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WIFE1 men that situation might have


My Ex-Wife by Elric the Albino Part 1 (D/s F/m)

This is a new story I'm just starting. It's pure fantasy, no
characters are based on any actual persons I know. Any comments
would be appreciated.

This is a story about the incredible relationship I enjoyed with my
beautiful ex-wife. It's been two years since I lost her, but I can't
get her out of my system. I don't think I ever will.
I was 27, and she was 34.
I was a schoolteacher, and she was a businesswoman. What she
ever saw in me I don't know. She used to say she loved my sense
of humour, my firm ass, and my cock. Not necessarily in that
It was very clear from an early stage in our courtship that
Elizabeth would be the dominant partner, both inside and outside
the bedroom. It was understood.
I remember the wedding day. God she was a stunning bride. I
couldn't take my eyes off her.
Let me describe the her in greater detail. She comes from a very
wealthy family. Her mother is a High Court judge. Her father is a
multi-millionaire businessman. She came from the ruling class,
plain and simple. I came from a working class family. This made
our relationship extremely unusual, and would eventually lead to
its demise; it is rare for two people from such hugely disparate
class backgrounds to even enter one another's spheres. In order for
such a meeting to take place, then, peculiar circumstances would
need to occur.
I met Elizabeth when my car broke down on a remote country
I'd been on my way back from a fishing trip when the engine just
died. It was a warm summer evening, and I guess I had that to be
grateful for. I know nothing about cars. I got out, looked under the
hood, nodded to myself, closed the hood, and sat down
disconsolately on the side of the road.
I considered my situation. The nearest town was miles away. At
the very least, I had to get to a phone. It was obvious I had to flag
a passing motorist down and ask for a lift.
After about ten minutes a car appeared. I confidently positioned
myself at the side of the road and held out my hand.
The car glided past me as though I didn't exist.
"Fair enough." I muttered to myself.
It was another half an hour before another car appeared. This one,
unlike the last, looked modern and new. As it approached me, I
saw that it was a sports car. Black. Tinted windows. Travelling
about 200 k's an hour.
It decelerated smoothly and eased its way to the side of the road,
throwing up a cloud of dust that half choked me. The engine
hummed for a brief moment, then stopped.
After a moment, the door opened. As I watched, a long, slender,
definitely female leg extended itself from the vehicle. I was a little
disconcerted, because from where I was standing almost the entire
leg was visible, and from where I stood, there was no hemline.
Just the lacy top of a stocking. The foot clad in a shining, black,
stiletto pump.
I briefly considered the possibility that I was in a Hollywood
movie. This sort of shit doesn't happen, I reminded myself.
Out of the car slid a tall woman. She swung herself around to face
me, and assumed a casual stance, leaning against the door frame of
her sleek Porsche.
She was not the bleach blonde sort of beauty. She wasn't Pamela
Anderson. As soon as I set eyes upon her I knew she was from the
upper crust.
"Car problems huh ?", she commented.
I nodded. "Yeah."
She walked toward me. I judged her about five ten. She was
athletic of build. She appeared to be dressed for a ball. I didn't
realise that this was how people like her dress all the time. Her
hair was fair brown, very straight, and very long – nearly waist
length from what I could tell. She wore a black, strapless, evening
dress. It was very short. There was a necklace around her neck.
There were bracelets around her wrists. She was in her late
twenties I judged (actually she was 32 I was to learn later).
By the way she walked in those sharp heels, I knew she was used
to it.
Her body was absolutely perfect. My mind just switched off and I
stared at her stupidly. I hope my mouth wasn't open. She tells me
now it wasn't, but I find it hard to believe.
She stopped before me, hands in front folded at her lap, and
looked me over with a faint smirk. Then she glanced at the
smoking engine.
"Looks like you're up shit creek." She said brightly.
"Uh… yeah."
She glanced at me again and smiled coyly. "Lucky I came along.
I'm headed for Melbourne. You in a rush to get this repaired ?"
Luckily I wasn't. I was on summer vacation.
"No, it's no hurry. I was headed for Melbourne too."
"Well then. Hop in."
The next day was New Year's Day. Nothing would be open in any
of the towns along the way. I realise now that this was another
fortunate coincidence.

I found out her name was Elizabeth, that she was 32 and
single, that she was an executive in her father's business
Melbourne, and that she'd been visiting her grandfather. He was a
big pastoralist from what I could gather. Despite the obvious
difference in backgrounds, we seemed to click. She had, I
discovered, a similar sense of humour. And I just fell for her easy,
confident charm straight away. I forgot all about my broken down
car. She told me she'd have it taken care of. Her father knew
people. He was, she casually told me, a millionaire businessman
who "does anything I ask him to do."
I would watch her slender hands working on the gearshift,
the way those heavenly legs of her slid against one another and the
hem of her skirt, the rise and fall of her chest. I fell immediately in
love, and she drove with a faint smile on her lips as though she
knew very well the effect she was having on me.
When we got back, I plucked up the nerve to ask her out to
dinner. To my astonishment, she accepted.
It was at that dinner that she made it clear to me the way
things were going to proceed.
"I'm looking for a man at the moment." She told me matter
of factly. "But not just any man."
I nodded, trying to play it cool.
She looked at me steadily with those arresting blue eyes,
put her heel in my groin, and smirked. "I want a man who'll be my
I nodded again, my ears burning and my dick hardening
She chuckled quietly to herself. "Mmm. Looks like you
like the idea huh ?"
I laughed nervously, and nodded.
"You're perfect Adam. You're cute, and you're an average
guy. But don't think you're gonna get to fuck me in the near
I stared at her blankly, not knowing what to say.
"At least not until I'm satisfied you're what I want."
I nodded. "OK."
After that, there was a brief period of silence, and then she
started talking to me about mundane matters again. She was the
woman I'd met on that lonely highway once more.
After that date, she didn't answer my calls for a couple of
weeks. I thought she'd lost interest in me. Then one day I got
home and found a letter in a scented envelope. Inside was an
invitation card that read thus :

Dearest Adam,

I'm currently in London on business. Come and see me. I've
enclosed the plane tickets. I've also included the car of the Hotel
I'm staying at. Call a cab there when you get to the airport.



I was so excited! I couldn't believe it. This woman was
actually interested in seeing me again. I made immediate
arrangements; the flight was due to leave the next evening.
When I arrived in London, I bought a bunch of flowers,
and then I caught a cab as Elizabeth had suggested. It was a short
ride there, the hotel being right in the city centre. It was about 9.30
pm when I finally checked into the hotel. It was an expensive
hotel, I could see that; not the sort of place I'd normally be staying
The man at reception said Elizabeth had left word saying I
was expected.
I was a little tired from the long flight as I made my way
up the stairs. When I got there I knocked.
Nothing. I knocked again.
I listened. No sounds from within. "Elizabeth ?", I called
through the door. "Are you there ?"
Nothing. I checked the number. It was definitely it.
Trying the door I found it unlocked. I stepped inside.
It was a huge room. No lights were on, but there were large
windows overlooking the city below and the lights from there
illuminated the place to some degree. After the cold air outside, it
was invitingly warm; I heard the soft hum of the central heating
"Elizabeth ?" I called out again.
Closing the door, I walked in and looked around the lounge
area. An empty wine glass and a half filled bottle of red wine on
the table. There were two doors leading off the lounge room, one
on each side of me. And then I noticed a trail of what looked like
rose petals leading to the door on my right.
I walked over to the door, and hanging there off the door
handle was a small black pair of panties. I thought I heard voices
from beyond the door as I reached out and picked them up. They
were damp to the touch, and I knew for certainty they'd been
recently worn. As I examined them in the dim light, I could make
see quite clearly that the crotch area was soaked, and when I raised
it to my nose, I inhaled the unmistakable scent of a woman's
And now, quite clearly, through the door, I heard her voice.
She wasn't talking. She was moaning.
And I knew then what I would find beyond that door.
When I look back on it now, I realise that this was the first
clear indication I would get that any sort of relationship with
Elizabeth wasn't going to be ordinary. Whatever it was going to
be, it wasn't going to be ordinary.
Some men in that situation might have just turned and left,
and never returned. I guess if I had half an ounce of self-respect I
would have. But the truth is, I was already fascinated by her. Little
did I know that my humiliations had only just begun.
I turned the handle and walked through the door.
She was on a big queen sized bed facing me. She wore a
black lace corset with suspenders and black stockings, and black
high heeled shoes. She was kneeling on her knees, sitting in an
upright position, as she fucked a well built guy beneath her, who
was entirely naked.
When I came in she smiled sweetly at me as though
nothing peculiar was going on.
"Adam." She breathed, flashing her eyes at me. I wanted to
kill her, but all I could think of was how beautiful she was.
As in a dream I walked over to her and she held out her
hand in expectation of the flowers. I handed them to her.
"How gentlemanly of you."
The guy looked up at me with an expression that seemed to
say, on the one hand, "I am far too preoccupied with fucking this
gorgeous woman to concern myself about you," and on the other,
"So how are you going to react to me fucking your girlfriend ?"
She continued to hump, looking right into my eyes
"Why are you doing this ?" I asked numbly.
After a moment she said, "What ?"
"I said : why are you doing this ?"
"Doing what ?"
"Fucking him. Who is he ?"
She laughed. "He's a guy I found at a bar. And
I'm fucking him because I feel like it. I told him you were coming.
I don't even know his name and I don't care."
"And you brought me here to watch. Is that it ?"
She slid off him and tossed the flowers aside, then slid over
off the edge of the bed and stood up. In her heels she was as tall as
me. She reached out and guided my arms around her waist,
placing them on her bare ass.
As I held those perfect globes in my hands I knew for sure
I was finished.
She eased forward and kissed me tenderly. My hands
massaged her beautiful butt.
Then she drew back and I watched her climb back on the bed with
the stranger. She faced me again, reached down to graps his semi erect
dick, and started coaxing it back to life. He ran his hands over her
ass and back, and pretty soon he was "standing to attention" again. She
guided his cock - about seven inches I judged (a bit bigger than mine)
into her, closing her eyes and sighing as she impaled herself on him.
Her eyes fluttered open again as she began slowly bouncing her
hips on his dick. "Take off those clothes, Adam. Then come here and kiss
me while I fuck this guy."
I took my clothes off as directed. It was quite obvious she didn't
give a damn about this guy. He was just someone to screw. In a way I was
flattered. They say that you only deliberately try to hurt those you care
about. Maybe that was the motivation for her behaviour?
I stood there naked, my cock hard as rock at the sight of this
woman of my fantasy fucking another guy before my eyes. I thought she
looked beautiful - she was lost in her own world as she closed her eyes,
the stranger's big hands reaching around to hold her firm breasts.
I climbed onto the bed, and came over to kneel in front of her.
She opened her eyes and smiled, leaned forward a little and kissed me
again. The stranger's hands had wandered down to her hips and ass again,
so I put my hands on her breasts. I bent down and started kissing them,
sliding my tongue around the nipples.
I ran my hands over her stocking tops, her upper thighs, over the
lacy material, the straps of the suspenders. Jesus was I dying to fuck her.
I got up again and put my face in her hair around her ear, nibbling
her earlobe. She moaned and squirmed with pleasure.
"Elizabeth." I whispered in her ear, my lower lip brushing her small
stud earring. "Tell this guy to go away. I want to make love to you, angel."
She turned her head to the side to kiss me again, ignoring me for a
moment. Then she put her hands on my cheeks and gently forced me to look into
her eyes.
"Just do this for me, Adam. Do it for me."
It wouldn't be the first time I heard those words from her.


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