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What Men Look For In Women 3


What men Look For In Women
By MrGrey

Chapter 3

Jonathan was confused as hell. His mom has been acting very differently
lately, and his sister had suddenly started acting strange. A few hours ago they
had gone to the mall to shop. When they got back, Jane had done the same
thing to herself his mother had earlier. Her hair was streaked blond and she was
made-up like a hooker. She was wearing a mini-skirt and a tank top that barely
covered her up. Jane was never too gifted in the chest, but still, too much was
too much.
Now they were both sitting in the den watching Ricki Lake. They seemed
to be rooting for the slutty girls. Shouting things like, "You don't need to change,
girl!" and "Damn, I wish I had a rack like that," at the TV. Jonathan knew
something was wrong.
Sitting in front of them on the coffee table, was the bottle of perfume they
bought when they went to the mall. It looked like the same kind Brenda had tried
so desperately to get Jane to wear. Then, when she wouldn't, Brenda ran
upstairs looking mischievous. After that, Jane became just as odd acting as his
mother. Something wasn't right.
"Mom, what is that stuff?"
Jane and Brenda exchanged amused looks before she answered, "Well,
honey, it's a very special perfume."
"What's so special about it?"
Brenda was getting annoyed with her sons nosiness, "Nothing, nevermind.
Go upstairs and do your homework."
"I don't have any."
Brenda turned around and gave him a mean stare, "Then just go upstairs."
Something was definitely not right. His mom never got mad him,
especially for asking about some stupid perfume. He had to get to the bottom of
this. He knew that perfume was the cause of all this. He was just probably going
to have to take a trip downtown and check out New Life Cosmetics.

After Brenda and Jane went to bed, wearing some pretty slutty looking
lingerie, Jonathan snuck out of his room and met the cab outside that he had
called and had told to be here at midnight. He got in and rode all the way to the
big New Life Cosmetics building. He paid the guy the hefty cab fee and then
sped off.
The city was alive with prostitutes and drug dealers. There really was no
bad or good part of town, it just depended on the time of day you came down
here. Late nights and earlier mornings were the worst. Jonathan walked toward
the front doors, expecting them to be locked. The tall skyscraper was dark in all
the windows he could see. The lobby was pitch black as well, that he could see
through the glass doors. But, to his surprise, the doors opened easily. He
walked right inside and into the dark.
He couldn't really see anything. Their were elevators and stairs at the end
of the room. I should check the basement first, he thought heading toward the

Jack and his partner Gregory were in the underground laboratory. They
had scientists working around the clock to develop the perfect perfume that
would keep women wanting more of their products. Happiness was a very
addictive perfume once used. When the ladies got a taste of the feeling of
freedom it brought them, they always used up the rest of that bottle and went
shopping for more. Another perk is that it functioned almost like Valium, making
women careless to the sexist world around them. They eventually just took after
the idea that women were objects and should look and act the way men want
them too. Unfortunately, the mind-altering smell faded away. But, losing that
smell always made women crave to get it back. So once hooked, they were
hooked for good.
But tonight was a big night. The final touches were being put on the new
line of New Life perfume that was to be released tomorrow. Tammy was more
than happy to be their personal guinea pig after getting a few sprays of
Happiness in her face. She was sitting patiently while Gregory held up the new
bottle of perfume for Mr. Jack Holden.
"Here it is! The first perfume in the Happiness series!" Gregory smiled at
Jack and continued, "I present to you, Ignorance, guaranteed to bring a woman's
intelligence down to a tolerable level."
Holden stuck his hand out to his partner, "You're a genius my boy! Let's
see if Tammy would like to be the first to try it out." He walked over to blonde
woman sitting in the chair, smiling. "How does that sound?"
She just shrugged her shoulders, "Whatever Jack, I just wish you'd hurry it
up so I can go home. I'm getting tired of waiting."
Jack laughed, "Well, stand up then, so we can get this show on the road."
Tammy stood up and looked at the bottle, "I don't see why you need me to
test it out. Just spray it on your hand and it'll smell the same."
Jack took the bottle from Gregory and held it up to Tammy's face, "Oh, but
this is a special kind perfume. You see Happiness is just a preparation. You
wouldn't have agreed to do this if you weren't wearing it, now would you?"
Tammy thought about it, "Yeah, I guess I wouldn't." She suddenly started
to feel frightened, "Just what exactly is in this stuff anyh-" her words were cut off
by several blasts of perfume flying into her face. Jack stood back and watched
the transformation begin.
First, her eyes fluttered and she looked a bit dizzy. Her brain obviously
felt weird because she kept rubbing her head. "Why, do I, like, feel so str-, er,
uh, funny?"
Jack tried not to laugh, "Funny? Whatever do you mean?"
She seemed frustrated trying to find the words to express herself, "You
know, when you don't, like, feel like you're 'sposed to? I, like, feel like that. Is
that bad?" Her voice was becoming noticeably high pitched.
He put his arm around her, "No, no, hon, that's good."
She seemed pleased by his reaction. She giggled, "Really?"
"Oh yeah, don't you feel good right now?"
She stared off into space and thought about it. But, she caught sight of fly
buzzing around her and she started eyeballing it, forgetting about the question.
Jack saw her doing this and looked back at Gregory, who was laughing at the
dumb girl. "Tammy?" he said, getting no reaction. "Tammy!" he snapped his
fingers in front of her. Her head snapped back at him and giggled.
"Sorry, Jack, I got distra- uh, dis -, umm . . . nevermind. What was the,
like, question?"
"I asked if you felt good right now?"
"Oh yeah, I, like, feel totally good," she smiled and twirled her hair around
her finger.
"Ignorance is bliss, ain't it baby?" Jack started laughing and nodding his
head at her. She giggled at how smart he was. "Tammy?" she looked back at
him, "What do you do here?"
"Ummm, I'm, like, the secre . . .thingy."
"So you do lots of math huh?"
She tried to remember, "I think I do. What, like, is that exactly?"
"Math?" he laughed again, "What's two plus two darlin'?"
Her smile faded away as she tried desperately to remember the easy
question. She knew she been asked this a long time ago, and she had known it.
She must have been about six when she learned it. She answered quickly, "Six!"
Jack and Gregory applauded at the wrong answer and they all embraced.
Tammy wasn't really sure what was going on, but she figured she mush have
gotten it right to make them all so happy with her. She was in heaven.
"Tammy Honey, you don't have to work up at that messy old desk
anymore." Her eyes lit up. "From now on, you're going to work and live down
She seemed kind of confused, "But what about my, like, life?"
He slowly explained to her, "This . . . is . . . your . . . life."
Suddenly, a loud bang made them all spin around as they caught sight of
a teenage boy standing beside a tipped over barrel. "GET HIM!" Jack shouted.
Gregory lunged at Jonathan and grabbed him by both arms. "Security breach!"
he yelled at the scientists in the adjacent rooms. They all came pouring out and
running over to Jonathan.
It was too much. Jonathan couldn't defend himself or escape. He was
caught. They dragged him over to the chair the now ditzy Tammy was sitting in
moments before and quickly found some electrical tape. They wound the tape
around the chair and over his chest, tying him to the chair. They tied his arms
down around his waist and his legs to the chair's legs. When he was secure,
they all backed up.
Jack looked around and shouted, "Someone go fix that door!! I want it
locked!! Now back to work!!" The scientists all scattered at the command and
some filed back into the back room which was filled with test tubes and flasks
and other laboratory equipment. He got down on his knees and looked Jonathan
in the eye, "How much did you see?"
"Everything! And you're all going to fucking jail! You fucked with my mom
and sister's head and now you're all fucked!" Jonathan started struggling against
the tightly wrapped tape, but it was no good. He was stuck.
"Who is your mother?"
"Brenda Williams! She's your goddam secretary you piece of shit!"
Jack smiled at the boy, "Ah, Brenda. How's she coming along? I wasn't
expecting to find out until she came in Monday."
Jonathan erupted with rage, "She's not some fucking toy! I'm gonna
fucking kill you!!"
"Where's that tape?" Gregory handed the roll to him and he ripped off a
small strip and planted it on the angry boy's mouth. "We can't have you ruining
what we have here, so . . . looks like you're gonna be spending the weekend
here, until we figure out what to do with you." Jonathan mumbled and struggled
under the tape. His face was red with anger. "These scientists are the best in
the world. Maybe we can just whip up something to make you forget everything
you saw. Or maybe, we could use you as a guinea pig here with this brainiac
over here," he said pointing to Tammy, who was sitting on the floor blowing
bubbles with her mouth. Jonathan got a worried look on his face. "We expected
some opposition from some men. So don't worry, we'll fix something for you.
Until then, maybe you two should get to know each other."
Jack and Gregory picked the chair up, with Jonathan in it, and took him
into a large storage closet. Gregory then took Tammy's hand and led the
giggling girl into the room with him. He leaned over Jack and ripped then tape
painfully off his mouth. "Now have fun, little man," Gregory said and then walked
out, locking the door.
The closet was completely bare. The overhead light was illuminating the
empty shelves and floor. Everything was white and clean. Tammy looked at
Jonathan, "So, like, who are you?"
"I'm Jonathan, you're mom's friend Tammy aren't you?"
She looked at him and thought about it, "No, I, like, don't know no one
named 'mom'"
Jonathan rolled his eyes, "Her names Brenda. She's my mom."
Tammy giggled and twirled her hair, "Oh yeah, Brenda, she's, like, my
friend. She's still a secre-thing, but, like, I'm not anymore. I get to stay here."
She held her arms out at the closet and smiled.
"You're happy about this?"
"Like, totally. Cuz I, like, got sprayed with the stuff."
He sighed at the heartlessness of these men. "Do you have any family?
Kids, husband, anything?"
"Umm . . . No, I just, like, live by myself. But now I got you!" She giggled
and ran up to Jonathan and hugged him.
"Uh . . . thanks. Um, do you think you can untie me?"
She scratched her head and tilted her head to the side, examining the
chair. "I dunno?"
"It won't be hard, I'll talk you through it."
She smiled and jumped, "Cool!"

The next morning, Jane and Brenda woke up and sat downstairs in their
garter belts and bras. First, they each sprayed themselves with the bottle of
Happiness, then they went back to watching their trashy talk shows. Jenny
Jones was discussing the increase in sexual clothing sales and how more and
more women seemed to be dressing very casual. Brenda seemed to even notice
that Jenny Jones herself was dressing a little more sluttish today. What a good
role model, she thought smiling.
It didn't even occur to them that Jonathan was not awake yet. It was after
all, noon. They each didn't see any need in getting up early on a Saturday.
Brenda started wondering why he was sleeping so long, when a
commercial interrupted her thoughts. It showed a girl wearing a business suit
and glasses acting very professional and using big words. It showed how men
were talking about her behind her back about what a snob she was. Brenda felt
sorry for the girl. But then, she was seen in her room spraying herself with a
bottle of perfume and suddenly her attitude changed. She took her glasses off
and tossed them on the floor and stomped on them. She then changed out of
her smart looking business suit and put on some skimpy looking clothes only a
teenager would be wearing. "I, like, feel totally better." Her voice sounded like
she hadn't even gone through puberty yet. Next, she was back at her office, just
standing around flirting. Then same men were then talking about how much
better she is since she lost the "smart image". "And she smells so great too!" one
of them exclaimed. The screen went black and the word, Ignorance, flashed up.
A voice said, "Ignorance, what men look for in a woman."
Brenda looked at her daughter, "Do you think there's anything wrong with
that commercial?"
Jane looked concerned, "Yeah, I don't know what, but I feel like there's
something wrong about it."
"Maybe we just need some more of this," she said holding up the bottle of
"Oooooo, count me in," they both smiled mischievously and proceeded to
douse themselves in the perfume. "Mmmmmm-mmm! I feel so much better
now!" Jane said.
"Me too! Do you wanna go back to the mall?"
"Great idea! Maybe we can get some of the Ignorance stuff?"
Brenda was confused, "I thought we thought there was something wrong
with it?"
Jane just laughed and shook her head. She grabbed the bottle of
Happiness and gave her mom a good spray in the face, "How bout now?"
Brenda smiled, "Yeah, maybe we should buy it."
"Thought so." They both walked upstairs and got dressed.

Jonathan woke up with his neck killing him. Since Tammy had become
such a moron, she had failed to understand the process of untying him. She just
kept giggling whenever he tried to explain anything. Her mind would wonder and
she would occasionally start singing. Eventually, she just fell asleep in the
corner. Jonathan was forced to sit upright and tied down while he slept.
Suddenly, the closet door swung open and Jack Holden was standing
there with a bottle of Ignorance. "Hi there, I see you decided to stay in the chair."
Jack gave him an angry look, "Actually, you fucked this girl's mind up so
much she couldn't even understand how to untie me."
Jack walked over to the sleeping beauty and gently slapped her face.
"Wake up sunshine!"
She rustled and lazily opened her eyes. She looked confused again,
"Wha-? Where am I?" Immediately, Jack sprayed her with the perfume and her
concerned look turned to one of happiness and stupidity. "Hee hee, like,
Jack backed up to the doorway and looked at them both, "I just didn't want
you guys to miss the big day."
"What do you mean?" Jonathan asked.
"Ignorance was released in stores today. The city won't know what hit it.
In fact, the city won't know much of anything after today. Well, the women won't
at least. But I doubt the men will be too unhappy when we release this first thing
tomorrow." He stepped further into the room to allow Gregory to enter. He was
holding another bottle.
"Introducing . . . Promiscuous!" Jack said excitedly. Gregory held the bottle like a
trophy. Jack started to explain, "It will turn a nun into a trashy street-walking
whore. And the men won't be able to resist its smell either. It should make them
happy with any changes it makes in their wives, friends . . . mothers or sisters!"
he looked at Jonathan and winked after saying this. "Tammy?" She looked at
him and smiled a stupid looking grin. "Time to do you're job."
"Like, fer sure Mr. Jack." She stood up beside him. He held the bottle up
to her face. Jonathan could only look on with hopelessness. He knew there was
nothing he could do. This nice lady already had her brains taken from her, now
she was about to have her dignity taken too. She stared into space, twirling her
hair as she was sprayed with Promiscuous. Her eyes fluttered again and she
stumbled backward. When she gathered her senses, she looked at all the men,
stuck her tits out and said, "So, like, who wants to have a go at me first?" Jack
howled with glee and Gregory joined him. They each did a little victory dance.
Tammy giggled while Jonathan looked on with disgust. "Hee hee, you're funny.
But, I'm, like, really fucking horny now. Do you guys mind, like, umm, banging
me now?"
Jack looked down at Jonathan. "Have fun with her, man. We'll check on
you later." He gave her a couple more sprays and walked out of the room.
Tammy looked at Jonathan with lust in her eyes. He started to look
worried. "Umm, wait, before you do anything crazy . . . You need to wake up!!
This isn't you!! They did this do you!!" But she wasn't listening. She got down on
her knees in front of him and started to unbutton his pants. He struggled against
the tape, "Wait, don't do that! You need to get yourself together!! You-" His
protests ended with her slapping his dick in mouth and going to town. She
jammed her hand down her pants while she sucked him off. "You . . . need . .
ugh. . .to . . . stop. . . oh wow . . ." She quickly pulled her shirt off, revealing her
black bra, then reaching her hands around and taking it off too. Her tits fell out
and she rubbed them up and down while staring at Jonathan.
"You like, what you, like, see?" She giggled and stood up and took her
pants off. Her thong soon followed. Jonathan now had a naked bimbo slut
locked in a closet with him. This may be the worst day for the rest of the world,
but this was going to be the best day of his life. He suddenly forgot all about the
woman's innocence and started to look at her as his own private fuck toy. "I, like,
suck cock really well. You wanna see?" She happily got back on her knees and
started to suck him some more. Jonathan was starting to like this.
"Why don't you sit on my lap?"
She stopped and grinned as his dick fell out of her mouth. "Hee hee, like,
fer sure!"

End Part 3


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