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WOLF8 girls were his test subjects was


Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18. Hey Kids, go away! Oh,
did you think I meant it in a mocking manner and was talking to you? Well
if you're under 18 then you are absolutely right. Go away.

Wolf's Bane

(A sequel to "Peter and the Wolf" and "The Magician's Wolf") by Alexi92

Time travel? That little idiot used time travel? He's a bigger screw
up than I thought! He thinks he's clever? He's not the most powerful
magician on this planet! I am!


"What is it?" Aethis asked.

Peter held up a blue vial.

"I don't know. Bollasa gave it to me when Clara left. It's supposed to
do something, but damned if I know what."

"Weird," Aethis said. "Why are you showing it to me now?"

They were both lying in bed naked. They had just made love and they
were giving the sperm time to travel to her uterus before they sent in the
second wave. Some sperm dribbled down the side of her leg from her
overflowing cunt but plenty of it was in her. She could feel it.

"You know, I'm not sure," Peter said.

It shattered, spilling trace amounts of its blue contents onto both
their bare bodies.

And then time shifted.


Aethis closed her eyes and felt a hand rub her clitoris.

"Hmmm, Peter, that feels good."

"You must forget this Peter," a woman's voice said flatly.

Aethis eyes shot open. She was back at the clinic, one of the Amazon
healers was rubbing her cunt, trying to make her forget her trauma. But
she had already done this, she had already been cured.

"Get off me!" she shouted in protest. She tried to sit up but her body
was tied down with rope.

"Your ordeal was great. But in time you will forget it."

"No! I'm over it already! Let me go!"

"The healing process takes time."

"I've had time! I'm better now!"

"Nonsense, you've only been here a day."

"That's impos... Ooo!"

The healer's knowing hands had hit a particularly sensitive spot.
Aethis could feel it something build in her, something great. But she had
just been with Peter, how could she be back here. She had already been
here. She had been treated, cured.

But the healer's hands were caressing her cunt. The healer's fingers
were tickling her moistened flesh, teasing her sensitive folds. Until..

"Aaaa! Yes!" Aethis shouted as a wave of orgasmic bliss washed coursed
through her body.

The healer's fingers continued, unrelenting, pushing Aethis towards
another orgasm.

It wasn't right. She wasn't supposed to be here, she was supposed to be
with her husband. He should be sending her to flights of unparalleled
pleasure, not this blonde bimbo.

Aethis could do nothing as the blonde's nimble fingers forced her to
orgasm again. She knew what would happen, after climaxing many more times
she her mind would become dulled, more malleable, and then the healer would
begin to suggest things, just like last time.

Things like, you don't need that Peter. If you never see him again it
will be okay. Your sisters can provide you with all the pleasure you will
ever need.

Then the healer would start licking Aethis' body all over, coming to an
end at her cunt, where Aethis would be made to climax many more times.

But she couldn't let that happen, not this time. She had to get back to
Peter. She couldn't forget him, never. She would never forget him.


"Yes, don't I make you feel good? Don't you like the way my fingers can
bring you to pleasure."

Aethis did like it. She could feel the great waves of pleasure building
up again, ready to be released, being held back only by the slightest of
barriers, waiting for the next tickle, the next brush of flesh against

"No! My husband is better."

And then Aethis felt the barrage of stimulation stop. She sighed in
relief, even though she was denied release.

"Husband?" the healer asked.


Peter opened his eyes and found himself lying next to Clara. For some
reason she was wearing a maid's uniform. Peter's heart leapt. Clara?
Here? Bollasa had told him that she was still busy being Marlos

Regardless, she was lying next to him now. His heart ached to see her
again. She was just as beautiful as he remembered. Her hair seemed a
little longer and from the way his cock felt in her cunt he guessed she was
looser. Marlos must have fucked her a lot in the past three years.

Wait, Peter's cock was buried in Clara's cock? Peter almost jumped up
of the floor, afraid that Aethis might catch him. But the feeling of being
inside of Clara's cunt again was so good.

Clara looked at peace. Peter was glad, back when they had been together
she had always seemed so troubled, only able to be at peace after they had
fucked, secure in the knowledge that someone in the world thought of her as
wonderful even if she couldn't believe it.

Wait, wouldn't that mean that they had... Yes, that would explain his
cock being in her body. Man, Aethis was going to have a fit. Until then,
though, he was just going to enjoy seeing Clara one last time.

She must have sensed his intense staring. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Um, hi."

"I'm so glad you've forgiven me."

"Forgiven you? For what?"

"For leaving you, for going with Marlos. It was the biggest mistake I
ever made."

"Yeah, sure, no problem. I guess it's okay. I mean, I can understand
why you did it."

"No, it wasn't worth it. Not if it meant losing you. I promise, I
won't make that mistake again, ever. Nothing is worth losing you twice."

Peter didn't have a clue what she was talking about. Then again, he
wasn't sure how he had ended up here, in what seemed to be the afterglow of
sex with Clara. Come to think of it, where was here? It looked a lot like
Bollasa's house.

"Did I... What happ... Look, Clara, how did I get here?"


"Last thing I remember was lying in bed with Aethis, so how did I end up

"Who's Aethis?"

"My wife."

"No! You left her!"

"What?! When?!"

"You must have!" Clara screamed desperately. "You came to me, you
promised me we would always be together!"


"Just before we fucked!"

"But I don't remember it!"

"You have to! You can't leave me! I need you!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm marrie..."

"Nooooo! Don't say that. I need you, I can't go on without you.
Please! Please!"

Clara kept on pleading. Peter didn't know what to do, he hated seeing
her like this, he wanted to help her. But what she was asking for, he
couldn't possibly. Not when he was still married to Aethis. They were
planning to have kids soon! He was trying to get her pregnant, so how
could he possibly stay with Clara?


No fucker! No one messes with Abraxas, snow owl above snow owls! I
will win!


"You are deeper in denial than I first thought," said the healer. She
pulled one of her healing instruments from the tray, the extra large black

"No, I'm married! We're going to have children."

"The man who dropped you off said you had become delusional, enamored
with him. We will change that, won't we."

"No! I'll never stop loving him!"

"We shall see."

The healer lined the black monstrosity in line with Aethis' already wet
cunt and shoved.

Aethis screamed as the large latex cock impaled her. It filled her, in
ways even Peter couldn't. She could feel it invading her, probing her,
pushing against the lining of her body, forcing her wet, sticky insides to
scrape against it.

She could feel it moving, in, out, in, out, seeming to pulse and shake.
She shivered as it rubbed her insides ever so gently and yet so forcibly.
It pushed her towards another orgasm, towards forgetfulness.


"It's okay," Peter said soothingly. He couldn't bear to see Clara in
such pain. He touched her shoulder, feeling the firmness of her body
beneath her silky uniform. His fingers snaked under the fabric, feeling
her flesh beneath his.

He had forgotten how she felt.

"Peter?" she whispered hopefully.

He looked at her. She was vulnerable, just like when he first met her.
She had been his damsel in distress, the princess from the story book,
meant just for him. True she had been with Marlos, but she wanted him now.

Needed him.

"Please," she said, latching onto his body, holding him tightly. "I'm
sorry. I never should have left you. Even if it meant staying as a wolf,
I could never be happy without you. Take me with you, even if you stay
married to that woman, take me with you. I'll be your mistress, your
concubine, your whore, just let me stay with you."

Peter couldn't stand it anymore. He loved her, he knew he did. He
always had. He couldn't stand to see her degrade herself for him. Not for

"Stop it," he said.

She pulled away crestfallen.

"No, stop saying such things. I love you. I'll never let you do such
horrible things. I promised you that we would be together forever, and we

Clara's maid's uniform vanished, as if by magic. Her entire body was
naked. For the first time in years Peter saw her breasts, her beautiful,
prefect, breasts.

His cock got hard again. It grew while still in her cunt, and she
gasped at a feeling she hadn't felt in years. They both knew when it
happened there was only one thing to do. She rolled him on his back and
began to ride his cock.


What? Her dress vanished? Can that bastard be any more obvious? Fine!
Two can play that game.


Aethis wished that she was with Peter. Even as the large invader forced
her to climax for the tenth time, she wished she was with Peter. As the
waves of bliss passed through her exhausted body yet again, causing her to
scream and groan with unequaled pleasure, her body shimmered and then

The dildo that had been fucking her had turned into a magical dildo,
capable of granting the user's wish upon orgasm. It had magically appeared
from when it last vanished, after being used to wish an Amazon into a
cannibal tribe's prison.

Aethis found herself standing in the doorway of a house where a woman
was enthusiastically fucking a man. She rode his cock like she knew what
she was doing, obviously over experienced in such matters.

She didn't know the woman, but the man... it was Peter!

Peter was cheating on her? Impossible, obviously he had succumbed to
the same thing Aethis had, transported to a moment in his past.

Still, that meant he still had memories of their marriage, which

Aethis grabbed the woman on her husband's cock and threw her off him.
The surprised woman shouted in protest but was no match of the Amazon's

Peter looked up.


"Peter, we're married, right?"


"Good, then why are you letting your cock be wasted like that when we
both know it belongs to me?"

She lowered herself onto his hard cock. His member was already coated
in that other woman's juices so lubrication wasn't a problem. Aethis
simply slid the cock into her cunt and began to bounce, letting the
memories of the black abomination be forgotten in the face of her husband's
glorious manhood.


Magic dildo? Oh come on!


Clara pulled herself onto her hands and knees and launched herself at
the strange woman. She caught the newcomer in the midsection while she was
in mid-thrust, knocking her backward, but more importantly, off of Peter's

Clara herself landed on Peter's torso, in just the right position to
lower her mouth onto his cock and suck. She could taste the stranger's
juices on his cock, but soon she had licked those off so all she was
tasting was pure cock.

She could feel Peter's tongue gently flicker over her cunt,
experimenting. Soon it was lapping at her woman hood, leaving them in a
happy 69.


I think not!


Aethis stood up to see her husband engaged in a 69 with the other woman.
She grabbed the bitch's hair and pulled up, forcing Peter's cock out of the
bitch's sucking mouth with a pop.

Peter groaned.

"Ow!" the bitch screamed. "Let go! Peter, help me!"

"Peter, don't you move!" Aethis shouted. "Let me take care of this home
wrecker and then we can go home and fuck!"

"Peter! Please! You promised! Don't leave me!"

"Don't listen to her, you swore to always stay with me."

"Please! I can't lose you!"

"I'm not letting you leave me alone!"

"Not again!" they both screamed.

Peter stared at them uncertain what to do.


My name is... Actually I have no name. No one ever addresses me. You
may call me Peter. I am not the same Peter that was once living with the
girl that turned into a wold. I am not the same Peter that married an
Amazon bandit. I am a house.

The one you know as Peter lives within me. As have his parents, his
grandparents and so on. I have come to identify with Peter. It was while
he lived within me that I became alive, or so you might term it. I believe
I was always alive, having the life force of many trees within me, having
families live within me.

My time on this earth is short. All life is. But while I am here I
wish the best for those who live within me. Especially for Peter, he that
took care of me, he that loved me, he I have come to love as a house is
meant to love his families.

I am his house. My magic is great. And I will have him happy.


"I love you," Peter said. "Both of you."

The two women looked at each other, jealousy and anger coursing through
their eyes.

"Why must I choose?"

Surprised, neither woman said anything, looking to Peter to clarify.

"I-I can't choose. I don't want to choose. I don't want to lose either
of you."

Emotionally spent, Peter broke down and cried. Clara and Aethis went to
him, neither pushing the other out of the way, and both held him. He held
them both in turn and no one let go for a long time.


Peter was in heaven. Clara and Aethis were giving him a blow job, each
woman engulfing a side of his cock in his mouth. If he looked down it
looked like they were kissing with his cock caught in the middle. When
they got to the tip they would switch off engulfing his cock head. They
had the rhythm down pat. They had a lot of practice.

Both of them were pregnant. Aethis was further along than Clara. The
Amazon had an obligation to get pregnant, Clara simply waited until it
happened. There had been some harsh negotiations about that, Aethis had
insisted that she needed to fuck Peter alone some times to ensure
pregnancy. Clara demanded at least two fucks alone with Peter for every one
Aethis had demanded. It took some debating, but finally they had come to
an agreement.

Even so, the most popular form of sex in the house was the threesome.
They had come up with some creative threesomes: two girls on a guy, guy and
a girl on a girl, one guy switching between girls, a guy on a girl on
another girl. Then there was some stuff with role playing. Their favorite
one was when Peter pretended to be the football player and Aethis and Clara
pretended to be cheerleaders, although the one where Peter was a scientist
and the girls were his test subjects was fast becoming a favorite as well.

Through it all they were happy. They had their trials, but together it
was nothing they couldn't overcome.

Outside two owls watched the many sexual escapades that would occur in
the house. Although they tried at times, despite their great power,
neither could seem to find a way inside. So they had to be content to sit
and watch their pets frolic from afar.


See what happens when you put things off? You end up writing parts 3&4
if six hours.

Still not proofreading Still trying to figure out an easy way to post to
ASSM now that won't let me.

feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

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