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WIN1 thick mass hair was usually

Becoming a Winner, PART 1: BETTY FOUND {MF MD MC? 1st reluc light-bd}
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Synopsis: Hal transforms Betty and himself from nerdy losers to
gorgeous winners.


Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works
by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion in
another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the
express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that it may be
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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is entirely
coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and
is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are offended by
depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority
in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW! Please do not read or download
this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work may engage in
unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually transmitted
diseases do not exist. In reality sex without protection is unwise and
nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any
of the other activities depicted herein.


Synopsis: We meet Betty and Hal. Hal plans to help Betty.

Betty was a junior in a top eastern college. She was a brilliant student
with a close to straight A-average, in the chemistry club, astronomy club,
and captain of the chess team. She was a 5'6" dirty-blond with a 46-DDD
bust. Sounds great, until you get to know her.

Despite Betty's obvious assets, she has a serious weight problem and a
complexion that looked like the craters on the surface of the moon. As a
result, Betty has a rotten self-image and no self-confidence in anything not
"intellectual". She was deathly afraid of anything social or physical.
Everyone considered Betty a nerd. Her small group of friends were also
"nerds". Inside this small group she was warm, outgoing, funny, and
energetic. In every other social circle on campus, she was marked a total
"loser". Betty's few dates had ended poorly. She had never got beyond
second base and had never been asked out twice by the same boy. She
was still a virgin, though not by choice.

Betty's outlet for her frustration was eating, mostly candy, cake, and
potato chips. It's not surprising that she has problems with her weight and
complexion. Betty wanted to be pretty, to be attractive to boys, she dreamed
of having a hot, sexy body, but she'd given up trying to improve her
appearance. Her thick mass of hair was usually a knotted mess that was
primarily used to cover her pot-marked face. Her clothing was equally
designed to conceal and protect her from the view of the outside world.
Despite her gigantic bosom, which her best attempts couldn't hide, the world
would did not appreciate Betty's, 46-40-42 figure. She never wore makeup or
anything colorful, not wanting to attract attention.

Hal was a first-year graduate student in psychology at the same school. He
was at the top of his class and the darling of his professors. The fact that
he was only 5'10" and nothing special to look at did not matter to them. In
fact, Hal's appearance was similar to Betty's in several ways, bad
complexion & slightly overweight. Neither problem was anywhere near as bad
as Betty's was. Hal's strongest assets were his belief in himself and his
proven ability to achieve his goals.

Hal knew he needed to get away from the books he constantly studied. So,
he joined the chess club to "get out" a little. He called ahead to get times
and directions. Betty, the captain of the team, had a sweet yet sultry voice
that made his cock harden. He hoped the rest of the package matched that
"fuck me" voice.

On the night of Hal's first meeting, Betty gave him a warm welcome and
introduced him to everyone. He immediately took a liking to Betty. Her looks
didn't match his hopes, but she had a quick wit, genuine warmth, boundless
energy, kindness, and sensitivity for others. Her intelligence might be a
bit greater then his, but Hal took this as a challenge, not a threat. He was
able to overlook Betty's physical problems, because he was attracted to her
"joie de vie". Over the weeks that followed Hal sought out Betty's company
with increasing frequency.

Betty was immensely flattered by the attention given to her by this graduate
student. She was attracted to him more and more. She wished he would hold
her, kiss her, and touch her, but was too afraid of rejection to make the
first move. In her frustration, Betty began to work Hal into her regular
fantasies. In them, she was usually a helpless, bound captive forced to do
whatever her captor demanded. Instead of playing with herself every few
weeks, Betty began doing it on an almost nightly basis, fantasying she was
captured by a Pirate king, or a princess carried off by a bandit chief, or a
slave girl dancing for her master. More and more often that
master/pirate/captor was Hal.


Struggling in vain, I was dragged kicking and scratching into the presence
of the Pirate Chief. "Captain Hal, the prisoner," said one. "Ho Ho! Me lads
ye brought me a pretty one", said he as he looked me over up and down.

I cast my eyes downward, my dress was in disarray because of my struggles
against these ruffians. Fortunately, he was only able to see the top of my
bosom and the bottom of my legs, more though then I'd ever show a gentleman.
The rest was hidden from his roving eyes.

I looked him over as he stood and walked to me. He was cleaner then the two
who held me and probably smelled better, looking only a little older then my
18 years, yet he towered over me and looked as if he could break me in half
like a twig.

As I realized that this powerful man held my fate in his hands, I began to
feel unfamiliar sensations between my legs. I had felt it before only once
when I rubbed myself there, but I was so severely punished, having my hands
tied behind my back for an entire week, that I never dared take the chance
that my mother would again catch me doing it.

"So girl," he said to me, "What ransom will ye family pay for ye safe
return?" I addressed him in a meek and respectful manner as I still had a
glimmer of hope, "Please sir, I am an orphan who was being sent to her
widowed aunt, who is not wealthy, but is my only family. There is no one to
pay ransom for me. Please release me as I am of no value to you."

"Young, pretty lass may have value other then gold, but the goods needs be
seen. Hold her tight lads," he said with a hungry look as he drew a huge
knife from his belt and proceeded to cut every scrap of clothing from my
body. I tried to escape him, but could not move from the vice like grips
that held me.

I was spitting mad, my only dress was destroyed. All my other possessions
had gone down when the pirates sank the Mayfair, the ship on which I had
been sailing, with all hands lost except for me.

"How dare you! You ruffian, you blackguard," I screamed at him. My head
snapped back as pain exploded in my right cheek from a slap I had not even

"Watch ye tongue lassie or I'll cut it out. Show proper respect for the
captain," said he. Stars swirled before my eyes. No one had every struck me
before. I would have fallen, but was still held tightly, now thoroughly

As I was trying to recover, I felt his hand lift my right breast as if to
weigh it. "Ye got ample equipment lassie," said he as his other hand began
to maul my left breast. My dear departed mother had always complained my
breasts were much too big for my slight frame. This did not seem to bother
Captain Hal. I did not trust myself to speak, fearing more pain.

His hands shifted. They began rolling both teats, which soon became almost
painfully hard, between rough fingers. I shut my eyes trying to deny the
sensations being forced upon me against my will. The continued heat building
in my breasts suddenly jumped between my legs as a low moan was forced
between my lips. How long this continued I couldn't say. I could not seem to
form rational thought, lost between fear and the storm brewing within me.

Unexpectedly, his hand shot downward, cupping my most intimate treasure. A
loud moan, almost a scream was forced from me. Without thought my body
pressed itself against his hand. It was glorious, it was maddening, then it
was gone. My hips thrust forward seeking to renew the feeling between
my legs.

I heard laughter and realized the two pirates holding me fast had seen my
body betray me to the captain's touch. Every inch of me flushed red with
shame and embarrassment. How could I, a properly bred English girl be made
to behave like a whore walking the streets of London? There was little more,
I thought in my ignorance, which could be done to dishonor me.

"Aye, you have some small value, me lass, but I'll be needing to keep ye
here a bit to value ye fully. Lay her out facing skyward on me bed lads," he
ordered. "Aye, Captain Hal," they responded and dragged my limp body onto
the Captain's bed where he tied my arms securely to the bedposts then
dismissed his men.

I drew up my legs and crossed them in a useless attempt to hide my womanhood
from this pirate. He smiled and laughed evilly at my pitiful attempt at
modesty, but for the moment did nothing to stop me.

The captain brought over a skin of spiced wine and command, "Drink! Ye will
need strength before the morning dawn." I coughed out the strong wine, it
ran down my chin and between my breasts. He grabbed a handful of my hair and
pulled back my head until my mouth opened. "Drink," he commanded once again.
I managed to swallow most of it. He emptied half the large skin into me and
drank the rest himself.

I started to feel dizzy from the wine. Attempting to regain balance, modesty
forgotten, my legs spread once more.

I watched as if in a trance as he undressed before me. My eyes fell on his
engorged manhood. My mother had refused to explain what it did along with
all such disgusting subjects not fit for a well-bred, unwed girl.

I did not react until he dived between my still open thighs. I screamed as
he fastened his mouth to my wet slit. All my earlier sensations returned in
an instant. The storm burst within me once more, I could not think, only
feel what he forced me to feel. The Captain, not I, commanded my body. He
proceeded to drive me mad with passion.

"Oooooooooh, Captain, Take me! Use me! Make me your whore," I screamed my
submission to him. He paused a moment. I was a slut, lower then the cheapest
whore. Never could I return to my former life. What would become of me? I
knew only that I needed more of my Captain's touch. My dishonor was
complete, so quickly had my submission been forced.

His fingers entered me to confirm his curiosity. I felt a slight discomfort
when they pressed against my maidenhood, my innermost defense, then

He released my arms from their bindings then laughed as I wrapped myself
around him. I pressed myself onto his hardness being nave of what do next.
"Ye won't need to wait long, lassie," said he as pressed me down and
positioned himself above me.

A few probes were followed by a little pop as the tip of his massive tool
entered me. I raised my hands over my head, crossing my wrists, imagining I
was still bound. I was in bliss. Gentle strokes moved him slowly deeper. I
felt so full.

My hips began experimental thrusts of their own. I moved to his rhythm. When
I began feeling sharp jabs, we both knew he had brought himself to my

I should have braced myself for the inevitable, but was nave of the pain
and pleasure about to befall me. Having already shown uncharacteristic
restraint, my Captain's patience had run out.

He drew back a little then rammed himself into me. The exquisite pain ripped
a scream from my lips as his massive tool tore through me, burying itself
deep within.

Not waiting for me to recover he began urgent thrusting, attending to his
own pleasure. Slowly, my pain receded like the tide and my passion surged
back with an intensity that left me breathless.

Only a few thrusts more followed before my Captain emptied his lust into me.
He collapsed on top of me, having taken my maidenhood, but leaving me
wanting more.

I need not be concerned. He took me several times that night and well knew
how to use a woman. He commanded me to assume a wide variety of postures
and positions, fanning my fires high each time before he plunged his sword into

I lost count of the number of times I was brought past the point of
exquisite release. The screams of my passion could be heard all night and
into the next day from the bow to the stern of the pirate ship.

I became the Captain's slut. He used me daily, usually several times. There
is much free time to fill when not in a port.

I soon found my body needing his touch. If he were away more then one day, I
would attack him as soon as he entered our cabin.

Most of the time, I was kept naked, expected to keep his cabin tidy and
prepare his meals. When I especially pleased him, I was allowed a short
shift with a deep scoop neckline that did nothing to hide my charms. Rather
it seemed to inflame his lusts and I'd be used more frequently.

I was only allowed normal clothing on the occasions I was permitted to leave
his cabin. My monthly cycle meant nothing except greater use of my arse and
mouth to sate his boundless lusts.

My wanton needs and devotion pleased him. He kept me for his exclusive use.
I grew to love him; I could not help myself.

The men had their own sluts. Those other women showed me the ways to avoid
becoming with child, eager to seek my favor, because I was first among them,
Captain Hal's whore.


These fantasies were Betty's only outlet for her frustration. She was too
afraid of rejection to talk to Hal about how she felt, but she always jumped
at the chance whenever he asked to be with her.

Over the course of a few weeks, Hal grew to know Betty better then she knew
herself. He had more sexual experience then her, but not a lot. His
psychology training enabled him to read her signs. He saw she was completely
infatuated with him and he could easily get into her pants, but her low
self-esteem would cause any relationship to quickly self-destruct.

Hal saw Betty's potential, her wanton sensuality and carnal desires. He
envisioned the vixen she could become with proper motivation and why she
could never achieve it on her own. He knew he wanted something more lasting
with Betty. It is easier to improve appearance then increase intelligence.

Beyond her appearance or intelligence, Hal really liked her. They shared a
lot in common. He appreciated her kindness and sensitivity, her warmth and
vitality. Hal believed that Betty might be the special someone he could love
and cherish forever and who would do the same for him and more.

Hal also saw the burning sexuality that was waiting to be unleashed within
Betty. He doubted that she herself realized just how powerful it was or how
it could affect her once set free. Hal could use a force that great to cause
fundamental changes in Betty's personality, it was a key, a lever he could

Using his training in psychology Hal devised a plan. Employing her own
unfulfilled sexual cravings, aided by simple conditioning techniques, and
light hypnotic drugs, he would transform Betty into both the woman she
desired to be and the woman he desired. In the process, he would bind Betty
to him forever.

Hal began by asking for Betty's help in an important experiment that would
be used to determine his grade in his most important course, Self-perception
and Hypnosis. She would need to spend the weekend away with him. Hal
explained the goal of the experiment was to improve the subject's
Self-perception. He could also help reduce Betty's weight if she wished
with mild hypnosis.

This might have sounded alarm bells for some girls, but Betty trusted Hal.
He reminded her of her father who she to whom had always been close. He had
flirted, but never made a real pass at her, which is what she desired. If
she was to lose her virginity to anyone, Betty wished it would be Hal.
She'd fantasized about it often, but did not believe it was possible.
Betty quickly agreed to follow all Hal's instructions.

Hal explained that she should take nothing but a toothbrush. She should wear
a nice dress, but he'd provide for all her other needs.

Hal picked her up in his car that was packed with stuff on Friday afternoon.
He made a quick comment on how nice she looked and gave her a single, red rose, but then told her that they needed to get started quickly because they
had a long way to go. Betty was thrilled, no one besides her dad had every
given her flowers before.

Betty had worn her prettiest (only) dress that her mom had pick out for her
to try to attract boys. She felt a little uncomfortable because it was
shorter then anything she normally wore and displayed quite a bit of her
enormous bosom. Looking down on those mammoth white globes, Hal began
to really appreciate Betty's body for the first time. He'd always been a breast man and seeing Betty's gigantic globes started giving him a hard-on. He
figured that even after she lost her extra weight, they would still be

Betty asked where they were going and about all the stuff in the car. Hal
replied that it was recording equipment he needed. However, now it was
important for the experiment that she not ask any further questions.

When Betty acquiesced, he gave her a small thermos and told her to drink it.
She giggled and mumbled something about his trying to drug her. He reminded
Betty that she agreed to follow all instructions. If she would not do this
then they would turn around and he'd find another person to help him. Betty
hesitantly drank the liquid. It tasted salty, but not unpleasant as it slid
down her throat. Hal encouraged, "Come on you have to finish it all." Betty
emptied the thermos and swallowed it all.

Hal then gave her a CD player. He told her to lie back in the seat with the
headphones on, close her eyes and breath deeply. The soothing sounds of the
sea on the CD combined with the motion of the car and the drugs that had
been in the thermos to quickly place Betty in a light trance. Hal switched
CDs with one hand while driving. The new CD deepened the trance for a period
of 10 minutes. It then began giving instructions in Hal's voice to Betty's
now highly suggestible mind. The CD began by reinforcing feelings that Betty
already had for him.

You feel warm and safe.
Being with Hal makes you happy.
You Trust Hal. Hal wants what's best for you.
You want to please Hal.
Pleasing Hal gives you pleasure.
(a warm glow began to spread through Betty's mind)
You want to listen to Hal's voice.
Listening to Hal's voice makes you happy.

After about 15 minutes the CD shifted to introduce new hypnotic commands.

You are in a special place it is warm and safe and full of pleasure.
You want to stay in that place. It makes you happy.
You will do anything to say in the special place.
Obeying the voice helps you stay in the special place.
You will obey this voice.
Obeying the voice makes you happy.
Obeying the voice gives you pleasure.
You will do anything the voice asks.
There is nothing wrong with anything the voice asks.
Obeying the voice helps you stay in the special place.
If you do not obey the voice you will have to leave the special place.
Pleasing Hal helps you stay in the special place.
Pleasing Hal makes you happy.
Pleasing Hal gives you pleasure.
You will do anything Hal asks.
There is nothing wrong with anything Hal asks.
Pleasing Hal helps you stay in the special place.
If you do not please Hal you will have to leave the special place.
You will not awaken until I say "Beautiful Betty" three times.
When you awaken, awake Betty will forget everything you have heard on the CD,
But "asleep Betty" will remember everything the voice has said.
Asleep Betty must obey the voice to stay in the special place.
Asleep Betty must please Hal to stay in the special place.

A small part of Betty's mind resisted, but she really did want to make Hal
happy. The many repetitions kept increasing the pleasure Betty felt and
completely overcame her drug-weakened resistance. The CD droned on-and-on,
Betty's now unresisting mind accepted everything.

Hal strengthened Betty's need to please him using all the techniques he'd
learned. She would strive to use all ways within her power, to become what
he would find most desirable. Once finished, the CD restarted from the
beginning, opening paths for new patterns of behavior, preparing Betty for
phase one of Hal's plan.

After a 3-hour trip, they arrived at an isolated cabin that Hal had rented
for the weekend. The hours of conditioning and the drugs left in her system
had turned Betty into a puppet that would obey any command given to her by
Hal's voice. He had Betty walk from the car into the cabin, remove all her
clothing, and lay down on the bed.

Hal could have easily taken Betty at this point and spent the rest of the
weekend fucking her in every way imaginable, but that was not his plan. Hal
would not use her in that way, besides he needed Betty's continuing sexual
frustration. He planned to increase the frustration considerably. Hal would
use the needs of Betty's own body against her to break down any resistance
to the transformations he intended to make in her.

Betty's nipples had already hardened from the slight chill in the room. Hal
suckled each tit until the nipples were extended enough to attach the soft,
sticky electrodes he'd prepared. He inserted a finger into Betty's
moistening pussy to confirm that she was indeed a virgin.

The finger was withdrawn and more electrodes were placed under her armpits,
into her vagina, and anus. Sensors were also attached to her legs and arms.
These were hooked up to monitoring equipment that would display and record
all physical reactions. Betty was given another drug cocktail to drink. Hal
was now ready to begin the questioning.

Betty do you hear my voice?
Do you know who this is?
It's Hal.
You trust me completely.
Pleasing me give you pleasure.
Mmmmm, Yes.
It will please me if you tell the truth.
You will hold nothing back.
Hold nothing back.
You will tell me the complete truth.
Complete truth.
Only telling the complete truth will keep you in your special place.
Special place.
Telling me the truth gives you pleasure.

Echoing that word, Hal toggled the electrodes attached to Betty's nipples at
their lowest setting. Betty moaned in pleasure. Hal questioned Betty about
her entire life, her family, her friends, her secrets. He used the monitors
to determine the truth and intensity of each response. The electrodes
provided intensely pleasurable feedback to Betty's tits and pussy when the
answers pleased Hal, but other electrodes provided negative feedback when
the answers were not truthful or complete.

Hal needed to find out if there was anything that might prevent the
completion of his plan. Betty was just as she appeared, a very bright,
overweight co-ed with very low self-esteem, but an enormous desire for
sensuality and sexual experience that was strongly repressed. Hal's
application of pain and pleasure broke down the barriers hiding Betty's
deepest secrets. He stripped her of everything hidden in her mind, the
secrets of what she most desired, and the secrets of what she most feared.

Hal then began questioning Betty about her sexual fantasies and desires. He
was surprised by the strength of Betty's submissive streak. The variety of
her fantasies included every kind of position, penetration, location,
exhibitionism, humiliation, bondage, and much more. She most often
fantasized about losing two things she didn't want: her weight and her
virginity. Her favorite theme was being forced against her will to reveal
her powerful sex drives and deep sensuality. A typical fantasy went like


I'm alone in my bed, naked. Dreaming of the man to whom I'll give my
virginity. I've teased my nipples to point up to the ceiling. My legs are
spread wide as I touch myself. Middle finger slowly increasing the gentle
massage of my clit. My pussy is so wet; the juices have covered my fingers
and soaked my thick bush. My hips start to move as I get close to orgasm.

I'm unaware that a masked man just outside my window is watching everything.
Just as I'm about to climax, I hear a crash as he throws open the window and
jumps into the room. As my mouth opens to scream, he pops a ball-shaped
object in and covers that with a gag. As my hand move to free the gag, my
wrists are grabbed and tied behind me.

I freeze in fear as he quickly disrobes except for his mask. A spasm rocks
my over-stimulated pussy when I see his cock standing at attention, but his
tool is much too huge for my tiny pussy. It would rip me apart. In fear, I
roll off the bed to run for the door. Just as I reach the door, I realize
there is no way to open it with my hands tied. Snickering he takes two quick
strides over to me, lifts me up in his strong arms and throws me roughly
back on the bed.

In an instant, he is on top of me spreading my legs with his knees. Using
his weight to hold me down, he takes his cock in one hand probing to find my
unprotected slit. The head of his cock enters me. His intrusion previously
aided by my own hand that had unknowingly readied my body for his assault.
I'm so wet that his first thrust pushes the massive tool several inches into
my cunt.

I feel every inch as his invading cock pushes aside the muscles lining my
hot hole. The arousal I stoked high with my own hand returns redoubled,
overwhelming my resistance. I fall back into the mattress rendered helpless
by the burning spear that crashed through my weakened defenseless.

We both feel him reach my barrier, my maidenhood, and my last defense. I
scream in pain as he rips through it with a single thrust. Spreading my
thighs to minimize the pain makes it easier for the demon to slide up my
well-lubricated cunt. Our pelvises slap together, his cock buried to the
hilt. I'm so full, never imagined the sensations. He rests a minute savoring
his victory mocking; "You're not a virgin no more, bitch. I'm the first."

The pain quickly recedes to be replaced by renewed passion. My cunt began to
squeeze itself around the invader. My knees lift to increase the sensations.
Seeing my instinctive reactions, he taunts me, "You sure are a hot cunt. Now
lets see what kind of fuck you are."

As he draws out slowly, I feel my inner muscles trying to keep his cock
inside me. Then as he again thrust slowly inward, I felt myself welcoming
it. So hot, so hard, what was happening to me? I couldn't think only feel.
He kept thrusting in and out. My hips began to helplessly respond and I
began moaning. I was submitting completely to the violation. My body forced
to respond to his, I was unable to resist.

He picked up speed and I matched his tempo thrust for thrust. My body
squirmed against him to maximize my violation. There was nothing but the
sensation of his cock spearing in and out, making me hotter and hotter.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!" I screamed as my body went rigid and I came,
fireworks bursting inside my skull. I passed out.

When I returned to this world, I was alone. He had raped me, forced me to
respond like a bitch in heat, and left me tied. Semen, blood, and my own
fluids were leaking out of my slit onto the bedspread. My virginity ripped
from me. I thought of his cock sliding into my pussy and started getting
aroused again. I was a slut. The smell of him still on my sweaty body, I
cried into my pillow wishing for his return.


This was the hardest part (literally) for Hal. He had to jack-off several
times to prevent himself from jumping on top of Betty and fucking her silly.
All this information was recorded for use in the third phase of the plan. It
would take a few weeks to prepare. Now it was time to initiate the second

Hal genuinely did intend to help Betty become the person she wanted to be.
He could turn Betty into a sex toy or a fuck robot, but he wanted more, much

The second phase involved physical alternations. No magic or science fiction
was involved. Hal began using simple induction techniques to deal with
Betty's weight problem. He replaced desire for food with desire for him. To
achieve that desire she needed to make herself more physically attractive.

When Betty felt depressed she would exercise instead of eat to feel better.
She was instructed how to perform Kegel exercises whenever she could not
easily get to the gym. Kegel exercises strengthen the vaginal muscles and
can heighten sexual pleasure. A woman can perform them anywhere for any
amount of time without anyone being aware she is doing them.

Betty "learned" that after she caused Hal to want her she'd need to use both
her body and mind to their utmost to please Hal so that he'd never think to
let her go. Betty was instructed to change her diet and begin a physical
exercise program. Hal established some phrases that would instantly cause
Betty to fall back into a hypnotic trance if the instructions needed
fine-tuning. Between the biofeedback, hypnosis, and drugs these changes
would become permanent with only minimal reinforcement.

Critical to Hal's plans was the need to keep Betty's level of sexual
frustration high but unfulfilled for a period of several months. The
insertion of an orgasm-block was a significant part of the conditioning. No
amount of sexual stimulation would enable Betty to cum. Hal also
strengthened and added to her sexual inhibitions except that none of them
would ever apply to him or his stated commands.

Betty was blocked from initiating any kind of sexual action even flirting
with another person, male or female. She would reject advances from anyone
but Hal. It bothered Hal a little that he was controlling Betty to this
degree, but this part was only temporary. He knew it was necessary. If the
radical improvements he predicted for Betty's body occurred then she would
become a target for every horn-dog on campus. Her heightened level of sexual
need and frustration would make her an easy target for any guy or girl if
not for his precautions.

It was necessary to take breaks for meals and bathroom. Hal detached the
monitors and had Betty prepare their meals. It was all the best low-calorie,
high-fiber, vitamin-enriched, healthy food. An 800-calorie designed for
someone who spent most of the day in bed. All the foods that caused Betty's
skin problems would be strictly avoided from now on. Her mom had taught her
to be a great cook. Even though many of these dishes were new to her, Betty
learned them quickly. After meals, she cheerfully cleared the table and
cleaned the dishes when they were done, usually humming a happy tune.

Betty was naked the entire weekend, but was now programmed to believe this
was a proper and "natural" state when she was alone with Hal. Part of her
instruction was helping giving great head, something she'd always been
reluctant to do because it "tasted funny".

Hal kept complimenting Betty on how well her sessions were progressing. Her
reward was a "special scrumptious desert treat". Betty eagerly looked
forward to her "special scrumptious desert treat" following each meal. Of
course, it was the "indescribably delicious" cum Hal shot down her throat at
the climax of her blowjobs. She always swallowed every last drop.

By the end of the weekend Betty was able to deep-throat Hal's thick 9" cock
without gagging. This was a considerable relief for Hal who had been getting
sore from so many hand jobs. Hal would then have Betty go back to the bed
where he re-attached the equipment. Even with Betty's help cooking and
cleaning, the process was exhausting for Hal.

Late Sunday afternoon, the phase two conditioning was completed. Hal woke
Betty had her dress and get in the car. He explained that he had hypnotized
her to eat less and exercise more, but she would not remember anything. This
did not concern Betty at all. The strong sense of trust she'd always had for
Hal was now indestructible due to the conditioning.

No matter what he asked, Betty would work hard to convince herself it was
what she needed to do. Hal's overriding focus on the plan enabled him to
avoid taking advantage of this power.

Hal explained he would need to see her often over the next several weeks to
monitor her progress. This pleased Betty greatly. She hoped that spending
more time with Hal would increase his attraction to her. Little did she know
how much Hal was already attracted to her or how close he had come to
screwing her.

Hal did provide some relief for himself on the long drive home. The fact
that she was wearing neither bra nor panties seemed unremarkable to Betty.
Neither did it seem unnatural that she snuggled closely to Hal while he
periodically caressed her tits.

It kept Betty in an almost constant state of arousal. Hal might pop a huge
tit out of Betty's dress or have her spread her legs to expose her wet

Betty loved the feeling of Hal's fingers on her skin, on her breasts. She
wished he'd caress her exposed, wet pussy, but was happy that he was finally
touching her the way she had fantasized. Only the growing frustration that
he did not do more and she was not able to come marred the drive back.

Betty was totally unaware of the orgasm-block. She did not mention this for
fear of breaking the wonderful mood. A whisper from Hal's and his needs are
eagerly taken care of by Betty's soft lips now fastened around his cock.
Nearing climax, he pulls off the road until he shoots a hot load down her

They arrived back at Betty's dorm, pulling behind a large tree in the
parking lot. She straightened her dress, just as he leaned over to kiss her.
So absorbed was she that it was not until he broke the kiss that she
realized her breasts had again been brought out of her dress by his
caressing hands. She leaned back, giving him greater access, wishing that
Hal would touch her moist pussy, or better yet come up to her room, spread
her out on the dorm bed and take her.

It was not to be. Hal explained he had an early class tomorrow. He allowed
her to give his cock one last blowjob before driving off. The submissive
side of Betty naturally allowed Hal to take the lead in all things sexual
without question. This would not change until the fourth phase when Hal
planned to make Betty more assertive then she'd ever been in her life.


Next: Betty's Transformation


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