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We Three 9


We Three 9/? {Redman} {MFF Rom}
(c) October 2000

Author's note: Please overlook, or better yet help me
correct, any mistakes you may find. Comments and
corrections are welcomed at This
story is intended for mature readers and contains
scenes about mature sexual situations. If it is
illegal for you to read this material because of your
age or the laws where you reside, please do not do so.

Thanks for all the great feedback! All my stories,
including all of this one that is written so far, can
be found at
We Three: Part 9
As the girls got ready to go to work, I lazed in bed.
Usually I like to just lay back and let erotic
thoughts and images flow though my mind. Today, for
the first time, there was nothing I could imagine that
was more erotic than what I had been experiencing.

After we had finished our sexual feast, we had all
tried to crowd into the bathroom together. But, since
it's a small bathroom, they ran me out. At least I was
able to pee and grab my toothbrush before being
evicted. But after I had brushed my teeth, I just lay
back and listened to them getting ready.

Usually Marj was quiet when she's getting ready for
work. I always assumed that it was out of deference to
me trying to go back to sleep. Today I learned that it
was just because she didn't have anyone to talk to

They laughed together like schoolgirls, like sisters,
maybe. At first I was disappointed because they
weren't talking about me. Oh, Marj threw in a few
comments, like how good it was to see Carol with such
a fresh-fucked smile. Little things like that. But for
the most part, they just talked about makeup, clothes
and work.

After a while I didn't even listen to the words, just
the music of their voices playing back and forth
against each other. It's funny, I've never noticed
that Carol's voice is actually a little lower in pitch
than Marj's. Just from looking at them, I would have
thought it would have been the other way around.

Soon enough they finished in the bathroom and someone
cuts the light on in my eyes. They both came bouncing
in the room, naked except for the makeup on their
faces. I rolled over and watch them try to fit
something out of Marj's closet on Carol.

The first thing they tried to find were some panties,
but Marj's panties looked silly on Carol. The backside
drooped down like a lumpy diaper. On a lark I told
Marj that she ought to let Carol wear the pair of
skimpy red briefs that she had bought for me last
year. The damn things were way too tight for me to
wear, though Marj liked for me to put them on every
now and then. Personally, I hoped to be rid of them.

I didn't think she'd even go for it, but Marj made it
a laugh for her to try them on and so she did. Her
lovely girl cheeks popped out on both sides in the
back and the front was a little poochie where my
equipment would be, but to me she looked a lot better
in them than I ever did. Something about the way she
kept running her hands over the fabric of my briefs on
her ass and between her legs told me that Carol really
liked having them on, too.

She came over in front of me, wiggling her bottom near
my face and asked me what I thought.

"It will take a bit of time for me to show you what I
really think, but if you want to go in late, I'll make
it worth you're while."

"You really don't mind if I wear them, Roger? It won't
make me any less feminine in your eyes?" Carol asked
me playfully.

"I'll probably have a hard-on all day just thinking
about you wearing them." Especially thinking about her
standing there with her nipples so hard.

"You'll probably have a hard-on all day anyway, just
thinking about us!" Marjorie got a real kick out of
Carol saying that. "Well, I may just have to buy you a
new pair to replace them then. Do you like leopard
skin, Roger?

"I don't know."

"It doesn't matter. I think I'd like it and I bet Marj
would too." Marj giggled her assent of course, but for
these two I'd probably be game enough to try anything
they brought home for me to wear.

"You can buy me anything you want Carol, just bring me
back those... unwashed. I suspect they'll be pretty
ripe by the end of the day!"

For that I got a pillow in the face, but I was able to
cop a feel of her titty that made it all worthwhile.

The rest of their dressing went much quicker and soon
they were getting ready to leave. Marj's lips briefly
touched mine as she said goodbye and headed toward the

Carol approached me more directly, knelt on the bed
and gave my tonsils a thorough examination with her
tongue. God, this woman could kiss! We ended up with
my lower lip being bitten softly between her teeth and
my dick humping up frantically against her slacks. We
finally broke the kiss under threat of death from Marj
who was yelling from the bottom of the stairs, but in
a very sweet way!

"You're coming back tonight?" I breathlessly asked

"We'll see. I have a lot to think about today."

I took her hand and put it on my raging cock. She
gripped it like a winning lottery ticket.

"Think about this all day too. And how much I love
you. How much we both love you."

"The question is, my dear boy," she groaned as she
squeezed me, "will I be able to think about anything

As soon as they left, the whole house was plunged into
silence, except for my raspy breathing. My dick felt
tender from the last 24 hours. Even so, I pumped it up
and down slowly, thinking about the two of them
getting ready together in the bathroom... naked. And
about where those red briefs were right now.

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur. I take all
my classes on Monday because it's the easiest day of
the week for me to go to school. I work twelve-hour
shifts Monday through Thursday, six to six. So, Monday
is school day.

This semester I'm taking Music Appreciation and Human
Growth and Development. I chose these two courses
because they were the easiest classes I could take on
Mondays. It's not like I'm really working towards a
degree, although I'll probably get one in General
Studies one day. Mostly I go because Marjorie wants me
to go.

Music Appreciation is really a blowoff. Other than
keeping a log of the music I listen to and going to
the symphony a few times this semester, it's a
walkthrough. But I have ended up learning to enjoy
Vivaldi, Bach and Hayden more than I thought I would.
That's as far as we've gotten so far, to Hayden.

If it wasn't that the prof was so gay, more people
might like the course. I'll give him this; at least
he's enthusiastic about what he does. His life is a
mission to teach undergraduates the joys of classical
music. I've been surprised that I actually learned

Human Growth and Development on the other hand is just
a pain. The prof is this little guy who read from his
own single spaced, type written notes the whole class.
He's about 5'2" and has the hair of a man twice his
size. He's up there lecturing about growth and
development and sometimes I want to ask him when he's
gonna grow a few more inches.

Besides that, I'm going to have to do a paper.
Hopefully I can get Marj to write most of it for me,
if I'm real sweet to her, anyway.

By the end of that class I was dragging. I was able to
eat and settle down for about a forty-five minute nap
before the girls got home. My head had hardly hit the
pillow before I was snoozing.

I woke up to a naked Marjorie rubbing her wet snatch
along my dick. That wasn't an easy thing for her to do
either because when I first woke up I was limp. But,
with Marj's hi-beam headlights in my eyes and feeling
her sweet hips working me over, that condition was
rectified fairly quick.

As soon as I was hard, I rolled Marj over into the
middle of the bed with me on top of her. She looked a
little cross when she hit the stiff remains of our wet
spot from this morning. The moment she did, I realized
I was suppose to change the sheets. I wasn't really
being lazy. It was just that I was kinda proud of it
and liked looking at it like it was a badge of honor.

We scooted to the side and while we were adjusting, I
asked if Carol had come home with her. I got the short
reply from Marj that told me that she was horny and
just wanted to get down to business. From her brief
answer, it seems Carol had gone home to get some
things. It was unclear to me whether she was coming
back before I had to leave for six, but at the moment
it didn't sound like I ought to ask for clarification.

"Would you just fuck me already! I've been thinking
about your cock and smelling your horny little
girlfriend all day at work. The two of you are driving
me nuts. If you don't hurry up and fuck me I'll have
to find someone else who will."

Marj often rushed home for a quickie before I had to
leave, but rarely had she ever come home as randy as
she was right now. Of course, all through class I had
floated in a daydream thinking about fucking two
beautiful women and just now she had waken me from
some dream with undoubtedly a similar theme. So she
didn't have to talk too hard to persuade me.

When I first slid into Marjorie, it was not as much
screwing as swimming. She was that wet. She sucked air
in between her teeth as I went deeper and when I
struck bottom, she growled like a crazy woman and
thrust back against me for just a bit. After a couple
of moves though, she settled her hips into the bed and
just let me pump into her. Marjorie doesn't so much
fuck me with her hips as she fucks me with her nasty

"God, I can't believe she sucked you right there in
the kitchen. And when you fucked her on the floor the
first time, I thought my back would break from
sympathy pains. You were fucking her that hard. Do you
remember that? Do you remember fucking her that hard?"

Even if Marjorie hadn't been screaming it in my ear,
my pelvis remembered what it was like to fuck Carol on
the floor that first time. It was giving Marj a repeat
performance even as she spoke.

"And when she rubbed her face in all our cum this
morning, it almost made me cream just to look at her.
Then she sucked your cock after I had just fucked you.
I could see it in your eyes, what you were thinking.
You were thinking how nice it was to have a pretty
woman suck your wife's cum off your cock weren't you?
Weren't you?"

If she hadn't have just woke me up from a nap, I would
have been cumming already. Marjorie knows how much I
like her to talk dirty to me and I could tell the
words were getting to her as much as me. I reached
underneath her and began to stimulate her anus with
small, circular motions in rhythm to our fucking. She
pressed downward with her hips, increasing the
pressure from my fingers and bringing my pubis in
better alignment with her throbbing clit.

"You liked to see her suck my cum off of your dick,
didn't you. I bet you'd like to see her suck my cum
right out of my cunt, wouldn't you. Oh, I can see it
in your nasty eyes; you want to see Carol's pretty
blonde hair between my legs fucking me with her
tongue, don't you? Don't you? Would you like her to
fuck me with that tongue? Would you like her to fuck
us both?"

I climaxed hard into Marj's seizing cunt. Seeing me
cumming, Marj shut up and threw her arms around me.
She began fucking my spurting cock roughly and before
I was finished, her own climax exploded in her. She
ended up milking the last bit of semen from my balls
and it felt fantastic to finish off inside her.

I held my weight off of her as much as I was able. She
was feeling the fine, golden afterglow of her cum. For
a while she didn't even open her eyes. I kept nudging
her with my softening prick, not really so much
fucking her as I was reveling in the hot wetness of
her. I felt fat and lazy looking down at the woman I

Finally she opened her eyes, looking at me with love.
She was feeling pretty good too. Then, as if
remembering what she had said in the throes of
passion, she blushed and looked away. I think Marjorie
had surprised even herself.

"What was all that about? You didn't seem all that
interested in Carol when she was here. At least not
interested in being with her yourself."

"I was just into the moment. Don't get your hopes up,
loverboy. It probably won't ever happen."

"But if it did, you know that would be OK with me,
don't you?"

"No shit. Carol and I were both laughing this morning
about how eager you had been all day to see us
together. What is it about men that you want to see
two women make love?"

"I don't know. I just think it would be beautiful to

I had almost slipped out of Marj until we started
talking about this. I wasn't getting hard again just
yet, but I certainly wasn't loosing any firmness

"Well, like I said, don't go holding your breath.
Carol and I are good friends. Neither one of us are
turning into lesbians or anything."

"But it's not beyond the realm of possibility... that
maybe every now and then..."

"Jeez Roger, who knows. If you had asked me a week ago
if she would have been spending the night, I would
have said you were crazy. Just don't pressure us! If
anything happens, it will happen. Just don't go trying
to MAKE it happen."

"I wouldn't do that baby." When she laughed at me for
my obvious lying, I figured I'd better revise my
statement. "OK, I won't do it now that you've asked me
not to. Other than to say it'd be the sexiest thing in
the world to watch."

"Get off of me, you big pervert! It's time for you to
go to work."

"Give me just a little kiss first, Marj."

"I thought that's why we got Carol, so she could kiss
you all the time like you like. Why would you want to
kiss your wife when you have such a pretty thing that
likes kissing as much as you do?"

Even though Marj seemed to be teasing me when she said
it, something told me that there was just enough of a
question in her own mind that she needed some

"She's nice to kiss all right, but you'll always be my
wife. And a husband likes to kiss his wife, doesn't
he? Come on Marj, do your wifely duty and give us a

So for the first time in a long time, Marjorie kissed
me for as long as I wanted.


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