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Whats your pleasure Part 3


Chapter 3

The rest of the day, I lounged around, not bothering to take a shower,
savoring the wet gooey feeling in my ass. Finally, before getting into
bed, I showered, taking extra care to clean my asshole, which instantly
gave me a hardon. As I pumped my dick, I fingerfucked myself to another
great orgasm. As soon as my head it the pillow, I was fast asleep.

How I got myself to work the next day, I don’t know. All I could think
about was cock. So many questions raced thru my mind about my sexuality. I
had always considered myself a heterosexual but after yesterday, I wasn’t
sure anymore. Was this the remnants of hypnosis or what. I had to find
out. Complaining of an illness, I left work early, heading straight to the
local porn store. I had to find out and this store had video booths.
After changing some bills into coins, I moved into the booth farthest away
from the door. I was immediately struck by the smell of cum and the glory
hole. Luckily, there was no one in the next booth, so I unzipped my pants
and pulled out my cock. I had decided to start with straight movies and
see what happened. Inserting the coins, I picked the first movie available. On the screen appeared a busty redhead sucking cock. As I
watched, I stroked my dick. The woman was deepthroating the guy all the
way done to the root. In the past, I would have had a raging hardon, this
time, nothing. My dick hadn’t stirred. I changed movies to a young girl getting fucked in the ass. Still my dick lay limp in my hand. Finally it
was time. I change to a gay movie. Luckily it was the beginning. Two
well muscled men were kissing. Each, trying to force his tongue down the
other’s throat. Their hands squeezing the other’s jean covered ass. I was
so engrossed in the film that I did notice that my dick had stiffened. On
the screen, one of the studs, had ripped open the other’s shirt and had
attached his mouth to the other’s nipple. He was licking, biting and
nipping the tit while his hands undid the other’s pants, pushing them down
to the ankles. As he moved his mouth to the other tit, one hand cup the
other’s balls and the other stroked the thickening cock. By this time, my
dick was rock hard and watched in amazement as the tit licker engulfed the
now hard dick. I could tell this guy loved sucking cock as he took his
time, allowing the cock to slowly move thru his mouth and down his throat.
The slow process was reversed as he moved off the cock. A light thump on
the wall broke the spell of watching the cock sucker. Turning towards the
thump, a cock was pushed thru the glory hole. Without a thought, my lips
rapped around it so that only the head was in my mouth I bathed it with my
tongue as I thought of how I like my cock sucked. I was really into the
tongue action when I hear a voice say “Are you going to suck it or what?”
My immediate response was to nip the head with my teeth which produced an
“ouch”. Letting go the the dick, I said “My way or the highway” and went
back to sucking. Taking a breath, I engulf the half the dick. Breathing
thru my nose, I forced the rest of the cock down my throat. As my lips
touched his belly, Needless to say, my own cock erupted adding more cum the
the wet floor. As I came, I sucked for all I was worth and was rewarded
with a torrent of fluid which I happily swallowed. Slumping back into the
chair, feeling like heaven, I heard the guy zip his pants, say “Thanks,
dude” and leave the booth.

Then and there, I knew I loved sucking cock. The way it feels, the way
it tastes but most of all the cum juice. The way it flowed down my throat
to my belly. Needless to say, I stayed another two hours in which time I
sucked six more cocks. On my way out of the store, I bought a 3” butt plug
and a 10” dildoe

Chapter 4

Having gotten a good night’s sleep, I mentally prepared myself to go to
work. I was still coming to grips with my new sexuality and wasn’t
thrilled about going to work, but I forced myself. I tried to do as much
work as possible but really didn’t get much done. I kept replaying all the
conversations that I had with my co-workers in my head to see if they could
tell that I was different, that I was growing to love cock. I kept staring
at a female co-worker remembering all the fantasies I had about her to see
if I could get excited. I didn’t! After that I my mind wandered to cocks,
big cocks thick cocks and how they would feel in my mouth and my ass. This
caused me to have an instant erection. I had to again fantasize about my
female coworker again to get rid of it.

After lunch, my boss called me into his office and very bluntly told me
that the company was downsizing and I was to be laid off at the end of the
week. To say the least, I was shock but deep down inside I was relieved as
I wouldn’t have to play mind games anymore. We discussed my severance pay
and he shook my hand and wished me luck. As I left his office, he called
to another fellow worker to come into his office so that I knew it had
nothing to do with my secret. I went back to my desk, packed my personal
belonging and left. I really didn’t care about working the week out.

Instead of going home, I headed to the porn store. I was feeling very
frustrated and wanted to relieve the tension. As I drove, I got madder and
madder, I had just been the fuckee, now I wanted to be the fucker. I
decided to hang out in a booth, waiting until the right guy came along and
then fuck his brains out. I didn’t know how I was going to do this but was
sure as hell going to try.

As I exchange my bills for coins, the clerk was complaining that the
store might close as it was up for sale and he would be out of a job. My
only response was “that sucks” and headed towards the booths. The same
booth as last time was available so I went in. There was no one in the
next booth to my chagrin. Not wanting to cum so soon, I added the coins
and let a male/female movie play as I stroked my limp dick.

It wasn’t too long before I heard the door shut to the next booth and
movies began to play. I could tell it was a male/male movie and peeked
thru the glory hole. I could see him but he couldn’t see me. A young kid
about Jack’s age had pulled out his dick and stroked in time to the movie.
My dick got instantly hard I moved back to the seat and I changed the movie to a different male/male, never taking my eyes off the glory hole. A few
minutes later, his faced appeared at the glory hole. He was staring at my
cock. “Want some?” I said. He just nodded, “then come on in.” His face
disappeared. I heard the door to his booth open and close but mine was
still closed. I thought he bolted but my door opened and he tenitively
stepped in. What’s your name” I asked, “Jack”. My dick get even harder.
“I have a son named Jack, You want my cock or what”. Again he just nodded.
“Well, go to it” He knelt down between my spread legs and using his tongue,
he licked the head of my cock. I let him taste it for a few minutes and
finally said “You going suck it or what?” Immediately he took the head in
him mouth and agin began to bathe it with his tongue. “That’s not the way
to suck cock” I scold and forced his head down to the root. Using my
hands, I pulled him of my cock and then back on. Each time, I forced him
to take all of me down his throat. This continued on for some ten minutes.
Every so often I heard him gag. At this point I didn’t care. It was good
to feel in control, to feel powerful, to vent my anger. I could tell that
I was getting ready to cum but not in his mouth but his ass. Pulling him
off me, his eyes were glazed over. “Drop your pants, Jack” I wanna fuck
you boypussy. Without a thought, he stood up, dropped his pants and leaned
against the wall, his ass exposed. Stepping around him, I also dropped my
pants. “Unfortuately, Jack, we don’t have any lube so I’m going to use my
finger to get you ready” Wetting my index finger, I thrust it into him and
began fingerfucking him. I remembered how my Jack had fingerfucked me so I
just duplicated the process. When I was able to get three fingers in him,
I knew he was ready. Removing my fingers, I pressed my cockhead against
his hole and slowly pushed into him. He was tight and I had trouble
getting past his ring, but I did. Once I was fully in him, I paused. “You
like that Jack, don’t ya. It feels so good, you feel so full. You like
Daddy fucking your boy pussy.” His only response was to moan. I had taken
hold of his hips and began thrusting in earnest. “Your pussy is so tight,
my cock loves the feel of your ass. Daddy’s fucking his baby boy” I could
feel myself building to orgasm so I reached around and began stroking his
cock. It was hot to the touch and as hard as the cock that was fucking
him. “Yea, Jackie boy, we’re ready to cum, aren’t we? We’re going to cum together, me in your pussy and you all over the floor.” I was really
pounding away. It felt so good, I was delirious. With one mighty thrust,
I shot my load deep into his belly. Meanwhile his boy cock spewed at the
same time. I continued to thrust away for a few minutes until my cock fell
out of him. To my surprise, he turned, fell to his knees and took me in
his mouth again bathing my cock with his tongue. All I could do was stroke
his hair until he was done.

For some unknown reason and it wasn’t the sex, I felt a bond with this
kid. After putting our clothes on, I asked if he wanted a ride home. He
just nodded. I let him leave first telling him I’d meet him outside. On
my way out, I stopped and asked the clerk for the owner’s name and number
as the idea of buying the store popped into my head. Surprisingly, he had
waited. He was about Jacks’ height, slender, his hair falling over his
eyes and collar. In fact, he looked more like a 13 year old girl rather
than a 16 year old boy. As it turned out he lived one block away. During
the ride, he told me that he lived with his mother and sister. His dad had
abandoned the family when he was young. He went on to say, his mother and
sister were always fighting so he had retreated to his computer. At
school, he was considered a geek but did fairly well. From his computer,
he learned about sex and realized he was gay. A secret I was the first he
shared with. He also confided in me that he loved to put on his sisters
old clothes and pretend he was a princess, who had all the princes falling
at his feet. Finally, As we pulled up to his house, he told me that he was
virgin and that today was his first sexual experience and he was sorry that
it wasn’t better. I just smiled and pulled him toward me, kissing him. My
tongue snaked into his mouth, which he immediately tried to suck out of my
head. Breaking the kiss, I told him where I lived and to come by anytime
he wanted or need to talk. We hugged and he jumped out the car. With a
wave, he ran into the house. During the quick drive home, I realized that
I desired young boys and that I had no interest in men, which made me think
of my Jack. He would be home in a few days. My dick got instantly hard.

Chapter 5

The next day, I called the owner of the porn shop and we discussed the
store. The conversation ended with him giving me a price and promising to
fax the financial information I asked for. I spent rest of the day running
the numbers with help from both my attorney and accountant. By dinner
time, I had a pretty good idea that it was doable.

I had just begun to prepare my dinner, when the door bell rang. Peering
out the window, I saw a teenage girl wearing a white button down shirt,
pleated skirt and knee high socks. . My immediate reaction was that she
was selling something and was prepared to blow her off when I opened the
door. But before I could say anything, she blurted “Hi, I’m Jackie and
yesterday you said I could come by anytime.” To say the least I was
stunned. I never thought that the boy who I gave a ride to would show up at
my door, let alone as a very pretty teenage girl. “Can I come in?” she
cried. “Sure, I was making dinner, did you eat” stepping away from the
door and into the living room. Closing the door behind her (him), she (he)
followed me into the room and when I turned around she (he) wrapped her
(his) arms around me and buried her (his) head in my chest. (From now on
when this jack is dressed as a girl, I will use “she” and when he is a boy,
I will use “he”) Talking into my chest, she exclaimed, “that after
yesterday, she felt safe with me and could show her “other” side to me.”
Wrapping one arm around her and stroking her head, I whispered, “I’m glad.”
Breaking the embrace, I looked into her eyes and at her face. There were
slight tears in her eyes of happiness. I then noticed that she had put eye
makeup and lipstick on. “What a pretty girl you are, let me look at you.

I moved to a chair so I could have a better look. She was indeed a very
pretty girl, she had put barrettes in her hair to keep it from falling into
her eyes. She had done her make up like it came natural to her. Her ears
were pierced and wore hop earings. The collar of her shirt was open and I
could see a hint of a bra which she must have filled to give the impression
of tits. The shirt tapered to her waist and hips which was clearly
defined. I could also see that she had painted her nails to match her
lipstick. As my eyes travel to her crotch, she lifted up her skirt showing
me her silken blue panties and her clearly outlined boy cock . Dropping
her skirt, she hesitantly asked, “you like?” “You bet but how did you get
over here like that? Didn’t anyone recognize you?” “It wasn’t easy. First
before I left the house I put on my make up and fixed my hair from things I
took from my sister. Then I got dressed as you see me and I put on a
hooded sweatshirt and pants over them. I walked around your house to the
back where I took off the sweatshirt and pants, then walked around the
front and rang your doorbell. I have had this much fun in a long time.
And I want you to fuck me, Daddy!” With that, she moved between my legs,
opened my pants and took out my cock. “Ah, dinner,” and deep throated me.

It felt so good. Her head bobbed up an down taking all of me each time,
not like yesterday where he seemed afraid of it. I settled back into the
chair and let her do what she wanted. By now she had my balls out of my
pants and was gently caressing them. Within minutes, I was ready to cum and told her so, which spurred her on. Finally, I could hold back any
longer and shot my seed into her mouth. Sensing this she move so that just
the head of my cock was in her mouth and begin to stroke up and down try to
coax more and more cum out of me. After what seem like gallons, she lifted
her mouth off me.In a small voice said “thank you, daddy” and kissed me. I
could taste my salty cum still in her mouth. “Where’s the bathroom,” she
asked. “Second door on the left”

Coming back from the bathroom, I watched her walk. He had that down
too. If I hadn’t know, I would have sworn he was a girl. “You gonna fuck
me now, Daddy” she asked in a little girl voice. “No” I replied. Her
immediate response was a pout. “I’m going to make dinner then I’m going to
fuck you proper, little girl” She giggle and jumped into my lap and kissed
me again.

Chapter 6

During dinner, she explained that whenever her mother went out, her
sister would dress Jack up in him up in her old clothes and put make-up on
him. She instructed him in all manners of being a girl. For his part, he
first did it because of the attention that his sister showed him but soon
realized that he like the idea of being someone else even if it was a girl.
It got to the point where when both his mother and sister went out, he
would dress and make himself up as his alter-ego Jackie. Then he would go
onto the internet and look at pictures of transsexuals either sucking cock
or getting fucked. He would masterbate to fantasies of sucking or fucking.
“Of course, Jack would never have even considered these things. He’s such
a wimp. I don’t know how he ever ended up at the porn store but I’m glad
he did!” We were silent for a few moments when she asked in her little girl voice, “Will you be my daddy and let me be your daughter?” “Of course” I
replied, kissing her on the cheek. I started to clean up but she said “NO,
daddy, you go into the living room and I’ll clean up.” So I did. I clicked
on the tv and heard her moving around the kitchen. A short time later, she
appeared, sat at my feet, her head on my knee and said, “will you fuck me
now daddy?” I didn’t respond, I just motioned her into my lap, which she
did in a flash. As I kissed her, I began unbuttoning her shirt. Breaking
the kiss, she shyly said, “I have no titties, daddy, is that ok?” I
responded by kissing her again and pushing the bra out of the way exposing
her boy tits. Tweaking her nipples, I commented “they’re beautiful.”
Within a few minutes of playing with them u had her moaning. I should note
that my cock was rock hard and was enjoying “seducing” this young “girl”.

“Let’s take off your panties, honey.” She lifted her hips and I stripped
them off exposing her hard boycock. Running my fingers of the head I could
feel the precum. “You have such a big clit, girly, you know that? She
giggle and exclaimed, “Is that what that is? Then what’s my hole called?”
Moving my finger to her anus, I tickled it saying “this is your pussy.
It’s where I’m going to shove my cock soon enough.” With that, I plunged my
finger into her ass as far as it would go and begin fingerfucking her. Her
hip rose to take as much of my finger as she could. Daddy, fuck me, Please
fuck me. Stick you hard cock in my pussy. I want to feel you in my
belly!” she cried.

Standing up and making a big show of removing my pants, I stroked my
cock. “Is this what you want, little girl? You want it shoved up your
pussy and into your belly? Well, I’m not going to stop at your belly, I’m
going to shove it so far up your pussy that you will taste it in your
mouth. How about that!” She just giggle and moved so that her ass was at
the edge of the sofa. Stroking her boydick, she spread her legs and said
”show me”. And show her I did. I took hold of each ankle, spreading her
legs as wide as possible and shove my harden cock into her. Oh, Daddy,
fuck me, I want to feel you all the way in my mouth.” This just spurred me
on. With each thrust, I tried to get more and more of my concrete cock
into her. Yes, Daddy, I feel you in my belly but not my mouth. In an
instant, I flipped her over, grabbing her hips, I fucked her as hard as I
could. “That’s it Daddy, I can feel it in my throat. Oh Daddy, my clit is
ready to explode!” Reaching under her, I stroke her cock and balls. I
could feel she was on the verge. Using my other hand, I covered the head
and stroked even harder and fucking her with all I had at the same time.
She erupted into my hand which I immediately brought to her mouth. Yea,
little girl, eat your own boygoo, you’re going to be getting a lot if it.
She lapped my hand like a dog in heat. Meanwhile, I was getting ready to
cum myself. “I’m going to cum, little girl, deep into your belly.” Yes!
Daddy, give it to me, make me a woman.” With that, I pounded into her once
more and shot my load. I continued to pound away until my orgasm subsided.
Looking down at her, her eyes were shut, cum was all over her cheeks and
her hands were grasping the sofa as if for dear life. I stayed that way
until I was soft and fell out of her. I sat down heavily on to the sofa
and she immediately jumped into my lap, burying her head in my neck. We
sat like that for some time until she said , “I have to go.” Kissing me on
the check, she got up and headed to the kitchen. I hear the backdoor open
and close and then the bathroom door close. I just sat there feeling very
contented. At little while later, the bathroom door open and Jack came
out. He had removed his clothes and replaced them with the sweatshirt and
jeans. He had also removed the makeup, fingernail polish and barrettes.
Being slightly embarrassed, I hurriedly pulled on my pants and stood up.
Jack came over to me and said, “Jackie really meant what she said about
being her daddy and hopes you will fuck her again.” I was stunned the
transformation was amazing. Jackie was a self assured teenager but the boy who stood before me was a geek. His shoulders slumped and he couldn’t look
me in the eye. “Tell her, I’m here for her” and stuck out my hand. He
shook it quickly and ran out the front door leaving it open behind him.

(Authors Note: Jack returns in the next chapter)

As always, comments/suggestions appreciated


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