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We Three 6


We Three 6/? {Redman} {MFF Rom oral}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: The writing frenzy is ringing me dry at
this point. So, please overlook, or better yet help me
correct, any mistakes you may find. Comments and
corrections are welcomed at This
story is intended for mature readers and contains
scenes about mature sexual situations. If it is
illegal for you to read this material because of your
age or the laws where you reside, please do not do so.

Thanks for all the great feedback! All my stories,
including all of this one that is written so far, can
be found at
We Three: Part 6
Eating dinner with my wife and Carol the first time
after we had made love was a unique experience. We
both made concessions to modesty, since Marjorie was
still in her sundress.

I retrieved Carol's light blue dress off the floor
after we went downstairs and helped her to put it on.
If one could call 'pressing my dick into the soft
globes of her ass and tenderly rubbing her nipples as
she slid the dress on' helping. She retrieved my brown
shorts and helped me put them on. If one could call
'grasping my erect penis firmly, protecting it as we
slowly zipped them up' helping.

She saw me as I reached down and picked up her powder-
blue panties. She saw me as I sniffed them once more
for memory sake, then stuffed them in my pockets.
There was no way I was going to give them up, even now
that I had tasted the real thing. I'm just a
sentimental guy at heart!

Sitting around the table eating, Carol and I both paid
so much attention to Marjorie and exhibited so much
concern for her feelings that eventually she demanded
that we stop. She made sure that we both understood
that she didn't feel left out or excluded.

After that, we all loosened up and began to enjoy a
new camaraderie of sorts. Marjorie and Carol had
always had a great friendship. Even from the beginning
they had hit it off almost immediately, as though they
were always meant to be friends. Their companionship
was so close, that even when we three were together,
there were moments when I had felt excluded.

Now, we began to develop a new relationship based on
the changing dynamic of our sexual experience. Their
friendship still seemed to be intact, in fact it
seemed to be even deeper now; but it had a different
layer added to it that somehow included me more

It was Carol that took the lead in developing this new
friendship. They still shared their inside jokes from
work, but more often than not it was Carol that turned
to me and told the stories that explained them, that
brought me in so I could share the jokes with them.

But my experience with Carol around the table was not
just a newer friendship that we all shared. It was
also the flirtation and the longing glances of new
lovers that she and I shared with each other. I would
catch her looking at me or hear her sigh, and my heart
would race a little. I would touch her hand
purposefully as we both reached for something, and she
would blush.

And all of this was woven together and held in place
by my wife's good-natured acceptance of it all. She
would tease Carol when she would blush or make some
ribald comment about how vigorously I had fucked her.
It was Marjorie's love and affection for us both that
allowed any relationship at all between Carol and
myself. It was easy to see that if my wife had not
been who she was, Carol and I would never have been
able to share what we now had.

Toward the end, as Carol was finishing her steak, my
wife asked innocently, "So, did you get enough meat

Carol blushed at the allusion but replied gamely, "For
the moment yes, but I was hungry for so long, there's
no telling when I might need more. Is there's plenty
more where this came from?"

"Oh, I think the novelty of the situation might keep
us both well supplied for quite a while, don't you?"

"There certainly seems to still be an abundance,
Marj," Carol said with a grin. Then took the last
sliver of steak and chewed it sensuously. When she was
done, she looked at me hungrily and said, "You know
Marj, this steak was delicious and was certainly
filling, but I don't believe I've really tasted it

"Oh, be careful what you ask for missy! He always
wants to be 'tasted' and that's never been my
particular cup of tea. You might be asking for more
than you can handle."

"I don't know, Marj. I've been served such small
portions for so long, now that I've seen a big meaty
steak, I just get hungry enough to eat it all the

The girls laughed and they laughed. It was amusing,
but it wasn't as funny as they were making it to be.

Or perhaps what was not as funny was some little shift
in mannerisms and attitude that I seemed to detect in
Marjorie. I hadn't quite put my finger on it. But as I
thought about it, it had something to do with the way
she was talking about me as though I wasn't there
during their repartee. I wasn't certain why that
touched a nerve in me until it dawned on me; Marj's
mother did the same thing when we were together.

Marjorie's mother, Vivian, was a domineering woman who
tried to run everyone's life. Marj tried hard to be
the antithesis of her mother. When I first met her, I
almost got the sense that she had picked me just to
piss her mother off. They were always civil to one
another in my presence, but it was a strained

Thankfully I never got a chance to meet Marjorie's
father. Although Marj has never come right and said
so, it's my belief that the bastard probably sexually
abused his daughter. If he hadn't already been dead
when I met her, I would have wanted to kill him for
what he had done to her.

But he was dead now and his life insurance had only
increased the already substantial wealth of the
family. Her mother insisted on helping Marj out
occasionally with money, though I would have preferred
do with less. But, since I had never been wealthy, my
needs were much simpler than Marj's.

We ate dinner at Vivian's house infrequently. Whenever
we were there, her mother would invariably only speak
about me indirectly, as though I wasn't there.

"Does your husband still have that night job, dear?"
or "Is Roger still just taking two courses at school,
Marjorie? You know it will take him forever to
graduate like that."

It was a trait that at first I found particularly
annoying. Over time though, I had almost learn to
ignore it altogether.

So I think that was what was annoying me about the
conversation between Carol and Marj.

By then everyone had finished, so I picked up the
dishes while they talked and brought them into the
kitchen to clean. I guess Marj may have picked up on
my sudden funk, because soon she followed me into the
kitchen. We both heard Carol say she was going
upstairs to use the phone and see if Jim had ever
gotten home. Marj began to scratch my back in the way
she did to pacify me when I was upset.

"Anything wrong, baby?"

"No," I replied while looking to make sure Carol had
gone upstairs. "I was just suddenly worried about you
and me. I mean, I know things might be different now,
but you're the most important thing in the world to me
Marj. I don't want anything to fuck that up."

"Dear Roger, I still love you just as much. You
haven't done anything wrong. You're a good man and
you've made a good woman very happy. Two good women, I
might say. Most men would be pretty proud of that, you

"Hey, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it or that I don't
want it to continue..."

"I didn't think I was hearing that," Marj giggled.

"I'm just saying I still love you and I don't want
this to change the way you feel about me. Don't get
mad at me, but something about the way you were
talking in there almost reminded me of your mother. It
was spooky."

"Oh God, if you ever hear me talking like my mother,
wash my mouth out with soap, please!"

"No, it was probably just me. I love you so much,

I pushed her against the counter and kissed her for as
long as she would let me. My hands wandered to touch
the sides of her hips and breasts. I nuzzled her neck
and kissed her ears in a way that I know she enjoys
and felt her put those familiar arms around me to draw
me in. Suddenly all my doubts and worries seemed
foolish as I felt my wife began to move rhythmically,
thrusting her pelvis back at me.

As I began to get hard again, the brown shorts began
to feel tight and constricting. We dry-humped each
other against the counter and it seemed like any other
Sunday evening with my wife again.

Then we both heard Carol coming down the stairs. I
pulled back a little, but Marj was having none of
that. She put her hands into the back pockets of my
shorts and ground herself into me even harder as Carol
walked into the kitchen.

"Uhhm, that looks delicious, please don't stop," she
said. It was all the encouragement either of us

Marj leaned over and licked my right nipple, the one
most visible to Carol. She was playing dirty, knowing
that I loved it when she did that, so I gave her ass a
healthy squeeze. Not to be outdone, she brought her
teeth to the same task and lightly bit me where she
knew she would get the biggest reaction. In a battle
of sexual tit-for-tat, I knew I was outgunned.

When she saw that I had surrendered to the sensations
she was causing, Marjorie leaned back with a Cheshire
cat grin. Then she turned slightly to include our now
intimate guest.

"So, are you staying or are you going?"

Watching our antics, I could see the hungry look in
Carol's eyes returning. I certainly hoped she would
stay, but it looked like either way there was still
fun to be had this evening.

"Jim's not home, or at least he's not answering. I was
wondering if I could stay until late, if that's OK
with you two?"

Marjorie looked at me, but I nodded in deferment to
her. It seemed best to let my wife set the times and
hours for our sexual liaisons.

"Why don't you stay the night!" she said suddenly,
surprising us all. "It wouldn't be the first time you
know and I'm sure Roger here would enjoy your company,
wouldn't you dear?"

I certainly couldn't think of a single reason why she
shouldn't stay.

"Yes, ah, why don't you stay Carol," I finally
stammered a little too eagerly, causing the girls to
giggle at my reaction.

"You can have him for the rest of the evening, but I
still have first dibs on him for breakfast. We have a
very special way of bringing in the dawn, don't we

"It's a great way to start the morning, yes. A real
eye-opener," I enthusiastically stated with a grin.

"So, what do you say dear?" my wife asked her best
friend. "Stay with us tonight. Treat yourself to
another helping."

"Well, I am feeling a little hungry all of the sudden,
watching you two. I think I'll stay."

Marj unsnapped my brown shorts and in a move
reminiscent of Carol's own earlier in the day, pulled
them apart so quickly that they unzipped suddenly. My
hard cock was abruptly released from its confines and
exposed for all to see.

"If you're still hungry, I'd say he's ready to eat
right now," she said.

"Right here? In the kitchen?" Carol asked, but the way
she said it was more a request for permission than an

"The floor's a bit cold," Marj suggested, "but if you
take that pretty blue dress off and kneel on it, that
shouldn't be a problem. What do you say Roger, would
you like to see our pretty friend all naked at your

It was such a nasty suggestion, typically Marj!
Especially nasty because it was something that she
would have never done herself. And yes, from the
minute she said it, that was exactly what I wanted.
The image was seared in my brain: Carol, naked at my
feet with me running my penis in and out of her mouth.

"Yes dear, I think I'd like that. If you're willing,

Carol had a look in her eye that said that she was
still so horny we could have asked her to stand on her
head in the corner while I fucked her bellybutton and
she would have done it. In a very sexy and seductive
move, she began to gather the skirt of her dress. As
soon as we could see her lovely pussy, she began to
raise the dress slowly over her head. All the while
she was licking her lips and staring at my throbbing

When Marj released me, the brown shorts fell to the
floor. As soon as I had stepped out of them, I was
naked and ready. Carol tossed her dress on the floor
in a rumpled pile and kneeled down in front of me.

Every man has fantasies. I really had no desire to
dominate a woman. If anything, I'm a bit too passive
with women most of the time. I always want them to
take the lead, to steer me in a safe direction. That's
why Marj and I got along so famously. Marj felt
comfortable leading.

But every man longs to have a naked woman at his feet,
too. It's something instinctual, hardwired into our
reptilian brains. When Carol reached out and touched
me, it was heavenly. When she took me in her mouth, it
was... it was... God, it was so amazing that there
were no words that could describe it.

I wasn't thinking in words anyway; there were only
sensations, pictures and erotic images that I would
keep and replay forever. Gorgeous Carol ran her sweet
tongue along the underside of my stiff erection and
then reached forward to massage my balls with one of
her hands. She pulled her head back and took the head
of my cock in her mouth, engulfing a bit of it with a
short, forward lunge. I could feel her lips close
halfway down my shaft and it felt marvelous.

She brought her other hand to bear and began to pump
the exposed portion of my shaft vigorously. She drew
back and began to circle the head of my cock with her
pretty tongue.

I was already very close to cumming. It was not that
what she had done was all that tactilely stimulating.
But seeing her do it; seeing my cock coming out of
that beautiful mouth that I already loved to kiss,
seeing her naked before me, seeing her breast making
little circles as her hand continued to pump me; all
of this came very close to sending me over the edge.

Frankly, I had forgotten all about Marjorie. My
universe had narrowed to one beautiful woman and her
beautifully sexy mouth.

And then, my wife lightly began to stroke my bottom!

It took Carol just a moment to realize why I was
thrusting so sharply at her with my prick. But when
she saw what was happening, she renewed her own
efforts, even increased them. She engulfed me further
as Marj began to push my hips forward and then pull
then back, setting up a gently fucking motion. I was
straining to hold back, but when I felt Marj slip a
finger between my clenched buttocks, I lost control.

I blasted into Carol's mouth. It was embarrassing to
have cum so quickly, without even warning her, but
Carol only responded with more enthusiasm. She sucked
me, gathering my love in her mouth, feasting on the
meager offering I had from a long day of fucking. God,
what a wonderful woman! Taking me in, eating me with
such eagerness, such hunger!

As I reached down and pulled her up, I swore that
whatever she wanted from me, whatever special gifts I
had to give her, she would have. As I pulled her into
me, I felt her warm body and her slender form mold
itself to me. She was wonderful to hold; a perfect

I ran my hand over her side, brushing past that small,
perfect breast and ending at her slender throat. With
my thumb and forefinger on either side of her jaw, I
turned her face toward mine. Her large, blue eyes
glistened with lust and love. Hopefully, she saw that
same lust and love in mine.

And I kissed her, warmly and intimately on her
beautiful mouth!


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