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Archived Sex Stories

WORLDCON thick pink lips splattering the moist


by Couture

(Ff, humil, etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by
sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


Rebecca stared at the paper Helen tossed in front of her
and felt her heart sink into the pit of her stomach. It
was what she had dreaded seeing for six months now.

It had started so innocently and easily enough. First
there was the matter of her student loans and high credit
card balance that she needed the money for. If all had
gone according to plan, she was going to pay it all back
with the money from her stock options.

Stock options that were now worthless.

She concentrated on her hands to will them to stop shaking.
She slid the paper to the corner of her desk dismissively.
Maybe she could bluff her way out of it with her employee.

"What the hell is this shit Helen? Can't you see that I'm
busy," Rebecca said. She stole a glance at the dark-
haired, stocky woman of forty, sitting smugly in the chair
in front of her, praying that she would weaken and leave.

"I think you know very well what it is, Rebecca or do you
think I should show it to someone else?" Helen said,
grinning smugly.

Rebecca had been increasingly afraid of being caught
lately. She only wished it had been someone else besides
Helen. Helen the do-gooder, Helen the perfectionist, Helen
the anal compulsive bitch who thought she was entitled to
Rebecca's job just because she had been there longer, Helen
who smugly grinned her superior grin as she watched the
young blonde executive turn around and stick the evidence
in the paper shredder.

"There's plenty more where that came from," Helen said.

Rebecca could feel herself freely sweating now. She should
have been visited by corporate security by now, if Helen
had told. That must mean . . .

"What do you want?" She noticed her voice shook. She took
a drink of coffee, wishing it was vodka instead.

"Ah, now we are getting somewhere." Helen slid another
piece of paper over to the young executive.

Rebecca read it, her eyes growing progressively wider.

"You can't be serious," she said, with tears welling in her

"You bet your ass I'm serious," Helen said. "I want power
of attorney over you, the power to discipline as I see fit,
and pretty much the power of everything else for a period
no less than two weeks and no more than four. If at any
time during the duration you try to cheat your way out,
I'll turn over the documents to the police and see how you
weasel your way out of that."

"Please," Rebecca begged, "I needed the money desperately.
I was going to put it back - *I swear*."

"Bitch," Helen said, slamming her hand down on the desk and
sending pencils and paper flying in all directions, "I was
supposed to retire in three years, and because of you and
all the other thieves in this company I can't. Now, I
can't do a damned thing about Bernie Edders, but I can do
something about you. So decide girl. It's either two
weeks with good behavior with me, or ever how many hears
they give you at the state pen with the murderers and drug
addicts they have there. Mmm-hmmm, I bet they would love
to get a delicate young girl like you."

Rebecca visibly gulped. She never really thought about the
consequences of her actions. "I-I need to think about it."

Helen stood up and picked up the phone. "Sure honey, take
your time." She dialed a number and waited. "Hello," she
said, "How does someone go about reporting a theft of a
large amount of money?" She grinned as she watched the
young blonde in the power suit fumble with a pen and
hurriedly scribbled her signature on the paper.

Helen smiled and told the voice on the phone, "No, you
don't need to transfer me, I was just wondering. Thanks
for your assistance." She placed the phone back down on
the cradle, picked up the paper, and left the office.

She returned in a few minutes, walked imperiously over to
her desk, and took out Rebecca's purse.

"Wait," Rebecca said. "That's mine."

Helen slapped the girl on the cheek. Not hard but just
enough to stun her. "It's mine now. Power of attorney
bitch." She found what she wanted, smiled as she took out
the wallet.

She wrote a check for five hundred dollars out to cash,
under comments she listed it as a performance penalty, but
stopped at the signature.

"You have ten seconds to put your bra and panties on the

Rebecca looked stunned. She blushed and felt the need to
cover her chest with her hands. "Are you crazy?"

Helen counted to ten, signed the check, and placed it in
her bra. She wrote out another one for the same amount.

"I've got all day, but I don't know how much more of this
your bank account can stand," Helen said. "Of course there
is always credit."

Rebecca looked wild eyed and panicked as Helen began to
count. The old bitch was going to steal everything she

Rebecca tried to reach under the tight skirt of her power
suit, but it was too tight. "Shit," she panted, out of
breath, as she struggled with the zipper in the back. She
was running behind, so she pulled them all down at the same
time- skirt, hose, and panties. She took off her jacket,
pulled the blouse over her head, grabbed beneath the cups
of her bra, and pulled it over her head as well.

Naked, Rebecca watched, stunned as Helen signed the check
and placed it in her bra. "Wait," Rebecca said. "I made
it in time."

"I said, on the desk." She wrote another check and started
counting again. Rebecca barely had time to get her panties
untangled from her hose and on the table along with her

"A little slow to obey, but you'll learn," Helen said. "Or
go broke."

Helen removed the bra and panties from the desk and picked
up the discarded hose and jacket. She unceremoniously
threw them all in the trash. "These are no-no's from now
on for the next few weeks. The rest is okay though."

No-no's? Rebecca's heart raced at the implication. How
would she be able to live and work dressed like that?

"You know, the first thing they do when you go to prison is
a thorough search. I think you need to learn what one
feels like, in case you want to go the police route. Could
you imagine doing this in a real prison little girl, with
big mean guards, and surrounded by other prisoners - felons
. . . murderers?"

Helen smiled when she heard Rebecca gasp in fear. "Bend
forward and grab the desk and spread your legs inmate
number 8407, I have to search you for contraband."

"Please-" Rebecca begged.

Helen spanked Rebecca's ass, leaving a pink handprint.
"Shut up, unless you want someone to get curious about what
is going on in here."

That was the last thing Rebecca wanted. She grabbed the
desk and spread her lean athletic legs as ordered.

"Wider, slut. I bet a piece of trash like you has spread
them wider than that to get to your position."

Rebecca spread her legs wider. She wanted to explain that
she hadn't slept her way into her job, she had earned it,
but she didn't think Helen would listen.

Helen started at the blonde's painted toes and worked her
way up her long legs, pretending to search the young
executive. As the older woman's searching grew higher,
Rebecca tried to push her hips inward to hide the growing
effects of her body's betrayal.

Like a wolf, Helen smelled the girl's arousal long before
she saw it. She could hear the poor girl sniffling in
distress. "Stop crying like a baby, or I'll spank you like
one." Then, before the Rebecca could respond, she inserted
a finger into her wet sex all the way up to the knuckle.

"What's this shit bitch? Are you trying to bribe the
warden with your wet cunt?"

Rebecca cringed in horror. Why was her body responding to
the horrible old woman? "No, ma-am," she responded. Why
did she say ma-am? She was the boss here.

"Then why are you wet? Are you a slut or some sort of

"No, ma'am. It's just that you are ah- touching me."
Rebecca didn't know what was going on. She had never been
more scared or humiliated in all her life, yet somehow her
body was growing more and more aroused.

"Don't lie to me bitch. You were wet before I even touched
you," Helen said. "Don't worry dearie, we'll find out all
your little secrets soon enough." With that she inserted
her wet finger in the young executive's virgin rear
passage, causing her to grunt.

Helen twisted her hand so that she could probe every side
of the tight tunnel. Then she withdrew it and moved up to
Rebecca's back and hair. She used the opportunity to press
her pelvis against the executive's ass.

"I bet you've been in this same position before. Probably
right here in this office," Helen said. "Haven't you?"

"No, I haven't."

"It's yes ma-am and no ma-am. Is that clear little Becky?"

"Yes, ma-am."

"Good. Stand up and turn around."

Helen searched the front. "You're certainly not going to
hide anything with these small breasts are you?"

Rebecca blushed a bright crimson. She had always been
self-conscious of her breast size. Now she was even more
so, standing naked in front of her fully dressed employee.
"No ma-am."

"Say ahhhh."

The next part was excruciating. Rebecca could taste and
smell herself on Helen's fingers, that had been previously
in both her front and rear passages.

Helen finished and patted Rebecca on the head
condescendingly. "That's a good girl. You can get dressed

Rebecca dressed in a hurry. She was more than happy to
cover her nakedness and obvious signs of arousal.
Unfortunately, without a bra, her thin satin blouse did
little to hide the hard nubs of her nipples.

"Okay Becky," Helen said. "I expect to see you out there
managing for the rest of the day. Your office is off
limits for now."

Poor Rebecca was lost for the rest of the day. She was
already out of place because she wasn't the sort of manager
to spend time with the troops. She was the kind who spent
her time in the office and her subordinates came to see her
much like peasants requested help from the kind. She
really didn't know what she was supposed to say or do.
Worse, she was braless and her hard nipples attracted
everyone's attention. The attention made her feel, naked,
vulnerable, and dirty and no longer in charge.

Somehow, she finally made it through the day. She felt
frazzled and sweaty, and she even had to get permission
from Helen to go to her office. Once there, she cried in
relief. It was over.

Her respite was short-lived, however. Helen entered
without knocking. "Come on Becky, grab your purse, we have
to go."

Rebecca grabbed her purse and went to the trash to get her
discarded bra, panties and hose. Helen stopped her.

"No, Becky," Helen said. "Leave them there. Those are no-

"But the cleaning crew . . ."

"Becky, you've never thought about the cleaning crew when
you were stealing the money, did you? So why start now?
Besides, you stole money from them, just like you did from
me. Maybe they'll be able to sell your pretties and recoup
their losses."

'Jesus, she's treating me like a little girl,' Rebecca
thought. 'Damn it, I'm twenty-nine. I didn't go to Yale
to be treated like this.'

"Give me your car keys little Becky. I'll be driving you
instead of carpooling with the other women." Helen said.

Once in the car, Helen made sure Rebecca's seatbelt was
fastened and smooth down on the front of her blouse.
"Comfy?" she asked.

Rebecca was uncomfortable by Helen's patronizing niceness,
but what could she do. She nodded her head.

Helen's look turned angry. She snatched the seatbelt loose
and pulled Rebecca over her lap. Rebecca tried to struggle
with the older woman, but soon her skirt was around her
knees and her ass was being blistered by a thick calloused
hand. She screamed and squirmed, kicking her legs in vain.
She finally bawled like a little girl.

Helen stopped the spanking, placed her hand on the
executive's reddened ass, and felt the heat pulsing from
it. "Now, what does a young lady say when she is asked a

Rebecca gasped for breath. "Ma-am. Yes ma-am and no ma-

"Very good. Do you want another spank as a reminder, or do
you think you can remember?"

"I can remember ma-am."

"That's a girl. Let's get you straightened up." Helen
helped the young blonde back up in her seat, but held on to
the expensive skirt. She used it to wipe the tears from
Rebecca's face then held it to her nose. "Give us a good
blow now."

Rebecca blew her nose in the two hundred dollar skirt.
"Yuck," Helen said, and tossed it out the window. Rebecca
didn't dare question the older woman about the loss of the
expensive skirt, though she looked longingly out the

Helen buckled Rebecca's seatbelt, while the blonde
executive attempted to pull her blouse down in an attempt
to preserve her modesty. "Comfy?"

"Yes, ma-am."

"That's a girl."


After going to Wally Mart and to Helen's house to pick up a
few things, they finally arrived at Rebecca's. She had
never happier than at that moment to have an enclosed
garage. Otherwise, she was sure that bitch Helen would
have made her go bottomless from her car to the house.

"Okay," Helen said. "Get out of the car young lady."

As Rebecca got out of the car, Helen stopped her. "What
the hell did you to the seats?"

Rebecca looked at the car seat in horror. In the center
was a vertical shaped damp spot. She was mortified. What
would Helen think? Maybe she would just think it was
perspiration. "I'm sor-sorry ma-am."

"Well, don't just stand there. Use your blouse for Christ-
sakes and clean it off."

Naked and on her hands and knees on the dirty garage floor,
Rebecca attempted to blot out the stain.

"Spit on it," Helen said. "Use your saliva."

Rebecca cleaned it for a few minutes more.

"Is it all up?" Helen asked.

"Yes, ma-am."

"I'll give a spank if it's not. Smell it to be sure."

Rebecca stuck her pert nose in the seat of her car and
inhaled. 'How did I get here', she wondered.

"Do you smell fish?" Helen asked.

'Oh God, she does know,' Rebecca blushed. She longed not
to have to answer, but she knew the consequences if she
didn't. "No ma-am," she replied.

"That's a girl," Helen said. "Just leave the blouse on the

She took Rebecca's hand and led her into the house.
"Where's the bathroom, so we can make you more

Rebecca showed Helen the way to the bathroom, glad that she
would soon be cleaned up and dressed. She was stunned when
the older woman followed her into the bathroom.

Helen started the bath and added some bubble bath to the
water. "Now Becky," she began. "I've been thinking that
the reason you've turned into a thief is a lack of
parenting when you were a girl. So for the next few weeks,
you will come to think of me as the momma who taught you
right from wrong. Won't that be fun?"

'No, but, as if I have a choice,' Rebecca thought, before
saying, "Yes ma-am."

"Good. Now mommy's little girl need to get into the nice
bubble bath."

Rebecca got in the tub and moved to grab the loofah.

"No," Helen said stripping off her clothes. "Mommy wash."

For the first time Rebecca got a chance to see Helen's nude
body. It was worse than she thought. It wasn't so much
her shape. Her large breasts sagged a little, but on the
whole the woman's body was toned and very well preserved,
if a little big-boned. What drew her attention was the
hair. The woman didn't even bother to shave her armpits,
much less trim her crotch. Both were covered with thick
black curly hair.

'Jesus, she's crazy,' Rebecca thought trying to get out of
the tub as the older woman got in behind her, but she had
no leverage in the slippery tub.

"Hold still or mommy spank," Helen warned.

She had never felt as helpless in all her life as when the
older woman bathed her tenderly. And when Helen asked to
wash her dirty parts, running her soapy fingers over her
aroused flesh, Rebecca almost came, despite her best

Helen's fingers captured a few strands of hair from
Rebecca's narrow-groomed triangle. "This isn't for naughty
little girls. This is only for big girls. Stand up so
mommy can clean."

Helen helped Rebecca to stand, kneeling between her lean
legs, as she coated her triangle with conditioner. She
shaved the tiny patch clean with just a few strokes of the
razor. Rebecca bit her lip to keep from moaning in

"Sit back down in the tub while mommy washes herself now,

Rebecca sat down between the older woman's legs again, but
Helen had other things on her mind besides bathing. Toying
with the blonde executive had excited her. She soaped up
and then she pressed her large breasts against Rebecca's
back, reveling in the sensation as their flesh slid
together. Her hand traveled to her sex and she alternately
toyed with her clit and fucked her tight pussy.

Rebecca could feel what was going on behind her. She did
her best to ignore the hard nipples sliding against her
back, the masturbating hand as it flexed against her ass
and her own sex tingling and barren of protection after it
had been shaved.

After they got out of the tub, Helen dried off and then
used the same towel to dry her younger superior. Let's get
you ready for bed sweetie.

Helen placed Rebecca's hair in pigtails, further
humiliating the young woman. Next, came a see through
nightie she purchased at Wal-Mart.

"Turn around so mommy can see," asked Helen.

Blushing, Rebecca turned in a circle, displaying her almost
nude body. Her appearance was no longer that of a
confident cocky twenty-nine year old but that of a shy high
school girl.

"Splendid. You are such a cutie," Helen said, pinching
Rebecca's blushing cheeks.

"Let's go make something to eat." Helen led the young
woman to the kitchen and they ate frozen dinners. Helen
made sure Rebecca kept proper table manners at all time
with her elbows off the table, and wiping after every bite
or drink.

All this time Rebecca was growing increasingly
uncomfortable. She hadn't used the bathroom all day and
her bladder was killing her.

"Ma-am," she said respectfully. "I have to use the

"Number one or two?"

Rebecca blushed. "One."

"Then say, ma-am, Becky needs to make number one."

Rebecca refused. "I'm not playing, Helen. Really, I have
to go."

"That's a very bad disobedience. Hold your hand out."

Rebecca held out her hand and Helen smacked it with her

"Say it right."

Rebecca rubbed the sore spot on the back of her hand. "Ma-
am, Becky needs to make number one." She didn't realize
it, but she was even speaking in a much more immature

Helen took her hand and led her to the bathroom. 'She
couldn't possibly-" Rebecca thought. But, Helen followed
her right inside and waited until Rebecca hiked up her
short nightie and sat down on the seat.

"No, Becky, you don't use it like that. Perch up on it
like a bird."

Rebecca stepped precariously on top of the toilet lid and
squatted. Her denuded sex was positioned over the hole,
but spread open in plain sight of the older woman. She
knew she wouldn't be able to go in such an embarrassing
position, but her bladder overcame her shyness and soon she
was gushing into the toilet below.

"Good girl, now mommy will get you nice and clean."

Rebecca couldn't believe her eyes, but Helen knelt in front
of her, toilet paper in hand, and began to gently clean the
moisture from the pink lips of her sex. Soon light moans
escaped the young executive's throat, as her body responded
to the gently teasing.

"Mommy's little girl certainly was wet," Helen said,
standing up.

Rebecca blushed and took the older woman's proffered hand
in order to get off the toilet seat.

They finished getting ready for bed. Rebecca continued to
be embarrassed by the way the older woman kept treating her
like a child, even going so far as to check her teeth to
make sure she brushed them properly.

Once she finished, she walked into her bedroom and stopped
short. Helen was in her bed, with the covers turned down
next to her, patting the mattress for Rebecca.

"Ma-am, I'd rather not ah - sleep with you if that's okay,"
Rebecca said.

"Does Becky think she's too grown-up to sleep with Mommy?"

"Please ma-am . . ." she whined.

"Okay sweetie. Here's a pillow." Helen tossed a pillow to
Rebecca. "Just sleep right there on the floor where I can
keep my eye on you."

Rebecca wanted to sleep on the sofa, but she would take
what she could get. She settled down on the floor to go to
bed. The only problem was; she couldn't get comfortable
and the carpet cut into her skin.

Finally she summoned up her courage. "Helen-ma-am, may I
sleep in the bed?"

"Sure sweetie, but ask me nicely. Say Mommy, may Becky
sleep with you tonight?"

Rebecca was silent for thirty minutes. She wouldn't-
couldn't say those words. Her body was covered in chill
bumps and rough bumps from the carpet. She was tired,
sleepy and her resolve weakened.

"Please Mommy, may Becky sleep with you tonight," she said,
forcing the words out of her mouth.

"Sure sweetie. Come to bed."

Helen cut on the light, and Rebecca climbed into bed,
trying to keep as far away from the perverted older woman
as possible. It was a useless effort, because Helen
snuggled closer, grabbed Rebecca's shoulder and turned her
over, leaning over top of her, her large breasts dangling
against the young woman's smaller orbs.

"Not as old as you though are you young lady?"

Rebecca hesitated before answering, "No ma-am."

Helen hugged the young executive close, forcing her face
into her hairy armpit. "Good girl, you never have to leave
the nest if you don't want to. You can stay under momma
bird's wing as long as you want."

Rebecca winced at the thought, the older woman's hair
tickled her nose. 'Yuck,' she thought. "Thanks," she

"Now, give mommy a kiss goodnight."

Before Rebecca could protest, Helen's mouth covered her
own, and the tongue parted her lips before she could react.
She tried to lie impassively to let the horrible woman get
the message she wasn't enjoying the kiss one bit, but for
some reason, her body demanded she respond. First, the
young executive returned the kiss and then her hips slid up
and down the older woman's thigh of their own volition.

Helen loved every moment of her former boss's conquest.
Becky was ripe, hers for the picking, and pick it she did.
Her hand slid down Becky's soft stomach and to her wet sex.
She grabbed it forcefully, to let the young blonde know
that it was hers for the taking.

Rebecca didn't try to fight the older woman's embrace.
Instead, she moaned, parted her thighs, giving herself to
Helen. She was rewarded with a penetrating finger,
thrusting into her sex. She tried to meet it, only to find
the finger pulled slightly withdrawn a little further.
Rebecca had to lift her hips up further in order to keep
contact with the probing digit.

So they began a little game, with Helen giving the hungry
fish a little line, before reeling her in further. Helen
cut on the light, smiling a wicked smile as she looked on
at the young executive with her legs spread wide, back
arched, desperately seeking the older woman's finger.

"What does Baby Becky want? Hmmmmm."

Rebecca had long lost all her previous shyness. "Baby
Becky wants to cum. Please, ma'am." Her pussy clenched as
she admitted her depravity.

Helen teased her young victim some more, before picking a
paper and pen off the nightstand. "I'll give it to you all
right Becky, but first, I need you to sign this paper."

Helen handed the paper and pen to the young manager, and
then straddled her chest, facing Rebecca's feet. "You can
use my back to write on, sweetie."

Helen spread the young blonde's nether lips and lightly
spanked her thick pink lips, splattering the moist dew onto
her pelvis and thighs. "So smooth - my smooth baby," she

Rebecca tried to read the paper, but all she could think
about were the sensations coming from her sex. "Ma'am, ah-
what does it say?"

"It basically says you give up all your adult rights and
that you will change your name from Rebecca Thomas, to
Becky Long. In effect, you will be my baby girl."

"Oh God," Rebecca moaned. She was delirious and somehow
the thought of submission sent pangs of pleasure shooting
through her cunt. "For how long?"

"Until mommy gets tired of you." Helen pressed her
fingertip against Rebecca' tight rear passage. Not enough
to penetrate, but enough to tease. She could feel the tip
of the pen on her back, as it scribbled a name.

With the signature, Rebecca's options were decreasing
faster than her stock options. She now belonged to Helen.

"Please, fuck me now ma-am. Fuck Becky," she begged.

Helen lifted her hips and then shifted back to Rebecca's
face, but didn't sit down. "Do you remember the golden
rule Becky?"

"Ah, do unto others as you would have them do unto you?"
She got the message, and stroked the older woman's wet
matted sex, with her long fingers. Earlier that night,
Rebecca looked at the thick forest of hair covering Helen's
cunt with disgust, but she understood and she loved it. It
signified that Helen was a grown woman with authority. It
gave her a reason for giving in.

"No, baby, that's not the golden rule. The golden rule
says that mommy is always right. Now, lick mommy's pussy
you little pussy bitch and you better lick it good if you
want mommy to make you cum."

Helen sat down and enjoyed the probing tongue from the
eager young mouth pleasuring her. The blonde executive
didn't know it yet, but this was only the start of her
submission. Helen would get her used to being underneath
her and licking first her sex and then later her asshole,
only so that she could be masturbated to orgasm. She would
even learn to do so at work - even allowing Helen's friends
to sit on her face. Maybe even a few of Rebecca's friends.
Yes, that would be fun too.

Helen knew that Bernie Edders and the rest of those white-
collar crooks would probably weasel out of their charges,
but that was only because the SEC and congress were too
lenient. They weren't hard enough to do what was needed to
be done.

But not Helen. Yes, Helen was damn well hard enough to get
the job done. There was no way Becky was going to weasel
out from under her. No, not out from under Helen's iron
will and muscular thighs.

Helen's body convulsed in orgasm from the mere thought of
dominating her boss so thoroughly. She humped her thick
hairy bush on the young executive's face, without regard to
the young lady's well being.

The girl had a nice tongue, one that could become skilled
at pleasure. Helen slid forward, so that Becky had access
to her other hole. "You know what I want Becky. Lick my

Helen teased the younger girl's denuded sex with her
fingers, until the blonde relented, kissing the rear
pucker. Helen grabbed Becky by the ankle and bent the
girl's legs back to expose her sex. With her other hand,
she began to fuck the girl with to fingers; the palm of her
hand smacking her pubic bone with every thrust.

She would trade fingers for an eager tongue any day. It
was a good trade. And her fingers wouldn't just be used
for pleasure, they could be used to punish as well. She
pinched Becky's clit, until she heard a high pitched squeal
from beneath her ass.

"Lick it like you mean it you pussy-slut. Stick your
tongue up mommy Helen's ass," she warned.

Yes, she would use those fingers to her advantage very
well. Poor Becky would soon come to realize that Helen
owned her body, not only at home but at the office too;
even while shopping and at restaurants. Her fingers would
pinch, probe, spank, and tease the young executive at the
most inopportune times.

And that was only the start. "Soon, Becky-slut, you will
be working for me,' Helen said with smug satisfaction.
"Tomorrow, you will start writing recommendations for me.
And if that isn't enough, then you will kneel down on those
pretty little legs and use that pouting little mouth of
yours to get me a promotion."

The End
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