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WL daughter and her son law


Wedded Lust
Wedded lust. She knows which words excite him most. He knows how
turned on she must be before that sensitive patch just under her ribs turns
from an annoyance to an erogenous zone. It's a challenge to the writer,
however, since you have to evoke the actual sexual excitement instead of
the suspense of "will they be caught?" or the shock of taboos being broken.

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brennan.txt The Brennan stories

The stories about the marriage of Bob and Jeanette Brennan. A third of
the number of my stories, about half of my words, most of my
gully.txt "Gully Washer" (MF wl cons) {1,699} : First posted 1996
Bronwen, one of the best writers on, thinks that this
is my best piece of writing by far. They are in their summer cabin with
their daughter, son in law, and grandchildren. A sudden rainstorm washes
away the oppressive heat.

longest.txt "The Longest Minute" (MF wl) {694} : First posted September 1999
He wants something from her.

dream.txt "Perchance to Dream" (MF rom wl) {2,782} : First posted July 2001
While watching fireworks, Ryan remembers more exciting times.

snarl.txt "Snarl" (MF rom hair wl) {747} : First posted October 1996
She's come back from a business trip with her long lovely locks in a

rampant.txt "Rampant" (Mf hist 1st wl) {30,911} : First posted July 1998
The story of the wedding and courtship (in that order) of a maiden in
the high Middle Ages.

mcmurdo.txt "McMurdo Sound" (MF wl) {596} : First posted June 1999
The title refers to a spot on the coast of Antarctica where the US has a
base. The story refers to a much colder and lonelier place.

The following stories were all listed under "Games" as well.

another.txt "Another" (MF wl rom) {1,227} : First posted June 2001
Kathy is such a delightful toddler that Bill wants another child.

beaut.txt "Beautiful Everywhere" (MF wl cons stroke) {1,047} : First posted June 2001
Even a woman like Sandra, beautiful everywhere, beautiful always, is
more beautiful sometimes and some places.

swim.txt "Little Swimmers" (MF wl rom oral) {2,282} : First posted July 2001
Heather had to check just one detail before she and Greg started their

inaug.txt "Inaugural Ball" (MF wl rom) {2,313} : First posted July 2001
She felt exposed, a little vulnerable, and very aroused.
prone.txt "Prone is not...." (MF anal no-sex wl) {303} : First posted February 2000
She has told him about her sexiest fantasy; now she asks about his.
Warning, see code "anal." code/scfr.txt FAQ: story codes for readers

turnab.txt "Turnabout is Fair Play" (MF cons safe wl) {2,178} : First posted April 2000
They *really* can't afford a child now, and are being extra careful;
but having him take care of his contraception while she takes care of hers
breaks the mood of foreplay.
These are two stories which are interrelated, but independent:

picnic_1.txt "Picnic 01" (MF wl cons) New wife Manny doesn't feel
comfortable making love in the room next to her parents'
So, she takes her husband on a long picnic.

pinic_2.txt "Picnic 02" (MF wl cons preg) Karen doesn't feel comforable
making love in the room next to her newlywed daughter and her son in law.
So, she sends them off on a long picnic.
The following stories were in imitation of Dulcinea a late, great,
writer on

cooling.txt "Cooling Off" (MF wl rom cons) {1,226} : First posted June 2001
Their air conditioner broke during the heat wave.

gazebo.txt "G is for Gazebo" (MF wl rom cons) {852} : First posted June 2001
Visiting his parents, she escapes to the gazebo in the garden.

favorite.txt "His Favorite Day" (MF wl rom cons) {1,008} : First posted June 2001
He paints his arm green to scare trick-or-treaters for Halloween. What
could be worse?

windmill.txt "Windmill Saga" (MF cons wl) {622} : First posted June 1997
She knows what he needs.


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