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Whats your pleasure Part 6


What’s Your Pleasure VI

Chapter 9

I left the house very shortly after my pledge of devotion to Jack. It
was Saturday and I had my usual errands to run. I returned shortly
afternoon and found Jack, on the couch, engrossed in college football. I
had just finished putting my stuff away when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it”, wondering, who it could be. As it turned out it was the
“other” Jack. He was wearing the same sweatshirt, jeans and in his hand he
held an overnight bag. I didn’t see any makeup but his nails were polished
a bright red. “Hi, come on in”. I leaned forward to kiss him but he
ducked around me into the living and stopped short.

Following quickly behind him, “Jack,” I said to my son, “meet Jack. I
met him this week and told him he could drop by anytime. The just nodded
at each other, with Jack (my son) returning to his game and the other jack
moving off to the kitchen and I followed

“I’m really glad to see you” taking him in my arms. “Don’t” he replied
and wiggled out of the embrace, sitting down in the nearest chair.

“I forgot Jack was back and really wanted to see you. The other day was
so wonderful. I’ve never felt so alive, but now…”

“Have meet Jack before” I asked.

“Yea, I seen him around school but we’re not friends or anything. He
always acts so tough. He calls kids like me sissy and fagots.” He and his
friends think they own the school.”

“Even though he’s known that he was gay for a long time, he doesn’t
advertising it. My guess is that he’s hiding behind the words so that
he’ll fit in.”

“Really, Jack’s a fag too,” his voice brightening.

Yea, but I wouldn’t say that to his face. He beat the crap out of you.
He’s in really good shape.” At the thought of his body, my cock gave a
jerk. “What’s the bag,” pointing to the overnight case.

My mother and sister went away and wont’ be back till tomorrow so I was
hoping to stay here,” his voice rising again, “but …”

“As far as I am concerned, Jack and Jackie are always welcome in this
house, whether, my son Jack is here or not.!”

With that he flew into my arms and said in his girl voice, Thanks,
Daddy, I love you”

“Go get changed. I’ll talk to Jack.” With that, he picked up his bag
and headed to the bathroom.

I went out into the living room sitting down on the sofa next to Jack. I
explained to my son that Jack was the young boy I fucked in the porn store
and we bonded when I gave him a ride home. During the ride, he told me how
his father and run off with another woman, when I he was very young and at
an early age, his sister had made him dress up in girls clothes, put make
up on him and taught him how to be a girl. At first, he hated it but after
awhile, he got to enjoy being a girl. But he was so ashamed about his
secret that as a boy he retreated to his computer. When I dropped him off,
I mentioned where I lived and that he was welcome to drop by anytime,
figuring he never would. I went on to say that he did indeed take me up on
the offer. The next thing I know, this beautiful teenager is standing at
the door. It’s Jack as Jackie. I invited her in and before I knew it my
cock was down her throat . After dinner, I made proper love to her, not
fucking her like I did in the store. (I didn’t tell my son that I had
fallen in love with this boy/girl.)

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Jackie stepped out. I got hard
just looking at her. She was wearing a sleeveless button down shirt that
tapered to a tight leather skirt that ended mid-thigh. She turned around
to giving us a view of her ass which was taunt against the material. To
emphasis her butt, she ran her hand over her cheeks. When she got to the
hem , she quickly flashed us her red silken panties. Turning back to us, I
could tell that her bra was the same color as her panties. She had put on
eye shadow that accentuated her hazel eyes and the rich red lipstick showed
off her full lips. Brush a tray hair from her face I saw that she had also
painted her nails I could tell that the polish matched her undies.. She
used the same barrettes to keep her hair from falling into her eyes. On
her legs she had put on a sheer pair of white stockings that ended in a
pair of black pumps.

My dick got instantly hard. I looked over at Jack and could see a
slight tent in his pants. I knew this was she was headed for trouble. She
was going to claim me in front of Jack. That I was her man but I knew she
was going to lose. I was Jack’s, first and foremost and he was going to
prove it to her very shortly. The beginnings of humility sprang into my
gut. I knew that whatever Jack asked of me, I would do. I was his, he
knew it and I knew it but Jackie didn’t know it.

I felt sorry for Jackie but there was nothing I could do. The game had
to be played out. At the same time, I had fallen in love with her when I
made love to her right her on the sofa I was sitting on. I just hoped that
she could accept what was going to happen and stay with me. But then I
thought of Jack and how he made me feel when he fucked me. How his cock
filled me up and that when it wasn’t there, I felt empty. I visualized his
hard cock. The mushroom head, that fit so perfectly in my mouth. I could
see the veins running down its 10” hard length ending in a bush of soft
black hair. I was his bitch,and I was in heat. My cock was already

Shaking my head, I returned to the present with a slight smile on my
face because soon it would happen. Jackie had stopped in front of Jack,
stuck out her hand and said “Hi, I’m Jackie”

Jack was monetarily stunned but he recovered. Always the gentlemen, my
Jack, taking her hand and shaking it.

“Nice to meet you, Jackie. Have a seat down”

“Thank you kind sir” giving Jack one of her best smiles. In one smooth
motion, she sat down next to me, her hip touching mine and slipped her legs
under at the same time putting an arm around me, sending the first volley
at Jack. It was powerful. I could see that it hit it mark on Jack.

Not knowing how to respond, He got up and headed to the kitchen. “Be
right back, I’m thirsty.

Meanwhile, Jackie licked my earlobe and whispered, “Daddy, I’m so hot. I
need you to fuck me. You wanna fuck your little boy/girl don’t you?” My
pussy’s hungry for daddy’s big cock.”

God, I wanted to throw her on her back, rip her panties off and shove my
cock up boy pussy. But as suddenly as the feeling came, it was gone.
Replace by the image of Jack fucking me; my legs spread wide open, my hips
meeting every thrust…

Just then, Jack returned but instead of sitting on the sofa, he plopped
down in on of the stuffed chairs. and began to make small talk. You could
feel the tension in the air. Every so often, Jackie would graze my nipples
with the arm around my shoulder. At the same time, her other hand would
find its way to my crotch, giving my cock a little squeeze.

Jack noticed all of this but continued on as if nothing happened. I
could seen that Jackie felt that she was winning and got even bolder. She
pulled down my zipper and released my now hard cock. I could see that Jack
had had enough.

“Dad, I would like you to strip and get on your hands and knees.”

My cock went instantly soft in her hands.

“What did you say, Jack?” her voice full of astonishment.

“I said, I want my dad to strip and get on your hands and knees because
I’m going to fuck him.”

This time she heard him and cried, “Daddy, don’t.”

I was frozen. I didn’t want to her hurt her, even worse, I didn’t want
to lose her. Each of them looked at me, waiting for my decision. There
was no decision to be made. I had given myself totally and completely to

Standing up, I began removing my shirt. From behind me, Jackie wailed,
“Please daddy, don’t do this. You don’t have to do this.”

My hunger for Jack’s cock grew at the same rate as my humility for
Jackie. I loved them both. My heart ached for Jackie but I was Jack’s, to
do with as he pleased. I wanted him, needed him. I couldn’t refuse him.
Stepping out of my pants, I kneeled on the floor. My ass raised, my head
buried in my hands away from where Jackie sat.. I couldn’t look at her. I
felt so ashamed but hungry to be fucked. My cock hung limply between my

“Turn around and face her”, Jack commanded. Without raising my head, I
crawled around so that I was pointed in her direction.

I hear Jack unzip his pants then I hear Jackie exclaim, “Oh…my…god”
Without looking, I knew that she had her first look at his meat. I felt
him move up behind me. Instinctively, I spread my legs wider allowing him
better access to my hole. I felt his hand grab my hips and mount me. As
his cock entered me I moaned and hissed “yes”. When he was fully in me, he
paused and I hear Jackie crying softly. Then he began fucking me, slowly,
with a sawing motion. Each time he penetrated me, I moaned. The heat was
rising in my body and my hips pushed back to capture more of him. I was
truly in heat, I was delirious. All I could think about was cock. How it
filled my belly. How it made me feel warm all over. In the distance I
hear Jackie say “Why, daddy why?”

Then I hear Jack’s clear voice, “Yes, Dad, why are you letting your son
fuck you. Filling you with his hard cock.”

“Because I’m Jack’s bitch” I hissed into my hands

“What, she did hear you. Look at her and tell her why you son is
pumping his boy meat in and out of your ass.”

Lifting my head, I looked at Jackie. She was crying and her eye make
was running down her cheeks. Looking her in the eye, “Because I’m Jack’s
bitch”. With that said, I lost all sanity, FUCK ME LIKE THE BITCH THAT I

Through my delirium, I hear footsteps running toward the kitchen but at
this point I did care. I was getting what I needed. Jack was pounding
away at my ass and I could get enough. My cock had come to life and was as
hard as a rock. The pressure building inside my head and cock were build
to the point where I thought they would explode. My hips kept pace with
Jack’s pounding. Without knowing it, I had tighten my asshole around his
cock which intensified the feeling in my head and crotch. Finally when I
thought I would pass out. I exploded! My cock spewed it juices on the rub
beneath me and my head felt like a nuclear explosion went off. I felt
blinded and ripped into a million pieces. This feeling continued for what
seem hours but only a few minutes had passed.

Returning to the present, Jack was ramming his cock into me for all he
was worth. I could tell that he was close. With one final thrust, he shot
his load into me, coating me with his seed. He continued to fuck me, but
his strokes were less and less powerful until he fell out of me. I felt so
empty. I dropped to the rug, into the pool of cum that I had deposited. I
hear Jack pick up his pants and head to the stairs. He took two at a time.
I just lay there basking in the afterglow. I was Jack’s bitch and I didn’t
care who knew it!

It was then that I remembered Jackie. I heard her crying softly behind
the bathroom door. Putting on my pants, I headed towards her. Knocking on
the door got no response so I opened it. She was sitting on the toilet crying into some tissues. Kneeling in front of her, I raised her head and
looked into her teary eyes. “I love you baby girl”

“I love you too, daddy but why?”

Wiping away a tear I said, I’ve love Jack as my son since the day he was
born. It was only recently that I came to love him as a man. I can’t deny
him anything. Can you understand that?

Still sniffling, she responded, “Yes, daddy, I can. That’s the way I
feel about you. You turned Jack into Jackie and I love you will all my
hard and soul.

I didn’t respond, I took her in my arms and held her. “I’ll always be
here with and for you, my darling little girl. Kiss?”

We broke the embrace and we kissed. Not a violent kiss but a kiss full
of love and affection. Our tongues did a ballet, moving to the same
rhythm. The kiss ended and I looked into her eyes. The sparkle and shine
had returned.

“Daddy, please drop your pants and turn around.”

Wordlessly, I did as I was asked. She spread my cheeks and began to
lapped at the still liquid cum that oozed from my ass. When there was no
more, she pushed her tongue into me. I was amazed, my cock sprang to it
fullest. She wasn’t tongue fucking me but rather cleaning me. I pushed
back with my asshole forcing the remaining liquid onto her waiting tongue.

When she felt there was no more she moved away at the same time turning
me around. My engorged cock slapped against her cheek. Moving her mouth,
she captured me and began to suck. She used her mouth like a vacuum,
trying to draw the remaining seed out of me. I stood still and let her do
the work. She was showing me how much she loved me. As for me I was
surprised that I could get so hard so quick. Lean back against the sink, I
let her work. With each suck, I could feel the cum rising out of my balls
only to fall back. This time I knew she would win and gave over to the
feeling. She sucked me lovingly, each time my cum rising farther down my
penis. Finally, I could take it any more and deposited what fluid I had
left in her mouth. When she could get no more out of me, she let me fall
from her mouth.

Looking up at me she stated, “Daddy, I pledge myself to you like you
have pledged yourself to Jack. I will deny you nothing. You can do with
me what you will. I am your servant and your slave.”

Kissing her gently, I wiped her eyes and said, “I will never treat you
like a servant or a slave. Fix your make up and come out, Its time for

Leaving to get fixed up, I moved to the bottom of the stairs and yelled
“Jack, what do you want for dinner.

“I don’t care” was the response. Jackie had finished fixing her face
and had come to stand beside me.

“Jack, can you come down here for a minute.”

“Be right with you” Shortly after he came bounding down the stairs
stopping short of Jackie. She just lowered her head.

“I’m sorry, Jack, for my behavior before. I love your father and I can
love you too.” At which point, she dropped to her knees and reached for his
zipper. But before she had chance to free Jack’s cock, he pulled her to
her feet and kissed her on the lips.

“Welcome to the family, Jackie” A big smile spread across his face.

“Thank you, Jack, I’m so happy” and hugged him with all her strength.

“This calls for a celebration, how about the restaurant at the corner.
Jackie, go get change and we’re off”

Letting go of Jack, Standing as tall as possible, she looked at me at me
and said, “No, daddy, I’m going like this!”

Ok, family, then we’re off.

(to be continued?)

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