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Weekend Getaway


The following story is purely a work of fiction. It contains scenes of an
adult nature, so if you are under 18, stop reading now. This story contains explicit sexual language and fantasies. If you are offended by
such activities, do not read any further. This is purely a fantasy. Any
resemblance to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental. The
author is not responsible for any damage resulting from reading this work.

This story may be reposted or archived provided the following conditions
are met:

1) The story is not altered in any way 2) The story contains my name and
disclaimer 3) You do not make money from the story
Comments or questions may be sent to I love
to get email from the people who read my stories so don't be shy.

Weekend Getaway - By William Knight

Neither of them said much on the drive from the city out to the cottage
that late Friday afternoon in August. Both Tom and Anne Foster seemed
immersed in their own thoughts.

Tom and Anne had what many would consider a perfect life. Tom had an
excellent job as a stockbroker with a large, high-powered brokerage. He
made a lot of money. He made so much money in fact that Anne had no need
for permanent employment. They had a beautiful home in a well-to-do
neighborhood in the suburbs. They had three happy and well-adjusted
children. They had everything going for them. So as you might imagine Tom
was taken completely off guard when one night last week as they lay in bed
Anne told him that she no longer found their lovemaking exciting. The
spark, the passion that they had once had seemed to be gone she said. Tom
was confused. He never dreamt that they would have "that" kind of a
problem. Hadn't she always seemed to enjoy their sex? Sure, after 21
years of marriage, he guessed that things could get a little "routine", but
to hear this from her now... He was shocked.

Anne wanted something to re-kindle the excitement. Something out of the
ordinary or at least how she thought "normal" people would define ordinary.
She told him about an adult video that she had seen at her girlfriend's
house one day. She told him that she'd like to try some of the things that
she saw on the tape and even as she talked about it, he could tell she was
excited. For his part, Tom wasn't sure. He had never really thought
himself to be into that kind of thing although he had to admit the thought
of it was just a little intriguing. He was willing to give it a try. He
loved his wife and he wanted nothing more than to help her find her lost

So they were quiet as the car crested the top of the valley and headed
down toward the lake and their cottage. They were both excited and nervous
all at the same time. Tom glanced out his window toward the West. "Looks
like we could get a storm tonight."

Tom had worked late at the office that day. That combined with the long
drive had made him very tired. After unpacking the car and having a light
dinner they decided to turn in for the night. But first, Tom had some
preparation to take care of. As Anne was having a long, hot shower, Tom
went into the bedroom and placed everything he would need for the night
ahead. Once he was satisfied he returned to the living room and watched a
little TV. It was now Anne's turn to prepare.

At the appointed time, Tom got up from the sofa, switched off the TV,
turned off the lights, stripped naked and headed for the bedroom.

Anne lay on the satin sheets that were neatly spread across the bed.
The wind blowing gently through the open window in the dimly lit room made
her nipples stiffen. Her knees were slightly bent and her legs were spread
just enough so that he could see her pussy lips, glistening from her
already damp cunt. Tom loved clean shaven pussy and hers was clean and
smooth as though it had been that way all her life. She claimed a smooth
cunt felt sexier to her than one with pubic hair. Tom had NO complaints.

He moved his chair gently to the foot of the bed and took his place as
she began to gently rub her breasts and pinch her nipples. They became
even harder and she moaned softly, barely audible over the low rustling of
the leaves outside the window. Her fair skin was bathed in moonlight. She
began to rub her big tits even harder as she became more excited. Her legs
fell wider apart now as the heat enveloped her loins. She was getting very
wet now and he could see small drops of her juices forming along the length
of her slit

As he sat there, naked at the foot of the bed he could feel his cock
beginning to stiffen but he forced himself not to touch it; he was going to
make this last.

Anne was getting more excited now and her right hand instinctively found
her creamy soft inner thigh. She slowly massaged her leg, taking
particular care to avoid any contact with her wet sex...yet. Her moans got
gradually louder as she touched herself and it was all that he could do to
keep his hands off of his hard cock. He couldn't take his eyes off her as
she performed her sensuous ritual. He needn't look however to feel the
sensation of pre-cum (ever so slightly) beginning to appear on the swollen
head of his cock. And still, he did not touch...

He couldn't take this exquisite torture any longer.

"Rub your pussy," he commanded. "Spread those wet lips open wide and
give me a nice view of that wet cunt." Slowly and deliberately she did as
she was told. Slowly, very slowly, running a single finger up and down the
length of her slit. As she paused at the top and moved her finger over her
clit, she shuddered noticeably and moaned louder, grinding her ass harder
into the bed.

"Spread your lips!"

His tone was now louder and more commanding, partly because of his own
excitement and partly because of the slightly dominant side of his

Very gently she took her wet cunt lips between the thumb and forefinger
of each hand and pulled them apart, exposing herself completely to him.
Her hips now undulated rhythmically and her breathing was noticeably
heavier. She closed her eyes tight and raised her ass slightly so that he
might have a better view.

"That's it, now finger fuck yourself."

Her two fingers had an easy time sliding into her wet sex. As she
slowly pumped, in and out, she squeezed the muscles of her pussy tight
around her fingers. All the while, her thumb dancing to and fro about her
clit. There was no trying to hide her excitement any longer, as her
panting and moaning became louder and more erratic.

Tom loved this; sitting there watching her masturbate for him. Having
her obey his commands and open herself completely to him.

"I'm ready now."

Anne's voice startled him back to reality. This was the part he had
been dreading, and secretly looking forward to all night.

He got up from the chair at the foot of the bed and moved toward her...

The room was very quiet. The only sounds were her deep rhythmic breaths
and the sound of the wind whistling through the valley just outside the
window. Off in the distance he heard the low rumble of a summer
thunderstorm that was moving in for the night.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked her as he reached the head
of the bed.

Although they had talked about it before the trip, he wanted to be very

"I'm sure." Her excitement was obvious.

He opened the drawer on the nightstand, took out its contents and placed
it on the bed beside her.

First, he chose a length of deep blue silk material. He gently covered
her eyes with it and tied it snuggly behind her head.

She could not see.

Next, he took four equal lengths of soft rope and used them to secure
her legs and arms to the bedposts. His intent was not to hurt but to

She could not move.

Tom stood up and moved back from the bed to admire his prize. The years
had been very kind to her. Even after three children, she still had the
body of a woman ten years her junior. Her breasts were large and firm with
very long nipples. Especially long when she was aroused as she was now.
His eyes moved down across her flat stomach, past her crotch to her long
shapely legs. Many years as a dancer and then dance instructor had left
her thighs and calves well toned.

Finally, his gaze fixed between her wide spread legs. The clean shaven
pussy which he loved. Her cunt lips were slightly larger than average and
even more so in her present condition. He could see the glistening
moisture of her juices, which was now very evident on her cunt. She got
very wet during sex, so much so that she sometimes squirted her juice out
in a stream when she came.

"What are you waiting for?"

He did not answer; his gaze still fixed on the pure sexuality that lay
before him.

Slowly he climbed up on the bed and straddled her chest. His cock was
aching. He bent forward bringing the swollen head of his prick within an
inch of her mouth.

"Stick out your tongue," he commanded, as he held is dick oh so close to
her lips.

"Stick out your tongue and lick me."

Obediently she opened her mouth and searched for her prize with her
darting tongue. The tip of her tongue could just reach his prick. She
licked the underside of the head (which was easiest to do in her current
position). Slowly she went from side, to underneath, to the other side.
Back and forth, slowly, slowly. Each movement was like a tiny electric
shock in his loins and he moaned softly.

"Now stop. Open your mouth. I want to fuck you mouth."

Once again, she did as she was told. She opened her mouth wide, ready
to accept his throbbing hot prick.

He leaned slightly forward and guided the head of his prick into her
mouth with his hand. The other hand was used to maintain his balance.
Instinctively, her warm lips closed around the head of his cock as she
licked and sucked it. Slowly he began to thrust in and out. Just a little
at first, until she got used to it, but then deeper and faster until
finally his full seven inches was buried to the hilt in her warm wet mouth.
Each time he thrust forward he could feel the tip of his cock on the back
of her throat.

The feeling was beyond belief. Her blowjobs and never felt like this

"Fuck yeah baby, suck on that big dick."

And she did, so that with each stroke little tremors rippled through his
entire body.

Almost lost in his bliss was the fact that she was now starting to
strain against her restraints. Her arms and legs, trying without success
to be free. He reached behind him and felt her crotch. Her cunt lips were
swollen and she was soaking wet. He slowly rubbed two fingers up and down
her slit as she sucked him. When he reached her hard clit, he heard her
muffled moans and felt her body shudder involuntarily. She was ready now,
he was sure of it.

Without warning he pulled his prick out of her mouth, leaving it open
and wanting. Now he could clearly hear her moaning. She was ready.

He got off of her and stood up. Again, he had a hard time taking his
eyes off of her. Her chest heaved up and down as her breathing quickened.

"What are you doing?"

He did not answer, instead, moving once again to the nightstand...

Tom quietly removed the lid from the ice bucket that sat on the
nightstand. He took a two large icecubes, one in each hand and climbed up
beside her. He stopped for a moment, watching her pant and struggle
against her ties. He can't remember ever seeing her this hot.

"Please," she begged. "Please fuck me!"

Tom moved one cube to the palm of each hand, straddled her belly and
then with a single, swift motion he cupped his palms over her nipples. She
had no idea what was coming and screamed loudly as the cold ice hit her
erect nipples. Her arms were thrashing wildly, trying to escape. But she
could not move. Tom lifted his hands and gazed at her numb nipples.
Slowly he bent down and with his warm tongue and mouth sucked and licked
each frozen nipple in turn until they began to thaw.

"Oh God, I can't stand it. Oh fuck me please!"

He got up from the bed and looked at her. Her nipples were longer and
harder than they had ever been. He looked between her legs. Her juice was
oozing out from between her swollen lips and collecting in a little sticky
puddle on the sheets between her legs.

Tom took another cube from the bucket and traced a path from between her
big tits down her belly and stopping just north of his intended
destination. A little trail of water was left in the icecube's wake. He
left the cube there, on her lower abdomen to melt on its own. Anne ground
her ass into the bed and tried with all her might to get a leg loose from
the ties. But she could not move. Her loud groans and moans had turned to
low whimpers, almost crying. Tom looked at her and as he did he grabbed
his stiff cock with his cold hand. The sensation almost made him fall
over. He wasn't sure how much longer he could resist her pleas.

He grabbed the bucket of ice and brought it to the bed with him. Taking
a position between her legs he slowly licked her cunt, starting just above
her anus and moving all the way up the slit, finally ending with a long
suck on her hard clit. As he continued to lick and suck her clit he took
another cube from the bucket, placed it on her pink, puckered asshole and
slowly pushed it into her ass. The sensation of the ice cube going into
her ass combined with his tongue on her clit made Anne come. Her cunt spasmed and shot a stream of her sweet juice with such force that the
entire bed shuddered under her. She was shaking uncontrollably and
groaning loudly.

"Fuck me." Her voice was getting weak and shaky.

Tom had had enough. He knelt between her spread legs and guided his hot
prick into her cunt. When he was inside he leaned forward to suck her
tits. He ground his pelvis into her's as he pounded in and out, faster and
faster. She was hot and very very wet. She used her cunt muscles to
squeeze his cock tight (another fringe benefit of all that dancing!) as he
continued to pump. He closed his eyes tight as he felt his own orgasm
approaching. Now, past the point of no return he quickly pulled out and
straddled her chest, just in time to shoot a load of hot, sticky come onto
her tits and face. He pumped his cock with his hand as he continued to
come. Anne stuck out her tongue and caught what she could but it was
difficult. She could not see...

Tom untied her and removed the blindfold and then, exhausted he fell
onto the bed beside her. As they drifted off into a completely relaxed
sleep, Tom heard the thunder clap louder outside. He had been right. It
was going to storm tonight. Who knows, maybe it would storm all weekend.

The End.


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