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What Men Look For In Women 5

What men Look For In Women
By MrGrey

Chapter 4
Brenda and Jane had been having a little too much fun these past few
days. Their former lives were a distant memory to them now. Their addiction to
New Life's perfume had increased to a larger degree. They now had every scent
and desperately awaited for a new one to be released. They were now returning
from yet another trip to the mall, where they had purchased the new scent Vanity.
"I can't wait to try this out!" Brenda exclaimed excitedly.
"Like, I know. Can I go first?" Brenda nodded at her daughter and walked
into the living room with their bags. They both sat on the couch as Brenda
reached in a bag and pulled the bottle out from under a pile of leather mini-skirts
and tube tops. Jane could barely sit still as her mother held the bottle up to her
face and sprayed her.
Brenda looked on with excitement as she waited for the results from her
daughter, "So, how do you feel?"
Jane thought about this and couldn't come up with a straight answer, "I
dunno," she twirled her hair, thinking, "I feel kinda the same."
Brenda looked kind of let down by this. She looked at the bottle as if it
were broken. "Maybe we did it wrong." She sprayed her daughter again and
waited for an answer again.
Jane still felt the same, but there was something, she just couldn't think of
it. "I still feel, like, normal." She shrugged her shoulders and started looking
through the bags. She pulled out a pair on leather knee-high boots and started
trying them on. I'm gonna look hot in these. Maybe I should get a tit job to go
with them. She stopped suddenly and looked at her mom. "Should we get our
boobs worked on?"
Brenda looked at her daughter with disappointment, "Honey, that's only for
insecure sluts."
Jane got a spaced out look on her face. What's insecure mean? She had
sprayed herself with Ignorance a few hours ago and the effects still hadn't worn
off. Her mother had gone a while without it. "I just, like, wonder what I'd look like
with bigger tits. I bet I'd, like, look lots better. "
"I don't think so hon," her mother patted her on the head, "Maybe when
you're older." She picked the bottle of Vanity up again. Maybe I should try this
on myself, she thought. She sprayed herself as her daughter looked on.
"Like, how much older?"
Brenda looked confused again, "How much older til what?"
"How much older til, like, I can get a tit job?"
Brenda's face lit up, "Oooo, that's a great idea!"
Jane was getting very confused now, "But, like, I thought you said "
"No! Honey, I'm so proud of you, always taking care of yourself. I'll make
us both an appointment for tomorrow!"
"You're, like, getting one too?" Jane said, growing happier.
"Of course, your old mom's gotta have bigger tits too!"
They each stood up and hugged. Brenda skipped off to the kitchen to call
the doctor's office. Jane started pulling off her clothes so she could put on her
new clothes. She was having difficulty getting her pants off when she lost her
balance and went tumbling down on ground. She hadn't realized that she still
had her new boots on and her pants couldn't fit over them.
When she fell, she fell on one of the bags, causing a bottle of
Promiscuous to break and fill the room with it's sweet smell. Jane didn't realize
what she had done. She stood back up, giggling at her clumsiness. Suddenly,
she started getting really wet. She fell back on the couch and pulled her shirt off,
letting her braless tits out. With her pants around her ankles, she shoved her
hand down the front of her thong panties and started going to work on herself.
She rubbed her clit, giggling at how good it felt. "Shit, I'm, like, really horny!" she
said to herself. She squeezed her tit with her free hand and stretched out on the
couch with her legs spread.
Brenda came walking in with a proud smile on her face. "We each have
an appointment for tomorrow! I'm so excited . . . honey, what are you doing?"
She couldn't believe her daughter was just lying on the couch fingering herself.
"I, like, don't know. I got really, really horny and, like, had to play with
Brenda started to tell her to stop, but a strange smell pulled her attention
away. She began to feel just like Jane did moments ago. Her arms fell to her
side as if she was in a trance. Brenda stared at her daughters gyrating hips like
she was hypnotized. Her breathing sped up and she began to sweat. "Mmmm,
it's hot in here," she said with a smile as she began pulling her clothes off. She
scooted Jane's legs apart further as she sat at the foot of the couch. "How are
you feeling, honey?"
Jane was out of breath, "Ooooo, like, really good." Brenda lowered her
head to her daughter's pussy and pushed her hand away. "Like, what are you
doing mo " Her words were cut short when she felt her mother's tongue slowly
run across her clit.
"What do you mean, darling?" Brenda asked with a smile and went back
down on her daughter.
"You're, like, not supposed to do that. You're, like, my mother or
Brenda laughed, "Honey, mother's are always allowed to lick their
daughter's pussy."
"Really?" Jane raised her head and looked down at her mother with a
"Yeah." Brenda knew her daughter wouldn't be smart enough to know she
was lying, but Brenda really needed sex. Her daughter was her only way. "Can
I, like, lick yours?"
Brenda stood up and took her daughters hand, "Of course honey." They
both giggled at she led her daughter upstairs where they 69'd and fingered each
other for the rest of the night.

"Is there anything else, sir?" Jennifer asked with a smile.
"No, that's all baby," Jack answered.
"Ok, I'll be right back." Her naked ass wiggled away toward the coffee
machine. Jennifer had been fucked with so much this morning that she almost
didn't remember her name. Right now, she was wearing the Devotion scent.
Jack could ask her to do anything and she would do it without hesitating. Jack
watched her fill his cup with coffee and proceed to mix the specified amount of
cream and sugar. She brought it back, handed it to him, and got back on her
knees to take his cock back in her mouth.
Jack loves when I suck his cock while he drinks his coffee, she thought, as
if she had been doing it for years. Her naked body rubbed itself again his legs
while he sat in his chair and read the newspaper. I have to make Jack as happy
as possible, she thought, taking his dick all the way down her throat. She
moaned and rubbed her large tits, not even having the slightest idea that she
should be disgusted. "Are you enjoying your morning blowjob, sir?"
Jack looked down at her, "Yes, yes. Just keep doing it and shut up."
She smiled at his firmness with her and did as she was told. She was in
heaven, pleasing her owner and getting the satisfaction of having his cock in her
throat. "Mmmmmm, I can taste you cum, sir. It's really, really good," she said,
lustfully. She knew he liked hearing how much she loved it.
"That's nice, Jen," he answered, not taking his eyes off the paper. There
was a knock at the door. "Who is it?"
"It's Gregory," came the answer from the other side.
"Alright, hold on." He stood up to zip his pants up and motioned for
Jennifer to get the door. She obediently walked over to the door and greeted
"Good morning, Gregory. Can I get anything for you?
Gregory looked at her and then looked at his partner, "Devotion?" Jack
nodded. "No thanks, Jennifer." She nodded and moved aside to let the men
"Jack, the FBI is going to come here soon. She hasn't reported back to
them since yesterday. They're going to find out about everything."
Jack looked annoyed. He looked at Jennifer, "You're causing a lot of
trouble, you know that?"
She flinched at his words and looked upset. Nothing could make her feel
worse than knowing her owner was angry with her. "I'm sorry, sir." She didn't
really realize what she did. As far as she knew, her career was pleasing men,
especially her owner, Jack. The FBI had no meaning to her.
Jack looked at Gregory, "Let's just make her call them, she'll do anything
we say."
"She won't even know who she's talking to. They'll know something's
been done to her."
"Then, let's use that antidote we found on her. Then make her call them."
"She'd remember everything that's been done to her. We'd might as well
turn ourselves in," Gregory stared at his partner, "You said that we could get
away with this," Gregory said, growing angry at Jack's carelessness.
"We will. They're not bringing us in. If we go down, everyone's coming
with us."
"How do you plan to do that? You haven't come up with any ideas on your own through
this whole thing!"
"This was all my idea! I just didn't know how to do it! You were always
the smart one! No one made you come on board with me."
Gregory walked toward the door in disgust. How did I get mixed up with
this guy? He left for the laboratory and sat in his chair behind a table with test
tubes and flasks spread over it. He was worried. He had to figure out
The room was silent with Gregory gone. Jack sat back in his chair, trying
to figure out what to do. Jennifer stepped forward, "Sir, can I get you anything?"
"No. Just go in your room."
"Yes sir," Jennifer walked out of the room and headed for her "room",
which was really a containment room so she couldn't escape, but she didn't think
of it as that. She laid on her bed and stared at the ceiling, thinking of something
she could do to make her owner happy again. She hated seeing him sad. Then
Gregory appeared at her door.
"Yes sir?"
"Come with me."
She smiled and followed him down the hall. He led her to another
containment room and opened the door. She was surprised to see a naked
grown woman straddling a teenage boy tied to a chair. They both stopped and
looked at Gregory. He untied the teenage boy tied to the chair and grabbed both
of their hands, "Follow me."

Brenda and Jane woke up, naked in each other's arms. The smell of sex
and Promiscuous still hung heavy in the air. Brenda's eyes shot wide open as
she happily realized that today she and her daughter were getting implants.
"Wake up honey! Today's the day!"
Jane stirred, "What day?"
"The day we get our tits done," she said, squeezing her daughter's tits.
Jane looked up at her mom with confusion, "What are you talking about?
We're not getting our tits . . . er, breasts done. Do you think we're some kind of
trashy whores?"
Brenda smiled and got up. She walked over to her dresser and picked up
a bottle of Vanity and sprayed all over the room. She looked back at Jane, "How
do you feel now?"
"Fine! I'm just excited about our . . ." she grabbed her tits, " . . . you
"I know! Me too," Brenda agreed, trying not to laugh at her daughter. She
carefully chose what scent she wanted to try today. Ignorance seemed like a
good choice. It would feel good to her tits done with an empty head. She
sprayed the room and sniffed the air, being sure to give Jane a good spray in the
face. She giggled more and more as the smell filled the room. "Like, I feel so
much better." Brenda bounced to the bathroom as her intelligence happily faded
away. She always felt better when she was a bimbo. Aren't I always a bimbo?
she thought. Thinking always gave her a headache, so she stopped. "Jane?"
Jane looked at her mom with a dopey smile, hair being twirled.
"We need to, like, hurry or we'll be late for our tits."
Jane didn't really know what her mom meant, but she happily did it
anyway. She headed down the hall to her room and put on her classiest outfit.
After all, she needed to look her best for the doctor. Maybe he'd give her some
really great tits if she looked pretty enough. She put on a mid-riff baring tank top
and some tight leather pants. Looking down at her pants, she couldn't find the
button. She scratched her and looked in the mirror. Something was wrong. She
wobbled back down the hall to her mother's room to find her naked, sorting
through her clothes. "Mommy, something's, like, wrong with my pants."
Brenda looked at them for awhile. She noticed something too, but just
couldn't put her finger on it. Her head tilted to the side, mouth hanging open as
she stared at her daughter's leather pants. Suddenly, she had it! "Oh! They're,
like " then, she lost it.
Jane got excited for a minute and her smile faded as her mom looked
confused again. "You don't know anymore?"
Brenda looked back up at her daughter, "I, like, figured it out, but I forgot."
They each found this funny and giggled like crazy. Suddenly, Brenda had it
again! "Oh yeah, I, like, remember now. They're backwards!"
Jane didn't get what Brenda was getting at. Backwards? She looked at
her pants, "So, how do I, like, fix them?"
"You have to, like take them back off and turn them around."
Jane looked happy again and pushed her pants down and picked them up
by the legs. She put her legs in them until her feet came out of the pant's waist.
Something else was wrong. She began to get frustrated. "Mooooom . . ."
Brenda giggled at her daughter, "Now they're upside down. Here let me,
like, show you." She took her daughter's pants from her and carefully looked at
them, double-checking to make sure they were right and helped Jane put them
on. Finally, they fit perfectly. Well, a little too tight, but perfect for Jane.
"Pant's are, like, hard," Jane said, sitting on the bed. Brenda put her outfit
on, having only a little trouble. Finally, they were ready. They walked downstairs
and decided to call a cab, since driving seemed like a tough task to take on right
now. After carefully searching through the phone book and doing some trial-and-
error with the phone, they finally got a cab on its way to get them.
They watched Jerry Springer for a while until the cab came. The cab
honked its horn and both girls looked around the room, wondering what was
making that sound. Jane realized that it was the cab. They got up, left the
house, and got in the cab.
"Where to ladies?"
Brenda spoke up first, "Ummmm, like, the tit-maker-bigger place." She
smiled at her answer. The cab driver turned around and stared at her.
Jane spoke up next, "You know, like, the . . . place." She figured she
should just show him. Jane lifted her skimpy, glittery tank-top up and showed
him her tits. "See? They're, like, too small."
Brenda nodded, "Mine too."
"We need them to be, like, bigger. Take us to that place that does that."
The driver smiled at the two dumb ladies in his back seat, "Sure thing sweetheart."
The drive downtown was filled with bimbo talk. Both girls talked about
shopping, clothes, and, of course, the wonderful perfume of New Life. When
they arrived, the driver asked for his money. Brenda and Jane looked worried,
"Umm, we don't, like, have any money." Brenda said, spraying herself with
Promiscuous. A smile crossed her face, "How bout a good fuck instead?"
Jane looked horrified at her mom, "Mother! Like, that's . . . umm . . bad."
She was sprayed with Promiscuous by Brenda and then joined her in her
seduction, "Well, maybe not too bad."
The driver smiled to himself and drove into an alley beside the doctor's
office. Both girls got out and opened both doors on the left side of the car and
got between them. They both got on their knees and pawed at the driver's crotch
as he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. Both girls cooed at the size of it
and eagerly began licking all over it. He stood up as both ladies bent over the
side of the car and pulled their skirts up and their panties down. He shoved his
cock in Brenda as she giggled, "Hee hee, that, like, feels soooo good, Mr. Driver
Jane began pouting. "I, like, want some cock toooo," she whined, wiggling
her ass at him. He pulled out of Brenda and plunged into Jane's ass. She
gasped and smiled with ecstasy, "Like, ohmigawd!"
"What darling?"
"He's, like, fucking my ass!"
"Oooo, sounds fun." She got back on her knees and began licking the
driver's balls as she watched his dick pound her daughter's asshole. He
suddenly yanked it out and began jerking off as cum started shooting out of his
cock. Brenda excitedly opened her mouth and began swallowing his cum,
"Mmmmm, it's, like, so tasty!"
Jane quickly turned around, "Like, no fair! I want some cum!" She got on
her knees and started licking the cum off her mother's face. Brenda closed her
eyes and smiled as her daughter hungrily lapped all the cum off her face. When
she was done, she embraced in a sexy kiss. The driver looked on with disbelief.
The guys at the bar wouldn't believe this one!
"Like, thank you Mr. Driver Man!" Brenda and Jane said in unison. She
stood up and pulled their thongs up. They walked out of the alley, smelling of
sex and went into the doctor's office.
The waiting room was full of other bimbos and sluts. The woman behind
the window started her day off as a normal woman, but the smell of Ignorance in
the waiting room had had an effect on her. "Like, how can I help you!" she said
"We, like, need bigger tits," Brenda explained.
"There sure is a lot of you today!" the woman told her.
"Well, bigger tits is what men look for in women!"
The woman looked surprised by this, "Really?" Brenda and Jane nodded,
"Well, I guess I'll, like, get some bigger tits too. Come with me!" They followed
her to back room and began the procedure.

They emerged hours later, a little groggy, but sporting two huge sets of
breasts. They proudly stuck them out and waved goodbye to the other bimbos in
the waiting room. The two doctors that had worked on them watched their work
exit the building. Instead of paying, Brenda and Jane had let the two doctor's
watch them eat each other out while displaying their new tits.
"Don't the girls normally need recuperation time after surgery?" one doctor
"Yeah I think so, but let's not worry about it."
The doctor agreed with this, "But what about the quickness of the
procedure, wasn't that a little unbelievable."
"Yeah, but I wouldn't worry about that either." Both doctors seemed
satisfied with this and went back to work.
Brenda and Jane walked outside, their tops straining against their
cantaloupe-sized tits. They realized that they didn't have a ride home.
"Like, how do we get home?" Jane asked.
"I dunno. Oooooo!" Brenda was suddenly excited about something.
Jane followed her mother's finger and found a body piercing shop across
the street. They each got a devilish grin on their face.

That night, Jack had just about given up hope. He went looking for
Gregory. The lobby was empty, but Gregory, Tammy, Jonathan, and Jennifer
were nowhere to be found.
"Gregory!" he yelled. His yell was instead answered by a flash of light that
filled the room. The light was pouring in from a spotlight outside the front doors.
"FBI! FREEZE!" a male voice shouted as a team of men came rushing
into the lobby and tackled Jack.
Jack kicked and yelled, "No! I haven't done anything! You can't prove
anyth " he stopped when he looked up to see Jonathan and Tammy being led
out of the building.
Tammy looked at him, "You fucking asshole! I hope you die in jail!"
Jack couldn't believe it. Gregory must have given them the antidote and turned him in.
"That son of a bitch!"
A man behind him began saying, "You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say . . . " Jack wasn't paying attention. He felt cuffs being tightened
around his wrists and was pulled up to his feet.
"Where's Gregory!"
"My partner. He was behind the whole thing! He has Jennifer black!"
The agent looked at his team and then back at Jack, "Who?"
Jack was floored. The bastard. Gregory had gotten to the FBI first. He
must have sprayed them with something. The smart bastard. "No! This isn't
right!" he protested as he was being led out the doors and toward an FBI car. "I
can't go to jail! NO! NOOOOOO!!"

Weeks later, everything was back to normal in the world. All New Life
products were taken off the shelf and destroyed. The news about Jack Holden
and his attempt to brainwash the world was brought to the public's attention.
New Life was shut down and order was restored. The antidote made by the FBI
was distributed to hospitals and pharmacies and everyone returned to normal.
Jonathan sat in the living room with his mother and sisters, who were still
awaiting their appointment's to get their breast implants removed. Jane secretly
still wanted to keep hers, but knew her mother would never let her. The news
was on and was telling of the aftermath of the New Life crisis.
"I can't believe all this," Brenda said, "We didn't act too strange did we?"
Jonathan shrugged his shoulders, "I didn't get to see very much."
Jane spoke up, "That's right. My brave brother risked his life to help us."
They all embraced in a warm hug. "I just can't believe how we looked when they
found us." Their pictures flashed up on the screen, taken after they were found
in a tattoo parlor. Their breasts were ridiculously big and they were covered in
piercings including their nose, eyebrows, lips, and nipples. Jane was about to
get a tattoo that said "BIMBO SLUT" across her new tits when they were found.
All the piercings were removed and they were given the antidote.
Brenda sighed and laid back, "I'm just glad it's over."
"Me too," Jane said.
Jonathan turned the channel, "I'm tired of hearing about this stuff." He
turned it to Jenny Jones.
"Today, we're talking to women that say, "We're sluts for our man and we
love it!" Here with us today is Jennifer Black. Jennifer, how are you?" The
woman sitting on stage looked about how Brenda and Jane looked days ago.
Her hair was bleached blond, she was covered in piercings and make-up, and
her tits had to be the size of soccer balls!
"I'm, like, fine Jenny! Hee hee! Hey, we, like, have the same name!" The
woman giggled and flipped her hair around, showing what an airhead she was.
"I hear you strip for a living. Is that true?" Jenny asked her.
"Well, like, kinda. I only strip to bring home money for my man, Greg!" A
man in the crowd stood up to a mixture of cheers and boos.
"What a slut!" Brenda stated, "Jonathan turn this off."
Jonathan looked at the tv carefully, "She looks familiar though. I feel like
I've seen her before."
Brenda grabbed the controls from him, "All those sluts look the same, as if
that's what men look for in women." She turned off the tv and headed into the
kitchen to start cooking dinner for her and her children.

And everyone lived happily ever after!!!


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