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We Three 1


We Three 1/? {Redman} {MFF cons exhib}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: Comments and corrections are welcomed
at This story is intended for
mature readers and contains scenes about mature sexual
situations. If it is illegal for you to read this
material because of your age or the laws where you
reside, please do not do so.
We Three: Part 1
Carol and Jim were our best friends. Well, that's not
entirely true. Carol was our best friend. We tolerated
Jim for Carol's sake, but he was a bit of a lush.

Jim was a perennial student. He was taking his time
going for his doctorate in psychology. That was
interesting in itself because he was one of the least
well-adjusted people I knew. He couldn't seem to hold
a job as a counselor. During the two years that we had
known them, he had had four jobs.

Jim and Carol were both several years older than my
wife was. She's two and a half years older than I am.
That would normally mean I was the baby of the bunch,
but Jim acted so immature most of the time that even I
didn't respect him much.

But worst of all, when he was under pressure, he would
turn to the bottle. We were in our twenties and it was
the 1980's. Everybody drank. Jim drank to excess and
he wasn't a pleasant drunk.

Carol on the other hand was a great lady. She and my
wife, Marjorie, worked together as Special Ed teachers
for emotionally disturbed kids. My wife taught them
basic subjects: social studies, math, english and
reading. Carol was an art therapist. Not only was she
a good art teacher for the kids, but she was always
interested in the underlying meaning behind their
work. Why does one kid draw his family outside of the
house and another inside? That sort of thing.

Even though she was my wife's best friend, I had
noticed that Carol was attractive, of course. It would
have been hard to miss. She had short blonde hair and
a small, turned up nose that was very cute. She was
slender and small breasted. She always moved with
grace and energy, always had a ready smile.

Marjorie and Carol were as thick as thieves. I think
it came from the camaraderie of dealing with those
kids. When Marj would describe their day, it was
obvious to me that the job was very demanding. They
had some backup, but they had to learn to deal with
out of control kids and how to diffuse difficult
situations. The kids were young, never more than
twelve; but some twelve-year olds can get pretty big
and neither one of the girls were built like
weightlifters. I worried about Marj, but it was a job
that she truly loved.

I worked all night as a dispatcher and went to school
during the day. We all had off on weekends so we would
usually end up doing something together. Marj and I
learned to tolerate Jim's moods. It wasn't that
difficult because a lot of the time there would be
some excuse why he couldn't be with us. Most of the
time he was studying. The rest of the time he was
probably hung-over.

So we would go out to eat or barbecue at our place
most weekends. More than eighty percent of the time it
was only Carol, Marj and I. We would go to the movies
together and argue afterwards about whether it was any
good. Carol and I always had an opinion and usually
they were opposite one another.

Carol liked emotional tearjerkers; I liked action
shows. Carol liked historical dramas; I liked science
fiction flicks, the cheesier the better. Carol liked
Chinese and Italian food; I liked Indian and Mexican.
We had a good-natured rivalry about which of us could
pick the better film or the better restaurant we all
could afford.

Carol was also more competitive than Marj at games and
sports. Marj loved to play cards or charades after
dinner. She just enjoyed having fun together. Carol
and I played to win. I think she liked to beat me more
than almost anything else in the world. It was all in
good fun and neither of us would really go for the
jugular in our little games; however I began to notice
that we both seemed to experienced a brief, personal
elation from beating the other. Our eyes would meet
and linger just a bit too long. Our competitions,
which began innocently enough, developed almost a
sexual tension and flavor.

Where I really began to notice it was on the tennis
court. At the small commuter college that I attended,
there was one broken down tennis court that no one
ever used. We often had to sweep leaves or water off
the court and the surface wasn't exactly flat. Most of
the time the net sagged pitifully in the middle.

It didn't matter too much though, because none of us
could play worth a damn. I had grown up near courts
and always enjoyed tennis, but had never played
competitively. Carol had never played at all before we
met. And Marjorie - well the only athletics that my
wife was gifted at were the horizontal varieties. But,
it wasn't the sportsmanship of the tennis that was so
much fun. I enjoyed it just to see two beautiful women
chase after the balls in skimpy shorts.

It was my favorite competition because it was always
so easy for me to win. The girls would play together
against me most of the time. Carol and I would rally
back and forth; her natural grace and athleticism just
slightly over-matched by my experience and stronger
strokes. But, if I ever got behind, it was easy to
just tap the ball to my wife's side of the court and
watch her scramble to try and hit it at all. Sometimes
after a really good rally, if Marj lost the point,
Carol would become exasperated and throw her hands up
just a little in frustration. But of course, that just
made me laugh about it all the more because it was all
suppose to be just having fun, wasn't it?

It was during one of those Saturday tennis matches
that our relationship with Carol began to change
dramatically, at least for me. We had been playing for
a while and were all having a lot of fun. The girls
looked nice today and it was great weather. I had even
let them win the middle set, allowing Carol to have a
little sense of victory. To tell the truth, she had
pushed herself hard and won it honestly.

Marj had gotten tired midway through the third set and
set out the last four games. That's when Carol and I
had cranked it up another notch or two and started to
go after one another. We had been playing for three
months and she was getting much better. Being the
competitor she was, she might have been practicing on
the side.

Because I have a bit of a sadistic streak, I made her
work hard to stay in it too. If I got ahead in the
point I would lob it from side to side, always just
enough where Carol would have to run to return it.
There were even times when I could have put a point
away, but it felt good to work her around the court at
my whim. She was graceful and I enjoyed watching her
body move so well. I loved to see the sweat pouring
off of her as she scrambled and strained to get every
ball I hit.

I finally won the match and took a moment to gloat
over my victory before leading her to where Marj
waited under a nearby oak tree. We both plopped down
exhausted and sweaty as my wife handed us each a soft
drink from our cooler. I kidded Carol about whether
she would like to play another set or not.

"I don't think so, I'm getting a little tired from
running all over the court," she said with a
mischievous grin. It must have been obvious to her
that I had enjoyed it, maybe even enjoyed it a little
too much.

I couldn't help but rub it in just a bit, "You know, I
thought toward the very end you were looking a little
beat out there!"

She shook up her soft drink and sprayed me as we all
laughed together. I couldn't help noticing that Carol
looked very sexy in her thin, cotton T-shirt that was
soaked with her perspiration. When she leaned back,
her bra with clearly visible through the shirt. But, I
had seen Carol sweaty many times. I had enjoyed it
each time, but there was little true novelty to it.

But, something new did happen next. As Carol leaned
back, she stretched her legs in front of her and
spread them in a V-shape before her. She cocked her
leg up just enough that the loose material of her
shorts flared out and I could see very far up them. In
fact, by tilting my head just a little I could easily
see her delightful, sweaty mound covered in white

It was the most titillating and exciting thing I had
seen since junior high. I was getting glimpses of my
wife's best friend's pussy so openly and so very
close. I had occasionally gotten peeks at Carol's
breasts and other stolen glimpses of her flesh. She
rarely wore a bra unless we were exercising. Her
breasts were simply not that big that it would matter.

But what I was seeing now was even more stimulating
than anything else I had seen before. To begin with,
her panties were rather narrow in the crotch so that
they exposed plenty of skin. Then there were the fine,
blonde hairs that I could easily see sticking out of
the leg. None of us were much into swimming so maybe
Carol never trimmed, but the fineness of her pubic
hair made it less noticeable. I think the only reason
I could see it so well was because of how wet we all
were with sweat.

But easily the most intriguing thing about the sight
between Carol's legs was the prominence of her pubis.
Her mons pubis rose up almost obscenely high between
her legs, especially in contrast to her flat stomach.
It was such a startling sight that having once
glimpsed it, my eyes were invariably drawn back to it
over and over.

Marj and I had always commented to each other about
Carol's sense of freedom about displaying her body.
She wasn't an exhibitionist. It was just that she
didn't seem to notice when she was displaying more of
herself than most women would. Perhaps she grew up in
a family that just felt comfortable showing skin, but
sometime it was difficult not to gawk at her. She was,
after all, a lovely girl.

But this time, I guess I was gawking. At least no one
else seemed to notice. They were happily yammering
about something between them. I was happily looking up
Carol's shorts at her beautiful cunt. Luckily I was so
tired and exhausted that I didn't get an immediate
boner, but my penis was beginning to thicken the
longer we sat like this.

Suddenly I became aware that the girls had gotten
quiet. I looked up and saw both of them looking at me.
I guess I blushed, probably deeply, with embarrassment
at being caught peeking like a schoolboy. I didn't
seem to hurt their feelings though, because both of
them just seemed to laugh it off and go back to their

Except that Carol didn't close her legs. I could still
see straight up her shorts as long as we continued to
sit like this and as long as her legs were spread just
the way they were. If anything, she spread them out
just a little further. I wondered what Marjorie would
do, but they went back to talking as though nothing
else was important.

I honestly didn't know whether they wanted me to keep
looking or not. It really didn't matter anyway. Once I
had seen those wonderfully mysterious panties and that
prominent mysterious pussy, my eyes couldn't seem to
stay away no matter what danger my brain told me I was
in. Even if my wife had placed a gun to my head I
couldn't have...

"Roger, did you hear what I said?" Marjorie was

"Sorry, I guess not," I replied sheepishly.

"You seem to be a little distracted," she snickered,
looking at a giggling Carol as she said it. "I asked
you if you're ready to leave now?"

"Well, if we have to, sure."

I stood up, trying to adjust my shorts unobtrusively,
and then offered a hand to help my wife off the
ground. She allowed me to pull her up and even cupped
my groin with her other hand, pressing it into my cock
and balls as she rose from the ground. Of course this
only proved to make me stiffer, much to my wife's
apparent delight. But, I was able to retrieve a bit of
my dignity by snatching up the cooler and holding it
in front of my tenting shorts.

The girls seemed to be having a bit of fun at my
distress, asking if I needed help in carrying the
cooler and remarking at the fine scenery on the
college grounds. Or rather, I should say my wife was
having most of the fun. She was the one making most of
the cracks but Carol was laughing along with her. Marj
had a bit of a lusty look to her eye that warned me
that not only was she having a good time but that we
might be having an even better time latter.

We rode in our car the short distance to our
apartment. Once there, Carol said her good-byes in the
parking lot. She gave Marjorie a hug and they said
something about possibly getting together the next
day, which was Sunday.

Carol looked across the car at me with another
mischievous grin. "It was great to see you again,
Roger. Good game!"

Well, two can play that game I suppose. "It was very
nice to see you too, Carol. I hope we can do it again

We all had a laugh and Marj and I waited until she
pulled away to go in. As Carol was backing her car
out, I nuzzled my wife's tasty neck and told her I was
going to take a shower, inviting her to join me.

As I was unlocking the door, Marjorie was fondling my
ass. As we were running up to the upstairs bathroom,
we were both tossing damp clothes along the way. In
record time we were cuddling together under a full
spray of warm, clean water.

"Were you really looking at what I think you were
looking at, you nasty man?"

"God, yes! Once I saw it I couldn't take my eyes off
of it."

"It does look quite different than mine doesn't it?"

I was taken aback. When had my wife ever seen Carol's
snatch before? When I asked her, she just gave a long
tittering laugh.

"We've gone shopping together silly. I was with her
when she bought those shorts she had on today.
Besides, sometimes we have to change for outings at
school and so we just change in an empty classroom

"Now there's a nasty thought. Have you ever seen her
completely naked?"

"Of course I have. You know how free she is with
showing herself. Sometimes she'll strip right down and
change undies and all."

"You know I could see the hairs all around her cunt?
You don't mind that I looked?"

"You wouldn't be a man if you hadn't looked. Even I
look sometimes. She has a very nice body."

"You can say that again. I've never seen a panty-
covered pussy that looked like that, not even in the

"I know, it sticks up so high, doesn't it?"

"It's the damnedest thing I've ever seen!"

"You've never noticed it before? Not even when she
wears shorts or pants? You can see it plainly even
through her clothes sometimes."

"God, no. I don't go around looking at women's
crotches. Their tits and their asses yes, not their

"Oh really? Women look at crotches all the time. I'm
surprised you don't. I've always assumed you did."

I couldn't believe my wife and I were talking this
freely about her best friend's crotch. Or about me
looking at it. I couldn't resist pressing her luscious
body against the shower wall and grinding my thick
cock into her belly.

"So you go around looking at crotches all day do you?
Is that why you come home horny all the time?"

"Why do you think I latched onto you so quickly after
I met you? You made me hungry the moment I saw you
Roger, and I just wanted to take you home and eat it."

Marjorie knows I love it when she talks dirty and we
both were getting quite worked up in the shower. I
leaned her against the back wall facing away from me
and got behind her, in between her and the showerhead.
At first I just rubbed her cunt with my right hand and
her breasts with my left, but Marj was already wet and
ready for me. Normally I love to play with her and
enjoy bringing her off manually, but we were both too
stimulated to go slowly.

I spread her legs wider and felt her labia open a
little for me. I took my cock in my hand and began to
rub my wife's fleshy vulva and clitoris with the
spongy, circumcised head. I rubbed it along the slick
lips of her gash until the crown was coated with her
creamy juices. Finally, after I had teased her with it
enough, she reached between her legs and guided me
into her hole.

"You wanted to fuck her like this, didn't you, you
nasty man?"

"I wanted to fuck you both."

"You're a great fuck Roger, but a terrible liar," Marj
groaned, thrusting back onto my cock. "You just wanted
to pull those shorts down and fuck her right there,
didn't you?"

"Oh God, Marj. If you keep talking like that I'm gonna

"You just wanted to stick you face up those shorts and
suck the sweat off of her cunt, didn't you? Didn't
you, you nasty fuck?"

I had just enough control to reach under Marj and
start to vigorously frig her clit to the rhythm of our
pounding. As soon as I did, my wife became too
delirious to keep talking her nasty talk. She could
only moan and clamp down on my thick cock as I
buffeted her with it. Too soon she grunted deeply and
her cunt squeezed down on my dick delightfully as she
began to cum on it.

Her orgasm was too much for me. I pulled her hips back
forcefully and buried my shaft deep in her spasming
cunt. I could feel the tight ring of her cervix
pressed against the head and I strained to hold my cum
back as long as I could. Finally, the delirium
overcame me and I felt my prick rupture inside of her,
spewing my seed deep in her womb. The force of my cum
raised her onto the balls of her feet and I ran my
hands up her belly, milking tits as we both continued
to convulse against each other.

"You haven't fucked me that hard in a while. I'm going
to have to get her to show you her snatch more often."

"Ummn, I love you, baby. You're a nasty, beautiful

"I love you too, Roger. And I love that nasty cock of
yours too!"


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