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Whats your pleasure Part 1


What's your Pleasure (b/M, incest, hyno)

Chapter 1

My son hyponized me! I can't remember when or how but he did. All he
has to do is say "Dad, I'm horny" and I automatically drop to my knees,
hands at my side and respond "What's your pleasure". But before, I go any
further, little background. I'm pushing 40, divorced for a few years and I
have full custody of my high school son Jack. He's not a bad kid, get good
grades but tends to be a loner, spending most of his time in front of his
computer. I work for one of those multinational corporations that cares
more about profits rather than people. It's boring but it pays the
mortgage, alimony and puts food on the table. I haven't dated since the
divorce and have compiled a good library of jerk-off videos.

Anyway, getting back to the story, the first time I found myself on my
knees, my son explained everything. As far back as he could remember, I
knew that he was gay and that his favorite fantasy was having sex with me.
(he didn’t go into details but I had an idea) As he talked, he removed his
clothes. His shirt was first to go. I never really looked at him before
but now I did. He has broad shoulder and a flat abs. You could tell he
worked out. He continued his story, telling me that he had done extensive
research into hypnosis and that I was his first subject. He went on to say
that I was easily hypnotized and that he “conditioned” me to get excited
looking at nude males and that nude women would do nothing to me. At this
point I did notice that my dick had grown. He removed his pants and his
thighs were as firm as his abs (My cock got even harder seeing him in only
his underwear). Further, he said, that I would be unable to talk about
this to anyone (he never mentioned anything about writing about it, so I
am) and that he was planning to keep this between the two of us (yea
right!). Finally, he said that he wouldn’t force me to do something that I
really didn’t want to do as hypnosis can do that. Having finished his
speech, he whipped off his underwear exposing his cock. It was gorgeous,
nestled in a patch of brown hair, it was about 5” soft but thick. Boy, was
it thick. Putting his hands on his hips he said, “Well?” I couldn’t
believe it, here was my son, an Adonis, standing before me. My dick was as
harder than it has ever been and all I could say is “what is your pleasure”

“I’m glad”, he said, “because if you weren’t interested, I would have
removed the hypnosis.” My only response was to open my pants and start
stroking my dick. My eyes never left his cock which he stroked to fullness
and moved towards me. As he reached me, my mouth opened accepting about 2
inches of his now hard cock. As my lips enclosed around it and my tongue
began to bath the head, my own cock erupted, spewing what seemed to be
gallons of cum all over my hands and floor. It was the most powerful
orgasm I ever had. This seem to be trigger something in Jack as my mouth
was flooded with boycream. I gulped as fast as I could but it still
overflowed out of my mouth and down my chin. As quickly as it started, the
boygoo stopped. Jack pulled his cock from my mouth, bent down, licked his
cum off my chin and kissed me, giving me a tongue bath like no woman had.
Moving away, Jack said, “That’ll do” and which point I collapsed in a heap
where I was. I now realized that that was the phrase that releases me from
the hypnosis.

Later in bed, I replayed the whole scene in my head while stroking my
cock. Only this time, I tasted the whole thing and not just the head. My
orgasm was almost as good as that afternoon’s. I fell asleep with the
taste of my own cum on my lips and a smile on my face.

Chapter 2

Over the next few days, things seemed to get back to normal, Jack hadn’t
used me and I spent a lot of time thinking about sucking his cock and what
it would feel like to be fucked. I had a constant hard-on and I wasn’t
even hypnotized. Looking back at things, I had fantasies about other men but never acted on it. My fantasies were about being held down and face
fucked by a gang of men. I would masturbated to images of hard cocks being
forced down my throat. As each new guy took his turn, his cock seemed to
be bigger than the last, forcing my lips and throat to expand. But always
the last cock, before I came, was 10” long and 3’ fat. I would always cum when this monster was completely imbedded in my throat discharging what
seemed to be a gallon of cum filling my belly like I had just eaten a full
course meal. My fantasies never included getting fucked but I hinted to my
ex-wife that she could fuck me with a strap-on. (She thought that was sick
and I never mentioned it again)

But things were about to change. It was Sunday morning and I had slept
late, awaking to the sounds of Jack making breakfast. Throwing on a robe,
(I sleep naked), I went down to the kitchen. On the floor by the door was
his overnight suitcase and he was wrapping food. I had forgotten that he
was going on a week long school trip. “Morning, all packed”, I said,
moving towards him. He turned, smiling and said “Daddy, I’ horny”. Once
again, I fell to my knees, “what is your pleasure”. I had been right
behind him when he spoke those words so that when I went to my knees and he
turned around, his crotch was in my face. “Suck” is all he said. My dick
got instantly hard as I un zipped his pants and freed his cock. As I
stroked him, my fantasies filled my brain. Without thought, I took him in
my mouth all the way so that my lips touched his belly. It felt so good
and so natural. I began sucking him in long strokes, taking him as deep
into my mouth and throat as possible. My hand instantly went to my cock.
“Stop!” he cried. I froze. “When you are under my control, you will not
touch yourself or cum unless I tell you to. Once you are free, you can do
whatever you want. Understand?” Not wanting to let go of his organ, I just
nodded and move my hand away from my cock.

“Good, now get naked and bend over the table, it’s time to fuck,” he
said, taking off his pants. I had quickly removed my robe and bent over
the table exposing my ass to him. I instinctively spread my legs to give
him access and found that I was actually looking forward to feeling his
cock in me. Meanwhile, my own cock wanted to cum but I couldn’t. I had
been ordered not to. It felt like my cock got bigger and bigger like a
balloon that was ready to explode.

I heard Jack moving around behind me when he placed a can of Cisco
grease near my head. “Since you are cherry, I will take it easy on you
this time. That means I’m going to open you up with my fingers first.
When you’re ready for my cock, I will go slowly so that I don’t tear you
apart. But before warned, I will not be so nice in the future.” With that
said, he scooped some cisco on his fingers and pushed his index finger into
me. His finger went in to the first knuckle easily but then met some
resistance. He fucked me this way for a few minutes letting me get used to
his finger. As for me, my body tighten around his finger but my mind
seemed to enjoy it. Exerting more pressure, his finger pushed past my anus
and into my bowel. I tensed up but Jack just left his finger. With his
finger still in me, he moved around so that his cock was in my face.
Without a thought, I opened my mouth and accepted my fate. As he fucked my
face his finger moved in time to his hips. Within minutes, my ass was
thrusting against his finger, trying to get more. Jack’s only response was
to add another finger to my ass fucking. It felt so good that I yearned to
feel his cock. Jack thought so too as he pulled his cock and fingers out
of me and moved between my legs. He grabbed some more cisco and greased up
his cock. I felt the head of his cock enter me but meet the same
resistance as his finger. Then grabbing my hips, he thrust into me
completely impaling his dick in me and stopped. My only response was to
howl and grab onto the ends of the table even harder. It felt like a pipe
had been shoved up my ass. Jack didn’t move for few minutes, letting me
get used to his boycock in my ass. When my panting subsided, Jack started
top fuck me. His strokes were very slow. It felt like he withdrew
completely only to thrust as deep as possible again. My hips started to
respond and meet his trusts. He picked up speed and with a few minutes
gave a mighty thrust, spewing his seed deep into me. After a few more
thrusts, Jack collapsed on my back. He kissed my cheek and whispered in my
ear, “how would you like it if I turned you into a sissy-man?” Before I
could respond, he pulled out of me and headed for the door. “Oh, I want
you to remove all the hair on your body except for your head by the time I
get back. That’ll do.” Picking up his bag, he was out the door.

Immediately, upon hearing those words, I was rocked by the most intense
orgasm I ever had. I couldn’t help it; my body just started humping the
table, gushing more and more semen on the table and my belly. This
subsided after a few minutes and I found that I enjoyed a cock up my ass or
down my throat. I had to admit that I liked it maybe even loved it.

As I cleaned up, I wondered about what a sissy-man would entail. In the
meantime, I had a week to explore these feeling without hypnosis. I was
looking forward to that!

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