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We Three 2


We Three 2/? {Redman} {MF rough Rom}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: Comments and corrections are welcomed at This story is intended for mature
readers and contains scenes about mature sexual
situations. If it is illegal for you to read this
material because of your age or the laws where you
reside, please do not do so.

We Three: Part 2

After our nice shower, I was feeling pretty mellow.
Marjorie had just had the edge taken off of her
arousal, though. After drying ourselves off, I allowed
her to steer me with my rudder (or would that be
rutter?) toward our bed.

"I've still got your stuff dripping out of me,"
Marjorie said with a coquettish smile while dabbing
between her legs with a towel. My wife was fascinated
with the feel of my semen coming out of her. To hear
her speak, one would think I shot gallons into her.

"You're a good woman, Marjorie McBride."

It may have been that I was feeling especially good
after that shower, but I couldn't imagine being with
any better match than my wife. We had certainly gone
through an adjustment phase, but every day I grew to
love some other aspect of her personality more.

"No, I'm not," Marj said, pushing me down to a seated
position on our bed. She draped herself over my lap,
raising her naked behind up obscenely. "I'm a bad
little girl," she said, biting her lower lip poutingly
while wagging that beautiful bottom in my face.

This was one of Marjorie's favorite games that she only
played when she was especially horny. I knew this game
was based on her actual experiences as a girl, but how
much was reality and how much was fantasy still wasn't
clear to me.

"I guess you need a spanking then, little girl."

Marjorie squirmed around on my lap, delighted that she
had coaxed me into her game. We didn't often do this,
because I still couldn't understand it fully. I only
knew that it filled some deep need in her and today I
was willing to do anything she wanted.

"I may have to spank you very hard, because you've been
very bad. Do you understand, little girl?"

"Yes daddy, I understand. Please don't spank me very
hard. I'll be good."

I knew the last part was real. Marjorie didn't want to
be spanked hard, what she wanted was more the show of
spanking, not the force of it.

I brought my hand up and gave her bottom a loud smack,
designed more for sound than fury.

"That hurt's too much daddy."

I decreased the force of Marjorie's "spanking" until
she was purring like a pussycat in my lap. It was
really more of an open handed massage, but I patted her
ass with it all over. She would moan and writhe so
lovely that anyone who were only watching might wonder
if I were beating the poor girl to death or whether she
was dying of ecstasy.

Before long, her throat was humming a deep tune of
continuous arousal. I paid particular attention to the
insides of her thighs and the crack of her bottom and
elicited even more earthy vocalizations. All the while
we were doing this, Marjorie wanted me to tell her how
much she needed to be spanked and disciplined.

"I need to take my belt and bend you right over in the
grocery store and whip your naked hiney young lady."

"But everyone would be able to see me, daddy."

"You should have thought of that when you were being
bad. Nasty little girls need to have their nasty little
bottoms spanked. That's just the way it is."

"Daddy, I need a finger."

Now this was the part I was much more comfortable with.
I slid my hand up between Marjorie's thighs and began
to rub her clitoris with the web between my thumb and
index finger. Marj groaned and rocked back, burying my
thumb into her wet, hot pussy and eliciting even deeper

"Your pussy feels very slick today, little girl. Have
you been letting some nasty boy shoot his sperm up
inside you again?"

Marjorie was very close to cumming already. She rocked
back on my thumb, burying it with me as deep as we
could. I felt her nipple with my left hand and it was
as hard as a rock. She immediately covered my hand with
one of hers and squeezed her own breast roughly with my

"Only you daddy. I only let you cum inside me."

Hmmm, that's the first time Marjorie had said that. She
said it so convincingly, I wondered if her father had
really fucked her and cum in her little pussy? There
were still many parts of the reality behind this game
that Marjorie wouldn't talk with me about yet.

That was only a passing thought at the moment though.
She looked and smelled and felt so good I wanted to
fuck her myself very soon.

I pulled out my thumb to the sound of Marj's whimpers
and replaced it with my two middle fingers. Together
they were a little thicker and I could reach to a
comparable depth. I was still able to rub her erect
clit with my index finger. Just as importantly, I was
able to begin to stimulate her anus with my now cum
slickened thumb.

Just circling her perfect little pucker with my wet
thumb threw my baby into an orgasmic fit. She pushed
down as she squealed and came, trapping my index finger
between her pubis and my thigh. She ground it into me,
almost painfully, as I strained to give her as much of
my two fingers as I could. At the last possible moment,
I popped the first joint of my thumb into the tight
ring of her asshole, only to be surprised when she
pushed back forcefully, burying the entire thumb into
her lubricated anus.

She continued to quiver as I squeezed her breast and
rocked my hand back and forth between her ass and cunt.
In the end, she gave a muffled groan and collapsed on
my lap, smacking her lips contentedly.

She grimaced as I pulled my thumb out of her bottom.
That part had really surprised me. Marjorie loved to
have her ass touched and tickled; rarely did she like
me to actually penetrate it. I guess she HAD been
really carried away today.

"I think you made daddy very horny little girl."

Marjorie crawled off my lap and climbed onto the bed
face down, sticking her bottom up ridiculously high
into the air. She never wanted to talk after her
"spanking sessions" or answer my many questions. She
just wanted to be fucked very hard. In that we were in
complete agreement. That was exactly what I planned to

I crawled up behind her and slipped my already
throbbing cock between the open lips of her vagina.
With a mutual grunt, I buried myself within her with a
solid jab. Marjorie was slick and warm. It was entirely
too easy to set up a fast, steady rhythm as I plunged
into her wet core obsessively.

My eyes were already starting to roll back in their
sockets when I looked down and saw Marjorie with her
face pressed hard into the mattress, sucking her thumb.
God, it's nasty when she does that! I'm never certain
if she's reverting back to childhood or thinking of
some big cock in her mouth, but either way it gets to

We've both descended to the level of incomprehensible
speech and all that matters is fucking into my wife as
quickly and as thoroughly as possible. There's no way
to objectively tell how long I rut into her like this.
For a part of me it seems like a blissful eternity. For
another part it is but a fleeting second that is over
far too quick.

It's hard to tell if Marj is cumming or not at this
point. Her pussy has been convulsing around me since I
started. Her thick creams have been frothing around my
cock the whole time. I can see her sucking that thumb
deep into her mouth and suddenly nothing matters except
shooting my seed as deep into her gorgeous cunt as I
can. I give her one final, agonizingly hard thrust,
almost knocking her off the bed. There's no way she's
falling though. I've got her hips in a death grip and
my prick is shoved up inside her about ten feet.

After I finished firing my load up into my magnificent
wife, the head of my penis is so sore it almost aches
to withdraw it. I collapse limply on the bed, my face
coming to rest within a foot of her own. She's still
sucking her thumb, though less frantically with every
moment. She has the face of an angel, or at least the
face of a well-fucked woman. Perhaps they are the same.

All I can do is look at this glorious, wonderful
stranger that I know so well. Her eyes are still closed
but she withdraws the thumb and reaches back to rub her
hand through her pubic hair. Her ass is still thrust
obscenely into the air, as if in open invitation to the
next stud to come and take his turn. Luckily, there's
only me and the woman I love.

She opens her eyes. They are bright and glittery in the
fading light of the room, like two miniature
flashlights. I tell her how much I love her and want
her and how much I'll love her for the rest of my life.
At least, I think that's what my eyes are saying.

"I've got your stuff dripping out of me again," she
says with a contented smile.

"You're a good woman Marjorie McBride, but your going
to have to wait a while before I have the energy to
fuck you again."

"Maybe you need something to eat."

"In a minute love, just let me look at you a while."

So we stayed there while the sun set: my wife with her
ass high in the air and me looking lovingly into her


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