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Weekend at Storm Cottage

Keywords: M+F+, bd, span
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Weekend at Storm Cottage

1993 2000 Knave of Hearts
The bank's annual summer picnic broke up as Friday afternoon
faded into Friday evening. Edward, looking for his wife, noticed
Rene walking with another woman toward their car. Rene's short,
full-hipped figure contrasted sharply with the stranger's dark
tan and lean flanks.

Meeting at the car, Rene said, "Edward, this is Brooke. I don't
think you two have met. She needs a ride back to town." Rene
smirked as his eyes devoured Brooke's curvaceous body.

"Glad to meet you," Brooke said, tucking a strand of her long
brown hair behind one ear. "I hope I'm not inconveniencing you."

Edward, playing the gentleman to the hilt, opened the car door.
"Not at all."

The road wound around a beautiful reservoir. Rene pointed out
her window. "It looks like we're in for a storm."

The thunderstorm hit minutes later. Edward, unfamiliar with the
area, slowed. Feeling his way along the dark, wet country road,
he braked suddenly to avoid a fallen tree limb. "Now what do we
do?" he said.

"There's a house with its lights on!" Brooke pointed excitedly.

Edward drove cautiously toward the small, well-lit cottage.
Rushing from the car, they huddled next to the door. The crowded
porch offered little shelter from the deluge. The trio's light
clothing clung to their bodies, drenched by the storm.

Edward knocked on the front door. They heard sounds of
movement, a face appeared in the window. The door opened to
reveal a tall, skinny man in a bathrobe. He pushed his round,
wire-framed glasses up his nose as he squinted through the rain
at Edward and the girls.

"Can I help you?", he finally said.

"We hate to bother you on a night like this," Edward started.

"But the storm has blocked the road with a tree branch," Rene
interjected. "Would you mind if we borrowed your phone to call
the county road crew?"

"Not at all," the man said. "Please come in."

Entering the cottage, the trio stood dripping in the living room.
The man introduced himself as Craig. A tall, athletically built
woman in a short bathrobe sat in a chair sipping white wine.
Craig introduced her as his wife, Pamela. Edward noticed that
Pamela wasn't wearing panties.

Pamela's light blues eyes intently appraised each picnicker.
Standing in the air-conditioned living room, Rene's eraser shaped
nipples poked from her wet tank top. Brooke's shirt molded
itself around her softball-sized breasts, dark areolae showing
through the light cotton. Neither had bothered wearing a bra.

"Mary," she shouted toward a door, "please bring our guests
some towels."

Mary's entrance interrupted Edward's inspection of Pamela's long
white legs. Mary had a boyish figure, short brown hair, and shy
demeanor that seemed to clash with the leather mini-skirt she
wore. As Mary handed Edward his towel, he noticed she was
wearing a leather choker as well.

Drying off and sipping wine, the group engaged in small talk.
Everything was normal until Edward asked Mary her occupation.
Craig smiled as he reached up Mary's miniskirt and fondled her
ass. "She's my slave," he said, savoring the shock his bland
statement caused.

Before anyone could say anything, Craig continued. "Mary,
display yourself for our guests."

Blushing silently, Mary removed the blouse and miniskirt. Light
brown fuzz covered the top of her shaved pussy, emphasizing the
paleness of her skin. Her breasts were like small lemons. Her
taut nipples and the slight flare of her hips emphasized her
petite frame.

"Fetch your toys, slave." Obeying Craig's command, Mary walked
across the room. Opening a drawer, she removed a small wooden
paddle and some leather loops. Everyone watched silently as Mary
returned to Craig's side.

Craig stood and led Mary to a corner of the room. He put the
leather straps around her wrists. Removing a hanging plant
basket from its hook, Craig put the straps over the hook and
raised it until only Mary's toes touched the ground.

The paddle whistled through the air. CRACK Her pale ass turned
bright red under the blow. Mary whimpered as her body swayed.

"This is only the warm up," Craig said. CRACK He removed his
bathrobe, his leather G-string bulged. CRACK CRACK CRACK

Rene and Brooke squirmed as each blow landed on Mary's ass,
entranced by the raw brutality of the scene. Pamela had opened
her robe. One hand played with a pert breast as the other
massaged her clit. Edward watched as she parted her sparse red
pubes and began pumping her finger in and out of her moist pussy.
Her eyes locked on to Mary's pink ass, the tip of her tongue
against her lips. Her thumb flicked against her pink nipple, a
flush creeping down her neck.

Turning Mary to face the crowd, Craig ran his hands down her lean
body. Her nipples were erect, the light glistened off the juice
that ran from her pussy. Flushed, her breaths came in ragged

"My little whore wants more?" growled Craig. CRACK Her head
shook negatively. CRACK "What do you say?"

"Please master . . . Let me suck your cock," Mary gasped.

"That's better." Craig lowered Mary from the hook. He did not,
however, remove the restraints. Tying her face down to the
divan, Craig thrust his cock in her face. Mary sucked greedily
on his penis, her cheeks inflating as she drove her nose into his
pubic hair.

The sight of the small woman swallowing Craig's entire cock, her
still pink ass in the air, electrified the room. Rene, sitting
next to the divan, gently ran her fingers over Mary's ass. She
licked her fingertips, tasting the love juices from Mary thighs.
Rene's lips parted slightly as she watched Craig's cock disappear
between Mary's lips.

Pamela moved beside Brooke. Brooke stared, hypnotized by Mary's
frantic cock-sucking. Releasing Brooke's generous breasts from
her shirt, Pamela cupped Brooke's D-cup tits, pinching and
tugging on her nipples. Pamela's tongue fenced with Brooks's as
the women groped and rubbed against each other, Pamela's fair
skin bright against Brooke's deep tan.

After several moments, Craig removed his cock from Mary's mouth.
Moving behind her, he unsnapped the thong that covered her
snatch. In one thrust, he impaled Mary on his cock. She gasped
at the fury of his assault. Craig's hands grasped her stinging
flesh. He fucked her ferociously, his eyes screwed shut in
sexual abandon. Craig grunted. His body stiffened as he came
deep inside Mary's small body.

Rene's eyes followed Craig's balls as they slapped against Mary's
pussy. Her hand was in her crotch, alternately massaging and
tugging on her swollen clit. Across the room, Edward stroked his
stiff cock, completely enjoying the activities around him.

His orgasm over, Craig pulled his cock from Mary's dripping cunt.
Rene cupped his balls as she sucked Craig's wet pole into her
mouth. Her tongue danced around his cock's head, savoring the
taste of Mary's pussy. Craig reached down and palmed Rene's
tits, rubbing her jutting nipples as he moaned in excitement.
Her tongue ran down his cock. sucking one of Craig's balls into
her mouth, Rene made him groan in anticipation.

Beside them, Edward had rolled Mary over. Guiding his turgid
dick into her dripping wet hole, he pressed against her. Edward
slowly fucked her, luxuriating in the feel of his long cock
sliding its entire length in her soft, wet cunt. He sucked on
her small tits, Mary's nipples like small pebbles. His hands
forced her hips to maintain the slow, deep pace of their fucking.
At the end of each down-stroke, he ground his hips against hers,
making Mary groan as her pussy begged for more.

Brooke and Pamela were in a frantic sixty-nine, Pamela's face
buried between Brooke's tan legs. Brooke pressed her snatch
against Pamela's frenzied tongue and groaned as she shivered in
ecstacy. On all fours over Pamela, she arched her back as her
clit sent waves of pleasure through her body. Brooke came
explosively. Her straight brown mane flung through the air,
thrashing back and forth as orgasm took control of her.

Smiling as she languidly removed Craig's balls from her mouth,
Rene slid from the chair to the floor. On all fours, she raised
her ass enticingly to Craig. His cock sank into her cunt as he
drew her hips toward his. Reaching into a pouch on his G-string,
Craig pulled out a string of beads. Pressing the first marble-
sized bead against her anus, he slowly slid the string of four
pellets into her asshole.

Rene had never felt so full. The love beads in her ass rubbed
against Craig's cock as it slid in and out. His balls caressed
her cunt lips briefly at the end of each thrust, before he
reversed direction and pulled his cock from her crack. Lust took
control of her body as her hips rammed against his, increasing
the delicious friction inside her pussy.

Craig increased his tempo as he felt the pressure build in his
balls. He felt Rene's cunt spasm and clutch at his pole, ready
to come. Holding her hips with one hand, he began pulling the
string of love beads. As the beads popped from her ass one by
one, Rene erupted in orgasm. Craig strainedagainst her gyrations
as he held her on his cock.

As her orgasm passed, "God, I've never come that hard before"
Rene panted. Craig smiled, he had other tricks in store for her.

"Harder Master . . . Fuck me harder," Mary pleaded.

Edward spread Mary's legs so that her knees were on his
shoulders, her cunt and asshole gaping. Grasping her hips, he
forcefully drove his cock into her tiny body. She cried out as
his balls slapped against her asshole. A feeling of animal
passion possessed him as he slammed his throbbing manhood deep
into Mary's wet snatch. Again and again their bodies slapped
together with the force of his thrusts.

Mary's pussy was tight and wet. She let out a long groan,
feeling Edward driving her on his cock like a rag doll. His
long cock stretched her cunt muscles as they coupled. Her snatch
ached as it filled with his pulsing meat. Incredibly, she felt
her pussy tingle, signaling her imminent orgasm.

Edward roughly grasped Mary's tits. Her breathing was erratic.
Her head thrown back, Edward felt her tight pussy convulse,
milking his cock. His balls tightened, spewing come into her wet
hole. Collapsing on top of her, he let her legs off his
shoulders. Wet with sweat, they kissed.

Sheepishly everyone disengaged themselves from their new-found
partners. The smell of sex permeated the small cottage. Craig
and Pamela made sleeping arrangements for everyone. Edward was
thankful the shower had enough hot water after everyone else had
cleaned off.

Edward lay on his side in the bed her shared with Rene, half
awake. He had slept, as usual, with his cock in the crack of
Rene's ass. Remembering the sight of his wife, her ass in the
air, moaning as another man plunged his cock into her, Edward's
cock slowly throbbed. Stretching, he ground his pulsing meat
into her lush backside.

Rene reached back and closed her hand around Edward's cock.
"Someone's awake. Not too tired from your little love slave?"
she teased.

Edward slid his hand along the back of her legs. Raising her top
leg, he adjusted his hips so that his cock pressed against Rene's
pussy. Rubbing the length of his cock through her pussy lips,
Edward felt her wetness.

His cock lubricated, Edward slowly worked his long dick into his
wife. She sighed as he filled her cunt. Edward closed his eyes,
visualizing Craig banging away at Rene's twat. He fucked her
slowly at first, but her hips pushed against his, demanding more.
Using one arm to hold her against him, Edward placed the other
across her body, his hand massaging her clit.




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