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WIN2 thick doubted could wrap


Becoming a Winner, Part 2: Transformation {MF MD MC? reluc oral anal}
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Synopsis: Hal, a graduate psychology student, is attempting to transform
Betty, a brilliant college co-ed with a huge submissive streak, from being a
fat girl with poor complexion & rotten self-image into the woman she
(& he) always desired.


Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works
by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion in
another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the
express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that it may
be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access, noncommercial
archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is entirely
coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and
is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are offended by
depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority
in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW! Please do not read or download this
file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work may engage in
unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually transmitted
diseases do not exist. In reality sex without protection is unwise and
nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such activity, or
any of the other activities depicted herein.



Hal had intensively conditioned Betty over the course of an entire weekend
using a combination of hypnosis, subliminal programming, and mild drugs to
increase her suggestibility. He felt the sessions had gone extremely well,
but now it was time for the real test. Would Betty follow all the
suggestions and commands that Hal had implanted?

Hal liked almost everything about Betty, her sultry voice, warm personality,
rye wit, and raw intelligence, but she needed to believe in herself.
Seriously overweight, severe acne, no makeup, her appearance was
holding her back. So, physical transformation had to come first.

Hal was willing to sacrifice her mammoth 46DDD tits to get her 46-40-42
figure into shape. Betty's conditioning established compulsions to make a
few significant changes in her life. Hal would reinforce these as needed
with a variety of trigger phrases. The things that made her who she was,
the things that attracted Hal to her, would remain unchanged.

Betty now slept wearing only a bra and panties. Hal would have had her
nude if each article of clothing did not have a purpose.

The bra would minimize sag in Betty's over-large tits. If the program
succeeded and she lost weight the bra would facilitate tightening the
skin to support those shrinking (hopefully not too much) tits.

Every morning and night Betty was also required to apply Cocoa Butter
Moisturizing Stick containing Brazilian cocoa butter fortified with
macadamia oil and shea butter. This treatment would soothe, soften,
moisturize, and increase the skin's elasticity. The sag displayed by
Betty's heavy bosom would be greatly reduced as she lost weight.

The panties were allowed to hold Ben Wa balls inside her during sleep.
Hal had given these to Betty as a gift. He said Betty should think of him
whenever they were inside her. He also told Betty a story of the mystical
power of Ben Wa balls which enabled a girl who used them ever day for
a full year to have any man she desired.

The man Betty wanted was Hal. She was eager to try this intimate gift. At
bedtime, Betty undressed completely then opened the Ben Wa ball case.
After reading the instructions, she carefully inserted them into her vagina.
That done she stood up. One of the immediately balls fell out of her onto
the floor.

Embarrassed, Betty cleaned it off and re-inserted it and put on her panties.
The Ben Wa balls shifted inside her as she rose. She had never felt anything
like this. The movement of the balls deep inside her was exciting.

According to the instructions Betty began performing Kegel exercises.
These would strengthen and tone her vaginal muscles. She'd improve her
control and ability to hold or massage anything that was inside her, like
the Ben Wa balls. Eventually, she daydreamed, that might also include Hal.

The beauty of the Kegel exercises was that a girl could perform them
anywhere and anytime without anyone being aware she was doing anything
unusual. Certainly doing the Kegel exercises increased the stimulation from
the Ben Wa balls.

Walking between her classes, Betty was continually aware of the Ben Wa
balls moving inside her. Even sitting in class she couldn't keep still, crossing
and re-crossing her legs, rubbing her thighs together. It was difficult to
focus on the lectures. Betty flushed each time she noticed another guy
glancing at her plainly aroused nipples visibly poking through both dress
and bra.

Over the course of a few days, Betty's body acclimated to the increased
level of excitement. She wore clothes to class that hid the fact that her
nipples were now always erect. Her vaginal muscles could control the
movement of the Ben Wa balls when she was siting so it was possible
to focus on the lectures.

Whenever she walked or moved the Ben Wa balls continually shifted inside
her pussy. The kept her aroused with a lewd internal massage. She invariably
thought of the man who'd given them to her. In a way, she was holding him

Betty began doing the Kegel exercises more and more each day, encouraged
by the Ben Wa Balls. The combined sensations were fantastic. Her vaginal
muscles strengthened so that she no longer needed panties to hold them
inside her. Eventually, she was almost able to make the Ben Wa Balls do
tricks, moving them back and forth in her passage using only her internal

When Betty told Hal about these developments, he gave her a post-hypnotic
command and she stopped wearing panties entirely except during her monthly
cycle. It made her feel very sexy.

Betty joined the local gym to begin her exercise program. She went into one
of the bathroom stalls for some privacy. Betty sat and gently removed the
Ben Wa balls inside her. It was recommended they not be used during
vigorous exercise. After cleaning, she'd put them back when taking her
post-exercise shower.

Hal knew the first sessions would be difficult for someone so out of shape.
So, he had arranged to make it more pleasurable for her. The black leotard
Betty wore was a present from Hal who had intentionally bought it one size
too small, unknown to her.

Coming out of the shower, she tied her long wet hair into a ponytail, then
put on the leotard, black spandex leggings, and gym shoes. The leotard rode
into her ass and when she walked into the gym it rode into her pussy. The
spandex shorts kept her from inconspicuously tugging it out. Betty couldn't
take it off; she'd promised Hal to wear it every time she was in the gym.

Betty looked as herself in the mirror. The leotard clung to her body. It
emphasized the size of her tits and her fat. Hal had said the first day
would be the worst. Just thinking of Hal made the image of her nipples in
the mirror harden. Betty screwed up her courage. She walked out of the
locker room to begin her exercise program for both Hal and herself.

Betty tried to ignore the stares the "fat girl with the big tits" was
getting as she walked in. The leotard did nothing to hide her tumescent
nipples. She must start on the treadmill and began jogging on the moving

Betty quickly became aware that the tight leotard was situated over her
clit, which rubbed over it with every step. Her attention moved quickly
between her pumping legs. She was no longer concerned by what other
people thought. Just as Hal intended, Betty forgot about her first day
problems to focus on her exercise and the action between her legs.

Betty had set all equipment to beginner levels, but after 15 minutes she was
breathing much harder than the simple jogging caused. The stair stepper had
the same effect and 15 minutes on it caused her to start sweating and her
nipples threatening to poke out of the leotard.

When she finished 15 minutes on the bike she looked down she saw the growing
wet spot on the crotch of the spandex leggings that now soaked in sweat that
fortunately hid the growing wet spot. By the time her 15 minutes low-impact
aerobic dance routine was done she could smell the odor of her sex very

Betty ran back to the shower. She stripping off her clothes under the water
jet to wash the sex smell off them. Her slit was on fire, but she was too
scared to try to bring herself off in the gym. She turned up the cold water
to cool herself off enough to be able to wait until she was back in her
room. It was almost her normal bedtime anyway.

When Betty reached her room, she stripped off her clothes and jumped on the
bed, legs spread eagle. Her hands moved to her soft breast and hot pussy to
try to bring herself off. She fantasized about being skinny, beautiful, and
a slave.


I am thrown onto the slave auction block, the next lot to be sold. The
auctioneer commands, "Stand, legs apart, head high, look scornful, chest
forward, smile for the crowd."

The hot sands on the block burn beneath my unclad feet. men surround me.
Some look seedy, some drunk, some old, some ugly, some crippled, some cruel.
Any of them might become my new master in the next few minutes.

There are few women in the crowd. They look curiously at me. Perhaps they
wonder how it would feel being in my place. The sun burns down on me. I'm
the only person without some covering on their head.

Will I be sold as a draft animal to work a farmer's fields, a house slave to
cook and clean, or as a pleasure slave to satisfy the lusts of my Master?

The auctioneer addresses the audience, Lot 86, female, virgin, 19 years,
5'5", 34C-23-35, untrained, newly enslaved you will have the pleasure of
breaking her to your will."

The auctioneer begins the bidding, but they are very low, I am ashamed I
cannot bring a better price.

The slave rag I was given a few minutes before is white, indicating I am
still a virgin. It's cut high, revealing my long legs and shapely thighs. A
deep scoop neckline leaves my ample breasts well displayed.

"See how haughty she stands. This slave does not believe you are man enough
to Master her." The auctioneer taunted, "Let us see how she moves."

He looks at me as if stunned and roars, "How dare you cover your cunt,
remove your undergarment." Trembling in fear I leap to obey, sliding down my
brief panties and kicking them away while he continues, "A slave's cunt must
always be open to her Master's lusts. Your purchaser should give you an
extra beating for this effrontery." I feel all eyes on my hairy pussy, which
is now clearly visible beneath my only remaining garment.

The auctioneer commands me to assume different positions of submission.
Crossing my wrists above my head to raise the line of my breasts. Leaning
back with my weight on my hands and legs spread reveals my innermost charms.
Submit on my belly with wrists crossed behind me. Flip onto my hands and
knees with head down. My breasts pop out of the shift and sway freely below
me. I am not allowed to cover them. On and on he goes forcing me into
increasingly lewd positions.

I feel the eyes of the men heating my well-displayed body. I try to move
more sensuously. The shouts of the crowd reveal they have seen the change in
me. It is exactly as the auctioneer had desired.

The bids increase, but only slightly. Do they not like my body? Of course,
they have not seen it all yet and I suppose many girls more beautiful then
me are sold.

"Can you not see what a prize we have here?" asks the auctioneer. "Strip
her," shouts someone in the crowd.

"Strip!" commands the auctioneer. I must obey or be whipped. Sliding the
thin straps over my shoulders, my only garment slides to the ground. I am
naked to the gaze of the men.

The bids rise. Standing behind me, the auctioneer lifts my breasts to the
crowd. "They are large and heavy", he calls, "Would you not like to hold
them in your hands? Would you not like to feel their softness? Do you see
how her nipples beg for your caress?"

He begins to stroke my vulnerable breasts before the throng. Each man imagines his own hands on me. I cannot help but respond, leaning forward
into the inciting hands. The bids rise further.

The auctioneer steps away from me leaving me panting and wanting more. He
prompts the crowd, "Can you not see what a hot slut she is? Perhaps you
require a further demonstration?" "Yes, more!" they respond.

Suddenly, a hand grabs my defenseless womanhood. I scream in surprise and
need. My hips begin thrusting to maximize the contact. My true nature is
revealed to all, a helplessly hot, wanton slut.

Horrified, I realize what I'm doing but cannot stop myself. Only a slave
would react so helplessly in public, on display before so many eyes.

The bidding rapidly increases. There is a new bid with ever thrust of my
naked body onto the maddening hand. The bidding follows my increasingly
rapid pace.

My gyrations grow frantic. On the brink of orgasm, the hand is taken away. I
cry out in frustration and begin to beg, "Please master, put your hand back.
Just a little more, your slave needs your touch." He commands, "Louder,
slave." I repeat everything so the entire concourse can hear me.

"What man would not like such a slut begging for his touch?" he demands of
the crowd. More bids come as my need burns brightly before everyone.

There are cries from the women in the crowd. The men who have been aroused
by my display accost them. I see one woman stripped and thrown to the
ground. No one moves to her assistance. Perhaps it was not wise for them to
come to the auction.

Finally, the auctioneer thrusts two fingers into me. I scream, "I'm cuming
Masters". My body jerks and trembles with the incredible force of the
orgasm. The bidding reaches a frenzied conclusion as I collapse, dazed and
exhausted onto the sands of the auction block.

I have been sold! Lifted bodily off the hot sand, I'm carried off the
auction block. When my senses return, I am put on my own feet and conveyed
naked to meet the one who has purchased me, my new Master.


Over the next few weeks, under the direction of her programming, Betty's
exercise sessions became more rigorous. She kept going to the gym twice a
day for an hour. She gradually moved the trailing level up to novice,
intermediate, and then advanced.

Betty began experiencing the endorphin high associated with vigorous
exercise. Combined with the constant stimulation of her clit during each
session made them very pleasurable. Betty eagerly anticipated each workout.
She unconsciously associated exercise with sex.

Regardless of how much stimulation she received during the exercise
sessions, the orgasm block prevented her climax. Betty's body and clothes
always smell of sex at the end of a session. It required a very cold shower
before she was able to leave the gym without her pussy juices dripping down
the insides of her thighs.

The Ben Wa balls were easily slid back into her wet hole. She was so slick
they were sometime difficult to hold inside. She never considered not
reinserting them.

Her new 1000-calorie, high-protein, low-fat, vitamin-enriched diet was
designed to quickly shed pounds and build muscle when combined with her
vigorous exercise program.

The combination of diet, exercise, and constant arousal had the intended
effect. Betty's body underwent a steady and dramatic transformation.

In two months time Betty dropped over 120 pounds. Hal said she had "lost an
entire person - the old fat person, gone forever." She visited her doctor
every week to make sure no health problems would be created by her rapid
weight loss.

What was left was svelte muscle shaped into a knockout 38DD-22-37 figure.
Her completion cleared up helped by her low-fat diet and weekly facials.
Betty's face now looked like a fashion model. She was a new person, on the
outside at least. People she had not seen for several months did not
recognize her. Betty developed enough self-confidence (aided by her
conditioning) to quickly and firmly rebuff any advances by the guys who
started to notice the babe that used to be a cow. She was still pleased by
them; each one was a boost to her self-image.

Outside the gym, the concealing clothes Betty continued to wear hid most of
the dramatic transformation. Her free time was taken up by the demands of
her studies (which Hal had reinforced). She tried to masturbate every night,
but was never able to come.

Betty's frustration was channeled by Hal's post-hypnotic commands into ever
more vigorous exercise. Bed-time phone calls to Hal were usually followed by
naked, sweaty, but ultimately unfulfilling attempts at masturbation.

Betty was only able to sleep with the help of the special CDs that Hal have
given her. The CDs provided daily reinforcement of all the second phase
conditioning Betty had previously received.

Hal still came to meetings of the chess club where her shyness (programmed)
prevented her from initiating the physical closeness for which she yearned.
During these meeting, at Hal's initiation, they usually snuck into a broom
closet where Hal allowed the grateful girl her to give him a quick, but
satisfying blowjob before their absence was noticed.

The first eight weeks, Hal took her out regular dinners and movies
(usually R or X rated at her request). He always complemented
Betty on the growing improvements to her body and her complexion.
He usually brought her flowers or little presents to celebrate the latest changes.

They continued to discuss chess, their courses, and many other shared
interests. Hal's attention, interest, kindness, and guidance gradually, but
steadily boosted Betty's self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence. Hal's
attention to the improvements in her body was obvious, but she never once
felt that he did not fully appreciate her as a person who was much more than
her appearance.

Betty never wore any underwear on these occasions, not even the bra
she wore the rest of the time to prevent sag. Betty liked to see his
reactions to her jiggling breasts and always hoped he would reach
under the short skirts she favored to fondle her usually wet snatch.

Betty had reached the stage where her slit was almost always wet due to the
Ben Wa balls and her perpetual fantasies about Hal. She began carrying a
little towel wherever she went to soak up the inevitable leakage.

Each time they were together, Betty's outfits got more daring, displaying
more of her hourglass figure. She silently encouraged Hal to touch her in
any way that pleased him at every opportunity. His touch gave her great
pleasure and she craved it more and more.

Hal enjoyed caressing Betty's softly billowing tits until she moaned with
desire. He'd rub her pussy until the smell of her sex covered his hand and
then have Betty lick off her own juices. By then Hal's cock needed Betty's
soft lips to give him release. She greedily sucked every delicious drop that
he shot down her lovely throat.

Betty remained frustrated. No matter how Hal touched her or she touched
herself, she was never able to cum. She thought it was somehow her fault
and yearned for more.

She decided the only way for her to cum was to get Hal's cock inside her.
Betty was ready to spread her legs for him anywhere and anytime he asked,
but was too shy to tell him that. The conditioning Hal had implanted
increased Betty's natural shyness to the point that Betty was submissively
dependent on him to initiate any sexual activity.

Betty was immensely disappointed and frustrated when the frequency of
her "dates" with Hal began to decrease. Then they stopped entirely as her
physical improvement reach their culmination.

Betty channeled the energy of her frustration into thinking about
non-physical improvement. She wanted to be irresistible to Hal when he
finally returned to her. She was sure this would be soon. These feelings
were Betty's pre-programmed preparation for the plan's third phase.
The only remaining time they met was at the chess club meetings.

The true reason Hal would never see her outside of chess club was his fear
that he could not continue to resist her now amazing body. He knew Betty
would be quite willing, even eager for him to screw her thoroughly.

Loosening his rigid discipline and fucking Betty now would destroy the
rest of his carefully laid plans. Unfortunately for Hal, even with the regular
blowjobs, he was quickly becoming as sexually frustrated as Betty was.
Hal wanted them to join each other, mind, body, and soul. For that,
the plan must proceed to the next phase.

Betty and Hal continued to talk to Hal daily on the phone. She desperately
needed this contact. In many ways it was also the best part of Hal's day,
too. He was always interested in her day and attentive to her feelings, but
ignored all hints that they meet. He made excuses that he was always too
busy on several important graduate research projects to see her. In truth,
most of Hal's spare time was spent preparing for the third phase.

Hal was concerned that the items Betty would need to purchase in next phase
might be too expensive for her. He needed to save his own money for the
upcoming trip. It turned out that Betty was the only daughter of wealthy
parents. Her father owned a factory that made religious robes. This was a
very stable industry that provided a steady income to the family over the
years. Betty's mom was apparently an investment wiz. She had turned the
income into a comfortable multi-million dollar estate.

The picture Betty showed of her parents presented a distinguished man and
his stunning wife. Hal found it hard to believe she was in her fifties.
It was another indication to Hal of what Betty could become with his
guidance, support, and love.

Betty wanted for nothing. She lived simply and dressed simply because she
did not believe she deserved more. Hal had no previous notion that Betty
might be wealthy, but he had no objection to a "rich girl". Betty's parents had tried and failed many times to cure Betty's weight problem.

Boys her own age wanted nothing to do with her. Betty's parents had tried
setting her up on dates several times with much older men using the family money as a lure. This too had failed.

Betty had also told them a little about Hal. Some wealthy parents might have
been concerned that an unscrupulous college boy might take advantage of her.
Betty's parents trusted her intelligence and good sense. They were overjoyed
that their homely daughter might finally, finally be establishing a normal
relationship with a boy close to her own age. As for the boy, they were
prepared to accept almost any warm body that was able to go the
bathroom unassisted. The family would not be an issue.

Hal completed his preparations using the information obtained from
questioning Betty at the cabin. He was now ready for phase three. All of
Betty's hopes, fears, fantasies, and secrets would be used to perform the
next set of behavioral changes.

Hal gave Betty a set of 28 numbered CDs and instructed her to listen to one
every night in continuous playback mode. Her reward was to be an entire week
away in a month during the upcoming break. Betty was ecstatic. Hal refused
to tell Betty their destination, but casually mentioned in passing that she
should plan to dress "sexy" for warm weather.

Betty told her folks that she would be going on a trip with friends and not
be coming home for this vacation. Her dad offered to send her extra money to
buy clothes for the trip. Her mom's reaction was to ask if she knew about
birth-control in case she wanted to get serious with a boy, maybe someone
like Hal.

She couldn't believe how easy it had gone. Betty had expected all sorts of
dire warnings. Instead, it was if her mom was hoping she'd get laid. Just
don't get pregnant or VD. It made her feel much better about what she was

Thanks to Hal's third CD Betty already knew all that was necessary. Neither
of her parents had any idea of the changes that had already taken place in
their daughter or any hint of what was to come.

The new CDs were going to teach Betty a new set of skills. Spurred on by her
nightly conditioning, Betty began to think about how to display her body to
incite a male. She started buying and wearing more revealing clothes. They
revealed Betty's deep cleavage, flat tummy, long legs, and tight ass. A trip
to the hair dresser and nail salon, resulted in shoulder-length, wavy, blond hair and 3-inch bright-red nails. Now that she had an "A" list body she
easily talked some of the "A" list girls on campus into showing her all the
tips & tricks of makeup. Betty's new shear, form-hugging wardrobe made her
now fabulous body the newest object of male attention and female envy on
campus. She ignored it all except to help her judge what would best
guarantee that she could seduce Hal into finally taking her virginity.

Hal must be the one. The last CDs planted the seed in Betty's mind that she
was a "special vessel of love" descended from the Wiccan goddess. She would
be bonded to the man to whom she gave her virginity for life, loving him
without reservation or hope of release until the end of her days. Only
thorough pleasing him would she gain fulfillment and true happiness. He in
turn would revere her, treating her as a goddess herself and giving to her
pleasures and fulfillment that could be attained by no mortal woman. This
seed grew within her mind until it governed her thoughts and actions even
though she'd never admit the slightest belief in any part of it.

In growing desperation, Betty located an old Wiccan love spell. In secret,
she gathered the necessary materials including the blood from her monthly
period and semen saved from giving Hal head. Betty practiced the spell until
she had it down perfectly. Finally, she was ready.

Betty undressed, turned off the lights, and lit the candles. She knelt in
the position shown by her book, knees spread, hands on thighs with palms up,
eyes lowered. Light from the flames danced across her naked body as she
knelt before them. She recited first part of the spell then mixed in the
last two ingredients, Hal's semen and blood from her last period.

Betty adjusted slightly into the final position, palms down on thighs, head
lowered. Betty fixed an image in her mind of herself kneeling just as she
was before Hal then she completed the spell. Betty raised the goblet to her
lips and drank her potion.

The spell would bind her to the next person she spoke with. It affected both
the man and the woman. He would desire to love, protect, and cherish her.
She would desire to love, obey, and serve him.

Betty dialed Hal on the phone. They spoke for more then an hour. She
repeated the ceremony ever night for a month even though it seemed to have
little effect on Hal. Of course, this was because Hal was already in love
with Betty. She occupied his thoughts constantly. It was only the
requirements of the plan and fear of his own human frailty that kept them

Under the compulsion of Hal's post-hypnotic commands, Betty purchased
several devices in increasing sizes to enlarge her anal orifice. She
inserted these at night before bedtime. It was a strange feeling. When she
became used to one size she move up to the next larger size. Sometimes she
tried masturbating with them buried up her ass. The feelings she experienced
were more intense, a combination of pain and pleasure. However, it was never
enough to make her cum.

At the direction of Hal's CDs, Betty began new studies with the same
intensity she always applied to her education. She started to rent R and X
videotapes to learn how to move sensuously and talk dirty, before, during,
and after sex. She began a belly dancing class and began to study old books
on the arts of love. The positions of the "Kama Sutra" and "Tantric Love"
were practiced and memorized.

Betty learned the many ways to incite male lust by sight, sound, touch, and
how to sate or prolong it indefinitely. Betty was once again transformed.
This time from a ravishing but naive beauty to a courtesan skilled in
pleasing any man, lacking only actual experience to complete her training.
Betty's new sexual awareness helped her nighttime fantasies diversify.
Unsurprisingly, most seemed to involve difficulty climaxing.


I was on a deep space mission when a freak collision with a meteorite
damaged my one-woman starship. I was forced to crash-land on the jungle world I had been sent to survey. I almost died during the hair-raising
plunge through the atmosphere. Only my brilliant piloting saved my life. The
ship was beyond my ability to repair.

After setting the emergency beacon, I went in search of food and drinkable
water. The heat was unbearable, so I only wore bra, halter, panties, shorts,
and hiking shoes. I would have skipped the bra if I'd not quickly tire from
carrying a pair of 38D breasts around unassisted. Fortunately, the rest of
my 5'7" tall 38-23-36 body was it great shape for hiking or any other kind
of physical activity.

My short blond-hair was perfect for this warm climate. It was convenient for
shipboard life. Long hair simply does not fit into a space-suit helmet. If
I'd had longer hair I'd probably end up hacking it off in this heat.

My skin was very pale from months in space. I generously applied
protective lotion so I'd not burn before I was able to tan. Then I set off.

After an hour hiking to the top of a hill, my body was soaked with sweat. I
saw a beautiful blue lake in the distance. I decided to go for a swim to
wash the stink of long confinement in my ship off my body.

I moved carefully and quietly as I approached the lake. This enabled me to
spot a shape next to the lake without being seen. I crawled closer on my
belly to get a better view.

He was a huge hairy thing. Water streamed down his broad chest and muscular
legs, apparently having just completed swimming. Just before he donned his
only garment, a wrap-around loincloth, I saw his cock.

It stood proudly away from his body. Huge even compared to his well-muscled
body, I could not be sure of the real size at this distance. The sight of it
created a familiar warmth in my loins. More then eight months had gone by
since I'd last been in a port and had a man.

My hairy savage must be one of the Stone Age, hunter-gathers that had been
reported on this world. I unlimbered my blast pistol just in case. He lifted
his nose as if sniffing the air and then quickly disappeared. I waited a
while to make sure he was gone and then crept carefully forward checking for

I drank deeply of the sweet water. Looking about to make sure the savage had
not returned, I decided it was safe enough to take a quick swim. Needing
relief from the heat, I stripped off my clothes and unbound my hair. Holding
the water-proof blaster in both hands, I executed a shallow dive into the
wonderfully cold water.

The sounds of my own dive were still in my ears when there was a splash
right behind me. In an instant something grabbed my ankle, pulled me
backwards and captured my hands knocking the blaster from them.

In the time it took the blaster to drop to the bottom, my hands had been
tied behind my back. I was dumped back into the lake, my head under the
surface while my ankles were tied too. Choking out the water I'd swallowed,
my entire body was lifted up by the savage I had seen before. He carried me
under one arm, screaming and spitting, to a spot just inside the edge of the
jungle where it was shady.

Untying his loincloth he used it to gag me and then tied me to a tree. He
said something to me in his guttural language that I did not understand
while he began pawing my breasts. That I did understand. We were both naked.
I was his prize, a helplessly bound captive. I expected to be brutally raped
in moments.

In horror I saw his monstrous cock, already hardened, must have been 12"
long. It was so thick I doubted I could wrap my fingers around it. I closed
my eyes to try to prepare my body for penetration by that massive battering
ram. I feared it would damage me internally if I was not sufficiently

Fortunately, I'd been trained for situations like this. I was no virgin; the
simplest way was to acquiesce to the rape then using my extensive sexual
skills, to manipulate a simple savage like him. I closed my eyes to enter a
light trance, using self-hypnosis, I prepared my body as best I could,
causing my vaginal passage to begin lubricating itself.

While I'd been meditating, he'd driven six stakes in a hexagon with ropes
tied to each. I was pushed to the ground, my hands freed only to be retied
separately. Then my elbows were tied leaving me unable to protect my full

My knees were tied well apart with my ankles tied together. I was unable to
move more than an inch. My cunt was thus full exposed and vulnerable to his
assault, but it was now wet enough to avoid excessive pain sure to come when
his massive tool penetrated me. Using meditation I had aroused myself
sufficiently to even be evident to the savage.

He sat down next to me running his hand over my nipples, perhaps puzzled how
they had become so engorged by my meditation, without his participation.
They were quickly abandoned as he moved between my thighs, spreading them
further with his knees. Helpless, I close my eyes ready for rape.

To my shock, my body was registering gentle tease-kisses and feather-light
caresses on my inner thighs. Bypassing my wet pussy, he began licking and
kissing from my navel to by breasts. Holding each breast possessively he
began alternating between my sensitized nipples licking and sucking. Leaving
me gasping he lay down beside me, his left hand moving all over my body,
tracing, trailing, tickling and teasing.

Not once in all that movement had he touched me most intimately. Despite
this omission, my skin began to burn and quiver, the movements of my
discomfort growing sharper and more demanding.

"Stupid savage," I yelled at him. "You're supposed to rape me!" He could not
understand my language, but grinned as if grasping my meaning as he ever so
slowly increase his pace. Pretense was impossible. I was panting, breathing
in the scent of his maleness merged with the smell of my own arousal.

His broad hand moved across my belly, to stroke down the top of my right
thigh, rose slowly on the inside of the same thigh, then shifted to stroke
down the top of my left thigh. I shivered and pressed to him, intending to
meet the hand that now rose on the inside of my left thigh, spreading my
knees and moving my hips downward. Being bound, I could not move far enough.
He shifted, repeating the inciting motions, shifting right, left and back.
Each time my body moved to press itself against his maddening fingers, until
I could stand it no longer.

I moaned in frustration and disappointment, aching and sweating, at a loss
to know what to do. Hadn't I been moving my body like a hot slut? Couldn't
he smell my arousal, hear me moaning like a bitch in heat? Desperate,
despite the language barrier, I begged him, to rape me, and stop the
torture. I could never remember being in this much need without being
attended to by my partner or my own hand. The savage smiled, could that be a
light of understanding in his eyes?

I screamed as his lips touched my cunt. His hands held down my convulsing
hips as I was driven insane by his lips and tongue. I kept screaming,
moaning, begging, "Fuck me! Shove your hard cock into me! Ream my slut hole!
Your bitch wants to cum!" I neared orgasm but was not allowed the release I
desperately needed.

Each time he shifted to rubbing the flesh on top of my pubic bone until the
orgasm receded. Then he'd dive back between my legs to force me once more to
the brink of climax. My mind was dissolving under the onslaught, I'd do
anything say anything, "Slut . Beg . let cum . slave . forever . fuck". Once
more he withheld climax, but I had already ceased to be a woman becoming
only a hot, wet, needed cunt. I just kept moaning and repeating "Cunt! Fuck!
Slave!" over and over and over.

I moaned still louder when I thought his tongue was pushing between my labia
once again, but it was something new. I screamed as his burning spear ripped
deep into me. The incredible fullness made me spread my legs as wide as
possible, not realizing they had been released from restraint.

Never had I felt anything like the enormous monster inside me. He cock was
so thick the sensations were indescribable. Yet only half of it was in me.

The savage began thrusting, driving deeper and deeper. I screamed when his
mighty tool pushed past my cervix into my womb. Never had I been penetrated
so deeply, but there were still three full inches that remained.

The assault continued. I felt as if his cock would drive into my throat and
my head would explode. I was reduced to a moaning, panting vesicle for his

Finally, I felt him bottom out. His entire cock was within me. I had taken
it all. Amazed, I kept thinking, I had taken all of it. I was so wet that
there had been little pain.

The savage began to withdraw. "No!" I thought incoherently. The emptiness
was unbearable. My cunt muscles tried to grip that amazing cock to keep it
within me. Tears of loss ran down my cheeks.

He thrust back in and I was complete again. Quickly my hips matched his
rhythm of his thrusts. I felt an incredible orgasm building deep within my

I screamed again as molten lead was shot from his cock into my womb
triggering my own orgasm. I came and came and came.

When I recovered, I was still impaled on his shaft. It was still hard,
thrusting deeper then I had ever experienced. I could feel him sucking on my
right nipple send electric bolts down to my clitoris. I climaxed again.
Repeating many times, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, climax. I was in a
timeless pool of sensation and lost count of my orgasms. I was in awe of his
endurance. Finally, I again felt the molten lead of his passion shoot into
me. With a primordial howl, he collapsed upon me as his cock finally

I was taken to his village; many weeks travel away, a naked slave. A beaded
necklace was placed around my neck. I was forbidden to remove it. The
necklace marked me as his property, his slave.

He used me well and often, forcing me to many orgasms while my helpless body
satisfied his boundless lusts. I soon came to crave his touch, but my needs
were meaningless to him.

My hair lengthened and my skin grew tanned. I lost all my body fat on our
long trek, replacing it with firm muscle, but my growing strength was a
trifle when compared to the brute power of my Master.

If I pleased him I was allowed to cover my hips with a loincloth, but never
my breasts. At his whim it was stripped from me in a single motion. If I
wished to eat, I must show willingness to repay the hunter for my food by
falling to the ground on my back, spreading my legs wide, and lifting my
naked sex to him.

After he finished eating a meal, he fell upon me. Payments were always taken
from my body with interest. He would end these assualts depositing his
burning seed deep within my womb. I would cry out my submission to him,
begging for more, pleading to be held. He would roll off my sweating form,
leaving me alone in the dirt, his seed leaking out of my slit, ignoring all
my pleas until his lusts were again upon him.

I quickly learned to speak the language, cook and clean for him as one of
the women of the tribe. It was not a hard life, and there were compensations
that my body came to eagerly anticipate. No one every responded to the
distress signal, or if they did the search was fruitless. Eventually, the
birth control implant under my skin ran out and I bore my savage many


The unnamed barbarians, savages, and other dominant males in Betty's
dreams always had Hal's face and smell. Every night she experienced
many erotic visions with Hal the constant object of her love and need
for submission. Betty's needs for love, sex, and submission were
always part of her personality. Now under constant stimulation, they
increasingly dominated her consciousness, becoming the focus of her life.

A week before departure, Betty followed her mom's advice. She visited the
campus women's clinic to get a prescription for birth control pills. She
would never ask Hal to reduce his pleasure or their spontaneity by using

Education had not gone neglected. Despite her daily diligent workouts at the
gym and private studies in the arts of love, she was easily able to ace all
her pre-break tests.

Betty eagerly anticipated her trip now only a day away. She had already
packed her sexiest clothes. Going over her plans again and again in her
mind, she planned how to use her new sensual knowledge to seduce Hal,
lose her virginity, and experience her long denied orgasm.


Next: Betty's Trip


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