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This story is mine and is copyrighted by me, The Purple Herald.
Please don't copy it and add it to your website and make a profit off
of my hard work. Please don't strip my name off of the story and claim
it for yourself. Please don't be an asshole.

I read, welcome and answer all comments. Contact me at

What Bad girls Want
By Lucas

The urge was upon me. I watched the people moving in front of me
on the street as I sat in the café. A glimpse was all I needed. A
flash of thighs, a twist of their head or tightening of their purse
would tell me everything.

Some women were pure of motive and useless to me.

Some women hated men and were of no interest to me.

Some women were ugly and undesirable to me.

Some women were bad and they glowed like brilliant stars to my
eyes. These were whom I hunted. These were the women who searched for
me when they tortured their husbands. These are the teases that leave
their top buttons undone in the office. These are the women who refuse
to swallow for their boyfriends but happily suck down the man next

Today I was impatient but He Who Must cum blessed me for I saw a
suitable woman rather quickly. She was a tall Italian woman with long
black hair and heavy breasts. Her face had begun to age from too much
stress and too much pouting. I could feel her disdain for everything
around her and her lips were in a sneer to match my own. She was
wearing tight jeans in a style that was too young for her but she wore
them well.

She would be mine.

I paid my bill and went up to her. Her dark eyes flashed at me
for my presumption but then softened. My curly blonde hair and cruel
lips had that effect on bad women. I smiled warmly at her and began to
tell her what I knew.

"When your husband is asleep, you go online as 'YourWhore38'
looking for young men," I told her.

Her eyes widened in shock and she stopped on the street.

"How did you know that?" she demanded.

"Last night you yelled at your husband for wanting sex on a work
night, even though your panties were soaking wet from talking to
Jerry's son who lived next door."

"Who are you?" she hissed quietly on the crowded street.

"Last Christmas, you let your husband's uncle feel you up and
then promised to meet him later after the party. You left early and
masturbated for weeks about how disappointed he was."

Real fear replaced the anger she felt at first. "Is this

I chuckled. "No, this is your punishment." I took her by the
arm and began walking. Her heels clicked on the pavement as she tried
to keep up.

"I'm supposed to meet my mother-in-law in half an hour," she

"What's your name?" I asked. My powers let me see their sins but
never their names. There is too much power in a name.

"Lillian," she said.

I tightened my grip on her arm. That was a sin. "Your real
name," I repeated.

"Stacia," she admitted. "What is your name?"

"Neil," I lied.

I ignored her other questions as we entered my hotel. Her cheeks
blushed as the hotel staff stared at her. Lisa could tell by their
snickers that she wasn't the first woman I've brought here. It amused
me that she was embarrassed. It was her fantasy after all.

The elevator doors closed on us and I pulled Stacia into my arms.
Her mouth tasted like cappuccino. She melted into my arms as I
devoured her mouth. It wasn't part of my powers; it was just something
she craved.

When she was out of breath, I broke the kiss and turned her
around. I grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it over her
head. Sure, she protested but she didn't try to stop me. While she
was still turned around, I unclasped her bra and dropped it to the
ground. I flipped her back around to kiss her again. Her nipples were
stiff against my chest.

"Neil!" she admonished when I broke the kiss. "What if someone
sees us?"

"They will," I said. The doors opened and I took the topless
woman by the arm. Stacia tried to cover her large breasts with her
free arm but it was useless. The heavy bosom that she used to taunt
her husband was now exposed to the people we passed in the halls.
Stacia buried her face in my shoulders every time we walked past
someone but I knew she could hear their questioning laughs and lewd

I opened the door to my room and Stacia rushed inside. Her
cheeks were red but she was smiling. The slut was exhilarated.

"Really, who are you?" she asked.

"I'm the man who knows how many vibrators you hide in the bottom
drawer of your dresser. I'm the man who knows about the group cyber
fuck you had online. I'm the one who knows how many humiliation
stories you read online and how badly you wanted to be the slut in
those stories."

"How?" she asked with something like hope in her eye.

I cupped one of her tits in my hand. The tan lines painted the
area around her nipple a pale white compared to the dark tan of the
rest of her body. For a moment I considered telling her how I came to
my powers: How I found the Purple Book, how I did the ritual that let
me see the darkness in women that was matched in myself and for one
long second, I even considered telling her of the terrible price I paid
after every night of wild sex. Instead, I simply twisted her nipple in
my fingers till she groaned in pain and desire.

Turn around," I commanded. "Strip off your pants."

Stacia obeyed. She couldn't wait to obey. The tall tanned woman
wriggled out of those tight jeans as fast as she could. I didn't have
to tell her to remove her black lace panties that she received from an
online admirer. Her panties came down to reveal her round ass with
just a touch of flab. Stacia was proud of her ass, and was prouder
that no one had ever fucked it no matter how much her husband begged.

I pulled off my belt and cracked it on the floor.

"Bend over onto the bed," I told her.

Stacia did as I asked. Hesitantly, she bent over until her
breasts and head were flat on the bed and her ass was up in the air. I
kicked her legs slightly apart and picked up her lace panties.

"Do you know why you are here?" I asked her.

"Yes," she said, the excitement in her voice.

"Tell me," I demanded.

"Because I cheat on my husband. Because I tease everyone. I'm a
selfish cunt that deserves to be punished."

"All true," I said. "Open your mouth," I told her and when she
did, I stuffed her panties into her mouth. She knew better than to
spit it out.

I stepped behind her and laid the belt across her buttocks. A
slow count of ten let resulted in her trembling before I even started.
Her round ass was a mix of pale white and her dark tan. My cock
throbbed in anticipation. This is my reward as well as her punishment.

CRACK! My belt landed on Stacia's ass with a righteous vengeance.
A pink streak appeared instantly and Stacia's cry of pain was choked by
her panties in her mouth. Her buttocks clenched but she resisted the
urge to move.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! My belt fell on her clenching ass without
mercy. I didn't try to make the lashes even, I didn't try to
crisscross her buttocks with stripes and I certainly didn't give a fuck
about covering her ass equally with my whip or making this a wonderful
spanking experience. This was a punishment. This was a whipping in
the coarsest sense of the word. I was hitting her ass to make this
bitch hurt because if it didn't, she wouldn't feel like she was
punished properly.




Stacia flinched with each lash. The tall woman screamed beneath
her gag. Her hands clenched the bedspread and her back arched as I
turned her ass a bright red but she never, ever, tried to move away.
She needed it and I gave it to her. Tears ran down her cheeks as I
drove the guilt from her body.

CRACK! This lash was for nagging her husband.

CRACK! This lash was for flashing the neighbor's son.

CRACK! This lash was for climaxing on her computer late at night,
performing like the slut her husband had always wanted for other men.

I dropped the belt and unzipped my pants. Stacia moaned as I
poured half a bottle of lube onto her ass. She shook her head in
defiance as I parted her ass with my hands but I ignored her. Her
buttocks were hot to my touch and when I placed my hard cock against
her tiny asshole, I could feel the heat coming off her cheeks like an

Stacia shook her head harder in defiance but she didn't move. I
knew her secret. I could see how many times she had let men have her
anally in cyber but it was something she was too good to do in real
life. More importantly, it was something she craved but could never

I pushed into her tight ass and Stacia's muted wail was music to
my ears. Inch after inch I sank into her constricting hole and I did
not rest till every inch of me was in her. Her buttocks, still burning
from the whipping was like a hot water bottle against my crotch. I
rested my hands on her hips and dug my fingers into the fat I found

"Ready, cunt?" I laughed.

Before she could answer, I fucked her. My balls slapped against
her sex, teasing her wet lips between her thighs. Hard thrusts tore
into her ass with the vengeance of a hundred teased men. Stacia cried
out with a long gagged moan as my cock struck deep within her. This
wasn't fucking, this was a taking; a claiming and an act of violent
passion. I opened her ass and stretched it beyond anything she thought
was possible till she almost believed my cock would split her ass in

Despite all of this, Stacia still pushed back into me with each
thrust. I could feel her desire build within her. My cock was
penetrating deep within her libido, filling fantasies and forbidden
lusts that she had suppressed for too long. Her ass clenched around my
phallus, tightening and squeezing me with her lusty abandon.

"Are you going to cum?" I demanded.

She nodded her head.

"Then cum, slut!"

She did. Powerful orgasms ripped through her body, aided by my
own little powers. Stacia's hair went flying as her head flailed with
bliss. Her whole body was racked in spasm as I continued to pound her
tight ass with my phallus. I could hear her feet kicking against the
floor as I pressed deeper inside her and I laughed as her choked moans
slipped past her gagged lips.

I brought her to orgasm again.

And again.

And again till her back was sweating and her sex was leaving a
wet streak on the bed.

"Now it's my turn," I growled and Stacia froze as she realized
what I was about to do. She was helpless from the orgasms as my cock
pumped my load of seed into her tiny ass. We felt her ass shudder at
this new invasion and I chuckled as her buttocks reflexively clenched
to milk my cock. I kept fucking her ass until every drop of my cum was
deposited inside her.

"Oh God," Stacia moaned when I pulled her panties from her mouth.
I wiped my flagging manhood with her panties and then tossed them to

"God?" I laughed. "Not the one you think."

"That was amazing," she said.

"It was what it was," I said. I flipped through her wallet and
took out her cash. There was enough for dinner and the rest could help
with my hotel bill. Stacia said nothing as I pocketed it all and
tossed her wallet back to her. "Now go."

"I've got to see you again," she laughed as she slipped her
sticky panties on.

"You might," I lied. She would never see me again though she
will try later to remember the hotel, or my room number. In less than
a day, she'll forget what I even looked like but she'll have the same
craving. She'll crave to be punished, fucked and abused like her own
poor self-image demanded. Stacia will go a week suitably chastised and
her husband will wonder at the sudden blowjobs but it won't last. By
the end of the month she'll be back to her old tricks, praying that
she'll sin enough to be punished again.

Stacia slipped back into her jeans and I smiled as the denim
touched her sore ass. She looked around for her shirt and remembered
that it and her bra were lying in the elevator. She looked at me with
the glow of orgasm still softening her face.

"Can I borrow a shirt?" she asked. "I can't exactly go out like

"Not my problem," I said as I pushed her through my door.

She banged on the door and cursed me. She was too late.
Eventually she left and I assumed went in search of either her shirt or
a good Samaritan.

As for me? I was already forgetting her face. My cock was
exhausted and my heart was thrilling to the very temporary power I
wielded. It was all part of the price I paid to be the bad boy I
always wanted to be.

Bad boys always get the girls but they never keep them.

The end.

If you enjoyed my story than please drop me a line at


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