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We Three 5


We Three 5/? {Redman} {MFF Rom}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: The frenzy is still on me. So, please
overlook, or better yet help me correct, any mistakes
you may find. Comments and corrections are welcomed at This story is intended for
mature readers and contains scenes about mature sexual
situations. If it is illegal for you to read this
material because of your age or the laws where you
reside, please do not do so.

Thanks for all the great feedback! All my stories,
including all of this one that is written so far, can
be found at
We Three: Part 5
"Marjorie," her best friend Carol asked my wife shyly,
"this floor is just a little uncomfortable. Would you
mind if..." Her question trailed off as she timidly
pointed towards our upstairs bedroom.

This provoked another lusty laugh from Marj, which was
good, since the last one had come at my expense.

"Carol, I love you so much I'm letting you screw the
most precious man in the world to me, do you really
think I'd deny you a comfortable bed?"

Carol scrambled off the floor, which was a fun sight
in itself since she hadn't a stitch of clothes on her
beautiful form, and proceeded to hug my wonderfully
generous wife.

Suddenly it was my turn to laugh. Carol was completely
unconscious of her nakedness and was innocently
hugging her best friend who had just given her an
early Christmas present. Marj couldn't decide whether
to hug her back or shoo her away. To both their
credits, the blonde's enthusiasm ended up overwhelming
my wife's trepidation and the hug was returned by a
sisterly embrace.

"Thank you, thankyouthankyou, Marj! You're the best,"
she squealed gleefully as she turned to scurry up the

I too hugged my wife, but there was nothing sisterly
or even brotherly in my embrace. I tried to distill
all the love and reassurance that was in me into one,
all-too-brief squeeze. In that way that Marj has of
expressing so much to me so briefly, her body and her
face responded, telling me that she understood it all.
Probably better than I ever would.

Even then, she clutched me for a moment, not letting
me go.

"You be good to her. She hasn't had a good man in a
long time, so be gentler next time. Not that she
didn't seem to enjoy the pounding you just gave her."

"Don't worry, Mother! You taught me well. I'll make
you proud."

"Well, you don't have to show her everything I taught
you in one night, take it easy on her."

She released me and swatted my naked behind, sending
me off to play with my new toy. I met Carol where she
was waiting at the foot of the stairs and followed her
luscious bottom as she pranced tantalizingly to the
second floor. By the time we reached the top, I was
almost ready to take a big bite of her luscious ass.

I stopped off at the bathroom and retrieved a couple
of thirsty towels. From the look of things, we would
need plenty of absorbency. I had expected to find
Carol rolling in the sheets by then, but she waited
for me demurely at the door to our bedroom, unwilling
to enter alone.

Carol had been in our bedroom a hundred times before;
with Marj, with us both and, more rarely, even alone
with me on more sedate occasions. But the newness of
this experience still affected us as we entered

It felt odd, even for me. I had never thought of our
bedroom as having some special, almost sacred
significance before. Except for our morning
encounters, Marj was more likely to tempt me for a
frolic on the kitchen counter or across our big,
comfortable sofa downstairs. There was even one large
closet downstairs that gave me a hard-on every time I
opened the door. For Marjorie McBride, the whole house
was a bedroom.

Maybe it was the way that Carol reverently approached
it or the way she luxuriated in rolling across the
spread sensuously, but suddenly I was infected with a
new perspective of what was here. Marj and I had
shared so much love here, so many wonderful memories.
Suddenly it felt right to treat that history with
honor and respect.

But there was also a naked, willing woman rolling
around our shrine as well. And the high priestess had
left me particular orders to make sure this one left

I had been glimpsing that beautiful prominent vulva
all afternoon; it was time for a better look.

I caught her in mid-roll on her back and lowered
myself between her legs, quickly planting a long,
solid kiss on the apex of her prominence. This brought
a shiver that seemed to begin in her belly and ran to
her toes.

The scent of her was heady, forcing me to shake my
head to clear it. Her soft pubic hairs brushed my lips
and cheeks, tickling me and reminding me of the buried
treasure that lay beneath me. I sank my tongue into
her like a spade, getting just the hard, bare surface
with the first thrust, but turning over more and more
fertile soil with every plunge. Soon, as I continued
to dig more and more frantically, I hit the water
table and moisture came bubbling up from underneath,
filling every crevice I joyfully exposed.

Carol tried to squirm away, tried to escape the
intense sensation of my excavations, but by now I had
a death grip on her right leg with my left arm. As she
squirmed, my spade struck the sensitive soil of her
clitoris and she shuttered. While the vibrations ran
through her, I slid two fingers in a downward thrust
between her quivering labia.

It must have been a long time since Carol had
experienced such sensations. She was thrashing around
so violently that I was chastened by the all-too-
recent memory of my wife admonishing me to be gentle
with her. So, I let her calm down to a less fevered
pitch by gently sliding my thick fingers in and out of
her wet cunt, acclimating her to the feelings before
beginning a more gentle assault of her clit.

When the vibrations of her body had settled to a more
steady, less frantic beat, I began to make love to
Carol's vulva with my lips and tongue and fingers. I
licked around her sensitive nub for a long moment and
not directly on it. I paced the stroke of my fingers,
gently them downward to stimulate that portion of her
vagina closest to her anus.

Carol's ascent toward orgasm was more gentle now, more
controlled. The intensity though, was building just as
high as before. It became harder and harder to check
her sudden responses. She would shift her hips and a
new portion of her vagina would be stroked and
stimulated by my fingers and the shivers would begin
again. She would squirm and my tongue would strike her
clitoris from a newer, less predictable angle, and she
would quake.

Eventually she began humping against my mouth and all
pretenses to control were set aside. From here, it was
just a struggle to keep up with the thrusting of her
active pelvis and to allow her to set the pace and the
forcefulness of each caress of my probing fingers and
straining tongue.

I began to doubt my wife's admonitions toward
gentleness until, at the top of a particularly viscous
push that brought my nose against her pubis; Carol's
body tightened up in rigor. Being an avid student of
my wife, I realized that this was only the deadly
quiet before the eruption. Still, I couldn't have fled
quickly enough, nor was I inclined. This close to the
volcano, there is in no sense in running from the

When I felt her legs began to wrap around my head I
knew to take a big breath and dive, dive, dive.
Carol's firm athletic thighs began to squeeze the
sides of my cranium and the only relief was found even
deeper between them.

But, I can only hold my breath for so long, being
human, and Carol stretched the limits of my endurance.
I couldn't breath through my nose; in fact she seemed
to have a particular penchant for my nose, even though
it's not a large one. But, by leveraging my back with
my strong legs, I was able to push upward just enough
to clear my mouth and take a much needed gasp of air.
This procedure though, ended up pressing my nose even
deeper into Carol's convulsing cunt, thus prolonging
my release.

But even Carol's athleticism couldn't sustain the
intensity of absolute tension forever. She began to
slowly release it, as though afraid that if she
relaxed all at once she might implode.

Usually after something so intense, Marjorie just
wants to be left alone to revel in it for a time. But
I had hardly mopped up my face with one of the towels
before Carol was reaching out to me, inviting me cover
her with my body. She was so lovely, spread out like
some willing virgin sacrifice, that I don't think any
man could have resisted such an invitation. Let alone
some horny rutter like myself.

When I crawled up onto my newest mountain of delight,
I discovered to my amazement that Carol was a kisser.

Kissing was something that never seemed to interest
Marjorie, much as I have tried to entice her toward
it. She would kiss me briefly any time I wanted, but
my wonderful wife never prolonged our kisses or
dawdled over them like I wanted.

I had become addicted to kissing by a beautiful girl
that sat in front of me in history class my junior
year. She was half-Spanish and half-Irish and all of
her was gorgeous. Unfortunately her family were
serious Catholics, as I suppose she was herself,
though we rarely discussed religion. Despite all my
vigorous - if immature - efforts, we hardly got beyond
the kissing stage.

But God, what a kisser Gina was! For hours we would
sit in her front parlor and kiss. She had large,
luscious lips and soft, satiny raven hair and I would
have kissed her forever if she hadn't have run me off
every night. Even her mother must have known that this
girl needed to be kissed because as long as I was very
careful with my hands they let us sit for hours,
plunging my tongue within Gina's delicate mouth,
exploring the wonders of her teeth and lips.

Looking back on it, I don't know how I contained my
sexual frustrations at the time. I suppose it was
because we were both virgins, surprised by this new
wonder of our sexuality, equally thrilled and afraid.
But one night after a movie, I hounded her until we
went parking on a dead-end street near her house. We
kissed for a while and then she let me massage her
small, tender breasts. When I pulled her shirt and bra
up and kissed her nipple in the darkness, I literally
came in my pants, embarrassing us both.

It was the last time I dated Gina, but I was left with
the satisfaction of knowing it was not because she was
repulsed by my desires, but that she shared them. If
we had stayed together, we would have ended up on that
dead-end street every night. Gina saved us both the
only way she knew how at the time; she broke up with

So I have ever since loved to kiss a woman deeply and
tenderly. Now Carol had drawn my mouth to hers without
the slightest hint that she ever wanted to stop.

For just a moment, I closed my eyes and I was kissing
Gina again, feeling her naked little breasts pressing
against me. When I opened them, I was kissing Carol.
The past and the present seemed to run together in a
moment of overwhelming tenderness.

After a minute of solid kissing, there was only one
part of me that was not weak and pliable, but that one
part contained all my strength and firmness.

Without breaking the kiss, Carol reached beneath us
and tried to line my aching, stiff cock up for entry.
Despite my fumbling attempts to assist her, she even
succeeded. I didn't so much plunge into her as I fell
headlong into her tight softness. She enveloped me
gradually; but at the same time, the suddenness of
each centimeter being absorbed brought a new ecstasy
to my overloaded nervous system. Through our coupled
mouths, I sucked the air out of her lungs with the
surprise of my penetration.

God, Carol was a great, sweet fuck! If I had had any
inkling what a sweet fuck she was, I would have tried
to bed her years ago! She had seemed so cool and
distant toward me at times. She had never been as
playful and responsive as Marj. Sometimes she seemed
to want to avoid me altogether. When we weren't
competing with one another, Carol rarely expressed any
interest in me at all.

But not any more! Carol's athletic hips were churning
and her active, sweet tongue was probing my mouth as
if to return my penetration, stroke for stroke. For my
own part, it was all I could do to stay mounted as I
reveled in her kisses and as my own hips danced beyond
my control. It was as though I balanced, rocking back
between two fulcrums, our thrusting pelvises and our
eager mouths. The only contact between those two
points was the occasional, light brush of Carol's
nipples across my chest.

Because of our previous orgasms, there was no urgency
to our fucking. There was only the immeasurable
passage of time as we celebrated one another.
Eventually our hips settled into a steady grind, like
two rocks wearing each other away over eons of
geologic time. We were mostly fucking each other's
mouths with our tongues, alternating by some silent
and impenetrable code, whose tongue would probe, whose
mouth receive. I explored her gums and the underside
of her tongue with one thrust; she explored the back
of my front teeth and the roof of my mouth with

I thought I heard Marjorie enter and leave the room at
least twice, but it may have been a million times for
all I knew. Perhaps years went by, the two of us lost
in our gentle fuck as the world went on without us.

Eventually though, even rocks wear away. In some
mutual decision of our entwined limbic system, our
bodies began to work against each other to release the
tension that had developed over the span of decades.
Like a great fault line lying deep in the earth, the
forces within us imperceptibly grew and grew until
some unknown trigger brought all that power to the

When I first realized how tight my hips were and how
full my balls felt, I thought I was going to feel a
tremendous explosion of release. But Carol finally
broke our kiss, panting and releasing her orgasm in
gentle, shocking convulsions that washed over her time
and again. With each convulsion I tenderly plumbed her
depths until my body could stand it no more. My own
cum ran through me, not with a violent force, but with
a delicate smoothness that match her own and took my
breath away just as much.

It was as different from our first time as anything
could be, but it was even more satisfying.

Carol and I both heard a sniffling at the same time
and looked toward it at the same moment. Marjorie was
lying back, partially reclined in her favorite chair,
the yellow sundress pulled up to her waist. She was
cupping her genitalia in her hands in such a way that
anyone who didn't know her might think she was
covering her embarrassment. But I knew she often liked
to do that just after she had cum.

She was crying, with obvious tears streaming down her
face, but when she saw my concern, she quickly
reassured me.

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen,"
she said, smiling through her tears.

Carol and I looked at each other, acknowledging the
undeniable change we saw in each other's eyes, and
couldn't help but agree with her.


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