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WOLF6 old the man came forward


Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18. Hey Kids, go away! Oh,
did you think I meant it in a mocking manner and was talking to you? Well
if you're under 18 then you are absolutley right. Go away.

Wolf's Bane

(A sequel to "Peter and the Wolf" and "The Magician's Wolf") by Alexi92


I am the most powerful magician on the Earth. I am also an owl. I
wasn't some wizard who decided to be an owl or anything like that. I was
born an owl and I will always be an owl. I don't know where humans got the
stupid idea that all the magical animal are really humans in disguise.
That's a load of shit. REAL magicians don't need to hide what they are.

Of course humans aren't very good with magic. I'm an owl and I'm the
most powerful magic being on the planet. Second is a chipmunk. The most
powerful human ranks number twenty-six, and he's tied with a rhino. The
second most powerful human isn't even in the top one hundred.

Of course us animals don't flaunt our powers like the humans.
Avalanches, rockslides, volcanos, natural phenomena? It's all because the
earth isn't settled. Couldn't possibly because you just wiped out the mate
of the fourth most powerful magician when you ran over her head with a car
and now he's looking for vengence.

Only one magician suspects that animals are more powerful than humans.
She's a witch up in Torestra. No one listens to her. She's been declared
insane, and is only visited when the nearyby village is having a famine.

So what do I do with all my power? I have pets. They don't know
they're pets but I watch over them, take care of them, make sure they're
kept safe. I feed them when they are unable to feed themselves, guide them
so they don't kill themselves. They think it's luck. It isn't. It's me.
Their luck is that I chose them.

Shut up. I know this is all expository , but who cares. I'm the most
powerful wizard in the world, I can ramble on if I want to. You may want
to go straight into the sex bits but I'm in control of this story, not you.
If you want to jerk off go read something by that Wonder Mike fellow. I
understand he's written something about the cast of Friends getting raped
or something like that. When you're done, come back.

Back? Good. Idiots. Now then, one of my pets is named Aethis.


A magic dildo. That's what the witch had told her. It was a magic
dildo that could grant the user's greatest wish.

But to Aethis the thing looked like a regular, plain, black, rubber sex
toy. It might have been larger than a normal dildo, but it surely wasn't

Oh what a sight she made. A lone Amazon bandit, her black hair swaying
in the breeze, her athletic body, clad in a skin-tight leather cat suit,
sitting on a log in front of the fire, staring intently at the dildo
gripped tightly in her hand.

Was it magical? Witches usually didn't lie about that type of thing.
But the wish could produce strange side effects, free wishes always do.

And so Aethis pondered, holding tightly the long black shaft in her

What could she wish for? If she wanted something she could attain it
through practice, barter, or theft. There was nothing that was denied to
her if she worked hard enough. Nothing except retirement.

The only way an Amazon could retire from the bandit trade was to become
a healer or a mother. As a healer she would have to help those Amazons who
had become unstable mentally through a long process of care and lesbian sex. It was a process Aethis was far too familiar with, having been driven
insane by rape a year earlier. She did not relish spending the rest of her
life burried between other women's thighs, licking away at an eternity of

The other option was as a mother. But to be a mother she had to settle
down with a man and raise a family, of which the daughters could be trained
as Amazons, if they so desired. To take the mother path she had to find a
man she could live the rest of her life with.

She had found one, but he was married. Besides, Aethis hadn't left him
with a great impression of herself. On their second meeting Peter had
rescued her from the city-wide gang rape that had caused her breakdown.
Then she had proceeded to rape him.

Even after she had been cured she couldn't stop thinking about him.
Peter was strong, resiliant, sturdy, kind, caring, everything she had ever
hoped to find in a man. All the others she had met since just didn't
measure up. (Although to be fair, a large number of them had been trying
to kill her.)

But she didn't even know where he lived. And he wasn't the type of guy
who would leave his wife.

Aethis looked at the dildo. She had a magical wish now, if the witch
was to be believed.

Making sure no one was around to watch her, Aethis pulled the zipper all
the way down her catsuit. This exposed her chest and abdomen to the cold
air. Her nipples became hard and pointy even as Aethis gasped at the
sudden sensation of a biting wind across her skin.

She pressed the dildo against the lips of her pussy, slowly inserting
the large black shaft into her sensitive orifice. The false cock was
inched into her cunt in a series of pushes. Aethis gasped and grunted with
each thrust. It was larger than she had thought, stretching her cunt wide
to accomodate it.

The large invader was shoved deeper and deeper into Aethis' moistening
sex. The rubber sliding against the inner lining of her sensitive labia
excited her. And as another inch penetrated her body the Amazon began to

Rather than shove the complete dildo into her body, Aethis pulled it out
partially. She slid the rubber monster in again, moaning lustily. And
then she did it again. And again. And again. Soon all thoughts of wishes
were gone and Aethis was simply fucking herself with the rubber phallus.
She increased her pace, poking and prodding herself in a frantic furry of
desire. And through it all her mind focused on one thing, Peter. It
wasn't a rubber imitation that was giving her pleasure but Peter.

Peter, as the cock strained against the tightness of her cunt. Peter,
as the tip explored the furthest reaches of her vagina. Peter as the
constant stimulation built up into a river of plesure and excitement
smashing against a dam, a dam that was crumbling from the constant pressure
of the building waters.




Until Aethis could no longer stand it. The dam broke and a wave of
intense of orgasms swept through her body, causing it to tingle and

So completely enraptured by her release was Aethis that she failed to
notice the dildo begin to glow a transluscent green. The light encircled
the bandit's body before flashing, leaving the camp empty once again.

She suddenly appeared next to Peter. Her wish had come true. But Peter
was being held prisoner by some savage tribe and now so was she.

"Where are we?"

"You don't know? I thought you used magic."

She was rather embarassed to tell him what had happened, so she didn't.
Instead she zipped her catsuit up. The dildo was gone.

"It was an accident."

"Yes, that happens. Have you ever read the book Lord of the Flies?"

"No. I can't read."

"Oh. It's from before recorded history. It's about some kids who get
stranded alone on an island and revert into savagery to survive. That's
what happened here, only we happen to be at fifty generations down the line
where all they know is this."

"So why are you here?"

"I'm doing odd jobs for a witch. It keeps my mind occupied ever since
Clara left."

"You're wife? She's gone."

Peter's face crumpled. "Yes."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Aethis kept a straight face, denying the glee

"You'll be even more sorry in a minute. Here they come."

The tribesmen, short yet muscular pale men with scraggly beards, pulled
Aethis and Peter out of the hut and dragged the pair to the middle of the
village. There the two prisoners were violently stripped of their clothing
and lashed to two poles standing tall in the middle of the square.

Hundreds of villagers of various ages and sex surrounded them,
screeching and booing them. A few courageous individuals threw rocks. A
small pebble smacked into Aethis' breast, cutting it slightly. She
screamed in pain.

An older man came before them and the rest of the villagers hushed.
Aethis guessed him to be the leader.

"Ngow hyum trasdj kyak!" he spit.

"What?! I don't understand!"

"Hyoz utygooa eojr." The man pointed at Aethis, his thin, bony finger
accusing her of something.

This was insane. She couldn't be expected to understand him.

"He says 'you have come to free our prisoner and you must share his
fate.'" Peter explained calmly.

"What fate?"

"Torturous death I expect."

"Ghoaww ffaojro."


"He said 'death by sunlight.' I think they're going to leave us here
until we die. Kind of like a crucifiction."


"Gtooss gmsss hort!" a new voice shouted.

An older woman, as old as the man, came forward. She and the man argued
quietly. Aethis didn't even bother trying to hear what they said. She
wouldn't have under stood it.

"Gtjas jeair aoo."

The man nodded. He walked up to Aethis and cupped her cunt in her hand.

"Goio! Ihgat jaer noot!" Peter shouted in protest.

"Huoaf oeot taee," the old man laughed.

"Attieoao niepsp niasnf," the woman said more seriously.

"What did they say?"

"They said you look like you're a good breeder."

"What?! How dare they! Let go of me you old bastard!"

"Ghoaoe tryya aojf. Tiyu Ritha oeppd jggaas."

"They want to know if you'd prefer to avoid death and breed insted."

"With who?"

"Ghoao eat asdf."

"One of their..."


Peter gestured with his head. "It's that guy over...."

"No! Tell them no!"

"Troaii ifdgii ojjjas."

"Otjjat orka?" The woman asked surprised. She slapped Aethis' exposed
breast. "Hooanng agpped. Ghosdgg iaggor. Ghoaagbt eiiat foaofln

The woman punctuated her speach by inserting a finger into Aethis' cunt.
Aethis gasped at the sudden penetration. She could feel the woman wriggle
her digit inside of her, tickling her cunt.

"Mmm.. Tell her to stop that," Aethis moaned. "Please!"

The village giggled.

"Umm, she just said you had good breasts for milk and your pussy is so
tight and eager to get wet that any man would shoot his seed in you

"I don't care! Tell her to get her finger out. Now-aaaaaaaa."

"Ghat! Gjoaoa!"

The woman removed her finger from Aethis' privates and the Amazon sighed
in relief. She had been close to orgasming again, a pleasure she didn't
want to share with the village.

"Frattoi iolkag ohgojji. Ogsstgjsuu oplsaf."

"She wants to know why you won't breed."

"Tell her I've already have a mate."

"Thoaot eaaffhhi oors."




Peter's eyes grew very large. "What?!"

"Come on, you can't say no now! Your wife left you! We're going to die
soon! Can't you at least let me pretend to be yours for a little while?! I
love you!"

"That was just a reaction to the extreme situation you were..."

"No it's not! I love you Peter! Stop telling me I don't!"

"It's not that!"

"Do you not want me that badly?!"

"No! Yes! What?!"

"Tell them I'm your mate god damn it! I'm not going to let some dirty

"Ghoaot eoajis! Orlall ererr!"

The woman suddenly became very serious. The tribe looked at the two
naked captives with a sudden horror. Even the man was serious.

"Gotta orra." The woman said.

"What did she say?"

"Oh you have to be kidding me."

"Gotta orra!"

"Oh no."

"What did she say?"

"Gotta orra!" the man repeated.

"What did she say?!"

"She said to prove it."


The vines holding her to the pole were cut and she was free. She was
still a prisoner, surrounded by hostile villagers, but now she could move.

"Gotta orra," the woman said pointing at Aethis and then Peter.
"Addogga Ortha Yuooa. Hyyta oursa ojggiy baodd oiahf."

"Dossa nay gasa! Orra noru tas faan!" Peter shouted back.

"Hyyta oursa ojggiy baodd oiahf."

"Orra noru tas faan!"

"What did she say, Peter?

"She said if you really are my mate then you won't have any problem
mating with me right now."


"They want us to prove we can mate.

"I don't..."

"They want you to get me hard and fuck me until I cum in you. That will
prove you know how to get my seed, harvest it and all that."

"That shouldn't be a problem. I did it before."

"Yeah, but this time you have to do it while I'm tied to this pole."

"What?" That was insane. Aethis turned to protest, but the look on the
woman's face wasn't a lenient one. So be it. She just had to fuck Peter.
It was what she had been dreaming about, hadn't it. It was her wish.

Okay them. She would fulfil her fantasy right here. Even if there were
hundreds of people watching.

She knelt in front of Peter and took his limp member in her mouth. She
manipulated his organ with her tounge until he got hard, long slow strokes
along his shaft. Once his cock was hard she let it slide out of her mouth.

Rising, Aethis gently stroked Peter's cock with her fingers. She felt
it tremble at her touch. Despite their situation Aethis couldn't help but

Aethis guided his hard cock into her cunt, gasping slightly as his
fleshy invader pushed through the of her moist walls of her pussy. She
ground her hips against his, humping his cock as she had always dreamed,
making slight modifications for their altered positions.

The village watched as she, completely focused on the presence which had
filled her body, pumped her cunt onto Peter's rod. As her hips moved
furiously to stimulate and envelop Peter's manhood, Aethis held Peter's
torso tightly to her own, feeling the warmth of his body against hers. If
this failed then she wanted as much time together with Peter to make up for
the rest of her miserable life.

Even though a part of her was afraid to know, she stopped staring at the
sky and looked down upon Peter's face. His intense look of his face was
hard to read, but his the edges of his lips were just slightly turned up
into a grin. That knowledge caused a slight tremor of excitement to travel
through the Amazon's body.

Peter didn't hate... Peter liked... Peter wanted her.

Aethis stopped the rythmic movement of her hips, allowing herself to
savor the feeling of her beloved simply being IN her. Peter opened his
eyes, confused by the sudden papuse, perhaps even concerend that something
had happened to her.

And Aethis kissed him. Peter wasn't expecting it, although he didn't
resist. Soon he was kissing her back.

Aethis tried to stay in that moment as long as she could.

When she felt something warm shoot out of Peter's cock and fill her.

Still she didn't disengage. Peter's arms embraced her, pulling her in
even tighter than she had been holding onto him. The liquid Peter had
ejected into her uterus began to trickle down her leg.

From somewhere in the crowd she heard the old woman say, "Ghot yuus faas
orra. Piko daas fuu. Gorda tun orra tas ya."

Peter pulled out of the embrace, then pulled his cock out of her pussy.
Aethis a great emptiness, and not just because a breeze picked that moment
to blow into her slightly distended cunt. She was afraid that Peter was
going to exit her life again.

Instead he grabbed her wrist and began to pull her away.


"Not now. We have to get out of here."

She let Peter lead her out of the village. To her surprise the crowd
parted to let them through.

"Peter, what's going on."

"The old woman said something about use being a part of some Great
Garden and how we should be let go to bear fruit. I think we proved out
worth to them, but I want to get as far away from here as we can in case
they change their mind."



Peter took off, almost dragging her at first. She was able to keep up.
What were long, athletic legs good for if not running? Soon they were far
enough away from the village for Peter to feel a stop was warrented.

"Peter," Aethis said between deep breaths.


"You can let go of my wrist."

"Oh, sorry."

"So now what?"

"What do you mean?"

"About us. What now?"

Peter didn't say anything. He waited as he slowly regained his breath.


A cold chill traveled down Aethis' spine.


Still no response.

"Peter? This isn't funny."

"Sorry, I'm trying to think."

"Well think out loud. You're scaring me."

"Sorry. It's just... I don't know. What we did today, it's been a
while since I've done it with someone who invested in the act emotionally,
so I don't know if what I'm feeling isn't just because of that. The last
few years, since Clara left, I've been alone. I mean I've fucked the witch
I'm working for a few times since then, but that's been more because she
was bored than anything else. It wasn't the same as when I did it with
Clara, something was missing.

"But just now, I don't know. Something seemed right, and then you
kissed me, and I stopped thinking about how things seemed so empty since
Clara went away. So, I don't know. Maybe I've got feelings for you, maybe
I'm just don't want to be alone anymore. You obviously still want me, but
how do I really feel about you?

"I mean, do I love you, Aethis?"

"I don't know, do you?" Aethis asked, trying very hard to keep her
excitement under wraps.

"I don't know."

"You said that you felt something when we were making love."

"Yes, but I don't know what it was. It could have been the same thing I
felt with Clara, or it might have been something different."

"Well, then why don't we make love again and find out."


"No, listen to me Peter. I love you, and if there is any chance I can
help you realize that you feel the same way about me..." Aethis teased his
cock with her fingers causing it to stiffen. "Let's just say I'm eager to

They spent many more hours engaged in deep experimentation.


Little did I know that my pet's happiness would cause me to come into
confrontation with the third most powerful magician on the planet. He was
another owl. Go figure.

But Aethis had experienced such a miserable life that I couldn't help
it. I sent her to her beloved Peter after she had played with that stupid
sex toy. Magic dildo, hmmph. No, she had been conned. Yet another cruel
trick played upon my poor Aethis by fate. So I changed her fate, gave her
the man that she wanted more than anything else in her life.

But if that stupid snow owl couldn't accept it, well, let's get it on!

-to be continued*******************

4 months! Four Months to write 16k. I think I'm right to plan my
retirement from writing these things. I need to move on. So I just need
to finish the thirteen things I've got planned and then, boom that's over.

But WHAT things I've got planned. Two more parts to this story, the
conclusion to The In Your Ass Secret Society, three other IYA stories, a
sequel to Secrets of the Bride, a GI-Joe story, a story about Ann the
magicaly animated ragdoll & Lyscha the cyborg/golem, and a couple new
things. At the rate I'm going (Four months!!) I figure we're looking at a
few years until I completely stop writing erotic fiction.

Part Two of this particular tale will come when I figure out how to
resolve what happens when Clara, everyone's favorite werewolf, comes back
into the picture.

feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

Most of my stories are archived at

-Alexi92 (Who thinks that the Bondage Perils of Supergirl, while still a
nice read, has lost it's narrative way. But as a stroke story it's still


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