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What a Boring Night


Summary: How much hotter can it get than a hot, hot girl pissing on the
ground right next to you? Keywords: nosex, ws Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: What a Boring Night

What A Boring Night

(no sex, mild ws)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

October 2002

Note From Chrys:

This is not actually a sex story, but it is true. It's rather sad, to
be honest with you, that the reason I'm writing it is this is the sexist
thing that's happened to me in a long time. You may or may not find it
interesting; depending on what you're into.

<3, Chrys

The story
It was about 12:30 one Saturday night; not too late, but not too early.
It was a shame, because I'd spent most of the night trying to decide if I
wanted to drink or not, and the time for deliberation was over: It was too
late to start.

The evening had been spent on the party street, wandering up and down,
getting ogled and propositioned by all the drunk boys standing in front of
the packed front yards of the houses with kegs. It was actually the
craziest I'd seen our small college town; hundreds, perhaps thousands of
people were out. We'd beat our rival in football for the first time in 25
years, so everyone was in the mood to party.

I was reclining on my friend's porch, watching all the underage kids
stagger up and down the street to the house parties. Cops drove past every
ten or fifteen minutes, and I amused myself by trying to guess which party
they would bust first.

My roommate and a couple friends came back with tales of kissing some
random guys. Not being the least bit intoxicated, I couldn't have done it,
and was therefore sitting there, silently pouting that I wasn't with them.
But I couldn't allow myself to be so lewdly propositioned; at least not
while sober. It was a shame, really, the whole evening had gone to waste.

A couple of my friend's roommates were also out on the porch as us girls sat there and talked. The two guys sat on the other side, chatting about a
hot girl that one of them had kissed earlier in the evening for running
around carrying a "Keep Kids Alive; Drive 25" sign he'd stolen.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a girl run off to the side of their
house, but I didn't think much of it--there was a lot of drunken reveling
going on, and whatever was over there would probably only depress me more.

A minute later, one of the guy stood up and said, "Hey, dude, she's
pissing on your car!"

We all turned around, and sure enough, the girl was squatting, half
hidden by the car's front end, and we could all hear the urine splashing
onto the sidewalk.

"Hey!" he said, walking to the side of the porch. I was the closest to
her, but it was impossible to see anything. All I heard was the trickling,
the splashing of her piss leaving her body and covering the ground.

She wasn't actually peeing on the car, she was peeing on the ground,
using his car as a shield from the busy street. Anyone could have walked
by and seen her, and I wondered what she'd do if someone, say me, had gone
to stare at her.

She paid him no mind. She'd probably drank a lot of beer, as was
evidenced by the fact that after a minute, she was still going. She stared
off to the car right in front of her.

We all just looked at her, completely dumb-founded. If she'd picked
three cars further up and around the house, she would have been completely
hidden from us AND the street and nobody would have been the wiser.

We'd all gone silent, and we could hear her.

I wondered if anybody else was getting turned on, and figure it was just

At that moment, she stood up. Her ass flashed white as she struggled
with her skintight pants. She finally got them up and over. Without
looking at us, she said, "Thanks, guys," and stumbled off into the street.

"She totally just mooned us," one of the guys said.

"Oh, my God," said the other. "She was really hot."


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