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We Three 3


We Three 3/? {Redman} {MF rom MFF exhib}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: I'm writing this story in a frenzy.
Please overlook, or better yet help me correct, any
mistakes you may find. Comments and corrections are
welcomed at This story is
intended for mature readers and contains scenes about
mature sexual situations. If it is illegal for you to
read this material because of your age or the laws
where you reside, please do not do so.
We Three: Part 3
"Carol is coming over for steaks and salads later
today, would you mind cleaning the grill this morning?"
my wife asked me sweetly.

I looked up into her eyes. "Of course, but can we talk
about it later." I was trying to concentrate on my
wife's fluid hips rising and falling, sliding my cock
in and out of her in that slow, easy way she liked to
start our weekend days.

"But, I thought you liked me to talk about Carol while
we screw. You sure seemed to like it yesterday," she
said with a malicious grin.

"You're a nasty woman, have I ever told you that?"

"Hmm, just yesterday. Hold still a minute."

Marjorie raised to a straight sitting position with my
penis buried deep within her. She reached to her side
and got her small, white vibrator again. She switched
it on and held the tip against her clitoris, just at
the junction of where we met.

When Marj used her toy, she wanted me to hold very
still. Well, not my hands. She wanted me to stop
thrusting in her. She liked me to soothingly rub her
breasts or to trace calming circles around her belly.
Very soon she laid her free hand on my chest and leaned
against me slightly. She held her breath and tightened
the muscles of her stomach. I could feel the subtle
fluttering of contractions within her vagina as her
orgasm rippled through her.

Marjorie's daybreak orgasms are tender things. She
liked to be on top in the mornings so she could pace
herself and enjoy several before I needed release. On
workdays I would come home from my night job and wake
her by crawling into bed naked and coaxing her on top
of me.

But she especially liked weekend mornings when we slept
together, and not just for the comfort of lying next to
each other either. I always tended to last longer when
I just woke up, something Marjorie would take advantage
of when she came home from work too!

She switched off the vibrator but continued to hold
herself very still. I could tell she was still reveling
in her little ecstasies even though I could no longer
feel the contractions around my dick. She was so
beautiful just like this: face set in concentration,
eyes closed and every muscle in her body taunt with
tension. It was moments like these I swear I loved her

Her body relaxed suddenly and completely. Her eyes
opened, glistening playfully.

"That was a nice one. Now it's your turn."

"I can wait one more if you want," I was still feeling
the effects from yesterday's excitement, so I had a bit
more patience this morning. Even so, her lovely cunt
was starting to milk me very nicely.

"No, three's enough for now," Marjorie groaned as she
began picking up the pace with her hips. "I don't want
to be greedy."

Neither one of us needed to speak much after that. I
gripped her with both hands on her large, fleshy
breasts and began to thrust up into her, increasingly
lengthening the stroke. As we built up speed and
intensity, we looked into each other' eyes and threw
ourselves together with abandon. Within a minute of
this viscous pounding, I was ready to explode. As I
strained into her, Marjorie ran her hands along my
sides until they came to rest on my chest. There she
gave my nipples one light twist as I began to cum,
triggering my spasm that started deep in her belly.

* * * * *

After we had taken our shower together, I was puttering
on the patio while Marj made a light breakfast. I took
the rack off the grill. I would have to hose it down
later. I'd have to dump the charcoal out too, but I
didn't want to get messy with either of those jobs
until after breakfast.

While we were eating, I told Marj I had to go pick up
some briquettes and asked her if there was anything
else we needed for the evening.

"Why don't you pick up some red wine and some more
mushrooms if you want them."

"Oh yea! Mushrooms on everything! That's my motto! Is
it just Carol today or is Jim coming too?"

"Just her, why?"

"I needed to know if I should pick up two bottles of
wine or five."

"Just two, regardless. We're not going to encourage his
bad habits anymore," she said frowning at me. The
maddest my wife had ever been at me was one night when
she felt I encouraged Jim to drink too much. To my
defense, even though Jim is an unpleasant drunk, I
don't find him too much better when he's sober. That
was the night we found an empty whiskey bottle in our
bathroom where Jim had been sneaking drinks all night.
After that we started hiding the hard liquor when he
came over.

"Well, you encourage my bad habits, so don't fuss at me
too much."

"That's only because I enjoy your bad habits myself."

* * * * *

I picked up two bottles of the girls' favorite wine for
them and a bottle of creme de mente for me along with
the charcoal. After I got home I fixed myself a tall
glass of iced tea with a generous splash of creme de
mente, a little concoction I like to call "green tea."
On the weekend, I can maintain a pleasant buzz all day
with green tea and not get wasted.

I cleaned the grill and straightened up the patio for
company. I was a mess after hosing off the grill so I
went upstairs to wash up.

Marj was propped up on our bed, talking on the phone.
That in itself wouldn't have caught my attention accept
that she was also naked and twirling her fingers
absentmindedly through her pubic hair. When she saw me,
she covered the receiver and blew me a kiss. I cocked
my head and looked at her beautiful pussy that was
winking at me delightfully. Then she spoiled the view
by covering herself with her free hand.

I approached her menacingly, holding up my dirty,
charcoal covered hands before me. "Need some help
there, little girl?" I said in my best dirty lecher
imitation. Then I had to retreat to the bathroom,
dodging pillows amidst the sounds of girlish laughter.

After I cleaned up, I leaned against the door trying to
eavesdrop on my wife's conversation like any normal
husband would. She was talking in hushed, confidential
tones and all I could hear was something about "in the
shower" and "again afterward." I figured by then she
must have been talking to Carol, though it still
surprised me that she would talk to even her best
friend so freely about our sex life.

Marj must have realized I was listening in because she
busted me and ran me downstairs. I freshened my green
tea and crashed in front of the stereo. Plugging in the
headphones so that the music wouldn't bother Marj, I
put on a cassette tape of Keith Jarrett playing solo
piano. My wife didn't like most of my jazz music. She
said it, "didn't have a tune." So I only played it when
she wasn't around or with the headphones.

I'm not sure how long I was under the spell of the
piano, but somewhere in the trance I realized that
there was a quiet, naked girl sitting on the floor
beside me. She looked a little sad and wistful, so I
pulled off the headphones and put a hand on her knee,

"What's wrong, babe?"

"Nothing really. I was just thinking how lucky were are
to be together."

"That makes you sad?"

"No, silly," she said as she leaned over and put her
head on my chest, hugging me tight. "That doesn't make
me sad. I'm just sad that everyone can't have what we

"What did Jim do now?" I took a guess. Marj usually got
this way after commiserating with Carol over the
failures of her husband.

Marj gave me her "quit being a smartass and jumping
ahead in the conversation" look and said, "Just the
usual really. He was passed out when she got home and
now he's supposedly off doing research for his

"Has he even decided what he's doing it on yet?"

"Apparently not. Or if he has, he hasn't shared it with

"With the way that Jim likes to do research, it's
probably something about the effects of alcohol on
mentally unstable people."

"Oh well, I'm going to get dressed. Carol asked if she
could come on over since he's gone anyway. Is that OK
with you?"

"She's probably already left, hasn't she?"

"Yea, probably."

"Then it's alright with me."

So I got a smack on my legs for being a smartass,

While Marj got dressed I got the steaks ready,
seasoning them a little more thoroughly like I liked. I
decided to lay off the green tea for a while just to
ameliorate the level of buzziness. I opened a bottle of
the wine and used some of it to whip up a nice sauce
for the mushrooms and set them on the stove to simmer.
Just as I was finishing up. Marj was coming down.

She looked fetching in a yellow sundress that went well
with her generous breasts and bottom. I couldn't help
hugging her tight and, while I was at it, running my
hand up the skirt to make sure she was wearing panties.
She was this time, though sometimes if it's just us
three around the house she'll do without. She made a
friendly show of swatting my hand away, but not until I
had gotten a good feel.

"You're certainly feisty tonight."

"That's `cause you only let me love on you once today."

"The night's still young rover, or do I have to put you
on a leash?"

"No ma'am, I'll be a good boy when company gets here."

"Well, you don't have to be too good. Flashing you
yesterday was the most fun she's had in a while."

"You talked to her about that? Geez, I can't believe
some of the things ya'll talk about."

"It's not like it's a big secret. She's been sexually
frustrated for months now since the semester started
and Jim's went AWOL emotionally again. She's been
downright crabby at work."

"If it was me, I'd just get a vibrator and not tell

"Oh, she's got one and uses it regularly. But after a
while a vibrator just make a girl even more horny and
more frustrated."

"Listen, as much as I love to talk about Carol's sex
life, we need to either get off the subject or you need
to fuck me right here and right now."

"OK, how about you go change into that stripped shirt
and those brown shorts I like so much"

"How about a quick blowjob instead?"

"How about I get a fork and stick it."

While I was changing I heard Carol's voice announcing
her presence. Even though the brown shorts were not my
favorite, I decided to humor a wife that had just
threatened me with bodily harm. They were a little
tight, but at least by the time I got them on I had
lost the hard-on I had been developing in the kitchen.

Or maybe I should say I partially lost it, because as
soon as I went downstairs and Carol greeted me with a
peck on the cheek, I began to stiffen up again. Maybe
it was because we had just been talking about her
sexual frustrations, or maybe it was her perfume. In
any case by the time I pulled away from her, my wife's
eyebrows were raised and her eyes were laughing at my
predicament again.

Probably out of sensitivity to Carol, she didn't
mention anything so I busied myself with another refill
of green tea. I was going to need the fortification
with these two tonight.

Carol was dressed in a light blue cotton dress. I tried
to remember when I had last seen them both in dresses.
Usually around the house it was shorts or pants.
Looking at the two of them together, both good-looking
women but both so different from one another, was an
inspiring sight that didn't help my high strung libido
at the moment.

I asked when I should put on the steaks and we all
decided that we would wait for a couple of hours to
eat. In the mean time I poured them each a glass of
wine and they drifted upstairs, chatting merrily about
something. I checked on the mushrooms, pouring a bit
more wine in the sauce. Since the girls didn't seem to
need my company at the moment, and I didn't need to
start the fire for about an hour, I drifted back to the
stereo and listened to the other side of my tape.

As I lay on the floor, the last glass of green tea was
beginning to work into my system. I could feel the
gentle buzz returning, fading in and out with the
falling notes of the piano. I could have easily lain
back and taken a nap, except that just as I was about
to close my eyes, the girls came walking through my
peripheral vision and I was instantly alert.

They were talking to each other animatedly. I couldn't
hear them over the music or the earphones, but I could
hear their muffled conversation and see their lips as
they walked toward me. I pretended to still be under
the influence of the music, keeping my eyes open only a
crack as they drew closer.

They came right up to the stereo and my wife was
showing Carol a record album. At least I think that's
what they were doing. I was looking up both of their
dresses. Or rather, I was looking up Carol's dress. It
wasn't that difficult since she was only standing about
three feet away. I couldn't see all the way up her
dress, no panties so far, but I could clearly see her
fine, well-formed legs.

That would have been just fine. But my luck improved
even more when Marj went to look at something near the
stereo and Carol had to take another step back toward

There it was, a wonderful, luscious butt covered in
powder blue satin, or silk, or whatever that shiny
material is for women's underwear. I didn't know at
that particular moment and I didn't much care. All I
could think about in the whole world at that particular
moment was two firm globes encased in blue with just
the hint of white cheek peeking out.

I lay there mesmerized, hypnotically fascinated as she
shifted from one foot to another and back again. I
would have stayed there all night if Carol hadn't
turned around and waved the record in front of my face,
thinking she was getting my attention for the first

I pulled off the headphones and tried my best to look
at the record. It was only two feet from my face, but I
couldn't focus on it enough to even see what it was.

"Can we play this on the stereo, Roger? Marj wants me
to hear a song."

"Sure that will be fine."

I put the headphones back on and lay back pretending to
still be listening. Why? Marj had already switched on
the speakers and the song began to play. The headphones
were useless. But I couldn't think of any better reason
for me to still be lying on the floor, looking up what
was now the front of Carol's dress.

That gorgeous, prominent pussy looked just as good in
powder blue as it had in white the day before. If
anything, it looked even better. My mouth began to
water and I could just imagine running my tongue along
the groove, sucking the lips lightly and taking long,
tender licks of her clit.

Carol's legs spread slightly and I saw a dark, wet
stain developing between those soft, barely-covered
lips. It began to spread and as it did, time seem to
slow to nothing.

In a fit of free association I could only imagine what
an intriguing diagnostic tool this would make. A
psychiatrist could have a beautiful girl stand over a
patient and use the wet spots on her panties as a
Rorschach test.

"What do you see now, Mr. McBride? A man fucking his
mother? You are a very disturbed individual Mr.
McBride. And now? A man fucking his wife's best friend?
You seem to be stuck in a sort of rut, aren't you, Mr.

At some point even someone as stupid as me had to
realize that the vision before me was premeditated. It
isn't every day a woman has practically straddled my
head while listening to a record. By the time that the
song ended, my own wife swept away any fantasies I
might still have harbored about innocent exhibitionism.

Marjorie squatted down on the other side of me,
thankfully not obstructing my line of sight. At least I
did the gentlemanly thing and looked at my own wife's
saturated underwear as well, since I could smell her so
strongly crouching near my head. She gently removed my
earphones while looking up to her friend. Their eyes
were shiny with lust and mischief.

"See Carol, you've practically turned him to jelly. Now
we can do anything you want with him."


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