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WOLF5 young lady who was trying


Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18. Hey Kids, go away! Oh,
did you think I meant it in a mocking manner and was talking to you? Well
if you're under 18 then you are absolutley right. Go away.


by Alexi92


He knocked on the door. It was a polite knock, but one with enough
force to kill a lesser door. Peter could almost hear the knock reverberate
through the hall behind, the hall he wanted to enter.

There wasn't an answer. Peter hadn't expected one, according to the
witch the castle was virtually abandoned. Still Peter had hoped that there
was some sort of night maid or something. But there wasn't, which meant
that he would have to break in.

Peter sighed. He had certainly increased the number of illegal acts he
could be held responsible for since coming into the witch's employ. He
didn't regret agreeing to become a freelance adventurer for the witch, but
it didn't seem right to help people by commiting crimes.

He pulled out his lock picking tools and went to work. After a few
minutes of ministrations to the rather pathetic lock the door was open and
Peter went inside.

The hall was dusty and full of spiderwebs, exactly what one would expect
from a castle that hadn't seen any activity in the last nine months. But
none of that had anything to do with why he was here. What he wanted was
on the fifth floor, in the lab.

There didn't seem to be any traces of technology in the building, which
meant it probably didn't have an elevator. That meant he'd have to climb
five flights of stairs. Peter sighed again and began looking for a

By the time he got to the fifth floor his muscles were taught. He was
in excellent physical shape, just not enough that he could shrug off a five
flight climb.

After meticulously checking every door on the floor he finally came upon
the lab. It was a sruprise to say the least. He had been told what to
expect, but this was just insane.

A wizard, with the standard trappings sterotypical of his kind, the long
grey beard and long robe, had his cock out and was pushing it against the
anal passageway of a naked young lady who was trying to fight. She had no
luck as she was obviously bound by magic, her struggles only causing to
excite the wizard mroe as her athletic body squirmed, glistening with
sweat, her long dark hair in complete dissarray, the moisture produced by
her body causing it to cling to her face.

The wizard thrust forward roughly, his long pole shoved painfully
forward into her virgin ass. The woman screamed in pain and fear as her
anus was suddenly invaded by a long intruder, stretching it in ways it had
never been inteded for.

And then the room shimmered and Peter witnessed the scene melt into a
new one. Only this time the wizard was sitting in the middle of the room
pouring a vial of liquid into a pot hovering over a brazier. To both Peter
and the wizard's surprise an armored hand clanged against the window pain
and a climbed into the room.

Peter was even more stunned when the knight removed its helmet to reveal
the woman he had seen ealier, getting her asshole reamed. Only now she
looked regal, as one would expect a knight to. Her black hairwas pulled
back into a pony tail so that her hair would not get in the way of her
knightly duties.

"Eric, Wizard of Glassbow, I am here to end your evil ways."

"My what?" the wizard asked.

But instead of answering the woman knight pulled her sword from its
sheath and charged forward. The wizard was just able to dodge, she slammed
into the brazier, sending the pot tumbling to the ground where it's
contents poured out.

The knight turned and tried to swing her blade against the wizard but he
wasn't there anymore. Peter found himself next to an enraged wizard, not
normally a safe place to be, but the wizard wasn't even acknowledging
Peter's presence.

"Do you have any idea what you've done?"

"Silence vile fiend!"

"Vile? Oh I'll show you vile lady."

The next instant the knight's armor was gone. She suddenly found
herself protected only by the leather pants and shirt she wore underneath.

"I need not my armor to vanquish you," she sneered. The woman rolled
her body forward, ending in a kneeling position. Her sword thrust forward,
slicing the wizard's cloak and some skin.

The wizard jumped back, screaming in pain, causing the blade to cleave
even more flesh. Angered, Eric waved his hands and the knight's weapons
were gone. Not even missing a beat, she launched herself at the wizard.
With a quickness that belied his age, Eric pulled her from mid-air, twisted
around, and slammed her against the floor, face up.

A couple more gestures and the knight found herself naked. Peter
whistled silently in admiration, the woman's breasts were incredible,
round, full and firm. The wizard must have been thinking the same because
he grabbed a tit in each hand. The knight screamed in anger and used her
legs to push the old man off her.

"How dare you," she shouted as she began to rise.

If he hadn't been watching for it Peter would have missed it. The
wizard's eyes darted to the fallen brazier just as a wide smile crossed his

"Slut," the wizard spat out.

"I am no such thing," the knight said angrily. From the tone of her
protest she had been called such many times in the past. Peter guessed
that there weren't many female knights in the country she came from.

"We shall see."

With magic quickness the wizard ran forward in a blur of color. The
knight collapsed as the wizard beat her senselessly, too fast for her to
block. When she stopped moving the wizard stopped attacking. He stood
over her, now just as naked as she.

He pushed her limp body into a spread eagled position. Her body was
open to him, unable to prevent anything he did. The wizard fondled her
breasts and she moaned lightly. Smiling, Eric lowered himself onto her
body and guided his cock into her.

The sudden intrusion, and no doubt the pain, awakened her. She began to
struggle to push the wizard off of her. It was to no avail, her weak
attempts didn't deter the old man from thrusting his cock into her cunt.
It was a strange dance, as the knight pushed the wizard away, but only
slightly, and the wizard used that momentum to slam back into her resisting
cunt even harder than if she had not resisted.

Not long thereafter the knight stopped struggling. Peter thought she
had given in until he saw her eyes, they were cold calculating eyes, as if
she had realized she was not a woman anymore but a protector of the land,
and began to calulate ways to kill the wizard when the opportunity arrose.
So her body simply lay still as the wizard pumped his tool into her.

The wizard sensed this lack of resistance and pulled out. He looked at
the knight's unmoving form, considering his options. Finally he took ahold
of her hips, and with a great burst of strength, turned her entire body
onto it's front. The knight's head began to turn in her attempt to find
out what was going one when the wizard slapped her ass. The knight almost
jumped up, as it was she flinched.

"Very nice bitch. Ever had it in the back?" he asked as he began to
spread her butt cheeks apart.

"No!" she shouted, all traces of the calculating killer gone in favor of
terror. She tried to get up but the wizard waved his hands and she found
herself unable to move.

"No, no, no. Every slut should do it in the ass at least once." The
wizard laughed. "Or more."

He placed his long pole against he opening of her anal passageway. She
had tensed her butt muscles in hopes of warding him off but he slowly began
to push his cock in. And with a sudden thrust he slammed his hard member
into her ass. The knight screamed in pain and fear.

After watching this scene play out twice more Peter caught the brazier
before it hit the ground. It burned his hands, but he caught it.

"Christ that's hot!"

"Do you have any idea what you've done?"

"Silence vile fiend!"

"Christ! Ow!"

"Vile? Oh I'll show you vile lady."


"I need not my armor to vanquish you."

Roll, stab, jump.



Leap, catch, BAM!


Fondle, kick.

"How dare you?"

Smile, look.

"Hey, where's the brazier?"

"I've got it."

Two confused people turned to look at Peter who had laid the brazier
down carefully on the floor. The wizard was the first to speak.

"What did you do?"

"I stopped the time loop."

"Stopped it?"

"Yeah. It was the brazier, right? It being spilled caused the spell
you were working on to spill into the room, and so you both got stuck in a
time loop. I just kept it from being spilled."

"Why did you go and do a damn thing like that?"

"You've been trapped for the better part of a year."


"It was time to stop it."

"That wasn't for you to decide. The bitch was just beginning to learn
her place. Isn't that right whore?"

They both looked at the knight who hadn't moved from the ground. She
was still laying flat on her back. She didn't answer.

Peter looked at the wizard with a suspicious gaze. "You enjoyed it?"

"Damn straight. I fucked that girl millions of time. We remembered it
all you know, our bodies were in a loop but our minds weren't. I had the
pleasure of raping her ass and cunt so many glorious times. And there
wasn't anything she could do, she had to repeat it over and over, always
making the same mistakes she made the first time."

"That's sick."

"That's magic. It's not your place to judge what a wizard does. Now
leave, I want to finish what I started millions of times but never got to


The wizard turned from his advancement on the girl, clearly amused.
"No? I don't think that's for you to say."

Peter pulled a pill from his pocket and swallowed it. "The Good witch
Bollasa says 'hello'."

It seemed like forever, but it was probably only a couple of seconds,
but Peter dashed forward with unhuman speed, faster than even the wizard
had accomplished in the time loop, and punched the wizard in six vulnerable
areas of the body. Eric crumpled onto the ground just as the pill's
effects wore off.

The wizard landed next to the knight. She turned and saw the unconcious
face of the man who had raped her for the last year. Like a frightened cat she bolted off the ground and ran instinctivly for the nearest exit. The
only problem was that Peter was in her way. They fell toe the ground in a
tangle of limbs which ended with him on top of her, his head buried in her
deilghtful busoms.

And then she began to cry.

"Please don't rape me."

"What? I... No, you've got it wrong..."

"Please don't rape me."

And then she began to thrust her hips into him. It probably would have
been more exciting for him if she wasn't trying to fuck his elbow.

"Lady I'm not here to..."

"Please don't... Please don't ra..."

Peter struggled to move into the proper position.

"It's okay. It's going to be okay," he whispered soothingly into her
ear. And then he shot the anesthetic into arm.

The knight whimpered as she fell into unconciousness. Peter sighed.
Bollasa was right, the knight had gone insane. An entire year spent being
raped, forced to repeat the motions she had performed a year ago even
though her mind screamed at her body to do differently, never sleeping,
never anything.

The situation, a woman completely shattered by being forced into an
intense sexual situation which defied the limits if human endurance,
reminded him of a face from his past. She had been beautiful. Peter had
taken her in and they had had a pretty nice time together. Then things had
gone downhill and they had parted ways. Of course he had been a little
reluctant to see her go.

Still it wasn't like he had much of a choice in the matter.

As for her, she hadn't exactly been in a position to choose what she
really wanted.

Yes, no doubt about it. And the knight's black hair even looked like
Aethis'. But those were memories that had long past. Back when he had
been with Clara.

Clara. God he missed her too.

But that had to wait. The knight needed help. Medical at the very
least, psychological if she was to ever be anything approaching sane.

-TO BE CONTINUEDHere it is, the last erotic story for the Broken World
I've planned on writing. We've begun on the road to concluding the Peter
and Clara story. It's going to be a long journey. Not because it's going
to be a long story but because it's going to take a while for me to write
each part. I figure this one is going to be three or four parts.

feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

Most of my stories are archived at


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