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We Three 4


We Three 4/? {Redman} {MFF rough}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: I'm writing this story in a frenzy.
Please overlook, or better yet help me correct, any
mistakes you may find. Comments and corrections are
welcomed at This story is
intended for mature readers and contains scenes about
mature sexual situations. If it is illegal for you to
read this material because of your age or the laws
where you reside, please do not do so.
We Three: Part 4
"Well," my wife Marjorie said to her best friend
Carol, "while he's stunned like this, what do you want
to do to him?"

"Oh God, Marj! Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Quit stalling, you know we all want this," Marj
hissed at her. She leaned down and whispered into my
ear, "Just lay back, baby. Momma will make it all
good, just lay back and let her do it."

Carol kicked off her sandals and in a dazzling move,
quickly reached under her dress and stripped off those
sopping wet powder-blue panties.

"Give those to me," I heard my wife say in a deep,
husky voice. When Carol looked at her puzzled,
Marjorie laughed, releasing her tension. "They're not
for me, silly. They're for him. I know what he likes."

Marjorie lifted my head up and slid her knees
underneath so that I ended up lying with my head in
her lap. She reached down and began to pull my knit
shirt over my head. I was able to raise up on my own a
bit as she pulled it over my head, but then she
pressed back on my shoulders until I lay down on her
lap again.

Carol was on her knees, hovering near my waist. She
tentatively reached up with both hands and put them on
the snaps. I thought she was going to start taking
them off, but before she did that, she looked up
questioningly to my wife as if to ask permission.

"Just a minute," my wife groaned. God, I hope she
wasn't going to stop this. But I needn't have feared.
My wife took the wet panties and held them to my face
like a mask, forcing me to breathe the damp, heady
fragrance of her friend deep in my lungs. I growled,
starting to come to life, but Marjorie held me down
with one hand and with the other she stuffed a bit of
the panties into my mouth, silencing me.

I could taste Carol's salty fuck coating the panties
in my mouth. Somehow Marj had managed to give me a
taste of the juiciest part of the fabric, even in her

Then she gave Carol the go-ahead nod. With a quick
flourish, the blonde tore my shorts open violently and
stripped them forcefully down my legs until they were
off. She stared down as my pulsing cock in wonder,
watching it bouncing off my belly.

"Oh Marj, it's just as beautiful as you said. Damn, no
wonder you fell in love with him."

She began to touch my dick lightly with both hands,
running her fingers softly from the tip to the root
and back again. One hand dipped and scooped up my
balls, giving them a gentle squeeze.

Groaning deliriously into the panties, I thrust my
hips into the air, trying desperately to rub harder
against those soft hands.

"He won't last long watching you do that. It's too
fucking hot," my wife said in a near shout.

With a look of determination, Carol scooted up and
threw her leg over me, straddling my penis. As if
preparing for a tea party, she spread her dress out
daintily, covering the lower half of both of us.

I could feel the heat from her center bearing down on
me. I rotated my hips, rooting around blindly with the
head of my cock, trying to find a spot to bury it.
Carol felt my movements and moaned in frustration
until she finally reached behind her and lifted my
shaft, steering it unerringly to safe harbor.

She began to inch back maddeningly slow on to my
turgid staff, her slick heat gradually swallowing me
up. She grunted and cursed, working me into her tight
fit. Not being able to see it happening, not being
able to look at my cock sliding into her for the first
time, was infuriating. At the same time, I was so
aroused by what we were doing and so stimulated by the
texture of Carol's pussy swallowing my cock, if I had
actually seen what was happening I would have cum

Marj began to slap gently against the side of my face,
pulling my hair and twisting my ears. At first I tried
to brush her hands off, as though I were shooing away
a mosquito. I couldn't realize what she was doing, why
she was trying to distract me, until I realized she
was trying to distract me. She could tell I was close
to cumming even before we had really begun.

So I began to work with her efforts at distraction,
arching my back and pressing my head deep into her
lap. She seemed to understand what I wanted and began
to adjust her legs until the back of my head was
grinding into her crotch.

Feeling my wife move beneath my head gave me a new
confidence that I would be able to last a little
longer. Carol was slowing down. Having worked most of
my shaft into her tight cunt, she was reveling in the
feel of it. I shook my head, spitting out the panties
in my mouth.

I reached down and grabbed Carol's waist. She looked
at me startled. Perhaps she had begun to think I would
just lie still and take my fucking all night without
moving. When I gave her a thrust of my hips, her mouth
rounded in surprise. So I gave her another and then
another. With that thrust I had fully penetrated her,
her prominent pubic bone rubbing into me

She sat up straighter, easing the pressure where we
joined and pressing me just a little deeper into her.
It felt so much better that I pushed her back with my
fingertips, encouraging her to lean back further. Soon
she had shifted her hands behind her so that she was
leaning backwards toward my feet instead of forward
toward my chest.

That bent my stiff cock at an almost painful angle
away from my body. I arched my back again and used the
tormenting position to drive back the urgency of my
cum even further. I tried to thrust from this angle,
but found that I couldn't. But that was OK. Carol was
beginning to thrust as much as I could stand. I had
primed her pump and she was ready for more.

My wife gasped as I threw the skirt of the dress back,
revealing for the first time where Carol and I were
joined. We could just see her puffy labia swallowing
my cock over and over as she fucked back against me.
Her clitoris was raw and erect, glistening with her

I reached down and with both thumbs began to circle
that clit, applying indirect pressure to the sensitive
little nub. Carol groaned and began to press into me
more frantically. I alternately ran each thumb down to
where we joined, drawing more of her creamy froth
forward for lubrication.

As she leaned back even further, I had to rise up more
or else my cock would have been torn out by the root.
Thankfully my wife eased forward to support my back. I
began to stimulate Carol's clitoris directly, driving
her further into madness. Her small, braless tits were
dancing in circles under the front of her dress. I had
a strong desire to rip it off of her, but an even
stronger desire to continue to massage her button.

Carol threw her head back in a howl as she flooded our
crotches with hot cum. Her orgasm washed over her like
a breaking wave and between the angle and the force of
her contractions, it was excruciating for me. My cock
felt like it was going to snap off and it took
everything I had to continue to roll her throbbing
clit between my thumbs.

I finally had to grab her by the front of her dress
and pull her shaking body toward me to relieve the
pressure on my penis. The movement and the change of
angle caused even more aftershocks to jolt through her
until she allowed me to almost drag her forward like a
limp doll. Without her even realizing what was
happening, I stripped the dress off of her loose,
rubbery body.

God, she was beautiful. She was even thinner than I
had imagined. Her breast we so small they could be
completely covered over by my palm. The nipples were
already beginning to lose their tightness, but the
aureoles were still wrinkled to the consistency and
the color of walnut hulls.

She was too limp to fuck like this, so I rolled us
both over without withdrawing, cradling her head so
that she wouldn't bump it. She lay flat beneath me,
exhausted from thrusting herself so hard against me
and exhausted from the intensity of her orgasm. I
looked into her eyes and I could tell that even though
she had no energy to go on at the moment, she didn't
want me to quit.

I began to fuck into her with rough, violent thrusts.
She became a mattress, soaking up my pounding, her
eyes encouraging me for more. Her mouth began to move
silently, her voice having failed her, begging me to
fuck her harder. With every unspoken syllable, I
pressed deeper, harder. The floor was my anvil and I
was hammering out the imperfections of her cunt,
ramming her pliable asscheeks deeper and deeper into
the pile of the carpet.

My lunges became more erratic, more frantic, until my
body seemed to move beyond my control. My spine curled
as my cock sought the full depth of her, embedding
itself, seeking the hot center of her existence. A
surge of white heat flowed through it and burst like a
huge balloon, spewing my cum inside Carol like a hose
too forceful too control. The life was draining out of
me filling her full again; imbuing her with all my
remaining strength until in one agonizing climactic
second, I felt like I died.

I revived to the feel of my wife's hands stroking my
back softly. As I raised myself up groggily off of
Carol, I felt my wife's other hand cover my mouth and
nose. I smelled the dark, musty odor of my wife's cunt
and I knew that those fingers had just come from
inside her. I opened my mouth wide and she slipped two
fingers inside for me to lick clean.

Tasting the cum on her fingers even while my cock was
softening in her best friend was enough to rouse me.
While continuing to dutifully lick my wife's fingers
and palm, I rose up off of Carol, looking into her
shy, smiling eyes as I did so. My prick felt almost as
good pulling out of her as it had going in and I
grabbed the nearest clothing at hand, those precious
powder-blue panties, to catch the flow of our mutual
cum that began dripping out of her.

I sat back on my haunches, still too wobbly to stand
up. Carol's legs were spread invitingly and her pussy
was gapping open just a little. It was enough to see
the bright pink softness inside her and enough for me
to feel another stirring in my balls.

I looked up questioningly at my wife, feeling my gaze
going back and forth between her eyes and Carol's open
cunt. As if reading my mind, my wife burst into a
deep, satisfying laugh that let me know that
everything was alright with our world.

"Yes, you greedy man. You can fuck her all night if
you both want. Just don't fuck her to death or choke
her on that big, fat cock of yours. I'll take care of
dinner. You two have fun!"

God, I love my wife!


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