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Warior hero ready


Title: Hero's and Demons
Author: D-Ring
Author Email:
Part: Chapter_1_of_3
Keywords: mf, 1st, demon, death, anal, oral
Redistribution: yes, with limitations (see below)
Short Summary: Hero dies and is offered a deal for the life of his friends


Redistribution limitations: Just keep my name and email as the
author and I'm fine with any redstributing providing it is not
part of any profit based venture.

I know it's been a while since the start of the Eros series, but
I sort of got writers block, then one day at work a new story idea
popped up and here it is. It's going to be followed by another
couple of stories, but before they come up the sites got to be up and
running. Please give me feedback, I only get very limited feedback
from the other stories, so I don't what I'm doing right and wrong.
Just drop me an email to so thanks, or to say what you think I could
improve (except spellings, I'm aware of those problems)
My email is

Now for our featured presentation


The blow form one of the many swords attacking him hit his blade,
no time to investigate the wielder, too many blows to block. Strike,
thrust, block, block, dodge, block, and slice, the mantra flowed
from his mind into the willing receptacle that was his body, it was
the only thing keeping him alive.

A sword whistled overhead, but barely more than a hair's width. He
riposted with cut to the belly. Another one fell, another took his

His sword was becoming heavier, as though it was made of concrete,
his body felt as though it was pushing its way through deep water.

He noticed several men collapsing around him, but not from his blows
but from exhaustion. He knew that his own end was near, but he would
fight to the bitter end. He knew that the longer he though the safer
his friends would be as they tried to escape.

His body started to fall and as if in slow motion he saw the blade
that would steal his life, arcing its way towards him. What happened
next took some time for his brain to comprehend the sword was stopped
by a blue staff, then the staff countered ripping the blade from the
owners hands. The staff the spun around causing everyone to an
involuntary step back, those who didn't found themselves flying over
the crowd to their deaths.

Holding the blue staff was a smallish man or woman shrouded in a fine
mist of blue. Before he could get a clearer look he fell into


He woke with a groan, the fine blue mist surround him, but stirred
into movement as if surprised by his awakening.

"H-hello," he said sitting up. His vision was blurred, but it was
rapidly clearing up. All around him where bodies laid out in
circles, each one in various positions indicating violent deaths.

"I recognised a hero," a soft feminine voice said, materialising
from the mist into a gorgeous young woman, no a girl no more than
fourteen, but she carried the blue staff like an experienced
warrior. "I recognised a hero," she repeated, "Your friends are
safe for now, thanks to this," she indicated with her staff the
rows upon row of dead soldiers.

"Why?" he asked surveying his body for wounds, "Not that I'm not
grateful, surely I would be dead if t'weren't for you," he said.
He gave her body a long lingering stare, then chastised himself
for not being able to control his thoughts. Despite looking
mature in certain areas, namely her breasts, and the cunt was
obviously shaved and not youthfully bald, she still looked only

"I haven't saved your life, that is not in my power. You and the
universe decreed that it was your time to die," she said softly,
she paused to stare in his eyes he felt as though he was been
hypnotised. "My master believes that it would be a waste to let
your sacrifice to go to waste, so he sent me to save your friends
and offer you one last chance for your soul to mean something."
She smiled and it was like the overcast afternoon suddenly a
whole summers worth of sun.

"How, why can't I just run, and live?" he asked barely half
believing what this beautiful girl was telling him.

"Don't be silly," she giggled, "You can't run. Where would you
go, you're dead. My master's offer does not last long. In
exchange for saving the life of your friends we get your soul,"
she ran a hand along his cheek, "but as an added bonus, we give
you one of your most desirable dreams," she giggled, "me."

"Er, listen I think you got your info wrong, I'd rather die and
keep my soul. I don't go in for paedophilia," He said as he got
up. He dusted his clothes off and started to walk away. He few
moments later he collapsed clutching at wounds he could not see.

"Well my sweet, you took the hard option," the girl said, but her
voice had dropped a few levels, to that of a more mature woman,
but not old. "That's unfortunate, my master really went to a lot
of expense to help you, if you spurn him now, he'll have to
reverse the time line, and that'll seriously piss up his day. To
top it off your friends will die, slowly and painfully as this
army track each one down and either kill them or make your friends
wish they'd been killed. Now to stop all that happening, sell your
soul, be the hero and have a good time in the bargain." She pulled
him back to where he was before. "Besides I can be anyone you
want me to be, but I know deep down I know you like this body,
enjoy eternal damnation will be yours no matter what you do,
so try and enjoy it."

All he could do was struggle to breath.

"Oh yeah," she giggled returning to her former voice, "Your
fixed again."

He gasped air back into his body greedily. "Go on then silly
what's it going to be?"

"Okay, okay. I guess I ain't got nothing left to lose, what
difference will it make if I've got a soul or no," he said
as he resigned himself to his fate. Deep down he still wanted
this intriguing girl before him. He got up and went to the girl
and attempted to kiss, her but she dodged back.

"Not here silly, let's go back to my bedroom," she giggled.

He was starting to get annoyed, he was in a really strange
place psychologically, hell he was dead physically it would
never get much stranger. That one word meant something now,
hell that is, never had he thought much in regards to how a
fterlife worked.

"Turn around," she said, making a circle with her finger
then she thrust the finger in her mouth and sucked on it.


He turned around and as he did he was suddenly in a room.
It was a very lavishly decorated room, he guessed it
belonged to the daughter of a noble. It had all the
trimmings that would be expected, little wooden dolls,
in soft plush dolls in petticoats. Silk sheets trimmed with
pictures of teddy bears. Books appropriate for a young girl,
assorted whips, he had to look twice at the last series of
objects, the whips.

"Well what happens next?" he asked unsure how to proceed.
He imagined it was like the first time you visit a prostitute,
he didn't know how to start, but she did. The girl ran and jumped
up, landing in his arms, then she passionately kissed him, he
staggered and landed on the bed with her in his arms. He started
removing her top, she pulled at his shirt, and it somehow
dematerialised. Has he fumbled with the buttons to her top it
likewise dematerialised. She was now completely naked, he stopped
marvelling about things that couldn't happen. His moved down her
body kissing every bit he could, he moved to her large breasts and
worshipped them like he'd never worshipped tits before. Bit her
right tit, he enjoyed the way her body arced as he teeth sunk in,
even though it was only lightly, he suckled on the left one, and
was pleasantly surprised to find that she produced milk, but he
stopped only briefly to taste, he carried on down her body, past
her belly button, down to saved mound.

She moaned as he started making circles with his tongue around her
clitoris, he moved his tongue over every part of her sex, then he
slowly and deliberately curled his tongue and pushed his way into
her tight vagina. He made little thrusts with his tongue, she
screamed with pleasure as he tongue fucked her.

She grabbed the back of his head, trying to stop him from leaving
his worship of her, and he willingly obliged her every whim. Then
he pulled back, his arced with a full force orgasm, her juices
flowing powerfully, and lapped up as much as he could, then he
kissed her, sharing her own juices with her. Then she pushed him
over onto his back, then started moving down his body, she came to
his leather hose, but they vanished under her touch, she grabbed
his manhood roughly, but he couldn't stop her. She licked around
the head then push back the fore skin and then proceeded to worship
his entire penis with her tongue, then slowly she engulfed it. It was
hard for her to fit it in her mouth. He revels in the tightness of her
mouth, as she starts to move back and forth on his head. She starts to
push his dick further down her throat, fighting the gag reflex, he
starts to thrust in time with her own efforts. His balls suddenly
tighten, aided by the ministrations of her hands massaging them,
he shot his load down her throat, and she pulled back so that it
landed in her mouth and on her face. She licked up his cum greedily.

"Hmm..." she moaned. "I want you in me," she whispered greedily.

"You sure, your so small and I'm so big," he said getting into the mood
of things.

"Hmm... I'm sure," she moaned.

"He got over her body and started kissing her passionately, he grabbed
and rubbed her tits with his hands. Then he moved his hands down to
her buttocks and massaged them.

He whispered in her ear, "I don't want you pussy, I've had that."

Then he lifted her read end up and violently shoved his dick into
tiny anus, brutally stretching her sphincter, then started thrusting,
harder and harder. She screamed in time to his thrusts, barely having time
to breath before a hammered into her. He revelled in her tightness, the
feeling as his balls banged against her butt cheeks every time he penetrated

She started lifting to meet his thrusts, trying to get every inch
inside of her, pain was becoming pleasure as she got used to the
large member thrusting into her. Moaning now, she enjoyed the
attention he gave her tits. He felt the urge come on him, he
started he thrusting harder, then he let go and shot after shot
of cum filled her bowels, at the same time she came, revelling
in the orgasm that was shooting through her body.

Then he collapsed on her spent, she laid there and started to laugh.
He rolled off and out of her. Then looked at her with horror as her
face and body started to change, her smile, became sinister he teeth
grew, her skin became scaly. Looking back he could only describe her
as demon-esque. With out thinking he grabbed one of the whips,
unfurled it and just as she jumped up in the air towards him, he
struck out wrapping the whip round her throat and used it to pull
her mid air to one of the ends of the beds, which she fell and was
skewered by the bed post through the heart.

The demon screamed and squealed in agony, then erupted into flames.

Before he could comprehend what he'd done he found himself surrounded
by flames, so he kicked his way through the door, and ran right back
to the area he'd been fighting, dead bodies still unmoved. He grabbed
some clothes, and armour, and a sword and set off running in the
opposite direction to that of his friends.

He was out of hear shot and sight when a fiery figure appeared and
surveyed the scene, then looked at the dead body of one of his own
demons, still smoking. "Run know warrior, but I have plans for you.
Yes you will do me several great services before your soul is mine.
You will repay me for the loss of one of my demons. You will rue the
day you broke a contract with me mortal..."


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