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What Men Look For In Women 1

What men Look For In Women
By MrGrey

Chapter 1

Brenda Williams had been working at a dead end job for years. Her life
seemed empty to her. Since divorcing her husband three years ago, she had
been raising her 18 year old daughter, Jane, and her 15 year old son, Jonathan.
Sometimes she felt like she was letting them down, but she had to tell herself to
keep going. After all, secretaries don't get paid a lot of money.
She worked for a cosmetics company. Her boss, Mr. Holden, kept her
busy most of the day. She mostly answered phones and did computer work.
The company, New Life Cosmetics, supposedly did a lot of experimental work.
She rarely saw anything other than her desk and rarely talked to anyone other
than her boss and her friend, Tammy. Tammy was another secretary there.
They would meet up in the copy room and gossip about whatever was happening
that day.
Occasionally, they would see scientist's running back and forth through
the hallways. But they would never talk to anyone. They were a very secretive

Well, it's seven o'clock. The alarm beeps, piercing the silence of the dark,
lonely room. Brenda groggily swings her hand toward her nightstand, attempting
to stop the annoying beeping. She'd love to go back to sleep, but Jane and
Jonathan won't get up if she doesn't motivate them.
After missing the OFF button several times, she finally sits up in bed and
slams her hand on the alarm. "Stupid thing," she says to the empty room.
Standing up and twisting the blinds open, the room is filled with sunlight.
Normally this would be the beginning of a normal day for her. But this was just
the beginning of her new life. She doesn't know it yet, but she'll soon find out.
She goes down the hall, visiting each of her children's rooms and tells
them what a beautiful day it is for school. They don't seem interested though.
Eventually, they get up, shower, and join their mother downstairs for breakfast.
They talk about the day ahead and laugh about days before. After that,
they each get their things, hug their mother goodbye and go to school.
Brenda is left alone again. She knows it isn't long until she has to leave
herself so she takes a shower. She isn't an unattractive woman at all. She
wardrobe could use a little help though, her hair too. She's a nice tall brunette,
but she presents herself with a very low attitude. After getting dressed and
ready, she gets in the car and heads downtown.
The city is filled with businessmen and women. Mixed in the crowd are
the usual drug dealers and whores. Brenda can't believe that this is what she
calls home. She cringes as she thinks of how she has to drive here everyday.
How terrible! Driving through all these evil people, day after day. All they're
interested in is money and sex. She can't believe how some people can be so
Arriving at work, she finds a bit of commotion going on outside the front
doors. A circle of people were marching around the sidewalk, all holding signs.
She then realized that they were all women. The signs read things such as
"Down With New Life!" and "New Life degrading to women!".
"What the?" Brenda is confused with this. They were simply a cosmetics
company. They sold make-up and shampoo and pretty much anything a woman
would need. This company was for women! Why were these people so angry?
They gave her a threatening glare as she walking into the huge
skyscraper. It towered over the surrounding buildings. Over the front doors is
the title of the building: NEW LIFE COSMETICS.
Taking the elevator to the tenth floor, she stepped off and was
immediately greeted by Mr. Holden, "A little late today aren't we, Brenda?"
She was surprised. She may have been five minutes late, but what was
five minutes? She just smiled and apologized, "Sorry Mr. Holden, it won't
happen again."
"In case you didn't notice, we have a bit of a problem outside. So don't
slack off, this is gonna be a busy day."
Brenda was burning up inside with hatred for this man. She never slacked
off. In fact, she was one of the hardest working people on this floor. But why
should her boss notice that. All he cared about was staring at her ass and down
her blouse. The pig. How she wished she could quit. But she knew that would
never happen.
"Yes sir," she forced herself to say and walked off, rolling her eyes. She
walked down the hall to her desk outside Mr. Holden's office. She sat down, her
back to the door with the name Jack Holden printed on it. Her name was printed
on a small nameplate sitting at the head of her desk. After settling in and putting
her glasses on, Tammy came walking up to her.
"Hey there, have you seen the circus outside?"
Brenda took her glasses off and smiled at her friend. "Hey, yeah, I walked
right through it. What's it all about?"
Tammy looked surprised at her, "You mean you haven't seen it?"
Brenda was confused, "Seen what?"
"The commercial, it's programmed into all our computers."
She walked around Brenda's desk and reached over to Brenda's
computer. Tammy was a hot lady. Even Brenda understood that. She had the
typical long blonde hair and perfect figure. She always wore skirts while Brenda
chose slacks.
Tammy clicked the computer to life and a small window appeared
automatically and started playing a video. It showed an ordinary woman walking
down the street, wearing normal clothes and going unnoticed by every man she
passed by. She seemed unhappy about it too. Then, she was seen leaving a
department store with a bag that said New Life Cosmetics on the side. Her
clothes had changed to that of a slutty tramp and she seemed very pleased with
herself. This time, while walking down the street, the woman was being stared at
by every guy that passed. One even slapped her ass while she walked by, but
the woman just laughed while a commercial played some loud rock song. She
was next seen at a bar getting tons of attention by men. The screen went black
and words came up on the screen, being read aloud by the woman, saying, "New
Life Cosmetics: What men look for in women." Then a male's voice announced
the exciting debut of several new products from New Life Cosmetics. Then the
video stopped.
Brenda was floored! She couldn't believe she was employed by these
sexist pigs. Her boss appeared from around the corner and smiled at the two
women. Then frowned and said, "Tammy, this isn't your work area. And Brenda,
I don't want to see any playing around or gossiping today. I know work is difficult
thing for you women, but we need to apply ourselves today. 'K girls?"
They both said in unison, "Sorry Mr. Holden." He walked into his office
and closed the door.
Brenda looked at her friend, "I really hate that man."
Tammy sighed, "I know, me too. But if we don't kiss his ass, we're both
looking for new jobs."
"I know, but I can't believe they're getting away with this commercial. Are
they really playing this on TV?"
"Oh yeah, it's getting serious airplay. Everyone's getting upset about it."
Brenda couldn't believe it. She'd never be able to concentrate today. She had to
have a talk with Mr. Holden.
"I'm gonna talk with him," Brenda said getting up from her desk.
Tammy started to talk her down, "Oh no, that's a bad idea. He doesn't like
to be reasoned with. Especially by women, you know how he is."
"I won't do anything dramatic. Just a little talk is all."
Tammy realized it was no good, "Ok then, but just be careful. Don't get
yourself fired."
"Don't worry about me."

Jack Holden was standing by the window, looking down at the picketers
circling in front of the building. It seemed to be growing larger. More and more
women were joining to revolt against his company, but little did they know that
they were making a big mistake. His partner, Gregory, was on his way outside to
greet them now. He watched as his partner came out the front door holding the
special perfume in his hands. He appeared to be offering one of the picketer's a
free sample, but she just started waving her sign in the air and shouting
something. Then, he sprayed the perfume in her face and she dropped her sign.
The woman seemed to calm down a lot and then just walked away down the
street after Gregory had a few words with her. One by one, he sprayed the
picketers, until they were all walking causally away, like they had just lost interest
in the idea. Jack smiled at his creation and was pleased it was working so well.
He had a bottle of it sitting on his desk. He walked over to it and sat
down. The bottle was oval shaped and was titled, Happiness. After many years
of development, he had finally come up with several new products designed to
bring in a hefty profit and dominate the cosmetics industry. Happiness was the
first product being sold.
He leaned back in his chair and was relaxing when he heard a knock at
his door.
"Come in," he muttered.
Brenda opened the door and stuck her head in, "Sir, are you busy?"
"I'm always busy, Brenda. Now what is it."
She was very nervous. She had never had confronted her boss about
anything before. But she felt she had to let him know just how terrible this new
ad was.
"Sir, I just viewed the new commercial for the first time a moment ago and
. . ."
"Beauty ain't it?" Mr. Holden smiled at his secretary, already preparing for
what was coming.
"Well, actually . . . no," Brenda flinched at her words, afraid of the
response she was going to get. But instead, Holden just continued to sit and
smile. He looked her up and down, making her very self-conscious. "Um, sir,
could you please not "
"Sit down Brenda," he commanded, pointing at the chair in front of his
"What?" she was expecting to be fired by now. Maybe he was
understanding what she was saying.
"Sit down." She did as told. She sat and crossed her legs, waiting for Mr.
Holden's response. He picked up a bottle of perfume that was sitting on his
desk. The label read, Happiness. "Brenda, this is our new product. It's called
"I see," she said, eyeing the bottle.
"Do you know why it's called Happiness?"
"Umm, no. I don't."
"Well, all those picketers are very unhappy women. Do you know why
they're unhappy?" She shook her head no. "Well, they're not pretty women,
basically. men don't pay attention to them. The worst thing is, they're not trying
to get their attention." Brenda was nodding her head, not understanding where
this was going. "This perfume can make them happy by ensuring that men will
pay attention to them."
"But, sir, I don't think they want men to pay attention to them. They want
to be respected like anyone else instead of stared at, like that darn commercial."
He smiled at his secretary and pointed the bottle at her face, "But this
perfume changes that." He sprayed a cloud of perfume into Brenda's face. She
closed her eyes and flinched at the suddenness of Mr. Holden's actions. It was
very sweet smelling and started to fill Brenda's head with a cloudy feeling. She
suddenly felt very calm.
"Don't you feel better now?" he asked, still smiling.
She rubbed her forehead, wondering why she felt so strange. "I . . . I
guess so."
"Stand up darlin'," he led her to the window and pointed down to the
street. "See, all the picketers are gone."
She looked down at the street, "Where'd they go?"
"We gave them some free samples of Happiness and they just seemed to
lose interest in picketing. Much like you're losing interest in bothering me with
your opinions, right?"
She thought about this. Her mind was filled with mixed feelings. She
remembered being offended by the commercial, but now, she didn't feel to
concerned about it. Casually glancing down at herself, she wondered why she
picked this outfit out today. It didn't seem too flattering to her figure. She'd have
to go shopping after work. Wait, why am I thinking about clothes now? I never
do that? She started getting worried, but was suddenly sprayed in the face again
by the perfume. The worried thoughts seemed to melt away. She looked at her
boss and apologized for bothering him, "I guess you're right, I'll leave you alone
"Brenda?" She stopped and looked at him. "Go home early today, get
yourself some new clothes. You would really be a knockout if you dressed up a
Normally, this would offend her, but now, she didn't seem to care. In fact,
if really seemed like a good idea. "Ok, Jack." Did I just call him Jack? She
started to worry again, but thought about shopping again and calmed down. She
walked out of his office, unconsciously shaking her ass more and more. Jack
smiled to himself and thinking he couldn't wait to get the rest of the new products

End Part 1

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