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WOLF7 hurt Peter very much when you


Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18. Hey Kids, go away! Oh,
did you think I meant it in a mocking manner and was talking to you? Well
if you're under 18 then you are absolutely right. Go away.

Wolf's Bane

(A sequel to "Peter and the Wolf" and "The Magician's Wolf") by Alexi92

What the hell has that bastard been telling you? How his little Amazon
cunt found a happy ending? Bullshit. Mr. "I'm the most powerful wizard"
in the world is lying out his ass. My pet, not his, is supposed to be with
the hermit. What's he got? An emotionally crippled Amazon? I've got
destiny on my side, fucking DESTINY! Try and beat that!

If only that stupid bitch didn't leave the damn hermit so she could be
human. They were happy the way they were. I know, I watched them. Then
suddenly they get in their heads that their lives would be better if she
didn't turn into a wolf. They were happy and then they want more. Who the
hell thinks like that? Humans.

Stupid humans. I had everything set up so they could live a happy life
full of love and contentment, and they end up throwing it away on some
whim. If that damn night owl was involved I am going to kill him.

Hi, my name is Abraxas, I'm a snow owl. Not too long ago I spotted a
pathetic wolf, scared of everything and tired of the hand life had dealt
her. She was really a human, cursed to be a wolf whenever she wasn't
getting boned. So I guided her to a hermit named Peter, caused him to see
the true her, and bam, he fell in love. So much in love that he didn't
mind fucking a wolf to get to his woman.

But then he goes off to find the witch that cursed her in the hopes of
reversing the spell. The wolf-girl makes a deal with a wizard for
servitude in exchange for a cure, and loverboy comes home to find a Dear
John note.

I had big things planned for those two. Big things. Then they had to
cock it up. I even went out of my way to fix thing but that damned jerk
off night owl introduces his pet amazon to my hermit and they...

Fuck! But I'm not done! I'll get my wolf girl back to the hermit.
They're supposed to be together. It's fate! Destiny! God damn it, it's
Fairy tale Shit!


"What the hell is going on?!" Clara screamed.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Marlos said innocently. He
was trying to decipher the notes he had taken at the convention. But ever
since he and Clara had returned to his castle she hadn't shut up.

"You said it would only take a few months to find a cure for my curse.
Then I could leave here."

"What's your point."

"It's been three years!"

Marlos' head snapped up from a particularly difficult string of
equations. "How did you know that?"

"Three conventions! I've been with you for three annual conventions!
Did you think I wouldn't figure it out? Did you?" Clara was too
embarrassed to mention that someone else had figured it out and then told
her, so she didn't. Instead she let her anger take charge.

"Three years I've been with you! Three years of fucking you whenever
you wanted, of waking you up with blow jobs, of sitting there while I let
your disgusting hands play with my tits! And you make me think it's been a
month?! Who the hell do you think you are?!"

"I am Marlos!" the wizard screamed. It was one of those shouts that
demanded respect, resonating with power and things even more unnatural.
Quite an impressive feat for a man with an enchanted bird head.

"I do not have to contend with this." It was true, he didn't. He could
have enslaved any number of women to be his sex slave. But the allure of a
woman who did it because she chose to, a woman that didn't require
sustained concentration to keep in mind, that had been too powerful an
opportunity to resist. Clara had been that woman.

Cursed to be a wolf unless invaded by a cock, she had been keen on the
idea of a cure. Even if it meant leaving her true love to become Marlos'
sex slave for the duration of said cure's research.

Things had been going so well that Marlos placed a spell on Clara so
that the past three years had blurred into only a couple months. For three
years he had a willing, if hesitant, sex slave. And it should have
remained so. Any proof that she had spent more than a year in his service
should have made her light headed an confused. Not angry.

"Yes you do! I never agreed to three years! Six months! That's it!
If you couldn't find a cure you should have told me!"

"I found it years ago you stupid woman. You stay here because I will

"Give it to me!"


"Give me the cure! I've wasted the past two years with you! Give me
the cure so I can leave."

"You will not leave!"

"Yes I will! If you think I'm getting anywhere near that disgusting
knob you call a cock any longer than I have to you're insane!"

"You will not leave!"

"Yes I am! I should have spent the last two years trying to get Peter
to forgive me, not wasting them here with you! If I've lost him because of
this I'm going to..."

"You'll what?"

Clara hesitated to answer. She was yelling at a wizard. A man who
could wipe continents out of existence if he wanted to. She hated him,
yes, but enough to risk dying? No.

"Give me the cure."


"Then I'm leaving."

"You have nowhere to go," Marlos called to her back. She was already
out of the room.

"I'm going back to Peter."

"He doesn't want you."

"I'll try anyway."

"He's already married."

Clara stopped. It was as if the world had been pulled out from under

"You're lying."

"Go see for yourself. He has married an Amazon, they have children."

"You're lying." And she ran, and kept running all the way out the
castle. She ran all the way through the forest towards the house she and
Peter had shared. Peter's house.

She ran and prayed to whatever deity would listen. Throughout her stay
at Marlos' castle Clara had always hoped that when everything was done, and
she was cured, that Peter could somehow find it in his heart to forgive
her. That she could recapture the glorious feeling they had shared before.

She knew it was more likely that he would have ended up hating her, but
she thought that maybe she could talk her way back into his heart. Maybe
he would see, maybe he would understand, maybe he would forgive Clara for
her betrayal.

There had been more than a few times during her ordeal with Marlos when
she had considered just going back to Peter and beg his forgiveness. But,
Clara had reasoned, she had stayed so long, the cure would be done in a few
more months. And wouldn't Peter be more willing to forgive her if she was

But that was when she thought she would only be away from Peter for a
few months. Years were something else entirely. After years you didn't
forgive because you wanted to improve your relationship, you forgave
because you didn't care anymore.

She had spent more time with Marlos than she ever had with Peter. The
thought made her cry with anguish. It wasn't fair.

When she had gotten close to Peter's house she stopped running. With
each step her heart beat faster. Millions of possibilities swam through
her head. Peter was married, Peter hated her, Peter was dead, Peter was
insane, Peter had forgotten her, Peter had moved.

"Peter get back inside!"

Clara froze, that was a woman's voice. Still that could mean anything.
Anything at all.

"Okay hon."

And that was Peter's voice. Still it could mean anything at all.

"Hurry up, I still need to get pregnant."

"Damn Aethis, we've been at it for the past year. Are you sure you
haven't been using birth control."

"Why would I do that?"

"So we can fuck for a longer time before your body gets all screwed up
by the pregnancy."

"Yeah, well, maybe birth control pills."

Anything at all, Clara told herself, stretching the limits of even her
denial. Really.

"Damn it Aethis! Why do I feel like I'm the only one taking any
responsibilities in this marriage?"

"I'm responsible for carrying the kid. Besides, I've been off the pill
for a month now. So get in here and fuck me."

Clara began running, she wasn't sure where yet, but she had to get as
far away from that conversation as possible.


After running for a week, a week of cloudy thinking and desperate hope,
Clara realized she wasn't turning into a wolf. She had been cured. Marlos
must have applied it sometime in the past three years. It was what she had
been searching for. Although the price had been more expensive than she
had bargained for.


The witch didn't usually open her own door. That job was reserved for
her husband. Her scheming, adulterous, two-bit, jackass of a husband.
Their marriage had been fine, some might even say passionate until he had
schemed, after being seduced by their servant, to rob and leave the witch.

The witch, named Bollasa, magically preserved at the age of twenty-nine
with a body men would have killed for if she let them, had discovered the
plot against her. And being a very powerful witch, not to mention a
vindictive one, she cursed both her husband and the slut of a servant. The
girl had been turned into a wolf, and would remain so except for when a
cock invaded her body. (A devious plan, since Clara, the girl's name,
couldn't tell anyone what had happened to her with a wolf's vocal chords
and no man would voluntarily fuck a wolf, except the very bottom of the
ladder of humankind.) Bollasa's husband had been made old, exceptionally
old. The kind of old that makes old people think, at least I'm not as old as him.

Bollasa only kept him around so he could do things like answer the door.
But his age, or magically induced age, had caught up with him and he had
died. And so on this summer day Bollasa, sole magic user in the lost serf
town of Lorit, was forced to open the door herself to see who kept banging
on it.

And then she quickly slammed it shut.

She pressed all her weight against the door, trying to keep it as closed
as possible, more out of a psychological belief than anything else. She
could have just magiced the door.

A loud, fevered repetition of sound traveled through the door as fists
furiously knocked upon the wooden surface, as if doing so would make it
open. And a voice filled with pain, not physical pain but the anguish of
self pity and longing, was muffled by the wooden barrier between it's
source and Bollasa's ears.

"Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for what I did. I need your help.
Please. Please..."

There was a pause, as if for the intake of breath a person needed when
they have been crying for too long. And suddenly the voice was a lot
calmer, but still as sad.

"I'm sorry. I'll do anything you ask, but please help me. I can't go
on like this. I need him. God, I need him so badly."

Bollasa opened the door to see the most pathetic creature she had ever
seen rolled into a ball on her doorstep. Clara collapsed at the witch's
feet and repeated her desires for forgiveness and help.

Too intrigued to do what she knew was best, Bollasa helped Clara to a
seat in the kitchen and tried to calm the hysterical girl down with some
drugged tea. (Although she lived in a lost serf town, Bollasa was still a
powerful witch, with a damn impressive residence. She had luxuries her
neighbors didn't even know existed, like television, running water, and


"Now let me see if I've got this straight, you agreed to be Marlos' fuck
toy and then expected Peter to take you back?"

"Yes," Clara mumbled sadly.

"You really haven't learned anything since I turned you into a wolf have
you? I would have thought you might learn something about human nature,
but no, you've gotten nothing."

"I know."

"It's sad really. Why would a nice boy like Peter take you back after
you betrayed him?"

"I don't know, we loved each other."

"So you left him."

"Yes. No. I... I just wanted to be human again."

"Well congratulations then."

"But... but I don't have Peter."

"Young lady there's an old saying, you can't eat your cake and have it
too. You made your choice, now you have to live with it."


"No buts. Peter's a very simple boy. He's living happily now. I can't
let you spoil that."

Clara looked at the witch through teary eyes. "What?"

"The wedding was very small and very ritualistic. I'm told most Amazon
weddings are. You hurt Peter very much when you left, Aethis has helped
him overcome that. Your return would only cause him pain."

"What are you talking..."

And then Clara's world went black.


When she awoke she was lying on the floor in the dark. She could feel
the cold linoleum against her naked flesh.


There was no reply. As her vision cleared Clara could see that she had
been left alone in the kitchen. Now that she thought about it, the tea had
tasted funny. Clara had thought Bollasa had taken pity on her, forgiven
her for her past transgressions. It seemed now that such was not the case.

Bollasa walked in carrying some clothes, all shiny and black.

"Bollasa? What happened?"

The witch ignored Clara's cries and threw the clothes onto the floor
next to the naked woman.

"Put these on," she commanded.

Obeying, if for no other reason than to find out what was going on,
Clara began to put on the clothing. (There was an element of, don't
aggravate the woman who turned you into a wolf four years ago in case she
feels like doing it again, in her motivation as well, but that goes without

There wasn't any underwear so Clara had to let the silky material rub
against entire body. Her nipples grew hard from the constant stimulation.

It turned out to be a French Maid's uniform, complete with fishnets,
stiletto heels, and bonnet. The dress was so short that even the slightest
movement revealed Clara's naked cunt. It was like an immodest version of
what she had worn back when she was in Bollasa's employ.

Bollasa shoved a feather duster into Clara's hands.

"Here, now go start on the library. You remember where that is don't

Clara nodded.


As Clara tottered off, getting reacquainted to walking in heels, Bollasa
shouted after her, "I fucked Peter in that library once!"

Clara continued on, not turning to let the witch see her cry. But
Bollasa knew, and it made her smile.


Now see this is where I get involved. Me, the snow owl, remember me you
no-attention-span-having-mother-fuckers? Yeah, me. At this point I know
my girl Clara isn't going anywhere. If I don't intervene she's going to
spend the rest of her life cleaning witchee-poo's house and licking her

No, I can't have that. It's like I said, my girl's fate is to be with
her lover Peter.

So it is, so it must be. I have great magic in my power, even the magic
of time.

So Abra Kadabra mother fuckers.


It was run down. The house looked like it would collapse with a slight
breeze. And it was small, much smaller than his own house. It couldn't
have more than three rooms, Peter thought to himself.

Lorit was nothing like the city near the forbidden woods. While that
city had been able to escape the second Dark Ages and keep its technology
Lorit was a shambles. Too far away for a Lord to care for them and not
close enough for the city to give a damn, Lorit was a lost city. Its
inhabitants knew it and had set up their own town government. And to
attend to their magical needs they had a witch.

It was this witch's house that was so in a shambles. Clara had told
Peter that it was an illusion, meant to keep out any but those who were
determined to gain help. Peter could see how such a trick could work, he
loathed to knock on the door for fear that the whole house would collapse.
Mentally shrugging his shoulders he carefully let his hand rap upon the

The door felt solid, it was solid. It was just as Clara said, the
shabbiness of the house was a false image. Peter knocked on the door and

"One minute," a tired voice said softly.

The door opened to reveal an young woman in.... Clara?! In a maid's



Clara launched herself into his arms. It came as quite a shock to him,
since he assumed she was still at their house in the Forbidden Woods. It
didn't make any sense, when he had left she was still a wolf, now she was
human, and he didn't even have his dick in her. And how had she gotten
here before him? Yes, he had to make that detour to drop Aethis off to the
healer, but that had only been a short detour. He hadn't seen her pass

"Oh Peter, I love you."

"I love you too, honey," he said, still confused.

"I'm so sorry, I promise I'll make it up to you."

"Make what up to me? How did you become human?"

"Marlos, he tricked me. Please don't be mad, I know I made a mistake,
I'm sorry. Please take me back, I need you. I know that now."

She was crying into his shoulder. Her words were backed by an intense
feeling, as though she meant them more than anything in her life. Peter
couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. It was like his entire life had just
been validated, to completely have the devotion of this woman he loved more
than life itself.

"Um, okay."

"Really?" Clara sobbed in relief.

"Really. I love you Clara."

"I love you. Now fuck me."


"I need to feel you again Peter. It's been so long. So damn long.
I've never forgotten the way you made me feel when we made love. Even
after three years of Marlos."

"Three what?"

"Shhh. Just fuck me."


She kissed him. It felt like she was searching for something, something
she had lost a long time ago.

And then she found it. The sight of Clara in a maid's uniform, a highly
erotic maid's uniform, coupled with the way she was rubbing her hand over
the bulge in his pants, had gotten Peter hard as a rock.

Her lips still over Peter's, Clara moaned. Her hands quickly unfastened
his pants and yanked on them until they fell to the ground. She had caught
his underwear so that he was now naked from the waist down.

Clara pulled away from him and lowered herself to the ground. She
leaned back, allowing the folds of her skirt to ride up to her waist,
revealing her inviting cunt, moist and ready.

"Give it to me Peter, please."

Peter knelt between her legs and guided his cock into her. He could
feel his cock being enveloped by the fleshy folds of her cunt. It had been
weeks since they had last fucked but something seemed different. He didn't
want to say anything but...


"Oh god! Yes! It's just like I remember."


"What is it darling?"

"Um... Are you looser?"

Clara began to cry again and Peter instantly regretted saying it.

"I'm sorry!" he shouted.

"No, I'm sorry. But please, one last time, so I can remember you. I
want you to be my last fuck, not that damned Marlos."

"Marlos fucked you?!" Peter blurted out.

"Yes. I'm sorry."

"No, no, it's not your fault. Did he force himself on you?"

"No. I... I agreed to do it. It wasn't the same though, not like you.
I love you! I only love you! I'm sorry. I thought it would be okay, if
only to be human. But I can't go on without you."

Peter leaned over, so that he was right on top of her, their faces only
inches apart. Her eyes were shut tight and tears were streaming down the
side of her face, but he gently kissed her lips and they opened, shocked to
see him so close to her.

"It's okay, Clara. Just promise to always be with me."

"I promise," she whispered.

"Good. Now do you still want to fuck?"

"Yes please."


He got back up to a kneeling position between her legs and rocked his
body, pistoning his cock into her cunt until he came. When he was done he
fell down next to her, both their bodies lying halfway in the house. They
smiled at each other, a man finally with the woman he loved and a woman who
finally realized how much she needed him. A woman who would do whatever it
took to hold onto him this time around.


See! See! I told you, didn't I? They were meant to be together!
Destiny! There's nothing that arrogant barn owl can do about it! As far
as history is concerned that stupid happy ending of his didn't take place,
it can't take place. The hermit isn't going to save the Amazon bitch's
life, never going to settle down, never going to realize that he loves her.
As far as he's concerned he's a one woman man, and that woman is my

Now I can finally do what I wanted with those two, namely make them have
kids. I think they'll have their father's eyes. This is going to be so

-to be concludedfeedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

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