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Who's the Boss Now


Samantha has just returned for her summer holidays. And ever since she had
been away at college Tony missed her. He missed her a little too much. He
was glad to see his daughter return. She had just turned 18 and had
blossomed into a pretty girl. A girl to make any father proud. So he had
made arrangements for them to spend a least a brief time together. Just the
two of them. Angela, his boss, where he worked as a housekeeper, had
reluctantly allowed him to take off for his vacation. She somehow
understood that Tony needed to spend time with his daughter whom he had not
seen in quite a while. They had been driving for several hours now.

"Here we are," he said cutting the engine and opening the door to get out.
He opened the car boot and took out her bag and his own and carried them
towards the cottage.

"Whose cottage is this?" she asked as she followed him.

"Belongs to an old friend of mine. He lives in town."

"Isn't he using it for the weekend?"

"No, he has gone out of town. So we won't be disturbed all weekend. Can
stay here as long as we like, get in as much fishing as we can," Tony said,
pointing towards the lake behind the cottage.

He took out a bunch of keys and opened the front door. Then he carried the
two bags inside.

"Would you like to stay here or go for a swim?"

"Donít you remember? I don't know how to swim," she said.

"Oh, yeah. That's okay, baby. We won't go out too far. Just stay close to
the bank."

"Okay. Let's go."

"You aren't going to change first? You do have a swimsuit, don't you?"

"Yes, it's inside the bag."

"You can change in there," he said pointing to the bedroom.

She took her bag and entered the room, closing the door gently behind her.
There was a big mirror in front of the king-size bed. She opened another
door by the side. It was the bathroom.

She put the bag down and began unzipping her jeans. She sat on the bed and
pulled it off her legs and then put it neatly on the bed. Then she took off
her T-shirt and unhooked her bra. She could see the reflection of her proud
firm breasts in the mirror. Then she got up and walked towards the mirror,
looking at her young beautiful figure. After pulling off her panties she
stood naked in front of the mirror admiring her own voluptuous body.

Her eyes went to her pubic mound hidden by soft black curls of hair. She
put her hand there and stroked herself dreamily. There was a knock on the
door and Tony asked whether she was ready to go for the swim.

"In a minute," she shouted, a little embarrassed. She opened her bag and
took out the swimming suit. She slipped it on and went outside after again
checking herself in the mirror.

Tony's eyes brightened as he saw her. "Come on. Let's go before it gets
dark." She sure has grown up.

Samantha sat on the bank while Tony swam out further. She watched his body
appear and disappear beneath the water until at last the only thing she saw
was his head. She got up and walked along the water's edge before plucking
up enough courage to walk in.

Tony was swimming back towards her. When he reached her, he took her hand
and led her a little further into the water.

"Don't worry," he said, leading her until they were waist-deep in water.
"Soon you'll like it."
The water felt like a soft soothing massage on her thighs and buttocks.
Soon her fears were gone and she began to enjoy it, sometimes sitting down
and emersing herself up to her neck in the water.

When it began to get dark it was time to go back to the cottage.
Half-heartedly she got out of the water and they walked hand in hand to the
house. He told her to use the bathroom connected to the bedroom where her
clothes were while he used the bathroom near the kitchen.

When he took off his swimming trunks Tony could feel his cock hardening as
he remembered how she looked in the swimming suit. It took a lot of
self-control for him to stop himself from throwing her down on the floor
and ripping her swimming suit off. Then he reprimanded himself for having
lewd thoughts about his daughter.

When he finished bathing, he put on his shorts and T-shirt and walked out
to the hall. It was empty. She must still be bathing. She appeared a few
minutes later in shorts and the T-shirt she was wearing earlier.

He could feel his cock harden yet again looking at her long shapely legs.
She had the kind of body that would turn any hot-blooded man on. And Tony
was a hot-blooded man.

"Let's have something to eat," he said walking into the kitchen. He opened
the fridge and took out a can of beer.

"Would you like some beer?"

"No, I don't drink," she said as she took some food out of a plastic
container and laid them on the table. "I don't mind a soft drink, though."

He took out a bottle of coke, opened it and brought the drink to her. Then
they sat down and ate dinner and again made small talk. Both of them were
not really hungry and couldn't finish their food. She took the dirty dishes
to the sink and began washing them.

After dinner they came back to the hall and watched TV. It was eight
o'clock and the news was on. They listened to the news for a while and by
then he was on to his second can of beer. She sat beside him on the couch
nursing her coke.

Tony placed his half-empty can on the table in front of him and put his arm
around her shoulder. She leaned against him, her eyes still glued to the tv
set. The news was just over and a commercial was on.

He couldnít help himself as he leaned a little to the side and kissed her
lips, feeling her tremble a little in his arms. He let his lips linger on
hers as his tongue seeked an entry to her mouth.

Her lips warmed and she opened her mouth slightly, allowing his tongue to
explore the insides of her mouth. His breath smelled of beer, making her a
little heady.

She could feel soft stirrings in her loins as his hands explored her body.
A hand slipped beneath her T-shirt and made its way towards her bulbous
breasts. He found the twin mounds and massaged them making her nipples

Then he got up and pulled her towards the bedroom. She resisted lightly.
"Let's get more comfortable inside the bedroom."

She realised what he expected of her and began to have second thoughts.
"No, let's just sit here, please."

"No, let's go into the bedroom. I'm feeling a little tired."

Seeing that she was still not ready he went in alone. She would follow
soon, he was sure. She shivered slightly as the cold wind from the lake
blew in through the open window. He went over and shut them.

"Come on, it's warmer inside there," he said. Reluctantly she got up and
followed him into the bedroom. He locked the door when she entered and
turned down the lights slightly. The room took on a sombre, romantic
atmosphere. He switched on the radio by the bedside and soft, instrumental
Latin music flowed from it.

Everything changed when he came towards her and took her in his arms. She
felt lost and knew that whatever her father wanted her to do she would do
it willingly.

He pushed her onto the bed and pulled her T-shirt off. Her bare breasts
shook as she made an attempt to cover them with her arms. She only managed
to cover the pointed tips. The bare flesh of her breasts peeked at him from
above her arms.

"You're beautiful. Why hide yourself," he said pulling her arms away and
burying his face in between them. He could smell the perfume on her naked

He took a nipple in his mouth and suckled it, bringing a grasp of surprise
from her. He kissed her body all over and slowly pulled off her shorts
until the only barrier she had left was her panties. He pulled that off too
and began stroking her pubic mound.

By that time she had forgotten about her nakedness, closing her eyes and
letting the magic return. And the magic returned again and again bringing
with it waves of passion she had never felt before.

His fingers touched the moist lips of her sex, stroking and urging her on
to greater heights of pleasure. He found the hard knob and she moaned
softly. The air felt heavy and she was having difficulty breathing. Her
breaths were becoming long and deep. She ground her buttocks into the soft
mattress beneath her as he made her vagina burn with desire.

He pulled of his shorts and put her hand on his erection. She had always
wondered what a grown man looked like and she marveled at the way the hard
flesh throbbed in her hand. He urged her to stroke him and she pushed the
skin backward and forward.

The head of his penis appeared and disappeared beneath his foreskin as
though it was coming out for a peek at her. If it wasn't for the way she
was feeling then or the seriousness of the situation, she would have burst
out laughing. Then he crawled on top of her and positioned himself between
her wide open thighs.

"Be gentle dad...I've never done it before," she whispered.

Her revelation caught him by surprise. He had thought earlier that she was
just shy. Now he knew the reason for her reluctance to enter the room
earlier. This is going to be a double bonus for him.

"Don't worry, baby. I won't go all the way. We'll just put the head in,

She didn't answer him and taking her silence as agreement he placed the
head of his cock against the lips of her sex. He pushed gently but firmly
and it entered her easily before the tip met with resistance. He moved his
pelvis, withdrawing slightly and pushing in again.

"Oh...! It's painful..." she cried.

"Just a little bit more, then it would be all right," he assured her.

He pushed again, this time with more force until he felt something popped
and he was home free.

"Aaaahhhh..." she cried, her face screwed up in pain.

He remained still, letting her get used to the presence inside her and when
he saw her relaxing a little, he began moving inside her gently.

When the pain began to subside, she felt the old stirrings returned and as
he continued with the motions the pain soon disappeared. But she was still
too tensed up to let herself go completely and enjoy her first experience
of sex.

She felt something building up in the pit of her tummy, spreading out all
over her body but before it had a chance to erupt he came, no longer able
to hold back his own climax. So that's what sex is like, she thought to
herself. It's okay, but was nothing much to shout about.

He withdrew his rapidly deflating cock and his semen, its whiteness
slightly discoloured by traces of her blood flowed from the open gash,
making a messy spot on the bedsheet.

She closed her eyes. The raw flesh of her just-used vagina throbbed with a
strange aching. She must have dozed of for a while because she woke up with
a start when he put his finger on her sex. It felt a little raw.

Then he mounted her and pushed his erection inside her again. This time
there was just a trace of pain and she was beginning to enjoy it.

She groaned as he increased the speed of his fucking making her cunt warm
and wet. She realised something was happening inside her. Something which
she had not felt before. Something she had no control over.

It was coming, wave after wave, nearer and nearer to the surface like a
monster from the depths of the ocean. When it finally broke to the surface,
an involuntary groan escaped her lips and she felt her knees going soft.
This time he had more control over himself and managed to bring her to her
second climax before shooting his load and collapsing beside her.

The next morning she felt free. No longer were there constraints towards
her enjoying life to the fullest. Sex had become the key that released her
from the confines of a dreary life. She went for a walk at the lake. Tony
opened the door almost immediately when she reached the front door.

"Well, hello. You looked beautiful today, baby."

"Thank you," she said trying to sound modest. But it was kind of hard to be
modest with someone you have just spent a glorious twenty-four hours with
just the day before that.

After he closed the door behind him, Tony caught her from behind and spun
her around. Taking her into his arms he kissed her full on the mouth.

Looking down at the protrusion in his shorts, she remarked, "I bet that he
is glad to see me."

She walked to the window and looked out at the breathtaking view. He came
and stood behind her, looking at her shapely legs. They were bare below the
hem of her short skirt. And when she bent forward a little as she rests her
elbow on the window sill, he could see the colour of her panties.

She seemed oblivious to the affect she was having on him. God, she was the
most desirable woman in the world, he thought to himself.

He pulled the chair from in front of the table and sat down exactly behind
her. She heard him but didn't turn around. She felt his hands brushed the
back of her thighs. It was kind of ticklish and she had this sudden
uncontrollable urge to giggle. When her body started shaking with gentle
laughter, he stopped what he was doing.

"Ssshhh..." he said. When she stopped giggling, he began again. This time
he ran the back of his hands and nails down the length of her thighs down
to her calves. Then he would begin again just from below the hem of her
skirt. She was no longer laughing and her face screwed up with seriousness.

When he finally touched her sex, he knew she was ready for him. He reached
up underneath the skirt and pulled down her panties. She was standing with
her legs slightly apart, so the panties were caught at her knees.

From behind he could see the dew forming on the lips of her sex. He placed
his middle finger in between them and stroked her. The wetness spread to
his finger. She was ready. She must have been ready when she walked back to
the cottage, he thought.

"Oh...!" Samantha cried out. It was a cry of pleasure as Tony buried his
middle finger inside her cunt and began finger fucking her.

His fingers did strange things to her sex until pretty soon she was sopping
wet. Then he pulled her on to his lap and kissed her. She was sitting on
the palm of his hand, the middle finger continuing to do strange things
inside her pussy as he continued to kiss her.

Then he carried her to the bed and removed her clothes. He kicked off his
shorts and got up to switch on the light. He wanted to look at her. His
eyes took in her breasts, her thighs and the wet opening in between them.
As he walked back to the bed his erection was throbbing with a life of its
own. He joined her on the bed and began kissing her. His mouth traveled
down her neck to her breasts. He caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked on
it, bringing a moan from her lips.

Then his mouth traveled further down her tummy, his tongue leaving a trail
of saliva where it had made its journey. Until finally it reached her bush.
The smell of her sex made him wild with desire. Placing the thumb of each
hand on the lips of her vagina, he pushed them open before burying his
tongue inside her.

His nose tickled her clitoris as he applied his tongue to the outer surface
of her sex. She had never realised that men do that to women. She had
always thought of it as dirty. But it felt beautiful in a dirty kind of

But just as soon as it came the thought disappeared from her mind. Who can
afford to ponder on the right or wrong of things with someone's tongue
doing strange things to one's private parts. She felt a desperate need for
some form of release as the whole of her being focused on that one spot.
The spot he was so lovingly working on with his tongue.

As her thighs gripped his head, he began to lick harder and she came, her
fingers entangling themselves in his hair.

"Did you like that?" he said as he got on top of her. She turned a little
pink in the face and felt a little lost for words.

But soon there wasn't any need for words. What came from her lips were just
moans of pleasure as he pushed his cock inside her and what had now become
the familiar feelings returned. Samantha felt herself floating to a far
away land as he came inside her. She came twice before he did.

Tony taught Samantha many things that summer. Tricks in bed mostly. They
were to become her asset later in life.

Towards the end of their stay at the cottage Tony took the boat out to the
middle of the lake to do a bit of fishing.

Samantha didnít want to go and decided to stay at the cottage. That was
when she found the books which belonged to Tonyís friend, the owner of the
cottage. It was at the book shelf. She was looking for something to read,
but none of them interested her. She put down a book and picked up another.
That was when she noticed two rather thin books lying below the one she had
lifted. On the cover was a picture of a man and a woman sitting on a sofa.
At first she thought they were some new form of comic books.

She picked one up and turned a page. It was a picture of a woman sitting in
a park beside a lake. The next picture showed a man approaching her. Soon
they walked off together. The next showed the couple inside a room sharing
a bottle of beer.

Samantha began to feel her heart racing although she didn't know what was
coming next. Instinct told her she should put the book down but curiosity
got the better of her. What the hell, she thought and turned a page.

The man and the woman in the picture were kissing. He had one hand on her
breast while her hand was in his lap. The next picture showed them already
naked, the girl in garter belt and stockings and the man with his clothes
totally off.

The man was standing up with half of his penis inside the woman's mouth.
The picture came as quite a surprise to Samantha. She had never thought
about the act much but felt herself getting moist. She went to the bed and
propped up the pillow and lie down with her back against the wall.

After that she went through the books at a faster pace. She stopped at one
particular page which showed the man going down on the woman. Samantha
remembered what it was like when Tony had done that to her. At that moment
she wished Tony was back. He would know how to bring relief to her loins
which craved for something.

She placed her hand on her pubic mound feeling the heat of her desire on
her fingers. She began experimenting as she looked at the pornographic
pictures. Her fingers traced the swollen lips of her sex through the nylon
panties. The panties was damp where the wetness of her sex had soaked

Samantha looked through the second book. This one had pictures of two women
and a man doing it. She put the book down and slid down on the bed.
Slipping her panties off she let her fingers explore her sex, touching
herself and searching for places which brought her the greatest pleasure.
Her fingers began moving faster on her clitoris until finally she came. She
sighed and closed her eyes and removed her wet fingers from her own sex.

Much later Tony returned. Samantha had dozed off and was snoring lightly.
She was sleeping on her side with both her legs bent at the knees. It was
one of the most wanton sight he had ever seen, her cunt exposed because she
hadn't bothered to put her panties back on.

His cock hardened automatically at the sight and he tore his clothes off
and joined her on the bed. He touched the puffy lips of her cunt. They were
wet and slippery. She must have been playing with herself, he thought when
he saw the pornographic books beside her on the bed.

Knowing that she was ready he got up on his knees and placed the head of
his cock against her vaginal lips and pushed into her. She moaned slightly
and opened her eyes dreamily when she felt his erection moving in and out
of her.

He just smiled at her and continued screwing her with greater speed as he
felt the lips of her pussy gripping his hardness. It didn't take him long
to come as the walls of her vagina milked him, making him throb inside her
with pleasure, releasing his load a few moments later.

Pretty soon they would have to go back to town and she would be returning
to college, he thought. Already he was beginning to feel the pangs of
loneliness that any father would feel when his loving daughter was going

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