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WOLF1 parents had lived until their death


<xmp>Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18.
Hey Kids, go away! Oh, did you think I meant it
in a mocking manner and was talking to you? Well if
you're under 18 then you are absolutley right. Go away.
Peter and the Wolf (M/F, beast, nc, rom?)

by Alexi92

No one can be sure about hermits. Why they became
hermits is sort of a mystery. Very few hermits are willing to
talk about their choice to cut themselves off from society and
live in an environment created, for the most part, by nature.

Not that Peter really cared. He was raised in the woods
and that was where he would live out his years. He had gone to
the nearby city once. He picked up some useful items but found
no desire to stay there. Unlike most others he had no need to
be surrounded by people. The trip back from the city, laden
with supplies, had been long and tough, so he had no
particular longing to go back. He stayed in his house in the
woods, where his parents had lived until their death, and
didn't bother anyone. And the people, who had long ago deemed
the woods to be haunted, hadn't bothered him.

Another thing, Peter had no empathy with the animals. As
far as Peter saw it the animals that mattered were either a
food source or something with teeth that wanted to eat you.
Sometimes he would watch the birds fly in the sky but he would
also leave traps around the woods. When he wasn't hunting
animals were just part of the scenery, like the trees or the

It was a day in late autumn. The wind was blowing hard
through the trees and sent Peter's brown hair into disarray.
The heavy coat he wore was keeping most of the cold away from
his body but it was still chilly. Peter was checking his traps
for one last time before he retired to the house for winter.
So far he had no luck, all the traps were empty. There was one
more to check, one last chance for some meat to shove in the
refrigerator. If that was empty he would have to start
butchering the farm animals that lived in the barn portion of
the house earlier than planned.


The scream brought Peter out from his pondering of plans
for winter. His head swiveled around searching for the
scream's source, a woman if he guessed right.


From the south, definitely the south, the direction of
the last trap. Peter started to sprint, forgetting about the
cold. The gun resting from a strap on his shoulder found its
way into his hands.

He pushed his way through some bushes and stopped. A
blonde woman on her hands and knees was wildly thrashing
around as a wolf fucked her from behind. The wolf's forearms
rested on her naked back, almost crushing her body into the
ground. She screamed again as the wolf pushed its large
swollen cock into her abused cunt. Peter watched, mesmerized
by the sight of the beautiful young woman being raped by a
large canine.

As the wolf continued to pound its body against her, the
woman's body was rocked by each thrust. Her modestly sized
tits bounced in disarray. Peter wasn't sure but she seemed to
have tears in her eyes. He was amazed that she had the energy
to scream and struggle as her body was being brutally fucked.

But quickly the energy fled her body and exhaustion took
over. The woman offered no resistance as the wolf's large cock
slid in and out of her pussy. Her head bent over in shame and
tears fell to the ground but her body continued to rock under
the wolf's powerful body.

She looked up for only a second and caught eyes with
Peter. Her face racked with pain and despondency she pleaded
in a quiet voice that traveled through the autumn air. "Help

Not taking his eyes off her face, perhaps the most
beautiful he had ever seen, Peter cocked his gun and fired a
bullet into the wolf's head. For a brief second, in all likely
hood from reflex, the wolf jerked around, pulling the woman's
body along with it. Finally the large animal collapsed on top
of the woman's body, it's swollen cock still taking residence
inside her cunt. Unable to sustain the weight, the woman too

Peter ran to help her. He began to pull the wolf's body
off of her but she told him to stop in a weak voice.

"I've got to get this thing off of you ma'am. You don't
look well."

"Wait, before you do I got to tell you something."

"It can wait until you're better."

"No it's can't!"

The force of her last statement made him stop. She
couldn't be very strong, if she was using that much energy to
tell him something he would have to listen. He waited, staring
intensely at her face. Her blonde hair was a mess, but he
couldn't help but think that she looked like one of the
princesses in the story books his mother used to read to him
from. If not for what he just witnessed he would have
considered her a delicate example of beauty.

"Please, listen to me. I have a curse. I'm not joking,
you have to believe me."

He would believe anything she said. If she told him
trees could fly he'd be watching the air for flying elms. But
he settled for saying ",I'm listening."

"I have to have a cock in me to stay human. If I don't
have a penis in my body, in my ass, my cunt or my mouth I turn
into a wolf. That's why that wolf was fucking me, he thought I
was a potential mate, but when his cock got put up my body I
turned back into a woman."

She was crying profusely now.

"I don't want to be a wolf, it's horrible. And the more
I stay like it the more I begin to act like one. I'm turning
into a wolf... Oh god, you've got to help me. This is the
first time I've been human in a year. No one wants to fuck a
wolf, dogs, but no wolves. And I'm afraid if I do it with a
wolf I'll forget about being human anyway and... Oh god."

The woman broke down and wept uncontrollably. Peter
wanted to make her feel better but wasn't sure what to do.
Either she was delusional or she was cursed. Life in the woods
had taught him long ago not to rule out any sort of magic.
That damn magician at the end of the woods had turned at least
six criminals seeking refuge in the woods into various animals
to guard his fortress.

Peter sighed, the sight of the beautiful woman crying
was making him depressed. "So what do you want me to do with
this wolf?"

"I don't know," the woman said between sobs. "I don't
want to be a wolf again."

"I could just cut off the cock."

She gave him a mean look and he regretted his words
instantly. Well, at least it kept her from crying.

"I'm not going to go around with a dead wolf's cock
jammed up my cunt."

"Oh, sorry. So what do you want to do."

She up at him, her body still under the wolf's. "C-could
you fuck me?"

God yes, Peter thought. "Are you sure?"

"P-please. I need to be human."

"If you'll let me I'd be happy to fuck you. But let me
just get this wolf body off you and I'll take you to my

"B-but I can't go into the city naked."

"I live in the woods."

She made a silent "oh" with her lips. She hadn't
expected that. Peter pulled at the wolf's body. It weighed a
lot less than he thought it would. He was able to carry it
with relative ease. He gave a final tug and the wolf's cock
popped out of the woman's cunt.

But the woman wasn't there anymore. In her place was a
sleek female wolf. It looked up at him with pleading eyes,
whimpering. Maybe, thought Peter, I'm going delusional.

"Follow me," he said, feeling a bit foolish.

Carrying the dead wolf's body he walked home.


On the way back to his house Peter was beginning to have
second thoughts. Maybe he had imagined the whole thing. It
could just have been a hallucination brought about by need for
companionship. He hadn't talked to another human in five
years, a woman in eight. When his father had been his age he
had been married for three years.

Of course if he had imagined the whole thing it didn't
explain why the female wolf wasn't trying to rip his throat
out for killing her mate.

As they approached the house the she-wolf slowed in
pace. The house was really two separate buildings under one
roof. There was the farm area where animals and crops were
raised to make the house self-sufficient. The indoor farm, the
brainchild of Peter's grandfather and accomplished through
indoor heating and sunlamps, took up ninety-nine percent of
the structure, making the house seem incredibly huge when the
actual living space was about average.

Peter opened the door by taping in the password on the
keypad. The door clicked open and Peter pushed it inward. He
waited for the she-wolf to enter before kicking the door
closed behind him.

After depositing the wolf carcass in the freezer for
emergencies, Peter retired to the living quarters. The living
space was cut up into four small rooms: two bedrooms, a
kitchen, and a living room with a fireplace. Peter walked into
the living room, followed by the she-wolf.

Peter sat in his chair in front of the fire place. A
small fire was already going so the room was bathed in natural
warmth. The she-wolf sat in front of him, staring at him
expectantly. He looked at the wolf, examining her every
detail. Could she really be the beautiful woman from earlier,
he wondered. He wanted to help her but he wasn't sure that
shoving his cock into this oversized feral dog was the way to
do it.

Maybe he was just hoping. Fantasizing that he could see
her again by fucking the wolf, as if that were all it would
take to bring her into his life again, if she had ever existed
in the first place. It was entirely possible that he had
become so desperate to be with one of the princesses he
remembered from the fairy tales that he was creating delusions
for himself. Maybe the solitude was finally getting to him.
Did he want to be the kind of man who could only get his
pleasure by fucking animals?

No, he had to hold on to his self respect. Alone in the
woods, he had to at least be able to tell himself that he was
a normal human being. If he went around fucking animals he
would bring shame on every generation of his family that had
preceded him. His parents would spin in their graves.

But what if doing so meant he could see the woman again?
He could remember her face so vividly. She was so beautiful,
so sad. He wanted to help her. She was afraid of losing her
humanity, afraid she would be stuck as a wolf forever. He
wanted to help her so much.

Peter unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper.
Was losing his honor worth risking to be with the woman again?
Peter decided, yes. He tugged his cock out from his underwear
so that it hung freely in his sitting position. He looked at
the wolf, praying that this would work.

The she-wolf rose on all fours and took a step towards
him. Peter had a momentary doubt, the thought of his dream
woman seeming to be a silly fantasy when faced with this real
wolf. As if sensing his hesitation the she-wolf walked forward
toward him. Her head rested in his lap.

Her jaw suddenly opened, revealing sharp teeth within
her mouth. Peter was frightened, thinking he had made a
terrible mistake. The she-wolf moved her mouth so that his
penis was suddenly resting on her mandible. Her jaws closed.
Peter winced.

But pain did not come. Afraid to look, afraid that his
cock had been bitten off, Peter slowly opened his eye lids and
looked down.

The woman from before was kneeling between his legs with
his cock in her mouth. It had worked! Both were silent as she
slowly brought him to hardness with her mouth, massaging his
shaft with her tongue. Her blonde hair seemed more in order
now as her head bobbed between his thighs. He reached out to
touch her face and she brought her hand over his own, guiding
it to caress her beautiful features even as she took his
manhood between her lips.

She guided his hands down her body, across her neck to
her chest. He cupped her supple breast as she reveled in her

Soon he was hard as granite and she disengaged her mouth
from his cock. She pulled away. The moment her mouth left his
cock she began to transform back into a wolf. This time Peter
saw the process and had no doubts in his mind what he must do.
He stood and removed his clothing. His hard member jutted from
his body even as he knelt down to the wolf's level.

Gently he lay the she-wolf on it's back. It was a little
difficult, for wolves were not meant to lie in such a way.
Once he was sure she was steady Peter began to search for her
vagina. It took about thirty seconds of gentle prodding and
caressing but Peter found it. He lined up his cock with the
furry orifice and thrust forward without hesitation.

The instant his cock's head penetrated her body the wolf
reverted back to the woman. Considering that she had been
fucking the large cock of a wolf but hours before the woman's
cunt was surprisingly tight. Her eyes stared up at Peter with

"Thank you," she whispered.

Peter let her savor the feelings of humanity, not moving
to pump his cock, allowing it to remain halfway in her cunt.
He didn't mind, the sensation of being in such a woman's body
was a wondrous experience.

The woman was caressing her own body, feeling the thrill
of having arms once again.

"Thank you," she said again, tears of joy leaking from
her eyes.

Peter shifted the weight of his body so he could lie on
top of her, supporting himself with his arms. He leaned
forward and kissed her passionately. She seemed startled but
returned his kiss with earnest. She pulled his body to her in
a powerful embrace and wrapped her legs around his torso.

Peter began to thrust his already inserted cock further
into her supple cunt. Their bodies shivered with pleasure as
they allowed their bodies to join and experience one another's
warmth. His thrusts were slow, allowing his shaft to slide out
and return to the sanctuary of her welcoming orifice.

Her limbs pulled him in tighter. She drew his body into
hers as if she were afraid it would be taken from her the
moment she let go. But there was no desperation in her embrace
only determination. As their hips collided with each thrust of
his cock she held him tighter. Their bodies pressed against
each other, he could feel each deep breath she took by the
movement of her naked breasts against his chest.

His cock continued its repetitive journey between the
lips of her cunt. With each thrust their ecstasy became more
intense as both felt their impending orgasms approach. She
began to hump him back, causing a rhythm of crashing crotches
as they eagerly pressed their throbbing sexes to converge.

The sexual rapture of climax filled their bodies
simultaneously. Their groans of euphoria mixed into a symphony
of elation.

Once his mind began to recover Peter pulled the woman to
him and rolled on his back, allowing her to rest on his body.
Her exhausted body began to nestle on his form, her head
snuggling into his chest.

Wearily she whispered ",Thank you" and fell asleep.

Peter stroked a few stray hairs away from her face and
joined her in her slumber.


When the woman awoke she found that Peter's arms were
lightly holding her body to his. She propped her head up with
her hands and looked down at his face, he was awake.

"Good morning," he said.

"You should have woken me," she said, only a little

"Why? You looked so peaceful sleeping."

"I want to enjoy every moment I can as a human before I
turn into that damned wolf again."

"I still can't believe you're a wolf."

Her eyes began to mist up and Peter was instantly sorry
he had said those words.

"I'm not a wolf. It's a curse. I hate it. I hate it!
Some stupid witch thought I was trying to steal her husband so
she made me into a wolf. She said I could only be a human girl
again when I had a cock in me. I've tried to get someone to
fuck me for over a year. I kept getting shot at. I had to
avoid traps to survive, kill animals to eat. I almost forgot
what it was like to be human."

She burst into tears and buried herself in his chest. He
cradled her in his arms soothingly.

"Don't make me turn back," she whispered, pleading with

"I've got to take care of the farm eventually."

"No, don't leave me. I can't take being a wolf again."

"I won't leave you," he promised. He meant it. Peter
didn't ever want to be away from her. "I have to do my work,
but I'll always come back to you. Every day, I'll make sure
you stay human as long as possible."

She looked at him, doubt in her eyes. "Why would you do
this for me?"

He answered truthfully. "You are the most beautiful
woman I have ever seen. I want to spend my life with you."

She looked at him, shocked. She sat up, straddling his
hips. He raised so that they faced each other. She looked as
if she were trying to say something, but she was unsure of
what. Finally she said ",You'll make me human every day?"


She pulled his head to hers and kissed him.


An owl landed on the window sill and looked into the
house. The bird did this often, enjoying watching the humans
inside interact. Also, the warmth was good.

Very amicable, thought the owl.

It had been many months since the woman who was also a
wolf began living in the house. Each morning she would awake
with his cock buried in her cunt, the member growing hard with
the morning rush of blood. The couple would fuck and he would
carry her to the kitchen where they would feed one another.

Then the woman would get off his body, a sad expression
on her face, and the man would get dressed. For a few hours he
would work in the indoor farm before returning to the kitchen.
The man dropped his pants and underwear first thing upon
reaching the kitchen. He would sit in a chair and the wolf
leapt into his lap. Slowly the man lowered the canine's ass
onto his cock and the woman would reappear. The couple would
eat lunch while the woman playfully gyrated on the man's cock.
He made odd expressions when she gyrated, and the owl
correctly guessed that she was feeling odd sensations herself.

After lunch the man went back to work for another few
hours before finishing for the day. Again he would take off
his pants and underwear and go into the room with the fire.
The wolf would again jump in his lap and he would lower her
cunt onto his erect member. The woman would again reappear.
They went to a closet and she would put on a dress she had
made with a special slit down the back so she could put it on
while his cock was in her.

The man would sit down again, the woman sitting on his
lap, his cock snugly in her cunt, and they would go about
whatever activities they wanted to for that night. Usually the
woman read or made new clothing for herself. Finally they
would return to bed and fuck before going asleep.

Tonight the woman was reading a book. The owl was
disappointed. When the woman was making clothing the man would
playfully squeeze her breast or thrust his hip in order to
tease the woman. When the woman read he did nothing, not
wanting to distract her from intellectual pursuits. He kept
saying how she should exercise her human mind.

But this time the man did squeeze the woman's breast.
She turned to look at him as best she could from her position.

"What is it?" she asked pleasantly.

"We've been together for three months haven't we?"

"Yes. I believe so."

"Are you happy here?"

The woman's brow knitted in mock deep thought. "Yes, I
think so. Yes, I very much like it here."

The jesting tone was lost on the man. "Good, because
there's something I've been meaning to ask you a long time."

"The answer is yes, I love you. You mean as much to me
as my humanity, and that you are the one to bring it to me
every day is a gift from God himself."

"I- I'm so happy to hear that."

"I just thought you should know. I didn't want you to
doubt it. You shouldn't have to question it."

"No, it's not that. I was going to ask what you're name

"Oh. I don't think I remember. I haven't used it in
almost a year and a hal... Oh wait. I remember it! I remember!

And the owl flew away home to it's mate.


Peter and what's-her-name will return in "The Magician's
Wolf" (nc, beast, and maybe a little mind control). An evil
magician stumbles upon the two lovers and kidnaps whatever-her
name-is for his own nefarious uses. Will Peter be able to find
her? Will she stay a wolf forever? Or will she just be tied up
and fucked a lot by dogs while the magician watches?
Anyway, enough advertising.
Why did this story have(rom?) in its story code? Because
I'm sick and tired of seeing (nc?), that's why. Shouldn't the
author know if it's nc or not? What, am I supposed to be in
suspense about whether or not the nc scene is really nc? Well
fine, then I leave you in suspense about whether or not this
is romantic, because I'm not too sure myself. But unlike nc,
rom isn't so easy to define. Nc is nc. Rom is in the eye of
the beholder.
Now for the interaction part os this message. I need
your help in naming the woman! I never really thought about it
so it's up to you. Send your suggestions to the e-mail adress
feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

Most of my stories are archived at</xmp>


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