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WILDPARTY cum mouth swallow


"Kyrah's Wild Ride" by Kyrah Jade Kayles, the BlueMyst

(C) 2002 by Kyrah Jade Kayles. Warning. This is a work of adult
fiction. If you don't like something else, just not this. If
you are under 18, don't read it. You should know this by now, but I'm just
covering said behind. :) Feel free to share this story, just keep credit
where it belongs. In my pocket, behind my keys. :P Contact:

It's 10 pm, and my doorbell rings. I'm annoyed, because I want some
private time to myself, but I answer it grudingly. It is my good friend
Tae. I answer the door. She comes strolling in. She tells me, "Kyra , ya
wanna go and get us a guy to fuck?" She leers at me with those weird green
eyes of hers. She doesn't wait for an answer.

She whistles and 3 guys and 2 girls come in the door. She says, "Now
Liz, Kate, Peter, Greg, Tom, I want to have a good time." Peter smiles and
says, "Don't worry we will be doing just that." He lifts me up and carries
me off to the bedroom. The others follow suit.

Tae undresses me and her and she pushes me back to Peter. Snooze looks
at Tae. She certainly likes to take charge. Snooze has a look in his eyes
that makes one think that maybe he can tame that tall woman. Tae walks
over to Snooze and leans herself into his arms. Liz and Kate start going
after each other with their strap on dildos. Peter sets me down and
positions me and him into a 69 position. He picks me up so that my pussy is right up in his face and he tongues me deeply. I pull his cock toward
me and I suck madly.

Peter is outrageous. He brings this side out of me that I cannot fight.
I lick his cock inside my mouth and he smiles at me. Snooze, seizing the
moment, hoists Tae up on his lap and she thrust her pussy onto your cock.
She winces but smiles. The group hears a knock at the door. I push the
intercom button above my bed, and yell, "Come in!" The door opens and Bob,
a tall man, walks in. He is wearing a tank shirt, and some shorts. He
sees me with Peter and asks him, "Can I have her now? I didn't get to have
her last time." Tom grabs Liz and she sucks on his cock. Kate, looking
very sad, sits and plays with a vibrator.

Peter looks at her and grabs her and sucks her pussy. Kate moans
softly. Bob slides my mouth on his cock and holds my head with his hands. I
suck his dick softly and he slaps my head. "Harder!" he bellows. He
pushes my head closer to the base of his cock. I suck faster. He is
screaming with pleasure, as I bring him closer and closer to the edge. He
pulls out of me and slides his cock against my lips and closes his eyes as
he jets a load of cum in my mouth. I swallow it and he pats my head.
"Good girl, your such a slut!" I nod.

Tae is thrusting herself harder on Snooze's cock. Snooze throws his
head back and Tae gasps as she can feel Snooze's hot juices pour into her
little box. She smiles at Snooze and says, "Nice work." She slides off
Snooze and sucks Snooze's cock. She stops and says "No, better yet, why
don't you tie me up instead? I can be your little slave. Work me over and
over and over again until I cannot do anything." Snooze is suddenly
compelled to follow this woman's fetishes. She hands Snooze a large coil
of soft rope. It is stretchy. Snooze binds her feet so that her legs
cannot be closed. Snooze says, "Whatever you want slut. Snooze grins
evilly and rams her hard with his cock. He asks with a smirk, "Can you
handle that?" She tells him, returning the grin, "Of course I can!" Snooze
keeps ramming her with much force. The others are going crazy. The room
is hot with all these naked bodies around.

The door bell rings again. Five guys walk in . They wave their key and
Tae tells me, "Hope ya don't mind. They came specifically for you." The
guys walk over to Bob, push him out of the way, and tie my legs open and my
arms out. The guys names are Bill, Frank Joe, Jake, and Chris. They say
to Snooze, "Have you had this girl? Is she a slut?" Snooze shouts to them,
"Oh yeah, anything goes with her. They grin and Bill shoves his cock
between my breasts. Frank strokes himself. I grab his cock and stroke it
. Frank moans and says, "You slut."

Tae looks at her watch and tells Snooze, "My friend Amber will be coming
to take my place. I need to go home now." She kisses you deeply on the
mouth and gets up. You push her back down and she giggles. You say "Not
time to go yet slave. She nods. “Yes master." You thrust her harder. She
moans loudly and thrashes around trying to pull you out but to no use. You
laugh softly. Jake approaches me and thrusts himself into my pussy. He
bangs me hard as possible. I look at him and he says, "Ya know ya like it
rough slut." I nod my head quietly, too lost in lust to fight. Chris
slides under me and rocks my ass firmly, then thrusts me in the ass. I say
softly, "Why the fuck are all of you attacking me?" None of them respond. I
look at the clock it is only 11:30. Joe and Chris go on opposite sides of
me and begin sucking my breasts. I thrash around wildly. This is way too
much pleasure on my hands.

After an hour, the guys finally lose it. Chris jerks his cock and
breathes, then blows cum on the side of my mouth. Joe sprays it on my
breast. I run my finger through it. Joe falls asleep. Chris yawns and
falls asleep. Jake yells and sprays my hot little box with cum. My head
bobs up and down and I begin to fall asleep. Snooze let Tae get up after
fucking her so bad. Snooze look at her , but notice she has fallen asleep.
It is 12:30. I tell the guys to go asleep. Jake says "O.K.," but doesn't
pull out. he falls asleep with his cock in my pussy. Liz tries to walk
over to untie me , and to no use. Tom sits her on his lap. He lifts her
up and down on his cock. She moans. Frank falls asleep with his cock in
my ass. As I fall asleep, I wonder, will these guys ever be satisfied with

The End

(for now at least :))


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