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Archived Sex Stories

While The Cat Is Away



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1999,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

ASHOK RINGS THE DOORBELL and waits. Before the chimes fade, the door
opens and he steps through. It clicks shut quickly behind him and he
smiles at his hostess. Her name is Nirmala and she is an attractive
woman in her late thirties with a ravenous sexual appetite.

Nirmala's husband is a prosperous businessman. He has a factory in a
small industrial estate near a town some distance from Bombay that he
visits every week. He travels a great deal and is frequently out of

The direct result of this is that the sex in Nirmala's marriage is
infrequent, though excellent when she has it. Hemant, her husband, is a
powerful and demanding lover with considerable skill and stamina. He
fucks her superbly and she loves it, for she has always loved sex since
she was sixteen and first hungry for the experience. She knows, too,
that Hemant has several mistresses, and is regularly unfaithful to her,
though they do not speak of it. Nirmala sees no reason to deprive
herself, given the circumstances. Fortunately, they have no children,
and she has the liberty to indulge herself, which she does, taking
lovers as she pleases.

A marketing consultant, she meets several people during her work and
has no trouble in finding lovers. Her favourites, though, are still the
servants. She loves their hard bodies and demanding manner, the easy
dispensation with social niceties and small chat.

She is fair-skinned and attractive with a round, smiling face. She has
long, dark hair that she invariably wears in a tidy bun on the back of
her head. Her eyes are deep brown and full of sparkle. She wears a red *bindi* in the middle of her broad forehead. Her lips are soft and
full, her nose straight, if a trifle broad, but sweet on her all the
same. She wears no makeup and looks clean and soft and desirable.

Her body has grown fleshy and ripe with time. Her breasts are heavy and
full. She wears *saris* with tight blouse and her breasts strain at the
confines of the cloth, jutting out over the lower hem that runs hard
under them. Her cleavage is deep and exciting. She wears a long black
bead *mangalsutra* around her neck, nestling between her breasts. Her
belly is rounded, yet firm and her hips flare to splendid buttocks. Her
limbs are smooth and rounded, with shapely hands and feet.

Ashok notices that she is still in her work attire, a blouse with
buttons down the front and a mandarin collar, and a light cotton
*sari*. Her feet are bare. He follows her as she walks through the
short entrance foyer to the living room.

"Working late?" he asks.

"Mm. I had an important meeting."

She sees no reason to mention that the meeting was with her peon and it
was entirely sexual, on the floor of her small office with the door
securely locked. Her business is small and, when the evenings stretch out on thinner days, she spends time having sex with her peons, often
having them fuck her together. She sees definite advantages in keeping
her business small. She likes her privacy.

Ashok strips off his shirt and tosses it aside. Nirmala steps into her
hall and turns as he comes up to her. Without another word, she lifts
her face to his, her hands sliding up his deep, hard chest, caressing
him sensuously. Of all her servant-lovers, Ashok is one of the best. He
smiles and kisses slowly and deeply, his hands sliding up her soft,
fleshy body, sliding under her *pallu*, cupping her breasts. The soft
mounds fill his hands and he marvels at their size and weight and form,
the hardness of her nipples. She wears no underclothes as a matter of
habit. Slowly, he draws the *pallu* of her shoulder and unravels the
*sari*. It slides to her feet, leaving her standing before him in her
blouse and petticoat.

Nirmala presses to him as they kiss like lovers, her tongue flickering
in his mouth. Her fingers crawl across his chest, and she scrapes her
nails over his small, hard nipples. As he squeezes her breasts, her
hands glide down his body, over his belly and she unclasps and unzips
his trousers smoothly, sliding her hand into his crotch.

Ashok quickens with pleasure as her fingers close delicately around his
thick, long penis. His trousers puddle to his feet. The top three
buttons of her blouse are open, revealing her deep cleavage and he
flicks open two more and pulls her long *mangalsutra* out of her
blouse. Nirmala likes wearing it, to show that she is married. She
knows that a visual reminder that she is married to another man excites
many of her lovers. Ashok is no exception.

Her breasts swell and grow hot and hard in his hands. The kiss breaks
and Nirmala arches her head, her face suffused with lust. Ashok nuzzles
the nape of her neck and she runs her tongue through his ear. He
pinches her stiff nipples through the fine cloth of her blouse. Bending
his head, he drags his tongue into her cleavage and then, squeezing one
breast, sucks it through the blouse. Nirmala whimpers softly, arching
her back, feeding her breast to his mouth.

"Yes," she groans. "God yes!"

It feels wonderful, his warm mouth clamped on her breast-tip, his
tongue flipping at her erect nipple through the blouse. His hands
squeeze her buttocks now and he pulls up her petticoat and pushes his
hands under it, sliding them up over her naked thighs and buttocks,
squeezing them, parting them, pressing a fingertip to her anus. Nirmala
groans and writhes against him.

Meanwhile, her hands are busy working his cock, stroking and jerking it
deftly. It swells and hardens in her fingers and she flips the foreskin
back over his bulging cock-head. With a shuddering moan, she sinks to
her knees before him and quickly takes his erect cock in her mouth.
Ashok gasps sharply, his belly snapping inward in shock and delight,
his head arching back. Her mouth is soft and warm and wet and he can
feel her tongue swirling over his thick cock-head, her teeth scraping
delicately over his cock-shaft.

"Ohhh yes ... come on ... suck it ... suck my prick!" he gasps. "Suck
it hard! *Choos*! *Choos* *mere* *lavde* *ko*! *Chul* ... *jorse*

Nirmala loves sucking cock. The tangy, musky taste and odour of a
thick, hard cock filling her mouth never fails to arouse her. She
groans, her eyes hooded, her head tilted to one side and, opening her
mouth wide, jerking his shaft in her fist, winds her tongue cunningly
around the cock-head, delicately probing the long slit in its tip.
Ashok gasps thickly, his hips lurching and twitching back and forth,
his hands on her head. He bends his head and watches her. It is an
erotic sight and arouses him further. His cock grows slimy with pre-cum
gunk and she whimpers in pleasure, caressing her face with it, toying
it with her lips and tongue and teeth. Rising, she licks and tongues
his belly wantonly and pushes his cock down into her cleavage through
her blouse. Ashok gasps at the soft warmth of her breast-sheath. He can
feel her hard nipples scraping his shaft as she squeezes her breasts over his penis; can feel, too, the rasp of the *mangalsutra* on his
thick shaft. It is a wonderful feeling. His penis throbs and quivers in
eager anticipation. Nirmala groans. She loves the feel of his thick,
hard cock between her breasts.

drawing his cock out, she takes it in her mouth again and begins
sucking it hungrily. Ashok groans loudly and fucks her face, rocking
her head back and forth in his hands, pumping his hips to and fro. His
cock fills and distends her face. Her tongue and lips work his penis
adroitly. The fires grow and spread in his loins. Gripping his hips,
she takes him deeper in her mouth and sucks his cock rapidly, her head
rocking swiftly back and forth. His cock glistens as it goes in and out
of her mouth.

"Yes! Ohhhh uhhh *hanh* ... yes! Suck it ... c'mon bitch ... suck my
dick ... suck it harder!" he gasps.

Nirmala's body crackles with lust and desire. She sucks harder and
faster, relishing the quick spurts of pre-cum gunk in her mouth and
swallows his seed. Gasping, Ashok pushes her head away.

Nirmala rises and moves to a wide, deep armchair. Ashok kneels before
her and pushes her petticoat up her legs and over her knees and thighs.
Her legs spread open and she lifts them, hooking her knees over the
arms of the chair. Ashok bends forward and kisses her, his hands on her
breasts, crushing them hard. She clenches his head, caresses his
shoulders. He flicks the buttons of her blouse and pulls it open. Her
breasts are hot and heavy in his hands, her nipples stiff and hard. He
squeezes her breasts, pinches her nipples. Her *mangalsutra* is crushed
between the fleshy mounds. His tongue flips sexily in and out of her
mouth. Nirmala groans deep in her throat and arches under him, her
hands sliding down to his crotch, stroking and jerking his thick penis,
cupping and fondling his heavy balls.

"Ashok," she moans. "Fuck me ... come on ... fuck me!"

He smiles and bends his head to her breasts. Nirmala whimpers as his
thick, heavy tongue flips over one nipple, whipping it rapidly. Tiny
flames of excitement leap through her body. He scrapes the nipple with
his teeth, twirling and twisting it and she gasps, her face screwing up
in lust, her head jerking to one side, her back arching, her breasts rising to his mouth and lips. Squeezing the mound in his hand, the
servant takes her breast in his mouth and sucks it. Nirmala moans, one
hand under her breast, lifting it to his mouth, the other hand
squeezing and kneading her second breast.

"Ohhh ... yes! Ohh god yes!" she groans.

Ashok sucks her breast sharply, lets go, sucks again. He rubs her hard
nipple across the roof of his mouth, over his gums, across his teeth.
Nirmala shudders and moans in pleasure. He moves to the other breast and works that for some time. Then, squeezing both breasts together, he
sucks them simultaneously, nibbling the twin nipples delicately.
Nirmala gasps and writhes on the chair, clenching his head. Her tongue
roves through his ear, her fingers caress his body delicately. Ashok
twines her long *mangalsutra* in his fingers and, lifting his head to
kiss her, scrapes the hard beads across her breasts and nipples.
Nirmala's head jerks up and she gasps loudly, her face suffused with
pleasure, soft and radiant.

Ashok continues to torment her for several minutes, sucking her
breasts, squeezing them in his hands, rolling the hard *mangalsutra*
across her nipples. He knows her breasts are hypersensitive and that
she is having tiny multiple orgasms. At last, he releases her breasts and, smiling in pleasure, moves lower, kissing her rounded belly,
running his tongue through her navel. He sinks to his knees on the
floor and slowly pushes her head between her thighs.

Nirmala's cunt is streaming now. She groans and claws her cunt-lips
open for her servant lover. Ashok drags his tongue up one thigh, then
the other, slowly moving to her slit. Nirmala groans and pulls her
cunt-lips wide. Ashok drinks in the beauty of her cunt, the delicate
cunt-lips rimmed with soft black hair framing the tender pink flesh
within which glistens with her juices. He can see the quivering stem of
her swollen clitoris and the darker opening of her cunt channel.
Slowly, he drags his tongue up the wet crack. Nirmala gasps and arches
her back, her head tilting upward.

"Ahhhhhh ... yes!" she groans.

Her cunt is musky and heady, her cunt-juices tingling on his tongue. He
laps at them gently, flicking his tongue delicately around her
cunt-lips, darting around her gorged clitoris. Her hips writhe and
buck. He moves his tongue up and down her slit, twisting it this way
and that, curving it to a sharp point and jabbing it in and out of her
cunt-flesh. Nirmala pulls her cunt-lips wider open.

"Yes ... c'mon ... do it ... lick me, Ashok ... lick my slit ... come
on ... yes ... ohhhh yes ... there ... ahhh yes ... ohhh god yes yes
... there ... ahhh yes there!"

Now Ashok whips his tongue at her clitoris, flicking it rapidly back
and forth, and slides his thick, long middle finger into her cunt-hole.
It is hot and wet and tight and it convulses frantically on his finger.
He rolls his finger around in her cunt, arching it deep inward,
masturbating her slowly while he tongue-fucks her. She clenches his
head and bucks her hips up and down. Her head is tilted to one side,
her chin on her shoulder, her mouth open. Her chest heaves. Her body
rocks and jerks gently as though she is being fucked. Her hot, heavy,
swollen breasts wobble and jiggle. Ashok pushes his face deep into her
cunt and sucks on her clitoris. Nirmala cries out, her head jerking
back, her breath shooting from her throat in an ululating moan.

"OHHHHHH! Oh ma uhhhh *hanh* uhhhhh OHHHHHHH!"

Ashok nibbles the hard knob of her clitoris and his finger runs rapidly
in and out of her cunt, masturbating her furiously. Her body jerks and
writhes frantically. She arches her back, lifting and squeezing her
breasts, her hands clapped over the large, fleshy mounds, pinching and
tweaking her rigid nipples. Faster and faster he moves his hand,
sucking and nibbling her clitoris simultaneously and she hisses
wantonly. Her body back bends and unbends, bowing and falling, her
chest heaving, her hips writhing and bucking, her hands squeezing her
breasts frantically as he brings her to the brink of a cataclysmic
orgasm. He stops at the last minute and rises, sliding his finger out
of her cunt.

Nirmala groans loudly, panting and gasping with lust. "God ... no ...
don't stop ... don't stop now, Ashok, for heaven's sake!" she gasps.

Ashok laughs softly. "C'mon, bitch ... into the bedroom. I want to fuck
you in bed."

He steps back and saunters into her bedroom, a large, airy room with a
high, soft bed at one end. On the other side of the bed, twin louvered
door open onto a small balcony. There are sheer curtains over the doors
and they billow in the gentle breeze. The room is softly lit by bedside

Nirmala follows him, shedding her clothes as she goes. By the bed, he
turns and pushes her to her knees and makes her suck his cock again.
Gasping, Nirmala obeys, taking his cock deep in her mouth and sucking him eagerly, her hands working her breasts and cunt. Ashok grunts
thickly and fucks her mouth with immense pleasure, rocking her head
back and forth in both hands. Nirmala whimpers and groans deep in her
cock-filled throat. Several minutes later, he pushes her head away.

He fucks her on her back on the high, soft bed. Nirmala spreads her
legs wide, masturbating wantonly as he bends over and pushes his cock
between her thighs. She reaches down with one hand to guide him to her
slit. He bends over her on his knees and outstretched arms and slowly
flexes his buttocks. His cock-head pops into her cunt, his shaft
slipping between her fingers. She gasps and arches steeply, the breath
shooting from her throat in a rattling gasp. His cock is big and thick and it fills her cunt, distending it fully, mashing her cunt-flesh and
swollen clitoris.

"Yes!" she gasps. "Oh god yes! Do it, Ashok! Fuck me!"

The handsome servant groans and arches his head, his eyes fluttering
shut. Her cunt is hot and wet and tight and it squeezes his penis
feverishly. The fires burn in his groin and his balls ache for release.
He gasps, fighting for control, and slowly swings his hips in tight,
snapping arcs, flexing his buttocks taut as he swings them, unflexing,
flexing again. His cock mashes her cunt-flesh and clitoris, and slowly
spirals into her slit. Nirmala gasps and cries out, her cunt grinding
up to meet his hips in descent. Deeper and deeper he goes, tunnelling
and burrowing into her hot furrow till he is embedded in her cunt to
the hilt. She spreads her legs wide apart and arches under him, her
face suffused with lust, panting and moaning obscenely, her fingers
digging into the thick muscles of his forearms.

"Come on ... do it ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, Ashok ... fuck me!
Take me, Ashok! Fuck me like a whore!" she pants, a bitch in rut.

Abruptly, Ashok swings his hips up, jerking his cock outward and then
slams his hips down, ramming his cock deep into her cunt.

"C'mon bitch! Take it! Take my dick!" he cries.

The breath whooshes from her throat and she arches, gasping and crying
out under him.

"OHHHHHHH yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes!"

His cock is magnificent, hot and hard and thick and long, filling her
cunt, stretching it wide, grinding down deep into her flesh. Again he
rocks out, slams in, rocks out, slams in, and yet again. Nirmala
lurches and rocks under him, her body jerking with his mad thrusts.

Ashok thrusts faster and harder and deeper into her and then hits a
smooth, swinging rhythm, stroking powerfully and rapidly and deeply in
and out of her flesh. His hips swing up and down with steady, snapping
motions, his buttocks flexing and unflexing rhythmically, his cock
plunging in and out of her cunt, grinding and squelching and ramming
and reaming in deep. Nirmala whimpers her pleasure, her hands on her
breasts, squeezing them eagerly, her hips rocking up and down under
his. He bends his head and kisses her deeply, thrusting his tongue into
her mouth. She groans and arches under him, winding her arm about his
head. Moving smoothly and seamlessly, he begins to swing his hips again
in circles, mashing her flesh ruthlessly. Nirmala hisses in pleasure,
her hands squeezing her breasts, scraping her *mangalsutra* over her
hard nipples.

"Yes ... ohhh yes ... that's it ... ohhhh uhhh yes ... ohhh uhhh ahhhh
uhhh yes ... there ... oh god yes ... oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhh ahhh uhhh
ahhhh uhhh yes!" she goes.

"Take it ... c'mon, whore ... take my dick ... take it, you fucking
bitch ... c'mon ... take it all ... oh yeh ... that's it ... oh fuck
yes ... take it, you randy bitch ... take my prick ... *chul* ...
*chul* *rundi* *chul* ... *le* ... *le* *mere* *lund* *ko* ... *hanh*
... *pura* *le* ... *yeh* *le* ... *hanh*!"

Nirmala begins to sweat. Perspiration trickles between her breasts,
beads her brow and upper lip. Strands of hair cling damply to the nape
of her neck. She gasps and whimpers, clenching his arms. Bending his
head, he sucks her breasts and nipples, moving relentlessly in and out
of her cunt. Her orgasm grows and looms. He thrusts deep into her and
flips his hands up to her breasts, crushing them under his weight,
pinning her beneath him. Nirmala moans and thrashes hotly under him,
begging for more, whimpering and crying out.

Nirmala begins to orgasm and there is nothing Ashok can do to stop her.
He groans as her hot cunt convulses frenetically on his penis and,
flinging his head back, his hands crushing her breasts, drives his cock
into her with deep, ramming thrusts, pausing and twitching with his
penis buried in her slit. On and on he goes, ramming his cock into her
till her orgasm wanes and her body sinks. She moans thickly, her chest
heaving. Gently, Ashok slides out of her cunt.

"Now," he murmurs. "Turn over bitch. I want to fuck you from behind."

Nirmala groans, but is unable to resist. The temptation is too great.
She turns around obediently and, on her forearms and knees before the
servant, spreads her legs and presents her rear to her servant. She
knows that she likes to fuck her ass; she doesn't mind it herself.
Indeed, she rather enjoys the curiously algedonic sensation of having a
thick, hard, long cock tunnelling into her ass.

"Want my ass?" she murmurs, turning her face over her shoulder.

For a second, the servant is tempted. He caresses her smooth, creamy
buttocks, spreading them open and fingering her taut anus. He knows
just how good it feels on his cock, hot and tight as a vise. She looks
lovely, wanton and eager, her face soft and radiant with pleasure. He
knows she will not mind. But he decides against it, at least for now.

"Later," he says. "After I've fucked your slit some more."

He pushes his cock between her buttocks and to her cunt-lips. They are
open and wet and he squeezes his cock into her cunt-flesh in a single
penetrating thrust that forces the breath from her throat in a rattling

"OHHHHH uhh yes! Ohhhh god yes!" Nirmala gasps as the huge penis surges
into flesh.

Ashok starts fucking her rapidly from behind. He grips her hips and
jerks her body back and forth, hammering his hips to and fro. His
thighs slap audibly against her buttocks. His long, thick penis plunges
and pistons and rams in and out of her cunt. Nirmala moans and cries
out, her face lifted, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Her hot,
swollen, pendulous breasts jiggle and wobble and her *mangalsutra*
swings and flaps madly as the man ram-fucks her cunt.

"Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhh uhh *hanh* uhh oh uhh oh uh oh uh oh uh ahh uh
ah uh ah uh *hanh* uhhh oh ma *hanh* uhhh ohhh!" she gasps loudly.

"Oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh *chul* ... *chul* *rundi*
*chul* ... *le* ... *le* *le* *mere* *lund* *ko* *hanh* *chul* *saali*
*kutti* *rahnd* ... *chul*!"

He slows and swings his hips in tight snapping circles, entering her
cunt from all angles, spiralling into her deeply with a crushing
plunger. Groaning, Nirmala runs her tongue sexily over her slim upper
lip, hissing in pleasure. Her hips and buttocks sway and writhe
erotically and turns her face over her shoulder to her servant-lover.

"Yes ... ohhh yes ... c'mon ... do it ... ohhh yes ... that's it ...
mmm ... yeh ... c'mon ... fuck me, baby ... fuck me hard ... fuck me
like a whore, baby ... yes ... *chul* ... *chul* ... *chodh* *mujhe*
... *rundi* *jaisi* *chodh* ... *jorse* *chodh*!"

The man chuckles and leans forward to kiss her hungrily, shoving his
tongue into her mouth, his hands under her breasts, squeezing them hard
in his excitement. Nirmala kisses him fiercely, her buttocks and hips
grinding eagerly against his groin.

"C'mon ... fuck me ... fuck me hard!" she says in a husky, lust-laden

The servant grins, squeezes her breasts, nuzzles the nape of her neck
and straightens. Holding her slender waist, he snaps his hips forward,
flexing his buttocks taut, ramming his cock into her cunt hard and
deep. Nirmala cries out, her head jerking up, her face twisting in
lust, her eyes screwed shut, her lips drawn back, her mouth a wide O.
He pauses, buried deep in her hot cunt, his cock throbbing, his hips
twitching at her waist and then, pulling out, rams in again. She gasps

"OHH! Oh ma uhh OHHH! OH! OHHHH uhh oh ma uhhh *hanh*!"

"*Chul*! *Le*! *Yeh* *le*! *Chul* *rundi* *chul*! *Le* *le*! Ohh! Uhh
ahh! UH! OH! UH OH! UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!"

"Oh ma ... oh ma ... oh ma ... oh ... ohh ... ohh ... Oh uh oh uh oh uh

Gasping, grunting, his head flung back, his fingers digging into her
soft flesh, the man ram-fucks the lovely *memsahib* remorselessly. His
ramming, jerking thrusts smoothen to a rapid back and forth rhythm. He
rocks his hips to and fro, his fingertips in the small of her back,
moving her body under his, jerking her cunt up and down and back and
forth the length of his swollen shaft. His chest heaves. His cock
appears and disappears between the smooth curves of her buttocks,
grinding and squelching and rasping in and out of her cunt. His thighs
slap at her buttocks, his balls press to her cunt-lips.

"C'mon whore take it! Take it, bitch, yes! Oh fuck yes ... *chul*
*rundi* *chul* ... *le* ... ohhhh uhhh *hanh* uhh *aise* ... *le*
*mere* *lund* *ko*! *Hanh* uhh oh uhhh *hanh*!"

"Yes uhhh oh yes oh yes oh yes oh ma uh oh ma uh oh ma uh oh ma uhh OH
ma Oh Ashok! OHHHH uhhh OHHHHHH uh *hanh* ... fuck me! Fuck me, Ashok!
Fuck me! *Chodh* *mujhe*! *Jorse* *chodh*! *Hanh* uhhh *aise* uhhh Oh
ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma!" Nirmala sobs in delight.

Faster and faster he goes, now gripping her waist hard again, thrusting
furiously in and out of her cunt, his hips pounding back and forth.
Nirmala gasps and cries out, lurching and rocking and jerking under
him, her head raised, her cries sharp and staccato. There is a
full-length mirror in front of the bed and Ashok watches her
reflection, transfixed, staring at the lust on her pretty face,
watching her heavy breasts jiggle and wobble, the *mangalsutra* tossing
and swinging frantically. The servant's buttocks flex and unflex
rapidly, his hips driving back and forth, slapping at hers, pistoning
and plunging rhythmically in and out of her clonic passage in its
ceaseless quest for release. She begins to orgasm, panting and mewing
ecstatically and he squeezes her pendulous breasts, crushing the heavy,
swollen mounds in his hands, pinching the rigid nipples.

Nirmala's head swims with joy. His penis is incredible, hot and heavy
and hard, moving relentlessly in and out of her convulsing
cunt-channel, plunging in deep, pulling steeply outward, then
spiralling down into her again. Her cunt contracts and spasms
frenetically on the penis and she coasts from one orgasm to another and
then on to a third. He continues fucking her furiously, banging his
hips at her buttocks, making her body lurch and rock and jerk with his
thrusts. His thighs whack her flesh with loud slaps that coincide with
her choking gasps and shuddering moans. Finally he relents as her third
orgasm wanes, and slows his motions. Nirmala groans and, as he eases
his cock out of her cunt, sinks on her front on the bed, gasping and
panting heavily. She is still on her knees and her buttocks are thrust
up high. Her shoulders are on the bed, and her face is turned to one
side on the pillow.

The servant is beyond caring whether she wants more or not. He wants
more, and that is all that matters. He rises and straddles her fleshy
hips in a deep squat. Holding his cock in his hand, he pushes it back
into her cunt and enters her again with a long, slow, skewering thrust.
Nirmala moans thickly, her fingers scrabbling at the sheets as the
enormous cock bursts into her wet flesh. Ashok chortles softly, pushing
his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt.

"Really love my dick in your slit, don't you, whore?" he says.

"Ohh uhhhh ohhh yes," Nirmala moans deliriously, beyond caring.

"I want your ass now," he announces.

Nirmala cannot refuse him, nor does she want to any longer. Ashok slips
his cock out of her cunt and, spreading her creamy buttocks wide open,
presses the swollen cock-head to her taut anus. Nirmala tenses. The
servant pauses, grins in anticipation and then, flexing his buttocks,
slides his hips forward and pushes his cock-head into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhh Ohma uhhh OHHHHHHHHH!"

The breath rushes from Nirmala's throat and her face contorts in a
rictus of lust as the huge cock-head pops into her rear channel and the
thick, long shaft follows, surging inexorably inward. Her loins flame
with lust. Her anus convulses frantically on the invading penis and the
servant gasps, flinging his handsome head back and groaning, pushing
his penis deeper and deeper into the lovely *memsahib*'s asshole.
Gasping, he begins sodomizing her slowly and deeply and thoroughly,
savouring the pleasure of her hot, tight anus on his throbbing cock.
His fingers dig into the soft flesh of her hips. Bending over her, he
tongues her ear and nuzzles the nape of her neck. Sliding his hands
under her body, he twines his fingers in her long *mangalsutra* and
scrapes the beads over her stiff nipples. Beneath him, Nirmala whimpers
joyously, her mind soaring, her body trembling and rocking and jerking
as her servant-lover pushes his cock in and out of her flesh,
possessing her totally and utterly, subjugating her flesh to the
servant's desire.

= oOo =


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