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We Three 7


We Three 7/? {Redman} {MFF Rom}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: Please overlook, or better yet help me
correct, any mistakes you may find. Comments and
corrections are welcomed at This
story is intended for mature readers and contains
scenes about mature sexual situations. If it is
illegal for you to read this material because of your
age or the laws where you reside, please do not do so.

Thanks for all the great feedback! All my stories,
including all of this one that is written so far, can
be found at
We Three: Part 7
True to her word, Carol did develop a taste for me
indeed. I have never met anyone other than myself who
was so inclined toward oral stimulation as this woman.
She needed no encouragement at all to kiss me or take
my penis into her mouth for however long or briefly I

What made it even more exciting was that it was Carol,
the woman that had been so reserved before this that
she had been almost distant. It was Carol, who had
competed with me at one moment and practically ignored
me at another. It was beautiful, slender, intelligent
Carol that I found myself drawn closer towards with
every experience we shared.

So I returned her kiss for kiss and lick for precious
lick. The first thing I did after our kitchen
encounter was to lead her onto our large, comfortable
couch and show her how much I had enjoyed her oral
pleasures with some of my own. This time, Carol was
ready to cum quickly and I accommodated her desires.

When she had cum, Carol lavished my wet face with
kisses and I was trying to decide if I had the energy
to lay her back and screw her soundly. But then we
both noticed Marj with her dress pulled up,
desperately trying to reach orgasm on her own fingers.
Carol pushed me toward her and I joyfully buried my
face in my wife's gushing lap, skillfully and quickly
bringing her to a bone-rattling orgasm.

It was the first truly sexual act that her friend had
witnessed between my wife and I. Seeing Marjorie
locked in the throes of ecstasy enflamed Carol. As
soon as I had caught my breath, she was pushing me
down on the floor preparing to mount me.

It had already been a long day and I wasn't even
certain that I could get another erection, but
bringing two beautiful women to orgasm so quickly in
succession was a new and heady experience for me. When
Carol bent over me and began to lick Marj's cum off my
face, I arched my back and drove my cock into her

She was ready for me, and ready for something more
than the gentle sex that we had experienced in the
bedroom. But it was not like the hard, fierce fuck
that began the afternoon, either. It had a flavor and
character all its own, one that was now tempered by
our growing love and affection.

We thrust against each other firmly, Carol leaning
forward, straining to kiss me. Her pubis ground into
me, but the sensation was tempered this time by our
spreading exhaustion. Carol reluctantly quit kissing
me and raised up, trying to get more leverage for us
both so we could press against each other harder. When
she did, her hands settled on my chest as she hunched
against me. As her fingers played across my chest, she
brushed my nipples in the same way that Marj sometimes
did. It was enough to draw the last cum of the day out
of me.

It was a quick thing, a sharp stab of pleasure
followed by a gradual release of pressure. But then I
realized that Carol was still working desperately for
her own release. So with one hand I clenched her
breast roughly, pulling it toward me and, at the same
time, shoved two fingers into her open, panting mouth.

Carol latched onto those fingers and began to suck
them hard. She even bit them slightly with her teeth,
making me especially thankful that it wasn't my
softening cock in her mouth. When I gave her breast
another tug toward me, she rubbed her clit roughly
against my pubic bone, triggering her own last,
exhausting orgasm.

Gradually the sucking on my fingers ceased. Carol gave
me a weak, satisfied smile and leaned forward to lay
her head on my chest. As she did, my now soft cock
plopped out of her wetly; uncorking the flow of our
weak mingled fluids.

"If I had know you two were so much fun to watch, we
would have done this years ago," Marj laughed from the

We both could barely raise our heads to look at her.
She was naked, with her yellow sundress now between
her legs protecting the fabric of the couch. And she
was gently frigging herself, not so much for
excitement as for comfort.

I reached out and behind me and touched her leg with
my hand, caressing her. Marjorie reached out her foot
and allowed her toes to wiggle through my red, curly
hair. Carol gave a sigh of contentment, so soft that
had she not still been lying across my chest, I
wouldn't have heard it.

Had it only been one afternoon? One wonderful evening?
I had had the best sex I could possibly have imagined
and fallen in love with the beautiful, naked woman
lying on my chest: all under the guidance and the
loving direction of my wife.

I wasn't sure what the future would hold for we three,
but for now, I had experienced the best day of my
* * * * *

It was getting late in the night. I was resting
passively on the floor with Carol still lying on me.
We were all just trying to regain the energy to move
when a sudden thought struck me.

"Marj, where are we all going to sleep tonight?"

This brought a groan and a laugh from both exhausted

"Don't you ever get enough you nasty man? Thinking of
fucking us both all night long, are you?"

As appealing as the thought was, as soon as it flashed
across my brain, the ache in my balls intensified.

"No, you've just about worn me out. I was just trying
to decide whether to fall asleep on the floor or to
move this upstairs so we call all sleep more
comfortably." Of course, it was a lie. My body may
have been unwilling, but I still have a filthy mind.

"Well, we do have only the one bed, you know?"

Oh, my wife has a filthy mind too. But she teases me
with such thoughts when she knows I can't pursue them.

"But it's a big bed. If Carol will promise to stay on
her side of the bed tonight," teased my wife, "I'll
promise to stay on mine."

Personally, I wouldn't have minded if we all ended up
in a big pile in the middle. Perhaps Carol was
thinking the same thing, because even as we lay there,
she began to nudge her pussy against me sweetly.

Eventually though, the floor became too hard and some
energy finally returned to our lazy, sexually sated
bodies. We leaned against each other affectionately as
we walked toward the stairs. I may never get the sight
of two beautiful bottoms climbing the stairs in front
of me out of my brain.

We all took a shower to rinse the funk off; first Marj
and I, followed by Carol and I. When I came out, I was
a happy, well-scrubbed prune.

Deciding the particulars of the sleeping arrangements
proved effortless. By the time Carol and I were done
drying each other off, a process we dawdled over for
quite a while, Marj was already sleeping soundly on
the left side of the bed. When I slowly pulled back
the covers, I was thrilled to see that she kept with
our traditional sleeping attire. When I crawled into
the middle, her magnificent naked backside had already
warmed the covers very nicely.

Carol was able to wiggle in on my right with plenty of
room to spare, especially since she wanted to lay all
over me. That was fine by me. I always slept on my
back anyway and having a warm, naked girl lying on me
felt great. To Marj's steady breathing, I stroked
Carol's back and she rubbed her breasts against me.
Even though we were tired, neither one seemed in a
hurry to end our special night.

"I love you, Carol," I whispered into her hair. I had
tried to think of how to tell her, but nothing seemed
as eloquent as just finally saying it aloud. "I love
both of you."

She grasped my cock and held it in her soft hands. Not
teasing it, just holding it tenderly.

"I know. I can tell. I love you both, too."

"What will we do?"

"I'm not sure, Roger. I'm still a married woman."

"Marry us! I mean... I know..."

"I know what you mean. Let's just sleep tonight. Let
tomorrow and the next day take care of themselves.
Tonight, you've made me so happy."

So I tried to sleep. The warm body to the left of me
and the warm body to the right of me worked to lull me
into a soft, dreamy state. Carol's breath caressed me
and her fingers slowly uncurled around my penis. I
wanted to remember it all, from the moment that she
arrived until...


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