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WOLF4 old man butlers uniform


<xmp>Magician's Wolf
part 3
by Alexi92

Clara awoke in a strange place. Still a wolf,
she could smell strange odors in the room with her
lupine nose. She shook her head trying to clear her
vision. As the world began to focus around her,
distinct images began to take shape, stone walls,
large cubbies around the room filled with straw and
meat, and three large dogs staring at her.

Clara whined. Dogs, large dogs. They eyed her
hungrily. She began to edge backward, to put as much
distance between herself and them as possible. Her
heart raced wildly.

The Magician had said she was taking her to his
castle so she could stay in his kennel. He was
unaware of the curse that had been placed on her
human self, making her a wolf as long as she did not
have a cock stuffed in her. He treated her like a
wolf, even worse, like dog, when she was neither. Now
his dogs stared at her, unsure of this new canine.
She got the distinct impression that she was
unwelcome and that the situation might turn violent
at any second. She wanted to go home, she wanted

Long ago, before she met Peter, when she had
been alone, unable to get a man to fuck her as a wolf
and unwilling to let other wolves mate with her, she
ended up roaming the world as a wolf. Unable to
survive as a lone wolf she would temporarily join
wolf packs to survive. The influence had made her
even more like a wolf. She had actually felt her
humanity slip away. But then, in between packs, she
had met Peter and her humanity had come rushing back.

But now it seemed she was to spend a long time
with canines again. Peter didn't even know what
happened to her, what if he returned home and thought
she had abandoned him? What if he never came for her?
What if she was to forever be a wolf? What if Peter
abandoned her? Clara began to panic.

One of the dogs let out a loud growl. He
approached Clara, a suspicious look in his eye. She
froze, afraid of the oversized beast. His monstrous
nose began to sniff at her body, analyzing the scent
every inch of her body gave off. She simply stood

Finally he ended his long examination. He crept
up and mounted her. The action startled Clara. The
large dog's front paws rested on her back and the
head of his large cock found its way to her vaginal

God, no, Clara screamed to herself. No, no, no.
This couldn't be happening. The magician had planned
it all along, she had been brought here to be mated
to his dogs!

Clara tried to wrench herself free of the large
dog but it growled loudly in anger. Its two
companions took up the growl, revealing their sharp
teeth, filling the room with the scary sounds of
maddened beasts threatening harm. The sound caused
Clara to stop in fear, her body unable to move.

The dog behind her thrust forward, sending his
oversized cock into her wolfen cunt. Almost instantly
Clara felt her body transform from wolf to human. She
screamed as the large dog cock stretched the walls of
her human sized vagina.

The dog, sensing the transformation, paused and
was surprised to find himself fucking a blonde woman
and not a wolf. But rather than be dismayed, the dog
seemed overjoyed and began to pound Clara's cunt with

The other dogs stared at the blonde woman their
friend was fucking. She was beautiful with an modest
bosom, her face a mixture of pain, sorrow, and fear.
They scrambled forward, each racing the other for the
chance to stick their cock in her mouth.

These oversized dogs had once been human and
their human tastes remained the same. While they did
not relish fucking a female wolf, though their master
had commanded them to, they were only to eager to
fuck a desirable woman.

For Clara the experience brought back memories
of when she had first met Peter. She had been
overpowered by another wolf and forced to mate with
him. This of course brought about her transformation
and she had soon found herself the rape victim of a
wolf. Then Peter had found and saved her. Peter
learned of her curse and didn't care, never once
treating her like a freak or making her feel like a
wolf, taking care of her like she was his wife.

But Peter was far away and couldn't save her

Another dog shoved its foul tasting cock in her
mouth while the one working her pussy showed no signs
of relenting. Clara began to cry.


Peter was having woman problems. He shouldn't
have been, he had a wife waiting for him back in his
large cabin in the forbidden woods. Well, almost a
wife, a woman he loved as much as a wife.

So he felt particularly guilty about the tall
Amazon bandit that was holding on to his arm. Aethis
was as giddy as a lovesick little girl, although she
sure as hell didn't look like one. Ever since that
night when they had fucked, the Amazon kept talking
about how they were meant for each other. Peter was a
bit apprehensive about that. He wasn't completely
sure but he might have been raped.

Aethis didn't seem to worry about such matters.
She had found a man worthy to be her mate. She walked
proudly next to Peter down the dirt path to Lorit
City, holding on to her beloved's arm.

"I hope our first child is a girl," Aethis

The statement caused Peter to flinch. He wasn't
sure how to tell Aethis that it wouldn't work out.
Ever since her ordeal in the city near the forbidden
woods she had been pretty unstable emotionally, a
confrontation like that could destroy her.

"It will be a strong girl," Aethis continued.
"She will have my physical strength and your

God, thought Peter, what if she's already
pregnant? They had only spent the one night fucking
but that might have been enough. What would he do?
What would Clara do? Even if Aethis wasn't pregnant,
how would Clara respond to him fucking another woman?
Had he already destroyed his chances of true
happiness with the woman he loved?


Peter snapped out of his thoughts. "Huh? What?"

"What are you thinking about?"

"Clara." Peter flinched again. He hadn't meant
to say that, it just slipped out. God, what would the
damage be on Aethis' emotional state?

Aethis didn't seemed phased in the slightest.
"Hmm. Yes. We'll have to kill her."

Peter stopped walking. "What?"

"We'll have to kill her. You're just invested
too much in her. You'll need to make a complete
break, so she needs to die. Then we can live together
free of any feelings for other people."

That's when Peter realized that he nothing he
could say would break the delicate balance of Aethis'
sanity, it was already broken. The only thing that he
could do was aggravate or placate her. Poor thing.

"Shh," Peter whispered. "I think I hear
something up ahead."

Aethis tensed, straining to hear. She took a
cautious step forward. And then another.

Peter took out his rifle and brought it down
against the back of Aethis' head.


Aethis woke slowly, a splitting headache
seeming to cover her body. She was lying down... on a
table. The texture of the wood was obvious against
her naked back. She could feel the air on her skin.
She was naked. She opened her eyes, allowing the
light to painfully enter. Everything was blurry.

"Where am I?" she asked softly.

"You are in the HQ at Lorit," said a voice,
amplified by Aethis' headache into a thundering call
causing her head to reverberate.

So Aethis had been brought to the Amazon Bandit
HQ. Whatever attacked them must not have been after

"Where's Peter?" Aethis asked.

"He has gone."

Despite the overwhelming pain Aethis tried to
sit up but found her body secured to the table with
rope. She strained against it to no avail. She had to
get to Peter, explain to him that the Amazon Bandit
code wouldn't let him into the building but that he
was still wanted. She had to get to him before he
decided to write her off. Before he forgot about her.

"Do not struggle," said the voice. It was calm
and soothing, probably a healer. "You have been
through an ordeal. Allow me to attend to you."

Aethis' vision cleared and she saw the healer
more clearly. Just as all healers she was blonde,
with long hair falling behind her down to the waist,
braided into a long ponytail. The healer uniform
consisted of a white leather g-sting attached to a
white collar around her neck by means of a long,
white strap. The strap lay taught down her
midsection, forming a thin line between her naked
breasts just as her pony tail formed a line down her

The healer placed a hand on Aethis' breast and
squeezed gently, sending a jolt of excitement down
the bound Amazon's spine. The healer's other hand
cupped Aethis' cunt, supple fingers massaging the
bandit's sex, sending waves of pleasure through the
nerves of her body. Aethis shivered as the healer
continued her unending onslaught of sexual

The healer showed no emotion as she worked on
her patient. Years of healer training had been
programmed into the woman, these sort of things were
routine. Her fingers canvassed the flesh of her nude
patient, using the skills she had been taught to
pleasure the Amazon bandits. She felt nothing, she
was nothing more than a healer, her only purpose to
bring pleasure to real Amazons. She was little more
than a tool.

The healer could feel the bandit stiffen as her
body orgasmed. The moan of pleasure, different than
the many the healer had heard through the years, it
had a tinge of grief. The healer did not relent in
her attentions even though her patient had reached
orgasm. She could not until the patient had shouted
the shout of pure joy.

Experienced hands continued to stimulate
Aethis' breasts and cunt. The healer continued her
assault, playing with the clitoris, gently squeezing
the nipples, lightly brushing the sensitive lining
inside the vagina, her hand moving with rapid thrusts
into the orifice that had become the blonde woman's
only reason for existence.

"Peter..." moaned Aethis with regret as she
succumbed to the abyss of overwhelming pleasure.


It was run down. The house looked like it would
collapse with a slight breeze. And it was small, much
smaller than his own house. It couldn't have more
than three rooms, Peter thought to himself.

Lorit was nothing like the city near the
forbidden woods. While that city had been able to
escape the second Dark Ages and keep its technology
Lorit was a shambles. Too far away for a Lord to care
for them and not close enough for the city to give a
damn, Lorit was a lost city. Its inhabitants knew it
and had set up their own town government. And to
attend to their magical needs they had a witch.

It was this witch's house that was so in a
shambles. Clara had told Peter that it was an
illusion, meant to keep out any but those who were
determined to gain help. Peter could see how such a
trick could work, he loathed to knock on the door for
fear that the whole house would collapse. Mentally
shrugging his shoulders he carefully let his hand
wrap on the door.

The door felt solid, it was solid. It was just
as Clara said, the shabbiness of the house was a
false image. Peter knocked on the door and waited.

"One minute," a cracked voice said softly.

The door opened to reveal an old man. A really
old man in a butler's uniform. There didn't seem to
be an inch of him that wasn't covered in wrinkles. He
was small and hunched over.

"May I help you?" he asked in a tired whisper.

"Um, I'm here to see the witch," Peter said.

"This way," intoned the man. He turned and
began to walk away. Peter followed him through the
house. Now that he was inside it seemed bigger.
Probably a magic thing.

Peter was led to a room in the back of the
house. He was shown in and the old man left, closing
the door behind him. Peter's gaze was instantly drawn
to a beautiful blonde woman in her thirties sitting
in the middle of the room. She was tall with a
pronounced chin, delicate features, and bobbed hair.
She wore a conservative gray business suit. Overall
she looked very professional, similar to a business
executive. Her eyes regarded him over a pair of small
reading glasses. She closed the book in her lap and
took off her glasses.

"May I help you?" she asked calmly.

"Ah, yes, are you the witch?"

"Yes I am."

"I'm here about Clara."


"The woman you cursed," Peter clarified. "She
turns into a wolf if she doesn't have a cock in her?"

"Ah yes. The slut."

Peter flinched. "Clara," he said sternly.

"What about her?"

"Well, if you wouldn't mind, could you remove the

The witch gave him an odd look, trying to figure
out who he was. Her brow wrinkled as she began to ponder
her visitor. It was obvious she never expected anyone to
come to her about Clara, especially not to remove any curse.

"No," said the witch.

Peter hesitated. He had expected some problems
with this endeavor, but he was unsure how to proceed.

"Do you want to know why?" asked the witch.

Peter nodded.

"Back when Clara was working for me she had an
affair with my husband."

"No she didn't," Peter protested. "You just
thought she did. She told me all about it. She said

"She fucked him," The witch interrupted
angrily. "Don't be a fool, they fucked. I know. I
caught them together. His dick was in her cunt. They
had been planning to run away together. For that they
must be punished."

Peter was silent. He let this new information
gel in his mind. Clara had fucked the witch's
husband. She had been with another man. He never
brought it up, he knew she had fucked before they
met. (Hell, the first time he saw her she had a
wolf's cock in her.) He always knew that she probably
had other lovers, men she fucked and loved, before
they had met as well. Still, somewhere in the back of
his mind he had hoped that he was the first. But it
was an unrealistic expectation and he knew it. Just
because he was raised in isolation didn't mean that
she had to be too. No, what really hurt about this
was that she had been planning to run away with the
witch's husband. From what Clara had said the witch
mistakenly thought Clara was trying to steal her
husband, that the curse had been unjust. She had lied
to him. Shit.

"How do you know?" he asked unsteadily.

"I saw them," the witch repeated angrily. "I
said that."

"No, how do you know they were planning to run
away together?"

The witch tapped her forehead. "I read their
thoughts. Damn slut thought she could steal him from
me. Taught her though. No one crosses me and gets
away with it."

"What about him? Why didn't you punish him?"

"What makes you think I didn't. I turned him
into a bug. I think a bird ate him."

Peter stared at her. Was she that cold or was
did her husband's betrayal hurt her that bad? He
didn't dare to ask her. Besides, he wasn't sure how
he felt about Clara's betrayal. Should he still try
to get her cure or just let her stay a wolf? And then
what? Cast her out of his house, keep her as a wolf?
God, it was just so confusing.


Marlos burst into the kennel. He had been in
his study when he had heard another scream. He
thought he had solved his problem by bringing his
dogs that wolf bitch. They were supposed to fuck her,
not find some woman to rape. Christ, did he have to
cut off their dicks to get them to stop?

He looked down at them from the doorway atop
the stairs. His guess had been right, they were
raping some blonde woman. He snapped his fingers and
they all crumpled to dust. Before his eyes the woman
transformed into a wolf. Not just a wolf, the wolf,
the one he had taken from the hermit's cabin. Shit.
He read the wolf magically. She had a curse, that
explained it.

He thought of the spell and removed it. Bright
light whirled around her and exploded. With the last
explosion her curse was lifted and in the middle of
the room stood an incredibly beautiful naked blonde
woman. She looked at him surprised. Marlos smiled,
she was beautiful, her body near perfection. He
stared, fascinated by her breasts. She must have
noticed for she collapsed to the ground into a ball,
hiding herself.

Later, in the drawing room, after she had been
clothed (he regretted that but it wouldn't do to have
her think him a lecher) he had gotten the whole story
out of her. About the mistaken witch who thought
Clara was trying to steal her husband, about the
curse, and about how she had moved in with Peter. She
didn't mention how she had met Peter though. Still
that was her choice.

"A very interesting story," Marlos commented.
"You certainly have been through many hardships."

"Yes," Clara agreed. "But I still don't
understand how you reversed my curse."

"Are you glad I did?"

"God yes, it feels great to be human again."

"Then I'm glad as well. It was a simple spell.
Once I figured out you had a curse I just ended it."

"Thank you. Even if it was a simple spell. Oh I
can't wait until Peter gets home. He'll be so happy
and I can be with him and not be that damn wolf."

"You're going back then?" asked the wizard

"Of course."

"I see."


"Well, I thought that you were only with him
because he was willing to turn you human by fucking a

"Oh no. It was like that at first but after a
while I actually grew fond of him."

"Fond. Is that all?"

"No." Clara paused for a moment. She thought
about Peter, visualized him in her mind and felt a
flood of feelings overcome her and bathe her soul.
"No, I think I love him."

"I see. So why did you send him away to the
witch in Lorit, a journey at least a week away, for a
cure. Why not just send him to me?"

"I didn't know you were friendly."

The wizard scoffed.

"What?" Clara demanded.

The wizard gazed into her eyes. "I am friendly.
But I'm not to sure that you understand that. You're
boyfriend on the other hand, he knew I was here. I'm
the closest thing he has to a neighbor. And yet he
decides to travel for weeks to find a cure for your
curse rather than just coming to me. That doesn't
sound very friendly does it?"

Clara shook her head absently.

"No, it doesn't. And I wonder why he went on
such a long trip. You don't think it could be because
of you could it? I mean, maybe he was just sick and
tired of you and your wolf body. Maybe he just wanted
to get away from you for a few weeks."

Clara thought about it. She didn't want to, but
the seed was planted in her mind. Did Peter not want
her? But she was human now, completely human. They
could be together all the time now. No, she was sure,
as long as she was human Peter wouldn't be leaving
her ever again. It was the wolf that Peter hated, not
her. He could see it in his eyes, when he saw the
wolf he was repulsed. But when he looked into Clara's
eyes there was nothing but love. Now she and him
would be together forever.

"Oh, one thing," said Marlos. "The counter
spell isn't permanent."

"What?" shrieked Clara.

"Yeah. Until I get to know the spell that
cursed you I can't come up with a permanent counter-
spell. Your curse will come back at the end of
twenty-four hours."

Clara could feel Peter slipping away already.
"How long until you can...?"

"A year, at least," said Marlos automatically.

A year. A year until she would be cured. Peter
wouldn't wait that long. IF he was truly sick of her
wolf form then there was no way he would endure
another year of it. No way at all.

"Cheer up," said Marlos. "Maybe your boyfriend
will get the cure from that witch."

Fat chance, thought Clara. The witch hated her.
There was no way in hell she would help Clara, not to
mention take off the curse she herself had put on

"You know," said Marlos. "You could stay here
with me."


"At least until Peter comes back from his trip.
I'll keep using the temporary counter spell to keep
you human until then. If you want though, you can
stay here until I can come up with a permanent cure.
With you here at the castle it would only take six
months. By then the temporary spell should be
ineffective, but you'll be cured so it won't matter."

"Can Peter stay too?"

"I don't know if he would. He is a hermit."

"Oh. Yeah," Clara mumbled. She wondered what
she should do. Go back to the cabin with Peter, where
he would get sick of her and cast her out, leaving
her a wolf for the rest of her life, or stay here as
a human but without Peter. Both scenarios left her
without Peter, but in one she was a wolf... but at
least she was with Peter for a little while longer.

God, did she really love him that much, that
she would forsake her humanity for just a short time
with him? It was insane! Truly insane! She hated
being a wolf, despised it more than anything else in
the world. Here she had a chance to be human and she
was thinking of giving it up for a man.

Completely insane.

"Let me think about it," she said.


The witch had asked Peter to sit. Peter
politely refused, pointing out that the only chair in
the room was the one the witch sat in. She stood but
he remained standing, claiming he didn't want to
impose. After a couch had appeared out of thin air
and he obliged her wishes.

"Tell me something," said the witch as she
pulled a book from a shelf on the left wall. "How
much do you really know about Clara?"

"I don't know. Enough. She doesn't really
remember much after the year as a wolf."

The witch laughed. "I'm sure she doesn't. I
keep forgetting how good that spell is."

"It's not funny."

"Not to you. I think it's great. Then she
hasn't told you about how before she worked she
shacked up with some knight over in one of the Nodi


"It didn't work out. She was with him only
because he was the only one in her city with a big
house. Come to think of it, that's why she tried to
steal my husband. He was a pretty powerful wizard and
offered her anything she wanted. They didn't count on
my power though."

"Why are you telling me this."

"Isn't it obvious. I'm trying to establish the
pattern for you. She fucks people because of what
they can give her. She did it with the knight and she
did it with my husband. Now she's moved on to you.
Mind you she's her reasons have changed."

Peter began to fidget. "What?"

"You are fucking her aren't you. I mean you
have to be or else she wouldn't be able to tell you
these things. Your cock must be in her constantly."

"A fair amount of time," Peter agreed,

"Right. Well she's fucking you so that she can
be human. Before it was for comfort or power but now
its just so she can hold on to her humanity. Come on,
don't tell me the thought hasn't occurred to you

"She brought it up once. She said that at first
that was the reason but that it wasn't like that
anymore. She loves me now."

"Right. Okay. Sure. Whatever. I'm sure she fell
in love with you despite the fact that you were the
only man in a year who was willing to shove his cock
up some wolf's pussy. Let me guess, she said that the
fact that the one turning her human was you was a
bonus to humanity."


"Thought so. It's a line, Peter. A line,
nothing more. Look at you, you came all this way just
to get a cure for her curse. Do you really think
she'll stay around once she's cured?"

"She will," Peter whispered, barley audible.
"She loves me."

"Please. What can you offer her? She'll have
her humanity, the only thing you could offer her that
no one else could. Once she's got that she won't need
you anymore. Don't delude yourself."

"But I love her."

"How much? Enough to lose her just so she'll be
happy? Enough to give her what she wants even though
she'll throw you away like a used tissue? Because
that's what she'll do. She'll find someone else who
can fulfil her new wants and fuck him. Can you really
cure her knowing that you'll go back to an empty
house while her cunt gets reamed by some landowner or
she has her mouth engorged around a knight's prick?"

"I don't know. Maybe. I can't stand to see her

"God you've got it bad. Okay so maybe you love
her, but don't you dare think for a damn minute that
she loves you. She doesn't love, she uses, she fucks,
she sucks, she takes it up the ass, but she does not
love. She's like a hermit crab, taking whatever's
convenient and suits her needs. Once she outgrows it
she moves on."

"I see it in her eyes."

"See it in her eyes," the witch spit out.
"Right, that's genuine. Do you know how easy that is
to fake?"

Peter looked at her skeptically. The witch
sighed and threw the book in her hand onto her chair.
With a snap of her fingers both their clothes
disappeared. She walked up to him, her hips swaying
seductively, her breasts making alight bounces with
each step. The sight of her delicious body caused
Peter's cock to start stiffening.

She straddled his lap, slowly lowering her cunt
onto his cock. Carefully she slid the whole of his
cock into her hole until she sat on his legs, his
entire tool filling her sopping cunt. She began to
fuck him franticly, rising and falling on his pole,
her body slapping against his legs with a loud clap.
At once she began to cry out in pleasure, releasing a
primal moan of ecstasy as Peter's cock was plunged
into her body in rhythm with his grunts as she worked
his cock like a woman possessed.

The witch hugged Peter's face to her breasts,
allowing her nipples to tickle his features as they
bounced in motion with her constant movement. Peter
breathed in the sweet aroma of her sweaty flesh.
Unable to see anything except her breasts he focused
on her stiff nipples as they bounced so closely to
his face. The witch's skilled movements brought him
closer and closer to pure bliss with each descent her
cunt made down his manhood. From his engulfed
position in the witch's bosom he could hear her
shouting loudly.

"Oh god! Oh God! Yes! Yes! Gimme your cock!

Obviously she was reaching a climax. As the
witches cunt continued to squeeze at Peter's cock,
milking it for all it was worth, Peter could feel one
approach as well. Soon his body began to tingle as
his body clenched up and released a flush of sperm
into the witch's cunt, coating the walls of her
vagina with the gooey seed.

The witch slowly made one last slide down
Peter's slowly softening cock, juices from both heir
bodies seeping from her cunt. She lay herself on
Peter's chest and looked up at him with a smile. He
looked down at her, her eyes sparkling with some odd

"I love you," she whispered.

Peter suddenly panicked. First Aethis and now
this. What the fuck was he going to...

The witch snapped her fingers and suddenly they
were both clothed and she was sitting in the chair
she had been in when he first entered the room. The
book she had tossed there was on her lap and she
looked at him smiling.

"Like I said, easy to fake. By the way, where
the fuck was the foreplay?"


It took time for Clara to come to terms with
being human again. She wasn't quite used to walking
around without someone behind, her with his cock in
her ass. But after a few days she began to remember
what it was like to live not being impaled on a cock.
It was refreshing to live like she had used to. The
last couple of years were beginning to disappear from
her mind like a bad dream.

Still it felt as though something were missing,
more than just the cock in her ass. For some reason
she just couldn't get over Peter. Clara couldn't
understand it, no man had gotten to her like this.
She had loved before but when that love began to
interfere with her life she was able to move on. And
this was the ultimate interference. If she stayed
with the magician she could be human permanently in
six months. But if she went back to Peter she would
lose that chance.

Peter or humanity, the choice was obvious. So
why couldn't she just choose? She wanted to be human
more than anything else in the world. Right? Could it
be that she wanted Peter even more? No, impossible.
She had left Gordon when he lost his knighthood
despite their love, why was this any different?

She knew she should just stop thinking about
Peter. She should live with the magician, fuck him,
and then leave when she was cured. It was a plan, a
good plan, a sensible plan. Because really, what was
more important, to be human or silly puppy love? She
loved being human. And for the chance to be human
twenty-four/seven she would do anything.

Peter had nothing to offer her now. He was just
a hermit who had helped her out during a hard time.
For that she would always be thankful but she had to
look at her future. And in that future she had to be
free. A human who could move around without a cock
constantly filling one of her holes. Marlos could
offer that, Peter couldn't.


On his way home Peter passed by the Amazon HQ.
He wondered what had happened to Aethis. He felt a
little guilty for what he had done to her but she
really was in better hands now. The Amazons could
help the bandit heal her emotional scars far better
than he ever could. He paused to pay silent tribute
to his former travelling companion.

That done he moved on. The total trip back home
took two weeks, in which time he saved some children
from a bog monster, helped an elf maiden (he did not
fuck her) find her lover, and helped a shape-shifter
find sanctuary in a monastery. Through it all he kept
special care of a book that the witch had given him.
She didn't explain why it was so important, only that
it was.


Clara lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling.
She had told Marlos of her intentions to stay with
him. He was overjoyed. She did require him to sign a
contract though, stating that she would stay for six
months and he would cure her curse by the end of that
time. Almost immediately he began to make mild sexual
advances. No matter, she had been expecting them. She
fell to her knees at the first mention.

Reaching into his robes Clara pulled out
Marlos' large member. She took it in her mouth,
covering only the head at first. She playfully teased
it with her tongue, causing his already stiff cock to
harden like concrete. Her head began to bob on his
rod, gradually taking inch after inch of his cock
into her mouth until she had the accommodated the
whole thing.

Her mouth making an ring around his cock she
began to suck on his cock, her tongue licking the
entire length of his shaft. Her head nodded, or it
seemed to, as she began to pleasure Marlos orally.


When Peter got home the door was open.
Cautiously Peter pushed it open all the way. When no
one attacked he shouted "Attack 01!" The interior of
the house was bathed with a green light.

A mechanical voice intoned ",No intruders

The light faded and Peter walked into his house
confidently. "Clara," he called.

There was no response.

"Clara," he shouted again, unsure. No response.
Methodically Peter searched the house for the wolfen
form of the woman he had grown to love. He could find
no trace of her. Finally on the kitchen table he
found two notes.

The first read

"Dear Hermit,

I am Marlos the Magician, your neighbor in the
forbidden woods. Know that I have taken it upon
myself to care for your wolf until your return. I
have a very large property with a kennel. I am sure
that she will be more than happy with me. I await
your return.


The second note read

"Dear Peter,

As you may have noticed I'm not home. When I
was at Marlos' castle he learned of my curse. He
found a way to cure me. He knows a way to make me
human. But for it to be permanent I need to live with
him for six months. I know you know that my greatest
wish in the world was to become human again and I
hope you'll be happy that I'm on my way to reaching
my goal. I'm sorry that you had to travel to the
witch for nothing, but I'm sure she's told you about
my past so I know you aren't as sorry that I left as
you might once have been. Still I want you to know I
love you, but I need to be human. I'm sorry it had to
turn out like this.

-Love, Clara"

Once he had finished reading the second note
Peter let it fall from his hand onto the table.
Shakily he sat down, unaware of his surroundings.
Absently he placed the book on the table in front of

As he sat there the book opened itself. Peter
looked at it, blinking many times, still in shock at
Clara's departure. The witch had been right all
along. What a fool he was.

On the first page of the book, written in gold
ink were the words "Lookie Gooki Rookie."

"Lookie Gooki Rookie," Peter repeated unable to
think of anything else to do.

The book exploded in a maelstrom of light and
smoke. When the chaos was over, and Peter could see
again, the book was gone, as was his kitchen table.
In its place was a small vial of a pale blue liquid.
It looked like the window cleaner he used sometimes.
Next to it was a small piece of paper that read
",Sometimes life really just sucks."


This Magician's wolf thing turned out to be more
Story than sex. Weird. Oh well.

And this thing took longer to write than most of the
other stuff. Christ, the Justice Club: young Justice
story was 80 something k and it only took a few days.
This thing took at least a week and its not even 40k.

And what the hell happened? I planned this thing to
be a short, girl get fucked by wolves, story an it
turns it this long analysis of a relationship. Fuck.
And what's with the downer ending? Who knows. Maybe
one day I'll write a third part to this story line
where Peter finds true happiness once and for all. Or
maybe I'll finish it up in other stories, follow up
on the characters in a story about other characters.
Who knows?

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