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What Men Look For In Women 2

What men Look For In Women
By MrGrey

Chapter 2

Brenda came out of Holden's office and sat back at her desk, replaying
what just happened in her head. Why do I feel so good right now? She felt like
she was the best person in the office, the happiest at least. Tammy poked her
head around the corner, "How'd it go?"
She shrugged at the question, "Oh it was fine, nothing to worry about."
"What do you mean?"
"The commercial, the sexism . . . everything. It was just a big
misunderstanding. He's harmless."
Tammy was stunned, "How can you say he's harmless?! Do I need to
make you watch the video again?" Before Brenda could say no, Tammy's hand
was clicking on the mouse again and the small window popped up. The video
began playing. This time, Brenda kind of felt sorry for the woman. She was all
alone and none of the men would pay attention to her. But she smiled when she
saw the woman walk out of the department store with her bag of New Life
Cosmetics. This reminded Brenda that she was supposed to go home early and
do some shopping. After the woman was violated beyond belief by random
males, and the sales pitch at the end, the video stopped and Tammy looked at
her friend, "There. Doesn't that make you angry?"
Brenda thought about it and said, "Not really. It is kind of true. She
should be much happier now. Look at all the attention she's getting." Tammy
just sat, wide-eyed, staring at her friend. She couldn't believe the change she
had suddenly gone though. Just what did that smooth-talker say to her? "But, I
need to go. Jack said I could go shopping instead of work today."
"Wha Who? Jack? You mean Mr. Holden?"
"Yeah, him," she answered, picking her purse up.
"You never go shopping when I ask you to go."
Brenda stopped and looked at Tammy, "Well, you're welcome to come
Tammy looked angrily at her friend, "Sorry, but some people actually have
to work on Monday's."
Brenda shrugged, "Suit yourself."
Tammy was about to slap Brenda out of her daze when Mr. Holden came
out of his office. He was holding a bottle of Happiness and smiling, "Brenda, you
forgot your free bottle of perfume."
Brenda smiled at her boss, "Thanks."
"Have you seen this product yet Tammy?"
Tammy was shooting darts at him with her eyes. She just simply shook
her head "no".
"Oh, well, all of our employees should try it out. So they know what
they're working with." He smiled at Brenda then turned and sprayed a cloud of
Happiness in Tammy's face.
She squinted her eyes and took a step back. The sweet smell engulfing
her, she opened her eyes and nodded, "Not bad."
Jack was pleased. "Good, I'm glad you like it." He handed Brenda the
bottle of perfume.
Brenda then started to leave, "OK then, I'll see you guys tomorrow."
Jack and Tammy waved goodbye, then Jack looked at Tammy, "Would
you like to join her on a day off?"
She shook her head, "Nah, I should work. She deserves it, she works
"She sure does." Jack patted Tammy's ass and said, " Speaking of work .
. .?"
Tammy seemed in a daze, not even noticing her ass being patted. She
shook her head and laughed, "Oh right! Sorry Jack, I'll be going now."
"Good girl. Work hard."
"Sure thing," she said and walked off and Jack walked back into his office.
He looked out the window just in time to see his secretary walking out the front
door and she sure looked happy.
Brenda arrived at the mall and happily grabbed her purse. She headed for
the door, happy to be out of work and doing what she loves more than anything.
Shopping. Is that true? I thought I hated shopping? Brenda couldn't remember,
but soon didn't care because she entered the front door and had to decide on
which store to go in first.
Well, she needed new clothes. She went into several stores, buying more
and more revealing clothes. She really needed something that would get men's
attention. She bought skirts, revealing shirts, high heel shoes . . . whatever she
saw that looked appealing.
Next, she needed a makeover. This boring hair-do and makeup just
wasn't working. She walked toward the back of the mall, where the salons were.
When she was done, she had highlighted her hair with blonde streaks. It went
just below the middle of her back when she wore it down. Brenda hardly wore
makeup, but she didn't feel strange at all having the lady at the counter paint her
face up. While she was having bright red lipstick applied to her, she noticed
another woman giving out free samples of perfume. A closer look revealed that it
was a bottle of Happiness. Every woman that walked past the display counter
was sprayed. Brenda watched as the cloud of perfume shot out of the bottle into
the customers face and then drifted back into the face of the woman spraying.
She must have had about fifty sprays of Happiness drift back in her face all
morning. The woman sat back on her stool, waiting for another customer. She
didn't cross her legs like most ladies, instead she left them apart and Brenda
could see right up her dress. The woman seemed careless about it though. Her
shirt had fallen farther and farther down and the top of her nipple was becoming
visible. Once again, though, she didn't seem to care. men would walk by her
and stare, but the woman would just laugh. One time, when she caught
someone staring, she pulled one side of her shirt all the way down and flashed
her tit at them. The men just laughed and high-fived each other. Good for her,
Brenda thought, smiling. She was glad to see her getting all that attention.
When the makeup was finished, she was amazed. In a matter of hours,
she had gone from drab looking to hot and steamy. Leaving the mall, she was
gawked at left and right, but she was happy about it. She knew she would have
no problem finding a man now. She found her car in the parking lot loaded up
her bags of makeup and clothes and got in. She sat up and looked at herself in
the rearview mirror, checking out her makeup. So this is why women always look
up her, how convenient! She smiled at herself and looked over at the passenger
seat. The bottle of Happiness was sitting there.
She picked it up and examined it. It looked like an ordinary bottle of
perfume, but there was something strange about it though. She started to realize
that her whole attitude had changed since Jack had sprayed her in the face with
this stuff. Jack?! Why do I keep calling him that? She knew she was not on a
first name basis with a man she hated. Do I really hate him? Yes!! I do! I think .
. . She started getting frustrated. But just then, she dropped the bottle of
Happiness. "OH SHIT!" she screamed. For a split second, she wondered Do I
normally talk like that? But her thoughts were stopped from going any farther,
when the bottle crashed on the floor and engulfed the inside of the car with it's
magical smell.
Jane pulled into the driveway with her little brother in the passenger seat.
She always drove him to school and back home. They got along pretty well.
Both of them were top students of the class. Neither of them got into trouble and
always obeyed their mother.
"We're home," Jane announced.
"Whoopdee-do," Jonathan answered sarcastically.
"Well, I'm happy. That was a long day." They both climbed out of the
small car, grabbed their bookbags and walked toward the front door. Jane made
a late lunch for the two of them, since they were both helping set up for the pep
rally during lunch today. She made each of them sandwiches and they both sat
down in the living room. Jane turned on the tv and saw that Jenny Jones was
on. The topic was, "Mother and daughter Bimbo Slut Teams". Jane was
appalled as she watched a lady and her daughter tramp around stage in their
skimpy clothes, while all the men in the audience cheered and the women
laughed at them. "What sluts!" Jane yelled at the TV. Jonathan didn't really
respond, he was busy watching the show. The woman described how her and
her daughter sleep around and shop together. She kept saying how proud she
was of her daughter. "She's such a good slut! She can get men to f*beep*k her
that I can't even get." Everyone laughed at the slutty woman.
They finished their sandwiches and watched as a commercial came on. It
showed a woman being ignored by men until she bought new cosmetics and they
somehow turned her into just as much a slut as the two women on Jenny Jones.
The men were gapping at her and slapping her ass, and she just laughed! The
commercial ended saying this was what men looked for in women. Jane was
appalled, "What about intelligence and class!? Love, humor, or interests?" She
was even more amazed when her mother's company name showed up on the
screen. "New Life? That's mom's work! Isn't it?" she asked her brother.
Jonathan looked uninterested, "Yeah, so?"
"Well, I just can't wait to hear what mom thinks of this." She stood up to
bring their plates back into the kitchen when their mother's car pulled up. "Hey,
mom's home already." Jonathan stood up to greet his mother. He was amazed
at the hot woman that came walking through the door.
"Mom? Is that you?" Jonathan asked.
"You bet, hon. What do you think?" she asked spinning around.
"Ummm, great. I guess . . ." he knew he shouldn't be staring at his
mother's tits, but that were practically hanging out.
Jane came out of the kitchen, "Hey mom, how was-? What the hell?"
Brenda smiled, thinking her daughter loved new look. "Don't I look hot?
You wouldn't believe how many dates I've been offered so far. By strangers!"
She clapped her hands, excited at the cheap lines she's been thrown all day.
"Mom, you can't be serious. You look like a hooker."
Brenda had changed into her tube top in the car after spilling the bottle of
Happiness. She took all her clothes off and changed while a group of high
school boys stopped and stared at her. She just kissed the window and waved
at them. She was also wearing her short skirt and had heavily applied her
makeup while sitting at a red light.
"Well, hooker's make more money than me. Maybe I could come up with
a couple extra dollars." Jane and Jonathan just looked at their mother in shock.
"I'm only kidding kids, come on lighten up." She laughed and walked into the
living room to sit down. She sat with one leg on the coffee table, anyone that
was sitting across from her would notice she wasn't wearing any underwear. The
kids joined her on the couch. "I did get offered some money to sleep with one
guy though, while I was in the mall buying this," she said holding up another
bottle of Happiness. She had gone back into the mall after changing to buy it.
This walk though the mall was much more interesting while she was wearing her
new clothes. Much more fun too!
She handed the bottle to Jane, "Go on, try it."
Jane just set the bottle back on the coffee table, "Is this the stuff they're
advertising on TV? With that filthy commercial?"
"Filthy?! Jane, that commercial is going to bring in all kinds of new
customers. It really does tell the truth though. I felt so much better after using it,
and then buying these clothes."
"You're hair's different too."
"I know, isn't it wild! Try the perfume darling!" she smirked at her
daughter, "You'll be surprised how much you like it."
"Not right now, mom," she said getting up and walking toward the stairs.
Jonathan and his mom sat on the couch as Jane stomped to her room,
angry at what her mother was becoming.
She looked at her son, "Jane wears perfume doesn't she?"
"Yeah, but I don't think she wants anything to do with that kind," he said
pointing to the bottle on the coffee table.
Brenda suddenly had a great idea. She heard Jane walking into the
bathroom and closing the door, then the shower came to life. She walked
upstairs and into her daughter's room. On the dresser, she saw a bottle of
Tommy Girl. She grabbed it and ran to the bathroom in her room. She dumped
the bottle of Tommy girl in the sink and then emptied the bottle of Happiness into
the Tommy girl bottle. Screwing the top back on she thought, Jane will feel so
much better after using this. She sprayed herself with the sweet smelling liquid
and felt a surge of pleasure shot through her. Her knees buckled and she fell to
the ground. Brenda pulled her tube top down and her tits sprung out. She
grabbed one and started pinching her nipple. The perfume was making her cum!
She smiled as she jammed her hand down her pants and rubbed her clit, basking
in the joy of her orgasm. When it was over, she was out of breath and dizzy.
She stumbled up to her feet and wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Whew,
that was a relief." She then realized that that was the first time she had cum in
over a year. She felt so much better now. "Jane's gonna thank me when this is
over." She walked back into Jane's room and placed the Tommy girl bottle, filled
with Happiness, and tiptoed back out of the room.
Just then, the shower shut off. A moment later, Jane emerged, towel
wrapped around her and walked into her room. Brenda listened from around the
corner as the door shut. She then tiptoed back to Jane's door, pressed her ear
to it and listened as she heard the towel hit the ground, and then, the lovely
sound of the perfume bottle being sprayed several times over her body. Brenda
smiled. She heard her daughter say, "This stuff smells different." But that was
all. I guess she lost interest in that worry, Brenda thought, covering her mouth to
keep from laughing.
Suddenly the door opened, and Brenda jumped back. Jane stood there,
with the towel back around her, "What are you doing?"
"Nothing," she said walking past her daughter, into the room.
"Excuse me, mother. But I have to get dressed."
"Oh don't mind me, go ahead."
Jane stared at her mother, starting to get fed up. But then she realized
that she was her mother, and shouldn't be embarrassed. But she hadn't even
seen me naked since puberty, she thought. But she tossed the towel to the
ground anyway. Her naked body walked over to the dresser and to pick out an
outfit. But none of the clothes looked very good to her. I need some new
clothes, she thought.
Brenda walked over to the dresser and picked up the bottle of perfume
and held it up, "This is nice perfume huh?"
Suddenly, Jane realized what was happening. She was standing in the
room, naked, with her mom, thinking about how boring her clothes looked. "You
did something! You're making me like you! Is it that perfume!?"
Brenda laughed as she unscrewed the top and spilled the whole bottle on
Jane's head. She laughed and giggled as her daughter stumbled backwards and
fell to the ground. Her naked breasts bounced as she hit the floor. She looked
up at her laughing mother, surprised at what had just happened. But what had
just happened? So her mother splashed her with perfume, what's wrong with
that? Jane wondered why she gets so upset about stupid things. She laughed
at her mother, "Ok mom, good one. But look how dirty I am."
Brenda smiled at her daughter, "Well, hon, some men like dirty little girls."
They both started laughing.
"Mom, pluh-leaze." They continued laughing as Jane turned back to
closet and looked over her clothes.
Then, Jonathan came running up stairs. "Are you guys alright, I heard
something fall," he said, started to walk into the room. He stopped when he saw
his sister's naked body, "Oh! Um . . . Sorry. Sorry, I, uh, didn't . . . Just close the
door will ya . . ."
Jane turned around to her brother, tits sticking out proudly, "Don't worry
squirt, come on in. It's just me."
"No, that's ok, I think I'll wait downstairs," he said walking back downstairs.
Jane looked at her mom and laughed, "Maybe he should wear some
perfume." She laughed and her mother joined her.
"That might be I little difficult. Besides, I don't think this stuff works on
"Oh well," Jane took one last look at her collection of clothes and said,
"Mom, can we go to the mall?"

End Part 2

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