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Title: Wicked Mother-in-Law
Keywords: mF, nc
Author: Caesar
"A young woman got married in Chester,
Her mother she kissed and she blessed her.
Says she, 'Your in luck,
He's a stunning good fuck,
For I've had him myself down in Leicester.'"
-author unknown

A drunk mother-in-law gives a great opportunity to extract revenge in
the form of sex.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my over-active
imagination. Constructive e-mail is welcome.

Wicked Mother-in-Law

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1994-2002

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"Julia, you okay?" Paul looked around the half open door into the
semi-dark room. Inside was the master bedroom, and his mother-

He opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind him. "Do you
need anything?" Again silence. Time quickly allowed him to get used
to the shadowy darkness of the large room. Paul saw the inert form
laying near the edge of the queen-sized bed. His mother-in-law.
Outside the door, he could hear the party, still loud after eight
hours, and which promised to continue for several more. It was
obvious to the man that his wife's mother was totally inebriated.
Drunk! Not the first time, either.

Earlier that evening, she had verbally assaulted everyone at the
party, as usual sounding like the high-holy bitch she was. Sometimes
she was the perfect mother-in-law, polite, considerate, and other
times she was Paul's worst nightmare. Tonight was one of those times.
Her husband had stormed out about three hours ago, disgusted and
furious at the abuse his own wife was laying upon him. He was her
fourth husband - she kept scaring them away. She was indeed the
"wicked mother-in-law"!

Paul was too nice for the family he had wed into. Julia, his
mother-in-law, was very hard to get along with, so much so that he
only saw her about once a year. And even his wife, the daughter, only
came over four to five times a year. Perhaps he should be mad at the
woman, and he may have been, but by nature he didn't show his

First he checked to see if she were still breathing. He stood next to
her limp form, looking upon her face radiated by the street light
coming through the window. He could see her eyes moving behind the
lids, and it gave him an eerie feeling, as if she were still awake.
Not for the first time did he notice that she was still very
attractive. A woman who looked good even at forty-five, the classy
dress and high-heel kind of "lady". Yet this time, his view was
unhindered by anyone or anything. He studied the shape of her jaw,
the curve of her lower lip, her round chin, high cheekbones. Paul's
gaze slowly rolled down her body to the pronouncement of her breasts,
the tiny swell of her stomach, wide hips, and shapely thighs. Julia
was dressed to kill, trying to impress her guests. If not for her
mouth she would perhaps be the perfect hostess.

Kicking himself out of his trance he swung around to collect a blanket
from the closet. He opened it and held it in two hands to drape it
over the bottom of the bed. Paul slowly pulled it up her still body.
Only when it was just about at her shoulders did he pause.

Julia's tongue had slid out of her mouth and moistened her full lips.
That little motion caused her son-in-law to stare again at her beauty.
He let the blanket go, effectively covering her to her chin. Then he
sat down next to her hip. Once at his wedding, Julia was drunk and
had grabbed a piece of his buttock while dancing, telling him that if
her daughter didn't know how to "fuck" then she would show him how it
was done. It was a very embarrassing moment - several people saw, and
even a few heard her. Another time, while dating his future wife, his
mother-in- law had kissed him goodbye when no-one else had been in the
room. Her pointed tongue had driven into his mouth, while her crotch
was grinding against his, producing an embarrassing effect. Again she
had been drinking. Those moments and others went through his head as
he sat there and looked upon her silent beauty.

Slowly and very cautiously he placed his hand upon her face. It
cupped one side, his thumb against her pouting lips, index finger on
her closed eye.

Julia didn't move.

Paul again breathed. He had held his breath, nervous at what he was
doing. What was he doing? Even he didn't know.

The thumb moved over her red lips, moving them slightly, feeling the
moistness that they hid. His other hand came up and whipped her long
hair from her forehead and eyes, letting the light show all her pretty
features. The thumb worked itself just between her lips to her very
white teeth. His free hand rubbed the other side of her face down to
her neck, feeling the strong smooth skin and the heartbeat just next
to the wind pipe.

He marvelled at her comatose state, thankful that she would never know
he was doing this. Paul bent forward and placed his lips against the
older woman's. His tongue slid past her lips and his thumb to slide
against hers. He could taste the stale alcohol and cigarettes,
ignoring them. He finally recognized the primal urge to dominate this
woman, to fuck her mercilessly. It was a foreign emotion to the
usually docile man.

Paul sat up and took his hands from her, looking down at her beauty,
knowing that he wanted to control this woman, to show her who was the
"man". He ripped the blanket down from her neck to about her waist,
again exposing her. Both his hands dropped to the raised mounds of
her covered breasts. They were not large boobs, nor were they overly
small, but he considered them just right. None too gently he moulded
them, feeling the texture and elasticity of the fleshy globes. The
young man again took his hands from her flesh, but grasped the edges
of her expensive blouse and ripped it from her chest. Buttons flew,
the fabric tore, but her bra-covered breasts were revealed. Yet that
wasn't enough for Paul. He quickly and expertly manoeuvred her arms
from the sleeves before throwing the now-useless fabric to the corner
floor. The bra was next - it was a strapless type, which he viciously
pulled down to completely expose her full round breasts and nipples.
The bra was soon thrown with the discarded blouse upon the floor.

The nipples were an inch wide, a dark brown colour, and soft. Paul
pinched one between thumb and forefinger. Roughly he twisted them,
watching her face for a reaction, wanting her to feel the pain of his
attack. It was obvious she didn't feel anything, so he grasped the
other in a similar grip. He turned them back and forth like knobs on
a radio. Yet she didn't even groan out with pain. The only respite
the man had was her eyes moved more rapidly behind her closed lids -
that, and both nipples hardened beneath his rough touch.

This form of domination soon lost its flavour and he replaced one hand
with his lips, sucking the hard poking nipple with his mouth, the
tongue flicking the summit back and forth. He could taste the salt of
her skin, the old perfume, and even the smoke from the party.

Paul wanted more, wanted her to suffer for the humiliation that she
had caused him. He ripped the blanket from the lower half of her
body. He turned her on her side to undo the buttons of her skirt. It
was a loose expensive fabric, tough and resilient, and quickly
frustrated the young man. Turning her on her stomach he pulled the
skirt down her long legs. Now the only thing his mother-in-law wore
were her panties. Plain cotton white panties. Paul loved them, the
way they hugged her bottom, how it highlighted her hips, showed the
crack of her bottom.

He hated her. Paul realized his own wife, Julia's daughter, was not
this pretty. Sure she was younger, but the mother was better put
together. Maybe he should have taken the slut up on one of her
offers, instead of sitting here fondling her comatose naked body.
With a growl of disgust at himself he pulled her panties down past her
hips before placing them in his sports jacket pocket. Those he would
save for later.

Smartly his hand smacked her bottom, enjoying the delightful wiggle
that he produced, and also the rapid reddening of her skin, that was
bright enough to even see in the dim light. Roughly he rolled her
onto he back. A large thatch of sexual down covered her crotch. He
sighed uncontrollably as his hand ran through the thick hairs.
Already her heavy sex smell drifted up to his nostrils.

That was the moment that he wanted more than just to humiliate her.
Paul wanted to fuck her. To him that would more than prove to himself
he was a "man". He spread her legs far apart before kneeling down
between them to place his face very close to her crotch.

A slight glistening crack of pinkness could be seen between the thick bush. He realized she trimmed her pussy, along the edges and also
shortened it around the crack. A perfect sculpture which he wanted to

The first sensation that the experienced woman had was of pain. Her
nipples hurt viciously. She was face down, her mouth and nose pressed
into a pillow almost cutting off her supply of oxygen. A hand was
roughly fondling her bottom. It pulled apart the cheeks and even
traced the length of her crack with a finger. Another hand ran up and
down her back, exploring and touching every inch of her backside.
Down the back of her legs to her calf, the same hand seemed determined
to touch every inch of her still body.

When Julia finally decided to reveal her awakened state, the unknown
person roughly rolled her onto her back. She stilled, patient and
interested in this little "game".

Her legs were quickly and unceremoniously spread, the cool air hitting
her slightly damp vagina. The woman stilled a shiver as a finger
traced the soft wet inner folds that stuck through the outer vaginal
lips. The person above her was then doing something with "his"
clothes, taking them of,f evidently.

Julia could not hold back the sigh as a damp tongue licked the length
of her cunt. Her second of weakness caused the other person to still,
perhaps waiting and watching her for proof of her drunken state. Soon
the tongue again applied itself to her sex, not to please her, more
for the pleasure of just exploring the crevice hidden between her
legs. A finger slid slowly but not gently into her sexual hole,
causing another moan of pleasure to escape her lips. It took a large
amount of effort to keep still during these moments. The finger
wiggled around deep inside her, feeling everywhere.

The woman tried to remember what she had been doing this evening. The
sounds of the party were still very loud, yet individual voices could
not be distinguished. Julia wondered if the person between her legs
was her husband, yet quickly dismissed that thought with the hazy
image of him storming out of the house. Beside, she thought, he never
fucked her when he drank - liquor seemed to soften his dick. So who
could this person be? It excited her just from the mysterious nature
of this meeting.

Two fingers were now fucking her with a regular and even exciting
motion. It was almost like the person fingering her didn't care if
she got excited or not. He was only using her for his own
inquisitiveness. She could feel the person move his body so the
obvious male hardness pressed into her leg. The man stroked himself
along her smooth skin. The situation was damn kinky and Julia loved

All to suddenly the attention changed, and the man disengaged himself
from her. Julia knew what was about to happen! The man knelt between
her legs and then suddenly lunged forward, his cock sinking deeply
into her. A small scream escaped her lips. Partially from the
pleasure of being entered, and from the pain of her barely-wet cunt hole being rudely invaded. She felt his balls hit her buttocks below
her vagina.

Unable to hold back any longer, Julia lifted and spread her legs,
enabling the penis inside her greater penetration. She locked her
ankles together above her assailant. Her hands came up and held onto
the man's neck and shoulders. Only a part of her told her to keep her
eyelids closed while still pretending a unconscious state.

The man grunted with his own bestial pleasure, then began to viciously
drive in and out of her. At first the intrusion was more than a
little painful. But very soon Julia's juices flowed and enabled her
more enjoyment. It was more the idea of being fucked by this unknown
man more than the fuck itself that Julia enjoyed. Hell, the person
above her didn't seem to care if she enjoyed herself or not. He was
just using her for a fuck toy.

The bed below her was rocking and shaking with the strength of this
man's force. She could not control herself and began to drive her
pelvis upwards, meeting his down thrusts. It was a champion screw,
one that reminded her of her teenage years living in the sixties. The
best lover she had ever met was also an unknown person, during the age
of "free love".

Just when Julia was about to finally reach that pinnacle of sexual
pleasure, an orgasm, the man pulled his still rock-hard cock out of
her. She felt and heard him quickly crawl up her body, straddling her
chest. The middle-aged woman forced herself still, knowing that to
reveal her awakened state would ruin this moment. The man roughly
squeezed her breasts together and began to fuck the crevice between
them with his pussy juice-coated cock. He pinched her nipples
roughly, using them to pull the breasts together, causing her a large
amount of pain. The man obviously was getting closer to his own
orgasm, just from the sounds he was making.

He let go of her breasts only for a moment to rub his slippery cock
along the curves of her face and her moistened lips. Unable to
control herself she speared out her tongue to lick her own juices from
her lips and the head of the cock above her.

The man laughed maliciously, then choked out, "I'm going to come in
your face, mother!"

It was Paul, her daughter's husband! Julia felt the blood in her
veins freeze, just as he again pumped between her large fleshy
breasts. By the sounds of it, he would soon gain the orgasm that he
had worked so hard to achieve, and right onto her face and chest.

Julia pictured her daughter and the man above her at the party
earlier. Nothing was any different than ever before. Why was he
doing this to her? She could barely remember the times when she had
flirted with him - did he take her seriously? It was very obvious
that he had!

The first shot of sperm surprised Julia, hitting her cheekbone and
down to the edge of her lips. Paul above her froze as his cock jerked
in orgasm again and again. The middle-aged woman was coated in her
son-in-law's come. It left a milky-white coating on one side of her
face, into the crack between her lips, dripping down her neck, and
between the crevice of her breasts. It lasted forever, reminding her
of her sin.

Paul immediately stood and began to hurriedly dress - it took only
seconds. Julia heard and felt him sit next to her still body. His
hand came to her face and rubbed the sticky sperm into her skin. He
opened her lips with his hand then stuck his fingers into her mouth,
one at a time, using her teeth and the inside edge of her lips to
clean off the come from his finger, leaving her with a mouth full of
salty sperm.

Julia was very still, wanting him to still think her drunk senseless.
Yet even without moving the sperm had a strong, almost guilty taste in
her mouth. She doubted if she would ever get rid of the taste. Only
after he pulled his fingers from her mouth did she swallow the
mouthful, thankful that she didn't choke. Her son-in-law again stuck
a finger into her wet flowered open vagina, twisting it around and
wiggling the tip constantly. Then he withdrew it to press it to her
bottom hole, the back passage being so close to the well-fucked cunt that she was coated in slippery juices and his digit entered easily.
Again he wasn't gentle.

Only after his finger was seated deep inside her rectum did he bend
down and kiss her sticky lips, his tongue forcing itself into her
mouth, tasting the mingled juices there. He spoke into her face,
still thinking her drunk. "Maybe next time you get drunk I'll fuck
you again, Julia!" He said it so confidently that she didn't doubt
him one bit. It was a side of her son-in-law that she had never seen

Paul hastily stood and exited the sex-smelling room, leaving Julia
laying spread upon the bed. She waited long after the door closed
just to be sure of his exit. After perhaps ten minutes she turned
onto her side and began to cry. Julia felt guilty for what she had
done, sorry for her daughter, yet even while she cried her hand slid
between her sweaty thighs to cup her sex. A finger began to agitate
her clitoris, causing a sigh of delight to escape between sobs.

Perhaps Julia felt more guilty, not for her daughter, but for what she
was feeling right at that moment!




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