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We Three 8


We Three 8/? {Redman} {MFF Rom}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: Please overlook, or better yet help me
correct, any mistakes you may find. Comments and
corrections are welcomed at This
story is intended for mature readers and contains
scenes about mature sexual situations. If it is
illegal for you to read this material because of your
age or the laws where you reside, please do not do so.

Thanks for all the great feedback! All my stories,
including all of this one that is written so far, can
be found at
We Three: Part 8
"Go ahead, get him ready," I heard my wife whisper
through my dreams. I came slowly awake to Carol's
blonde head rising and falling on my erection.

"OK dear, he's hard enough"

Carol drew back and watched wide-eyed as Marjorie
straddled me and immediately sat down on my hard cock.

"Good morning, love. It seems so long since I've had a
hard dick in me!"

It did seem like forever. It had been a whole day.

I looked up into Marj's eyes as her fluid hips began
to rise and fall. She was sliding my cock in and out
of her in that slow, easy way of hers. I reached up
and molded the underside of her heavy breasts, giving
her a few short thrusts of my pelvis to let her know I
love her. Then it was just a matter of lying back and
enjoying the easy fucking my wife liked to give me in
the morning.

She never wanted much help from me when she did this,
other than my touches and caresses. She knew I would
last longer if I let her set the pace.

Maybe it was the evening of watching Carol and I enjoy
ourselves, or maybe it was that for the first time in
our marriage, we had an audience; but before long Marj
picked up the pace and began fucking harder than she
usually did in the mornings. She handed me the little
white vibrator without breaking rhythm and I knew just
where she needed it. As I held it against her clit
with two hands, she fucked her way to a hard orgasm,
flooding me with an unusual amount of her hot cum.

Marj reached down and pulled the little vibe off of
her and her rocking slowed to a snail pace, but it
didn't stop. She looked behind her to where Carol
watched entranced as my hard cock slid in and out of
my wife's cunt. I envied Carol. It was something I had
always wanted to watch from that angle, my wife's
pussy moving back and forth on my dick.

"It takes him a while to cum when he first wakes up.
Do you want a turn, Carol? We can probably both get a
couple before he cums," I heard my amazing wife ask.

"Oh God, yes! Can I?" Carol replied enthusiastically.

All I could do was blink, stunned at this lascivious
transformation of my wife's morning ritual. Almost as
quickly as they had agreed to it, one beautiful woman
dismounted me and another moved up to take her place!

As Carol grabbed me with two hands, I could feel her
fingers slip on the slick surface of my cum-soaked
cock. With much less ease than my wife had
accomplished, she lined my shaft up and began to ease
herself down on it. She was still tight, even after
yesterday's marathon. It even seemed that overnight
her channel had narrowed, rebelling against the way
that I had stretched her all evening long. With a
grunt of determination though, and with my wife's
lubrication assisting in the cause, Carol forced my
rod into her completely.

Then she started to rock, started to fuck against the
hard intruder that was buried in her belly. But, I
could see that she was at a loss as to what to do with
her hands that were still wet with feminine fluids.
Always a problem for the guest, I suppose. Does one
wipe one's cum coated hands on the sheets or would
that be too crass?

Carol obviously didn't know my kinks as well as my
wife did at this point. So I instinctively helped her
by doing what Marj would have done quite naturally.

I took one of Carol's hands and held it over my face,
breathing in the wet, sweet fuck of my wife that was
on her fingers. Then I started licking those fingers,
tasting for the first time my wife's fluids on the
flesh of another woman.

I didn't even consider if my proclivity might have put
her off. By now, it's simply a natural part of who I
am. I smell Marj's scent; I want to taste it. I feel
Marj's cum anywhere I can reach and I want to lick it
up. I was totally addicted to my wife's intoxicating
sexual flavors.

When I realized what I had done, I looked up
questioningly to check Carol's reaction. I needn't
have worried. We had indeed found a woman after my own
heart. Carol was tentatively smelling and tasting her
other hand herself and, as she found it to her liking,
began to fuck against me more vigorously.

God, I wanted to kiss her so bad! But my mouth was
still coated with last night's funk. I suddenly
realized I had never had to worry about morning breath
when Marj fucked me in the morning, she never wanted
to kiss me anyway. It was maddening to fuck Carol
without kissing her.

So, I did the next best thing. Remembering last night,
I began to suck Carol's fingers just like she had
sucked mine last night. Her stomach fluttered and she
gasped when she felt it. Soon she was reaching for my
own hand and brought my fingers to her mouth as well.
But I didn't just let her suck my fingers. I began to
slide them into her mouth to the same rhythm as Carol
was using on my cock.

God, we must have looked a nasty pair! She was fucking
her cunt with my cock and I was fucking her mouth with
my fingers! The unique sensations began to overwhelm
Carol. I felt her start to quiver all over, so with my
free hand I began to lightly circle her thrusting
belly, just like Marj likes when she's about to cum.

And that pushed her over the edge! She sucked hard on
my fingers in her mouth, swallowing them as deeply as
she could. She arched onto my cock and her entire body
participated in squeezing down on it, from the top of
her scalp to the tip of her toes. Many times I had
seen Marjorie cum so hard that it looked like she was
in pain. Now I was seeing the same ecstasy in Carol.
And it was glorious!

After an agonizingly long moment, she started to
relax; but something sent several - no three! - quick
shocks through her in rapid succession. Finally, when
she was done, she looked up at me with an embarrassed
grin that told me this hard cum had even taken her by

"I'm not going to be able to take you two anywhere," I
heard Marjorie teasing. "You two are too nasty
together to be seen in public."

Marjorie hustled a cum-weakened Carol off my cock and
promptly took her place again. By now there was a
great, expanding wetness under me. We were going to
have a hellofa wet spot this morning!

I was beginning to worry that I may disappoint the
girls by cumming before my wife had planned. The
nastiness of the last fuck had really worked on me.
But again Marjorie seemed to sense my dilemma. After
impaling herself on me, she ordered me to hold still
and brought her little vibrator to bear on her clit.
She was going to cum with my cock in her without even
fucking against me. Normally I would have been
disappointed. At the moment I felt relieved.

But I didn't really feel like being passive either.
The fervor was on me. So I coaxed Carol to kneel on
her knees beside us and reached between her legs and
began to play with her cunt.

So many new sensations - it was almost overwhelming!
My wife was frozen in place on top of me, the muscles
of her vagina twitching around my cock. Carol was
squirming on my fingers with her eyes closed tightly,
my thumb working her clitoris as my fingers slid in
and out of her warm wetness.

Two women I love, each seeking their pleasure on a
different part of my body. Each of them practically
ignoring the other, in some ways practically ignoring
me, as they reveled in the sensations of their own
bodies. They were so different. One blonde, the other
brunette. One slender, the other more voluptuous. One
so familiar, the other so tantalizingly new. And it
all seemed to be flowing so easily from who we were.
Each seemed to provide some missing piece that made
the others whole. Each brought some missing pleasure
that completed the circle.

My wife was the first to cum. I felt her cunt convulse
on me. Her eyes were squeezed tight and she was biting
her lower lip as the shocks ran through her. I could
feel her buttocks squeeze painfully hard together and
her nipples looked like they were about to pop.

When she opened her eyes, her glance followed my hand
to where it was moving underneath Carol. Marjorie
laughed and shook her head at our erotic tableau, then
she extricated herself from my throbbing erection. She
gave it a firm, affectionate squeeze just before
moving back out of the way.

"You can have him one more time, Carol. But don't you
dare cum in her, Roger. You know how much I love to
have your stuff coming out of me in the morning when I
go to work."

I didn't really know if I could hold off from cumming
if Carol rode me right now. But, Carol certainly
seemed to want something deeper than my fingers could
reach. I decided right then that I was willing to risk
it, especially if I could fulfill one other nasty
thought that had been dancing across my mind since we

So far Carol had seemed willing to do anything that
either Marjorie or I had suggested. I wasn't positive
I should risk my suggestion, but I decided to tempt
fate and see just how far she would go.

As Carol reverently approached my cock, I reached for
her, restraining her ever so slightly until she looked
up at me.

"Taste it first," I pleaded.

We all looked down at my hard, thick penis. My whole
lap was soaked and coated with the slick wetness of
both my beautiful women. They both had contributed a
share and I longed to join them by soon adding my own
cum to theirs.

When Carol looked back at me, her face was blank. I
was beginning to think I had made a big foolish
mistake, until that beautiful face broke into a
degenerate grin - wide and bold. Definitely a girl
after my own heart.

Carol lowered her mouth lovingly on my cock. She
kissed the tip affectionately and then licked the
length of it. Then she lay down completely between my
spread thighs and began to roll her face from side to
side, smearing the collective juices covering my
crotch all over her face, her neck and in her hair. It
was the single-most uninhibited, sensuous and vulgar
display that I had ever witnessed. When she had
indulged in the smells and taste of my sodden staff
enough to satisfy her, she began a slinky crawl up my

Even before she reached me I could smell her. She
smelled like the well-fucked cunt of every woman I had
ever known. She smelled like Marjorie and she smelled
like herself gloriously combined. When she arrived,
she began to rub her own face against mine,
transferring the collective funk and fragrance of our
love from her to me. She scratched her tender skin on
the morning growth of my whiskers as though branding
herself as my woman, as if to write my name on her
neck and cheeks.

I began arching my hips up towards her, seeking her
center with my blind eye. I tried to reach down and
guide myself into her, but it was Marjorie's hand that
steered me home. She grasped me hard and without Carol
even realizing she was there, pointed my cock to the
hot blonde cunt of our new woman.

We made love, moving against each other easily and
with ever-greater confidence. I held Carol's face
between my two hands and fucked into her with my hips.
Our bodies danced together, perfectly in tune to one
another. We were so different and so much alike. When
we began, there had been she and I. Now, there was
only us. There was only two that had ceased to be two.

I didn't intentionally hold myself back. At that
moment, I was so overwhelmed by my love and affection
for Carol that I couldn't have held off, even for
Marjorie. When Carol started to orgasm, for one moment
I was frantic to catch up with her, to cum into her as
she was cumming on me. Perhaps some deep unconscious
portion of myself saved me from disappointing Marj in
that way. In any case, I realized that not sharing
even something as beautiful as a mutual orgasm
couldn't spoil this unique moment in our lives. It was
already glorious on its own.

So after Carol finished, it was Marj that once more
took her place. It was Marj that held herself still as
I fucked into her. It was Marj's hips that I clutched
and thrust at, straining for my cum. It was Marj that
took the gift of my seed on this first morning of our
new lives.

That somehow was the most fitting thing that could
have happened. I hadn't planned it that way, but
Marjorie had and Marjorie had a way of getting what
she wanted in the end. Somehow though, along the way,
Carol and I had shared something special together. No
one could have planned or predicted that.


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