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Whats your pleasure Part 4


What's your Pleasure VI

Chapter 7

It was Friday and Jack would be home tonight but I really couldn’t think
about him. I pressing forward with the purchase of the store. I had to do
the paper chase as my attorney called and said an agreed price had been
reached. The current owner wanted to close as soon as possible which meant
that I needed to get my ducks in order.

Before I knew it, the sun was setting and I was in the kitchen working
on the papers when I heard, ”Dad, I’m home.” My heart started pounding as I
knew what I wanted to do the minute Jack walked in the door. Moving
towards the voice, I met him in the living room and immediately pulled him
into a hug. Whispering in his ear, “God, I missed you and it was only been
a week.” I emphasized this by licking his ear. “Dad…” “Shush,” I said,
licking his ear again, “what is your pleasure?” With that, I pushed him an
arms length away only to pull him back, kissing him full on the lips. My
tongue, playfully, darted out, trying to get past his lips.

This time he broke away. “Are you serious? You really mean that?” I
just nodded my head. “You can have me anytime and in anyway as long as
there are no injuries. I love you son and I always will. Besides, you’ve
got the most beautiful body I’ve seen in a long time, especially your

And when have you see other dicks, Dad?

“I’ll tell you later, Now get your gorgeous ass upstairs and fuck me!”

“Jesus, what got into you? I didn’t even have to say the magic words!”

“And you won’t have to, ever again! Race you” With that, I sprinted up
the stairs, ripping my clothes off as I went. I could tell that Jack was
doing the same thing behind me. I ran into my bedroom and flopped down on
the bed. A few seconds later, Jack, naked, entered the room, his hard dick
a second or two before he did. He stopped at the foot and I got to really
look at him. God he was gorgeous. Not an once of fat on his body. This
was the first time that I realized he worked out. girls must cum when he
takes off his shirt. But I focused on his cock. And what a cock! Hard he
must have been 10”. But it wasn’t just that. like the rest of him, it was
all muscle. And thick, I don’t think I could have closed my index finger
and thumb around it.

As slowly and seductively as I could, I stroked my own hard cock. “Come
on, Jack, fuck your dear old dad! Fuck him good and hard.”

His only response was, “be right back”. I hear him run to his room,
open and close a draw and run back into my room. In his hand was a tube of
K-Y jelly. Placing it on the night table, he jumped on the bed and
straddled my face, his cock ending an in from my mouth. Needing no
prodding, I took the head in my mouth and suckled it like a baby on its
mother tit. My hands had found his hard butt and kneaded the his cheeks as
I sucked.

Through my actions, I wanted to show him how much I loved him. Jack
seemed to understand this and allowed me to go at my own pace. At this
point, using my hands, I moved his hips back and forth so that more of his
cock entered my mouth and down my throat. When I completely engulf his
staff, I let out a moan and sigh of contentment.

“Oh, god, Dad, you’re the best.”

With that, I took my hands off his butt and let him mouth fuck me at his
own pace. His pace was slow and even. When he was fully down my throat
and he pull back, almost removing his cock from my mouth then pushed back
in. Every time my lips hit his belly, I felt completely full and content.
And when he pulled back, I wanted to follow. I didn’t want to let go of
his gorgeous fuckpole.

I knew that if I even touched my cock, I would cum so I moved my fingers
to his asshole. I tickled his anus and he involuntary bucked his hips,
forcing even more of his cock down my throat. “Don’t” he said. I
immediately stopped and move my hands to his tits. Using my thumb, I
swabbed his nipples. “Ah, that’s nice.”

After about ten minutes of mouth fucking, he pulled out and said, “Now,
it’s my turn” With that, he move between my legs and licked my cock like a
cat licks milk. I began to squirm. “Jack, don’t tease me, fuck me” I
cried. His only response was to take me in his mouth and suck me for all
he was worth. Almost immediately, I knew I was going to cum and told him
so. He just sucked harder. “Here it comes, Jack. I can’t hold it any
longer” And with that, I shot my seed into my son’s mouth. My hips bucked
and bucked and bucked. Through it all, Jack never let go of my cock. When
my bucking subsided, Jack let go of my cock. Raising his head, he opened
his mouth showing me that he hadn’t swallowed yet. He just smiled and
raised my legs. Without thought, I spread my legs even wider, like a bitch
in heat, to allow him better access to my hole.

With my cum still in his mouth, he used his finger to loosen my up.
Like before, my hips moved in time to his finger fucking. All I could
think about was, wanting his cock inside me. “Come on, Jack, fuck me, fuck
your old man, fuck your daddy, Fill me with your big cock. I need it Jack,
Please!” He just smiled and lowered his head. Using his tongue, he pushed
my cum into my hole and surrounding area. He even fucked me with his
tongue which once again made my hips buck. Finally it was time, he put a
pillow under my ass and I grabbed my thighs pulling towards my head as much
as possible. Pressing the head of his cock against my opening, he slowing
pushed forward until he was fully in me. “Yesssss, Jack, you feel so
good.” I hissed. “Now fuck me!”

Like his mouth fucking, his thrusts were slow and steady. “Oh, dad,
I’ve wanted to do this for so long, not like the other time. I wanted you
to want me. I…”

“Shut up and fuck me, dammit. We can talk later.”

With that, Jack started pounding into me. Each thrust was more forceful
than the last.

“That’s it, fuck me good, make me your bitch. I wanna be your bitch,
Jack. Turn your dad into your bitch. Yes, Jack, pound your bitch with
your hard boy cock. Stuff me full, Jack.” I was delirious. My whole being
was centered in my ass. I couldn’t get enough of his cock. As for my own
cock, it had risen from the dead and was once again ready to spurt.
Letting go of my legs, I wrapped them around his hips and spurred him on.
With my legs, I kept forcing him to go faster and deeper. He was up to the
task and became a piston. He was ramming me for all he was worth. My
awareness, moved from my ass to my cock, which exploded, shooting cum all
over my face. I swear it felt like the top of my head blew off. Jack
continued to piston me but I was wiped out. Finally, Jack cried, “I’m
coming” and thrust so hard my head hit the wall behind us. Tightening down
on my asshole, I milked his cock trying to get all his boy cum. He thrust
a few more times and collapsed on my chest. I wrapped my arms around him,
stroking his head.

“I love you, Jack.”

“Love you too, Dad”

And with that even though it was early evening, fell asleep not waking
till morning

(to be continued?)


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