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WIN3 girls pranced the skimpiest bikinis


Becoming a Winner, Part 3: Betty's Trip {MF MD MC?} codes
defined at

Synopsis: Betty's physical transformation has been amazingly
successful. However, within her mind she remains a fat girl with
a poor complexion, rotten self-image, and a huge submissive
streak. Hal hopes Betty's mental transformation will be just as
profound. Like any healthy girl her age, now that she's found
a man she finds excitingly attractive, Betty yearns to entice
him to love her and join with him. Now they embark on a trip
that will lead to the granting of many wishes.

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Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works
by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion
in another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without
the express, written permission of the copyright holder, except
that it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access,
noncommercial archive site.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex
between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only.
If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are
less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW!
Please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy,
characters in this work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe
where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist.
In reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this
work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of
the other activities depicted herein.



The day of departure arrived. Hal drove to pick up Betty. He saw
her wave to get his attention. She was waiting for him, sitting under
a tree with her weekend bag. Hal walked over to her and said,
"I see you're all set, beautiful." She looked up and gave him
a big welcoming smile.

This was the first time Betty had seen him outside of chess club
for weeks. She was eager to test the effectiveness of her new
knowledge and skills on him. Still feeling like the ugly fat girl,
she needed constant proof of physical attractiveness.

Betty lifted her arms to him, wrists crossed, lowered her head and
wordlessly waited for his reaction. She knew what a submissive
pose it was. It made her feel sensuous and warm inside. Betty
hoped to communicate to Hal her need to have him take the
lead in a more physical relationship.

Hal gripped her crossed wrists, lifting and holding them while
pressing her back against the tree. It was exactly the kind of
reaction that she'd hoped for. He gave her a kiss and pressed his body
against her softness. She mewed her appreciation, letting him take
charge. Her mouth opened giving him as much access as he wished.

Hal broke the kiss, released her wrists and stepped back to survey
Betty. The outfit she wore made Hal's mouth water. Despite Hal's
intimate knowledge of Betty's body, she now knew how to dress in
a way that would always hold his attention. The sheer blue halter and
micro-miniskirt both clung to Betty's soft curves. Her bare mid-drift
was now standard for warm weather travel clothes.

She took out a golden ring belly-button ring and clipped it on her
well-exposed navel. From it hung a short golden chain she handed to
Hal. Batting her eyes at Hal she said in a low sultry voice, "Take my
chain and use it to lead me anywhere you desire."

The impact of her sensuous words were even greater then she'd hoped.
Hal was so overcome, he was speechless. Grabbing Betty's shoulders,
he pulled her to him for a deep kiss. His hands began roaming over
her body.

One hand grabbed her ass, pulling her pussy against his hardening
cock. The other reached under her clinging top to maul a one of
her bounteous breasts. His actions were slowly pushing her top up.
The underside of her breasts were already exposed. Soon everything
would be on public display.

It quickly would have developed into much more if Betty didn't
breathlessly pull away long enough to say, "Hal we can't do it here
in the middle of campus." With difficulty, Hal regained control of
himself and said, "You're right as always, beautiful."

Hal couldn't believe how attracted he was to the new Betty. He had
lost control. It couldn't be allowed to happen again until the
correct moment occurred in his plan. If it did then she'd always
remain an insecure, submissive personality and would never become
the true partner he desired. The plan would bring forth a confidant,
assertive woman packaged in a knockout body.

Betty smiled secretly to herself that she was able to incite Hal's
passion. Betty straightened her clothes. As soon as she got him to a
hotel bed she'd easily seduce him with her new body and new skills.


They hopped into the car and began the long drive south. Betty
thought about what was in her many suitcases now loaded into
the trunk. She had packed a wide variety of revealing outfits,
form-fitting eveningwear, skimpy bikinis, translucent nightgowns,
open-crotch panties, but of course, no brasseries.

Hal handed Betty the CD player and headphones. He told to lean back
close her eyes and breathe deeply. Hal uttered the phrase "My beauty
will relax and remember." This placed Betty into a trance that made
her fully receptive to what Hal had prepared on the CD. Phase four
had begun.

Hal reviewed the last part of Phase Three. It had been more
successful then Hal had ever hoped. With only a little post-hypnotic
push, Betty had trained herself as an expert (as proved at the tree)
in the use of her body to incite and please men as well as herself.
Hal would encourage this process to continue as long as they were
together (hopefully a very long time), but this knowledge would
be counter-productive for the beginning of Phase Four.

Betty's submissive personality required Hal to completely take the
lead in Betty's deflowering. The CD now playing would give Betty
several trigger words. In addition, it would suppress the sexual
knowledge that Betty had recently acquired. The naive girl she'd
been would temporarily return. Her memories would be restored
when very specific conditions were met.

In order to truly suppress Betty's submissive tendencies, they had to
first be allowed to dominate her completely. Once this was done,
taking Betty's virginity would give Hal the lever he needed to
establish the new, confident, assertive Betty.


A significant part of Betty's submissive-side was her slave-girl
fantasy. It was a recurring theme in her nightly erotic dreams. Since
Hal discovered this in phase one, he built it into Betty's phase three
conditioning. Even without any conditioning, she now regularly
fantasized that Hal was her Master. Here was one:

Naked and helpless I lay at my Master's feet licking dust from
them. Perhaps he would not punish me for stealing a pastry from
the shelf of the tavern we were now in. Without warning, I was
thrown beneath him and his manhood clove my lower lips. I cried
out from being taken with such strength and Mastery. My body
had been trained to always be prepared for sex. It responded
immediately to his powerful thrusts. I screamed as each of the
many orgasms he forced from me racked my writhing flesh.
I heard much laughter and lewd comments about me, the hot,
wanton slut who only wished to remain Master Hal's slave.


One of Hal's early presents to Betty was a 12-inch gold "Omega
Choker". It fit snugly around her lovely neck without being
discomforting. The lock was specially designed so that she
could not remove it without the assistance of a man's strength.

Although they had never discussed it, Betty thought of it as her
"slave collar". Part of her conditioning invoked a nightly ritual.
Shortly before bed, she would undress and kneel naked except
for her "collar" before a mirror in her "slave position". Toes
together pointed backward, knees spread wide to expose her
inner charms, hands resting palm-up on her thighs, back
straight, and breasts thrust forward.

She would then recite the slave girl's Q&A. These simple questions
had standard memorized answers that might be demanded by her
Master at any time. They were repeated 10 times each night. Certain
of these questions, suggesting their nature would be:

Q: Why do you exist?
A: To obey and to serve.

Q: What are you?
A: A slave girl.

Q: What is a slave girl?
A: A girl who is owned.

Q: Why do you wear a chain?
A: To show that I am owned.

Q: Why do you wear a collar?
A: That all may know who owns me.

Q: What is your purpose?
A: To please my Master.

Q: Who is my Master?
A: Hal is my Master.

Q: What does a slave girl want more then anything?
A: To please her Master.

Q: What does he own?
A: My body, my mind, and my soul.

Q: What do you want more then anything?
A: To please my Master.

Q: How will you please him?
A: With my mouth, my tits, my cunt, and my ass.

Q: Are you allowed to suppress your sexuality.
A: No, I must always strive to release it more fully.

Q: Are you allowed to control your body's arousal?
A: No, my Master controls my arousal.

Q: Are you allowed to control your orgasm?
A: No, my Master controls my orgasm.

Q: When will you please him?
A: When he commands me.

Q: Where will you please him?
A: Wherever master wishes.

Q: Is a slave allowed to question?
A: Only with her Master's permission.

Q: Is a slave allowed modesty?
A: Only with her Master's permission.

Q: Is a slave allowed clothing?
A: Only with her Master's permission.

There is beyond this an entire set of questions and answers,
some of them considerably more detailed, and involving
standard answers to simple questions pertaining to matters
such as history and psychology.

Hal had acquired many of these questions & answers from a
web site about John Norman's Gor series. He had altered some and
added more tailored to Betty's needs. The sequence ended with a
hundred repetitions of Betty saying naked in front of the mirror

"I love being a slave girl."

An important aspect was achieved when instead of simply repeating
by rote, Betty recited the questions as if truly asking herself and
responding with almost hypnotic automation. It was a form of
self-hypnosis that enhanced by her submissive personality became
integrated into that personality. Having Betty recite it naked during
a period of elevated sexual frustration insured the change would be


It was also necessary for the CD to have full effect for Betty to be
sexually stimulated and frustrated. During the drive, Hal would reach
over and massage Betty's breast through the thin material of her
blouse. As the nipple poked up Hal's continued attentions brought
moans of desire from Betty's lips. Hal easily slid the thin straps off
her shoulders then popped the left tit out of the low cut blouse. He
marveled at how perfectly shaped it looked on her tight body.

Because of Betty's improved muscle tone there was little sag despite
the size. Hal loved her big tits. He popped the right one out so he
could view them together. Even with the weight loss, Betty's tits were
38D. They jiggled merrily whenever the car hit a bump. Hal slid the
blouse back over both tits so any cops zooming by would not get a

Next Hal whispered in Betty's ear to roll up her skirt. She did this
silently without even opening her eyes. Hal inspected Betty's shaved
pussy. There was just a small tuft of hair at the top. The labia
looked like petals of a flowed. They were large and well defined.
A few minutes of gentle massage increased their size and forced
Betty's clit to stand erect, demanding attention. Hal's hand willingly
provided this attention. Betty's moaning grew louder and louder.

She was well beyond the point where she normally would have cum,
but the block Hal had placed prevented that. Hal abruptly stopped his
massage and rolled down Betty's short skirt leaving the tortured girl totally frustrated. This was the perfect mental state for the CD to do
its work.

Of course, by now Betty's moaning had Hal's cock ready to burst out
of his pants. So, he pulled off behind some trees not visible from the
road and whispered again into Betty's ear. She pulled off the
headphones, unzipped Hal's pants as he laid back, pulled out his cock
and went down on him. This was a technique that the CD would
definitely not suppress.

So expert had she become that it only took Betty five minutes to
get Hal to come in her mouth. He did that with a loud yell. Betty
swallowed every bit of her special desert then leaned back smiling
and put the headphones back on. As soon as Hal recovered, he
continued their trip.


About 30 minutes before they arrived, Hal woke Betty from her trance
so she could prepare herself. Hal smiled at Betty's surprise at her
revealing apparel. It was confirmation that the CD had worked
properly. Betty had forgotten all her sexual skills and knowledge.
She was again the naive girl yearning for love.

Hal felt a bit safer now. He still felt the same attractions for
Betty's luscious body, but she no longer remembered the
best ways to use it to destroy his self-control.

Hal would now be able to provide Betty with a special memory,
the taking of her virginity in a way that her submissive personality
required. He could then begin molding her new self-confident,
assertive personality. However, she would never forget the loss
of her maidenhood.

It would bind Betty's love to him in a way that was unbreakable
without his active assistance. Then Hal would embark on the final
phase that would unleash Betty's full sexuality and mutually bind
them together forever.

Hal told her that her clothing had been given by him for her to wear.
She should not ask any questions. Still, she flushed in acute
embarrassment when she realized the state of her body. It was fully
aroused, nipples hard, pussy dripping wet, and skin glistening with
a light sheen of perspiration. Hal told her what to do.

By now Betty was in the habit of instant obedience. It was necessary
to provide a towel to clean up the fluids of her arousal which had
leaked all over the sopping wet seat. The entire car smelled of
Betty's sex.

Fortunately, the skirt had been rolled far enough up that it remained
dry. Betty finished a few minutes before they entered the parking
garage at their destination. It was the fanciest hotel in Tampa.
Personally, Hal liked Ft. Lauderdale, but his plan required they
avoid large crowds of college kids.

Like a gentleman, Hal helped Betty out of the car. Not wanting to
bring undue attention to themselves, Hal instructed Betty to wear
a light shawl to cover her attractive tits.

Checking in almost proved to be a serious problem. Betty's stunning
legs displayed by her mini-skirt turned most every head in the lobby.
"Naive Betty" was unused to all the attention and became quite

When they entered the enclosed space of the elevator the strong
scent of Betty's sex became obvious. She flushed a deep crimson
and huddled closely to Hal for protection. They quickly exited
the elevator before the other passengers could be positive of the
source of the musky scent. The bellhop opened the door to their
large suite and brought in their luggage. He required a large tip and
a light shove before he'd take his eyes off Betty and exiting the

Almost immediately after closing the door, they collapsed into bed out
of exhaustion from their long trip. Hal made sure there were separate
beds to avoid any complications. He told Betty to stay in her bed and
sleep until he woke her.

The sexual frustration still burning in Betty's pussy kept her awake
awhile. She thought about sliding next to Hal in his bed to rub her
frustrated body and pussy against him. She thought about impaling
herself on his hard cock while he lay sleeping. However, she could
not manage to violate his commands. Still frustrated, a few minutes
of Hal's snores soon lulled her to sleep.

Hal awoke about 6 P.M. He looked over at his beautiful Betty, still
fast asleep. She had removed her skirt to reveal the crotchless
panties she wore. He smiled knowing how determined she was
to be ready to receive his cock at a moment's notice.

Hal found it difficult to believe the changes he had caused in her.
She was so unbelievably desirable. Every passing minute it seemed
more difficult to resist his primal impulse to shove his hard cock
into what would be her very willing body. With iron control, he
focused on how close it was to his goal. Hal took a quick (cold)
shower, and dressed in the tux he'd brought for this special occasion.

Hal then woke up Betty. She thought he looked so handsome and
commanding dressed as he was in his finery. Hal told her not to speak,
but to go into the bathroom and prepare herself for a fancy dinner.
All the cosmetics, perfume, and clothes she would need were already
in the bathroom where she must remain until fully prepared. Hal did
not want to risk his control if Betty emerged from the bathroom half

Betty turned on the showed and then looked over what Hal had provided.
The cosmetics were simple, but sufficient. The perfume smelled light
and elegant. The shoes were 4" heels that matched the full-length
evening gown on the door. Of course, there was no underwear.

Betty thought that Hal had bought everything. Actually, she had done
so herself, prior to the trip before Hal has supressed those memories.
Hal had picked out these particular things based on old phone
discussions on what she'd want to wear for an elegant evening.
Unaware of this, Betty decided to look at the dress more when
she came out of the shower that was now ready.

Betty immediately noticed the pulsing action of the showerhead. It
drummed against her skin in a way that was at first relaxing, but
quickly became arousing. Betty tried to focus on cleaning off the
still present "stale sex" smell. She shampooed her hair then before
rinsing it out began to run the soap all over her body.

Betty's breathing deepened. Her eyes closed as it became increasingly
difficult to deny her rising passion. Soapy hands stopped at
oversensitive breasts and began circling to rub the soap into
every pore.

She cupped her heavy tits and with both hands began a slow massage
imagining the hands belonged to Hal. A finger brushed over one nipple.
Betty gasped as an electric charged jumped straight to her clit,
now peaking out of its protective hood.

A haze clouded Betty's conscious thoughts as her fingers continued
stimulating the now fully erect nipple. Her other hand snaked
down to her steaming pussy. Fingers moved faster and faster,
bringing her closer and closer to the release she so desperately
needed. She was so close, just a little bit more to push her over the

Once more an orgasm receeded just out of her grasp. No! No! She
couldn't make it like this. She needed to look for something else to

Her eyes flashed open and the shampoo sent a sharp pain through them.
All thought of pleasure was forgotten. The pain in her eyes decreased
as her tears washed away the shampoo, but she continued to cry as the
pain of her frustrated need burned within her.

As Betty's tears were washed away under the beating of the shower she
remembered that Hal was waiting. Hal! If only his wonderful cock could
bring her the release she needed. Betty quickly washed the rest of the
shampoo and soap off her body and got out of the shower. It was
necessary to avoid her sensitive nipples and pussy when toweling
herself dry.

Betty picked up the perfume bottle and proceeded to spray it onto her
body, even between her breasts and legs, just in case. Next was the
hair. It took 15 minutes with the blow dryer to get it into decent
shape. Betty grabbed the gown off the hanger and through it over
he head. She pulled it down, straightened it, and looked up at the
results in the mirror. She gasped at how sensuous it looked.
The gown fit her form so well it appeared to be painted on.

The long skirt included a waist-high slit on her left but still shaped
to her hips and ass. The front plunged so low that more of her
billowy breasts were revealed then concealed. The cut of the material
made wearing a bra impossible even if Hal had provided one. Yet there
seemed to enough support to lift her breasts up and out like twin
torpedoes. If one looked closely and she was the least bit excited,
the material was so clinging that her nipples would be visible.

This should say what she could not seem to verbalize. Betty was
ready for love. It no longer mattered if it was hard and fast or soft
and slow. She would let him do anything he wished as long as he
possessed her.

The long gown was formal and elegant yet it reveled everything. It was
perfect! It made her feel exposed yet so sexy. If anything would
arouse Hal this was the gown to do it. Betty put on the 4" heels. She
was a little unsteady. Looking back in the mirror, she saw that her
large, 38D, bra-less breasts would jiggle with ever step she took
drawing eyes to them. Betty quickly applied her makeup and then
opened the door to display the finished product for Hal.


It took a long time for Betty to get fully prepared according to Hal's
instructions. He was pretty sure that the special showerhead was the
cause. He was confident that its pulsating action would force her
already aroused body to the brink of cumming. Of course, the acute
release of orgasm was still denied her.

Meanwhile, Hal had time to prepare at the far end of the suite for
their return. He completed his preparations a few minutes before he
heard the bathroom door open. The dividing door closed behind him
to insure that the ceremony that he had planned for after their dinner
would be a surprise.

Betty emerged, transformed. She looked like a fairy tale princess.
Hal gave a low whistle, ignoring her obvious arousal.

Bringing Betty's right hand to his mouth for a kiss and said, "My
lady, you are a vision of loveliness." She performed a deep curtsey.
It was a miracle that her breasts did not burst from their meager
containment. She stood back up and replied, "I am honored that
my Lord finds my appearance pleasing."

The thrill of Hal's approval warmed Betty's entire body, but somehow
managed to settle in her pussy. She squeezed her thighs together as
Hal continued, "Are you prepared to depart for our dinner together?"
Betty took a breath, then another, and replied in kind, "Yes, my Lord.
I will follow wherever you lead." They left the room hand-in-hand.

A piano was playing romantic melodies as they entered the restaurant
at the top of the hotel's tower. They joined the slow-dancing couples.
Hal led her around the dance floor. Betty simply melted into him,
willing following wherever he led. He loved to dance and she was the
perfect partner.

Hal felt the warmth of her thinly clad breasts pressed against his
chest. She started nibbling and licking at his earlobe. It was very
erotic. When she felt him harden in response, Betty pressed her mound
against him. The song ended and another began, but they never stopped
swaying together. The arousal built pleasantly for both.

Hal reached down to cup her ass, pulling her harder against his heated
iron rod. Was it working? Was he ready to put it into her, to take her
virginity? Betty felt herself getting very wet. She didn't care if it
leaked out and stained her dress. She would dance naked if only
her would make love to her.

Hal whispered, "Our table is ready, Lady." He pulled away having
escaped again, but held her close to hid his boner. Without looking,
Betty's knew her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer
material of her dress. The crotch area of her dress wasn't stained
yet, but would have been if they'd continued five minutes longer.

Hal directed her past the remaining slow-dancing couples to a secluded
booth with a view of the entire city. Betty slid gracefully into the
booth followed by Hal. The waiter entered. Hal selected a red wine and
instructed him on what bring both Betty and he would dine on that

While the waiter went for the wine, Hal began complimenting Betty on
all the changes she had undergone touching each as he describe it in
great detail. The depth in the liquid pools of her eyes, her patrician
nose, lovely ears, and sensuous lips that he gently kissed. The wine
appeared on the table, as the kiss was broken. Hal poured Betty a
glass and gave a toast to an unforgettable evening, which Betty
hopefully echoed.

Hal continued his description of Betty's ears, arms, sensitive hands,
exquisite breasts, and diamond hard nipples that he spent especially
long admiring. The low cut gown allowed Hal to reach in and expose a
nipple that he began to suckle. Betty leaned back with eyes closed
allowing him to continue. She felt the magic connection to her pussy that was growing moister by he second. Hal broke the connection
leaving her wanting more.

He suggested they both eat their appetizer, raw clams. Her body was
already so sexually charged, Betty wondered what this aphrodisiac
might do to her.

As they ate, her whispered, "Don't stop eating until you've finished
all the clams." One of Hal's hands slid through the slit in her skirt,
between her legs, and onto the folds of her now wet pussy. Betty
nearly jumped out of her seat at the contact. The electric bolt that
shot through her body automatically caused her thighs to snap closed,
trapping the invader between them.

Hal began to slowly rub the fingers of that trapped hand up and down
Betty's hot slit. He spoke of how happy his hand was between her
warm, soft thighs. He praised her wonderful cunt, so wet, so hot, so
slippery. He speculated how much better it might be on the inside as
his middle finger began to burrow between the folds of her labia.

He was doing this intentionally. Teasing her pussy while she tried to
eat. She wouldn't ask him to stop. It was increasingly difficult to
focus on the task of eating. Betty's breathing became faster and
more labored.

The hand holding the fork began trembling. From being merely
difficult, continuing to eat with endless stimulation became torture.
Somehow she managed to eat. The maddening massage continued until
Betty had finished her clams. By the time she had finished the last
clam, white-hot bolts were shooting through her body. Betty laid her
head back and thought of nothing but the fingers on and in her pussy.

Hal decided it was now time to reinforce Betty's strong submissive
streak. He whispered the words "submissive slut" into her ear. This
brought Betty's submissive personality into full control of her
actions. Betty spread her legs as a sign of her total submission
giving Hal full access to her most delicate treasures.

Hal's finger passed beyond the inner lips into her burning cunt as he
whispered that tonight was to be the night she dreamed of for so long.
He was going to deflower her.

He felt the muscles of her pussy squeeze his fingers in response.
Before she could speak he whispered the trigger word that broke down
her last barriers. It transformed Betty the submissive into Betty the
slave. A ripple that seemed to pass through Betty's entire body
heralded the change. Then it was complete.

"Yes . Master", she whispered back, "Your slave is ready now."
"No!" he said, "It must be done in the proper fashion that will
bind us together. You must obey my every command this night."
"Your slave will obey", she whispered.

Hal reached between Betty's legs with a dinner napkin to dry her
sopping pussy. First you must change your attire. It is appropriate
for a free woman, but not a slave like yourself. He handed her a small
bag he had brought and instructed, "Go into the Ladies room and change
into this. Everything you are wearing now goes into the bag. Quickly
now or I will be displeased."

Betty practically ran. She shut herself into a stall and removed the
contents of the bag without looking at it. She quickly stripped off
her shoes, stockings, dress, and jewelry. All went into the bag.

She picked up the blue slave shift and pulled it over her head. Betty
had not been wearing panties earlier, So she was surprised to see a
matching thong, but she put it on too. Quickly exiting the stall she
caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

Before her gown had been risque, this was scandalous. It was little
more than a slip. The skirt ended less then two inches below her
crotch. The material was so sheer that everything could be seen. Her
breasts, nipples, legs, and even her pussy would have been visible if
not for the tiny thong.

She understood. If the shaved lips of her pussy were clearly visible
under her slave shift then she and Hal would be asked to leave
immediately. Even in this area which was very liberal, where young girls pranced in the skimpiest bikinis, this was on the edge of

The thong was an additional problem. It just barely covered her pussy lips. It was so narrow that if she spread her legs too wide, it would
disappear into her slit. Betty's backside was completely exposed under
the slave shift except for a nearly invisible string coming up from
between her legs.

Her large tits lacked even the minimal support that the gown had
provided. They bobbed up and down on her chest with every breath
when she stood perfectly still. When she moved they literally danced
with a life of their own.

She'd felt exposed before. What she wore now was almost worse then
being naked. It was no longer a surprise that it was making her hot.
Her distended nipples gently pushed against the sheer material.

How could she allow herself to be seen like this? It didn't matter. A
slave is not allowed modesty. She must submit totally to her Master's
will and he was waiting for her.

Betty tore her eyes from the vision of the virtually naked, big
breasted slut in the mirror. Barefoot, she hurried back to the
table, not wishing to be punished.

Of course, several people saw her. Their glances heated her skin,
especially those of the men. With each new set of disapproving eyes
her shame and embarrassment increased. These feelings seemed to go
straight to her ever moistening pussy and the deepening flush of her

This is how her submissive personality wished to be treated. It was
exhibitionist by nature and expected a degree of humiliation as proof
of domination by a strong male. It caused Betty's hips to sway wider
making her breasts boogie for any who wished to see. Her eyes were not
riveted to the floor. They lifted just enough to gauge the reaction of
everyone who saw her.

Betty sat down quickly upon reaching the table, part of her relieved
to be hidden from all those eyes. Another part wondered how soon she
could once again be exposed to them. Betty thrust out her chest hoping
to intrigue her Master sufficiently to forget any way that she might
have displeased him. He observed, "Your appearance is now acceptable."
Betty sighed in relief.

Hal took out a studded leather choker. It has a D-ring that may be
connected to a chain at his convenience. The "Omega Choker"
that Betty loveed was too fine for a slave.

He motions and she lowers her head, throwing her hair forward,
and exposing her delicate neck. He adjusts it to fit snugly, but
not uncomfortably. Straining his muscles for a moment, it is
locked in place. Despite her excellent physique, she does not
have the strength to remove it without his assistance. "You
now wear my collar, scrumptious slave," he informs her. Lifting
her head she briefly meets his eyes and replies, "Thank you
Master. I love it and will wear it proudly."

Hal stood, took her hand gently in his, and commanded "Now rise and
let us dance again." She stood, being sure to move sensuously and
brush against him. Without her heels Hal towered over her. It invoked
further feelings of submission and obedience.

Hal led Betty to the dance floor. This time, with a slave, he was not
so gentle. Both strong hands gripped her ass and pulled her roughly
against him. Her hard nipples tingled as her yielding tits crushed
against him. His hot cock pressed directly against the doorway to her
womanhood. She felt the narrow thong slide between her moist pussy lips.

They began rubbing against each other as he moved her across the dance
floor. Betty reveled in the sensations of being dominated. She was
weak from desire. Resting in his strong arms, she placed her head on
his shoulder.

The thong rested directly against her clit, held there by his manhood.
It kept rubbing against the over-sensitive aroused flesh, making it
ache with unbridled lust. Keeping one hand on her ass, the other moved
to her left nipple. He began rubbing it between thumb and forefinger
as they danced, bringing soft moans to her lips.

Knowing that everyone was watching them, her arousal built
uncontrollably. It left her breathless and helpless. Her body was
an instrument on which he conducted a symphony. She was the
orchestra following his slightest direction.

Her excitement kept building, leaving her breathless. When Hal judged
her passions sufficiently inflamed, he directed, "You will now respond
to my questions quickly and without thinking." His command cut through
the fog of passion. "Yes, Master," she gasped.

Q: What is a slave girl?
A: A girl who is owned.

Q: What does a slave girl want more then anything?
A: To please her master.

Q: What do you want more then anything?
A: To please my master.

Q: How will you please him?
A: With my mouth, my tits, my cunt, and my ass.

Q: When will you please him?
A: When he commands me.

Hal repeated these questions and others until he was sure it was not
being faked. Indeed, forcing her to respond while so aroused greatly
increased the hold that these phrases had on her. He saw they were now
part of her submissive personality. That powerful component of Betty's
psyche wanted to be a slave, the ultimate submissive. It was now in
full possession of her thoughts.

However, an important part of Hal's plan was to push Betty's
submissive personality into the background, only to be brought out
during special intimate moments. Hal wanted Betty to be more
aggressive, assertive, self-confident, and self-assured. Even with his
constant praise and support, this would never happen while the
submissive personality dominated.

If Betty was ever to push her submissive side into the background it
must be satiated. She must believe that her mind, body, and soul had
been total conquered by a Master who dominated her completely.

The only way Hal knew to do this was to claim her as his slave when
the submissive personality was in full possession of her. He must take
her virginity violently while she battled him with all her energy and

He didn't understand the strange conflict within Betty's mind. How
could she be totally submissive and a slave yet need to fight him
before losing her maidenhood? Regardless, that's what his delving
into Betty's subconscious had uncovered. That's what was necessary
before his plan could proceed.

Once satiated, the submissive personality would obey any commands of
its acknowledged master. Once dominated, he could command that part of
Betty's personality to recede into the background. This would allow
long suppressed assertive and self-confident aspects of her
personality to emerge from a long night. Hal would then be able to
mold Betty into an even more extraordinary woman that would
make them both proud.

This is why the Q&A had been infused into Betty's mind from the
beginning of phase one and reinforced each day. Now that it was fully
integrated, Hal planned to have Betty acknowledge her slavery in a
formal ceremony. Once this was done and after he took Betty's
virginity, Hal, the acknowledged master, would command the slave
within the submissive personality into the background and let a more
aggressive personality emerge.

After half an hour Hal command a return to the table. Sit slave! Eat
your steak. You will need the energy soon enough. They ate together
in silence. Hal's eyes moving almost constantly over her virtual

Despite how long her had planned, how hard he had worked, part of
him could not believe that this ethereal female was sitting inches
from him, ready to obey his slightest whim. Another part, the one
that was coming to love her deeply felt differently. There was
guilt at manipulating her so completely.

The goal, he thought, was worth it. She would benefit as much or more
then he, becoming the woman of her dreams. At the end they would have
each other, forever. He steeled himself to continue.

Occasionally, Hal's hand moved to stimulate Betty's pussy. He'd slide
the narrow thong out between her pussy lips and then push it back in.
Each time he'd present the fingers for Betty to lick clean. She would
lovingly run her tongue over and under his finger, pretending it was
his cock. When they were both done eating, the thong was left in it
proper place.

Hal rose from the table and helped Betty to her still bare feet. He
led her to the center of the floor and danced with Betty. Once again
his hands assaulted her unresisting tits, ass, and pussy. When she was
nearly delirious with passion, he made her repeat the Q&A.

When he was satisfied, they returned to the table for a light sherbet.
Neither would feel bloated by too much food. Afterward, they departed
to return to their suite.

On the way Hal kissed her deeply and often. He kept teasing her
nipples so they'd be clearly visible through the sheer material to any
passer by. She knew it to be entirely proper for a Master to touch his
slave in any way he wished. Betty did not resist in either body or
mind. She could not seem to ever get enough of his touch and smell.

People ogled her large, jiggling, bra-less, breasts and pouting
nipples. The feelings of exposure and embarrassment seemed be
increasing over time. They sent increasingly powerful signals straight
to her cunt. It was so wet that it was literally dripping down her
thighs. She couldn't decide to be relieved or sad when they finally
reached their suite.


After Hal closed the door, he commanded, "Kneel before me". She
does quickly, kissing his feet without being asked.

He asks, "Are you prepared to submit yourself to me in the ceremony
of slavery? She whispers "Yes, Master." So he commands, "Rise then
and follow me into then next room."

She follows three steps behind him until he stops, turns, and commands
all her clothing be removed. She steps out of her soaking wet thong,
then draws the slave shift over her head. There is nothing else.

She faces him, not raising her eyes to his, naked except for her
"collar". This he removes, straining his muscles briefly in a way
impossible for her lesser strength, then commands "Light the candles
then kneel on the ritual carpet." Betty moves to obey him. Her neck
feels strange after so many months of constantly wearing her former

"Assume the posture of female obeisance to her Master," he orders.

She kneels, leaning back on her heels, her arms extended, wrists
crossed, her head between them, down.

"Repeat after me," he tells her. "I, once Betty. She repeats this.

"..herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things..."
She repeats this.

" him who is known as Hal..." She repeats this.

"...his girl, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as
he pleases." She repeats this.

He then produces the collar. If it is engraved with his name and an
inscription, he reads it to her, making sure that she understands what
it says and means. He places it about her neck and snaps it shut with
a click.

"I am yours, Master," he says.

"I am yours, Master," she repeats.

She is now his. He asks three more questions.

"Who were you?" he asks.

I was known as Betty.

"What are you?" he asks.

"I am your slave, Master," she says.

"What is your name?" he asks.

"Whatever Master wishes," she answers.

"I put on you the slave name of Betty," he tells her, "Although it is
similar to your name as a free person, it is a slave name used to
refer to a piece of property, not a person. It may be removed or
changed at your Master's whim.

"Yes, Master. My slave name is Betty," She says.

"I accept you as my property, to use, sell, or destroy as I wish. Rise

He lowered the light and told her, "Very well, it is time for your
opening, what you call taking your virginity. Get on the bed and
extend your arms and legs to the Four Corners." Hal pulled her hair
back and tied it off then he tied each of the slave's limbs to a
silken cord attached to a bedpost. The bindings on her legs were
attached by a third rope that allowed one knee to be fully bent only
if the other was fully extended.

Betty could not close her legs to hide her intimate treasure. This
would maximize feelings of exposure and helplessness. Her cunt was
leaking fluid onto the bed in anticipation of what was to come.

Slave, know this. Even though I know own you, body, mind, and soul, it
is not honorable for a man to open a female without first conquering
her. You must use all your strength to fight against submitting to my

I will now speak a Word that will make you forget your slavery and
your former life. These will be restored to you at the moment the
conquest of your body, mind, and soul are complete.

The Word will produce the need to resist me to the utmost. You will
fight me in every possible way, both mentally and physically. One
limitation will apply to both of us, neither is allowed to speak above
a whisper except by command of the other.

You must beg to be taken in order for my conquest to be total. You
will of course refuse. It is possible that you will be able to win.
Betty shook her head violently, fearing to speak. What you desire now
if of no consequence. If you win then I will release you and another
will open you.

Hal stood at the side of the bed looking down at the lovely maiden.
She was all her desired in a woman. The beauty of her soul exceeded
the incredible beauty of her body. He had not lied. Failure was a real
possibility. He knew they would both be miserable if he did not
conquer her.

This step was necessary to transform Betty mind. There were
unconscious barriers that no amount of simple hypnotism could hope to
eradicate. Without this step, Betty could never become a true partner
to him, someone that he would share his life with, someone he would
give his life for.

Hal resolved to emerge victorious.

He spoke the Word.


Who will conquer, Betty or Hal?
Can Betty's desire for submission be eliminated?
What of the temptation to keep her a willing sex slave?
Find out in... Part 4: Betty Taken -- Cuming soon ;-)


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