'm not sure how Steve came to his conclusion. I kind of
forgot him after I felt that wide cock spread my pussy and stuff me full.
Considering my opinion of his mental fitness, I'm afraid something I
said lead him to it. But it could have been his plan all along.
As I said, I felt him spread me wider than I'd ever been spread
and went back to concentrating on the three dicks in front of me. I was
familiarizing myself with Biff's big whanger, testing its length and girth
with my hand when I got the thrust that drove Guy deep into my throat.
It was an explosion of sounds, feelings and confused thought
that all came together. Steve was attempting to drive that big, wide
cock up my ass and that rude intrusion coincided with Guy's groan of
pleasure as his cock went gagging deep down my throat. In my mind,
the cock trying to pry its way into my ass and the cock rammed in my
throat got confused with the monster in my hand and for an instant I
thought Biff was fucking that obscene dick into all my holes at once.
I had to pull back from Guy's dick or choke to death, but it was
just another kind of death to push back and help Steve drive his dick
into me. I think it was an illusion caused by the extremity of the
situation, but it seemed like my rocking off Guy's dick was the impetus
Steve needed to lodge the head of his cock in my rectum.
It was strange that the first thought after the flurry was that I
didn't have to mention fucking me in the ass. The boys figured that out
all on their own. The second thought was that I might not survive the
night. Steve was doing a good job of making me fear for my life and if
Biff got the same idea...
But I didn't have time to continue those thoughts. Steve nudged
forward again and I had to try to be accommodating. At least it seemed
that he had invaded other women with his thick cock, because he was
taking it in stages. I tried to turn my attention to Guy's dick and was
partly successful. Steve was still committing the horrible trespass at the
other end, but I was also making Guy thrust into my mouth with
That was enough for Guy- for now. I moved off him and
decided to confront my fear head on. It wasn't impossible to get Biff's
dick in my mouth. I had to open wide, but I wasn't straining to let his
monster in. But that only went for the top third.
I think he appreciated the effort. He showed that by gently
stroking my hair as I sucked him. And marvelously, the calming
influence of sucking his huge tool made my ass open just a little. It still
felt like Steve was shoving a door knob in my butt, but the feeling of
ripping apart subsided a little.
It seemed like Steve had been at it for hours, but I doubt if five
minutes had actually past. I hoped he was most of the way inside my
ass and I was expecting to feel the warm caress of his belly on my butt
with every little push he made. Then I finally did. It felt like I had won
the Olympics- the cramming big things up your butt gold medal. And in
an instant that was washed away when he started to pull out of me and I
realized that I had just gotten past the beginning. He was going to fuck
me with that dick.
I would have cried out the first time he thrust it back into me,
but Biff's dick was blocking any attempt at making a sound. Then it
lapsed into an obscure invasion as it seemed like I was being
disemboweled civilly, bit by bit. It wasn't pleasure Steve was giving
me, but an appreciation of survival and a growing sense of pride in my
power of perseverance.
I was too stretched to have the pleasant sensations that I got
when John fucked my ass with his normal-sized dick. But the motion
was the same and having conquered Biff's dick was making me feel
pretty good in itself. And then Steve lost control and it was like
someone pulled out a stopper and I was being swirled down the drain
like dirty bathwater. It wasn't a real situation. It wasn't a real feeling. It
was too outrageous and too far outside any of my frames of reference.
Thank god it was no longer pain. I had somehow adjusted
enough to avoid that, but it was far too much of some other unfamiliar
sensation for me to grasp. And he buffeted me with it, rocking me on
the couch arm with the fervor of his thrusts.
And finally it was over. Steve's cum was like an enema making
me feel incontinent as he jammed his dick deep and ejaculated in my
tortured bowels. And when he pulled out of my ass it was worse. I
thought I could feel the wind whistle up the yawning cavern his cock
had left and I felt deserted, empty. It made me even more
uncomfortable than his orgasm had.
Now I needed more. I needed someone to slide into the breech
and fill my emptiness. I took Biff's dick out of my mouth to beg.
"Who's next? Come on someone get back there," I pleaded.
Fred wanted to, but he wasn't ready yet. John looked at Guy and
then nodded in the direction of my butt. Guy was ready to fuck
something after the sucking I had given him and he quickly moved
behind me and kneeled on the couch.
"You want it in the same place?" Guy asked as he looked at my
gaping rectum.
"Oh yes! Put something back in there! I'm so empty," I implored
Guy fumbled a little finding the right aim, but once he got lined
up with my asshole he slid right in. And that was very nice. Guy probed
me in places that Steve couldn't reach, giving me new sensations of
being truly fucked. On the other hand, Guy's girth was much easier to
handle. He was just the right size to fill the gap Steve left and fill it
Well, comfortably might be damning Guy's effort with faint
praise. It was just the right size and let me feel all those sensations from
my anus that make anal sex so exciting. That and his probing beyond
any part of my bowels that had been probed before made me lose
concentration on the cocks surrounding me.
Biff corrected that by rubbing his cock on the side of my face. I
took note and started stroking him and John again as Guy fucked my
ass. Fred let me get into the rhythm of Guy's measured fucking and then
stepped up to take advantage of the swaying I was doing at the end of
Guy's thrusts. Fred slid his reborn cock into my mouth and then stood
there as Guy bounced me up and down on his dick.
My pussy was dripping again as Guy just kept fucking and
fucking. He must have swallowed a metronome as a boy for him to be
able to keep such an even rhythm. However good it had been as he
started had turned to frustration. I was still being flooded with the
tingles as he rubbed my sensitive anus on the in and on the out, but I
was getting nowhere with his monotonous sameness. I was hanging
near orgasm, but it didn't seem to be coming any nearer.
I took it out on Fred. If I was being teased with climax, I was
going to make his cock spurt its seed down my throat to give me some
small relief.
And then Guy broke free. It was an unreal shift from the steady,
disciplined fucking to the awkward frenzy with which Guy approached
his orgasm. It was like he couldn't hit the hole and was trying twice as
hard to make up for it. Except he was buried deep in the hole and
battering this way and that as he suddenly came at me from all angles
and with no discernible pattern.
I think he blew me right past orgasm into some other zone. I
was too excited to come, but it made my nipples so hard they hurt as
my breasts swung from his belly banging on my butt. My twat
squeezed tight and my bowels twisted, but I didn't make it into the land
of stars and comets.
I guess I was so involved with the process that I didn't even
notice him pumping out his cum in my ass. I only assumed he had
when I felt the long, slow slide of his cock from my anus.
This time I felt better. I knew my ass was still wide open, but it
didn't feel as foreign as it had when Steve had vacated the opening.
"Damn," Guy said as he crawled off the couch, "You're a lucky
man, John. Debbie won't let me put it all the way in her ass, let alone
give her the working over I just gave your wife."
"Good thing she's got money then," Steve kidded Guy, who had
married the town's heiress and seldom escaped that kind of sniping
from other men.
"Come on Steve," Fred chimed in, "Everybody's good at
something. Maybe it isn't ass-fucking for Debbie. Maybe it's shopping."
Guy was far past being offended by this kind of teasing. Thirty
mil will do that. I was just glad it wasn't breaking up the mood of the
evening and decided I would concentrate on the compliment I had been
"So who goes now?" John asked, bringing the focus back to the
affair at hand.
And speaking of hands, I think John was anxious to get away
from the continual dry rubbing of my hand on his raging erection.
Besides, it had been too long for him to keep that hardon without
release. When there was no answer, both he and Fred moved toward
my butt.
"Hey, go on, " said Fred, "I got one already. I just wanted to try
out that ass Guy liked so much."
"Tell you what," John said, "Why don't we both go. I'd ask Biff,
but he knows he's got to go last or he ruins it for the rest of us normal
"It's the price I pay for hanging around with guys hung like
hamsters," Biff said, good-naturedly.
"Besides, your wife sucks better than that whore I promised a
$100 tip to if she could take me to here," Biff said, indicating a mark a
little over halfway down his enormous pecker.
The compliments were flying now. And I hardly needed their
urging since I knew what John had in mind. He was going to have Fred
fuck me in the ass while I rode his own hard cock. A cock in each hole
was my favorite, even if most times it was just a fantasy. I always, the
one other time it happened, came like the world was ending when I was
stuffed with that much meat at the same time.
And this time I could complete the trifecta by sucking on Biff
while they double-dicked me. John got comfortable as far toward the
end of the couch as he could manage and then guided me back to hover
over his proud pole. I settled down and my neglected pussy fairly sang
as John's cock squished into the wet heart of my womanhood.
I almost came right then as my clit finally hit something solid
when I settled down on my husband. I couldn't help myself. I started
rocking immediately trying to rub out a quick come to stop my longing.
But the only thing that stopped was my rocking as John gripped my
hips to hold me still.
"You're going to have to be an acrobat to get it in there," John
said to Fred, "But if you get set right, she'll give us both the rides of our
Fred had to hang one leg off the couch and brace his foot on the
floor to lower himself to my ass, but he seemed to think it was worth
the effort. He got the angle right without any help from me and eased
forward into my asshole. It wasn't the easy entrance Guy made. Fred
was a little wider than Guy, but I think the bigger reason was John's
dick taking up the room in my pussy.
I understood why ass-fucking is sometimes called packing
fudge as Fred pushed his cock inside me on the other side of that thin
membrane from John's. My fudge was certainly being packed as the
two cocks possessed me simultaneously. It was an outrageous feeling
of fullness when Fred finally pressed tight against my ass and I had
both of them to the hilts.
Now came my turn. I could breathe when I moved off of them,
but when I pushed back the twin-dicking drove the air from my lungs. I
spent the next minutes gasping as I forced my butt back on them with
long deliberate thrusts at first and then faster.
The fullness became my friend as I alternately filled and
emptied myself of their two cocks. This time I wasn't to be denied.
John's dick was hitting all the right places and I could drag my clit over
his belly to insure I would find the land of sparklers and fireflies this
time. I knew I was neglecting Biff, but I also knew I wouldn't be able to
breathe at all if his cock was obstructing my gasping as I drove my ass
back on the two men faster and faster.
And then I was there. John sensed how close I was and reached
up to tweak my nipples just as I froze and trembled on my two lovers.
John knew the time and began to lunge his cock up into me as I became
helpless in the throes of my climax. Fred quickly caught the implication
and joined John in thrusting into me.
Even as the spasms wracked me, I reached for Biff's dick. Now
I wanted to be filled in all my holes at once. I knew that the guys would
continue fucking me now until they each flooded their hole with cum.
As my tremors subsided, I slid into the light-blue sea breeze of
afterglow by pulling Biff's dick into my mouth.
Then I had it. Stuffed full and being buffeted from the bottom, I
was jolted onto yet another cock filling my mouth. It was cock and
cock and more cock. Maleness everywhere, surrounding me, filling me
and inundating my senses with the feel, taste and smell of men. It made me feel like all women- the arch-woman to have so many admirers.
And it made me feel like I was cumming again as those two
insistent cocks kept thrusting into me as Fred and John hammered their
way to orgasm inside me. Even once drained, Fred couldn't hold off and
he was the first to shudder and jerk against me, pumping out sticky
seed into my bowels. Then I worked with John, meeting his thrusts and
giving Fred a little bonus stimulation as he sat with his cock still
occupying my rectum. When John arched and quivered, I drove down
on him as fast as I could bounce to draw out a spine-shattering cum.
And then it was still. Fred pulled his limp worm out of me and
groaned as he untangled himself from his awkward pose. I smiled
down at John and he smiled back, blowing me a little kiss. I lifted up
and he slid out from under me, leaving me in my doggy pose at the end
of the couch with Biff's dick facing me.
It was the only standing cock in the room. Steve didn't look like
he would take much urging to come erect again, but Biff had the only
hard one left. I swallowed hard.
"Well, I guess it's come to this," I said, putting on a flippant
tone I didn't really feel.
"Yes, ma'am," Biff said, "And I hope it's as long cumming as it
has been coming."
The terror I first felt on seeing Biff's huge cock had passed, but
I still had a healthy apprehension of that monster being shoved inside
me anywhere. And I knew, like Murphy's Law, that Biff would want to
fuck me in the ass just like everyone else.
"How do you want me?" I asked, "I guess you get to fly solo
since you were polite enough to wait for the end."
"The end is how I'd like it, if you'll let me," Biff said with a
bashful grin that endeared him to me.
"I suspected that, Biff," I told him, "Why not, everyone else had
a turn. But is there some way you know that makes it easier to take that
whopper you're wielding?"
"You know, I've never thought about it," Biff said, "The only
girl I know that lets me put it in her rear- well, I think she gets off on
making it as rough as she can."
I could imagine the two of them. The woman urging Biff to
drive his dick harder and deeper and Biff obediently ramming into her.
But I wasn't that woman. Fortunately, Steve had a suggestion and I
ended up on my back with my feet pressed to Biff's chest and my knees
bent back toward my chest.
Then the moment I had feared from my first glimpse of Biff's
dick had arrived. He put his cock to my cum-lubricated asshole and
moved his hips forward. Pop! I had the head inside me.
I felt like a fool at that point. All that worry for this? Biff had
the second thickest dick that had entered my anus that night, but only by
the slightest of margins over Fred or John. Biff mover farther and I
adjusted with little trouble to the hot man-meat slipping into my
bowels. He pushed again and something started nagging in the back of
my head.
He was just past the halfway point when I suddenly realized it
was the halfway point. He had me stuffed full of cock then and I was
going to have twice as much when he was through pressing the stiff
column into me. He pushed again and I started to panic. Biff was
confused and it was Steve that came to the rescue.
"Calm down," he told me firmly, "That's why your feet are on
his chest. Push. Rock up for him. it'll be all right."
I pushed. Biff leaned into me to help me pick my butt off the
couch. Biff's cock changed angles in my bowels and suddenly the
pressure was relieved. I used the leverage to move my ass as Biff
continued his entry. I won't lie to you. Easy doesn't describe the process
of letting Biff inside my ass. Thankfully he went slow, but I was still
sheened in sweat from the exertion and the anxiety when he finally had
sheathed his cock in my asshole.
Now I deserved that gold medal. The feel of his belly on the
backs of my thighs was like winning the lottery. Then Steve interrupted
"Now you fuck him," Steve instructed, "Rock your pelvis and
move your ass up and down like before. You both will know when it's
time for him to start really fucking you"
I guess working on his inter-personal relationships would be
superfluous for Steve. He had the nitty-gritty down pat and I suspected
that stood him in better stead than snappy pick-up lines and sparkling
conversation. He knew what he was talking about when he talked sex.
Working my ass around on Biff's cock gave me such a flood of
feeling as it stirred deep in my belly. Turning that cock in my asshole
made a flush run down my chest and strike a fire in my crotch. And
from Biff's breathing, I knew it was having a similar affect on him.
And Steve was right. We both came to the conclusion at the
same time. I was about to tell Biff to fuck me when I felt his cock slide
away and then push back into my ass. It was only (only) three or four
inches, but I made it seem like more as I worked my ass up and down
on his thrusting dick.
"Oh God! You're so deep!" Biff groaned, moaning out the
words that could have come from my mouth as well.
He started to fuck me harder and it was as if I had finally found
the secret. What I had only known dimly before became crystal clear as
I took his thrusts and felt his enormity slam fully into my guts. THIS
was ass-fucking. This was domination by the male. This was taking,
accepting, being the receptacle.
Then he came. I could feel him swell and throb and then spasm
as his cum hit parts deep inside. It was hot. It was a lot and his thrusting
was pumping it in my belly, pulling streams back down his cock to leak
down my asshole.
I had to apologize, but made him get that thing out of me as
soon as he was done. I was opened for it, but my legs were cramping
from the mixture of passion and exercise. For his part, Biff seemed
unruffled by his quick exit, grinning broadly as he got off the couch.
I laid back and tried to slow my panting as I looked at the naked
men sitting around the room.
"Next?" I said, trying to sound more chipper than I felt.
"Don't look at me. I've got a late date," Steve piped up, the only
one near hard left in the room.
I knew that was a joke, but the kindness was appreciated. At
that point I just wanted a nice, hot bath. Maybe that would soothe (and
close) my battered rectum and wash off the leavings that had been
poured into me that night.


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